What will this new year bring – more of Me, if you seek Me. In everything give Me praise. Many different things will come upon you, but in them you will find Me if you look. It’s not about you, but Me in you and you in Me. Ask Me to help you do what is hard. Your hearing may fail you in the natural world, but you can hear Me in greater ways. Would that help you? Listen and obey, at least respond. It’s not your money, but Mine. I gave it to you to steward and help My kingdom. Don’t be bound by tax rules. Give and it shall be given unto you. Bring her into your giving. She can participate and discover freedom. Be prepared to give away cash.

Experience My love so you can love others. You will sense My kindness and favor as you do My will. You will acknowledge this with praise.


I was glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord. They are special places for My presence. More importantly, they are places where My people gather together to worship. I am present in worship and praise. Live for Me and for My body.


Do not be afraid any longer. I have your life in My hands. I know when it will be your time to come to Me. I’m looking forward to that. But for now, keep doing My will. Conform your life to My life.


Rejoice, for your name is written in My book. You are special and specially loved. Is it wrong to have favorites? My love is so great, how can anyone tell the difference?


Bless and do not curse. Use your words to build up. My love compels Me. Love should be your motivation. Don’t focus on yourself, but how you can give love away.

Do not be concerned about the future, for I will take of that. My grace is covering you. Yes, there will things that will seem crazy and foolish, but that is what sinful man will choose to do. I will give them over to their folly. I am coming soon to rescue My people.


There is no other like my God, He is powerful, yet loving and good. He cares for me in ways I usually am not aware. His favor helps me even when I am not so faithful to Him. He forgives my sins and helps me to resist temptations. He teaches me how to live. He is full of wisdom.

Nothing in this world will truly satisfy. It is temporary and fleeting. Even the searching is empty. My joy and peace are priceless. Satisfaction comes in doing My will, in helping others, expending your energy and time in doing good.


Confusion will reign as every man will look after himself, but My people will shine. The darkness will not overcome them for I am with them. Keep your eyes on Me, and you will know what to do. My plan is good, and it will be accomplished.

My blessings are with you. Just as I was with the saints of old, I am with you watching over you. You have what is better than they, for you have My Spirit to guide you. Listen to Him.


My arms will protect you and keep you. No harm will come your way. I am your shield and fortress. Find your peace in Me.

There is great need in the world, a need for the gospel. People are lost and dying without knowing Me. They need a Savior who will rescue them. Who will tell them about Me?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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