Death is not the end, maybe for this world, but not for My world, My kingdom. Death can be the threshold to a new life in My presence with those who believe in My Son. Child-like faith is better than deep theological, reasoning faith. You are saved in your spirit and heart, not in your mind. Your spirit instructs your mind to accept by faith the truths of My Word.


Rejoice. Celebrate. Give thanks. Come before Me with a joyful heart. Let’s party! I have done much for you and you have responded well. A teacher rejoices when her student learns and is eager to learn more. I rejoice when I see My people walking in faith and understanding. My love goes out to them to bless them even more, just like a parent dotes over her child.


Some live is oppressive conditions, robbed of freedom in its basic form. What have they done to deserve this? Very little, except to be born there. Pray for them. Intercede to remove the demonic stronghold over that land. Bring in the light. Unlock the chains. Declare truth and life.

Keep praying for others. I am listening and responding. Many are praying like you. Allow Me to challenge you.


Reach out to expand your influence on others. Be friendly and meet people. Befriend them and ask about their lives. I will help you listen and respond.

I Hear the prayers of My people, just like I heard the cries of My people in the past.  I know, but I respond. I am a God of justice and truth and mercy.


A wise person can accomplish much, especially if his wisdom comes from Me. Seek Me for answers and direction. Don’t just rely on what you know or the wisdom of this world. If nothing more, ask Me for help. Ask Me to do what you cannot do. Nothing is impossible with My help.

I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me. I will lead you to the place of rest. I will lead you home to be with Me forever. Put your trust in Me. Believe in Me and what I have done for you. I am worthy of your trust.

I said, “It is finished.” and I meant it. The Father knew what I needed to do for mankind to restore what was lost. Those last six hours erased man’s sinfulness and rebellion. I showed My disciples how to live by the power of My Spirit, which I sent from the Father to them. You have that same Spirit within you. What are you waiting for? Do what I did.


Your influence is greater than you think, but don’t focus on this. Rather remember that your name is written in My book. I am the One who counts. Do what you do for Me. Think about who I am. Ponder My greatness and what My Son was willing to lay aside for His time on the earth, waiting, enduring with humility the limitations of manhood. He experienced those things for you and those who would believe in Him.

1-15-23 Life moves on and changes will come. Life is a cycle anyway from birth to death. Live for today with your mind focused on Me and what your future in heaven will be. Don’t worry about the problems of today. I will take care of you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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