Awaken the dawn. Shout it from the housetops. Proclaim the good news to everyone. I paid the price, can you?


Chasing after the wind, seeking pleasure that never satisfies. Pursing the false gods of this world, which are the products of man and not gods at all. How foolish and empty. Still man marches on to his harm and ultimate death. He refuses to believe in Me, though I beckon him with My truth. Oh the riches of kindness and blessings I offer! Still he refuses Me. He will soon face his end. What will he say then?


Live for Me. It is our relationship that counts, not what others may do. Yes, you can learn from them, but everyone is different with different life events.


You are the strength of my life. You give me meaning and purpose. My life is Yours O God.

I will take care of you. Be patient and listen to My Spirit. He will teach you how to live. He is good for you. Pray for the lost and care for them. Put love in your heart, My love.


Let your light shine before men. Pray for others. Pray with others. I will reveal to My people what I am doing. They can join in with Me. My Word is spreading to many people who have never read the truth before. My Spirit is teaching them. They recognize and appreciate what I have revealed in My Word.

I want strongly for My people to love Me and want to be with Me, for that is what I feel toward them. But they must choose, I can only come as close to them as they choose to allow Me. When they go after other gods, I am jealous for them.


A child is born. Who will take notice? Who will listen to Him? He is a savior and servant to all. He calls men to follow Him. He asks for faith and trust. His reward is for those who believe. He fulfills His mission of obedience to the Father. The world is different now. Light has come once again into a dark world. He gives hope to mankind, hope for a better future without suffering and death. O what a Savior He is. Now all will bow down before Him.

Will you bow before Me? If I say this, will you obey? Your acts of obedience will transform your life. My Word has already anchored your life to what is good and fruitful. Follow Me.


There is much to learn and know about Me. I will teach you over time. Will that work for you? I am mysterious, but you were made in My image so you can find out the mystery. My Son revealed who I am. Learn from Him. Learn from My Spirit, the Teacher of all Truth.

Be patient in your seeking. Allow Me to change you so you can receive. My grace is sufficient.


You will see Me at work today. Pay attention for your part in what I am doing. Pray in the Spirit. Pray with your mind. Intercede. Command the evil to leave and be bound. Use your presence effectively for I will be with you. Listen for My Spirit to guide you. You heard Him yesterday, but didn’t respond quick enough. Yes, I can be subtle, so pay attention. Ask Me, if you are unsure. Step out in faith and be My witness. People are seeking Me, and you can help them find Me.


Proclaim the good news. Tell people what I have done for you. Tell people who I am for you. Tell stories from your life, not just facts about Me. Put flesh into My truths so that people can relate to what you are saying. My Son used parables to convey truth so the people could reflect and seek the meaning.


People have been hurt by others. Their coping mechanism can be to try to control things. They think they have the power to avoid that happening again. I can help them, but they must yield to Me. I can take away the hurt in ways that will free them. My grace and way of loving, forgiving brings release to a troubled heart, a fearful heart. How tragic to be controlled by an event that happened long ago. The evil one knows how to destroy and bind up a person. I can set them free.


By grace you are saved through faith in Jesus, who He was and what He did for you. Your faith must be public. People must know what God has done for you. You must join with other believers to live life together, supporting each other. My Word must be central to your learning about Me. I will take care of My people. I will nurture and grow them, to bring them to be where I am.


Honor the king with the honor he is due. If he is not a man of honor, then pray for him. There are evil people in the world, but don’t be alarmed for I have overcome the world. Darkness will not win. My Light is greater.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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