Received 1-4-2002

The strength of a bear will come upon those who need strength. The wisdom of the wise will be there for those who need it. I will grant to My people all that they need to live before Me in righteousness and holiness. I will cover them in My blood. They will have My shield and mantle upon them. Their eyes will see into the unseen. Their ears will hear the unspeakable words of God. Precious will they be in My sight. I will bless them and love them as never before. They will love Me for they have been rescued from the snare of death.

Put aside your selfishness. Stop thinking of yourself only. Look to Me and find direction. Look at others and feel their pain and need. Be love to those who need love and all need love. Love is the greatest gift you can give. Give it as much as you can.

Received 1-19-02

Rescue those who are hurting with your prayers. Put a mantle of love around them. Allow My Spirit to give you insights so that your prayer will be focused on what I am doing. Do not be idle and do not be distracted by the things of this world. Think of Me and My Kingdom. Learn from Me for I am your Teacher. I am the Lover of your soul. I am the Author and Perfector of your faith. I am your substitute and sacrifice. I am your hope. I have a good plan for your life and I will accomplish it. You will stand before Me and you will see My glory.

Received 1-26-02

The One who gives life will never disappoint us intentionally. He seeks only good for His people.

Received 2-16-02

There is joy in the One who gives life. Let not your heart be troubled, but rejoice in what I have done for you. Rejoice in what I will do for you. Rejoice in Me.

Received 3-3-02

For those who put their trust in Me I will give them fruit from the tree of life. I will give them understanding and knowledge. I will cover them with My blood and protection. If you truly understood all that is available to you as My child, you would cease from your striving and only rely on My grace. My kingdom is power and life. Do not hesitate to call upon Me. Where are My enemies? Where are those who rebel against Me? They will be destroyed in a breath.

Do not look to this world for it is full of deceit and corruption. It will never satisfy your soul. It will lead you away from Me. Your eyes should be upon Me and the cross. You should be doing the business of the kingdom. My Spirit is working within you. Yield your life to its leading and you will see My power displayed as lives are transformed before you. Your lips should be full of praise and prayer. There should be a song in your heart. Train your ears to hear My voice. Act upon what you are hearing and see that I will bless you.

Received 3-9-02

My grace is sufficient for you. The waters will rise, but there will always be land under your feet. I will be with you forever. Soon you will see My face, My scars and My crown. We are waiting for the Father. The world is corrupt it is evident to see. My people should stand out as lights to the world. The enemy is attacking for he knows the time is short, but We are at work too and many are responding to Our offer of life. Let people know of Our offer.

Received 3-16-02

Rejoice in the glory that you see. Let your mind dwell on My beauty. Imagine My throne room and the people bowing before Me in worship. Listen to the choruses of praise. Do not stand back, but enter in with them. Let your heart rejoice. This is the inheritance for My people. This is the promise of life ever in My presence.

Received 3-24-02

Can you grasp the love I have for you? Will you ever understand all that I have done on your behalf? Meditate on these things and let your heart be grateful.

Received 3-30-02

There is a joy that comes from realizing our place in the family of God. Our future is secure and we long for the day when we will see our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. We can look beyond the struggles of today, as we trust in the One who is working on our behalf.

You were there with Me on the cross. I carried your sin; I wore your shame and guilt. I had your diseases in my body. I knew the pains and hurts you would feel. When I died, you died with Me. When I rose, you rose with Me as a new creation. Now I am with you working My pleasure. My Spirit shows you the way. My blood covers you and My grace and mercy follow you everywhere. You are never alone.

Received 4-6-02

Let not your heart be troubled. Trust in Me. When you awake I look upon you. When you sleep I count your breaths. My plans for you are for your good. What you see happening in the world is only the beginning. Pray that I will be glorified in everything. My Spirit is at work as never before and many are responding to His call.

Received 5-30-02

Where is your strength apart from Me? Everything you have is a gift from Me. Your very breath and the beating of your heart, are they not from Me? There is a rest in My presence. There is peace when you are submitted to My will. Call upon Me and see the wonders of My Majesty. I will reveal My heart to you.

Received 6-15-02

Wait upon the Lord. Wait and be renewed. Where is there comfort except in Me? The tears may flow but there is joy and strength within as My Spirit does His work. Blessed is the man who has put his trust in Me. When all is lost I still will be there. I will never leave you.

Received 8-25-02

There is a day of rejoicing coming when all the saints of God will be filled with the knowledge of God. They will see into the spiritual realm as never before to understand the mind of Christ and the will of God. Their cares will vanish as they recognize the great love and power that God uses on their behalf.

Received 9-7-02

Do not be afraid. I will lead you and I will direct your paths. My favor will rest upon you as you seek My face. This is a day of new beginnings, not one of loss. A grain of wheat must die before the new plant grows. There is a time and season for everything.

Received 10-24-02

What is the price of freedom? Why does sin enslave its victim? Only the truth about sin will free the victim. He will want to break free when he knows his sin will lead to death. He will want to come to the cross to find forgiveness and eternal life. Life purchased with the blood of the Holy One.

Yes I am drawing you closer to Me. Don’t hesitate to respond to the leading of My Spirit and you will see My power displayed as people will turn to Me. Take time to pray throughout the day. Intercede for those around you. Call upon My mercy and bring down the enemy’s chains from over the people. Lift up your eyes and see the harvest. I will lead you down a new path. You will be amazed at the words that will come out of your mouth.

Received 11-10-02

Rejoice. Again I say rejoice for your redemption draws near. Those who can hear My voice are blessed. They can find comfort and direction. Will you be quiet before Me to listen?

Received 12-2-02

Respond to the joy that is in your heart. Let Me guide you. I have not given up on you. My promises are eternal. Call upon Me and sense My presence with you. Invite Me to be with you.

I am holding you. Don’t turn away from Me. Don’t let the world hold you. You will be disappointed if you do. Watch for Me. Look for Me in what is happening around you. The people you meet and talk to. All of them are sent by Me. Does that surprise you? Can I not do this and more? See how important it is to be ready and to guard over your words and actions? You are My hands, My lips.

Trust Me to accomplish My will for your family. When I bring someone to Me in relationship. I also work in the lives of their family. I work in those around them.

Seek Me and dedicate what you do to Me. Consecrate your life. Even if you are doing your job, you can bring Me glory by doing it heartily. No one appreciates an average performance, job or deed. Only the best are recognized and praised.

Received 12-4-02

Joy and peace I give to those who are hungry for more of Me. Rescue the weak. Lift up the hands that hang down. Feed those who need the truth. Where there is a needy person, there I am to hear their cry. But for the one who is proud, he is left to himself.

Received 12-6-02

Gracious and loving God, yet powerful and mighty. Holy and pure, yet just bringing punishment to the wicked and rebellious. Though He is all knowing and present everywhere He allows his people free will to choose or to reject Him. Even then He still pursues the wayward. He boxes them in until they come to the end of themselves. How unaware are we of His grace, which works among our situations to help us respond in ways, which please Him. How He covers our sin and unbelief with the blood of His Son.

Received 12-11-02

You are precious to Me My child, even as all of My children. If you fully understood My love for you, this knowledge would free you from worry and unbelief. Even when things go bad in your life, I still am loving you. The ways of man are ever before Me. It pleases Me to find a man who loves Me and trusts Me for his life. Wonderful are the plans I have for you. Great is the reward for those who trust in Me. Even now they receive blessings from My hand.

Received 12-13-02

Rest in His will. The path to Life is narrow. All those on the path are guided and protected by the Giver of Life. You are on the path if you have given your life to the Lord. You cannot always see where you are going. The path may not lead you to where you think you should be going. There are sorrows and hardships along the path. There are experiences full of joy and happiness. There are times you feel close to the Lord and other times He seems very distant. You will learn what is in your heart along the path. You will be changed. When you reach the end you will find a place so wonderful that your journey on the path will be soon forgotten.

Yield your life to Me and you will find true life in return. Why resist My love and plan for you? Surrender every thought and idea. Consecrate each day to Me. Be open to My leading. Be aware of the opportunities I place before you.

Received 12-16-02

Great is the Name of our God. He is worthy of all praise and glory. He has made all that we see and even the unseen. He knows what is in the heart of a man. In all this He loves us and willingly gave His own Son to suffer and die for us. He cares for each life.

Received 12-24-02

The ways of man are before Me. I see their hearts and I see their deeds. There will come a day when I will reveal what I see to man and judgment will occur. I have placed in each man’s heart a desire to worship Me, to seek Me and to know Me. But man has gone after his own desires and schemes. He has corrupted the purposes for which he was created. I am willing to forgive and to heal. I am waiting for them to cry out to Me. I thwart their plans. I place stumbling blocks before their feet. I make their labor to nothing. I allow them to see glimpses of My glory to give them a hunger for more. I place hope in their hearts. Yet many do not hear or see. Their hearts have become dull. Do not go back to a life of unbelief. Do not trade My promises for despair. Rather see and observe and learn from their mistakes and folly. Focus on life and truth. Follow the path I have set before you. Lift up the hands of those with you. Speak words of life and blessing.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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