Received 4-1-15

Put your hope in God. He alone is the One who can carry you through the storm. He will lift you up above despair. He will lead you to a broad place of safety and deliverance. You will be secure in His arms. Peace will fill your heart.

Received 4-2-15

Many come to Me with many needs. They are always asking for Me to do something for them. I don’t mind them asking. I look at their heart. I know the ones who are Mine. I can show them what is really important. If they want to know Me, I will show them their heart. What is sin can be replaced with what is holy and good. Everything good has its origins in Me. I am the definition of good. To know Me is to love Me and to have faith in Me. Why were people attracted to My Son? They could see and feel His Love, the Love that comes from Me. Love can overcome evil.

Received 4-3-15

I was there with them. They are with Me now. Someday you will be with Me. I am glorified when My people stand for Me. The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy, but I have come to bring life and that more abundantly. What you see is the beginning of the end. They will gather around My people as if to destroy her. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. He that rises up against you shall be brought low.

Received 4-4-15

Give back what you have received from My hand. Banish fear and doubt from your mind and heart. Rest in My promises. Believe Me and trust that I am with you to bless the work of your hands.

Received 4-5-15

All things work together for My good. When that happens it will be the best for you, if you are submitted to My will and purpose for your life.

Received 4-6-15

The love of God is manifested in you. Just as Joshua wanted to stay in the tent of My Presence, so too should you seek to be with Me. Let My anointing and My Spirit cover you.

Received 4-7-15

This is the day, the age of My grace. I give of Myself so that those who trust in Me can overcome their weaknesses and sin. I give freely and lavishly, even when you don’t ask Me, I give, I cover, I love. Love is given away. Love can be hard to do when the person being loved is undeserving. You were undeserving, but I sent My Son anyway for you. I sent My Son gladly for you. Can you give your love gladly?

Received 4-8-15

All of life has its challenges. There is a time for everything. Seasons come and go, sowing and reaping, giving and receiving, laboring and resting, life and death, sickness and health, prosperity and hardship, sin and forgiveness, rain and sunshine, heat and cold, light and darkness. I am there through it all, unchanging, available and loving My people and those who resist Me. Some live lives like a yo-yo with great swings all of the time. Others are constant, dependable, regular. Each day of your life is written in My book, each thought, each deed, each situation, each sin – though I cover those and wash them away with My Son’s blood. We will review your life together and you will see what I have done for you.

My eyes are attentive to the cries of My people. I respond to faith. I look for those who believe in Me. I show them and reveal Myself to them. Even small faith will be rewarded. A child knows little but has a trusting heart. Just as a child responds to love and nurturing, so you too must respond to Me. Stay close to Me. Don’t wander away to places full of danger and pain. The enemy deceives, but I give truth and life.

Received 4-9-15

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come to bring life and to give it more abundantly. Die to live. Stop living the old sinful life apart from Me and begin to live in newness of My Spirit and find real life, life that endures into eternity. The work of God is this that you believe in Me. It is believing and not in doing that you find life. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me and I will direct your steps.

Received 4-10-15

Without exception, the things of this world will fail. They will fail to deliver what is promised or hoped for, and fail to give beauty more than what I have made. They will break and wear out over time. They reflect man and not God.

 Received 4-11-15

What I tell you is true. There is no philosophy here. I have made you and what I say is life and truth. I am coming again to bring justice to My people. I will avenge the injustice of sinful man. As My blood covers My people, so will My reign cover you. You will reign with Me. Put on the garment of praise. Greet My coming with Hosannas. Tell others that I am coming soon. They must repent and be saved. You must repent of your worldliness. Separate yourself from thinking like those in the world. A spirit of deception has been released as never before. What is right is called wrong and what is wrong is called right. Those who are called by My Name are being called out. They shine into the darkness and the darkness flees. Love and be loved. Overcome evil with good.

Received 4-12-15

Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength. Spend time in My presence. Come to where My anointing can be seen. Walk in My Spirit. Let Me help you in all that you think and do.

Received 4-13-15

What is in your heart? What have I placed there? Men need friendship, companionship. It is not good for man to be alone. Not all can marry, but all can have a friend, someone to talk to, who knows them, whom they can call for help.

Received 4-14-15

You will bring comfort and challenge to many. Just be open to listen, then let Me give you what to say in reply. Mostly listen and ask questions. Pray and intercede for those you know. Bring them before Me.

Received 4-15-15

All the ways of man are before Me, even yours. Examine yourself. Recognize your need for Me, a Savior. Seek after Me. Do not be puffed up. Let My Spirit speak to you.

Received 4-16-15

My life for yours. My grace for your need. My sacrifice for your sin. My suffering for your healing. My power for your weakness. What do I ask of you? Just believe. Just submit to My will and plan for your life. Just obey the prompting of My Spirit living within you. You are no longer a slave, but a free man, free from sin and bondage to sin. Live now to please Me in righteousness and holiness.

Received 4-17-15

Of all the things you could do, what would you choose? What would give you the greatest pleasure? What would be the most satisfying in the short term and the long term? What do you think will matter to Me? What will carry on into eternity? Solomon did many things in pursuit of happiness. He strayed from My path. His focus was directed away from Me to things of this world and to false gods. He rightly found out that there is no real satisfaction and meaning to the things of this world only. When I created this world, it was good, but after sin entered the world through man, everything became less than good. True happiness comes through Me and in doing what I lead you to do. For I know the purpose I made you.

Received 4-18-15

All things work together for good for those who love Me and are called according to My purpose. I have a plan and purpose for your life. When you obey My Spirit’s leading, you are walking in My purpose. I bless My people. I care for them. Do not fear or worry. Trust Me to help you according to My good design and plan.

Received 4-19-15

All things are Mine. Nothing escapes My notice. From the smallest creature to the largest star – I know it intimately. Some things last but a moment before they die. Almost everything you see is intended as food or to be used by something else that I have made. Other things are designed to display My glory in their beauty or design. You were not made by chance. You were given the ability to recognize that I made what you experience with your senses. I am Creator. A fool denies Me to his harm.

Received 4-20-15

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He is mighty and no one can compare with Him.

The wages of sin is death, but I paid your price. I set you free. Accept what I have done. There is nothing more you need to do, but to believe in Me. Rest in My promises as if I said them to you. I do not change. My love is great for all to receive.

Received 4-21-15

Put your trust in Me for everything. Understand My deep love for you. Life is not a game to be played and won or lost. I have won over the evil one. I have won over sin and death. I have done what you could not do. Receive My grace. Receive My victory. Receive My righteousness and gift of eternal life.

Received 4-22-15

I am showing you how easy it is to talk with people. They don’t really know about Me. They just need to see a real believer and be encouraged. Some may reject what you say, but others I will send your way will listen and respond. Be aware and be open to taking time, even at the expense of something you were doing. Slow down and look around. See the lost around you. See the abyss that they will fall into.

Received 4-23-15

Let your heart soar to the heavenlies. Dream about the time you will spend with Me. Can you spend time in My presence? Can you give of yourself to Me?

Received 4-24-15

All the ways of man are before Me. I see into your heart. I know your thoughts and feelings. You long to know Me and to learn from My Word. You want to help others. These things are not of you, but I have put them in you.

Received 4-25-15

Are you connected to Me? Yes, but do you listen? Sometimes. My Word goes forth to bring life and healing and deliverance and forgiveness. I still am creating as I desire. I care for My own. I hear their cries.

Received 4-26-15

You worry about many things. You should ask Me to help you. I know you trust Me, but still you worry. Don’t I love you. Yes, and I want the best for you. Can you accept the blessings I give? Will you operate your life by faith? Will you seek after My anointing so that you can be in My presence for what you do?

Love your wife. Be kind and considerate. Show her affection as if you were trying to win her. She is My gift to you. You need her and she needs you.

Received 4-27-15

Receive from My hand. In order for you to do that, you must be close enough to do that. Dwell on My Word. Get My Word in your mind and heart. Read, listen, study, share. I will give you revelation and understanding and application. There will be always more than you see at first. Just like the story of the man who repeatedly studied the fish specimen, so when you repeatedly read and look at a verse, there will be more to discover. My Word is more than knowledge; it is life and truth, grace and love.

Received 4-28-15

Just like a child who trusts his mother and father, so should you be with Me. He clings to the one who brings comfort and protection. He may wander away to explore, to assert his independence, but he also is always aware of where his parent is. His identity is in his parents. He learns from watching what his mom and dad do. He learns to talk as he hears them talk. His parents teach him what is right and wrong. Even though he may disappoint his parents, they still love him. He may be disciplined for behaving poorly, but they still love him.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. (1 Cor 13:11)

Yes, there is a time to grow up into maturity as a man. But do not leave your trusting relationship with Me. Cling to Me and stay close to Me for I will care for you and teach you what you should do. I am like a doting parent, taking joy in My children, watching over them day and night.

Received 4-29-15

Great is the man who puts his trust in the Lord. He will fear no evil, though trouble is all around. He knows where he is going. He loves his Savior dearly for the price He paid to rescue him from his many sins. He, who has been forgiven much, loves much. The value of what Jesus did cannot be measured as it is so great. A fool ignores this truth to his peril.

Received 4-30-15

Walk in the light while it is still day. Live and proclaim My glory. Pray without ceasing. Fill your lips with praise. Bless and do not curse. Speak truth and grace and love. Be like My Son in all that you do.

Received 5-1-15

Be at peace. I have taken care of you and I will take care of you in the future. I have put men around you to help you, to help carry the burden. Rejoice with Me and be glad for I have won the battle over sin and death.

Received 5-2-15

All things are Mine. I contain much more than you could ever imagine. I can do the impossible for man.

Received 5-3-15

What are the needs of a man? He must eat and drink. He needs clothing and a place to sleep away from the weather. He needs companionship, usually a wife, but a close friend who can help him and speak to him will do. He needs work to do – either physical work or mental work that challenges him. These things cover the needs of his flesh and mind, but his spirit must find Me to be fulfilled. He was made to be like Me, yet in an earthly body with limitations.

Received 5-4-15

Let go of the past; look forward to the future. Only I do not change – you can change and you need to change if you would be like Me. You have no limitations in Me. I make all things available to you in My Spirit.

Received 5-5-15

You will bless others. Give of yourself as the opportunity arises. The opportunities will come from Me. Be alert and pray. Ask Me for wisdom. Ask Me what I want you to do. Ask Me to find out what I am doing.

Received 5-6-15

Where are the ones who really believe in Me? Many of those have very little and all that they have is because of Me. They live daily depending on Me. Can you have faith in Me like them? Do you trust in yourself and in what I have given you?

Received 5-7-15

All the world will give Me praise. They will bow before Me. There will be no unbelievers then, for all will acknowledge who I am. I will reign with justice and truth, love and mercy, grace and understanding. You will reign with Me. You will not be guessing what to do, for you will know what I want you to do. I will silence the enemy and his workers. They will be bound.

Received 5-8-15

Call upon Me. Cry out to Me in the day of your trouble. Submit your will to Mine. Humble yourself before Me and to others. Seek to do My good pleasure.

Received 5-9-15

Are you connected to Me? Yes, and I am in you to bring out My character. I have been molding you and changing you. I am not done. Whenever you get angry, it points out what is still of your flesh. Whenever you get puffed up and imagine being recognized, it points out what is still of your flesh. Whenever you get frustrated by injustice, by wrongdoing, this is actually by My Spirit showing you what is righteousness. But instead of judgment, you should pray and call upon My mercy and grace for them. You were there once. You can be there if it were not for My Spirit. Have My compassion for the lost, for the hungry and needy. I see weak people, misled by the enemy and the world. I see people hurt by sin and wrong choices. They have gone astray and wandered away from the path of life. It was My love for you that brought you to Me. You can imagine dimly what your life might be without Me. There are traces of it left, just to remind you.

Die to live. Die to your pride so that you are seen by Me and not by those of the world. Die to your anger so that you recognize your weaknesses without Me. Die to your frustration so that you put on My compassion and mercy. When have you wept over the lost? What will move you?

The enemy is stirring and violence and cruelty will abound. Lawlessness will run unchecked. People will mask their fear with fluff and distractions. They will be like the ostrich with their head in the sand of entertainment. They pretend it is not happening, because they don’t want to face the sin in their own life and their need for a Savior. Sinners will sin because that is built into them. They must be born anew by My Spirit. Then they can change and see the truth. Help them see Me.

Received 5-10-15

All things are Mine. I will bring life to the dead. Their eyes will be opened. They will see Me and know Me. The fog will be lifted.

Received 5-11-15

I will be there with you. Pray and bless the men. Let them know I care for them. That was a reality for the men who fought and for the people who live there. Pray for them.

Received 5-12-15

All who come to Me I will never forsake. I can work with just a little faith. I will make their faith grow. Some need the faith of a friend or relative to help them on My journey. I am reaching out to many.

Received 5-13-15

Blessed be the name of the Lord. His Name has power and authority. His Name has comfort and rest. He is righteousness and truth. He is love and grace. He is justice and mercy.


What do you need? Let Me change your cold heart. Let Me teach you compassion. I see what men really need, even though they may not recognize their real need. People need love – to receive it and to give it. I made them that way. Love displays itself in many ways: sacrifice, caring and compassion, forgiveness and healing of relationships, humility, grace, covering over faults, giving. I want them to love Me and to experience My love for them. I have displayed My love for all to see. Now I want My people to love each other so that the world will see what real love is.

Received 5-15-15

I will provide all that My people need. I have created them with a need for Me. I shower upon them riches of My grace and love. Open up your eyes to see. There is a world of lost and hurting people.

Received 5-16-15

All the efforts of man will fail. Do not despair over your failings. Look to Me and be restored. Do not give voice to what the enemy is doing except to pray. Speak life and truth. Be gracious in all that you do.

Received 5-17-15

There will be a new awakening. My people will come out of their slumber. They will awaken from their stupor. The enemy has lulled them to sleep with distractions and despair. They have lost hope. But I will give them a new hope, a fresh vision of what their future holds in Me. I will reveal what My new kingdom will look like. I will raise up leaders in key positions in My kingdom. My Spirit will awaken the dead, if necessary, and put a flame burning in the hearts of My people that cannot be put out. Compulsion and obligation will be replaced with passion and desire from within. Joy will overcome fear. Purity will replace compromise. My Spirit rejoices and He will cause you to rejoice.

Received 5-18-15

Wait and expect great things from My Spirit. Submit your will to Mine and this will open up opportunities that will amaze you. Come and be refreshed in My Spirit.

Received 5-19-15

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I see what is in your heart. I know your future. Continue to be faithful and to step out in faith as I lead you. You will see more fruit and life. People will respond to My call of love. Wait upon Me with expectancy and openness.

Received 5-20-15

All the world is a stage with actors and props. People pretend they are something else – what they would like to be based on the images they see. They don’t want others to see who they really are. They don’t want to face reality themselves. But sin abounds and they are hurt and they hurt others, knowingly and unknowingly. They need Me, but they don’t know how to come to Me and be healed and forgiven. Point them to Me. Show what it is like to know Me personally. Speak about Me as a Friend and Helper. Speak about My love for them. Love will open up their hearts.

You are weak, but proud. You do want to be noticed and recognized. Others see Me in you.

Received 5-21-15

I will help you. Give your life to Me and all these things will be added to you. I know the end from the beginning. Train yourself and be diligent. Know My Word and speak it to yourself to build up your spirit. Declare My truth with authority and grace. Love always and first. Forgive and bless others.

Received 5-22-15

Your Word, O Lord is written forever. Truth is never cancelled or changed. You never change. Your character and attributes are reliable and faithfulness is who You are. What You say You will do. You speak and it is done.

Received 5-23-15

Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love believes all things. Love forgives always and quickly. Love shows grace and mercy to the unlovable. Love is a sacrifice, a choice to die to self and to lift up the other person.

Received 5-25-15

Rescue the weak with words of love and encouragement. Lift up the hands that hang down. Words of life will bring life. Words of death destroy.

Received 5-26-15

My ways are not your ways. Yield your thinking to My thinking. Call upon Me for every decision and choice. Ask Me to give you wisdom and revelation. There will come a time when this will not be an option for you.

Received 5-27-15

I am with you to carry you through the storms. I am with you to give you strength and wisdom. The flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong. The mind set on Me has peace.

Received 5-28-15

Arise and wake up the dead. Shout from the rooftops that Jesus is Lord. Declare the truth to the lost and dead in spirit.

Received 5-29-15

Grace and peace to you. I have paid the price for My own righteousness to come to you. Pursue after Me. May your spirit be strengthened and renewed by My Spirit and My Word.

Received 5-30-15

There will come at time when reason will be replaced with emotional feelings; common sense and wisdom will give way to foolishness and peer pressure. I will stir up the hearts of men, they will go after wild senseless desires, unrestrained by My Spirit. Rather than being condemned, they will be praised for their freedom and license. The deceiver will deceive many, from the youngest to the oldest. Leaders will become fools. But those with discernment will know and take heed and speak out and warn My people. You will be hated for My Name. Joy will fill your hearts. Peace will guide your steps. Hope will cover your fears. Faith will deliver you.

Received 5-31-15

The ways of man will fail, while My ways always prosper and succeed. I carry them along to perfection and completion. My will endures. I have given you choice. Choose wisely. Say yes to Me.

Received 6-1-15

My ways will continue to the end of time. Time has no limits for Me. I created time for you. You were made for the time you have.

Received 6-2-15

All of God’s ways are good. He defines what is good and right. He is the Creator. He establishes the rules. He has given us a free will to choose to obey and to love. He rescued us from our sins: our rebellion and wrongdoing. He has given us a way to change, to be born again, to start over with His Spirit empowering us.

Received 6-3-15

All of life can be empty for the fool who ignores My revelation. I am everywhere, but only a few find Me. I am not hiding. I have left many clues. I am visible to those who seek after Me. I am near and not far. My Son has restored what sin has removed. Call upon Me. Seek after Me. Listen for My still small voice. Heed the voice of My Spirit.

Received 6-4-15

I have told you what will happen. We all will rejoice with your loved ones. Continue to seek after Me for wisdom and guidance and truth and knowledge. Do I not know everything? Can I not reveal what I know to you? If any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of Me. It is that simple. Just trust and believe in Me. Know My voice and Presence. I have given you this gift so that you can know what is of Me.

Received 6-5-15

Rest in My love and grace. Allow Me to bless you and the works of your hands. Give Me praise.

Received 6-6-15

This is the dawning of a new era, a new time with My Spirit stronger than ever. Faith will rise and miracles will abound. Do you believe this? Wake up My people.

Received 6-7-15

Let your faith arise. Look to Me and believe. Rest in My goodness, grace and love. You will not be disappointed. Give Me your burdens. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything ask Me with thanksgiving.

Received 6-8-15

Rest in My love and grace. I bless My people, those who seek My face and desire to do My will. They know Me and I know them. We are family. I will fill your heart with joy and peace. You will experience My Presence.

Received 6-9-15

Do not be concerned about small things. Focus on the important things. Look forward and not back.

Received 6-10-15

I am with you. Love your wife and children. Give encouragement and life. Bless and do not curse. Lift up and do not tear down. Forgive and show mercy. Love as I love, freely without strings or conditions.

Received 6-11-15

My ways are not hard if you are submitted to Me. For the joy set before Him He endured the cross. When you have the big picture and when your desire is to do My will, then all that happens will work out for good. You can trust in Me and rest in My love and grace. Just be yourself but fully alert to My Spirit. I will speak through you.

Received 6-12-15

This is a day you will remember. Give your strength to Me. Give your weakness to Me. Trust Me to do what you cannot do. I bring salvation and life. I will take care of your family.

Received 6-13-15

Bless and do not hold back your blessing. Give love freely without strings.

Received 6-14-15

I am with you as always. Close enough to know all that I need to know and for you to find Me.

Received 6-16-15

Today is a day of renewal, a time to regain what was lost. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Celebrate life; give life away. Cover those you love in prayer.

Received 6-17-15

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rejoice and be glad. Let your heart dwell on My promises. Think about My truth.

Received 6-18-15

My ways are better. My truth is sure. Allow my word to penetrate your heart. Believe me in your spirit when nothing else makes sense. My truth endures.

Received 6-19-15

Out of the depths My love comes. It springs up to cover the earth. Now you must share My love with others. My heart is touched by the cries of My people. Can you hear them too? Pray and discern what I want you to do.

They have tender hearts toward one another and their family. They have suffered, but now are blessed. Just as you would rejoice and are rejoicing over your daughter, they too rejoice for their son. Words are not important for the heart can see. Express love and love will be received.

Received 6-20-15

My ways will set you free. Your heart is weak, but your spirit is strong in Me. Truth overcomes the lies of the world. My grace is sufficient for you. Rejoice in Me. Praise Me. Live for Me.

Received 6-21-15

Watch and see what I will do. Make it your goal to follow Me in everything you do.

Received 6-22-15

This day will open your eyes. My truth will set you free. My ways are not hard for those committed to Me. Rescue the downtrodden; set free those who are oppressed. My grace is sufficient for you.

Received 6-23-15

Trust me for your life. In everything give thanks. Let My words flow from your mouth.

Received 6-24-15

I have called you to be a fisher of men. Speak your testimony to others. Refresh the hearts of men. Challenge men to live for me and not for themselves. The time is short.

Received 6-25-15

Another day of life. Rejoice in it. Embrace it. Accept its challenges relying on Me. For I am with you always.

Received 6-26-15

My truth will reign in you. Apply yourself to learn it well. Meditate on it as if you needed to live by its every word. My words are life and they are truth.

Received 6-27-15

Come away with Me into My throne room. Look at My treasures. I have much more than you could ever imagine or think about. My rewards are great and satisfying. They are designed for you.

Received 6-28-15

The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Never will I leave you or forsake you. I am with you always. I am patient and loving. My reward is with Me and in Me. I give life to all who come to Me and ask Me for it.

Received 6-29-15

What is your need? Ask Me. Let Me fill you with My Spirit again. Love and be kind to your wife always. She needs you and you need her.

Received 6-30-15

I will bless you and keep you. You are Mine. Rest in Me. Trust Me for everything.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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