Watch what I do. Did My disciples go ahead of Me, or did they follow Me? They followed and were amazed at what I did and said. Once they accepted that I came from God and that His power was with Me, they wanted as much of Me as they could get. Do you seek Me like that? I am available 24/7.


Expect Me to do something unusual today and everyday in you and through you. This is who I am. I am actively involved in the world I created. As people are praying, I am responding. I am drawing people to Myself for salvation. Your loved ones are being watched over. Your prayers bring a shield for them.

It was good to hear your heart praise. Do it often and you will lift you spirit to Mine.


Who will give account for all the people over time? I know each one. I know their circumstances, what influenced them. Some might have legitimate excuses, but still they are accountable. My grace covers them all. My purposes will stand. Physical death marks the end, but does it? How does a short life on earth compare to eternity? This is My world and everything in it. Did it make a difference when I started over after the flood? What was the impact of My Son in the earth? What will the future look like when He returns to the earth?


Who will give Me counsel? Who will inform Me? Many when they pray try to tell Me what to do. Am I limited by what they pray? No, I will do what is needed and good. I hear the cries of My people. Sometimes I will wait to respond. Sometimes I will not respond the way people ask. If I did everything people ask of Me and quickly, would that increase their faith? Not really, for they would believe in a different God than who I am. I want people who are dependent on Me, who submit to Me, who live to please Me and who will do My will. Is that you?

I will help you today be the man you should be. Seek after Me. Encourage others.


Be encouraged. I will sustain you to be able to live and work in My kingdom. Your minor ailments will remain minor. Pace yourself. Take time to think about Me, to meditate on My Word and the blessings you have. This will settle your soul.


Today will not be like every other day. I will intervene. Trust Me and call upon Me to intervene. Why don’t you ask Me to help you more?


The Lord will reign forevermore. His glory He will not share. His fame and His deeds no one can match. He is above all. All will bow before Him in submission. His justice will be sure. Some will rejoice, but others will be speechless in the reality of that moment. He who knows all will decide. His grace and mercy will factor the Truth. The goodness of the Lord will prevail. No eye has seen, nor ear has heard what God has planned for His beloved.

I will judge in truth and grace. The righteous will be saved and lifted up. The evil will receive their due. Do not rejoice except in gratitude and praise to the One worthy of it all. None deserve what I have prepared for them. They will be filled with joy on that day, lasting for eternity.

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Death is not the end, maybe for this world, but not for My world, My kingdom. Death can be the threshold to a new life in My presence with those who believe in My Son. Child-like faith is better than deep theological, reasoning faith. You are saved in your spirit and heart, not in your mind. Your spirit instructs your mind to accept by faith the truths of My Word.


Rejoice. Celebrate. Give thanks. Come before Me with a joyful heart. Let’s party! I have done much for you and you have responded well. A teacher rejoices when her student learns and is eager to learn more. I rejoice when I see My people walking in faith and understanding. My love goes out to them to bless them even more, just like a parent dotes over her child.


Some live is oppressive conditions, robbed of freedom in its basic form. What have they done to deserve this? Very little, except to be born there. Pray for them. Intercede to remove the demonic stronghold over that land. Bring in the light. Unlock the chains. Declare truth and life.

Keep praying for others. I am listening and responding. Many are praying like you. Allow Me to challenge you.


Reach out to expand your influence on others. Be friendly and meet people. Befriend them and ask about their lives. I will help you listen and respond.

I Hear the prayers of My people, just like I heard the cries of My people in the past.  I know, but I respond. I am a God of justice and truth and mercy.


A wise person can accomplish much, especially if his wisdom comes from Me. Seek Me for answers and direction. Don’t just rely on what you know or the wisdom of this world. If nothing more, ask Me for help. Ask Me to do what you cannot do. Nothing is impossible with My help.

I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me. I will lead you to the place of rest. I will lead you home to be with Me forever. Put your trust in Me. Believe in Me and what I have done for you. I am worthy of your trust.

I said, “It is finished.” and I meant it. The Father knew what I needed to do for mankind to restore what was lost. Those last six hours erased man’s sinfulness and rebellion. I showed My disciples how to live by the power of My Spirit, which I sent from the Father to them. You have that same Spirit within you. What are you waiting for? Do what I did.


Your influence is greater than you think, but don’t focus on this. Rather remember that your name is written in My book. I am the One who counts. Do what you do for Me. Think about who I am. Ponder My greatness and what My Son was willing to lay aside for His time on the earth, waiting, enduring with humility the limitations of manhood. He experienced those things for you and those who would believe in Him.

1-15-23 Life moves on and changes will come. Life is a cycle anyway from birth to death. Live for today with your mind focused on Me and what your future in heaven will be. Don’t worry about the problems of today. I will take care of you.

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What will this new year bring – more of Me, if you seek Me. In everything give Me praise. Many different things will come upon you, but in them you will find Me if you look. It’s not about you, but Me in you and you in Me. Ask Me to help you do what is hard. Your hearing may fail you in the natural world, but you can hear Me in greater ways. Would that help you? Listen and obey, at least respond. It’s not your money, but Mine. I gave it to you to steward and help My kingdom. Don’t be bound by tax rules. Give and it shall be given unto you. Bring her into your giving. She can participate and discover freedom. Be prepared to give away cash.

Experience My love so you can love others. You will sense My kindness and favor as you do My will. You will acknowledge this with praise.


I was glad when they said let us go to the house of the Lord. They are special places for My presence. More importantly, they are places where My people gather together to worship. I am present in worship and praise. Live for Me and for My body.


Do not be afraid any longer. I have your life in My hands. I know when it will be your time to come to Me. I’m looking forward to that. But for now, keep doing My will. Conform your life to My life.


Rejoice, for your name is written in My book. You are special and specially loved. Is it wrong to have favorites? My love is so great, how can anyone tell the difference?


Bless and do not curse. Use your words to build up. My love compels Me. Love should be your motivation. Don’t focus on yourself, but how you can give love away.

Do not be concerned about the future, for I will take of that. My grace is covering you. Yes, there will things that will seem crazy and foolish, but that is what sinful man will choose to do. I will give them over to their folly. I am coming soon to rescue My people.


There is no other like my God, He is powerful, yet loving and good. He cares for me in ways I usually am not aware. His favor helps me even when I am not so faithful to Him. He forgives my sins and helps me to resist temptations. He teaches me how to live. He is full of wisdom.

Nothing in this world will truly satisfy. It is temporary and fleeting. Even the searching is empty. My joy and peace are priceless. Satisfaction comes in doing My will, in helping others, expending your energy and time in doing good.


Confusion will reign as every man will look after himself, but My people will shine. The darkness will not overcome them for I am with them. Keep your eyes on Me, and you will know what to do. My plan is good, and it will be accomplished.

My blessings are with you. Just as I was with the saints of old, I am with you watching over you. You have what is better than they, for you have My Spirit to guide you. Listen to Him.


My arms will protect you and keep you. No harm will come your way. I am your shield and fortress. Find your peace in Me.

There is great need in the world, a need for the gospel. People are lost and dying without knowing Me. They need a Savior who will rescue them. Who will tell them about Me?

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Awaken the dawn. Shout it from the housetops. Proclaim the good news to everyone. I paid the price, can you?


Chasing after the wind, seeking pleasure that never satisfies. Pursing the false gods of this world, which are the products of man and not gods at all. How foolish and empty. Still man marches on to his harm and ultimate death. He refuses to believe in Me, though I beckon him with My truth. Oh the riches of kindness and blessings I offer! Still he refuses Me. He will soon face his end. What will he say then?


Live for Me. It is our relationship that counts, not what others may do. Yes, you can learn from them, but everyone is different with different life events.


You are the strength of my life. You give me meaning and purpose. My life is Yours O God.

I will take care of you. Be patient and listen to My Spirit. He will teach you how to live. He is good for you. Pray for the lost and care for them. Put love in your heart, My love.


Let your light shine before men. Pray for others. Pray with others. I will reveal to My people what I am doing. They can join in with Me. My Word is spreading to many people who have never read the truth before. My Spirit is teaching them. They recognize and appreciate what I have revealed in My Word.

I want strongly for My people to love Me and want to be with Me, for that is what I feel toward them. But they must choose, I can only come as close to them as they choose to allow Me. When they go after other gods, I am jealous for them.


A child is born. Who will take notice? Who will listen to Him? He is a savior and servant to all. He calls men to follow Him. He asks for faith and trust. His reward is for those who believe. He fulfills His mission of obedience to the Father. The world is different now. Light has come once again into a dark world. He gives hope to mankind, hope for a better future without suffering and death. O what a Savior He is. Now all will bow down before Him.

Will you bow before Me? If I say this, will you obey? Your acts of obedience will transform your life. My Word has already anchored your life to what is good and fruitful. Follow Me.


There is much to learn and know about Me. I will teach you over time. Will that work for you? I am mysterious, but you were made in My image so you can find out the mystery. My Son revealed who I am. Learn from Him. Learn from My Spirit, the Teacher of all Truth.

Be patient in your seeking. Allow Me to change you so you can receive. My grace is sufficient.


You will see Me at work today. Pay attention for your part in what I am doing. Pray in the Spirit. Pray with your mind. Intercede. Command the evil to leave and be bound. Use your presence effectively for I will be with you. Listen for My Spirit to guide you. You heard Him yesterday, but didn’t respond quick enough. Yes, I can be subtle, so pay attention. Ask Me, if you are unsure. Step out in faith and be My witness. People are seeking Me, and you can help them find Me.


Proclaim the good news. Tell people what I have done for you. Tell people who I am for you. Tell stories from your life, not just facts about Me. Put flesh into My truths so that people can relate to what you are saying. My Son used parables to convey truth so the people could reflect and seek the meaning.


People have been hurt by others. Their coping mechanism can be to try to control things. They think they have the power to avoid that happening again. I can help them, but they must yield to Me. I can take away the hurt in ways that will free them. My grace and way of loving, forgiving brings release to a troubled heart, a fearful heart. How tragic to be controlled by an event that happened long ago. The evil one knows how to destroy and bind up a person. I can set them free.


By grace you are saved through faith in Jesus, who He was and what He did for you. Your faith must be public. People must know what God has done for you. You must join with other believers to live life together, supporting each other. My Word must be central to your learning about Me. I will take care of My people. I will nurture and grow them, to bring them to be where I am.


Honor the king with the honor he is due. If he is not a man of honor, then pray for him. There are evil people in the world, but don’t be alarmed for I have overcome the world. Darkness will not win. My Light is greater.

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Open the gates to let My people free. No more bondage for My people. Unlock their chains. Stop tempting them to sin. They are covered by the blood of My Son.

I take care of My own. I keep them. I keep you. The flesh is weak, but the spirit is strong. Keep seeking Me and you will not be disappointed.


There will come a time when lawlessness and anarchy will rule the land. Decisions will be made by heads of government without following the laws of the land. Who will challenge this action? Misguided leaders will use their “power” to be sure that they remain in power. Good and bad will be confused and blurred. Truth will flee and be hidden. The people will cry out to their god.


What is the direction for your life? What are your plans? What will bring Me glory? Can you plan even in times of trouble and uncertainty?


You can know because I will tell you. I reveal My plans to My people. I do this to all My people who will listen. This is the work of My Spirit. It’s not just for prophets to hear. If I love My people, and I do, why would I leave them unawares? My plans are good because I am good. I will come and restore justice and order. I will bring freedom for the captive. I hear the cries of the oppressed and burdened. I hear your cries and prayers. Keep praying for the lost. I don’t want any of them to perish.


Come to the waters and drink. Refresh your spirit with My Word. Allow Me to fill you up. My eyes have seen the King, dressed in splendor, ready to return. His eyes are like fire. His voice shouts truth and justice. No one can stand before him. All fall down in submission, even the evil ones have no choice. His heart is swelling with love for His people and they are responding.


Life will not be fair. Good will not win over evil. These will be labels, not truth. Good people will be mocked rather than celebrated and honored. Do not be afraid for I will be with you. These conditions will be temporary.


On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, an emblem of suffering and death. Don’t forget about the cross. Don’t forget about what I did for you on it. My love compelled Me. My love and obedience to My Father was so great, that I could endure the pain. I looked beyond the moment to see the glorious outcome for all mankind, for all eternity. Soon I will come once again to redeem mankind from destruction brought on by sin. No one can stop Me. Mouths of unbelief will be closed.


Don’t be concerned about what you see for I am at work in their lives to accomplish My purposes, just like I did with you. Keep praying for them and you will be pleased with My outcome. We have both laid a foundation in them that cannot be ignored. Rejoice and be glad. Look with faith upon the future. You will need faith to see beyond what will come. I am in control of the important things for people and for My creation.

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Be at peace. Life will seem to be moving too quickly, with many things happening at one time. Keep your focus on Me. I will not fail you. I have you in My hand. It’s better not to know or hear about all that is wrong in the world, for things will get worse. Values will shift away from what is traditional. Don’t be alarmed for it has to be this way. As evil increases so will My grace. Many will turn to Me. Even now the harvest fields are ready for gathering. Do your part. Cast the net with your invitation. Be winsome and wise. Evil will masquerade as good as people are caught up in deception and lies. Be wise and discerning. Let others fight that battle. You must fight in the spiritual realm with your prayers. Pray that chains will be broken off. Eyes will be opened. My Truth will prevail.


My eyes are upon you to watch over you. I do this for all those who believe in Me.

Justification comes from Me. I can make a sinner righteous in My Son. I can change his heart to make him want to live righteously before Me. He still needs My help and grace. A willing heart is much better than a resistant one or a rebellious one. The heart reflects what is in a man. The mind may indicate something. The flesh do another. But the heart is what I look at. I have given you a spirit so that I can look into your heart. You can’t hide from Me. Don’t resist Me. Believe in Me. Have faith in what I have said and done.


The greatest commandment is this, Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and all of your soul, all of your mind and all of your strength. There is no greater command. No one can do this without My grace. Open the doors of your heart wide to Me. Invite Me in. Let Me reign over you in My holiness and grace.


Don’t have unbelief, rather believe who I am and how trustworthy I am. This is your faith. Understand that I can do what is impossible for man to do. At just the right time I created man. At just the right time I sent My Son to die. At just the right time He will return to earth to establish His kingdom. At just the right time I will create a new heaven and earth.


Bring life with you wherever you go. Engage others in conversation. Speak My name. Testify to My goodness. Where you go, I will go.


What is truth? Even when I give the truth people will doubt and ignore what I say. They will believe the father of lies because then they can do what they want to do. Who are you believing? Do you trust in what I say? Already you can notice more lying by those who should be trustworthy. Experts are those people who are popular and entertaining. The deceiver has made his plans so that most will believe the lie. He will have his false prophets speak repeatedly to conceal any truth that is given.


Gather the troops. Muster the army. The battle is near. Do not fear for the victory is won. Speak the truth, My truth. All things are possible in My Name. Push back the lies that wage against your mind.

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I can do many things for you. The greatest is salvation. The price has been paid. Now the choice is yours to believe and receive.

Will you live for Me?


There is no easy answer for sin. The desires of the flesh can be very strong. An undisciplined man quickly falls prey to temptation. He justifies it as a natural desire. Sin brings him pleasure for a season. Later he may feel some guilt, especially if people are hurt. At some point he may want to change, but the sin has captured him firmly. He may try to resist, but when trouble afflicts him, he goes back to what comforts him.

I have the answer. It takes a real man to confess his sins and cry out to Me. I can heal the wound of sin. He will spend his life in this struggle until he yields to Me. I paid a great price to rescue mankind, but it was worth it. Offer your thanksgiving and praise.


Wait and see. You will be surprised and pleased with the future in your life. Doors will open that you cannot imagine. Opportunities will spring up. Be attentive and expectant. In all things give Me praise and thanks. This will be the key – your attitude. Do not despair or give up hope. Nothing lasts forever, except My love and grace working in your life. Have faith and trust in My goodness.

Faith is believing the unseen before it happens. My Word is reliable and true. Put it into your vocabulary.


Today like other days is special. Life is a gift to be experienced and to serve others. You can’t live without Me. I will show you beauty. I will reveal My glory to you. I will challenge you to go deeper into who I am. Pray for the lost. Pray for those trapped in religion, not of their own choosing.

Rejoice for I am rescuing people in their need for a Savior. I am setting people free from the chains of sin, and delivering them to righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. This is My work, and it is good.  


In all things bring praise and thanks. Your worship doesn’t have to be in song. You can enter My presence with words of praise with a grateful acknowledgement of who I am and what I have done for you.


Each day will have its challenges. Who are you trusting in, yourself or Me? What is your hope for the future? Where is the abiding in Me? Have confidence in Me for I will not fail you.


Try to image life without Me helping you. Everything you would do would fail over time. Relationships would end, even between family members. Sin would consume you as you yield to the lust of the flesh. You have difficulty imagining what life would be without Me, for I have sustained you all these many years. My grace has covered you. The enemy tries to divert you from My path, but you can recognize his efforts and resist him with My Name. He is weak, but you are strong in the power of My Name. Give Me praise.

My name has power. Demons tremble and yield. Sickness obeys. My Father listens to the one who calls in faith. My Words create and establish. I declare truth. My will is sent forth and is done.

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No matter what comes, I will be with you. It’s easy to pray for revival with a motive to keep living comfortably. But can you pray earnestly for the lost with a heart to save them from hell? Can you pray for your enemies and those who oppose you? Can you witness to others when it is uncomfortable to do so? Can  you pray for revival without tying it to a political side?

Can you intercede for those in the body being persecuted? Persecution is already happening and will get worse for those who profess to believe in Me. Running away and hiding won’t work in the long run. Who will be My witnesses? They loved not their lives unto death. They overcame by My blood and the word of their testimony. It won’t be easy, but by My grace and power, they will overcome.


Stir up your faith. Add to your faith knowledge of My Word. Put on the garments of righteousness and truth, humility and patience, forgiveness and mercy, love and encouragement. Strive to respond like My Son to whatever comes your way in life. More than just responding, be intentional to draw others to Me in your example. You may fall short, but you will be different than what the world has to offer.


There is more to life than fleshly pleasure. Rejoice in the salvation I give. Let your mind dwell on My promises.

My salvation is greater than you can imagine. I have restored your right standing to be with Me and I with you. You could not do that by yourself. I am an infinitely holy, righteous, and good God. Nor can you appreciate what faith is. I give you the ability and grace to believe in Me. Yes, I gave you My Word and I gave you My Spirit to bring life to My Word for you to understand spiritual things. Faith is the key to obedience, not only to My Word, but also to My Spirit. He is doing His good work in you.  


Who is my neighbor? Can you take care of family? Can you care for a friend? Who is safe enough to help? Does giving your money to help them count? What about strangers? What about storm victims? What about widows and orphans? These are hard questions, but they must be answered.


I am with you as My Word declares. Trust in Me to take care of you and your family. I am the Savior and I draw people to Me for the decision of their lifetime. I will not fail you. My will is done for eternity. If I can create the universe with all its stars and planets, if I can create all the creatures and man who dwells on the earth and heavens, I can take care of you.


My grace is sufficient for you. I see the heart and its desire to obey and do what My commands require. Failure does not mean disobedience if the willingness is there. I cover you with the righteousness of the One who died in your place. His sacrifice was more than sufficient. You are Mine and I won’t let you go away from Me. I love you that much to see you leave our relationship. I want you to be with Me forever.

You can’t really appreciate the love I have for you. It is not human love.


Just like I protected her I will protect you and your family members because you love Me. I watch over those who are Mine. For some it is a game to do what is wrong. For others it is their lifestyle to do evil. They live in a stupor, getting high, taking risks, running away. They join in with others doing life this way, feeding on each other, sharing dangerous exploits in craziness. They do not realize that I am watching. They will pay a price in this life and at the end of their lives. You can rescue some at the jail with My truth and salvation. Others are impatient to be released by a broken system, so they can keep doing wrong. Deceived and corrupt people try to help these people as they weaken laws meant to protect innocent people. The result is further lawlessness.

When I come, I will restore what is lost. I will set the captive free. I will bring My justice and rule over mankind. Pray for that day. Pray for the lost and dying.

I am touching many people with the truth and grace of My salvation. They are rejoicing. Pray for them and rejoice with Me.

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There is warring going on all the time in the spirit world. Prayer of My people release power against them. My angels defend and protect My people all over the world. The warring will come to a climax at My return. Then the battle is won forever. He was defeated on the cross, but he fights on weakly against My people. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. I give you authority over them in My Name. Rise up as needed to push back his attacks. Fear Me for I have all power. Love and worship Me, for I am above all things.


Do not judge lest you be judged. How easy is it to condemn a man without really knowing him. I felt compassion for the lost. I took pity on them. I died for them.

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. When I am with you, great things can happen! People’s lives can be changed. Encouragement and praise can lift a spirit. Testimony can bring hope. With the anointing of My Spirit, your words can bring life. Pay attention to the opportunities I bring.

I am accomplishing My plan for your country. I will bring low the proud and haughty ones. I will teach others to rely on Me. I am the only hope for the world. A man will fail you when he is lifted up. If you have to tear down your opponent with charges, what does that say? What do you really stand for, beyond your empty promises, you know you can’t do? Who has honesty and integrity? Who has moral character? Who knows Me?


I will come when no one is looking for Me. Can there be some time after the rapture before I come? Then those who were Mine will be gone from the earth. Will those left behind be looking for Me? Perhaps a few who thought they were Mine would look, but for how long? Will some come to Me for salvation after the rapture? These will be perilous times with the deceiver working frantically. There will be chaos and evil. Who will restrain them?

I want all to believe and be saved from their sins. I give many invitations and opportunities to respond. My Spirit is at work. I will rescue My people from the destruction that will come upon sinful mankind. It’s not My choice, but theirs. I will wait patiently until I must act.


The body of Christ, how varied it is. Young and old, immature and seasoned, speaking every tongue with cultural flavors. I love them all and nurture them to be like My Son. I raise up leaders to guide them, some barely knowing anything except they love Me. The praise and worship I receive – how glorious. You sang on last night with determination, and you were freed of bondage.

Let Me reign in you. Yield to My Spirit and live. Speak life and encouragement, truth with understanding, especially to those you love. You can be one of My vessels of encouragement, and you know what I mean. Speak life and life will return to you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Let your imagination run wild. Heaven is real and so much greater and better than you can imagine. I have prepared a feast for the senses which your new bodies will be able to take in. The corrupt flesh is gone. The new spiritual body receive your new “born again” spirit, which is to say that you will be changed once more to better live in My heaven. You will still be you, but different and better.


Rejoice for your name is written in heaven. Rejoice for the freedom you have to worship Me and declare who I am to others. Have a song in your heart of testimony and praise.


Aren’t you glad that I am in charge of things, everything? Even so, there are groups doing many things for Me and My kingdom. If they were not connected to Me and doing My biding, there would be chaos and confusion. I set the standard. I am the standard. I gave you My Word to guide you. My Spirit is at work in you. What is of men will fall short. What is of Me will last forever.

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There will be many days of sorrow, but the new day will come bringing joy. People will leap for joy, and speak of the coming King of kings. Don’t wait for that day to speak about Me to others. Have Me on your lips. I will help you.


Be fruitful and multiply. My direction for man hasn’t changed. I am a God of life and growth. There is no turning back in following Me. My kingdom is expanding. Why mature if someone isn’t benefiting from your maturity? But they are. People are watching. You are a faithful witness of a changed life, a person who is seeking Me, who is not enslaved by the world.


No government can last if it is made by man. All have sinned and are incapable of doing good. I like variety. I gave intelligence and giftedness to people. I am Lord of all. I rule over My people and all peoples in righteousness and equity, with love and grace and mercy. I have all knowledge and wisdom. I have not found a man to replace Moses, nor do I want to replace him. Many leaders will rule in that day over peoples and nations and areas. They will rule under My Head in peace and harmony. Yet they will be different, according to traditions and cultures. All will be accountable to Me. Do not try to figure it out. It will be My government and rule.


Man’s inspired creativity can accomplish much. With the wisdom and knowledge of My Spirit, dreams and ideas for inventions and designs can become a reality. Seek Me for wisdom and guidance in your life. Seek to know My will in situations and in decision-making. Let Me be your Counselor. By faith the universe was created.


My grace is sufficient. You are empowering people, stretching them to rely on Me. People are unique, with different personalities and needs.

Encourage and build up. Bring life to people you know. All things are possible with Me.


The wages of sin is death. I paid the penalty to free those who believe from death. I came to destroy the works of the devil. I came to bring life. I am the way, the truth, and the life. He who believes in Me will live and know the Father. You have believed, and like Abram you have received My righteousness.

In all things give Me praise. I am your helper. I go before you to make the way for you. Even when you go out on your own, I am there to protect you.


Who are you performing for? I can tell the difference between a performance and the real you.

Who is a man? He was made in My image. He has my imprint on him to make him want to seek Me. Why does he resist My love? Is it too hard to sacrifice for a better good? He must die to really live. He must believe in an unseen God, and in His Son, who lived on the earth long ago. But He is alive and present today, you say. Yes, but only a few will find Him. Pray that the eyes of their hearts are opened to the truth. Pray for a divine encounter with Me.

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