In the beginning. Rely on Me and pray. Ask Me to do what you cannot do. Is that too hard? My grace is sufficient for you to do what I desire in you.


Be at peace. I will work things out for My glory. You have not done anything wrong. He is being careful.


Rejoice and be glad for the King has come. He reigns over all that He has made. He is Lord and Judge. Respond with grace. Lead by being under authority.


I will be glorified through My people on the earth as My Spirit does His work. Greater things shall you do because I will be with My Father interceding for you. I will direct your steps as you pray.


Pay attention to those around you. Lift them up in prayer. Ask Me for wisdom for them. My heart cries out to them. They are following the lies of this world. They are hurting but don’t know what to do.


Be not afraid for I am with you. Love your wife. Bring peace to her soul. Wake the dawn with your prayers. End the night also by praying. Let Me move you with My compassion for the hurting. Just as you can struggle and be anxious over mental and physical problems, so too do My sheep hurt. Only a few will respond to My call. Many will help others who lead. Can you lead? Can you encourage, inspire, testify to My Truth? Yes, let Me help you.


Take time to think about Me. Notice how I work. My love motivates Me. I am with My people.


Be made whole. Receive full salvation. The ways of man brings death, but the path to Life is through My Son. Let Me teach you how to pray. Seek guidance from My Spirit to find out what I want to do and what I am doing already.


Are you ready for the revival that is soon to come? Are you believing for this to happen? Are you revived in your spirit?


Good and upright is the Lord. Who is the man who loves the Lord? I will find him doing what I ask of him, what I have gifted him to do. He will be attractive to the lost and needy. They will seek him out as one who can help. My Son was very attractive in His love and kindness, humility. Let Me use you to do what you cannot do. Is that alright?


Who are you? What is so attractive about My gospel? I will show you the way. Where there is life, there will My people be. Those who are hungry will come. Put a hunger before them to make them see what the are missing.


Let the words of your mouth bring forth praise and thanksgiving to One who has gifted you with many things – salvation, financial blessings, spiritual gifts and abilities, family and friends, health and healing, wisdom and knowledge. Do not be conformed to the ways of this world using your mind, but in everything seek My will and direction. Allow Me to surprise you with the new and pleasing way. I am the way, the truth and the life.

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Words are powerful. They inspire and bring life. They can also bring forth death and harm. Words can be true, but they can also be lies and deceit. My words are true and My promises are real.


I will give you all that you need, just trust in Me. I will speak and you will listen. I will direct your steps. I will go before you. Trust Me to do what you cannot do.

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Let your love be known. I have loved you so you must love others. Let love be your motivation. This is your pattern – for God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son and God demonstrates His love in this, while we were still sinners Christ died for us.


In all things give Me praise. I will be found by you if you seek Me with all of your heart. I want you to know Me and My ways. My commands are not burdensome, but they are life and healing, for by doing them you will prosper in My eyes.


Pray for the souls of men. Rescue them from darkness by shining light upon them. A man is tested by the Light and the revelation of who I am. There is no excuse that will stand on the day when he must give account for his life. I will show mercy on some for My love is great.


There will come a time when they will want to know what you believe and why you believe what you do. Prepare your heart. I will give the words to speak, taken from the reservoir of your heart, which you and I have been filling with truth from My Word.


In every way, at all times, with all of your strength and ability, live for Me. Your Words are true My Lord. I desire to believe and obey them fully. Help Me do what I cannot do. Without You I am nothing, I am helpless.


Do you trust Me? There is much to do and you are one of My workers, one of My prayers, one of My seekers, one of My listeners.


When I seek You, You are there for me.

Do you trust Me to take of your mind and your body? If I can make the deaf hear and the blind see, cannot I help you remember and think clearly? Where is your faith? Do not agree with the enemy in your thoughts, in your speech. Agree with My promises, such as I can do all things God wants me to do, in the power and anointing of Christ Jesus.

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All of the ways of man are before Me. I love them. My mercy and lovingkindness restrains My judgment. They will reap what they sow – either life and peace for those who seek after Me or destruction and death for those who rebel against Me. Do not be a judge, but love and speak forth life and truth.


In everything bring praise to the One who created you. Continue to speak the truth in love to point the way to Me and the life that I offer.


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. These words were written to give you perspective of My world. Genesis tells the story of your world, the world I made for you to be with Me. Be ever mindful of Who I AM.


Prepare to defend why you believe in Me, How would you describe your relationship with Me?


Rejoice. Believe. Proclaim. Repent. Persevere. Teach. Make disciples. Pray. Read and study My Word. Seek and find the Truth. Submit your will to Mine. Obey My Words. Follow Me. Is there an order to these actions of faith? Yes and no, for all will come into play for the one who puts his trust in Me.


200 men advancing in the Kingdom of God, taking back what the enemy has stolen, when we took our eyes off Jesus our Leader and King. We were too busy with unimportant stuff of this fallen world. We neglected to do what we should have been doing as high priests of our families. We let our spiritual gifts go idle as we relied on our natural abilities and thinking. We were not praying as we should have been doing; even though we thought we did pray, but our prayers were weak and without faith. Our words lacked faith, praise and thanksgiving. Wake up o sleeper and get back in the fight.


I am with you just as I am with all of My people. My eyes see what you are doing. I know your thoughts. I know your future. I hear the cries of your heart and what you say from your lips. I am guiding you with My Spirit. You pay attention when I speak to you. You meditate on My words.

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In this world you will have trouble, but I have overcome the world. The tribulation and testing of this world will bring perseverance and character as you trust in Me. Your faith will stay focused on Me and what I did on the cross.


Who is your source for truth? Does what you hear encourage or tear down your heart?


I know every man women and child from the point of their conception to their last breath and beyond. I am stirring the pot. He is flawed but he is a man who will lead people to prayer. I have heard your cries. Keep praying and keep your focus on Me not on this world. My Kingdom is not of this world. It is unseen with the eyes, but it is seen and known with faith.


Bring healing and life with your words. Offer the promise of My love. Everyone needs and wants to be loved. You can’t really love yourself unless you have experience someone else’s love for you. I love you and I gave My Son to die for you to prove it.


Small steps, consistently applied will bring success in life. The first step is important for it establishes the direction. Usually the first step is made in faith, obedience and repentance to turn away from the path of destruction we were headed before the Spirit of Christ intervened and rescued us.


Take the time to worship Me. Expose your heart to My heart. Let Me energize your life with My Spirit.


Awake o sleeper, be sober, look around, call upon your God before it is too late. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death. Who believes this truth apart from failing? Who sees their sin, except when it is exposed? It is My love that points out sin and need for a Savior. It is My love which offers forgiveness and restoration.

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With every breakthrough of faith there is a seeking, a humbling, a repenting, a determination to draw closer to Me that isn’t satisfied with the normal routine, however good that may be. Faith grows with My Word taken into the heart and soul.


What is man or the leaders of men, that they should boast in themselves in the presence of Almighty God? They have no knowledge or understanding. They do not fear God. They are foolish in all of their ways. Who can stand before God? My people, that’s who, those who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb, their sins removed and paid for.


In my emptiness there is One who is greater and very able to help me. I will be with you.


Put aside your cares about your weaknesses. When you are weak then I am strong as you call upon Me.


In all things bring Me praise and thanks. Can you be that person who has praise and thanks on their lips? If you do this, your heart will fill with joy. Your countenance will be uplifting. Your focus will be on Me. Cares and concerns will flee your heart as you continuously give them to Me.


I am with you to prosper you. Give and it shall be given unto you. Do you believe this truth? Give of yourself to Me, just as I gave Myself to you.


There is a place and time for each person in My world. Each life is precious to Me, for I have a unique plan for each one. There is never too many or not enough. There are no mistakes. Each one has a free will to choose Me and to make life’s choices. Some are too young to make choices that count and others will decide for them. I watch over each one. Can you pray for others? Will you be an intercessor for those in your life, in your place and time? Many have prayed for you.


Do not rest until all is accomplished. Soon will come the end. Then there will be no more time to work. As long as it is Day, continue to work in My vineyard.

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What happens in you in your aloneness matters to Me. What do you think about? Do not use your weaknesses as an excuse. You are not that person anymore. My Spirit has made you anew. He is not satisfied to meet any worldly standard. You are becoming like My Son. Others may, but you may not. Others may not, but you must. It is not legalism, for it comes from the heart not the mind. It is not to earn anything, but to please Me. Can you accept this and embrace this path for yourself?


Open your eyes and see Me at work. Give Me praise and thanks for all that I do and for who I AM. Be a person who speaks truth and shows love. Come before My throne with your prayers. I will tell you all that you need to know. I have given you wisdom beyond what you know. How much more is there for you from My Spirit. Just ask and receive.

Do you want that gift? It will not be a burden, but a reminder of what is available to you for the asking. A gift must be exercised for it to shine. My glory will be displayed to others around you as you speak life to them.


Don’t second guess My words. Everything I do has My full wisdom and knowledge and power. There is power in My words to change a man of faith. He recognizes the truth I speak. He faces a decision to obey or to reject. He may delay his response as he weighs the cost of change. Allow My Word to bathe over your thoughts – removing the error and untruth of this world. Psalm 119 is not so much about the words of the Law, though that is all they had. It is about My Words of life from My heart to your heart.


Love in as many ways as possible. Abide with Me and I will teach you love.


My ways are best. I am not political, but I am for people. I work with all leaders in all forms of governments. Pray and intercede for your leaders that their eyes will be opened to the truth.


Careful feeding of your mind and body. Intentionally live to follow Me as best you can. My promises are true and reliable. Dwell on them until they become a part of you.

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