I will come when no one expects it to happen. I am waiting for the Father’s command. Are you ready? I know you want Me to come to rescue you from this crazy world, but are you ready? Do you want Me to capture all that you have done and what you have become up to this point in your life, as the finished product? Or do you need more time? Are your family members ready? Continue to pray and believe Me for them.

It will be a joyous day, one to remember, a sense of freeing, a shaking off of the old and putting on the new. Everything will be fresh and alive. Colors and fragrances will fill the senses. The sound of music and singing, laughter and rejoicing will abound. A desire to experience all that is happening will capture your heart.


I had plans for you. I still have plans for you. Keep seeking Me and saying yes to My Spirit and My Word. Say yes when I give you opportunities to speak of Me.

People are praying and I hear their prayers. I have better ways to accomplish My plans. My ways are higher. My goals are higher. I want people to turn to Me, to focus on Me. What is in a man is being exposed. What is hidden is being exposed for all to see. The enemy always over plays his hand. What he will try to do won’t bear fruit, lasting fruit. It will please those behind him. His people are determined, but foolish. They have gone too far, and people will notice. The outcry will be great. Even those in the media will be unable to contain the ugly reality.

I will be glorified through My people. I will show Myself strong and mighty over nations and peoples. But keep your focus on Me and My kingdom work. Pray realizing that I can do what is needed for My plans to be accomplished.


People can be different than you in their ideas and beliefs. Does that make them wrong? Are you better than they for your ideas and beliefs? Do you judge outsiders and sinful men? Can they be converted? Are they innocently ignorant of the truth or are they willfully defiant? Either way, can they come to repentance? Does your judging bring them to Christ?

If a believer sins, does he need correction? Can he repent and turn back to the way to life? How do you react when confronted by your sin? You all can justify yourselves in your minds, but My Word stands. My love and grace wins hearts.

Is your country perfect? Are your leaders perfect? You are seeing people who are weak in their beliefs, trying to justify themselves by stopping others who disagree from them. It won’t last of long. You have a Constitution, which stands for your county’s truth and laws. It is being challenged, but it will be defended.


I will be with you. Watch your words and listen to My Spirit. He needs to learn but so do you.

Rejoice and believe for the King is coming to restore all things unto Himself. The oppressed with rejoice. The oppressors will mourn and be judged. My righteous kingdom will be established.

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I will speak of the mysteries of God. I will reveal My truth and wisdom. I will show My love. Read My Word and I will speak to you. Listen to My spirit. Discern when others are speaking My messages. Test what is prophetically given. There is a spiritual world that goes mostly unnoticed. I have control more so than what happens on the earth. I have given you free will and I honor that. I do steer and direct people in ways they are unaware. I protect those who are doing My purpose. I will be glorified.

It pleases Me greatly to find a humble submitted heart, who is not wanting any attention or glory. I have been trying to get you to that place. It is hard for the man who desires to be noticed by others. You need to renounce that and seek Me more. I am pleased that you are aware and want to please Me in this. Just let others get promoted and noticed. My rewards are greater.


I am yours and you are Mine. You asked Me to come into your life and I have done so. I rule and reign within you and through for others. Allow Me to control your tongue, so that the words you speak are Mine, not yours. Let Me sweeten your tongue so that what you say blesses others.

Watch what you fight for. Does it glorify Me? Is your book a delight to read? If you are willing to proclaim your political beliefs publicly, will you proclaim My gospel with the same boldness?


I have taken care of you as a father to a son. I let you make mistakes, unless it is dangerous. I instruct you with the wisdom from My Word. Be mindful to seek Me and to listen to what I say. I love you and I know what is best for you.

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Be silent, hold your tongue, watch what you say to others, I am listening. I watched over you yesterday, so that your words would not get you in an awkward place. People are watching My people. Will they be about My business or about the world’s concerns?


Be patient and be wise. I can bring about change. I would rather that people would repent and turn to Me, than for a particular political party to be in control. Does that make sense? I would rather that My people were praying and bringing glory to My Name. This world is fading away. It is not your home.

Can you listen while you eat? I am with you to prosper you, not with money or the things of this world. I want you to know Me and the power of the resurrection. I want you to experience My kind of transforming life. A life that gives away what it receives.


Be at peace My son. You were wise in not expecting revolution. He is a wise man, but his tongue is uncontrolled. I am at work in his life for his good. I will expose the hearts of your leaders. Some are in love with their position and power. Learn yourself from these events. Learn more from My Word. I have the truth and wisdom you need. What is a dream? Dreams help your brain process what is happening, what will happen. Some see visions, images, pictures. I can speak through these. I can reveal.

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1-7-21 Much of life is waiting. Can you wait with Me? I will reward you. I am at work. Don’t be discouraged but have hope in what I can do. Men will fail you even those who know My Name. The truth will come out, but not at first. I will expose the hearts of your leaders. People have prayed and I have heard their cries. My ways are different. The enemy is busy, but I am greater. His end is near. Keep praying and trusting Me. I am at work.


Can you trust Me? I am at work. My grace covers you. Evil may succeed for a time, but in the end, there is justice. My Word stands forever.

I will give you hope. Look to Me and not to the world. This world is fading away. A new world of My kingdom is coming. I will restore all things. You will see it.


Pay attention to what men are saying. Hear their heart cry. People are looking for affirmation. You represent the past for men. You are stable. The present is daunting. Men need hope. Men need to look to Me, rather than other men. But they are immature, struggling in their flesh and mind. They are confused.

Be patient for I will reveal the truth over time. Once things are settled, people will come forth, even risking their lives. This will be an inconvenient truth, that won’t go away. There is no real explanation for what happened, except the obvious one of manipulation. People will demand reforms. Voices will finally be heard, even over the censorship and lies of the enemy.


She was talking about us. Come before Me often with an open heart and mind and spirit.

He will struggle very quickly, and his people will notice. My grace will cover your land. This soon problem will again bring focus to the election.

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If you continue to seek Me with all your heart and mind, I will reveal who I am to you over time. I am Truth. I set what is true forever. There is no doubt about what is true. It carries finality, peace, solidness. People may question and if they have a good heart, they will learn the truth from Me. Scoffers and liars don’t want to know the truth. Truth leads to justice and righteousness. Some may disagree for a time, but can be persuaded. I created the earth and universe. That is a truth. Some like to add absolute to truth to make it more permanent.

Some so-called truth may be so, until someone wiser and more informed comes along to correct and add more information. Science has temporary truth, for it makes theories that are deep and complicated to try to understand My creation. They seem to only understand a part of what I reveal. Real truth is universal and not just for a person to believe. Personal truth is deceptive and self-seeking. Doxology gives statements of truth.

What do you believe?


Trust is won over time. Love overcomes evil. Love heals relationships, not the gushy love for that is fleeting. But true love that is a decision to follow My love for you. Love is commitment to love despite the circumstances. Love is positive, hopeful, believing, trusting. I love you and My love is great.


A whisper, an impression, an idea, a thought – is this how you hear My Spirit? What inspires you? I speak to you in the inner man, in your spirit.

I will speak to you as a father to a child, with love, discipline, understanding, foreknowledge, guidance, wisdom, joy. Does that surprise you? We rejoice in our children.


Now is the time to be My witness. People are ready. I have prepared hearts to receive. Sow seeds of life. Sow praise into the atmosphere to push back the enemy’s darkness.


Where is truth found? People have been lying from the beginning. They blame others for their sinful actions. They don’t think I see and know or care what they are doing. They rationalize their behavior. They don’t recognize My holiness and righteousness. They expect My grace to cover them to overlook or forgive, but they dishonor My Son and what He suffered for them. Where is there repentance and humbling of souls?

Repent of your judgmental attitudes. Repent of your pride. Repent of your security placed in what you have rather than in Me. Its easy to find fault in others or to blame others for what has happened to you. Find strength in Me and pleasure in doing the kingdom work. Nothing else matters. Everything you have is a gift from My hand. You will need to depend on Me more.


Life doesn’t have to make sense, at least for a man to understand. Life is a mystery, a gift from the Creator. He has established it, with all the parameters, and each person is given many unique opportunities. There are rules endowed for all to follow. Each has consequences for obedience and for disobedience. Each can believe in Me and follow Me. My instruction have been revealed in My Word and My Spirit is present for real time guidance. The sooner you say yes to Me, to more you will gain. Some will have a hard life, while for others it will be easier. All will have trials and temptations.

I care for My people. Each one of them is precious before Me. If I care for the sparrow who falls to the ground, I will take notice of My people when they stumble. I have put a guard around you to keep you. I would do more if you would let Me. Death is not the end, for My people. You cannot imagine what I have for you in heaven with Me. What a party! What a celebration! My people will sing and dance with joyful hearts. All of their burdens are gone. All your fears are gone. Each day will bring delight.

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I am helping you be wise. If you could hear I would tell you directly, but you can be biased in your thinking about these choices. It is always good to take time to think and seek My will. A foolish man rushes on his emotions and desires. Most will seek to get their pleasure quickly rather than waiting for the more lasting reward. That is why sin deceives in its false promises.


Many will say that they are glad this year is over, but have they learned anything from all this. For those who stayed away from people out of fear, have they trusted in Me for health? Did they take advantage of extra time to pray and seek Me? Have they examined their life to determine what is important? The end of a year means little as time continues. For some it has been a hard year, getting sick maybe, losing loved ones, going out of work, losing income and even businesses. I am here and I am still the same. Trust Me and seek after Me. If you will continue to choose Me over all other things, I will bless you and keep you. My grace for you is to remain in Me, always seeking Me in the morning and throughout the day. You will hear about mysteries in heaven and of earth. My Word will teach you and you will teach others. Continue to say yes to Me.

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Be ever mindful of My grace and mercy. It is My love which spares you from destruction and calamity from your sinful ways. I withhold My judgment and justice to allow you to repent and turn to Me to be healed and forgiven. I did judge David for his sins, but I showed mercy for he truly repented and returned to Me. His heart always remained soft towards Me. No one is perfect except My Son. All have sinned.


Rejoice always. Lift up your head to see Me and what I am doing. No one or thing can stop Me. My purpose will stand. I give to My people so they can accomplish great things in My Name. Those in the world watch My people.


Put your lives into My hands. Allow Me to carry you through storms and problems. I will bring victory.

Use your gifts to benefit people and to bring glory to My Name. I am watching you to see how you live and deal with problems and people. Love your wife and give her your attention. She will recover fully. Love her and learn from her.

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I reward those who have faith in Me and My Word. I reward those who trust Me with their lives. Believe and receive. Give and it shall be given unto you, in the same measure as you have given. I have given you the gift of life for your belief in My Son. I have opened your eyes to My world. You believe the promise of eternal life.


I will come when no one is expecting Me to come. Even some of My people will be asleep and unaware for a time. I will set all things right according to My righteousness and plan. The weak will be rescued and lifted up. The proud brought low. The mouths of scoffers will be shut. It will be clear who I am. Every heart and spirit will come alive.


A Child was born on this day and He will change history. He was a baby, humble, needy like any other baby, but He grew to be a man, the Son of Man was His title. He lived then He died, so that you could find life and live forever with Him. What a gift!


Continue to pray and intercede for the people you love and the land you dwell in. I hear your prayers. I see your heart. My Spirit prays with you. Someday you will understand how My kingdom works.

I will grant you wisdom and understanding beyond what you know in the natural. You will need this to live and prosper in My ways. It may not make sense, but it will be the true way for you. Believe and obey.

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I am with you. When you see Me at work in another you can rejoice. I love to bless My people to give them what they don’t deserve, to forgive and to heal, to restore what the enemy has done to them, to use them to bless others.

What is it in a man I take notice of? I see the heart, the attitudes, the thoughts, the emotions. I hear the words spoken. I see the deeds done for good or ill. I know what is in a man, his gifts, his pain, his limitations. So what do I look for? Can I find faith in Me? Does he trust Me? Does He obey My commands, My promptings? Is his heart soft and pliable.? Does he grieve over wrongdoing and sin?

Men are easily swayed by other men. Who do they follow and listen to? What do the spend their time doing? What is their focus? What is important to them? Where do they spend their money and time? Do they fear Me or love Me? Do they spend time with Me in prayer and listening? What do they read? What do they watch with their eyes and listen to with their ears?

Anyone can see what I see if they look at these things. You can even know yourself. You know how much you trust Me. You know what you believe about Me and My Word.


Rejoice and be glad for the King has come to save His people from their sin. Develop a joyful and thankful heart.                            


Come before Me. Stand in awe and reverent fear. I am a consuming fire. Even My glory consumes darkness. Yet I am a tender Shepherd caring for My lambs. How can this be? I am good and I am love. I am everything you need. I beckon My people to come.

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I will reveal the truth in a way that is undeniable when it is time. Be patient. Be praying for your leaders who need to take action, for the courage to do so. The enemy thinks he has won this battle, but he is wrong. Oh how it grieves Me when My people are deceived into false worship, when the false shepherds fail to lead the sheep of My fold. I will rescue them. If necessary, I will bring judgment on those who lie and deceive. They are puppets in the hand of the deceiver.

Many are dying from this virus, alone and confused. Many are fearful of dying for they have no hope. Continue to share the good news of the Savior.


Wait upon Me. Give your attention to Me and what I am doing. You felt intimidated by the working of My Spirit last night. Don’t you think that I could use you to hear words for others? Maybe that made you uncomfortable because it was supernatural and unusual? You would be stretched to believe and to trust Me.


I will come again to restore order and justice. Meanwhile I give you My grace to endure. Difficulties lead people to call upon Me. They come to the end of what they can do, For some that takes a long time to get there. They are resourceful, or so they think. A man’s pride works against him when it comes to spiritual things. There can only be one master. I am Lord of all.


Do not fear. I am in control of the elements. Yes, I brought a flood long ago to start over. Yes, I will come again to start over. But I control what happens to My people. I am with them always. I give them grace and peace to go through the storms. This pandemic has affected everyone, rich and poor, all ethnicities, and sexes, free and enslaved. Some have been impacted in greater ways – losing a business and employment, losing a loved one or friend, living in fear and loneliness. It is a time of testing to be sure. Many have called upon Me. Many have prayed in their own way, not really believing but in desperation. It has been a time for soul searching. Trials bring out the best and the worst in people depending on their moral compass.

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