Received 3-12-18

Walk with Me and I will teach you. You already learn about My kind of living in My Word. Can you walk with Me listening to My Spirit? My Ways are new every morning as I take advantage to restore and heal and deliver. I am always there, no matter what you are doing.


Received 3-13-18

Be eager for My Word. Hunger and thirst for it. Meditate on it. Love and obey it. Allow My Word to penetrate into your heart to transform who you are.


Received 3-14-18

All is not lost. To die is to gain. I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me shall not perish, but has eternal life.


Received 3-15-18

Place your heart before Me. Let Me transform it. In everything give Me thanks and praise. This will allow your heart to receive from Me.


Received 3-16-18

Everyone needs love. Love is demonstrated and expressed in many different ways. When love is given to another, usually the recipient tries to give love back.


Received 3-17-18

Love and forgiveness are the greatest gifts one can give another. My Son gives these gifts to all who come to Him.


Received 3-18-18

I will be with you. Share from your heart. Engage them as a man.


Received 3-19-18

Every man has a story, a reason in his mind why and how he is who he is. Without Me his story is empty and meaningless. Help him bring Me into his life. Every truth comes from Me. I am the source of all knowledge. I reveal and people discover what I reveal.


Received 3-20-18

Come to the well of living waters. Drink and be refreshed. Live for Me and with Me. All the cares of this world will fade away. Nothing will satisfy except what you experience with Me together.


Received 3-21-18

All is well in My kingdom. Pray that My kingdom will rule over all that I have made, every person, everything.


Received 3-22-18

All that is lost is really gained if it was sacrificed for My kingdom and done in response to My Spirit. You came into the world with nothing and you will leave with nothing, except what I have done in you. What I have done is glorious.

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Received 3-2-18

My tender love wins over the hardest heart. When people realize that I love them personally and know them, all of their fears disappear. Instead of judging their behavior, I love them to want to change. They see My gift of salvation and righteousness, and they want it. You must love others like I do. For God so loved the world, God demonstrates His love in this, while we still sinners, Christ died for us; I have loved you with an eternal love from the beginning and before – all of these statements are true.


Received 3-3-18

Blessed are the peacemakers, who bring people to Me, the Prince of Peace. I meet deepest needs. I heal deepest scars. I transform lives. I give life.


Received 3-4-18

My life for yours. My death for yours. Keep doubt and unbelief away. Declare My promise and My truth. My Word is Truth and Life.


Received 3-5-18

Love your neighbor as yourself. Yes, you can sacrifice and deny yourself to get something done. Can you sacrifice your time and effort to help your neighbor and thus, show him love? Who is your neighbor, but those who are in need? In as much as you did it to the least of My brothers, you did it to Me.


Received 3-6-18

Be at peace, knowing that I am working in all that you are doing for My body. As you claim My promises, I am stirred. If you love My Word and honor My Word by believing and obeying what is says, you will become one of my sons.


Received 3-7-18

In everything give Me praise. I am the Author of life. I speak Truth and Life. There is a truth that has been twisted into a lie. The enemy tells only part of the truth. There will be a day of judgment, but My people will shine. You will be accountable for your words and deeds. My blood covers you completely.


Received 3-9-18

Live for today. Each day brings its opportunities and challenges. I cover them with My love and grace, which means for you that I will help you as you call upon Me.

Are you ready for what I will do in your life? What really counts? Is that a question you ask? Am I more important to you than what you are pursuing? Don’t worry about tomorrow, for I will be your tomorrow as you seek after Me. I have many gifts. I have already given My best Gift. Give Me your life and we will have a deal.


Received 3-10-18

Yes, this is My deal: I love so you can love Me back, I give so you can give what you receive back. No other so-called god has anything close to this. That god demands and is never satisfied. That god enslaves, but I free. I give life; that god brings death, masking as happiness and pleasure. The fool is tempted and satisfied by something less, hoping to live without My Lordship. But I will reign over him. The wages of sin is death, but I have come to bring life, to restore and rescue the lost and hurting.


Received 3-11-18

I am pleased, are you? Many men were touched and helped. Seeds of life were planted and watered by My Spirit.

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Received 2-27-18

What is now, has been in the past. Nothing is new, except to be born again and be regenerated by My Spirit. Sin is not new, it copies and repeats. Come to the fountain of living waters and drink. Be refreshed. My life in you is before you.


Received 2-28-18

Another milestone, another victory over death. Life is always good. I am the Author of life. I formed you knowing your life. Be content and live to give Me glory and honor and praise. May those who know you and look at your life give Me praise and thanks. Even in your weakness I am glorified in My strength. Don’t dwell on what you cannot do. Dwell on My power and provision. Treat each day as a gift from My hand.


Received 3-1-18

Someday the end will come, just as it has been foretold. No one is really looking out for it. The deceiver will cast his spell and men will be in a stupor of unbelief and lies, lying to themselves and to others. Truth will be hard to find, though they will seem to be speaking as if they knew what they were saying. The righteous ones will shine, but they will be mocked. The gospel will be preached, but only a select few will hear. People will cast off all restraint. Sin will be protected and the strong will rule. My Word will come alive as never before to My people

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Received 2-18-18

You can be used at any time as My Spirit empowers you. In your weaknesses I am strong. Be aware of opportunities. Give Me praise and the glory you might receive from others. Rescue the lost and set free those who are captive. Open their spiritual eyes to the truth and lead then out of darkness.


Received 2-19-18

Every message of My truth helps men and helps you. Believe in Me with all of your mind, heart, strength, soul. Love Me and trust Me for everything. Love Me for who I am.


Received 2-20-18

The wages of sin is death. The world is dying, but people are unaware. Yes, a few worry, but their focus in on the wrong things. Unless a grain of wheat dies, the new plant cannot rise out and up to new life. As you die to yourself, My Life springs up within you to bless you and others through you. I have not stopped creating. I care about what I have made, especially people of every kind. I sent My Son to die for them. Life can be hard, But I am there. My patience leads to repentance, though some think that I am not there when they sin in rebellion. They will reap what they sow. Sow righteousness and peace and they will return to you.


Received 2-21-18

Live for Me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. I purchased you with a redemption price. My blood paid for you and covers you. Do you understand what that means? You could not do this for yourself. You were helpless. I rescued you from darkness and brought you into My Light.


Received 2-22-18

What is gain, but to be closer to Me? If you sense My presence it is because you are seeking Me. I will reveal Myself to those who are hungry for Me and My righteousness.


Received 2-23-18

The body of Christ has many members. They are all linked together under one head, nourished and led by My Spirit. Some have needs. Others can help with those needs.


Received 2-24-18

I can say the same. I love it when you make time for Me. Just as you care for your family, so do I care for My family, but with much greater attention and love. O that My people would seek after Me and trust Me for their lives.


Received 2-25-18

Show compassion and not judgment. I died for these men and I am drawing them back to the Father. They have strayed. They have been held captive.


Received 2-26-18

Lift up your voices and proclaim the praises of the soon coming King. Every mouth of doubt will be stopped up. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father.

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Received 2-10-18

I am who I am. You are who you are in Me. Recognize who you are in Me. Declare and proclaim the truth.


Received 2-11-18

I care for My people – all of those I have made in My image. It grieves Me when some refuse My offer of grace, but then it is all the more special when others choose to believe. I lavish Myself upon them in response. Come and meet with Me often, even to hear My Spirit during the day.



Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming! Chaos will reign for a time and men will seek death rather than life. My people will shine in My light and rescue many from darkness and despair. You can be one of those. Be prepared and alert.


Received 2-13-18

I will guide you as you have experienced. Believe and act on My promises as you pray for others and yourself.


Received 2-14-18

In the beginning: I AM. My Love is constant for that is who I am. My love does not waver or change. My love does not depend on what you do or say, but it pleases Me when My people seek after Me and love Me. I can respond to their love. I love so they can love Me back. I forgive so they can love Me. You can forgive others who have wronged you, and in doing so, you restore the relationship. You can love others to open up their hearts to My love, for I love them through you. The world is full of hate and lies, but I have love and truth. Love precedes truth. They will respond to love and kindness.


Received 2-15-18

I will declare My Truth and show My love through My people. I reveal Myself directly as I bring conviction of sin and unbelief and rebellion. When a heart is broken in repentance and the emptiness of a soul is revealed, then a new life can be born.


Received 2-16-18

Live for Me and die for yourself. Make choices by My Word and by My Spirit. Honor Me. My Name is covering you just as My Father’s Name covered Me.


Received 2-17-18

You cannot out give Me. He who spared not His only Son, will He not freely give you all things.

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Received 2-1-18

Nothing can stop you when you follow Me. Doors will open through prayer. Only truth will prevail. Lies will be exposed. The sexual sins are being exposed. Soon lies will be exposed. Declare My truth. I love them, those whom I have made. I died for them, just like I died for you. Allow My Spirit to empower you.


Received 2-2-18

All of my days are with You, before You. You know me. Keep me with You so that I might experience Your glory.

I know My people and they seek to know Me, the invisible Creator and God. I have revealed Myself to those who seek after Me. Faith is seeing what you don’t see, based on what I have revealed. Meditate on the truths of My Word and you will find rest for your soul.


Received 2-3-18

Do not fear, only believe. In My house there are many rooms, enough for all of My people. In your weakness I am strong. My Spirit is speaking, just listen.


Received 2-4-18

To read, to write, to speak, to think – these are My gifts to man. Languages have meaning and communication helps men to live together in harmony and to prosper. Man also can ask questions about things unknown, about Me. It pleases Me when a man seeks after Me. When a man lies to himself and to others, communication is corrupted. I am truth and those who trust in Me will be blessed. To the degree that you believe is the degree of My blessing upon you. My grace magnifies My blessing.


Received 2-5-18

I love you and I demonstrated that when I died for you. I gave you the gift of a new life and you received it. Tell the world about Me and what I have done.


Received 2-6-18

Lies will be exposed. My truth will prevail. All will have to give account for their thoughts and deeds. My kingdom will be established in righteousness. Proclaim the good news. Give people hope which is found in Me. Do not put your trust in any man. I will take care of My people.


Received 2-7-18

Where do you want to go? There is no one else. I have the keys to life.


Received 2-8-18

Spending time with Me, seeking to hear the voice of My Spirit, learning My ways from My Word – all of this pleases Me. I will respond to those who seek to know Me. Faith in Me is what starts the journey and faith is needed to keep on searching Me out. To the degree that you spend time seeking after Me and spending time to find My Presence, I will reveal Myself, who I AM, and how much I love you. The prophets of old heard My voice and sought after Me. They had nothing to say without My Spirit upon them. They were not satisfied with the thoughts of man.


Received 2-9-18

Be wise with My wisdom and truth. The enemy has spread his lies and deceit. Where there is hatred and fear, the enemy has sown his seeds. Love will overcome. My love is greater than all. Spread kindness and love and win back those who have gone astray. May your testimony and confession of faith stir many hearts.

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Received 1-23-18

Watch and see. Pray and make a difference. Call upon Me in faith.


Received 1-24-18

The way of this world leads to death; I offer life, I promise Life. I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by Me. What is truth, but to know Me with all the answers, even as you come to Me without any answers. If you seek Me, you will find all that you need. There is no one else. I am all that you need.


Received 1-25-18

Some have a heart and calling to pray. All My people should pray, but some know that their prayers are heard and so they pray much more for others and what they see and hear about.


Received 1-26-18

My work will not be abated by anything that is in this world. I care for the people I have made. I love them even in their fallen state.


Received 1-27-18

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. It will be glorious. No one will miss it. All will experience it – those above and below the earth. My power is greater than all.


Received 1-28-18

I will be with you. Listen to My Spirit and pray for the men you will see and those you talk to. I have words for them – words of correction, reproof, encouragement and salvation. Proclaim My gospel of the kingdom.


Received 1-29-18

Peace and safety – that is what people seek after when there is trouble. Soon there will be no peace for the world. Men will try to hide. Men will commit suicide for fear of the torture that is seen. Atrocities will be commonplace as men cast off all restraint. The media will not want to report what is happening as it will be so horrendous and vile. Many will cry out to Me. Movies will be made to show happier times, even repeating older movies. People will be in denial and try to live as if what is really going on did not exist. Alcohol and drugs will be consumed, even prescription drugs to bring on stupor. Systems will fail. Chaos and panic will reign. My people will not be there to restrain and witness. Yet My Spirit will be working mightily.


Received 1-30-18

I will give you words for people as you seek me on their behalf. Use this gift to bless others and encourage them. What I give helps them realize that I know them and care about them. Even what you might notice and know about them is a gift of discernment and knowledge from Me. What is on the inside usually comes out to the surface for others to see. I will reveal even more and what I want for them.


Received 1-31-18

Put your attention on Me and not on the things of this world. Even those people who hold your same opinions can distract and deceive you from the path that I have for you. What is more important to you? Seek My heart and what is important to Me. Seek truth from My Word. Find hope in My Word. Discover what character qualities I desire in My people, then live them out in front of others.

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