You still have pride, don’t you? You think these words show how spiritual you are, but they are available to all who will listen. Die to self and live for Me. It is good that you are sharing My words to you, for My people need to know what is happening from My perspective.


The end will come for every man. All that he has worked for will stop. Lift up your brothers to Me. They are struggling to provide for their families. Even those who can work from their homes realize how less effective they are away from the work environment. Direct them to Me. I will provide for My people in ways they cannot imagine.


Pray in the Spirit. Pray in English. Many will hurt for months financially and emotionally. People’s attitudes will determine their recovery. Humility and crying out to Me – these things I will notice. Reaching out to one’s neighbor with words and deeds of encouragement.


Seek the Lord, all people who are called by My Name.

I will be found by you. I will reveal Myself to you and speak to you as a loving father to a son.


Did I get your attention? I love you and I know what is best for your health. Just ask Me. Your body is not the same as it was 30 years ago.


What is a relationship? Presence, communication, touch, mutual likes and dislike, common activities, honesty, transparency. When Adam walked with Me in the garden, what did we talk about?


What is in a name? Some names are so well known by all, that only one name is needed. Some names describe who the person is, his character. I am your God and there is no one like Me, not even close. Because I am a jealous God, I do not want My people to make up rival gods or idols, which take away from their relationship with Me. It is like this in the covenant of marriage. Who wants a rival spouse? Repent and believe in Me fully, completely as I have revealed to you who I am.

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In all things and ways give Me praise.

Simple truth that never changes.


You alone are worthy of praise and thanks. You made us in Your image with a desire to know You. You have revealed Yourself to us and made a relationship possible through the righteousness of Jesus’ blood, shed for us on the cross, forgiving our sins. You promise us life here on earth and forevermore in heaven with You.

These will be trying times for all who live on the earth. Be patient. This is not the end as you might wonder, but a foretaste of things to come. Men will fear, but they will forget and return to their life of sin as before. In My mercy I will spare many, yet some will face death in their souls.


I am with you to prosper you in the realm of the Spirit. Your ears will hear truth and wisdom. Spend more time in My Word and let Me teach you. Understanding comes as the lies of this corrupt world are replaced with truth from My Word. The end is near for the lost, rescue them with your testimony.


Are you ready? Life will go on, but will this event change you or will you go back to business as usual? How close to death are you? Everyone will die at some point. You have prayed for Me to remove the divisiveness in your land. Will this crisis bring you together? The enemy has sown many lies and people are deceived. But My people are complacent, self-focused on their own world. Repent and pray. Call upon Me.

I am near with My hands outstretched to a stubborn and willful people. I am merciful and gracious, yes, and also, holy and righteous. I am jealous too. I will visit you to see what you are made of. It is better for you to seek after Me as much as you can. I will notice and reveal Myself to you. My Spirit will change your heart. I love you. I have always loved you.

Prayer takes discipline and perseverance. Allow My Spirit to pray through you. How much do you care about hurting people? If you are willing to do a kind act for another, can you not also do a more important deed of praying for their soul?


Review your messages. Where can truth be found? Even if you don’t remember everything, your records can remind you. My Word can remind you.


The efforts of man will fail. The sinfulness of man will become apparent to all – rebellion, selfishness, greed, hatred. I am isolating My church to expose the emptiness of their programs to reach the lost and care for the flock. My people must now find new ways to do My business. How important is prayer to you? Do you know how to witness to another person? How can you show love to another in need? Revival comes out of need. When the need is great enough, people will cry out to Me.

I will provide for those in need as they turn to Me. Will you be ready for the harvest when this crisis ends? Are you sowing now for the harvest? A grain of wheat must die before it can multiply.

Families are being reunited again. Can they function as a family together? Can the parents teach the children? Is there love and respect? Can they find the bonds which hold a family as one?

When will your leaders call for prayer? When will they pray before the people? I am waiting and watching.

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I am with you to watch over you. Trust Me. Continue to move forward as you are led by My Spirit. He knows My will for you. Be aware of every person you encounter.


Gracious Lord Jesus, compassionate for the lost and hurting. Have mercy on us. Thank You for dying for us, taking our place on that cruel cross of death.

When death approaches, life becomes clear – why am I here? What will happen to me? Will God accept me into His kingdom? What about my life will count? What will happen to those I love and those who love me? Faith is looking ahead into the unknown, believing and trusting God for His Word and His promise and direction in my life. We love because He loved and loves us.

Be at peace for I have taken care of everything.


Put your trust in the living God. Moses refused to accept a substitute. He spent hours in My Presence.


There is no substitute for the time you spend in My Presence. While the world is reeling in unbelief and fear, My people can rest in My peace. Even the sick can find peace and comfort in My rest. Let the world know My Truth. Be ready, for the hope you have is attractive to others.


See Me at work. Revival will come as My people pray in humility and faith. The heart is wicked and needs to be reborn by My Spirit. The mind too needs to be renewed, reprogrammed to think My way by My Word. Look not to the things of this world, for these things will fade away, but seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness. I will take care of My people, as a nursing mother cares for her child, as a loving father provides for his family.


I am with My people, caring for them. This is a for-runner on the future and it shows humanity, both good and bad. People are selfish and self-centered. People are fearful, even over sickness. What will they do when facing death? Who are you trusting?


Prayer covers and shields the righteous. Be careful to pray today for those you know and love. Pray for those over you who make important decisions. Pray as My Spirit leads you. Pray in My Spirit for He knows how to pray on your behalf. I will see you through this trying time.


In as much as I love you beyond what you can experience and know, how do you love Me? Yes, My Word says to love Me is to obey Me. In what ways do you obey Me?

Guard your heart with all diligence. Fear does not have to be received. This will pass. I am still on the throne.

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I will be glorified. My Word is true. My promises can be claimed and stood upon for your life. Take the whole Word together. Especially note what I have done in My Son. The gospel is believed as the testimony is given of changed lives as a result of faith in Me. I paid the price for everything you need to live for Me.


Walk in the Light while you can for the darkness is coming. There are times for people to rejoice and there are times when people suffer oppression and grief. Now that you are connected to all the peoples of the world, you are aware of many events happening to people, both good and bad and neutral. What do you do when you hear of suffering and hardship, even to the people of God? Do you pray? Do you count your blessings in humility in and in thanksgiving? Do you take action to help others? You pray for many people, even strangers. How seriously and fervently do you pray and intercede?

My Son attracted the needy and broken and they came to Him. Do people seek after you? Are you aware of those around you? Do you expect Me to bring people to you? If you ask Me, I will do this, but you must take notice and reach out to them. You have words of life and encouragement. You have truth and wisdom from Me. My Spirit is limitless for you. Pray more in My Spirit. I will help you.


I will come to you to see what is needed in you. My Spirit has been working and will continues to work in you. You are My workmanship. What I do is very good. Put your hope and trust in Me and you will not be disappointed. The world is fading away.


I am with you to remind you and to give you wisdom and insight. Trust Me in all that you do. Be aware of newcomers to welcome them. Die to yourself and live for Me.


Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Every eye will see Him. The glory of the Lord is brighter and purer than anything you could imagine.


Put your trust in the living God. Did I not protect My people from the plagues in Egypt?

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is in me bless His Holy Name.


I am with you to bless you and all those who come. Rejoice with Me. Give the glory to Me. I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. I will multiply the efforts of men seeking Me.


Nothing is easy. Lay your burdens down. Rejoice with Me. Think of Moses, he had to deal with a rebellious people, stubborn and undisciplined, yet he interceded for them in humility.

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Give of yourself to others – to family first. Repent of your unbelief and your pride. You are aware of your limitations. Give them to Me. Come unto Me all who are weary, who labor, who are discouraged. Take My yoke upon you – join in with Me and do My work together with Me. I will teach you.


The meek shall inherit the earth. The proud resist Me in every way. Only when they agree with Me in an area, do they comply. Humble yourself before Me and do My will. It will go well with you if you do. The proud say no, but the humble say yes to Me.


I will come at a time when no one expects. Read the signs of the times. Be ready, but also be doing what I have commanded you. Wake up and be alert. Pray for the lost.


Your ways o Lord are good for me. Direct my steps Holy Spirit. Bring the people into my life that you want me to help with the grace you have given me.

Set out into the world proclaiming the gospel to the lost and hurting. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. I will come at a time when no one expects. Look forward and not back. There is much to do, but then will come rest for My people.


You will do great things as you trust Me and listen to My Spirit. May every day be an adventure full of life in Me. You will experience My joy as you watch Me at work in you.

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(Words received 2-15-20 to 2-20-20 were mistakenly erased.)


Hello. I am pleased when My people seek Me. Seek and you will find Me.


Joy unspeakable – no pain or suffering, full satisfaction to the mind and senses, deep peace without anxiety, fully trusting even without knowing the future, safety, love and belonging. Infectious joy and laughter, rejoicing, singing, dancing, smiling. Sunshine, warmth, pleasing gentle breeze, fragrant smell of flowers, clear blue water. Majestic beauty of a starry night, snow-filled rocky mountains, lush vegetation, colorful flowers, soft green meadows – oh how He has made us to enjoy these things He has made.


All of life is good if it is lived for Me. My Spirit will lead you.


I give You praise O mighty God, Savior of the world. You are the Lover of my soul. I have nothing to offer You except all of me. In You is everything I need and want. You are my satisfaction, my strong tower, my hope. You walked among us and we beheld Your glory. Now You are glorified even more.

I have given you many gifts. Your family is at the top of these. Rejoice with Me in them. I will carry you to the end and beyond. There is no end with Me.

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Blessed be the Name of the Lord. What does that mean? Jesus has a Name greater than any other. When His Name is spoken, every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Bowing down is a sign of homage, submission – the very meaning of worship in physical terms. Some of the heavenly creatures have enough glory in themselves compared to man, that one is prompted to bow down to them, but they are created beings too. Yet man was made to be a little lower than God with responsibility and charge to rule over the earth and all that is there. We rule over angels in the sense that they were created to minister to us, who were destined to become sons of God, with our salvation purchased by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. Yet angels have a divine glory and abilities, superior to physical man. O the marvelous ways and plan of God.

I have given you authority over the angels and spirits in My Name. All shall be done for My glory and praise. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therein.


What is it that you want? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things shall be added unto you. Continue to be faithful and supportive. Look to Me the Author of your faith, the Object of your faith, the One who is making you in My image and likeness. Come to the waters and drink to the fulness of God. Be faithful. Everyday proclaim My goodness.


You have sown the seeds and I will bring the harvest. Keep doing what you are doing, but look with fresh eyes. Allow Me to speak about those you meet.


You are with me Lord. I need You as never before. I depend on Your grace and lovingkindness. For in You are the riches of life. You know what I will never know unless You reveal it to me. Your Word is full of truth for me. Wash over me with Your Word. Flood my soul to remove any darkness.

Be at peace. The enemy is defeated. I am on the throne. Many people are hurting emotionally and physically. Show them the way to Me.


Look for Me today and testify of My love and grace. The truth is in My Word. Study it to find all truth and wisdom.

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