Be at peace. There is a lot of knowledge and teaching to go through. Will it help you? Perhaps. Can you retain it? Little. My Word is all you really need to read and study. Rely on My Spirit to help you recall what will help you at the time. When you get to heaven, you will have understanding for all that is important and essential. It will be different there with a much different focus.


I care about what I have made. I don’t mind people consuming resources to live. I want them to acknowledge My provision for them with their thanks and praise. I am near to those who are hurting. That was not My plan for them. Sin has brought with it many hardships. A smart thief can avoid capture, but he leaves people with loss and fear. Man’s selfishness and pride can destroy and hurt many. Cry out to Me for the innocent and weak. They need an advocate. Pray for their souls and hearts to turn to Me. I will heal and take care of them. You don’t see the suffering of the poor and needy in the world.


Man will disappoint. He will fail others and himself. Humility is hard to find. Don’t give up in your praying. While they are alive, there is hope.


Be ready in season and out to be a witness and give a testimony of My love and grace. Share what I have done for you. Speak words of life and encouragement.

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I love you and I always had a plan for you. You stumbled at first when you were young, but then with the help of My Spirit you turned to Me, seeking Me so that you could know Me. Over time you learned about listening to My voice. Over time you learned the significance of the gift you had. You have been faithful to seek Me. You don’t always listen very well, but I still come to you. You easily forget what I say, so I have to remind you again with similar words, until it sinks in. Even so, you can struggle to obey My words to you.

I will reveal much truth to you in the future as the end draws nearer. Continue to share what you hear as My Spirit leads you. Others need to hear from Me too. They will discern what will speak to them. This is a gift. You didn’t earn this. These are not your words, so do not take ownership of them.

Come with an expectant heart. Come with no agenda. I pick what I will say and reveal. Ask Me questions. Seek to understand what I am saying. Compare what you hear with My Word as confirmation and contrast. I will be doing new things, but they have been foretold.

These will be hard times, for only when it is hard, do people pay attention. They have lost their fear of Me. They easily ignore the warnings. They mock Me in their unbelief and rebellion. The enemy has sown seeds of destruction and it will come to pass. But I have a better outcome, bearing fruit, rescuing, giving life, restoring life. People will be changed as My Spirit works. He is very good at doing My will. Keep your eyes on Me and not in man. Talk is cheap for a man to promise, but he cannot deliver what he says, even as he knows this when speaking.

I am raising up people who know Me, and seek Me. These will shine in My kingdom. Each will be gifted, for I do not want the work of man. Prayer will be vitally important. Humility and perseverance will be needed. Strength will come from Me. Results are in My hand.

Rejoice and believe these words for they will come to pass. My future is glorious in My people and kingdom. You will reflect what is within Me, as Moses shone.


Live for Me today and always. Submit your will to Mine. Give of your time and energy and talents to Me. I will give them back for My will to be done. Your life will count more in My hands. Is that what you want?


My life for yours. That is what I did for you.


There is a way of this world that seems right to a man, but in the end, it leads to death. The enemy lures and deceives many to follow this way. An independent spirit follows this way. A rebellious heart chooses this way. He rejects the path of the righteous that leads to life. He ignores My warnings.

What can reach a man like this to turn him from this path? My Spirit can. He can derail a man with difficulties and hardships, to cause him to think. He can bring conviction of sin. He can bring examples of changed lives – people who were just like him. They need your prayers. They need your witness.


There is a way that seems right to a man. He doesn’t know the end he is facing. He ignores the truth of My Word. He is in denial. He stumbles through his life with many hardships brought on by his poor choices. He thinks this is normal. He pushes himself. He looks at his friends and coworkers for comparison. Near the end of his life he begins to worry about death and what comes after. He has lived as if there is nothing more, just sleep like nothing. He doesn’t want to die. My Spirit prods him to fear with unsettling. He is aware of his sinfulness. Will he cry out to Me after all, to a God whom he has ignored? The believers around him cry out for him. I have only the hope of a promise that if he will call out to Me, but will he?


Try to remember what it was like for you as a young man. Think of the unknown that lay ahead. I was guiding you. I took care of you. Even before you knew Me, I was there. I am still taking care of you, guiding you. Now you pray and listen to Me. Keep seeking Me. I will lead you until your last breath here on earth. Then you will be with Me.


There will come a day, when people will see the Son of Man returning on the clouds. They will weep. Some will cry out in fear, realizing the day of judgment has come. He will come in glorious light and power. The heavens will roar with thunder. The angels will battle the spiritual armies of this world. No more will evil reign. Darkness will give way to light. The kings of this world will bow in homage, but not voluntarily. Lying tongues will be silenced.

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I don’t mind people asking Me for selfish things, but it’s only by My grace that I even consider them. Sometimes My love compels Me to respond to bless them. Sometimes I give something better. I do like to hear their thanks and praise when I answer them. I look for a heart that wants to follow Me in faith. I will care for that one. I look into the future for them. I mark out a pathway for them. I set a boundary for the evil one to stay behind.

You are seeing what evil brings to the mind perverted by lies and deceit. Without restraint from My Spirit, people will keep doing what should not be done. No one stops them or brings justice. But there is justice awaiting them. They are sealing their fate of destruction. They make it harder to reach them. They are willing to do risky things, because their lives mean little. People in positions of power can hurt many people with their evil decrees and actions.

Pray for them. Call upon Me for them. Few are willing to do this. You need prayer and so do they. Break off the chains of the evil one over them. Expose the lies they are believing. Speak Truth into the spiritual realm.


I am watching over you to direct your steps. Look to Me first. Develop a heart of compassion for people with needs.


Remember to pray first and often. Bring Me into your presence, into what you are doing. Give heed to My Word. Pay attention when you read it. Look to see how it fits for you. Be wise with My Word guiding you. You can live independent from the world. Be aware enough to pray, but leave the concerns to others.


Rejoice and believe. Belief leads to confidence in praying and living, know that I am there to care for you.


Be thankful for what you have. Many suffer in lack, pain, and in terror. I came to set them free. They may still suffer in their circumstances, but they will have peace.


Let love be your guide. My grace will give light and hope and truth. Speak life and build up.


People, they are important to Me. You are important.

Cover your eyes to sin and unbelief. Don’t let the actions and words of this world deceive you.

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I will be found by those who seek Me. I can tell if a man has faith. Words are easily said, even under compulsions, but the heart can be understood and examined. Even a cry for help involves some faith in a God who can bring help. The thief on the cross had little faith, but he had enough to call out to his Savior.


There is an answer to man’s problems, and it is found in Me. Examine My Word to find the promise and example that you need; it is there. Paul was extraordinary for his zeal and determination, yet he needed and relied on My grace to help him get through the trials he endured. David was known for his courage and faith, and for his love for Me, expressed in his many songs of praise. Many other examples of men of faith, whom I used to accomplish My will. Even today, there are many who sacrificially live doing My will, in big and small ways.


I am with you to bless you, to give you hope. Faith in Me is hoping for what is missing in your life that is good and meaningful, that I will meet that need. I am a promise keeper. I honor My Word.


People will pray to Me. I am listening. Will they cry out in faith or in anger and complaining? How will you pray?


Come to the waters and drink. Satisfy your thirst.

I have come to bring life to people, even to those who are perishing. They can choose to believe and find life in Me.


They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I will sustain My people who are doing My will. Your body may seem to be aging, but your spirit is staying young and is thriving as you seek after Me. If you would allow My Spirit to guide your spirit, you could accomplish much for My kingdom. Even as you are doing My will, He will empower you and guide you. Is that what you want? It is what I desire in My people. I give gifts and power to accomplish My will. Don’t let this world to divert your attention.


Make a way in the desert. Create a path for men to follow. I am the Way. Lead them to Me, and I will lead them.

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Come unto Me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. My rest is sweeter, full of peace and satisfaction, bearing fruit without working for it. When you rest from your efforts, I can work on your behalf.


You have learned much, so now is the time to share and give away. Those in this world are hurting, because they are relying on themselves, rather than on Me. You can be that way too in your self-sufficient attitude. But it should not be this way. I created man to be dependent on Me. I supply what they need. They acknowledge Me and cry out to Me. This brings Me glory and honor and praise and thanksgiving.


What is the source of your quarrels? Is it not a misunderstanding of words and attitudes?


Be My representative, My ambassador, someone to show and lead others to Me, bearing witness to a changed life seeking Me.


Rejoice and believe. Faith says yes to Me when I call. There are those who follow because it is the popular thing to do. While others willingly give of themselves to follow even as a sacrifice of love to do so. He who has been forgiven much, loves much.

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Do you love Me? If you love Me, you will obey My commands – to Love Me with everything in you, and to love one another as I have loved you. Can you do this? Can you try? Can you give Me your attention, instead of the things of this world?

When you pray, what are you thinking and believing? Is it your words or your faith in Me? Do you ask for My Spirit to guide you in prayer?


Can you pray for yourself? You ask for help. You ask Me to bless what you are doing. You want Me to give you the words to speak.

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Knowledge can be helpful. Gaining experience from what others have done is the source of wisdom. This is true in the world, as well as learning from the mistakes and failures of people in relationships and in life. My Word contains many examples of behavior that brings destruction. My Son is the example of how to really live in the power of My Spirit and in obedience to My will. He was Life for all to see. He displayed grace and truth. He showed My compassion and love. Follow His Way. Trust in Me.


I am the One people need. You can’t save or deliver them, but I can and will if they call upon Me.


Be at peace for I am covering you. I want to bless you so that you can bless others. There is life in Me. There is hope in Me. Cast your cares and burdens over to Me.


You have prayed. I have responded. Let the world know that I answer the prayers of My people. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. When you are doing My work, ask Me to do what you cannot do. Don’t be wise in your own strength or wisdom. Pray, and watch Me work to accomplish My will. I will be glorified.


Pay attention to what I say. Listen to My words. Compare what I reveal to you with what I have said in the past. Ask Me questions. These will be hard times for some. Their budgets will be stressed with increases. The political scene will be chaotic with charges and lies. I will intervene to accomplish My will.

You have weathered this storm. Continue to seek Me for guidance. She is vulnerable. She needs your love and attention. Support her thoughts and ideas. Closeness will return if you intentionally work on it with My help. Stay away from arguing. Instead be positive and full of grace. Woo her with acts of kindness.


I will guide you and train you. Life is full of learning. You are either actively seeking truth, knowledge and wisdom, or it comes through your experiences, which can be good or bad. Both can be meaningful and helpful to you to grow and mature. The important thing is to pay attention to learn from what is happening. I am Truth and Knowledge and Wisdom. Come to Me to ask.


Can you do My Word with obedience and joy? Can you obey My commands even to your hurt? Who will judge your life at the end? A sacrifice is temporary, a service is better to help another. Love can motivate both. I have sacrificed for you. I have shown the Way to Life.

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I will make a way. The darkness will not overcome My Light. It only takes a little light to remove the dark. How are My people praying? Are they looking for a solution involving political leaders? Do they really want a revival of repentance and humbling? Where is your sacrifice in prayer? You pray, but you ask for many things. Your motives are mixed and changing. You trust Me and recognize that only I can bring the real solution.

Men will say a lot of promises, but will do much less than promised. Men will compromise. Men will seek after what helps themselves in the short run. They can’t do things because of others and the cumbersome process of governing.

What am I looking for in My people? Am I really waiting for their hearts to cry out in unity and desperation? Ultimately it will be My grace that causes My action to fulfill My will. But I am moved by the prayers of My people.


Keep seeking and you will find. I have all the answers to your questions. Sometimes the answers are found just in seeking Me. Other things just aren’t very important compared to who I am.


When I work in someone’s life, I keep working. I see the end from the beginning. I know what I am doing. Just rest in Me. You won’t fully understand until the end of your days. Even then you will just have to trust in Me. What I do in one, is different than what I do in another. I like variety, but some of it depends on how you respond to your calling of faith and obedience to what is revealed to you.

Time is slowing for you so that you can focus on Me and My Word revealed and written down for all to see. Ask Me to reveal truth to you in what you read and know. You are helping others to also seek after Me.


Be gracious and kind, loving and truthful. Speak to bring life and wholeness. I am the Source of Life in its fulness.


I will guide you, just ask. I am giving you wisdom and knowledge. Rest in Me to know what to do.


Allow Me to work in you for My good.


I have provided for you in many ways. I have saved and delivered you so that you can be with Me in My holiness. I have given you My Spirit. He has helped you in ways you do not realize.

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The wages of sin is death. Many will pay this price out of ignorance and rebellion. It seems foolish to believe in an invisible God. What I have made is very visible and it confronts them every day.


What is integrity? Who can have it without My help? Man is sinful and corrupt. A man’s ways will be found out. For by grace you have been saved through faith, it is not of yourself.


I sustain what I have made. Those who seek Me know this and are cared for. Life is a blessing. The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness therein. I have made a way for you, a way that is life and fulfillment. It will not always be easy or pleasant, but it will lead to Me, the giver of life. Look for Me. Appreciate what I am doing. Give Me your praise.


Touching lives – caring, loving, rescuing, saving. How far will I go to bring salvation to the person who calls upon Me? If My gift is free and My grace unlimited, is there anyone who is ineligible or disqualified from My offer? How much faith is needed? Everyone is unworthy or undeserving. Rich or poor, sinner or saint, humble or proud. Was the thief on the cross worthy? Did he do anything to deserve, except to ask Me to remember him? Where does contrition or repentance come in? The prodigal recognized his need and unworthiness. Do the words matter in a prayer for help? Can you gain My salvation as a child and later lose it as an adult? Is there a point at near death, the question of salvation is answered? What if someone is incapable of choosing to receive My gift through disease in a coma or mental illness? If death comes instantaneously, which decision while alive is considered? I know everything, every thought, every word spoken, every deed done.


There will be an awakening different than you expect. My people will rise up to testify with boldness for the time will be short. The contrast between light and dark will be evident. Those still in the world will have a heavy burden of sin upon them. They will not understand. Few will repent and turn to Me, but those who do will be mocked by their peers. I will shine in them too. Keep praying for the lost. Do not look at their appearance.


Man’s foolishness never ceases. As long as he ignores the plain truth of My existence, his mind will deceive him. He seems infallible in his thinking. Yet he changes his mind often as some new idea comes along. His thoughts are self-centered. He feels concern over tragedy and suffering, but he won’t do much to help. He is unaware when he hurts others with his words and actions. I died for this man. Pray for him to find the truth.


Do not dismay for I am in control. I know all the days of your life and they are good. Continue to seek Me in everything. I know what you need to know. I will give you wisdom and insight. I will lead the way before you. Don’t trust on your own understanding.

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What is character? What is in a man to make him stand consistently with a set of standards for life, when others easily give in to pressure to do what others are doing, or to do what is easy, especially for the flesh? Does My Spirit change a man to give him strength of character? Yes, He trains him through trials and temptations. My Son learned obedience through what He endured at the hands of men.


Rejoice and be glad for a new day. I gave you sleep to replenish your energy and to start afresh with a new day. I could have made the earth’s rotation slower with longer days and nights, but then the temperatures would have been more different between day and night. This would have made more areas unbearably hot during the daylight, and others too cold at night. even now those living on the equator see this as do those living near the poles.


I knew no sin, but I took on your sins so that you could be righteous in Me. I am your sanctification. My Spirit is working to make you holy, set apart for works of service. You are a chosen vessel for My righteousness to dwell. Live for Me, and be led of My Spirit. Don’t yield to the desires of the flesh to sin.

My way is not easy, but it is sure and fruitful for the man who is seeking Me. I am fruitful.


Man cannot achieve certain things. I have placed limits. It is wrong to look to a man, as if he was a savior. A man will disappoint. A man will fail. A man’s life is in My hands.


I came to save and deliver people from their sins. The enemy deceives them and blinds them. They become slaves to sin. I am righteous and holy. My Spirit can transform the sinful heart. Humility and love is the way.


Live for Me. Live to please Me in your obedience and devotion.


My Spirit reigns over the earth. My Son is Lord over all. Does this bring you comfort? I have overcome the world. Even in the midst of trouble, I am with you. I will come to bring peace to the earth, but first there will be tribulation and judgment. Evil will rise up as never before. My Spirit is greater.  


I will come to restore what was lost. Will it be the same as it was originally created? No, it will be better with My Presence and Spirit available to all who call upon Me. I have revealed much, and even more will be given.

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