Everyone is on their own path. Some are following Me, and others follow their own desires. I don’t give up on them. I just love them. It is easy to be swayed by the things of this world. It is hard, at times, to follow Me. I don’t ask for much, but that seems too much for some. You have made your choice, and it is good. Lead others to Me and I will help them. Show the way by your life. Dispense grace and love. These are more helpful than words of correction.


Use the authority I have given you.

I have much for you. Come to Me always. Resist him and he will flee. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. My victory is for all My people. Rest in it. No one is greater. I AM that I AM. In all things bring Me praise. No one is greater. Sing a hallelujah. The Lord reigns.


Spending time with Me. My disciples were afraid to hear Me talk of My death. Would it have mattered if I ministered another year? Perhaps a few more would be healed and delivered. More would have heard My teaching. But I came at just the right time. I lived and discipled My followers just as the Father had planned. I died fulfilling all that mattered. I rose to set people free from death. My Word and truth and grace have gone out into the world. Many more have believed in Me.

You are thinking about your own life. Have you done enough? Are you doing My will now? Will your life count? You are helping those behind bars come to faith. You are setting an example for other men in your church. You are not perfect. No one is.

Be open to truth that is revealed and confirmed by My Spirit. My Word is truth. Be diligent to study and learn from Me, through My Word.


Love. If you love you will do no harm. You will show kindness and mercy. You will extend grace to cover sins. You will have compassion, instead of judgment. You will want their lives to be good, full of peace and contentment, with joy to overcome hardship.


I am taking care over My church, My body, My people, My world. I am not passive or indifferent. I care because I love, and I am good. You will see great things happening.


Open my eyes that I might see the wonders of who You are. Your love is overwhelming. You love when others give up on a soul. Your Spirit constantly woos and beckons. Teach Me Your ways. Show Me how to love. I will praise You with my heart and lips.

Do good to others, friends, family, strangers. Bear fruit before others in your speech and deeds. Guard over your heart and mind, keeping your focus on Me and My kingdom. These things should be normal for My people, who are called by My Name.


My grace is sufficient. When you are generous and give more than is required, there will be no further need. I give My grace to cover you in this way. Look for it. Expect it as you pray and seek Me. I am not an auto reply person. I see the heart and know the situation. I respond with love and power. Call upon Me and see. Keep coming. Don’t be shy. Be humble and contrite. Be grateful and worshipful.

Your role is to be patient and supportive. At the right time, you will lead and be successful and helpful.


Love is how you should be living. Love should always be on your mind, not the gushy kind, but serious, intentional loving of others. Can you do this? I will help you. Look for opportunities to show love in words and deeds. You can be neutral and cause no harm, but a better way is to make a difference with love to another person. Be a blessing with love. People want to be around loving people.

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You will begin to see answers to your prayers for I hear, and I care. Be encouraged and remain faithful to pray.

The wages of sin is death, but I sent My Son to bear that penalty for mankind for those who will believe. Let people know about this. Speak life and not death, grace and not law. Everyone sins and they don’t need to be reminded about their sin. They just need to hear about My great offer of forgiveness and peace.


Keep your focus on Me. Don’t let the cares of this world detract from your purpose in My kingdom.


I don’t need your money. I want your heart. I want you to give cheerfully and freely. Find agreement in the amount, then rely on My Spirit for where to give.

Sow love and you will reap love.


I will take care of you no matter what your age or physical and mental condition.

Be ready with your heart in tune with Mine. Love as I loved you.

There is a lot to understand. Just seek Me and you will know the truth. Truth is found in Me. I am truth and life. I came to set people free from death. Don’t be a slave to sin anymore. Live to please Me.


I wanted My gospel to go to My people Israel first and then to all peoples of My creation. You are to be one of My witnesses. What I have done to you and for you, tell it to others. Give them an invitation to a new life with Me.


Repent. Turn to Me you sinner and I will wipe away the stain. I will open doors for you, ones that you could not have imagined. Trust Me to do this. Be alert. Be in prayer.

There is much to do, but let Me do it through you. Let My Spirit guide you and keep you. My eyes will be upon you. My ears will hear your cries for help on behalf those you are helping.


Everyone is on their own path. Some are following Me, and others follow their own desires. I don’t give up on them. I just love them. It is easy to be swayed by the things of this world. It is hard, at times, to follow Me. I don’t ask for much, but that seems too much for some. You have your choice, and it is good. Lead others to Me and I will help them. Show the way by your life. Dispense grace and love. These are more helpful than words of correction.

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Are you ready for this new year? Will you seek Me fervently with faith believing? Yes, you will try. I will give you grace as always.

What will please Me? That you love Me and follow Me. You already believe in Me and My words. Put My life into yours. Live as I would live in you, for I am within you.


Judgment is coming, but first there will be a sweeping of the harvest material, making sure that all who will come are reached with the gospel and brought into My kingdom. Though many may reject My offer, some will, and I don’t want those left behind. You will see what appears to be people so lost they couldn’t come to Me, do so with joyful tears of repentance and grace. My part is easy. I just love them and ignore their craziness. Can you do that and pray for them? Think big and “important”, movers and shakers, well known people with hard exteriors and painful hearts, crying out to Me because of your prayers. Can you do this? I will guide you. Find lists of the rich, famous, leaders of nations and companies. Nothing is impossible with Me. Believe in Me and see your prayers answered. Those in the world will notice.

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I will come soon, but before I do there is much to do. Many will come into My kingdom of grace. You will play a role as will all of those who follow Me. I will magnify the witness and testimony of My people. My Spirit will convict stubborn hearts. They will be forced to make a choice, not just hiding behind their comfort and provision. This will bring opposition as some will try to justify themselves.


Today is another day. Bring life and joy into your speech. Rejoice and thank Me for who I am to you. I will do great things in your midst. Just call upon Me in faith believing.


There are many who are suffering. I see and I hear their cries for help. There is pain in this world. It has run its course. Will there be repentance?


The splendor of My glory. The radiance of My Light. The warmth of My love. The peace of My nature. The strength of My power. The limitless of My wisdom and knowledge. The riches of My mercy and kindness and grace. Who can understand all these things? No one. But you will experience this when you are with Me.


The Lord of the universe is constantly there, alive, aware of everything. What is a day, but a means for time for humans and animals? A routine and cycle, like the tides and seasons, like birth through death. Heaven is different. You can see these changes as an observer. How many sunrises and sunsets in all their variety and glory bring Me praise when your eyes see the earth spinning to receive the light from the sun and moon? What is the weather to those observers in constant temperatures? Do not be afraid. I see and experience everything with the people I made. I am with you. My Son knows intimately what you are going through. But that was for you. I already knew from the creation of time.

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Grace and peace to you in the name of My Son Jesus Christ. You have sown peace and love and it will return to you. Everything will come to its end and be made new again by My Spirit. Life is new in Me. Draw close to Me. Stay with Me.


Live for Me and before Me. I see and notice all acts of obedience, worship and praise, faith. If the foundation is strong, the building will stand. I am your Foundation. Keep coming to Me, listening, learning, repenting, confessing, seeking, asking, humbling, acknowledging My Lordship over all. You will grow and be changed in my Presence. Think of Moses.


Every day will count and be noticed. Every thought, every deed, every word spoken is recorded. What will really count are the things done in Me, partnering with My Spirit. I was with all the significant persons in the Bible. I was with all the persons living, however so briefly. My Spirit was brooding over each one. I love those who are Mine. I love them to the end, full, without gaps, like a covering. Nothing escapes My notice and care. Even if you can’t sense My presence, I am there. The end is near, but do not be afraid. Hardships will abound to offer a way to Me. He who comes to Me will not be turned away.


Let us rejoice for the King has come! Let us bow down before Him and give Him praise. What does He ask of us, but to believe in Him and trust Him for our lives? He alone is worthy of praise and worship.

I will change his heart towards My Word. He will find Me there, just as many before him. I love it when people enjoy finding truth in My Word.

Come and see the beauty of the Lord in the land of the living.


Trust Me in this. You are safe in Me.

I will come when no one expects. False voices will abound full of lies and trickery. They will mock Me in their ignorance of the truth. I will have My way. Lift up My Word. Proclaim it before men. For some it will speak to their hearts, and they will repent.


I came and gave Myself to you all. Some believed and some didn’t. That is still true today. It is not important how I lived before I began My ministry, except as a foundation of righteousness. What you do in private counts and matters for what you will do in public.


The earth and everything in it will disappear by fire. How will this be? Because I said so. You cannot fully understand the impact of sin and the curse it brought. Though I came and took away most of the stain upon mankind, there was still the rest of creation carrying the stain. It will be better when I make it anew. It will be similar, but better. It will be glorious and full of life. I won’t preserve life like I did with Noah. I will start afresh. Cannot the Creator of the universe do this? You will have new bodies in heaven, yet it will be you, the redeemed version.

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The world will know. Everyone will know. I will reveal Myself to hearts that are very cold, without love. There will be great needs in a hurting world, yet they still will reject Me. The homeless person can be very stubborn, pridefully rejecting help which isn’t in a form they want. They will receive certain kinds of help, but not others. That is the deception of seeds sown by the enemy.

The people asked for a sign, but they wouldn’t have believed in Me. They wouldn’t believe when I rose from the grave. The heart is fragile, yet demanding. How quickly did My people turn away in unbelief when things were hard for them in the wilderness! Miracles and signs are not enough for some. Yet I gave them both so that they could believe My teaching.

What made you believe? My grace and love and mercy. I have made a way for those who will believe in Me, who will choose Me. Nothing can stop My love. Show them My love.


There is evil and sin in the land. Sin corrupts the soul. Sickness and disease follow. Righteousness is pure and holy, free of any stain. Is there anyone who is righteous? No. Bring your light with you and proclaim the truth. Give blessings and not curses with your words.


Be at peace. Today is a new day. Enjoy and look for Me today. I know what it is like to travel. Be a witness of My love.

Lift up the name of Jesus. Proclaim liberty to those in bondage. Let freedom reign. I am on My throne ruling in power and with love and kindness.


Awake the dead with the good news. All things are possible for Me. So expect Me to do wonderful things in the lives of people as you pray for them.

Look for Me today and always. I am your hope. I will be with you in times of trouble. I will be with you when you rejoice. I am your companion.


You can be a help to him and to the other mentors. Be full of grace. This is the work of My Spirit in you and through you.

Life is a journey with ups and downs. I am with you to guide you. Maturity in Me is costly but rewarding. I see the end. Keep drawing close to Me. I am mentoring you through My Spirit.


Be at peace for I am working in their lives to draw them to Myself. They will soon run out of excuses. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I have the key to Life. The enemy has nothing on Me. He is not My equal, not even close. He will soon be silenced. Then we will see what I can do in the hearts of men. I give choice and choices. Who will you believe in? Who will you serve? Who will you live for? Can I be your Lord as well as Savior, for that is who I am? Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that I am Lord.


Rejoice and be glad. Celebrate before Me. Honor Me with your words and deeds. I am before you as a parent watching over his children. Testify and give Me thanks and praise.

Be careful and gracious. It is not your program. It is My work.

I am with you, even now. Rejoice and be glad. Celebrate life with Me.

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Your mind is capable of many things – for good, evil and neutral. Many factors can influence your thinking. A baby learns early and quickly how to live and function. Some traits are placed there in the DNA from the genetic codes from the parents. I have placed there a desire to know Me and be with Me, a desire that only I can meet. Sadly, the enemy has sown counterfeit seeds to divert this desire into other paths away from Me. The desires of the flesh demand attention unless controlled. Your spirit can overcome these false desires. My Spirit is at work to control your spirit to make wise decisions to accomplish My will and purpose for your life at any given time.

You have been fearfully and wonderfully made in My image, capable of many things. The most important is that you can communicate with Me, and you are aware of who I am as your Creator and God. I want you to be with Me. I have placed My Spirit within you, the Spirit of My Son. He purchased you with His blood. He chose you and you said yes to Him in faith.


Do you love Me? Be doing what I called you to do. If you love Me, you will obey My commands. You recognize this in My restoration of Peter. You see this in My Word. You see the correlation between keeping My words and abiding with Me. Take these things to heart.


What is important to you? What does a relationship with Me mean to you? What does it mean to do My will? How do you know what My will is for you? What did My Son’s death on the cross do for you?

What are your answers to those questions?

My plan for you is good. I gave My life for you. You can know the way for it is easily found in My Word, for those who believe and want the truth. My Spirit will confirm every truth to you. He is a Teacher.


I am at work in the lives of people around you. Keep praying for them. My power is strong enough for every situation. My grace is too.


This was an attack from the enemy. Do not take it to heart. I will give you wisdom about how to do your visit. Show love. Win them over with love.

I am God and there is no other. Do you believe this?


There is a Name above all names. Use My Name to silence voices that raise themselves in complaint against the Living God. They have no power, except to deceive and lead people astray. Fight back in My Name. Release the captive and needy ones. Speak life and hope into them. Declare the Truth from My Word and free them.

Rejoice and be glad for My provision – salvation, grace and love.


Truth can’t be hidden. It will come out. I see and I know. You have a truth that people need to hear about. Deep inside everyone is looking for the truth. Why am I here? I will come and bring truth with Me, for I am Truth. Lies will be exposed, especially about who I am. The world will finally see and know. It may be too late for some. Truth doesn’t judge, but it answers questions and brings peace.

I have a plan for you to the end of your days on earth. It is good and fulfilling. Trust Me to do this. It may not seem like much, but many will benefit in your obedience and in living your life for Me.

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Let the peace of God fall upon you. Let My Word be on your lips as you speak. Fill your heart with My love to give away. Be gracious and hospitable, kind and gentle. Let My love guide you. All things are possible for those who believe.


Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. The King is in your midst. He is ruling over you for your good and His glory. Submit to Him and follow Him. He has the good way. Speak truth, My Word is true. Speak life; My Word is lifegiving.

You have been on a journey. I have been taking you to places and experiences you might not have chosen. I have watched you grow in Me. There still is much that can be done, and My Spirit is working, but I am pleased. You are seeking Me more than before. You are seeing your needs and weaknesses. Humility and contentment and love will carry you far in My kingdom. You cannot bear fruit in isolation. My love will compel you to speak to strangers and those in need. My love is to be given away to others.


Wide open – the fields are ready. I have been preparing for the harvest, have you? How many can you disciple and teach? They are hungry and needy. They are seeking truth, after believing the lies for so long. It all makes sense now that their eyes are opened. Unbelief is terrible and deadly. It is dark and lifeless. My Son came to bring life and to destroy the works of the enemy. He was very successful. He will free many more until the harvest is complete. This should be your focus.

Many people are lost, without hope of a future. Suffering abounds. Sin abounds. My grace abounds as does My love. Will they turn to Me? I am what they need, even as their suffering continues. They can have My peace and have hope for the future. Man doesn’t hold the solution. He is the problem.


I will grant you wisdom and knowledge as you seek Me. It is all in My Word, but I will highlight it and explain it to you. Don’t be content with what you know now for there is much to learn, so that you can give away. Many scholars have searched for truth. You have more than they, for you have their work and My Holy Spirit. Keep asking and you will find.


I have made this day and every day. This is My world and everything it contains. You are My workmanship, My creation, designed to bring glory to My Name. Live to do so.

I will come again and make all things new. What a day that will be. It will be a dreadful surprise to many. Truth will be known without the deception of the enemy. Craziness and lawlessness will cease. My peace will rule. My Spirit will become stronger and more evident.

Character matters, but so does love. Love others as you love yourself. Be devoted to Me with your words and actions. My love will overshadow you and keep you.

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I am here with you. Keep thinking of Me, imagining who I am to you. Do you have the faith of Abraham? He trusted Me when I asked him to do hard things. He believed in the impossible. He knew My good character traits of holiness, righteousness, power, truth, faithfulness, love. He had little to go by in terms of revelation. Yes, I revealed Myself to Him personally, but those times were few and far between. He called upon Me. Spend time with Me and I will reveal Myself to you. Your spiritual ears will be better than your natural ones as you focus on Me.


I had big plans for Abram, just like I have plans for you and for My people. Everyone is different. I can use anyone who is open to My leading and voice. I proclaim My words through people. I show kindness through people. Be aware of those around you.

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Rejoice and be glad. Look forward to the opportunities of life today. Let your mind focus on what is good and lovely. Focus on Me. Imagine what it will be like when I come and reign on the earth in righteousness and justice. Even creation will rejoice and be fruitful as never before. The earth is Mine. The sun and the moon and the stars are Mine. You are Mine.


A place in the sun. Do you still want to be noticed for what you are doing? I have taken away your positions. Can you do things that only I will notice? What is your motivation? You can try to obey My Word. You can seek Me for direction.


Call upon Me. I will not turn away anyone who calls upon My Name. Come to Me in faith, believing that I exist.

The world is fading as sin increases. I am increasing; keep watching for Me.


Can you be grateful for what you didn’t earn as wages? Can you be thankful for work I gave you to do? Give thanks in all circumstances, because I am guiding your life for good and for My purposes.

Bring your offering of praise and thanksgiving.


Live for Me and not for yourself. I will show you the way. The sun will rise and the sun will set, but the Word of the Lord will stand. Proclaim My Word in all truth and grace. Use My Son as an example.

Prayer – it should be as natural as breathing. Every situation can be the focus of prayer. Bring Me into the events and activities of your life. Intercede for the people in your life. They need Me.


Don’t be prideful with your giving, be grateful.


All of your money is Mine if you belong to Me. I can direct how you should give. I will show you where there is a need. Providing support is more than money, it is getting involved, it is praying. Honor Me with your giving.

Suffering can lead to great revival as people pray. Prayer always draws people closer to Me in their need, not just casual prayer of indifference, but in desperation. When you are weak, I am strong. Don’t be comfortable with what you have, for it can be gone quickly. Rely on Me always, even in your times of plenty, even more so to keep you from idolatry.

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