What happens in you in your aloneness matters to Me. What do you think about? Do not use your weaknesses as an excuse. You are not that person anymore. My Spirit has made you anew. He is not satisfied to meet any worldly standard. You are becoming like My Son. Others may, but you may not. Others may not, but you must. It is not legalism, for it comes from the heart not the mind. It is not to earn anything, but to please Me. Can you accept this and embrace this path for yourself?


Open your eyes and see Me at work. Give Me praise and thanks for all that I do and for who I AM. Be a person who speaks truth and shows love. Come before My throne with your prayers. I will tell you all that you need to know. I have given you wisdom beyond what you know. How much more is there for you from My Spirit. Just ask and receive.

Do you want that gift? It will not be a burden, but a reminder of what is available to you for the asking. A gift must be exercised for it to shine. My glory will be displayed to others around you as you speak life to them.


Don’t second guess My words. Everything I do has My full wisdom and knowledge and power. There is power in My words to change a man of faith. He recognizes the truth I speak. He faces a decision to obey or to reject. He may delay his response as he weighs the cost of change. Allow My Word to bathe over your thoughts – removing the error and untruth of this world. Psalm 119 is not so much about the words of the Law, though that is all they had. It is about My Words of life from My heart to your heart.


Love in as many ways as possible. Abide with Me and I will teach you love.


My ways are best. I am not political, but I am for people. I work with all leaders in all forms of governments. Pray and intercede for your leaders that their eyes will be opened to the truth.


Careful feeding of your mind and body. Intentionally live to follow Me as best you can. My promises are true and reliable. Dwell on them until they become a part of you.

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In this world you will have tribulation, but take heart for I have overcome the world. Nothing will be able to separate you from My love. When you call upon Me, I am there for you. Nothing touches you without it first touching Me. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. What can man do to you? Be careful and pray always.


The heart is fragile. It can be damaged easily by those who are supposed to give it love and support. We trust in our innocence as children. Only when the heart finds rest and purpose in Me can the healing start of past wounds. I can go back with the person to take out the barbs of the past. Forgiveness is the only real way for healing. Sin also damages the heart. Sin must be exposed and confessed. My Spirit is very good in this. Do not let the enemy lie about your heart. My Word is true.


Your heart is who you are in the center. It is a better word than your spirit or your mind; those have specific roles and functions. Diligence, faithfulness, persistence – these are good words to describe what please Me in the man seeking after Me. He has been touched by My love and he wants more. He realizes how empty he is without Me.


I will be their hope. No one can really love the way I love – unconditionally, sacrificially, in a way that transforms and frees. I want you to try and with My grace you will succeed in certain situations and with certain people. Receiving love brings hope, restoration, healing. You are My representative to a lost world, My ambassador. You are My light. You show the way, the evidence and example – imperfect and flawed, yet close enough. A little candle brings enough light in a dark place to lead the way. What did you need to see? An example, a testimony of My working in the life of a person. My Spirit is working today as always, preparing hearts showing people their need for a Savior.


Your Word is great for it brings life and truth. Be prepared to do battle. Put to death the old man in all of its places. Renew your mind and heart with My truth.


Excellence – what does that look like for a believer? Humility, submission to My will, obedience, being led by My Spirit, relationship, fruit-bearing, inner peace and confidence and faith in the Almighty, all-loving God.


My Word is true. The enemy is full of lies, accusations, distortions, imitations of My truth. Use discernment and rely on My Spirit and My Word.

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In all things bring Me praise and thanks. Who am I to you? I gave My life for you to redeem you. I sent My Spirit to rescue you from darkness and sin.


I am with you. I am for you. Are you for Me? Is your heart loyal to Me?


Praise the Lord while there is still time to do so on this earth. Establish who you are through your praise.


I will make a way for you. Trust Me and pay attention to My Spirit. Do not plan ahead. Rescue the lost from the snares of hell. Proclaim the truth.


Celebrate, remember, declare, continue forward, press in, refresh, support. Who are you with Me? Examine, ask, test. What do others see in you? What is My Spirit doing in you right now? What do you think about? What is in your future?


There is a place for small beginnings. As much as you want many to participate, in the end, it is those I have prompted who respond. Many are called, but few are chosen. Your obedience is what counts for you. On that day there will be many just at the gate wanting in, but it will be too late for them.


Pay attention to what I say in My Word. Pay attention to My Spirit. My words are life-giving for they come from My Spirit. I give life to all who seek after Me.

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The life I want for you will have challenges, so you can learn to trust Me, victories, so you can celebrate with Me, dryness, so you can seek after Me, closeness, so you can worship Me. You are special to Me.


Do not be concerned for I can make a way. Nothing is impossible for Me. Why are you doing your programs? Is this not My kingdom and My business of drawing people to Me? You are My hands and My feet, My lips and My light to a dark world of needy people.                                          


Everything has a place, a boundary, a limit, to be fruitful. Man, plant, animal, substance, water, air – what is beautiful and good brings Me glory. Everything has its purpose and place in the order of My kingdom. Rejoice and believe. Even something that lives only for a short time or a blossom fading after a day can and does bring Me glory.


The gift of God – all that you have is a gift from Me, who you are is a gift from Me. You are a gift to My Son. When you were born again you became a part of My family.


I will take care of you. I have so far, haven’t I? Be anxious for nothing, but with prayer . . . Your limitations will make room for My strength, My power, My working in lives. Do you believe this? Then pray accordingly.


I have put My life into you. My Spirit is always teaching you. He is constantly showing who you are and pointing you to Me as an Example of Who to be.


Do not be concerned about your life. Your life is hid in My Son. Your future is guaranteed. Keep seeking to do what I have called you to do. Find satisfaction in Me and in My people of the kingdom.


Open the door of your heart. See what is inside. Let My Spirit show you.


There is a clash of kingdoms and there will never be peace between the two. I have won and My people share in the victory. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that they might have life to the full. I came to destroy the works of the devil and to set people free from their sin. Do not believe or agree with anything from the enemy for he is full of lies. Confess My Word and Truth.


Passion for the Lord will show up in your speech – praise and worship, love, devotion, surrender. David had passion for Me. He knew who I was to him and what I had done for him. He trusted in Me for his life.  

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Take a moment to think about who I AM. If I AM everything forever from ever to evermore, is there anything I do not fully know? Is there any power greater than I AM? Can you change Me, you who were created by My grace in this time and place? I AM with you, just as I was with Moses, just as I was with Jesus, My Son. Can you understand this? No, but you can imagine and think about this truth. What holds you back from Me? Yes, your sin and sinfulness. Take on the righteousness of My Son. Accept and believe who you are in Christ.


I have many promises for you and My people, promises to believe and claim as your own truth. You can spend a lifetime of growing in the knowledge of the One who loves you. Perfect love casts out fear. Truth combined with faith banishes all doubt and unbelief.


The wisdom of man can be foolish and shortsighted. A fool will say anything until corrected. They won’t understand what is true.  


Walk with Me. Listen to what I have for you each day. Love Me in your heart, mind and soul. You have been given much, so give what you know and have to others who are seeking Me.


What can I say beyond what has been revealed in My Word? Will you believe? The truth of My Word is evident by the events and people of history. How many people have I related to? Is it not everyone who has been conceived in their mother’s womb? Even the life within the animals, birds and fish, insects, microscopic life, plants and everything created to live on the face of this earth.


There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death. Man left to himself will always fail for there is no good in him. He rebels against all truth and wisdom. He pretends to know Me, but I am far from him. He is not fighting against you, though you are in the way as My representative. You saw three fools in their folly, reaping the injustice they deserve until they bend their knee before Me.


What does it mean to be My disciple? They will know that you are My disciples if you have love for one another. I want you to be making disciples in all peoples of this world. I want you to bear fruit that will last. I want you to be My witnesses telling others of what I have done in your life. My disciples do what I have done, empowered by My Spirit, and even greater things than what I have done. My disciples will be connected to My Father.


My heart is for you. Where is your heart? Faith is the evidence of things not seen. How strong is your faith? You believe in Me, but how strong is that belief?


Seek after Me with all of your heart. Make it known about what I have done in you.


In all things bring forth praise to the One who created you. It is not about you, the one who was created, but the Creator and Life-giver. When you cross over from death to Life, you will see and know the purpose of your life and the real Purpose of Life. Life is not an experiment, but grace and truth, kindness and mercy, love and justice – all of who I AM. As much as you can, seek to know Me.


I have taken care of you. You know this. Be at peace. Continue to pray and intercede for the lost and hurting, just as if you want others to pray for you and your family.


One day at a time. Is that good enough for you. Can you accept what I bring to you each day? Yes, you can plan for the future, but each day is unique with opportunities, sometimes both good and bad. Choices to make, people to interact with, hearing from My Spirit, creation alive around you. How much of your life will you allow Me to be a part of? How important am I to you?


Lightning will display My glory and power. Just imagine how much glory and power I will show when I return. No one will doubt who I AM on that day. Mouths will be shut up. Lying tongues will cease. All will be compelled to fall flat on the ground. All power sources will be shut down. Even the animals will look upon their Creator in wonder.


I will come in My glory, but first I will revive My church to be ready for that day, even now. Just as John came to prepare the way, so too will My Spirit be poured out to prepare My people. Pray and seek after Me. There is nothing hidden which will not be revealed. My Truth will reign.


My grace is always with Me, because what I have done and made needs grace. Grace is like love and is only present where there is love. Judgment is the opposite of grace and mercy. The enemy condemns, but I redeem through forgiveness and love. My Son paid the ransom price – the price of His blood shed on the cross.


Life in all of its fullness, life spent in relationship with Me for eternity. This is what you have in Me. And more if you will seek after Me.


Bring your issues to Me. Why hold on to them? I can do much more than you can imagine or think.


I have the world in My hand. I will decide the fate of the world and the timing of its demise. I have a new heaven and a new earth to replace it. Why put new wine into old wineskins? All creation is groaning in expectation waiting for the sons of God to be revealed in glory.  

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Be open to change. Be led by My Spirit. Who is your audience? Let Me do the work. No one is above Me. Unless the Lord builds the house, they that labor, labor in vain.


Prepare like a good teacher, proclaiming the truth, the spiritual meaning and application. My Spirit will take the scripture and your explanation and use them to penetrate hearts. I am the Teacher. My disciples follow Me to learn My ways. I give them truth and I empower them to do what I do. Be like Me in every way. I am your Example. For some it is do what I say, but I say do what I say and do what I do. Let your private life reflect a man of integrity, matching your public life.


Watch and pray. Bring before Me the people you meet, the people you know, the situations which are difficult. Bring a heart of thanksgiving and praise. Confident in who I AM and what I can do.


Be real. Be honest and truthful. You are in the process of living for Me just as everyone else.  


What is right and just and true and dependable? My Word. My Spirit.


I am with you. Do not forsake Me with your words. Speak the Life that I give. Be ready to give a reason for your faith. Witness to the broken, the hurting, the rich and the poor.


I am with you. Be at peace today. Share what is in your heart to the men.


Be gentle and kind. Speak the truth in love, not in judgement. You are an example for good and bad. Let My Spirit teach the men by pointing them to areas of their lives, which are successes and shortfalls.


Be loving and supportive, paying attention to her and her needs. Pray for her. When you focus on others you can learn My heart.


Break forth in joyful singing. Give your life away freely and willingly to Me and to something eternal.


Where darkness is present, sin is present. Man needs the Light to show him the way of salvation. Point men to the Light. Be like John who prepared hearts with repentance and recognition of sin. Do not condemn, but speak life.


Listen for My voice always in every situation and need. My wisdom is available. You can see and know what I know. Even as you read My Word, I can help with understanding. Why be foolish with only what you know? Seek My kingdom first and My righteousness. Truth can be known. My will can be known. My wisdom can be known. Pray for understanding for the future and also for what has happened in the past.  


Take advantage of the life I have given you. Live for Me and reap the rewards of your labor. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Celebrate the victories. What is a party but good friends and good food? You are My friend.

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Rejoice and be glad. Lift up your eyes and see the coming of the Lord God Almighty. He is coming to a world He has made and just as before, many will not recognize Him, but to those who do, He will be victorious. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. What is unknown will become known to all plainly. The curse will be lifted off, the blessings of the King will be restored to those who believe. Grace upon grace. Truth upon truth. Lies will be shut up. It will be marvelous and glorious beyond comparison.


Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, who watches over me.


Discover how close I AM to you. I AM as close as your breath. I AM with every thought that you have. My Spirit is listening, guiding, loving you. Yes, I rejoice in you – the fruit of My creation. I work out all things for good and My glory. Praise Me in everything you do.


Rejoice, leap for joy, shout out praises. Your soul was made to enjoy life – it relieves the boredom, the stress. A merry heart does good like medicine for the soul.


Life can be hard and empty without purpose, so that in despair and need a person will cry out to Me. I bring comfort and hope for a better life.


Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your requests unto God, and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding shall guards your mind in Christ Jesus.


I am with you. Unless the Lord builds the house, they who labor, labor in vain. Apart from Me you can do nothing. Not by might, but by My Spirit says the Lord. The zeal of the Lord shall perform it. I will do what I will do, in you, in others and in My world. My plan shall succeed as My Word has revealed.


Can you trust Me to do My work in My church?


You have witnessed My power, My love, My anointing. You have given yourself to Me and I have joined with you. We are in this together. My will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


In everything, bring forth praise. You will find life in Me as you seek after Me, hungering and thirsting for Truth, learning love and grace.


My ways are not your ways. Trust Me to be at My business. I am your defender and your wisdom.


In my confidence there can be failure. Who am I trusting in? My trust is in the Name of the Lord. Where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord God Almighty. He is not far off. He is with me. There is healing in the Name of the Lord. He has made a way in the wilderness. My life can be fruitful and abundant in the Lord. In Christ I can do all that He asks of me.


Will you invite Me to come to camp with you? I will go before you to make a way. I know everyone who is coming. I invited them.


The choice is yours – what is important to you? Do you love Me enough to obey Me and do My will? What is holding you back? Your pride? Your selfishness? Your fear? Come to Me and I will fill you with wonderful things, gifts from My heart to you. I love you. Can’t you see this?


I will guide you and keep you. I will lift you up over the heads of your enemies. I will sustain you and give you victory over the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, as you submit to Me. My Spirit has poured out. Now it is up to you.


My ways are higher than yours. You can see this and what you don’t understand, you accept by faith what I am doing in you and through you. Without faith in Me, a person is alone and without hope. Oh, he may try to find meaning in what he does, but he will always be disappointed and frustrated by the sinful world around him and his own failures.


The victory was Mine. I share the spoils with My people. I set them free from sin and death. I provide for them as a hen for her chicks. My creation displays My will and plan for all the see, those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the truth will believe and receive. Accept and submit to My perfect plan.


I am with you to bless you and watch over you. You sense this, so make this truth a part of your thinking. May it be an anchor for your soul to hang on to, instead of what you see in the world. Speak the Truth as I have revealed it.


Come to Me and I will give you rest. I will carry your burdens with you. Rejoice in the fruit of your labor.


Compassion, love, understanding, kindness – have these qualities in you toward others. May this be your first response. Put away judgement and condemnation. Put yourself in their plight. Let Me give you My heart.


There is significance in Me for those who are willing to follow Me. My Spirit will teach you and guide you. You have this treasure in earthen vessels.


I am with you for your good. Stay focused on Me and the path I have for you. Be open to change in yourself. Let My Spirit do His work.


My Spirit is at work in lives of My people. For those who have submitted themselves to the Lordship of Jesus, I can do wonderful things. For others it is a process of breaking down the will of a man until he surrenders out of a realization that he can’t do much in his own strength and ability. In fact what he does is against My will. He becomes unknowingly a pawn of the enemy in his rebellion. Rise up o man of God and take back what the enemy has stolen. Rise up and declare the victory of My Son. Rise up and be a beacon shining brightly in the darkness.


When you come before Me, bring an offering of praise. Let your heart not be concerned about anything. Pray and bring these things before My throne with thanksgiving.


I have rescued you from darkness and sin. I have placed you in a broad place away from the enemies of God. Yes, there are sinners all around you, but they cannot bring you down because of My grace. You are a chosen vessel for this time and place. You are willing and I have gifted you to do what you are doing. Do not take lightly My grace and gifts.


Blessed is the man who does not sit with scoffers or sinners, but his delight is in the Word of the Lord. Come let us go to the house of the Lord to gaze upon His holiness and beauty. Bring your gifts to the altar. Come with thanksgiving in your heart. Remember who you were and what our God has done for you on the cross. Repent and believe the goodness of the Lord. Have a heart full of faith and expectation.


Guard your heart with all diligence. What goes in your mind, will influence your heart. Let My Spirit rule your heart, then your heart will have peace and security. My love and goodness will overcome. Recall who you were and acknowledge how My grace has saved you. It’s not about you.


In My world there are many people who love Me and whom I love. You are one of them. I rescued you and paid your price. You will be with Me forever. I care about the things and people you care about.


Live for Me today and always. I will use you to bring glory to My Name.


The days of roses will come. Roses because they represent beauty and yet are only for a time. Your life will end in My time. What you accomplish is up to Me to determine. Pruning helps a rose to put its energy and resources into what is important. The plant does not choose to be pruned, but it accepts it and adapts. Sometimes even what is good must be pruned back for the better and best to happen. You did not choose Me, but I chose you to bear much fruit and fruit that will last.

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