I will call My people as much as I want. Will they call upon Me? I interrupt people’s lives because of the prayers of  My people. My Spirit is at work and His work always bears fruit. Keep praying and believing. Your prayers are heard. Ask in faith. Don’t be shy.


The wages of sin is death. Judgment will come for the ungodly, but I will keep offering My mercy to them. I offered My kindness to you, and you accepted it. Now you are a different person, renewed by My Spirit. Pray for your loved one to desire to know Me.

My ways are higher than yours. I can open doors and shut them. I can do miracles. I can change hearts. I can direct nations and peoples. My will is greater. Soon I will restore all things.

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Time changes many things. I am creative and so is the people I created. I gave them a brain that is capable of thinking, reasoning, imagining, dreaming, problem solving. When a person is dedicated to serving Me, he can be very creative and useful to himself and others. His products are good. He can also make what is bad and evil if his thoughts are corrupted by this world of sin. This applies to art, music, design of material objects. I am the ultimate Designer. My signature is on what I created.

This is My work (mentoring). I am blessing your efforts and blessing those involved with you. My Spirit is actively working to bring people closer to Me.


I am the Savior of the world. I forgive sin. I heal. I love. My grace is sufficient. Come unto Me.

Develop an attitude of charity and love toward others. Be gracious to them, not judgmental. No one is perfect, especially you at times. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.


Be open to change. Be flexible. Be patient. Can you love and wait? Lift up your eyes to the hills, where your help comes from. I am your Source.

I will open doors for you as you seek Me.

Your faith will increase so that you can give prophetic words to others. These will come unexpectedly, as tonight they came in a thought, in answer to your prayer. Expect Me to speak through you. Leave the outcome to Me, not to any response they give. My Spirit is at work. He will magnify My words.


Keep believing in Me, no matter what your circumstances are. Trust in Me to be working for you. Situations will come because you are Mine, and the enemy is stirred against you. Have joy in your heart and peace in your soul. I will be glorified in you. A time will come when you will stand out, not due to yourself, but because of what I am doing within you. I will give you the grace to do this. Keep leading others by your example. I love you. I will not fail you.


I am here. I can heal your memories and past hurts.

I can do what you can’t do. Give your cares to Me.

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The pathway to sin leads to death. At first it might be just a little compromise of values. Then when nothing happens, more ways to sin open up. At some point full rebellion comes as you leave those who care about you. Freedom becomes slavery to sin. Other sinners are there to help you spend your money to share in your rebellion, for they did that too before. When the money runs out, you become a criminal stealing from others to get by. There are opportunities to wake up, as morning hangovers and losses occur, when people take advantage of you, when you spend the night on the street in fear and cold. But then you can’t go back home, so you turn to friends for help. But they too get tired of helping you.

By My grace I keep you on the path to Life. You don’t stray too far or too long. Soon you embrace the path, knowing that it is the best way. I reward the pure at heart, always seeking Me. I protect you in ways you do not know. I lead you home to be with Me forever.


It’s not that you have to fight, for the battle has already been won. You just claim in My Name what is yours. The more you speak into the spiritual world the truth, the greater the blessings you will see. Again it is what I have done is for you to claim and to stand on.


Much is said about forgiveness in My Word, forgiveness of sin. Why does sin have to be forgiven? Without forgiveness there must be punishment appropriate to the sin. Sin always hurts others, and offends a holy God. Jesus paid the price for your sin, to cover it with His righteousness. No one is righteous because of Adam’s sin, his disobedience. No one is good in himself.

Live by the leading of My Spirit and you will not give in to the lusts of your flesh in sin. My character and holiness will come out of you if you are in My Spirit, anointed by Him for good deeds and in building up My kingdom. Your fruit will be pleasing and good. Others will notice and give Me praise and thanks.

I will surprise you with what I reveal, not to tickle your ears, but to show how big I am. This is My world. I will establish My kingdom and rule once again. Turn away from this world for it is fading away. It is not forever. You are forever in Me. My promises are sure. They will come to pass. Believe in Me. Live in obedience to what I reveal and what My Spirit shows you.

Nicodemus was a man who was seeking the truth. I stood as Truth before him, and he had a hard time accepting My words. Yet I touched his heart and he believed. Many have come after him, starting out religious, but seeking. I can transform them with My revelation.


Come and see what I can do. What is your need? Is there anyone among you who is sick? Are you tired? Do you want more of My Spirit? Do you sense My presence? What is your need? You pray for others; do you pray for yourself?

There is unity within the Trinity – Father, Son, Spirit. There is unity within those who believe in Me who live in love and grace and truth. I know who are Mine. I died for all who would believe, but sadly some reject Me and refuse to accept My salvation.


Life is easier now. No daily threat of violence and death. No poor living conditions, lacking food and water. Yes, there are some people suffering lack and facing harm. But you have nothing to fear.

How grateful are you? Do you think about what My Son did for you on the cross? How grateful are you? Do you grumble and complain about inconveniences, delays, corruption and sin in government? Other people face these things in much greater measure, without freedom and opportunity. They despair and lose hope often about their condition.

Does a little pain bother you? Are you facing death because of health issues, without hope of medical help? You look at the youth, and they seem unaware of others in need. They seem so selfish and focused on themselves. They despair over their future. They believe the lies of this world, rejecting the faith and values of parents and elders.

What really moves you? Are you callous or indifferent about others in need? Do you pretend not to see and know about others in need? You have written off the homeless in your heart, blaming them for their choices. Is that fair or compassionate? You hide behind your gates and walls. You have everything you need. You are starting to realize the struggle of those coming into your country. Yet you complain about what is given them by those trying to help. Is that fair or compassionate? You give some money and that eases your conscience. Don’t look at others like yourself to compare and justify yourself. What would My Son do? What did He do?

Allow My Spirit to guide you. Allow Me to change your heart.

You will be blessed as you give yourself to others. Pay attention to their needs, not who they are.


I am in charge of your life. I have been so from your beginning. The more you submit to Me, the easier it is to lead you on My path of righteousness and life. Follow Me.

Be gracious and winsome. Reflect My Light. Display My fruit, mostly love.


Don’t worry about tomorrow, for I will take care of you. I know the future as well as the present. I don’t need to tell you a lot about the future, if you trust Me. I’d rather you keep coming to Me. Is your faith strong enough to trust Me for your life? Abram trusted Me and obeyed My command and direction.  

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Can I not save those I love? Yes, I will love them with My kindness and goodness. The world hates what is opposed to it. I came to My own and they didn’t know Me or accept Me. By My grace some believed. The world is becoming upside down in its beliefs. They will crumble under the weight of stupidity.

Seek Me and you will find Me. I am not far away. I am with you to work for you and for My kingdom. You have made a statement of your faith in Me. They now must decide if that is real.


Prepare the way. Remove the obstacles. Fill in the holes. Lay down your garments before the King who is coming. Prepare your heart. Remove the distracting clutter. Tune your spirit to My Spirit. Devote time to be with Me in abiding. His coming, though important, will be just a continuation of your abiding. He will be strong against those in the world, but tender to those who are His. Every eye will see, every knee will bow, every tongue confess that He is Lord of all. Gone are the lies and excuses. Truth will be known throughout the land. His grace will cover the earth like a heavy dew. The lame will walk, and the blind will see. Sickness and disease will be banished. And He will reign.

I am coming when no one is looking, but it will known by all when I come. The enemy’s warriors will fight, but to no avail. No contest. Pray for those who are lost. Their time is short. Love those you can, even your enemies. Love can break the chains of darkness.


I am Lord of all. Evil and sin enslaves people to do very bad things against others. I came to set them free. Pray and deliver them from the enemy’s hands. Pray to expose the chains of darkness. Poverty and hunger will drive people to do what they do not want to do.


Today you will see My glory. It will not look like what you expect. It will be in the faces of those who love you for what you are doing to help them. I have given you much grace to accomplish My purposes. You have been willing to do what I have asked of you. Love and kindness bring rewards here and later.

Be a man of honor and integrity. People will notice. Your family notices. You might have said too much, but you have said enough to bring them to a place of decision. Your faith in Me is evident. My presence in you is evident. Now My Spirit is at work. You are not perfect, and you are aware of this. But no one is. I can use imperfect people who believe in Me.


Live for Me and I will turn on your life in ways you can not imagine. Each day will hold more than you can do, yet it will fulfill you completely with love, as you give away love in serving others.

Can you be patient in prayer? I am at work in response to your prayers, but much has to be done to bring about the answer. Keep reminding Me and believing Me.

There is a quiet time, to be spent with Me, before the hurriedness of the day comes. In the quiet you can hear from Me. Even now when you shut out the clamor of the world, I am here. Believe in Me, trust in Me, follow Me – this is the pathway to life. Nothing else matters. I will lead you as is best.


Prepare the way. The King is near. Warn those outside. Wake up those inside. Put on fine clothes suitable for a celebration. Be doing your assignment in the kingdom. Pray. Believe. Expect.


Are you ready? Let My Spirit guide you into truth. As you read and study My Word, I will reveal Myself to you. Make is a quest to find Me.

The wages of sin is death. They don’t see this until they are too deeply enslaved. It’s very hard to escape. Only through the intercession of others can the chains be broken. Do this for those you love. The father was praying for his lost son. You are praying. Don’t lose heart. There will be breakthrough.

Keep praying and lifting up others, Expose them to the Light. Break off the darkness.

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Be at peace. Keep seeking the truth that is in My Word. Today you can find all the revelation you are seeking. See, how little of news is necessary to hear. Stories are repeated for viewers with little added that is new. It’s just repackaged. Even if someone important makes a statement, it takes time for anything to be done about it.

There are plenty of crime stories to arouse fear or to make a political point. Who really is paying attention? Sadly, many are being hurt as evil spreads. Will they call upon Me? I am waiting and ready. Wars and fighting continue, but not to bring victory, just to terrorize. For most people, life goes on with it’s routine. My gospel is being proclaimed and responded to by many. Keep praying for the lost and oppressed. The fields are ripe for harvest. What did My Son focus on?


Pain can be temporary or long term. Pain of the heart needs My healing to bring out forgiveness and relief. We can be very good and stuffing our emotional pain. But the hurt remains and festers causing much damage. The sooner these things are dealt with, the sooner liberty is found. I am the Healer. Give Me your hurts. Begin to praise Me. I will bring life, healing and joy.

There is a path to truth. It starts with seeking Me. It reads and studies My Word for truth. I am truth and knowledge and wisdom. You need all these things to live successfully in My kingdom. Stay on the path. Don’t pursue false gods from this world. Don’t listen to their lies. My truth will stand. It has peace.

Seek Me and you find Me. Search after Me with all your heart, soul and body. You know where I reside. Seek Me in faith believing. The world’s way is not My way. I won’t be found in the world.


Let Me carry this burden.

I am with you. Keep trusting Me.


Pray. Seek. Live. Pray and intercede for the lost – people you know and people you don’t know. Ask Me to rescue them. Ask Me to help them see into My world. Associate with them in their situation. Seek Me to know and understand who I AM. Yes, there is power in My Name. My Name gives you standing before Me. My Son knew Me intimately and showed people who I was by His life in words and in deeds. Live before Me and man, as someone who knows Me and serves Me, as My Spirit is leading you. This comes through abiding with Me. You are doing that now as you seek to understand what I am saying to you.


The wisdom of your world will always fall short. My ways are higher. What is in a man, do you know? Can you trace his thoughts? I give man free will, yet I control the events that matter. Authority and power are in My hands. When I come, I will set things right according to My will and plan. Every person will give an account for their lives, whether for good or evil. But it’s not about works, it’s about My Son. He knows who are His. He knows. Do not count on yourself. Rather, rely upon Me and submit to Me. I will sustain you and prosper you in My ways.


I am with you to prosper you and give you health and life forever in My Name. You are influencing them.

I am working on your behalf. Is that what you want? It is better if I do what you cannot do. My way is better. You will see the fruit of your life.


Today you will see wonderful things. Pray and lay hold of My promises for salvation and life. My Word contains all the life you need to live in the fulness of why I created you. People have not changed much, and cultures may vary. My salvation is for all who call upon Me. You responded in your need. Others too respond and believe in Me to satisfy their need. I am the hope of the world. I bring comfort and healing today, and a future for tomorrow. All who come to Me, will find their hopes met. Pray for them. Bring them to Me in the Spirit.

These words are not for you alone. Share them as My Spirit leads you. You know the way. Others need to find the way.

Keep saturating your mind with My Word. Devote significant time in doing this. You will be rewarded in your spirit, mind and body. Books about My Word are good, but not as good as My Word.

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The times will be dark, but I am Light. My people will shine and bring My Presence into the world, dispelling the darkness. Live by My Spirit and you will overcome the darkness. My Spirit is jealous for Me. Keep seeking Me and not the things of this world.

You will find peace in Me. My grace is covering you to keep you. Truth must be sought after, but when you find it, you will be secure. I am Truth.


Forever. How long is that? Can you find the end from the beginning? My love is greater. I am greater. I know. Put your trust in Me, and We will live forever together. Can you think this way, to put your problems aside?

Peace, I give peace to My people. Peace that stills the storm of the heart and emotions. Confidence in My power to save and deliver you from any situation. Just stand and see the victory played out before you.


In everything bring thanks and praise to Me. Lift up your spirit. I see and I know the end from the beginning. I am pleased with you. You will achieve much in Me, but few can see that. Stretch your mind to accept by faith what I show you.

There are no answers in this world. Man’s wisdom falls short. Some things can be done. Nothing is complete. It is the glory of God to reveal what He has made. Seek Him for answers.

I have the answers to the questions you didn’t know you had. I am all that you need. I will sustain you when you are weary.


An opportunity will soon come before you. Ask Me about it. Can you do what seems impossible? Yes, in faith and by the power of My Spirit.

There is an emptiness in the world that can not be satisfied by the world. Come to Me.

Family is good. It was My plan to fill the earth.

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I will come when no one expects. Yes, some even now want Me to come to bring justice to this world. I wait for the Father, and He knows when I will come back. I want all to respond to the gospel and be saved. Do you want this? Then proclaim it to those you encounter. The day of salvation is now, today. People are hungry for the truth of My Word. They don’t know Me or understand My ways, but you do. Share what you know. Don’t hold back. I will bring people to you. My Spirit will prompt you to speak. Show concern for them.

I am with you always, watching over you to give you success in doing My kingdom work. Live for Me today. Live in the power of My Son, who relied on My Spirit.

There is life in My Name. I am salvation and deliverance and healing. In Me is fulfillment and joy.


Greed will cause a man to do foolish things to gain a little more. His focus is on what he has. Don’t be like him. At times you were like that as you were too much preoccupied by money. I have been changing you to focus on Me as your provider. Don’t go back. Stay with Me.

You will age well because of My Spirit in you. Don’t fear about the future. I have everything that affects you under control.

There are noises out there to try to distract you from hearing Me. Block them out. Keep your spirit pure with My Word. Dwell on Me. Seek Me.


Will you have the faith in Me to proclaim what I tell you? You seem to believe Me when I speak freely and rapidly. I know you are thinking about My Word at times when I say something new and different. This is good. My Spirit will bear witness to what He says to you. Should I give you scripture to support what I say to you? Be prepared to hear new things that will challenge you. My Son spoke in parables. Will that style work for you? Ask Me to explain what I say to you. I am the source for truth and wisdom.

I spoke many things to the prophets of old that didn’t make sense to them. They understood only that the meaning would come in its time. Sometimes looking back at those words it is hard to understand, but it made sense to them for what was happening in their day. They were speaking to their leaders what I revealed to them. Some leaders wanted to know what was in My heart for them, and the decisions they had to make. Sadly leaders today care more about what others think, than what I think.

Keep seeking Me and you will learn what I think. I do not change, and I will repeat Myself to make My point. I know you have difficulty remembering what I say. That is why I do repeat words in similar messages to you. Keep reviewing to learn My heart and ways.

Now is the day of My visitation to those I have created. Will they respond? Will they be blind in their sin as those who lived before the flood? The enemy is sowing lies and deception. People will believe what they want to hear. They want a god like them, so they can continue to live as they please. Demons will help them. My Spirit is speaking too to them, always wooing them to the Father. Some will hear and respond. Pray for them. There is power in prayer.

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Trust Me in this. You are learning through suffering to appreciate the pain that many struggle with. They search for help. They call upon Me with the faith they have. I grow them deeper in relationship with Me. There is evil in the world, and it affects many. Some suffer because of their own poor choices. Others are victims of the evil in others. Many seek answers to questions that have no answers, other than to accept a reality of pain for a time here on this earth. My grace can cover all situations. My power is available. My comfort gives love. My new world will have no pain and evil. Can you look forward to that time?


Someday you will be with Me face to face. We will continue our talks then. I am your comfort, taking away pain and grief. Life is full of hurts and challenges. I am with you to help you overcome all these things. They are temporary, but I am eternal.

This world is fading away. Not really fading, because things will get very dramatic. There will be chaos and fear and panic as calamities of great proportions and scale will occur all over the world. All will be affected, though some will try to hide, using their wealth. My people will shine in contrast to the darkness. I will take care of them to the end.

Can people prepare for this time? Only by turning to Me soon. Nothing in the physical realm will help. Unlike the great flood, this event will be known all over as news will try to cover it. You don’t need to know the details now, except to warn others that it is coming. Evil will seem to abound unrestrained, yet I am in control of these times, to spare those who are Mine.

Rejoice and be glad. Look ahead to the coming of the Lord. He comes with justice and righteousness in His hand. He will make things new. Pray for His coming and pray for those who need Him.


I am holding you in the balance of My hand, controlling the things that are affecting you. I will open doors for you, giving you opportunities you can’t imagine possible. Keep seeking Me and relying on Me. You will be stretched as you respond in faith. Look for these opportunities in the people you meet. Show concern for what is happening with them. Offer to pray. Don’t seek attention to yourself or anything I am doing in you. You and I will keep it between us and that will be enough.

Prepare for the day that I will come. Prepare by praying and fasting for people. Time is running short, and prayer is more important now.


I am here with you to see you through this time of medical work. Patience during a time of trial is learned through experience. I give you the grace you need. Your trial is short compared to others who haven’t seen the end of their troubles. Pray for them with understanding and passion.

The truth may never be known (about COVID) as other diseases spread. What is important is who are you trusting in – man or God. Many have suffered and will suffer for man’s ineffectiveness and corruption. I am the giver of life.

Keep seeking Me for the truth of My Word. Read to understand it, but ask Me what it means for my life. My Word will guide you in uncertain times, which are ahead.


Memories are good if they are about good times. Sadly, some only have bad memories. I have mixed memories about My Son on the cross. It was good for mankind, but hard as a Father. He is glorified again and with Me. His victory over sin and death has changed history and millions of lives for good. Unless a grain of wheat dies, it cannot bear much fruit. You are part of that fruit. Sow seeds of life to those around you.


Your invitation is sweet and gentle. How can I refuse. Speak Lord, I am listening.

The time has come for men to rise up and be men of valor. Not with physical weapons, but spiritual ones capable to tearing down strongholds of the enemy’s forces. I have those weapons for you to use in My Name. Be strong and courageous, for I am with you. This is My battle, but you must engage with your mouth. Speak truth and life. Speak the gospel. Declare what My Word says over situations. You are not alone. I am calling My people.

There is work to do. Keep praying for those you love. Rescue them from darkness and unbelief. Take back what the enemy has stolen. Speak life into them in My Name.

What will it take to get you to submit to Me in everything? Can you die to your self will and let Me take over?


There will come a day when people will seek Me as never before. I will touch the world and fear will rise because of My intervention. Man will have no explanation, though many will offer their ideas. If the sun doesn’t shine for two days, what would you think? People will see its outline as it moves across the sky, but the light and heat will be gone. Likewise the light from the moon will be diminished without light to reflect to those on earth. Then when I turn back on the sun, and it is hotter than before. So much scorching heat that no one can stay outside in it. Air temperatures will dramatically rise. Many things will die from the heat. What is the cause? How can we live with this change?

Did that bring you any peace? Look to My Word for truth and wisdom. I have what you need.

Your truth stands forever. In righteousness there is life and health. The way of the wicked will perish, but the life of a righteous man is preserved.

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Do not fear, for I am with you. Don’t believe the evil thoughts from the enemy. Believe in Me. Trust in Me. I will take care of you through all this. You are Mine.

The future is bleak for those in the world. They have put their trust in anything and everything but Me. They will be disappointed. Pray for them. Don’t give up on them. I will save many as they call upon Me. Without hope, why live. Many will despair in this way, and give themselves over to drugs and alcohol to numb themselves. Men will turn to pornography. Women will be promiscuous. Be careful. There will be lawlessness. When the prisons get full, they will stop enforcing laws. People will be barbaric, losing respect for life. Keep praying. Politicians will become more corrupted by the power they have, taking advantage of the weak, while claiming to fight for the poor. People will flea from corrupt cities. Guns will be everywhere as people try to protect themselves. Will My people rise up to create safe havens? I am sorry for this generation to live in this time. It has to be before My Son returns.


Who will reign with Me when I come to establish My kingdom on the earth? Will you and those who believe with you in your generation? Will that be “work” or joy as My will is proclaimed? How will My Spirit help Me? Will you advise them or just declare the truth from My Word? You don’t need to know these answers now. Just be doing what I ask of you now in your life.


Don’t be afraid. Dwell your thoughts on Me. Consider My promises and My ways. Know that I am God.


Rejoice with Me for the enemy has been defeated. War against him as needed to set people free. Some people need to learn to keep binding to maintain their freedom. Fill up with My Spirit and watch your faith grow.

Live in the strength I provide. Your body may grow weak, but I am strong. Rely on Me and not on yourself. Pray in the Spirit often to stir up your spirit.


You have turned the corner. Now you will grow in Me as never before. Keep doing the basics, but come and sit will Me often. Quiet yourself and listen for My words. They will flow even like this. Tune into the frequency of My Spirit.

Do not let the events of this world to bother you. Keep your focus on Me. I will take care of you and your family. Yes, there will be chaos, but it will not come near you. Seek Me as in a desert wasteland. I will be your survival and treasure and fountain of joy. Love wisely, but deeply those in your care of influence. Share with trusted friends what I am doing in you. Let them keep you anchored, yet free to be with Me. Reveal the truth as I reveal it to you. Not anything new, but foundational. Love is the foundation. Faith is important too. Faith in the right things, not in a man. Spend more time reflecting on My Word. Dig deep for what it has to offer you.

Yes, keep coming back to the well of living water which never runs dry. I am life. I am the life that you need and desire. Open your heart so that I can love you deeply to change you inside.

I will speak, if you will listen. My cup is full for pouring out to My people. Rejoice with Me in My plan of salvation, rescuing many from their sin.

I will fill you with My Spirit as much as you ask for it. Do not be shy; He is for My people.

Rejoice and be glad for your name is recorded in heaven. I am watching over you. If I know the stars, I know you.


Rejoice in everything, for I will bless you in good times and bad. I want you to be like Me, so I am working to develop you. Your obedience to My commands and will is the key to growth in the knowledge of your salvation. Yes, being like Me is remaining holy and righteous and unstained by evil. This is the way to life in Me. Guard over your mouth, for words are like serpents of evil, if they are not tamed for good. Purify your thoughts with My Word. Learn from My spirit. Let Me be your Teacher and Friend. Is that what you want?


Where are you going? Can you spend some time with Me listening? Do you want more of Me? This is what it takes. Desire on your part and then just being with Me. The wages of sin is death, but the good gift of eternal life is from Me. It is a good gift. It is a lasting gift. This gift is offered many times, but this doesn’t cheapen it. Rather, more can receive and be blessed.

I can bless My people beyond what they deserve. This is My way.  

You are one of many who live for Me. This pleases Me. I want this for all who believe in My Son. My Spirit will teach them and guide them to this truth. You can’t realize the full benefit of being one of My children as long as you hang on to the control of your life. There is freedom in Me coming from submission.

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Be careful today with your words, not what I have given you, but your own speech before others. People are noticing you because My Spirit is doing His work in you. Be winsome. Listen to what people say.


Refresh, renew, wait upon the Lord. Can you find strength in Me?

Yes, My Word is a place of rest and meditation. I have truth that can comfort and renew a soul. It takes faith to apply it to your life and situation. It will not fail.

Success comes in increments over time. You build upon achievement. You learn more to be able to do more. Even in setbacks, there is learning. The foundation must be sure. The materials strong and reliable. I am the Builder of all. I change hearts. I transform. I join together. Submit your will to Mine and we will achieve much in My kingdom.


Open your eyes to see the beauty of the world I have created for man to live. I made this all so that man would seek after their Creator. I am available with open arms to receive those who seek Me in faith.

Be a blessing in all that you do. Add life to conversations, don’t speak of evil.


Beware of wolves in sheep clothing. Don’t accept what your flesh believes. Ask Me for discernment as to what is truth.

Remarkable. That is the word which will be used to describe what will soon happen. Can you pray for this? I will let you know when it happens. I will be glorified in My people, My body the church. I will declare to the world what I have done through them.


Prepare the way. Plant the seed. I will do the rest. I am the Source of Life. I have the power you need.

Integrity counts especially when doing My will. I notice, but others do not need to know what you do. I am your defender and shield. No weapon formed against you will prosper as you do My will.


Allow Me to work on your behalf. Not so that you will prosper or have a name for yourself, but so that My kingdom will be expanded from the fruit of our efforts together. Your legacy will be the fruit of lives changed by My Spirit.


Live for today, not dwelling on the past. I have taken care of you. I am here with you. What more could you need?

Today has enough problems of its own, why take with you yesterday’s? I am the future and now, what more could you need?

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