Only a few are seeking Me. Only a few care about My Word. Only a few are really praying. Many are begging and complaining and looking to men for answers. Cry out for mercy. Call for repentance and humbling.

I am listening for the cries of My people. Nothing is impossible for those who believe in Me.


Open your eyes to see the glory of My Presence around you. Moses came out to the tent to be with Me. I met him and showed Him My glory. I will meet with you too in different ways as you seek Me. All who seek after Me in faith will find Me. For that is why I made you. I want a people to be with Me, to marvel at what I have done and who I am.

You are precious Lord, more wonderful than anything on this earth, though You have made some beautiful places. Your love for us is hard to grasp, to understand, for we resist You often, we turn away from You when we should be running toward you. Forgive us and heal us, Lord.

I will always be here for you. Just come before Me. Can you listen for My voice? Can you hear Me in the softness? I am closer than you think. I am with you wherever you are. You invited Me in, and I came. Even in your bed. Even when you walk. Take Me to the lost.


You can comment, but be careful. Ask him and see what he says. It was time to stop. When would you have realized this? You were wrapped up in the favorable attention the emails brought. Was that good?

Life has challenges and battles. With challenges come opportunities to grow, to stretch out and do new things. With battles comes experiences to overcome obstacles, a track record. Do you have to win every battle? Can you learn from losing? from failure? When was the last time you had to perform at 100% and beyond? When did you do something you didn’t want to do, but you knew you should do it anyway? Looking back you gained from that effort. You have given and given yourself for others. Was that rewarding?


Rejoice and believe, these are the two most important aspects for successful life with Me. Out of this life will flow love and peace. Believing is the same as having faith in Me and My Word. Joy comes out of trusting in My goodness. Joy is optimistic and hopeful. It is celebrating what I have done for you.

What you have is special. Treat it as such with care. It is for you personally, sharing carefully. Open up the gifts I have for you.

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Let your light shine to all who encounter you. A smile, a friendly word, a compliment – these can open doors into a deeper conversation about Me.


What would you do for a homeless boy or man? There are plenty of them. They have no direction? They steal to survive. Or they beg.


Food is a blessing. Special food for a celebration. Traditional food for special occasions. A meal shared with family and friends is special and brings love. A last meal before one’s death is the most special. We celebrated coming out of Egypt, out of bondage into freedom. I was soon to bring My people out from the bondage of sin and death into the freedom of living by My Spirit. This joy which I was to bring, was greater than the agony I would endure at the hands of sinful men. Celebrate with Me this new life.

It is good to support those in authority over you. They need support and prayer. No one is perfect. It is better to be humble than boastful.

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The world is full of confused people, suffering in their ignorance and rebellion. Evil begets evil. Lies lead to more lies. Leaders become corrupt in their lust for power and control. I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind, bringing conviction of sin, but also to transform My people with fresh desire for Me with empowerment to live righteously as a testimony to the ungodly.

You can lead like My Son led, just be an example of devotion to Me and living like Me. People are watching and noticing. I will give you words to speak and write. They will bless many.


Reflection – how many people will take time to reflect on what is going on around them and in them. Will they seek Me for answers to their life questions? Will you? Some might spend too much time thinking about these things and be anxious, almost paralyzed to inaction. Others are bound up with hurts and grief and pain. They won’t come to Me for help or they are unwilling to do what is needed to overcome and move forward. Come unto Me, believe in Me.


They are needy and confused, blinded by the lies of the enemy, ensnared in his web. Pray for them to reverse the pattern of death in their lives. The wages of sin is death, but I have come to bring the free gift of life, eternal life spent with Me.  

My Word will sustain you and keep you in these times of trouble. Find the strength you in My Word. There is hope in My Word. Rejoice and be glad for you know the King of kings and Lord of lords.


I will open doors for you. You have been faithful, and people notice. I will give you wisdom for men. You shall receive power when My Spirit is upon you.

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Men everywhere need a Savior, young and old. Most don’t even realize this truth. They have denied the conviction of sin and emptiness of their soul far too long. Can you pray for them?

I will begin to show you the meaning behind your dreams. It may just have a short parable-like meaning. Your old men will dream dreams. (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17)

Your place is not over there, just be in support.


Open your heart to receive more from Me – more of My love and grace for others, more of My wisdom and understanding for others, more of My provision for others. Do you see how I work? I give gifts to My people so that they can be used for others, to bless them and to meet their needs. In the process you will be blessed too. You read about Paul passing on his knowledge to Timothy. Paul could see the fruit of his labors in others. In that he rejoiced.

The wages of sin is death but I have come to bring life. Life in My Son. You have the key to life. Share it with others.


I am Lord over My body, the people I have redeemed. I give My people gifts from My Spirit to help each other grow into the fulness of Christ. Encouragement and love lift up one’s spirit to heal the hurts of life. My promises found in My Word are only good for those who apply them in faith to their situation. Even though sometimes they choose a phrase meant for a specific people and time, My Word has life for all time. It is their faith and the prompting of My Spirit which brings life into My Word.

Do not be presumptuous with My words given to you. Let Me guide you as to how they should be shared. They have life for specific purposes. For you primarily, for certain others, for a broader community. I will lead you. If the word encourages and builds up, that is fine. If in sharing it, attention comes to you, that is not good. You are a vessel, a messenger. Even the wisdom I might give to you for another, should be shared with humility.

It pleases Me greatly when people believe. Faith is a precious gift. It is a rock and anchor for their souls.


You have a treasure to give away. You have knowledge of the Holy One. Everyone of My people can have this relationship with Me, if they would only seek Me. I will be found by those who believe in Me.

Be at peace. Focus on Me and not on yourself. I will protect you from harm. I will be glorified in you as you submit to Me.

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The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand, until I put Your enemies under Your feet.”‘ Jesus the Son is at the right hand of Father God, waiting for His enemies to be defeated into submission under Him. At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongues confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, for the glory of the Father God. Every knee of those on the earth, under the earth and those above the earth shall bow and confess that Jesus is Lord of all. These are declarations of My power over everything I have made. Take back the territory that Adam gave to the devil using My Name. I am the Victor, says the Lord. Death, where is thy sting?

I am Lord over all. My people share in My victory on the cross.


Do you know how to repent? Do you think about your past and current sins? How often do you ask for forgiveness? How often do you thank Me for forgiving you?

What is the nature of sin? It comes from temptation, a thought from the fleshly desires, sometimes from the enemy knowing your weaknesses. The more you give in to these tempting thoughts, the stronger the pull. When do these thoughts turn into sin? When you ponder them long enough to imagine doing the act.


I am with you today and always. Rest in My love for you.

Men will be needy, but not realize what they need. Direct them to Me.

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Your world is reeling. Pray to rescue it from the darkness over it. Pray for a spirit of repentance to sweep.

Emptiness, people are feeling empty, without hope. They are looking for a human leader to solve their problems, but in fact they need a God who will rescue them from death, spiritual death. I am the One they need. Tell them. Pray for them.


I will be exalted on the earth. I will be exalted in people. Bring Me praise and thanks.

What is important to you? To Me? Seek after Me and you will find Me. Can you imagine being in My Presence on that day? You will finally see what you were created for. This time is just preliminary to the real thing – being with Me forever.


I would show you many bodies of the dead if that would motivate you to pray. It is too late for many to repent and turn to Me for salvation, but some will hear if My people pray and act on those prayers.

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Jesus came as the kingdom of God. He was the King.


Prepare to pray and then pray often. What is on your list? What are the sins of your people, your nation, your world? Key important nations and their leaders? Can you repent for them and pray?

You are doing well to prepare. How often will you pray? Can you pray for others? Yes, on their behalf. Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.

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What really matters? Do you believe in Me? If I told you deep things, could you understand them?

Yes you could understand deep things because My Spirit would teach you. Seek after Me and you will find Me. Ask Me and I will show you.


Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love one another as I have loved you. Die to yourself and live in Me and for Me. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Offer Me praise and thanks in everything that comes your way. Make disciples of all men. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all of your ways acknowledge Me. Believe in Me. Learn from Me. Be holy for I am holy. Be continually filled with My Spirit and walk in His ways and not of your flesh. Study My Word and put it in your heart and mind and soul. Come follow Me.


There were a lot of things I spared you from knowing. I covered you. Even while you were there, I covered you.

There are sinful people in this world doing a lot of harm and destruction. I sent My Son at just the right time to My people to rescue them from their sin and for the sins of all. I will send Him again to bring a final judgment. Few people think about this world from My perspective. This is My creation with people made in My image. Yet they reject Me and My love for them. What should I do?

Yes, I want you to pray. I will show you the way.

Pray with My Spirit as you experience people. See them as lost and in need of a Savior. You know the cure. I will show you.

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The gospel can save, heal and deliver. The gospel can transform a life that was lost. The gospel is the good news the people of the world need to hear. The gospel is truth and hope. Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. . . The story of Jesus Christ is the gospel – His life, His death on the cross and His resurrection. No longer do men have to stay condemned because of the sin of Adam. We have been reconciled to God through the blood of the Lamb.

Don’t underestimate the power of the gospel. People who haven’t really heard it or understand it can receive it with joy as they realize the guilt of their sins can be washed away. Jesus is Lord – a stumbling block for some, but a sense of purpose and meaning for their lives for others.

Allow him to lead without your judgment. He is learning in leadership.


Prepare. Pray. Listen. Seek.

I have not left you. Seek Me and I will take care of you. You spoke life today. People are paying attention.


For those who seek Me, they will find Me and find My love for them. My love is so deep and wide and long, who can ever take it all in. My love took Me to the cross for you.

Respond with love – think, speak, do love.

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Have I labored over you in vain? No, you are bringing fruit. You are listening and responding to what I am saying to you.

Time will tell. I will be glorified as My Light shines across the world I created. Proclaim the Truth of the gospel. Hungry hearts need to hear it.


I have much for you to do. Be open to My leading. I can use a person who is available to Me.

I am calling My people to pray. Repentance, healing, unbelief, idolatry of leaders.


Humble yourself in My Presence and learn from Me. Allow My Word to be your teacher. Allow My Spirit to nudge you forward.


Rest in My love for you. I will be glorified in your election. Those who look to a man will be disappointed. For revival to come, you must pray. Out of ashes and death comes life and fruit.

Don’t despair. If your hope is Me, I will not change. I am your Rock. I will never leave you nor forsake you.

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Open up your eyes to see Me in new ways.

There will come at time soon when people will pack the churches eager to learn from the Bible, to hear teaching about the passages and truths in it. My Spirit will be poured out so that many can learn and understand what it says to their lives. I will be glorified in My people from the littlest to the greatest. All will be eager to learn.

Keep praying. Darkness is threatening, but I have overcome the world.


Can you communicate for Me? How do I communicate to My People? Don’t I use those I have chosen and gifted to be My spokesmen or prophets? Was not Moses My messenger for the Law? Were not the gospel writers My messengers of the most important story to the world? Who will warn My people of what is to come? Who will inform My people of what to do during your time? Yes, the principles in My Word have laid down a foundation of Truth for all to glean from. Who told My people it was time to rebuild the Temple? Who told My people to make the most of the time in exile? Who taught My people about how to live under My grace and as directed by My Spirit? I am alive forevermore, so why would I not continue to reveal Myself to those I created? Be at peace for I will teach you.

Do this for Me and not for others. I will teach you so that you can teach others. But I am your audience.


Come let us reason together. Your sins are scarlet, even black and ugly. How can you enter into the presence of the King, who is holy and bright white? Can you wash away those stains? No, you are helpless and lost. You say, Someone took your place and paid your fine. Yes, and what a Redeemer, Lamb of God.


The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you. He will be blessed to see your confirmation to him. Continue to share what I have given you as My Spirit prompts. Not everything is for the public, nor for the church. Don’t cast your pearls before swine.

Be patient and let the men come to you. They will come. I will confirm them to you.


Rescue the lost with your prayers. Command them to be loosed from the grip of unbelief, that darkness would leave them, that faith would rise up.

This is for others, to help them, and to help you pray for others. Let Me help you with this burden to pray.


Is it too much for you? Give of yourself to Me, and I will take care of these things.

The righteousness of God exceeds all others. It is pure, undefiled without stain or blemish. God is holy.

Destruction will come. Seeds were planted long ago into the hearts of man. The righteous will shine. Darkness may prevail for a time, but My Word will last forever.

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