Rejoice and be glad. Look forward to the opportunities of life today. Let your mind focus on what is good and lovely. Focus on Me. Imagine what it will be like when I come and reign on the earth in righteousness and justice. Even creation will rejoice and be fruitful as never before. The earth is Mine. The sun and the moon and the stars are Mine. You are Mine.


A place in the sun. Do you still want to be noticed for what you are doing? I have taken away your positions. Can you do things that only I will notice? What is your motivation? You can try to obey My Word. You can seek Me for direction.


Call upon Me. I will not turn away anyone who calls upon My Name. Come to Me in faith, believing that I exist.

The world is fading as sin increases. I am increasing; keep watching for Me.


Can you be grateful for what you didn’t earn as wages? Can you be thankful for work I gave you to do? Give thanks in all circumstances, because I am guiding your life for good and for My purposes.

Bring your offering of praise and thanksgiving.


Live for Me and not for yourself. I will show you the way. The sun will rise and the sun will set, but the Word of the Lord will stand. Proclaim My Word in all truth and grace. Use My Son as an example.

Prayer – it should be as natural as breathing. Every situation can be the focus of prayer. Bring Me into the events and activities of your life. Intercede for the people in your life. They need Me.


Don’t be prideful with your giving, be grateful.


All of your money is Mine if you belong to Me. I can direct how you should give. I will show you where there is a need. Providing support is more than money, it is getting involved, it is praying. Honor Me with your giving.

Suffering can lead to great revival as people pray. Prayer always draws people closer to Me in their need, not just casual prayer of indifference, but in desperation. When you are weak, I am strong. Don’t be comfortable with what you have, for it can be gone quickly. Rely on Me always, even in your times of plenty, even more so to keep you from idolatry.

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Rejoice and be glad for this is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice, again I say rejoice. Be thankful. I have been gracious and loving to you.

If you seek Me you will find Me. I am always present. Yes, this is a depth of relationship I desire for My people. I said we would come into them and make our abode. How much more can you experience Me?


There is nothing too difficult for Me. When My people pray, I listen. With all wisdom and knowledge, I act, I respond. Don’t just ask, listen too. Let My Spirit guide you. He can let you know what I am already doing. You would have more success in your prayers if you knew what I was doing. My Word reveals My will and plans. My Spirit lets you know timing and other factors. What I have done in the past through My Son, I will do again in the future through My people. There is nothing too difficult for Me.

Sometimes I will direct My people to pray and intercede. Other times, I want My people to take action. I can move kings and kingdoms, when My people are praying. Be aware of what the enemy is doing. He resists My will. He brings death and destruction, fear and unbelief. He distracts and deceives and lies. My people stand as beacons of light against what he is trying to do. You can be one of them. Guard your heart for purity and focus. Dwell on My Word. Focus your attention on My Spirit. Be aware of what is happening around you in your world. Take notice, but don’t be distracted with too much attention. I will show you what to do.


I have the answers. My Spirit is working to rescue her. She has a loving family. I have been sending people her way. I can do much more than you can ask of think. I love her more than you.

The world is full of people with problems. I have what they need. Tell them about Me.

Rescue the lost. Give them the keys to true life in Me. A simple faith in Me is all that it takes to start a new life. Who will tell them? Be winsome, but real.


I am with you to prosper you and give you hope. Never despair over the future, for I am in the future. When things get hard for people, then I am working to bring them to Myself. You were open to Me with just a simple testimony. How much more when I rescue a person from darkness and pain?

Salvation is full of grace and love. It is My gift to the world I made, to the man I made in My image. Just like My love, salvation must be received to be of any value. Not that it has low value, for it was very costly.


The world and everything in it is Mine. I have no needs. I am complete and whole. I am what you need and desire, deep in your spirit. I put that need there when I made you. People come to Me from many different places and situations. I love them all. I love you. Everyone is unique, yet needy. It is good to be weak and needy. This shapes the heart like no other way. You can recognize this in the natural with little to start out in your young married life. Life is simpler and basic. You appreciate more of what little you have, even in lack.

Things have little value compared to life in Me. Things never can satisfy. More begets the need for more, and each new item brings nothing permanent, other than more needs imagined and desired. The sooner you can die to the things of this world, the quicker you will grow in your appreciation of Me. I am what you really need. Comfort is transitory. The rich are easily bored. They have no real peace in the false security of riches. When death approaches, things cannot help much. A life wasted in things comes up short before Me.

Give and life becomes real. Give and you will be free. Give and you will be like Me, for I am a Giver of Life. I dispense joy and peace. My grace and mercy and love are priceless. My forgiveness and healing are available for the asking. I am what you really need.


I will help you remember what is important. Continue to put My Word into your mind and heart and spirit. Focus on who I AM, for that is where your faith will draw from.


Be exalted O God. You are high and lifted up. You are above all things. There is no one like You. You are my God.

I am many things to many people. I desire that people seek Me to try to know Me, to be with Me. I will be found for those who seek Me with all their hearts, in faith. I will not turn anyone away, even the desperate sinner or the self-righteous saint. All need Me.

I have compassion for My people. I know what they are going through. I like it when they come to Me.

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The day will come when people will try to control you and what you do, but they can’t control your relationship with Me. My Spirit has more power. I will be your Source for real news. I will keep you up to date in all the important matters of life. My Word will ground you when things are changing. It is always true and reliable.


Can you seek after Me with a passion and fervor that blocks out all other things? Can your love for Me overrule all desires? The fruit of lips praising Me with imagination and truth, from My Word, from experiences. This is not for all, yet how freeing. My love for you is deeper than you can grasp. Seek to know Me and all your cares will disappear. Trouble brings growth and maturity. This is not an escape from responsibility and work, but a place and time to renew your life with Me at the center and core of who you are. In a good way, this relationship will permeate into everything you do and say.

I will come when no one is looking. The deception of the enemy will be strong. They will believe his lies. He has blinded their minds. He thinks he will win, but he is dead wrong. My eyes will look upon the hurting and outcast to rescue them. They will find help in Me.

Guard your mind in My Truth and be led by My Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth. Live for Me and you will not be disappointed. I will not let you fall. I will guard over you.


I am yours and you are Mine. What does this mean? Who you are and what you possess is Mine. These are a gift to you. Strive to have one mind with Me, to have My love, doing My purpose, and being unified by My Spirit.


Come to the waters and drink. Let your thirst be quenched in Me. What I have, you will want more, but I will satisfy and give you what you need. You will not want anything else as you give yourself to Me. As you draw close, My love will overpower you. My love will wipe away all sin and shame from the enemy. My righteousness will cover you as a shield. You will bow before My holiness and purity. There is nothing false in Me. I am what you need. I made you this way. My arms are opened wide to draw you in.


I am here. Just call upon Me. I enjoy our time together. I reveal and you learn. That is how it should be.

The world needs a Savior. It doesn’t seem to want One though, at least not the One who loves them enough to die for them. They seem to be too busy trying to live for themselves without Me. Too bad that won’t work. Keep praying and looking for opportunities to speak about Me. Some will listen. Some will respond because of My grace.

The world has been tested by this virus – peoples and governments and churches. Some have responded to My call in all this. Most have lived for themselves, selfishly. Sadly, this has been a test to prepare for My return. Will I find faith when I return? Leaders have been tested and some have shown what they are made of – for good or for bad. This virus will continue to a lesser extent for a time. Will My people come together around Me? Where is the repentance? Where is the humbling of self? Where is the prayer, earnest and with faith? People have been afraid and are still fearful. No one wants to die. Lies have been spread, but no one is held accountable. That is what the world does under the spell of the god of this world. I have broken his power. Keep praying and believing. I hear and I am at work.


There are many needs out there. Many souls are desperate, struggling. Will they ask for My help? They will say what they think they need to say to get help. When it is easy, they won’t really change what they are doing. Life is full of choices, and they have made bad ones. Others have been hurt by others and by circumstances out of their control.

I Am who I Am. People who are wise will seek after Me. I will be found by them. I can help them.


I am with you to refine and purify you from the desires of the flesh, to make you more like Me. Open up your heart and let Me fill you with My love and grace. Then you can live before Me and others to love and give grace to them. Does that sound good or what? Yes, you will walk as a living testimony of a changed person.

The time is short, so persevere and bear fruit until I come. I will make your life count. I will do this for My glory and glory of the Eternal Father.

You are always there. If I come and listen.

Yes, I have riches the world cannot match. They come with inner peace and joy.

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There are truths in My Word for everyone, old and young, rich and poor. Life is mostly the same in every culture. The teacher must give them a way to apply the truth to their lives. Anecdotal stories help make the truth real. My parables helped them relate and remember. The power is in My Word. It gives Life.


What do you want to do? Is this something you could do? Perhaps, with much stretching. Would your heart be in it? Likely no.

Die to yourself and live unto Me. I will continue to direct you. Pray and don’t lose heart in what you are doing. I plants seeds of life through you.

There is variety in every person. They have choices to make and paths to walk down. You must be different. You must follow My narrow way. It may not be easy, but it is sure with a good end. The end is a change within, a character that brings forth life to those around. I am within you.


What is life all about? Compared to eternity, it doesn’t last very long. Some live long lives, but their later years seem without purpose as they wait to die, suffering sickness and limited mobility and mental functions. For a few, their lives are snuffed out prematurely from illness or accidents. The young are trying to be older, while the older want to be young again. Time constantly moves on. Good and bad people suffer alike. Some fear death, while others seemingly embrace it. Some stay near where they are born all their lives, while others move a lot and travel far away.

Where is the spirit of man in all this? You must be born again for your spirit to come alive and see into the spiritual world where I exist. I work through your spirit to transform your heart and soul and mind. I fill you with Truth and Life. I teach you My ways. I create a life and see into the future for that life. I reveal Myself in different ways to invite them to a relationship for real Life with Me. You have found Me. You can look back and see how I worked in you. You had a choice to make. Even now you have choices to make in obedience or rebellion. Choose life as My Word proclaims.


There is information and knowledge, but what is important? The world and all it contains will be replaced. Who will care about what was learned before? Will that reality still apply to the new world? Will My Son heal and do miracles when He comes again? Will He rule as the Son of God or as the Son of Man? Yes, there will be medicines, and these will be much more effective. The decay and death of a life will be slowed and changed. Blessed is he who will see this day.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Every day has opportunities to praise the Lord of all. Give thanks o you, His people. Rejoice and be glad for your name is written in the book of life.


Come to the waters and drink to satisfy your thirst. See how you are refreshed.

When someone is suffering, they tend to be selfish, focused on their own needs. It can be hard to care for them. It takes My kind of love and grace. One has to feed on Me to find the strength to serve them. My grace is sufficient if you lean on Me.


I was watching over you then, just as I am now. I care about My people. I see them in their struggles. I look for their faith to see if it is genuine. You displayed anger and pride then. You turned to Me. That was good. You showed faith and trust in My Word.

You are weak in your flesh. I have allowed your weaknesses so that you have to rely on Me.


Only a few should be cloistered away to spend their lives focused on Me. It’s not that they can escape from temptation and sin, for those opportunities can exist anywhere. They stand as silent testimony of devotion to Me. It can help put to death some of the desires of the flesh.

But how will My Word go forth to others if all are hid away? Yes, it is much better to be in the world, but not of it. To testify in both word and deed to others around is needed. My Spirit can use both to reach the lost soul. Salvation is a process lived out before men to show My power in transformation. I give each a jump start into a life of holiness, covering their sin with the righteousness of My Son. Then comes the work of seeking and finding through trials and tribulations, of working through issues and past hurts. None of this is easy or quickly done. Marriage is a crucible for growth. Raising children can be very fruitful for all who are seeking Me.

I draw all men unto Myself, and I reward those who are devoted in their seeking. I see the heart, with its imperfections. Let Me be the Judge. No, I don’t like the carnal believer, who is more in the world allowing it to mar his testimony to others as they see a person just like them without any fruit of life. But I am at work to save and deliver such a one. The trials may need to be harder for them to break free.

What was Adam’s sin? Was it taking the forbidden fruit, or much deeper in breaking away from a relationship with Me? Love has costs and this one was painful for many, even you. My Son restored man to his rightful place in Me. Now you must live for Me, holding dear our relationship. Be ever mindful of what I have done for you. Live for Me with purpose and resolve. Nothing else really matters.

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Do you know what My peace is like? Is it resting in My Presence? And the peace of God which passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. My peace squelches fear and anxiety. It doesn’t remove troubles; it sustains and comforts in the midst of them. My Wisdom is peaceable for the one who seeks to do My will. Shalom!


Be ready to love. Be ready to be My witness, to testify of My goodness. Are you trusting Me?


Are you ready? I will prepare you. I give My followers many gifts, just enough to stay dependent on Me. Sometimes I carry them, but mostly I let them go through struggles and hardships to develop their trust in Me, as the One who rescues and supplies.


Give him grace as I have given you grace.


Are you aware of what is happening all around you? People are living and dying without Me. Does that move you? You have words of life and hope to share.


Is there anything I cannot do? No, and if you trust in Me, you will be able to do great things in the spiritual realm. Do your homework. Seek Me. I will guide you.

I can change hearts, even yours. I can make a way through the darkness back to the light. Never give up when you pray. Expect Me to be working.


Open your heart for more of Me. Set aside more time to be with Me. Ponder the words I have spoken to you and those in My Word. Let Me change you.

There was a time when much of what I created was edible for creatures. Everything had a purpose and place. It was a tapestry of life full of variety and color and shape. I made creatures to laugh at with their oddities. Others were to marvel at with their beauty. There was freedom and joy, peace and harmony. I will restore all this someday.

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Draw near to Me, seek Me as a treasure or prize. I will be found. Put aside the earthly concerns for they will distract you. Between My Word and My Spirit you will find Me – a blending of the Two. My Truth contains life, not for boasting, but for living in wisdom and fruitfulness. Do you want to learn? Then come to Me, I will be your Teacher.


There is only perfection in Me. What seems like a flaw can be beautiful to the eye and mind. Texture, shape, line, color. Think of a flower blossom. At what point in its growth and opening is it perfect and pleasing? Can there be many times? What makes the beauty in a sunset? Can man make anything of beauty? What is holiness and purity? What is love and grace? What does it mean to be in My Presence?

These are things to ponder. You have a lifetime and then more. When you are with Me, these will be answers, not questions. You will be changed.


Be a neighbor, be a friend.

Be patient and let Me guide you.


This world will fail, but those who place their hope in Me will live. Do not despair, but have hope. Think of Who I Am. I am good. I am love.


I will come soon when no one is looking. Do not prepare, but be alert. Pray for the lost. Pray for My people. Give of yourself to Me.

I am answering your prayers. Trust Me.


Live for Me and not for yourself. Can you listen more often? Can you put aside any ambition? Will you risk looking foolish for Me? Be bold and courageous. Love like I would love for anyone.

Learn from Me and not from the world. Use what you learn to bless others.


 I will direct your steps if you ask Me. My grace is sufficient for those who lean on Me.

There will come a time for prolonged fasting and prayer. My Spirit will guide you. Even now you can focus on Me in prayer.

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My Words will fill you with truth and life. Take them into your very being. Let them go deep within so that they cannot be shaken from you. This will bless your life like nothing else can. My words are true and righteous, springing up with life forevermore.


Open your eyes to see the people I bring to you, people who need Me. You have the life they are seeking. Speak openly with love and joy. Why hurry? Savor life. Explore with your senses and heart.


There is a time and a place for everything. In My world there is order and beauty. In My world there is life. Use what I have given you to bless others, to help them find Me.


The world says live for today. I say live for eternity. Live for Me and I will reward you. Die to yourself and the desires of the flesh that consume you. Be in fellowship with My Spirit, calling upon Him, sitting and listening to what He says. He knows you.


Have patience in your seeking, for the persistent one will be rewarded. Glean what will work for you. I can transform the heart with what is taken in. Keep away from the harmful things.


I have given you life so you can share it with others. Be a man of God with integrity. Be a worshipper, a lover of the One who set you free from sin. Be an example of a life-giver, a disciple, a searcher of truth. You still have influence among men. Use it wisely. Speak favorably of your leaders. Make your words pleasant and encouraging, hopeful and full of faith.


Be careful to review what you have learned with all diligence, for new truth can be found and applied. My Word has more depth than you can understand at first reading. Always add faith to what you read.

I will give you wisdom, just ask Me. I am your Healer, just call upon Me in faith believing. I am your Deliverer, just use My Name. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I have defeated the Enemy on the cross. I live and you will live also in Me forever. Do you believe this? The wages I give are life and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I am before all things. I give life to all things. I am your Creator and God. Bow before Me in submission to My will. I am God and there is no other.  

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Rest in My love for you. This should give you peace and joy. I have blessed you to meet your needs and more. When Solomon pleased Me with his initial unselfishness, I blessed him beyond his expectations. He didn’t know how to handle these blessings and they became a snare to him. He forsook My Law and gave his heart to evil idols of man. Mammon is difficult to handle. It corrupts the mind. You have maintained a level of self-control and discipline. This is good. Contentment comes from godliness. Pursue Me and My righteousness and your soul will be blessed even more.

I will speak of mighty things and of simple truths. Let your mind ponder My words. Let your spirit seek My Spirit for understanding. The wise will grow wiser still. The prudent will learn.


Doors will open for you. Seek My direction. Know that I am with you.


Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. I will come when no one is expecting Me. The world will be in chaos. I will come to establish My kingdom rule.


I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. It is all about Me and what I have done for you. Believe and receive. Trust and obey.


Awake, listen, believe, respond. Fill your thoughts with My Word.


What do you want? Are you living to please yourself? Let Me reveal what I want for you. My plans are better. I know your limitations, your weaknesses, your faults. You will need Me to fulfill what I desire for you. That way is better.


This world is being corrupted by sinful man, just as it has in other times. You are more aware of it, because you are living now, and information is available. Are you praying more? Live for Me. Write out the verses you know. Add to them the verses you should know as My Spirit directs you.

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I will come when no one is looking for Me. Yes, My people will be alert, at least some of them. They will want Me to come, because of the hardships. I will make a distinction between those who are Mine and those who are not. This will cause strife for some who think they are Mine.


Can we just sit together? Can you love the unlovely? I can, and I did. I died for all. I paid the penalty for all. Now My Spirit is wooing people to turn to Me from their sin. All sin is unlovely. It kills and destroys. I came to bring life. I came to destroy, to take back. Separate yourself from this world to focus on Me in prayer and the study of My Word. Seek to know Me as I lived for people, as My Father lived through Me. There is a dying world of people out there. I want you to love them and cover them in prayer. Others may, you may not as you simplify and focus on Me. People gave up their lives to follow Me. I will satisfy. I will reveal. I will bring life to the full.

10-3-21 Don’t believe the lies of the enemy. Know the truth, so you can refute these lies. My Spirit will help you. Be careful what you say. Don’t speak the lies. Pray for others who are struggling. Help them find the truth

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What is beauty? Can a picture show it? Can an artist put it in his painting? Can you see it in My creation? Do you see what I can see? When I made it, I saw that it was good. It was what I saw in My mind, full of beauty, simplicity, purpose, function. Now you only see a glimpse of what it was at the beginning. Yet it still reflects on My glory. Wait until you see what heaven looks like. You will be amazed. I gave you the ability to appreciate My glory in what I have made, even in you. You see My sunsets and marvel. Let your imagination run wild in what I can do.


Prepare and build. Do the new work I will direct you to do. This is a time for growth and maturing in Me. Those who seek Me will find this. You are to pray more and learn and apply disciplines. You have put some of these into practice. Now let them be more productive. I will show you the way. You will be pleased with the results. Just as you have built up your physical strength through exercise, now build up your spiritual strength. Do not seek to draw attention to yourself in this, but others will notice the effects.  


Discipleship and learning is a lifelong process. You are still learning, but now you learn directly from Me. Grow in My grace.


I am with you. Do not complain. Be gracious. You are Mine. Let your words be full of grace to all you encounter, even those who will hate you because of Me. The news will continue to get worse, as no one will take action to stop what is hurting people. Good people in government will be hard to find. Do not let these things to be your focus. Pray for them in My Spirit. He knows what is best. I am preparing for My return.

Yes, you will be a shining light to those in darkness. Prepare – pray – believe. I will make a way for you. My fruit will display My power.

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