Open up your eyes to see Me in new ways.

There will come at time soon when people will pack the churches eager to learn from the Bible, to hear teaching about the passages and truths in it. My Spirit will be poured out so that many can learn and understand what it says to their lives. I will be glorified in My people from the littlest to the greatest. All will be eager to learn.

Keep praying. Darkness is threatening, but I have overcome the world.


Can you communicate for Me? How do I communicate to My People? Don’t I use those I have chosen and gifted to be My spokesmen or prophets? Was not Moses My messenger for the Law? Were not the gospel writers My messengers of the most important story to the world? Who will warn My people of what is to come? Who will inform My people of what to do during your time? Yes, the principles in My Word have laid down a foundation of Truth for all to glean from. Who told My people it was time to rebuild the Temple? Who told My people to make the most of the time in exile? Who taught My people about how to live under My grace and as directed by My Spirit? I am alive forevermore, so why would I not continue to reveal Myself to those I created? Be at peace for I will teach you.

Do this for Me and not for others. I will teach you so that you can teach others. But I am your audience.


Come let us reason together. Your sins are scarlet, even black and ugly. How can you enter into the presence of the King, who is holy and bright white? Can you wash away those stains? No, you are helpless and lost. You say, Someone took your place and paid your fine. Yes, and what a Redeemer, Lamb of God.


The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you. He will be blessed to see your confirmation to him. Continue to share what I have given you as My Spirit prompts. Not everything is for the public, nor for the church. Don’t cast your pearls before swine.

Be patient and let the men come to you. They will come. I will confirm them to you.


Rescue the lost with your prayers. Command them to be loosed from the grip of unbelief, that darkness would leave them, that faith would rise up.

This is for others, to help them, and to help you pray for others. Let Me help you with this burden to pray.


Is it too much for you? Give of yourself to Me, and I will take care of these things.

The righteousness of God exceeds all others. It is pure, undefiled without stain or blemish. God is holy.

Destruction will come. Seeds were planted long ago into the hearts of man. The righteous will shine. Darkness may prevail for a time, but My Word will last forever.

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A life must be exposed a dealt with to be clean. I will clean house by My Spirit within you. The fog is lifting. The smoke is clearing. You will see Me face to face in My righteousness and holiness. Evil exists, but it has no power, except what I allow. Do battle in My Name.

Give in to My Spirit. Let Him wash over you when you praise Me. Spend more time reading and studying My Word.


What is division? Is it rebellion? Or can it be a divided message? What is unity? Common purpose and values, a variety of people working toward the same goal. A team can produce more than individuals.

Keep your eyes focused on Me.


Three deadly sins of this age: ambition, apathy and anarchy. Ambition to get ahead of others in work and life; apathy – too lazy to get involved with others; anarchy – wanting to cast off all restraints to do evil. These are not for My people. My people die to self and live to serve others in humility, only to be noticed by Me. Love is the key to make this happen – My love empowering you to love the unlovely and needy. The spirit of this age is trying to dominate people, but My Spirit is greater and will overcome him. Look for breakthrough to happen in desperate situations as people pray and seek My face. I have the answer. I am the Answer.

Don’t be concerned for I am with you always. Just call upon Me.

You have the pieces on My gospel, do you have the whole of it? Is it within your heart to be like Me, to do what I did, to think like I thought, to be in prayer with My Father? You will be rewarded for your efforts as you seek Me.

Rest in Me and I will take care of the rest of things.


I will give you wisdom to know what to do, what I want you to do. Trust Me that when the time comes you will know. In the meantime, dig deep into My Word.

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See how much better you can be with input from others. Are you getting better with My input? Iron sharpens iron remember. I will let you know when to stop.

Can I be an audience of one to you? You want the approval of others? Is My voice to you more important and over-riding?

You seem to be at peace now over this and that is good. A death in one area can mean a birth in another. Keep your eyes open.


Seek Me and pray. These are the basics for you. Yes, My Word too, with fresh eyes each time.


What is a testimony? It is a story about how I helped you help others. How I used you in ways that stretched you to be more like Me. You know how to help other men in your church. How about those outside? You know a little about hardship with the men in jail and prison. Do you really know them?


Are you worth following? Can you disciple others? What is the difference between mentoring and discipling? Men followed Me for over three years, learning from My words and actions. I gave them the same authority I had, to do what I was doing and then I sent them out. I directed them with My Spirit. I empowered them with My Spirit. I reset the world and mankind with My death on the cross to bring men who believed back into relationship with God. I gave them commands to do the work I was doing. Those commands contained the power and authority they needed to accomplish My purposes through and in them. Now it has been passed on to you and those who believe now. What will you do with it?

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Those who live like kings will die like paupers. Yes, My Kingdom is a odds with the world, but it is the other way around. Your world has rebelled against My Kingdom. What is of value in your world is of little value in Mine. Wealth, status, appearance, title – all of these inflate the ego. But all of this will be lost at death. The man of humble means will be exalted. The servant of all will be rewarded in heaven.

There is safety in numbers, but only if the group is headed in the right direction with a common purpose. Sheep follow other sheep. Lead them. Shepherd them.


The voice of one crying in the wilderness – repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Come to Me and I will show you the way of real life.

My Word is true for those who believe it. Others don’t understand and believe. They hide their eyes so as to not understand and believe. Pray against that.

This is a turbulent time, but I am with My people. Don’t be concerned with what you hear or see. My Word is true, and My will, will be done. I am Lord of all and overall all.


Does it take My Presence for miracles to happen? Yes, of course. I am the Miracle Worker. I am the God of the Universe. There is no one like Me. Bow your knee. Humble your heart.

I helped you today as I will do everyday as you seek Me. Be aware of the people around you. They are looking at you for you have what they need.


Look for the sources of information, not just the reporter. Don’t be a reporter with sloppy facts. Understand the whole truth. Make right judgments. Ask Me.


You are being tested to see if you are teachable. Is this email really yours or does it belong to your church? Let him give you advice. You might be surprised at the result. You might be surprised by his responses. Be careful with your words to him.

Be prepared and pray. Your words matter to him.


Will people turn to Me in their hardship? Perhaps for a while. Just like those in jail or prison, they turn to Me in their separation and need, but soon go back to their old ways when things get better. Revival comes when My people really pray for a concerted time. Are you desperate enough to sacrifice and pray?

Wait and see. The results are in My hand.


A new day and era. Enjoy the fruit of your labor. Understand what is My fruit in you. Fruit that will last and continue to bear fruit. You have influenced many for good. This will last. Look beyond what is natural. Look to My Kingdom and world.

The world is full of needs, needy people, desperate people, struggling to live. Those here with much complain in their vanity. What moves you to pray? Needs, people, bad news, someone you know.

Yes, fire destroys. I will come with fire to burn up the stubble. Out of the ashes will come new growth and life.

A man must die to himself to bring forth fruit into My Kingdom.

Open your eyes and see what I am doing. This is another transition time.

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You have chosen the narrow path to be with Me and I am pleased with your decision. I will show you wonderful things along My path. Open your eyes to see what I have done. You were paying attention to other people and that is good. People need Me. People need prayer.

Test Me and see if I don’t open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing, much more than you could imagine, not money but My Presence. Isn’t that better?


I had a dream of a men’s gathering. People up front were entertaining us with tricks playing guitars. Men were standing closely together. Blacks were there too. No one was leading. Some were expecting me to lead or speak. I just felt called to pray and intercede for the situation in the church. So I went walking and praying outside. It started to rain, and it felt good as if this was from the Lord. We have turned from seeking Him only. Eventually I came back from praying and I came forward and called men to come to the altar to repent and pray. There was an outpouring or repentance and seeking. This is what God was asking for. He was not angry, just sad for His people.

He is responsible but so are you.

I will give you a message for the men. Be patient and listen.


Resist and pray. Resist the urge to judge others, and pray for them to see the truth. You don’t always know the truth, nor do they. Many are lost following the desires of their flesh. A spirit of fear has been released and many have given in to it. Anger has also been released. So has distrust of others. You have become isolated.

What is the antidote? My love. Recognize and receive the love I have for you, then begin to love others as you would want to be loved. They will respond to love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-6 Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffereddoes not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

John 13:34-35 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Luke 6:27-28 “But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.


Pay attention. Listen to advice from others. Don’t assume you know everything. Be teachable and open to criticism.

This will provoke discussion. It can be worldly or spiritual. What is on your heart? You have been affirmed and free to continue writing. Let Me teach you.

Be patient. Speak wisely. Teach yourself. Do your homework.


Explore, learn, test – this sounds like adventure. I am all around. Can you see Me at work in the lives of My people? Just as I work in your life, I am working in others. I know people and I know how to get the best out of them – what I desire for each of them. Do they achieve that? Not always, but much more than what they can do aimlessly by their own choosing.

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Progress – what does it mean? Convenience, efficiency, comfort, safety, peace, longer life, better health.  What has changed in your lifetime? Energy efficiency, convenience, comfort, travel, entertainment, computers, television, phone and communication, knowledge, information, health.

What knowledge of Me and My world have you gained? Faith, spiritual knowledge and truth, wisdom. If I was the revelation of who the Father was and if you are to grow into My likeness and character and faith and power – who am I to you? What of My life was natural like you and supernatural like My Father? Open your spiritual eyes and let Me teach you.

Healing, deliverance, teaching: about the Father, how to relate to each other, worship, prayer, faith, end times, salvation, eternal life, love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, provision, dying to self, giving, rest,

Jesus versus apostolic (Peter, John, James, Hebrews) teaching, versus Paul. OT versus NT. Faith, Spirit led and empowered life.

Open up your eyes and see the world around you – with My insight, not only with your natural eyes. People are struggling, lost, hurting, empty. Some are ready to come to Me. Show them the way. Speak life. Engage them. Read My Word with fresh eyes – seeking to know Me and what I seek for you.


Is that too big of an assignment? Yes, and it will take a lifetime doing. Let Me guide and teach you. It is much more than head knowledge I want for you, but heart change and transformation, so that you live and respond as I would, as My Spirit leads and empowers.

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What does the future bring? Everyone wants to know this. I have the answer. For those who know Me, the future is bright and good, despite what is happening in this world. More chaos is coming. Peace will be hard to find for the unbeliever. Emptiness, grief, sorrow, fear will chase them. My people will stand out. You will live by faith, responding to My Spirit. More will have ears to hear like you. My Word will come alive as events take place described there.

The enemy will try all forms of deception and lies to mask truth from those who are perishing. Good and bad will be confused. You will be amazed at the foolishness. Elders will seem like children without sense. They will say one thing but do another. They will laugh at the outcome and blame others.

Good deeds open doors. Be ready. You are not young, but I will give you grace. Many have gone on before you and accomplished much. Be patient and you will see your reward as they did.


Look at Ps 91 and you will see the protection for My people. Yes, it for those of My people who put their trust in Me through faith. Isn’t everything of value done in My Kingdom done in faith? My promises must be claimed and acted upon in faith. Your prayers should be tied to My promises for them to have power. Yes, you can rely upon My overall goodness and love for My people. I love those who love and obey Me.


Be open to ideas, from Me and through others. Rescue the lost around you. Give them opportunity to choose Me. No one really needs to be a Prophet these days, for My Spirit has been poured out and many can hear.

This is a new season and a time to do new things. Be more than flexible, be creative.


Do you trust Me? Good, you are right, there is no one else.  Examine your heart. What are your motives for doing what you are doing?


I am here too. The lost are here in abundance. People are trying to hide from their lostness by getting away from their normal life. It doesn’t work for long. The emptiness comes back. Speak life and hope to lure them in.

Rejoice and believe in Me. Who am I to you? I am your Savior and Lord, your Redeemer and Friend. I love you and will care for you always.


Peace will come as you submit to Me and to your leaders. Do not resist them, but trust that I am leading them too.

Rejoice and believe in Me more than you have before. Teach your mind to believe.


There is a time and place for everything. Take the time to experience what I have made. The ocean is timeless with its constant waves and tidal action. It is vast compared to you. The sand pebbles are countless. My creatures exist and thrive in the environment I made for them. People are attracted to what I have made. It gives them peace. They find their place too.

The rocks hold their ground. No waves can pass by. A strong force against an immovable object. All of this I planned long ago. What man has made wears out, but what I do stands. Your life is but a whisper, yet you will live on forever with Me.

I am taking care of you. Pray for the lost.


You don’t have the answers for the country’s problems. Sin and sinful man create problems. I am the solution. My love and mercy and grace and justice are what people need.

In the beginning God created. I was there before the beginning. Can you grasp that truth? Can you understand the truth that I have – truth and life within Me. I am the standard, the plumb bob, the measuring tool, the Righteous One. Everything has it Source in Me. Oh the depths of the knowledge I contain. Just ask Me.

Live by faith and not by sight or what your emotions tell you. This pleases Me.


How can I help? If more were willing to help, the load would be lighter. Do you make room for others to help you? Are you a trail blazer, one who keeps the trail clear, or a trail sign? Do you lead others down the path?

I protected you today. I am guiding you to places you have not seen. Keep your eyes out for beautiful things. Things that man cannot make. I am taking care of both of you for My glory.


No weapon formed against you will prosper. I have you in My hand. Don’t be alarmed by the violence and destruction wicked people will do. This will not last. Don’t focus on it. Look to Me your provider and Savior. There is injustice all over the globe. But My righteous will shine out in a dark world.

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I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I am My Beloved and He is mine. He who knew no sin was made sin for me, that I might become righteousness of God in Christ. He is my Substitute. He paid my price on the cross. His righteous blood was shed for me, a sinful man. I am forgiven, redeemed by the precious blood of Christ.

I have washed away your sins and you are Mine. Rest in that statement and reality. No one can touch you for you are Mine. Redeemed, what a word, at what a price. He thinks I am that worthy to die for.


You are not worthy in yourself. It is My spirit that has transformed you. You now seek to do My will. You read My Word for instruction in righteousness. Your spiritual eyes are opened to the truth found in Me.


Relax in My Presence. Drink deeply from My waters of life. Eat from the tree of life. Cast your burdens at My feet. Come walk with Me. Let Me show you around. Is this possible? You are covered by the righteousness of My Son. We walked with Adam on the earth before he sinned. People who have gone on before you are here with Me. People who are praying and worshipping are before Me in My throne room.

I am a personal God. Its hard for you to imagine this. I am capable of doing much more than you can think or understand. O the depths of the riches of My love!


I will remind you about what to do. I don’t mind. I see the big picture and I know when someone is ready to hear the gospel. Keep praying for them.

He was not wrong. Believe My words to you. Just be careful who sees them, as you have been doing. All My people can receive what you are hearing, if they would just listen to My Spirit. You have trained your ears to hear over many years. Yet, even now it is subtle to you.


Be careful with your words today – not Mine, but yours. I am teaching you so that you can teach others. I will let you know when it is time to stop. This is your ministry for this time, rather My work through you.

You have learned to be honest and this is important. Your work reflects on Me.

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You did well. Now be ready for more. My Son faced many people objecting to what He was doing and saying, and sadly it was the religious leaders who should have known better. But it was to be to accomplish My purposes in redeeming sinful man.

Were the leaders of My new church rebellious? They resisted the religious leaders, but they obeyed Me. They paid a price of persecution and even death. Are you willing to pay that price? Have you denied yourself and taken up your cross to follow Me?

Revival will come when you least expect it, for it is of Me and not of man. You may pray for it to come and I hear the prayers of My people. Prepare your hearts you sinners and repent, just like before Me Son came. A soft open heart is what I desire.


Unless a grain of wheat dies, it cannot produce new wheat. For you to be fruitful in My kingdom, you must die to the desires of your flesh, even daily, so you are focused on Me and not on the world.


I’m glad you choose Me over sleep. I will give you rest. What is happening in your world? I am preparing and testing My people. This is no small thing, this virus and the reaction to it, but what is coming is even more serious. Did I get your attention? Because this has gone on for a time, people have let down their guard, they have chosen sides – be careful or take risks, submit to those in authority or resist and defy orders.

Usually coming through a trial makes one stronger. Many have sought My direction for their lives during this and that is very good. It is a time to reset and change what you are doing. It is not about little changes, but new ways of thinking, new approaches, new ministry.

It is symbolic that you were kept outside of the building, where the world lives. Did you notice people anew, with fresh eyes? Yes, the masks get in the way. But everyone is on and equal plane of dealing with this new virus. No one really has the answer. Many are dying. Many are afraid of dying and this is good. I have given you summer weather to be outside. You are seeing your neighbors, even if at six feet. Show them love and concern. Don’t mock their fears, but engage them.

Many are ready to choose Me. The harvest field is ripe for the harvest. That is why I am teaching you to pray differently for the lost at this time. Yes, My Spirit is praying through you, but you need to put flesh and blood and passion in how you are praying. These are people who are lost without Me. This opportunity may not come again for many. Speak and engage and invite. They are ready. Pray and I will give you opportunities. Be bold and attentive.

She has a different idea and that is valid. My people need fellowship and support. They need teaching and prayer. That is My body, the church.


At night your senses can be better attuned to My voice. You are not thinking about other things. I never sleep and you won’t need to either. I have power that you need. You must focus in faith to use My power. Pray for people as if you know them. My Spirit will guide you with knowledge about them.

Rejoice with Me for people are waking up, physically and spiritually. Some will still turn to their feel good religion, but others will seek Me, looking for real meaning and purpose to their lives. Pray for them.

Yes, I am revealing a new path for you, which will renew your faith and give you joy. Respond in faith to what I say to you. You will challenged. Trust Me.

You will experience more of Me as you are willing to spend time listening. Time equals presence. Revelation will come, with understanding for others. Be open to what I reveal. Pray.

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Wake up and see the glory of the morning with Me. People are stirring, many preparing to worship Me in church. I love this day. My Word will be proclaimed. People will be taught and challenged. Some will turn to Me for the first time for salvation. Can you pray for the lost that they will come to church? You don’t think of Sunday like I do. Because you attend on Saturday, a different day for your convenience. Do you pray for the lost for Saturday?

Read through these ideas for prayer and develop your own plan to pray for the lost. I am listening to your prayers. These will open your eyes and heart. Learn from Me. People were drawn because My Son prayed.

You may be surprised at these prayers. Take them to heart, they are proven weapons of prayer.


Be gracious, but stand for what is right. I am your Defender. Be open and transparent and submit to your leaders. You could have more careful and tactful with your words, but people are sensitive these days. If it is like this today, what will it be like in the end times? This is a pre-courser of what is to come on a broader scale. Your country has a history of free speech and thought, but soon more of that will be suppressed. Pray that My gospel will go forward to reach many.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Someday you will see what that was like. Oh the fun we had making something new. We are still creating, new life, redeemed life, completed life, future life.

He is a brother who is sensitive. Pray for him to release his burdens to Me. You need more perspective to understand people and where they are coming from. You know your people, but those different from you are unknown.


The heart of man is evil, corrupted by sin. My Son had to pay a high price to remove the stain of sin, so that man could change and be new before Me. Don’t dismiss of justify away those who are suffering because of evil. You are sheltered away from that environment. Some will never find the peace and security you have. Be grateful. Intercede for them.

Be at peace. You have stirred up things and it will take time to settle down. Keep a submissive attitude. You are safe in My arms.

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