Received 4-8-19

Wait, watch, look, find, meditate, seek after Me. Know the object and person of your faith.

 Received 4-9-19

In all things bring praise and thanks. Lift up My Name before you. Be aware of Who I AM and what I have done. I AM in the world that I have made and I am in My people and I AM in you to do My will and pleasure.

 Received 4-10-19

Rejoice and be glad for your King is coming. Rejoice that your name is written in the book of life. Rejoice that you have My Spirit living within you. Rejoice for the body of Christ near you and present all over the world doing My will, bearing witness to life in Me.

 Received 4-11-19

I am with you to open your eyes to the truth of My Word. Allow My Spirit to teach you so that you can teach others. Integrity, honor, honesty, anointing – these qualities are of great value to be prized and sought after. My fruit comes from a transformed heart doing My will.

 Received 4-12-19

Pay attention, interceding and offering thanks and praise. Be compassionate and empathetic. Do not put your hope in any man, even though I might be doing something through that man. Always have your focus on Me and what I am doing. Lift up the hands that hang down. Reach out to those who are hurting and who are weak.

 Received 4-13-19

In as much as you have done this to the least of My brethren you have done it to Me. A thankful heart and a heart full of praise belongs to the one who is welcome in My courts.

 Received 4-14-19

I am with you. My peace I give, not as the world knows, but peace from within the inner man, giving assurance and hope for the future. Nothing can harm you. My angels are watching over you.


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Received 4-1-19

Now is the time to worship your God to lift Him up before the nations. He is God and there is no other like Him. Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming.

 I am coming and will My people be ready and expecting? Yes, for My Spirit will alert the to the times. Every generation of people expects Me to return, but few respond as if I was coming today. Repent and believe the good news, the gospel of the Savior Jesus the Christ. Your soul will find rest in Him.

 Received 4-2-19

What was old has become new. Sin is boring in its lies and failures. It always over-promises on the pleasure and outcome. Woe to the naïve who give in to temptation. Soon slavery to sin and addiction and lies become normal. Oh, the grace of God that brings forgiveness and healing and deliverance.

 My life for yours. Will you give Me your life in return? My offer still stands. My promises are reliable and true. In Me there is victory over sin and death.

 Received 4-3-19

Taste and see that the Lord is good. When He created the world and man, he said it was good. God is good and everything He does is good and according to His will. We should strive to do good and to please Him.

 Received 4-4-19

What is in your heart? Is there love and compassion for the lost? Who are you praying for? My Word is going forth in power to stir up hearts to repentance and surrender. Spend your time seeking after Me in My Word. Learn and teach.

 Received 4-5-19

I am with you. Love the men and staff. Pay attention and listen for My Spirit.

 Received 4-6-19

My Word is going out from My people. The smallest to the greatest has heard My call, My invitation. My grace flows out to overcome against the darkness of this fallen world.

 Received 4-7-19

What is seen and known from the beginning is revealed today afresh by My Spirit. All things become new.


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Received 3-23-19

A time in history will show the future. There is nothing new under the sun. Look back and learn, but seek Me for the future.

Received 3-24-19

In all things give Me praise. Nothing can separate you from My love. See what My love has done for you and your family.

Received 3-25-19

What is old becomes new as My Spirit works to bring new life from dead bones. Pray and intercede for life to come out of My body. Even in you will spring forth new life as you seek after Me and follow My Spirit. I am creating what was planned from the beginning. It will be glorious, for My people will soon be filled with My glory.

Received 3-26-19

My word will go forth from My people in praise and thanksgiving. Speak life and grace. Fill the spiritual world with My Word by your declaration. Know that I am with you.

Received 3-27-19

Wait upon the Lord and in due time He will meet you. Gifts are given to be received and used for My glory. I will bless My people, even you. My kingdom will reign. Even My enemies will experience peace in the land and it will grieve their spirits.

Received 3-28-19

I AM sent you. The all-powerful Creator who knows you intimately, sends you to do His will. He told the seas they could only go so far. He sends the rain to keep the vegetation alive and growing. He provides food for the creatures. He turns His head away and they are dismayed. He watches over those He calls to repentance and life. Let everything that has breath praise Him.

Received 3-29-19

Walk in a way worthy of your calling, powered by My grace, led by My Spirit, obeying the Word of life spoken in your heart. Obey and receive grace, repent and receive forgiveness, die to self and receive true life, eternal and life-giving to you and to others through you. Allow My Spirit to reign in your heart. Seek His wisdom and guidance. Don’t presume based on what you think you know, but expect My Spirit to lead you according to My will, in your thoughts, words spoken and actions taken. Then My glory will be revealed resulting in praise, honor and thanksgiving returning to Me in abundance.

Received 3-30-19

In My Name, in My authority with My wisdom and knowledge – this is how you should pray. Bear witness to the truth you have learned and applied to your life. Be bold, compassionate for the lost and hurting.

Received 3-31-19

In all things bring praise. My gifts are limitless and good. Especially when you consider how undeserving you are. What makes Me do it? My love and kindness for My children.

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Received 3-18-19

There is no amount of grace wasted, yet it is unlimited. Love will always give grace and kindness. I am speaking to you between the lines of scripture. Pay attention and speak My word to others.

Received 3-19-19

Battle to control your thoughts by calling upon My grace. Bring praise and thanks and the worries of this world will fade away.

Received 3-20-19

There is no darkness I cannot overcome. Praise lifts one out of himself. His eyes turn to Me. His faith rises. I see the end from the beginning. This should be your focus – the outcome of your faith in Me. Life is short and all problems, pain and suffering will end one day. Let praise arise.

Received 3-21-19

Praise opens doors of opportunity and blessings. Confusion and anxiety will flee. Faith and trust will rise. A part of praise is giving thanks. Remembering what I have done in the past and looking forward to the desired answers in faith – for these give thanks. Everything you have, even your life is a gift from My hand. If looking at others as they worship Me inspires you to praise, then imagine all of creation praising Me, including vast number of angelic beings around My throne. They look with adoring wonder at the ones I sacrificed My Son for. Who has this love but Me?

Received 3-22-19

Live for Me today. My Spirit will remind you. My Spirit will help you speak words of life to your family. The world is decaying as people are deceived into sin – selfish, cruel, lying.

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Received 3-11-19

In as much as you seek after Me and My righteousness, I will be found by you. I have gifts for you that are priceless, for only I have them. What is your need? I have the gift of life in My Son.

Received 3-12-19

Why is there disease and sickness? These things have been with man since the fall. The wages of sin is death. Every man will die. The flower dies and loses its blossoms after a time of glory. Some things last only minutes, days. Man can live to a hundred with care and grace. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. I will take care of My people, the ones I love.

Received 3-13-19

Proclaim the truth, My truth – man needs a Savior and He came and died to forgive their sins and give eternal life in Him. Life in Him and die with Him to your fleshly desires. You must be born again, become like a little child trusting in My goodness and love. What else is there to life but to be with Me? I know you and I made you special, not better than others, but unique, ready to do My purpose in what I give for you.

Received 3-14-19

Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down and shaken, overflowing. Seek after Me with all of your heart. Love Me with gratitude in your heart for what I have done. Who is on the throne, but Me? Who do you turn to for help?

Received 3-15-19

I am with you. Before time began I knew you. In your mother’s womb I knew you. I had a plan for you. Even before you were aware of Me, even when you did not truly believe in Me, I was there helping you. Could I see when you were a child how I would use you now to speak to men in jail and prison? Was I putting within your heart the character needed to hear and understand the hearts of struggling men? Yes, and more. Recognize the grace I have given you to do what you are doing. Acknowledge Me and give Me praise.

Received 3-16-19

In all things bring praise. Let your thoughts be with Me. Can you control your thinking? Will you acknowledge Me? Are your thoughts pleasing, trusting, uplifting? What is in a man will come out in his words and then his deeds. Guard over your heart.

Received 3-17-19

I am with you. Yes, you have weaknesses, but in Me you are mighty to pull down strongholds and to release the captives. Speak life and truth today. Encourage and lift up the hands that are weak.

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Received 3-4-19

Be at peace. Do what you can do and call upon Me for wisdom. Rejoice and be glad. Put your trust in Me and what I can do for men and for all peoples, the ones I made. Even now I am drawing people to Myself as a mother hen her chicks. I call and they come near. Even the wayward ones return. The older they get, the farther they tend to stray away. But still they remember My Voice. I wake them up and rescue them from darkness.

Received 3-5-19

Do not be presumptuous about what you are saying. Do your homework to place in your heart and mind the conventional truth and explanation of My Word. Yes, I am helping you, but sometimes you stray from My Word or you go away from the teaching from the verses. As a teacher you are held accountable for your words. Be a workman, a student, a disciple. If you do this, you will be blessed and My people will be blessed. It is not about you, but what My Spirit will say through you and My Word. Repent and have a humble and a teachable heart and mind.

Received 3-6-19

Do you have the right attitude toward the money you have been given? Is it your focus? Is it your security? Yes, you are willing to give away a percentage. Why do you have a limit? How do you respond to appeals to give?

Are you willing to spend more time in My presence? What would that look like? Can you really pray for another? If you really focused on a person, I could speak to you about their soul, what they are facing right now.

Received 3-7-19

I will come at a time when I am not expected by the world. They do not think I will come, nor do they believe in Me. They have been lulled asleep by the lies of the enemy. They don’t think about hell. They don’t ponder what will happen when they die. Some think they are good enough. Even though they know what they have done is wrong, it is not so bad. They have been lied to. Warn them gently but with My truth. Ask them, what do they believe about Me.

Received 3-8-19

When you were a child, I watched over you. I could see what you were going to do some day. Yes, you were tempted by the enemy and were led astray for a time. But with My grace you have overcome. Sin brings death and is a snare to capture your heart and soul into bondage. I have come that you would find true Life in Me – Life that continues on, forever. Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming.

Received 3-9-19

Set aside, not for stagnation, but for consecration for Me to work in you. Can your vessel hold My glory? Can I use you without your pride rising up?

Received 3-10-19

If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of Me. Are you that person? My grace is covering you. Be more in prayer to cover what you are doing. Partner and heed the voice of My Spirit. He will direct your steps.

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Received 3-1-19

Bring forth life with your words – there is no other way. Your deeds can show love, goodness and kindness, but your speech declares My Word, full of truth and life. I spoke and the world came into being. I breathed the breath of life and the figure of clay became Adam. Give Me praise and thanks.

Received 3-2-19

I will wake up the dead. My voice will be heard. I will declare the truth about My Son and the cross. I will stop up the lies of the enemy and rebellious. All will bow before My Son. All will know Me from the least to the greatest. My people will shine in My glory.

My little ones, if you could only see what I see.

Received 3-3-19

Pay attention to My Spirit. You are My crown, the glory of My Son. Just imagine if you had people who believed in you, who followed you, who tried to be like you, who obeyed you. Would they not be your glory? Maybe that is too hard to understand, for you have little to offer someone, except what I have done in you.

You do pray, but could you have prayed more?

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