I will come when no one is expecting. Behold the King! Stay faithful in doing what I have called you to do. That is what is important. You are already prepared for that day.

Open up your eyes to the world around you with fresh awareness. What are people doing? Normal things of life, but why are they not storming into your churches and gatherings? They have already adapted to the virus. Some are so paralyzed with fear, they won’t go out. Fear is not a good motivator – it is too short-termed. No one understands eternal separation from Me. Even if they could grasp the horror of hell, would they truly serve Me and love Me? Or just want to escape that end? Show them My love and give them something they want and need.

My will, will be done for those who submit to Me. Are you one of those? Yes, but not always. But I am gracious and redeeming in My people.


Come to Me all who labor, let Me give you rest. Rest is important, not laziness, but not full of anxiety or fatigue. Purpose and peace will follow. Confidence in the final outcome being good and pleasing.

Give and it shall be given unto you. Share what is in your heart. People will take notice.

Be at peace. My world continues and so does yours. Expect new opportunities to come. Pray and seek My guidance.


Enjoy the fruit of your labors. It is good to be satisfied with the work you do and the fruit you produce. Be fruitful and multiply. They will know them by their fruits – whether good or bad. Sow seeds for life and not death. Build up and encourage and this fruit will return to you. Be an example.

The prophets of old had a singular message to give to leaders and peoples to keep them on My path when they strayed. You have a different message because I have spelled out My message in My Word. Your job is to remind them of My Truth. So you must put My Word in your heart, for yourself first of all, but also for others as you live it out.

You are living in exciting times. The more that trouble happens, the more that I can work. Don’t retreat, but pursue ahead sowing seeds of life to those you meet. They need to hear truth that brings hope.

Do you have the faith as small as a mustard seed? Could you trust Me like that man of faith? He knew Me because he spent time with Me. You are learning.


All things become new. I am the God of life. You will never find the limit to My creativity.

Speak what is true and holy and good. Lift up and not tear down. Encourage and support those doing well. Mourn with those who mourn. Rejoice with those who rejoice. This is a time to focus on what is important.

What is important to you? I’m glad, that is why I made you. That is what I want for My people – to know Me and love Me. I will be all that they need and more. Trust Me and see.

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I protected you. All who seek Me with a pure heart shall find much more than they thought. I am a loving, benevolent God, gracious and full of kindness. I love to shower gifts upon My dear ones.

The blessings I give are not temporary, but eternal. Receive and give away what you have gained. Others will be blessed through you. Give Me glory and praise.

Be at peace. In the midst of a storm, I am there with you. Wisdom comes through seeking Me. These are My messages for My people. Allow Me to guide you.


Every day can be new with Me. I can open up a world to you that you have never experienced. Pray for the lost around you. This is a critical time of opportunity. Yes, My people must testify and witness. The power of My Spirit was given to help you be My witnesses.

Give and give, not expecting anything in return – this is a life full of joy and blessings.

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming! The promise of long ago will be fulfilled. Justice will reign and peace will be established. Man will again be fruitful in many ways. People again will pursue what is good and right. They will all be taught by the Lord.

Come to Me all who labor, and I will give you rest from your toil. Instead of working for things that pass away, you will work for eternal rewards. Your portion will be magnified as My Spirit enables you. People will take notice and will seek you out. Be prepared to give your answer.


People are working, some very hard. Work is necessary for life. I gave Adam work to do in the garden. Animals hunt for prey. Some use their backs and hands in labor, others use their minds and mouths. To live is to gain and produce. My kingdom is full of life. Just as you enjoy watching people, so do I watch over what I have made. I am at work too in ways you cannot see. It’s not healthy to be idle when a person wants to work, but can’t find a job to do. It’s not healthy to be idle out of laziness and deceit. Even a crippled person wants to be contributing in some way. All should be working in My kingdom.

Some are enslaved and forced to do what they do not choose to do and this is wrong. Some are doing evil, taking advantage of the weak, hurting people. This is because of the curse for sin. How can I love them, but I do? I want them to repent and turn to Me for healing and forgiveness. They have been deceived and hurt themselves.

Every person has a story. Most go unnoticed, untold, except only to a few people around them. If they could speak out, others would listen and take action. Be a reporter and listen to their answers to your questions. What appears on the surface is not under the skin of who they are. Some pretend. Some hide. Most are just unknown and untold. Show interest and they will talk.

You have a story to tell, of life and redemption. Others need to hear what I can do in the life of a person, for good, for eternal purposes. I want to be glorified in My people as they testify and proclaim the good news.

I will bless you and keep you in My arms. Trust Me with your life. Declare My Word to the next generation of men.


Do not relish in the punishment of the wicked, for I would rather they turn to Me and repent of their sins. My love is constant, and My Spirit is at work in their lives. But they have hardened their hearts in stubborn rebellion and lust for the things of this world. They have believed the lies of the enemy.

You were different. Your heart was soft toward Me. You just did not know the way to Me. I was able to woo you with My love into a relationship that has sustained you to this day and beyond. You are trusting Me with your life.

Psalm 73:25-28

Whom have I in heaven but You?
And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.
26 My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
27 For, behold, those who are far from You will perish;
You have destroyed all those who are unfaithful to You.
28 But as for me, the nearness of God is my good;
I have made the Lord God my refuge,
That I may tell of all Your works.

James 4:4-10

You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. Or do you think that the Scripture speaks to no purpose: “He jealously desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us”? But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Be miserable and mourn and weep; let your laughter be turned into mourning and your joy to gloom. 10 Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you.

I can make a rainbow, a sunrise and a sunset in every color you could imagine. It is even more spectacular from My vantage point. Trust Me to guide you in everything you do. Pray for wisdom.

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Rejoice and be glad for the day of the Lord is near. All will see Him in His splendor and glory. He will seem to be a comet with His tail of multitudes reflecting His Light. How marvelous will His appearing be!

Yes, there are demonic forces at work in your country and in the world. They will fail. My purposes will stand. However, pay attention and learn from what is happening. Seeds of destruction have entered your land through sin and rebellion. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that they might have life, and life more abundantly. I have come to destroy the works of the enemy. I have come to overcome sin in sinful man, breaking the curse of sin.

Give your cares over to Me. He was blessed and you were blessed. What comes of it doesn’t matter to you anymore. You were spared some extra work. Now you can concentrate on kingdom business. Now I will be glorified even more. The kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


Be at peace. Put your mind on the things above, on what I am doing in My world. Many are struggling, facing the emptiness of what they are doing. Their hearts are ripe for the harvest. Pray for them to come to Me.

Clean up in more than physical ways. Remove the dross from your heart, the cares of this world, the pride of life, and run the race I set before you in confidence that I am with you to bless you.

Unless a grain of wheat dies in the soil it cannot grow again in fruitfulness. For you to be fruitful in the kingdom of God you must die to yourself, so that I can resurrect you in newness of life.


Sin abounds in the hearts of wicked men. They are rebellious to their core – against Me and against anyone who tries to stop them. They have not been disciplined to control the anger, inspired by demons, within them. They have been neglected and spoiled. They will band together with other men of like mind to increase their power. Their cause is destruction. They believe the lies of the enemy.

Stretch – what takes you beyond what you are used to doing. If it is from Me, you will need faith to trust Me in what I am asking of you. But I give to My beloved all that they need. You will be freed even more as you give things away.

Righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit – this is for you and all who seek after Me.

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How easy was it for the religious leaders to deceive people with their religious rules, for only they had access to the scriptures. Disobedience to My Law is punishable by death. But I came to bring life and freedom from the curse of the Law. I took your place on the cross.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It’s not about law or rule keeping, it’s about My grace. I have made a way to be forgiven and restored in My Son. My love overcomes sin and failure. Come to Me. Call upon Me.

Doors will open, consider prayerfully. I am your Source and Provider.


This day you will shine in My glory. Moses met with Me face to face. His face shone with My glory. I don’t speak to you about new things, but things of old, tested and true, but with new revelation for your time. I do not change, and My glory is constantly giving light to My people.

I am giving you wisdom to write your emails. Trust Me. Be gracious and humble for that is of Me. Does it surprise you that I stay current with what you are doing? You are My child and I care for you, even until that day when you are with Me.

Be at peace, negotiate fairly, openly. Be a witness. My grace covers you in many ways, ways in which you do not know, in the spiritual realm.


Peace, at what a cost? Wars don’t end quickly and people – soldiers and civilians will die. Relationships can struggle over minor things, which have become huge when love is gone. Peoples will fight over injustice and oppression. The heart is wicked and deceitful. Sin can remove any sense of peace with God. Out of love, I sent My Son to die to restore peace with sinful man. What a cost!

There is a price to pay, but you are incapable of paying it no matter how hard you try. Your money is worthless, corrupted. You can’t even exchange your money for another. But the good news is that I have paid the price for you. What is your reaction? Are you free? Is there something that you must do? Yes, believe.

Be at peace. I am taking care of you in many ways. Be gracious to others, giving them space to be themselves.

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There is much to learn, but knowledge alone cannot change the heart of man. Some might be wise enough to pay attention, to heed the signs. The spirit within a man must change. He must be born again by the Holy Spirit by grace through faith in the Son of God.

Yes, the promise is restoration of eternal life which was lost in the fall of man. But to get that, a man’s sins must be forgiven and he receives forgiveness by believing what My Son did on the cross for him.

Eternal life is knowing Me and the Father, being with Us forever, in relationship by the Spirit. My Son made the way and is the Way. Learn from Him. I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in Me shall not perish, but has eternal life.

Be at peace. This time will pass and order will be restored. Keep praying that good people are elected.


These are hard times for people. They have a fear of getting this virus and not surviving. Be wise and don’t make others fearful by your behavior. The enemy is trying to bring fear through the violence in the cities, and many are afraid. Pray against this move to overthrow governments and order. This is not normal.

Examine your heart. What motivates you? Yes, you want to do My will for your life, and you are doing it. What stirred in you to hear his testimony? Was it not that I can work in people’s lives to transform and bring life? My gifts and anointing are to help people. That is not for everyone, nor should it be the focus for every activity. This is a display of My power to draw people to Myself.

How many times did My Son repeat a parable? Some were given so certain people would hear prophetically to get them to look at their lives. The religious leaders were stubborn and prideful. They liked the power of their position. Like today, people are lusting after power. Other parables were to open the eyes of common folk who were seeking Me. Others were to show what My kingdom is like and to correct misconceptions and wrong teaching.

Be at peace for them. Let your mind come back to Me. My words bring life and health and focus.

The earth changes every day, but My love is constant for My people. I made man to know Me and to choose to love Me. I made you to love Me and to follow Me. Open your heart for more of My love and kindness. I hear your prayers.


Anarchy may succeed for a time, but it will always fail by the division within. Buildings and objects can be repaired or replaced. My Truth will reign. My gospel will continue to spread to the hungry hearts of man. Even rebels can be reached. How much meaning is there in destruction?

I will guide you. Wisdom comes from Me. Insight and understanding. Revelation and inspiration. Anointing in My Presence. This is what you can expect from Me.

My blessings are upon you for you are open to Me. A soft and tender heart is what I look for. You are not perfect, but I can help you.


What is valuable to you? Where is your treasure? Do you value our time together? This is abiding. Guard your mind and heart. Allow what is good and precious in. Dwell on these things.

Like a bee hovering in and around the blossoms, come near Me. Taste the nectar of My Words. Rejoice and be glad. Just sit in My Presence soaking in My glory. It was good when they said let us go to the house of the Lord.

My ways are best, and you know it. Trust Me to show you the way. My Spirit will lead you. Be sensitive to listen. An open door is not always from Me, so be asking.

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What is truth? You have searched well for truth. I am Truth. I am the standard for life I created. How could it be any other way? Except the enemy tries to distort what I said and who I am. He fails. He will fail. The world is under the curse of sin, waiting to be freed on that day.

There is a way that seems to be right to a man, what a statement of independence and rebellion. I will let them rebel and reap the results of their rebellion. If they don’t want to be with Me, then that will be their fate. I love them. Let your mind focus on who I am and not on the situation in the world. Nothing is new about this, except that My people are off to the side watching. Wake up.

Friendship is good and necessary for people. I am your Friend too. I look forward to our time together and I hope you do too. You will be in My Presence for eternity. I think you will like seeing My glory.


Sometimes it takes sacrifice to hear a word from the Lord, other times it comes more naturally for the person who can hear. What if that was all you could hear was the voice of My Spirit? He would take what was Mine and speak it to you who knew His voice. Did My Son have to pause to ask Me what to do? He knew My heart and what I would do. He spent time with Me to learn. He often came to Me at night. Why was that? So He could more easily hear and have fellowship alone with Me. He was energized by Our time together. Look into why He prayed three times in the garden.

Someday you will see the universe, as much as you want. Stars are for signs in the sky for ages to see. How small are you in comparison, yet I know you and love you.


To obey is better than sacrifice. Mary, listening at My feet was better than being busy serving a meal. We all make choices everyday and some are better choices. I will help you make those choices for I know not only which is better, but which is best. My perspective is different from yours and My purposes are greater. Are you willing to accept My choice, My will for your life?

Today will be a day of decision. Call upon Me and I will help you. What will glorify Me? Who will be blessed? Everyday has decisions and choices to make. Develop a store of knowledge of who I am and what have I revealed, this will help you be wise in your choices. Some choices will test you. Others will be mundane and inconsequential.

Be careful what you use. Give truth but not opinion. Let Me fill your lips with truth and life. A gracious life is pleasing to all. A critical spirit turns away even friends. A confidence kept is much better than a story revealed. Honor your friendships and you will be honored.

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What brings you joy? What satisfies your soul? What is meaningful and good to do? Yes, doing My Father’s will and business.

What is true? God is good and He is love. Yes, all that I AM. We are One – Father, Son, Spirit. The world will soon find out the truth, about the world they live in and about their need for salvation. Be prepared and ready to share what I have done for you. People are needy, looking for answers.

The more you examine and study My Word, the greater insight you will gain. The depth of the truth of My Word cannot fully be understood. There will come a day when it will be explained by the Author.

The reward is great for the man who seeks after Me. Only then will a man find life. Riches are eternal, not earthly or material. What goes inside you, in your spirit will stay with you. Faith is the key.


Let Me tell you a dream. There was a river flowing through a pleasant green valley. Instead of gaining more water as it passed down, it lost its flow until it disappeared. What happen to the water? Then small streams began to flow all around in every direction. Each gaining flow as they went downhill in multiple directions. What happened?

Does that scare you or encourage you? Do you have understanding? Yes, it is about Covid and the church shutdown. I will bring life out of stagnation. Not all will recover, but many will thrive again in different ways.

Help is coming to recue My people from darkness. Truth will reign again as scoffers will be silenced. The enemy lies, but he will be exposed. Be bold for Me. Let your light shine to others.

There is much to learn about where My Son walked. It is all interesting. But more important is what He did and taught and lived out before His disciples. Now you are one of His disciples, living out your faith. People are watching you to see if your faith is real. You are not perfect, no one is. I have redeemed you. I have called you by name, you are Mine.


You are Mine. What does that mean? I own you. You have given yourself to Me. Your life is in My hands. I can use you for My purposes.

Discover what is means to love again. Yes, you loved before and deeply, but you were hurt. Now you are learning to love again, building trust and relationship. How many times did My people turn away from following Me? How many times did I draw them back to forgive and heal? My love was constantly wooing them. It was they who turned away in their hearts. They were deceived by other attractions which enticed their flesh. Isn’t that a sad picture? How could it been avoided? Did they ever know My love?

Sunshine, parties, happiness, celebrations, joy – is this what life is about? I created all this because I knew My people would like them. That is a part of a sabbath too. Spending time with Me in My Presence, experiencing My love and kindness. Is that deeper? Yes, and more lasting, more rewarding. I am your Creator and Savior.

Yes, I will speak to you if you seek after Me, even in a different situation than you are used to. Trust Me. The world is full of troubles, not just in your country, but in many places. Pray for the lost of the world.

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To seek after truth and knowledge is good, but to seek after Me is better by far, for I am the Source of all that you need. Bring an offering of praise and thanks. Bring what you have to give in yourself.

Yes, I will guide you in many ways as you submit your will to Mine. Observation, then insight. Truth, knowledge, then wisdom. Caution, direction, then freedom. Somethings will come in twos, others in threes. Catalog, organize, filter, search.

Many lies are spoken today against My people and against Me. I will come and bring justice and truth. Lies not only deceive, but they can bring false hatred, hatred without any basis and personal reality. How can you win over your brother when you have done nothing to harm him? Division is the enemy of the church. Loves heals and restores, My love restores completely.


There is so much to life to know. I am your Source. It is as simple as that. Come to Me and I will teach you. As different as your life may be and as unique your current situation, I have been there. Is that comforting? If anyone lacks wisdom, let him come to Me and ask. My wisdom is simple, pure, peaceable and best. It will take your faith to respond to what I know.

It’s not that I will speak mysteries to you, you will understand clearly. You will exercise your faith to trust Me to move forward. The way not be all known, but if I am with you, does it matter? Did I not lead My people in the wilderness? There will be new opportunities you couldn’t have imagined before. I see the end from the beginning, and it is good, very good.

People are coping as they need to. You can grow and prosper because of My dealings with you and in you. Submit your will to Mine. Rescue the lost from perishing.

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Is it too much to ask for you to seek Me throughout the day? I will speak to you words of life. I will comment on your life. This is what abiding with Me is all about. You will become so used to hearing My voice, that you can seek Me at any time in any place. Will you have to record everything I say? That is up to you.

When you are open to Me, good things will happen, for I am good. Be a blessing to others. Be creative. The days will come when people will long for the manifestation of the sons of God. That will happen when I come again to bring justice to the earth. Chaos will happen and people will be desperate for someone to bring order.

Will you be a watchman or a reporter? Who will search My Word for truth? Deception will come even to the elect, who are not informed with My Word. Seeds are being sown to bring doubt on everything. Be wise and careful, discerning the times. Still the gospel will be proclaimed throughout the whole world.


What are your thoughts about race? I made everyone, so I purposely made people different in size, shape and color of skin, level of intelligence, some with handicaps of mind and body. I called out the Jewish people to be separate. For some the skin color helped them in the climate they lived in. Some of the conditions were the result of sin by Adam and Eve. Some were strong and others weak. For many years, the people were one with one language. Because I could see how they were rebelling against Me, I divided them with different languages.

Because of sin there has always been a rivalry of peoples and nations, even warring and hatred. I sent My Son to heal that hatred, with the command to love one another as I have loved you and to love your neighbor as yourself. It takes the grace of God to overcome these divisions. Slavery, oppression and cruelty against one another is the extreme. I raised up deliverers to change laws and hearts.

Why do people war and fight? Why did Cain kill Abel? Sin stands in dark contrast with My holiness and righteousness. My justice demands punishment. My Son paid the price to cover sin for those who will believe.

Is racism systemic in every heart? Yes, but most can overcome and control it within by My grace. Love overcomes evil with good.

Did you feel good about sending that note? I think that will help her too. Be at peace. This will take time to heal on all sides.

Yes, how I can inspire My people to praise Me. It is a gift of the heart. Be mindful and learn from him. Making melody in the heart is more than a voice or tune. I am pleased with all My children’s voices. He is blessed to praise Me in this way.

I will lift up the dawn of a new day. Let the sun shine in. Rejoice and be glad for your King is coming with His angels and the host of heaven. What a day it will be for My people to see the victory displayed over sin and death and evil.

Israel, My land and My People. Someday it will all come together as one in Me. The world will mourn, but Me people will rejoice. Great is the Name of the Lord forevermore.

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Study the minor prophets and I will teach you how to hear things that don’t make sense to you. For the meaning is for a future time. It will be like a parable, a story with a hidden meaning. Phrases will come and you will record them. Visions will come and you will describe them. Take notes on what you read as in a commentary. Look up words for understanding. Be as detailed as if you were explaining to another in the detail you would like to read for understanding. Pray for understanding. This will train your spirit to hear.

Some sections have historical narrative, some will have poetry, some prophetic regarding current events at the time and some will be prophetic about future events.

This will be My gift to you. A purpose for this time in your life. This will keep you focused on Me, away from the distractions of this world. Be faithful to work on this, yet balanced, not consuming time with others who are important to you.

Did you understand what I am asking now that you have started? It is for you to pray over the verses for meaning, especially the prophetic. Continue as you have started.

I will enter His courts with praise.


How would you describe the rebellion in your land? Think about My perspective. How much have I done for your country? How much have I blessed My people to use them to spread the gospel and to help the needy of the world? Sin abounds and they rejoice. My people are asleep in their selfish pursuit of comfort. Where is the voice of My Spirit being spoken? Where is My Word being lifted-up? Yes, a few, brave few speak, but who is listening? People are stirred and entertained for a short while. Then they turn back to worldly lusts.

Hosea and other prophets spoke with their lives and voice to a rebellious people, long ago corrupted by the lies of the enemy. The love of many have grown cold. Wicked and evil men are in power, oppressing the people. I allowed terrorism and now plagues. Senseless death abounds. Sexual perversion abounds. The signs are clear. Watch for more.

People longed for the Messiah to come to rescue and deliver them, but they did not recognize Him. My people long for My return, but the world is ill prepared. My grace has not ceased, and I will draw many to Myself in their suffering. There is some time, so be about My business.

This is not new to you, for I have spoken this before. You have made choices and changes to make yourself available to Me and this is good. I will cover your weaknesses and your strength will come from Me. I have given you a voice. Use it wisely.

It is not for you to know the times and the seasons. But you know what My Word says and that provides enough for now. I am watching to see how people respond to these trials. Most just want them to end without recognizing any need to change. It was My grace that caused the people of Nineveh to repent. Who will bring the warning? Who will listen?


Open your ears to hear words of life and truth. The king gave the orders and his people obeyed out of fear. You have leaders who make orders, but the people have rebellion in their hearts. You are an independent people, strong willed, using your freedom to go your own way. They have this attitude in reading My Word. They take what they like and agree with, but they live as they choose. Most don’t want to be confronted with their sinful ways. Even you in the flesh. The Spirit brings forth real life for those who obey.

There is a freedom in Christ from the demands of the sinful flesh and the penalty for sin. That freedom was paid for with a high price. There is a freedom to live fully empowered by My Spirit. There is a freedom from the burden and guilt of sin and shame. The accuser has no basis for a charge.

There will be a freedom on that day from the burden of the flesh, the limitations of the sinful flesh. O what a day! You can experience what that will be like as you say no to your sinful flesh and yes to My Spirit. Blessed is the man who has no temptations to sin. Blessed is the man who is covered by My righteousness.

Is it too much to ask for you to come before Me often? I have much a say and reveal to you. You will be blessed. People are dying in their sins and unbelief. Does this bother you, even though you don’t know them personally? Can you pray for people in other countries? Though many are coming to Me as My Spirit works, many refuse to believe in Me. Pray that their hearts will change.


Do not be surprised by the variations in the response to the virus. People are different, some cautious and others not. Fear is driving a lot of what is happening. The claims of science is misleading. Just like climate change there is bias making things political at this time. Be prudent.

You are experiencing more dreams which challenge you. It is hard to know reality in a dream. Focus on Me. Call upon Me.

Doors will open for you to share My Truth. Be patient, yet available and alert. Don’t cast these pearls before swine. Allow others to discern. Where there is life, there is a life-giver. Be a life-giver to others. I will help you.

My will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I see it done before Me. My plan is unfolding for all to see. Some rejoice and others will mourn, not because Me, but because of themselves. Lift them up before Me, even those you love. I have not stopped loving My people. I will love them to the end.

You need to talk. I will help you both. Be at peace. I put you together and I will keep you together as a testimony. Be realistic. Love overcomes.


It will be hard for those who reject Me. That decision will lead to turmoil and strife and frustration. They will blame Me for what is happening to them, but it is their own choices which put them on the path to destruction. That path may look appealing at first. But it will grow harder to travel on, with others fighting them. They will not be able to see the way back to Me. Death will seem better than living.

Pray for the lost to remove the hardness covering their hearts. Pray that the blinders the enemy has placed over their eyes will be removed. Pray that each trial they come to will make them decide again about Me. Pray that My mercy will be shown to them.

My love for you will never change. It won’t let you remain in sin without the conviction of My Spirit and comments from those who know you best. Is that ok? Sin starts in little thoughts, that come back again. The flesh likes to think about sin. Some sin breaks out in flashes like anger when pride and self don’t get their way or like lustful thoughts when an attractive girl is seen. Put to death your flesh and renew your mind with My Word. Recognize the seeds of sin and subdue them quickly. Am I being too practical?

I know you for I made you. You are a man, redeemed from the curse of the law, by the blood that paid the high price. Now receive the grace I have in abundance for those who believe in Me and love Me.

Jesus said, “If your eye sins against you, pluck it out.” As you have discovered this is not to be taken literally, but to note how serious sin is, for it brings the judgment of death, death in hell. Sin is not something to be played with. How much can I get away with? How far will My grace cover you? Did not Jesus pay for it all on the cross? While these statements are true, you must understand the whole of My Word. If hell doesn’t bring out fear, then what will? Think about your worst ugly, dangerous, fearful experience and consider that going on for eternity. Sin destroys.

Come follow Me and I will give you life. Come follow Me and you will see miracles and wonders with your eyes. Come follow Me and the kingdom of God will expand as people come to Me for salvation. What a better invitation can I make to You? I am the Author of Life and I will bring life through you to others. My Words are Life and Truth.

My Truth doesn’t change. I know what is best for My people, those who call upon My Name. As long as they remain unstained by the world, they will be fine. But the world is consuming My people as they give in to its philosophies of humanism and self.


The wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. You know this verse because you speak it to others. Learn more verses so that you can share them when My Spirit gives you the opportunity. Listen to the words of life and speak them to others. Yes, now I can speak to you at other times during the day and My words can be retained. Come to Me as often as you like. I am always here for My people, day and night. My sheep know My voice.

Is My Spirit able to remind you of what I have said? Can He teach you? Is He Wisdom and Truth? He knows all Truth. When you are idle, can you pray in My Spirit? Can you intercede as I lead you? Yes, believe these words. You are limited in your mind by what you have seen and heard, but I have all knowledge. You can put more in, or you can ask Me. It’s like going to the cloud in your modern terminology, but so much more.

You don’t want to see the false knowledge of this world for it comes from man and is influenced by the god of this world. There is a battle waging for the truth, not just about worldly things, but for spiritual things. Keep your eyes on Me and you won’t be deceived. My Word is Truth and it is Life for all who love it.

All that I have is free for the asking. It can’t be earned except you must seek after it. Salvation is free to you, but it was costly to Me. Can you die to yourself, deny your flesh, say yes to Me and My Spirt? That is not easy, but the rewards are great. The rewards are out of this world. They are eternal.

You heard My voice in the bedroom. You can hear My voice wherever you are. Just pause and think of Me. Get your mind off the things of this world and on to the riches of My kingdom and all of My glory. What a beautiful sight!

Yes, you will receive so much it will amaze you. What to share is up to Me, not you. This is My gift to you. It is not something you have earned. So what is to boast about, mere man of the ground? No, you are more than a man of the ground, because I have redeemed you and raised you up to be with Me.

Much of what you will hear in the world will be lies, in part from the enemy, meant to deceive and mislead. But you can find the truth from Me. Even though My Word was written long ago, its truth is eternal. My principles for life don’t change.

Listen to what is said with an open heart. Learn what it means to be different and you can’t make that change. In some ways you can stand out for good, as an example of righteousness. Can people see that in you? Who do they see?

Yes and amen. This should be your respond to My Word. Yes to the historical narrative and amen to the truth taught by Jesus and My disciples. Obedience is better than sacrifice. It is not enough to agree only, but to do what it says and how My spirit leads you in response to My Word. These truths are basic, and I will repeat them until you accept them fully.

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