This is a season to pray more, being led by My Spirit, for larger issues – the church, nations, people groups. Individuals want and need prayer, and I will give them a testimony. Learn about a watchman, but more than to give a warning of coming danger. Discern the issues, the times and pray. It is a blending of prophet and intercessor and priest. Nehemiah, Daniel, Moses, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Elijah. I asked many of My prophets to pray. They advised kings.

Submit to the needs of the chaplaincy for this will lead to greater fruitfulness. Let Me guide you. This is an opportunity to shape the work into an effective ministry for the inmates and staff. This season of restriction will pass and many opportunities will abound and be fruitful.

The world is full of problems that only I can solve. Focus on Me and not the problems. I see the end from the beginning. I know what is in your heart. Give your fears over to Me.


There is a time to rejoice and a time to mourn. Life has its ups and downs. Do not minimize people’s pain and hurts. People experience the effects of evil and sin. Anyone suffering through bondage and slavery has almost permanent scars of the heart and mind. When that is reinforced through continuing prejudice and bias, it is hard to find healing for the soul. Only by My grace can a person forgive and heal.

Poverty enslaves. Imprisonment enslaves. Prostitution enslaves. Addiction enslaves. Power and wealth can enslave in a different way, corrupting the soul and mind. Pride reinforces bigotry. Sin enslaves until it is forgiven and released. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Only a forgiven person can truly forgive.

Hatred demeans the value of another, so that their life has little or no meaning, making the way for violence and even death. Hatred reinforces prejudice. Labeling a person in judgment without knowing the person is wrong and foolish. Look into the mirror and see if you want to be labeled. Even behavior does not define a person. I see the heart. I see the lostness of the soul.

No one is exempt from My love and grace to change and be reborn anew in My kingdom, even to the end. What made you seek after Me?

I brought you through that trial, though your patience was running out. Did you forget to pray? My grace is sufficient, but prayer helps. Rejoice and be glad for your name is recorded in heaven. It is easy to get distracted, so stay focused on Me. Let My Word wash over you.


Can you understand the importance and significance of what is going on today? This is significant to accomplish what is needed in My kingdom of people. Most people have been isolated so I could deal with each one separately. Have they called upon Me? Some have. Some don’t know what to do. Trials test what things are made of. Some rely on the pastor and those over them. Pastors are important in shaping the flock. But being a disciple is about a relationship with Me.

The prepared virgins were prepared because they had a relationship with Me and My Spirit. It seems hard when I said I do not know you to the others and barred them from entering. Were they lost forever? No, but did not partake of My celebration. I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.

Sometimes the decision point is yes or no, with nothing in between. There is no curve of righteousness, with one better than another. For it is My righteousness that counts, and you have it or you don’t. I give it freely, but you must receive it in My way. It doesn’t matter who or what you were before coming to Me, but only what you did when I confronted you with the opportunity to believe in Me. By My grace I may come many times to a person, because people are praying. I see the end from the beginning and sadly some will never bend their knee before Me, except when forced to do so, when the truth is made unmistakably clear to them.

I will show you truths that must be found with much searching and diligence. Parables hide the truth, so that by My Spirit it will be revealed to those who are searching after the truth found in Me. Do all the conditions relating to My kingdom have to be met before you can enter? No, but each has its application and meaning for certain people. I have created a variety of people, living in many varied conditions and times. In simplest terms, all who call upon Me will be saved. For others, it is a deeper choice. By My grace you may not realize it at the time the importance of your decision. I see the heart.

Be careful what you teach. Allow room for My Spirit to enlighten and explain to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. My revelations to you are both private and personal, but also for others to see. I think you realize this.

My cup runneth over – I am a God of abundance and blessing, especially for those who call upon My Name.


I will give you rest. Let your mind focus on who I am. I do not change, so My qualities remains the same. I am always available to you. I will speak to you as much as you are willing to listen. Whatever the subject, I can speak to you about it. I can reveal to you what I have already revealed in My Word, for that doesn’t change either.

I am not boring like looking at a rock. Consider a majestic mountain. It can remain fixed in place and thus from a particular location look the same. But when you bring changes of light and weather, the view will look different. Your view of the water in front of you, it will change in similar ways. It is interesting.

There is so much about who I am to reveal, that you can never exhaust seeking to know Me. Can you grasp how many creatures I have made and the uniqueness of their qualities over their lifespan and ages? Apply this to plant life. Apply this to peoples.


Consider My love for you and others. Think about all the ways I have shown love to those in the scriptures. As much as they may have rebelled, rejected, sinned against Me, I still loved them enough to forgive and heal and restore. My Son paid the price for all. So what is needed to receive My love, as vast and complete and full and able and willing to come? My love knows the heart. Is My love less because of My justice, people will suffer consequences for their sins as individuals and as peoples I nations? How does My grace come out of My love? How does My mercy come out of My love?

Can you be like Me? I have made you in My image and likeness. I have given you My Spirit.

Put your mind to work on the things of God. Let Me guide you. Resist the urge to get caught up in the affairs of this world, for it is fading away. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

I have given you much. Be careful not to miss what I am saying to you. Ask Me for understanding. I will teach you in the night. I will teach you in the day. Come to Me often.


What is today? How is it different than any other day? Where is your hope? Can you overcome fear? My people longed for the days of old, the familiar, the predictable. They wandered seemingly aimlessly in the wilderness, consuming time and people until the debt was paid. Is there a future? Is there a challenge? Were your activities merely something to do, or were they accomplishing something of value in My kingdom? If you are feeling this way, what are others experiencing? Can you lead them out of the wilderness into the promised land?

Just a short time ago, you sensed a new relationship with Me, as you came more often to listen. Has that changed? Are you still touched that I am willing to speak to you? Is this precious to you? Nothing will satisfy unless it comes from Me. I am the way, the truth and the life. I am life. I am the resurrection. I have the words of eternal life. Come follow Me. As you follow Me, lead others.

Pray with a new sense of purpose, not only in My Spirit, but as My Spirit directs you in English. Do you trust Me for your life? Pray for other leaders to draw them out of this too. The enemy has meant this to silence the church, to keep them from doing My kingdom work. When will My people rise up?

In other countries the threat of death is real, yet they continue on trusting Me. Sadly, this unseen threat has affected them as well. You are right to examine your life and to see what I see. It is good to refocus what you are doing. Much was just religious. The harvest field is all around you.

You long for My coming and this is good. There is much wrong in the world. People have come to the end of themselves. The sinful selfish nature of people is evident. Will My church, My people be a beacon of light, shining the way to life? Call upon My Spirit to empower you again.

There is a generation that is looking for purpose and meaning. All people have this need in them. When you came to Me, this was your need. You sensed a lack of purpose. When I came into your life, you wanted to follow Me down a new path. Everything became fresh and new in My kingdom. There was joy in you heart.

You have weathered the storms of life to this point and you will get through this time as well, stronger, more believing, more able to sense My leading. Each day can be a fresh array of opportunity and challenge. I have given you a platform, a voice to My people. Lead them as I lead you.

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A new day, fresh with opportunities. Don’t hide away. The fields are ripe for the harvest. Souls are being lost everyday without Me. This should disturb you and stir you. Who knows you enough to see your witness? Words matter for people can draw wrong conclusions. They have impressions of religious people from their past experiences. Without your personal testimony, they will presume you are religious. Be friendly and winsome, but seek to go beyond the surface to see into their heart as My Spirit reveals.

You are back and eager for more, so am I. Give and it shall be given you. Seek and you shall find. Do you remember these couplets of wisdom? Can you find more in My Word?

I will sing, I will dance before My Lord on that day. What is inside will come out. Receive the joy of your Master.


Books will be written of all that I am doing in My people. Greater things than this shall you do because I go to be with My Father. My Spirit is greater in different ways and He can be with all of My people, even here in heaven He is teaching. He is how you are hearing Me. You have a receiver in your spirit. He has turned it on to hear from Me. Even if you are not “hearing” Me, He is still speaking to your spirit bringing My teaching and insight. Pray in My Spirit and you will be completing the loop of communication. You are programmed from the beginning to know Me, but you must be born again by My Spirit for that to happen.

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Turn back to Me, not away. I will heal you. You have found strength in My Word.


There is an enemy monitoring what people do and say. My Spirit is greater in every way. Pray in My Spirit and you will thwart the schemes of the devil. My Spirit is like a scrambler, jamming the communications of the enemy. When My people praise Me, it sends a signal that drives the enemy crazy. The enemy, who sought the praise of men, will be denied. The enemy sought the praise of My Son, but was told to worship the Lord, your God only.


I will protect My people, those who trust in Me. The enemy is defeated, but he attacks and lies as if he is not. We must choose who to believe. We must call upon our God. Pray for those going through trials and hardships, especially when the battle is prolonged. How good is your faith? Do you expect to be instantly delivered from a trial? How many times will you pray in a trial? Will you praise Me in a trial? Will you thank Me in a trial?


I am with My people for good. I heal hearts and make them new. Sin loses its power as My people cry out to Me. My Word transforms. Do not fear for I will provide. I am your healer. Bow before Me in worship. Put aside your idols of man.


Give of yourself and I will give you more to give. I am with you to help you reach the men, to help them find their help in Me. Be a witness, give a testimony. Pray and fast for them.


There is a pathway that leads to the throne of God. It starts with repentance, salvation and restoration, then filling with My Spirit, then submission and obedience. Now you are prepared to bring forth praise and thanks to your Maker and Lord. You walk confidently on the path before you, doing what is there to do in My anointing and power. Blessings and provision abound. Peace and joy surround you. Each day is new with life. Sometimes it is just abiding in My Presence, communing, listening, learning, feasting to satisfy your soul and spirit. Occasionally life grows hard to expand your roots of trusting and dependency, faith building character. You have a testimony. People are attracted to you for you have found the way to life.

Psalm 1, 23, Micah 6:8, John 14:6


I enjoy our time together. Can we do this more often? Can you hear Me when other thoughts are competing? Come before Me at lunchtime. Present yourself as if coming before a king. Come into My courts with thanksgiving and praise. Bring an offering, the gift of an eager heart.

I will come to you as much as you seek after Me. I will train your ears to hear even more than you do now. Be open and respond in faith. You will be blessed as you bless others.

I am with you as always, speaking into your life and future.  I am glad that you trust Me. Trust is more than faith. It is surrender.

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What is the nature of man? He has My nature, but he chose long ago to rebel in disobedience. He has desire to seek after Me. But he also has a nature to avoid My scrutiny or examination of what he is thinking and doing. Men will fail you – leaders, police, preachers, friends, family. You will fail yourself, doing what you don’t want to do, saying harmful words, believing lies about another, doubting My Word and who I am. Confess your sins one to another. Seek reconciliation and peace. All fall short of the glory of God and the way of righteousness. Only in Me can you find truth. Don’t relish the failures of man. Pray and intercede for them to repent, to call upon Me, to seek after the ways of My Spirit and My Son.


Watch and believe in Me. I am an anchor for your soul. You are helping people hear from My Spirit. Keep your words personal. Not all will hear and understand. My Words are truth to be sought after.


I control your destiny and your steps to get there. This is the heritage for those who submit themselves to My Lordship and rule. The world is going one way and My people are going My way. Keep your eyes on the King. Live for Him and for His glory.


Appearances can deceive. A poor man can be rich. A rich man can owe so much, he is poor. With My Spirit you can discern inner peace or troubling confusion. Who knew that a tax collector could be one of My apostles, let alone a disciple? I see the heart. I see the eager spirit. Seek the truth found in Me.


Be at peace. I know all that you need to know. Just ask Me. The world is changing quickly. I am exposing the hearts of many. Rejoice and be glad for I am coming and I will make everything right. I am pleased when My people seek after Me. It is not about performance. It is about relationship. I am making you into My image and character. Is that alright? Yes, it is good.


There is a choice to make. Are you going to serve Me or yourself? What is your desire? Where is your hope? What does the future hold for you? Are you abiding with Me? Even during the day? How many times do you think of Me? Do you praise Me? Do you thank Me for My sacrifice for you?

In everything bring Me praise and thanks. Be aware of what I have done for you and what I am doing now for you. Don’t lose sight of your need for Me.

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I will help you. Who can understand these things? My Word is alive. Search after the truth you need.


The steps of a good man are directed by the Lord. Commit your way unto the Lord, and He will direct your steps. Seek the Lord while He can be found. Trust also in Him.


Break from the past in your thinking. Imagine what the future will look like in My kingdom. Can you grasp the peace in the land, the shalom, the security, the absence of strife?


Many will come to Me on that day and I will welcome them. I am a God of salvation and life.  I hear every cry. I see every tear. Crying over one’s sins is good, for it means the heart is tender. The proud will not understand this. To say that you don’t need God is very foolish. Is it wrong to cry out to Me many times? No, I welcome everyone. The sinner recognizes his need for a Savior, but he must also repent of his sinfulness and be willing to change. He will not see victory until he does repent. Do not be quick to judge, but rather have a heart of compassion.


Be not afraid for the enemy is defeated on the cross. My kingdom is not of this world. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. The King is alive and victory over death is in His hand and on His lips.


I am doing a cleansing, a deep cleaning in the hearts of man. There is no free culture without bias and prejudices. Slavery and oppression have existed continuously since the fall of man in the garden. Only in Me can the heart change. Examine your heart. Let Me show you what is there.

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Be prepared, make yourself available, offer a listening ear, an encouraging voice, someone who will pray.


Can you offer yourself to Me? I know what people need. They need a Savior, a Teacher, a Guide, a Lord to follow.

What is the answer to strife? Repentance and humility, forgiveness, justice, kindness


What matters the most to you? In your isolation, are you alone or with Me? As you see the men of old walking in the limited revelation they had, could you do that? What about those who were disciples, witnessing the miracles firsthand – could that be you? As you see men today walking in the power of My Spirit, doing what I have called them to do – could you do that too? It takes faith to walk with Me, faith that is alive and active, not just a one-time event.


What is the goal of life?  Is it not to walk humbly and in loving submission to Me, your Creator God? I have redeemed you with the blood of My Son, so that you can be with Me. Is there anything that really matters besides this? I control the length of days you will live. I have a plan and calling for your life. Walk in it as I reveal it to you.


I will grant you wisdom for the asking. By yourself you can only do so much, but with My help and direction you can accomplish much. Look at Gideon. Look at Elijah. Am I asking you to do great things? Not necessarily. But I do want you to do what I have called you to do. It will be great for those who benefit from what I do through you. I have asked you to pray. Pray with fresh eyes and ears depending on My Spirit. You will know when it is time to resume your activities. Be patient.


I am pointing out the sinfulness of man – prejudice, selfishness, greed, envy, yes all of the sins mentioned in My Word. Sinners will sin and more so when they think they can get away with it, when they have an excuse. If they don’t know Me, they don’t understand that I see everything and that they will face judgment for their actions.

I am pointing out the oppression that most experience in the world, the hopelessness, the fear of death without Me. I am pointing out the foolishness of man’s wisdom and knowledge. The reliance on himself – science, technology, medicine, which can and will fail.

The love of many will grow cold, as many will allow their pent up hatred to take over. Soon it will be more than person against person, but nation against nation. My people will stand out for good, but also as a target for lies and ridicule. See how they treated My Son. People will act on lies and deceit. People will resist a moral authority in their rebellion.

Pride deceives as a man thinks what he has is because of his actions and ability, rather than My graciousness and goodness. Every person needs to experience their own time as Job did – what are they relying on, what is within themselves when the pressure is on. Some will seek after Me in their desperation and hopelessness. Most will turn to other gods of man and demons.

Don’t despair, for I am coming soon, and My kingdom will reign over all in righteousness and justice.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By faith, the world was made. Soon it will all be remade into a world where My kingdom will reign. The sons of man will rule with Me in My glory and power.

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Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I am the God of the living. I Am that I Am. I am the only God. There is no other besides Me. I am Faithful and True, the beginning and the end. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.


I am for you. As a loving father gives gifts to his children, so do I give gifts to Mine. Love is not doting or spoiling, but it is generous and gracious.

We know that God’s love is sacrificial, unconditional. God is full of grace and mercy, which we all need. For by grace through faith we are saved and not of yourselves. It is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.


I will rescue you. Do not be afraid. Come to Me all who labor, and I will give you rest. Take up My yoke. Let Me partner with you. Rather partner with Me in our business of the kingdom.


Insight, wisdom, understanding, foreknowledge, intuition – these things are from Me so that you can move in the Spirit.


Rejoice and be glad, for your name is written in the book of life. I created you with a purpose. I knew all about you. You are far from perfect, but your heart is good toward Me. Everyone is a mixture of the past sinful nature from Adam and the transformed work of My Spirit. Humility and healthy fear of Who I Am is key. Everything you are and have is from Me. Pray with fresh wind from My Spirit. Put yourself in their place with revelation from My Spirit.


Love your wife in as many ways as she wants or needs. How do I want you to show Me your love? To love Me is to obey My commands and My Words – willingly, joyfully, with a desire to please Me. Can your lips praise and thank Me for who I AM and what I have done and am doing for you? Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


Be grateful, express kindness and good things. Let your feelings be known. Be hopeful and positive. These expressions of love can be contagious in a good way. All people want these things. Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. My Truth builds up.

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Where there is love, there I am. Can you love as I love? Love one another as I have loved you. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace. My thoughts are for you and not against you.


Give of yourself to Me and I will transform you into a vessel worthy of the King of kings. You are an earthen vessel with a Treasure that is infinitely of value.

What is glory to you? Is it like the beauty of a flower blossom? Is it like a sunset glowing in the clouds? Is it like rugged mountain peaks dusted with snow and surrounded with forests? Who made all that?


The heart is wicked and deceitful, but I can transform it and make it a heart of flesh, pliable in My hand. Behold I make all things new. The old has passed away. The seed contains new life to spring up after it dies in the ground. If anyone wants to follow Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross. I am the example of full obedience to My Father. Can you submit your will to My Spirit and live for Me fully? Yes, I will help you. Keep your eyes on Me.

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Listen and you will hear words of righteousness. If you obey, is that being righteous? Can you be righteous in yourself? Can you retain My righteousness if I give it to you? How can you overcome your sin nature from Adam?


I will tell you many things – about yourself and about others. Are you ready? Watch out for your neighbor, your brother in the Lord, your friend, your enemy. Stand in the gap for them. Defend them. Call upon Me for mercy and forgiveness. Did I not say? – Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Can you bear their shame before Me? This is who a real intercessor is. If you never do another thing, is that OK, except to pray? Make that your priority.

Learn from the prophets of old. They had to be selfless. None of them wanted to be a prophet. It did not bring honor, but shame. People don’t want to really hear what I have to say, for I can speak mysteries about the future, expose sin, demand holiness, speak words of life – that will bring forth the life I desire. Does it take faith to hear? Yes, but more to speak what you hear. Do not expect your leaders to follow Me. Yet I will guide them to accomplish My purposes. I can turn everything and any thing into good. Hardship brings correction in righteousness. People listen when they are desperate. Will they repent? Will you repent?

You learned the desires of your boss. My Word reveals Truth and I do not change. Dig for the Truth, as My Spirit reveals.

Mention them before Me. Carry their burdens. Everyone needs what I have to give – what I gave on the cross at a price. Saturate your mind with My Word. Replace the evil thoughts with Truth and Life.


Be careful and wise. Let Me guide you. Can you see the growth in the Spirit I have taken you? You have influenced many for good, but there is more that you can do. You cannot rest on what you have done in the past, except for giving your life over to Me in faith, believing Me for your salvation and eternal life. Every day is a new opportunity. Finish strong maintaining your faith to the end. Allow My Spirit to stretch you forward, closer to Me and My ways. You have the mind of Christ.


I will come when no one is expecting Me to come. I will come to My own in all My glory with My angels and those who have put their faith in Me from ages past to the present. It will seem like a comet with those following Me full of My radiance. The skies will be darkened. My people will see and turn to Me. Everything will seem to stand still on that day. Every eye will see Me. My enemies will face judgment and justice. I will restore what the enemy has made corrupt with sin. My new world will come to glorify Me forever. A new gospel of the kingdom will be established on the hearts of man. Time will stop and restart anew. Men will hide in fear, but there will be no hiding. All will give account. The righteous will shine with My glory in their hearts.

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The Lord is worthy of all praise in the universe. He showed us love in the fullness, sacrificial, unconditional, complete. We receive Him by faith and grace He supplies. We are transformed into new life. Praise His Holy Name.

Live for Me and you will discover My love. Abide in Me and in My Word. Be filled to overflowing by My Spirit. Then you will bear witness to the Light within you.


Rejoice o sleeper, rejoice in the Lord your Maker. What have you done for yourself that is worth anything? The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Apart from Me you can do nothing of real value.


What will you learn about Me? Share your effort with friends for prayer. Read My Word daily to expand your love for Me.


Love – do you love My Word? My commands restrain you from evil and sin. I love you to keep you from hurting yourself, as a loving father disciplines his children and trains them in the right way to live. My commands bring forth life in the inner man. I made you and I know what is best for you. Obedience to My Word triumphs over sin and death. The enemy is pushed back. The shield of faith brings peace and joy and contentment.


I have protected you. Do what is important, valuable, life-giving – yes what is written in My Word to you. My Truth frees and gives life. Guard your heart. Guard what comes out of your mouth. Guard what goes into your mind.


Who am I to you? Are you willing to be corrected? A trial brings out what is in a man. His real character is tested. Who does he run to for help? Does he trust in himself? You can be tested by need or abundance. A need is more acute and immediate – health issue, financial issue, sin issue, relationship issue. Abundance and prosperity develops over time as one increases. Riches and possessions can enslave the mind into a false sense of security, diverting you away from dependence on Me. Who am I to you?


The world will change, but I do not change. I am still love and I love those who call upon Me. The cross is foolishness because no one is willing to lay down their life for strangers, let alone give up their only son. Justice and mercy are both a part of love. Justice because My holiness demand punishment for sin. Mercy because I forgive sinners who ask Me to forgive their sin. I paid the price for them. Sin destroys, but love saves and heals the soul and heart. I will see that justice is done.

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