Received 6-10-19

I and the Father are One. Did that surprise you how much I spoke of My Father? I was sent by My Father on a mission to represent Him, and in obedience to die on the cross bearing the sins of mankind, to make atonement and a way to restore the relationship with man to the Father. He loves you. We love you.

Received 6-11-19

Be open and truthful. Let no words of deceit cross your lips. Rejoice and believe My Word. Let Me carry your burdens. I have prepared the way for you to the Father. Declare the truth in the heavenlies and on earth.

Received 6-12-19

Rejoice and fill your heart with gladness, for the King is coming to make everything right, to rescue the lost and to bring justice to the oppressed. Every eye shall see Him coming in the sky. Repent and believe for the kingdom of heaven is near. This is a message from of old and still relevant today. Nothing has changed about sin and the need for a Savior. My love will overcome evil. My grace overcomes sin. My truth overcomes the lies of the world and the enemy.

Received 6-13-19

When all is said and done, when all of your life is spent, what will matter most?

Received 6-14-19

Don’t worry about your life. How long you will live. Live for Me each day, listening to My Spirit.

Received 6-15-19

Begin to set aside time for worship and praise. Let joy arise in your heart. Reflect on all that I have done for you – salvation , deliverance, provision, protection, eternal life, forgiveness, healing, joy, love, and peace.

Received 6-16-19

Pay attention to your leaders. Show them honor. I will anoint them with insight and truth. Even you will know what is important to know.

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Received 6-3-19

Come unto Me all who are burdened and heavy laden. Take My yoke upon you, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Keep doing what I have called you to do. You will be blessed and the people you help will be lifted up. Prayer first, then service. Let Me help you and direct your steps.

Received 6-4-19

You are stretching men to believe My Word. Take care to watch over your soul. You must be single-minded.

Received 6-5-19

My Name is to be honored. Bless the Lord O my soul. What is important? Is it knowledge of who I am? Is it doing My will? Is it in relationships? Is it in serving My body? Is it in reaching the lost and hurting? Is it in spending time with Me? It is all these things – giving of yourself to Me first and then in doing what I have for you each day.

Received 6-6-19

I will be with you when the storms come. Do not be afraid. Visit with Me throughout the day. Be enamored with My love to find grace for others. In humility serve freely and joyfully.

Received 6-7-19

In Your Name there is life and healing and power over all darkness. I have rescued you from darkness. Do not return to it. Do not entertain thoughts of it. Whatever is lovely and good, think about these things. Who am I to you?

Received 6-8-19

Uncover, seek after, search for, ask Me. How strong is your faith in Me? I will never leave you or forsake you. Is that a promise you can believe? Nothing can separate you from the love My Son gave to you on the cross.

Received 6-9-19

Come to Me. Does it have to make sense before you say yes? Listen and respond – wait upon My Spirit, ask questions and listen to His direction. Do you believe in My Word? Is every verse true, solid, worthy of trust?

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Received 6-1-19

Watch and pray. Lift up people before Me who need salvation, deliverance, healing. Rescue them from the lies of the enemy and the deceitfulness of this fallen world. You too must guard against the lure of materialism. Don’t be proud that you know the truth, be grateful and humble.

Received 6-2-19

Rejoice with Me. Carry the cross of others, bearing their burden in prayer before Me. Intercede and lift up.

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Received 5-28-19

The Light has come, move toward the Light. Leave the darkness behind. Flee every form of sin. Don’t even think about it. Rather give Me praise and thanks for what I have done for you. Pray again and again for the lost and hurting.

Received 5-29-19

Welcome to My world. I made you to appreciate what I have done. Men explore and ponder how I did it, how it all came to be. Look always to Me for answers, for direction, to discover what real life is all about.

Received 5-30-19

The words I speak to you are life and truth. Let them go deep into your soul. Trust Me to show you the way of life, personally for you.

Received 5-31-19

Put on Christ, His righteousness. Allow His Spirit to take over. Find happiness and meaning in serving Him, loving others.

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Received 5-20-19

Wait and see what I will do. Let your mind be filled with My Word. You will be blessed to read, study and meditate on My Word. Teach others what you learn and what is revealed to you.

Received 5-21-19

Rejoice, believe, follow My Spirit, lead others, witness, testify, read, study – are these words to describe living out your faith in Me? Now that you believe in Me, follow Me, learn from Me and then you will glorify Me. Others will notice your fruit and love.

Received 5-22-19

I will reveal to My people all they will need to know, when the time comes. Those of this world will mock My people for the warnings they will give. But those I have chosen will respond to the gospel out of fear. They will be attracted to the love of My people. Watch and pray and be ready. The Liar will deceive many, but I will set people free from his lies.

Received 5-23-19

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. Come to Me as a child with faith and innocent trust. Obey My Spirit with a joyful ready heart.

Received 5-24-19

Be patient and wise. Allow Me to work in your behalf. Trust Me to do the impossible.

Received 5-25-19

Rest in the knowledge of who you are in Me. You must lay claim to what I have done for you. Who I am in you is who I am. Just as I am the fullness of God, so too are you the fullness of Me. We have come to make Our home in you, transforming you into Our likeness. Your faith in Me is the measure of how much We can do. Your faith is a gift, which is to be received.

Received 5-26-19

My Spirit is working. He is leading My people. He is My Representative. He is in you to reach others with the truth of the gospel.

Received 5-27-19

I will never leave you or forsake you. Precious is the little one, the forgotten one, the lonely one – those who cry out to Me in their need. I will rescue them and lift them up out of their pit. Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall see God. Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. No one can come to Me in unbelief. Even the cry of desperation, like a net thrown out randomly, is still done with some faith. I have nothing to lose he says in his heart. I have brought them to this point of need. The enemy thinks he is destroying, but I am rescuing the lost.

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Received 5-13-19

My body has many members with many stories, gifts, pain, personalities. The pain and hurt draws them away from themselves seeking relief. Yes, a few come to Me early before the struggle. They find My love and stay near embracing My will. Life can be full of challenges, attacks from the enemy, stain from sin in the world. A testimony is born through struggle and victory is won through faith in Me. I am the Source for Life. I will gather My body to Me.

Received 5-14-19

Watch for the day to come, the day that changes everything. Do not be passive about your faith, but always believe in Me. Meditate on My promises so that your mind and spirit will be strengthened in who I am.

Received 5-15-19

Give Me glory and follow after Me, doing what I did, proclaiming the truth of the gospel, showing men the way of repentance and faith in Me.

Received 5-16-19

Trust Me for everything – your health, your future. What makes a man if it is not his relationship with Me, submitted and led by My Spirit. Nothing in this world counts. Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness.


Received 5-17-19

There is a time for everything under the sun. My time is different from yours. My time is always now, though I am not limited by your time. I will give you all the grace you need. I have already blessed you and you recognize this. Wait upon Me, seeking My Presence.

Received 5-18-19

What will be the story of your life? Who will tell it? Who will listen to it? I know your story because I am making it to be what I desire for you. I am shaping you with every experience, with every person you encounter and know. You are a part of My body.

Received 5-19-19

Yes, it is good to imagine what it was like to be with Me as My disciple. It was work. It was sacrifice. It was faith and challenge to leave behind everything to follow Me. They saw My healings, miracles. They heard My teachings. They struggled to believe what they were seeing.

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Received 5-6-19

Rejoice with Me for the son was lost and now he is found. Every day there are celebrations. My Spirit is at work through My people to rescue the lost.

Received 5-7-19

Let your mind dwell on Me. What is the hope in your life? What do you take pleasure in? Who is your delight? Who is your strength, your comfort?

Received 5-8-19

Call upon Me. Come before Me with praise and thanksgiving. Lift up your voice in singing and joy. You can call upon Me any time of day and night, for I am always with you to watch over you.

Received 5-9-19

Watch and see if I will not respond to your prayers for others. They are loving their grandkids just as you would if you had the chance. Be mindful and pray. Give Me glory with your lips. Who has rescued you from darkness? Who is with you to bless you? Repent of your worldly ways and thoughts. Put your mind on Me and My ways.


Received 5-10-19

Rejoice and believe. Live for Me – to glorify Me by your obedience to My Word.

Received 5-11-19

Who am I to you? You are my salvation, my healer, my joy and pleasure, my comforter, my deliverer, my wisdom, my strength, my defender, my avenger, my forgiveness, my teacher, my friend, my life, my future, my hope. Who else do you turn to? Myself, my family and friends, the world. Can I not satisfy all your needs and desires?

Received 5-12-19

Give of yourself. Recognize who you are in Me and who I am in you. Thank You for covering my sin with Your righteousness. Thank You for eternal life with You. Thank You for Your wonderful Holy Spirit to help me live for You.

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