I will make a way. The darkness will not overcome My Light. It only takes a little light to remove the dark. How are My people praying? Are they looking for a solution involving political leaders? Do they really want a revival of repentance and humbling? Where is your sacrifice in prayer? You pray, but you ask for many things. Your motives are mixed and changing. You trust Me and recognize that only I can bring the real solution.

Men will say a lot of promises, but will do much less than promised. Men will compromise. Men will seek after what helps themselves in the short run. They can’t do things because of others and the cumbersome process of governing.

What am I looking for in My people? Am I really waiting for their hearts to cry out in unity and desperation? Ultimately it will be My grace that causes My action to fulfill My will. But I am moved by the prayers of My people.


Keep seeking and you will find. I have all the answers to your questions. Sometimes the answers are found just in seeking Me. Other things just aren’t very important compared to who I am.


When I work in someone’s life, I keep working. I see the end from the beginning. I know what I am doing. Just rest in Me. You won’t fully understand until the end of your days. Even then you will just have to trust in Me. What I do in one, is different than what I do in another. I like variety, but some of it depends on how you respond to your calling of faith and obedience to what is revealed to you.

Time is slowing for you so that you can focus on Me and My Word revealed and written down for all to see. Ask Me to reveal truth to you in what you read and know. You are helping others to also seek after Me.


Be gracious and kind, loving and truthful. Speak to bring life and wholeness. I am the Source of Life in its fulness.


I will guide you, just ask. I am giving you wisdom and knowledge. Rest in Me to know what to do.


Allow Me to work in you for My good.


I have provided for you in many ways. I have saved and delivered you so that you can be with Me in My holiness. I have given you My Spirit. He has helped you in ways you do not realize.

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The wages of sin is death. Many will pay this price out of ignorance and rebellion. It seems foolish to believe in an invisible God. What I have made is very visible and it confronts them every day.


What is integrity? Who can have it without My help? Man is sinful and corrupt. A man’s ways will be found out. For by grace you have been saved through faith, it is not of yourself.


I sustain what I have made. Those who seek Me know this and are cared for. Life is a blessing. The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness therein. I have made a way for you, a way that is life and fulfillment. It will not always be easy or pleasant, but it will lead to Me, the giver of life. Look for Me. Appreciate what I am doing. Give Me your praise.


Touching lives – caring, loving, rescuing, saving. How far will I go to bring salvation to the person who calls upon Me? If My gift is free and My grace unlimited, is there anyone who is ineligible or disqualified from My offer? How much faith is needed? Everyone is unworthy or undeserving. Rich or poor, sinner or saint, humble or proud. Was the thief on the cross worthy? Did he do anything to deserve, except to ask Me to remember him? Where does contrition or repentance come in? The prodigal recognized his need and unworthiness. Do the words matter in a prayer for help? Can you gain My salvation as a child and later lose it as an adult? Is there a point at near death, the question of salvation is answered? What if someone is incapable of choosing to receive My gift through disease in a coma or mental illness? If death comes instantaneously, which decision while alive is considered? I know everything, every thought, every word spoken, every deed done.


There will be an awakening different than you expect. My people will rise up to testify with boldness for the time will be short. The contrast between light and dark will be evident. Those still in the world will have a heavy burden of sin upon them. They will not understand. Few will repent and turn to Me, but those who do will be mocked by their peers. I will shine in them too. Keep praying for the lost. Do not look at their appearance.


Man’s foolishness never ceases. As long as he ignores the plain truth of My existence, his mind will deceive him. He seems infallible in his thinking. Yet he changes his mind often as some new idea comes along. His thoughts are self-centered. He feels concern over tragedy and suffering, but he won’t do much to help. He is unaware when he hurts others with his words and actions. I died for this man. Pray for him to find the truth.


Do not dismay for I am in control. I know all the days of your life and they are good. Continue to seek Me in everything. I know what you need to know. I will give you wisdom and insight. I will lead the way before you. Don’t trust on your own understanding.

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What is character? What is in a man to make him stand consistently with a set of standards for life, when others easily give in to pressure to do what others are doing, or to do what is easy, especially for the flesh? Does My Spirit change a man to give him strength of character? Yes, He trains him through trials and temptations. My Son learned obedience through what He endured at the hands of men.


Rejoice and be glad for a new day. I gave you sleep to replenish your energy and to start afresh with a new day. I could have made the earth’s rotation slower with longer days and nights, but then the temperatures would have been more different between day and night. This would have made more areas unbearably hot during the daylight, and others too cold at night. even now those living on the equator see this as do those living near the poles.


I knew no sin, but I took on your sins so that you could be righteous in Me. I am your sanctification. My Spirit is working to make you holy, set apart for works of service. You are a chosen vessel for My righteousness to dwell. Live for Me, and be led of My Spirit. Don’t yield to the desires of the flesh to sin.

My way is not easy, but it is sure and fruitful for the man who is seeking Me. I am fruitful.


Man cannot achieve certain things. I have placed limits. It is wrong to look to a man, as if he was a savior. A man will disappoint. A man will fail. A man’s life is in My hands.


I came to save and deliver people from their sins. The enemy deceives them and blinds them. They become slaves to sin. I am righteous and holy. My Spirit can transform the sinful heart. Humility and love is the way.


Live for Me. Live to please Me in your obedience and devotion.


My Spirit reigns over the earth. My Son is Lord over all. Does this bring you comfort? I have overcome the world. Even in the midst of trouble, I am with you. I will come to bring peace to the earth, but first there will be tribulation and judgment. Evil will rise up as never before. My Spirit is greater.  


I will come to restore what was lost. Will it be the same as it was originally created? No, it will be better with My Presence and Spirit available to all who call upon Me. I have revealed much, and even more will be given.

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Pray and keep praying for their souls. They are blind now to the truth right in front of them. They would rather believe the convenient lies of their friends of this world to avoid facing the reality that I exist, and that I expect a response from them.


There is a time to begin something and a time to end. Things that were good at the beginning can then become not so good over time. On the other hand, difficult things at the start can improve and become better. Circumstances change and people change. I do not change who I am. I am faithful. My time is now and forever.


There is a life that is redeemed by the blood of My Son. No matter what the sins, they can be forgiven and covered. It seems too good to be true. My grace is sufficient. The greater the need, the greater My grace and the working of My Spirit. You have been saved and this is not of yourself. It is My work in you.


People can find Me if they begin to search. I respond to the seeking heart who says there is a God. Your prayer, “Lord if you are real, I want to know You. Reveal Yourself to me” is an example of one who is genuinely seeking. You began your search in prayer and in My Word. I didn’t have to show you a sign. Your spirit began to come alive as My Spirit worked. I gave you an emptiness, which only could be satisfied in Me. You realized this the night you were prayed for, as you asked Me to come into your heart. I gave you purpose and meaning. Your life was changed. Now we meet and have fellowship.

There is a way for others. It is a path of hardship and trials to expose their need for a Savior, a God who can help them. Pray for your enemies, so that they will seed their need. Break of the chains of darkness.


This day will be busy for you, but keep thinking of Me. Love your wife. Show her kindness and attention.

4-30-22 Come and see. Look for Me today in people touching them through your words. I am constantly speaking to show My love. Here is the way. Follow

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I am with you to prosper you in what I am doing through you. I will provide and guide you. Knowledge and wisdom are My contributions. Just ask Me.


My Word will go forth to all the ends of the earth. The message of life is simple – turn to Me, believe in Me, call upon Me and you will find life in Me. I respond and bring salvation.


Be prepared with My Word solidly as your foundation for truth. The deceiver has misled many with his lies. I know what is in a man. Many were following Me not to find Me, but to gain something for themselves. People want things without paying the price to get them. There is a cost to follow Me. The gift of salvation is free, but living it out is costly, demanding your life in obedience to Me and My commands. I show the way of life, but only a few really find it. You have learned this. The level of commitment and obedience determines the rewards of sacrifice. There are lasting rewards.

All will fail without My help. The flesh is weak and easily swayed to turn aside. Rely on My Spirit to empower your spirit to remain faithful to what I have called you to do – namely to follow Me and live like Me. You are Mine and I am yours. Together we have victory over sin and death. I am your keeper and your great reward. I am the fruit of a faithful life in pursuing righteousness and truth. I am salvation for your soul.


Rejoice with Me for I have found what was lost. This is a human experience that most people have. The prodigal has returned after coming to his senses. This too is a time for joy on a deeper level, because of the longer time generally involved, and the anxiety and prayers involved. Why do I allow people to go astray into sin and rebellion? Is the returning that important? Some never return and are lost. My love is great for those I have created.

You must choose to be obedient. Following Me brings choices and challenges. Faith and trust are learned in hardship, and tested in good times.


I did make the world so that people would seek after the Creator. If you could only see your solar system, would that have been enough? What about seeing into the Milky Way constellation? How much greater the magnitude of seeing into the vastness of billions and billions of stars? Yes, that would make Me indescribable. Or to peer into the minutest particle of the atom, or the intricacy of human life? As much as I have made things to discover and marvel at, I have left many mysteries which will never be understood. I am a God of order and precision, rule and principle. Yet I gave free will to My special creature, man. I gave limited choice to the animals and creatures. I made spiritual beings to serve Me that you cannot see, except rarely. I reveal Myself in dreams and visions and special revelations. I reveal Myself to the spirit of a man as he seeks Me.

A fool ignores all of this.

I gave you My Son, who walked among you.


I will come when no one is looking. I will come to rescue My people. I will come to judge those who have rejected Me and refused My gift of salvation. I will come to bring My justice and truth. I will come to rule over the world I created.

This life on earth is only the beginning of real life with Me. I want much more for you than this. Respond in faithfulness to My Word and My personal revelation to you. Get all you can from this experience.  


The world will see Me again. I am pleased when men seek Me with their minds to try to understand who I am and what I have done. But it is better to have faith, and essentially so. I leave My “signature” in many places, but it can only be seen by faith. I am the God behind everything which is good.

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Rejoice. Let your joy be seen. And be thankful for what I have done for you. Let the world know that Jesus saves!


There is a way that few will find. It leads to real life in Me. It goes where you don’t expect at times, through hardships and pain, but on the other side are rewards for faithfulness and obedience, which can’t be found in any other way. O, there are times for rejoicing, when others are blessed through your efforts. Great are the rewards for My faithful ones. The heavens declare My glory and My creation brings forth praise.

You can find wisdom from many sources. Be sure they are from Me. Confirm them from My Word and what you know of Me. I am the Source of true wisdom and knowledge.


I don’t crash or fail to remember. I am faithful. I am reliable and truthful. You should be like this, and I will help you. I can keep you from making mistakes as you rely on Me.


I have gifted you to do many things, but what I really want is you. I want your heart and all that is within you to be focused on Me. I want you to seek after Me with intensity, yes as a thirsty man in a dry country. Nothing else should satisfy your soul. Subdue your flesh with its desires. Guard over your heart and mind to keep them pure. Be a living example of devotion to Me.

I am guiding you to keep you on My path and to learn from what is happening. Keep open to My Spirit. Pay attention. Listen to others, but glean what is from Me. You may not realize the results of a disciplined life, devoted to Me, but your fruit will be seen. Rather My fruit in you, will be seen. That is what abiding will do.


My time had come. It was a long night and a hard morning. Many people were involved to share in the blame for the events. Sinful human nature took over as people were given permission to be evil and cruel. As painful as it was, my body wanted the singular pain of the cross to begin. As My body shut down from the pain, and My strength drained away, there were still things to do and words to say. It was painful and humiliating, sad. Still people were constrained by My Father.

The Roman soldiers were used to death in this way, but the crowds of onlookers was not normal. Many people came to see Me on the cross for them. They witnessed the inhumanity that was within themselves. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself. It was not business as usual on that dark day. Still My Spirit was active. People who were traveling into the city saw Me.

When I died, My body still hung there, as My spirit rose. The pain was over. The debt was paid. The sacrifice for mankind done.


Come unto Me all who labor, and I will give you rest. My body rested on the Sabbath in the tomb. I did not come back to life as a man. I was resurrected to new life with a spiritual body. Someday you will experience this in your own way.

You are My chosen vessel to reach many for My sake, directly and indirectly, as you live out your walk before Me and other people.


My body was raised and so will yours be raised. Death may take your body for a time, but your spirit will join with Me in a new life. Your spiritual body will have more senses to appreciate the beauty and magnitude of heaven for eternity. Just as your new hearing aids brought sound alive for you, you will be aware of all that is good and full of life. You will begin to see what I see in people, in life, a story of redemption and healing, new life rising out of death. You will share joy and thanksgiving with others. You will be excited and amazed. Even as you look upon those on the earth, you will see into their future for the good that will come. Prayer will become new, as you agree with My will. Begin now to prayer for those you love, for My perfect will to be lived out in them. Trust Me to do what I have promised to do.

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I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall be continually on my lips. Can you do this?

I will be exalted in My people. As they yield to Me, I can do wonderful things through them to bless others. This brings Me praise and thanks.


I am with you for their sakes, both mentees and mentors. This is My work, not yours.

The day is coming when no one can stand. All will be humbled before Me. Those who know Me will joyfully and worshipfully bow before Me. Others will see their bodies fall down to their dismay. They will acknowledge what they have resisted and rejected. Truth will be known for all to see. Lies and deceit will be exposed and refuted. Lives will be laid bare without any place to hide. From the least to the greatest this will take place. From the young to the old, poor to the rich, there is no hiding. This will be personal, individual. Are you ready? Is your family ready? They will be through your prayers.


I am doing what is marvelous. It will bring Me glory and praise for those affected. Watch and see Me at work in your life and in the lives of those you know and love. I will not be outdone.

Cover them in prayer as in a blanket. Speak over them what you want for them in My Name. Declare the truth about life in Me. Ask for My Spirit to be poured out in fullness.


I am guiding you. Listen for the prompting of My Spirit. He knows what is best. You are learning too. This is My work. You are assisting.

Yes, being filled with My Spirit is important, but you can know Me without realizing the influence of My Spirit. Over time I will reveal My Spirit to such a person. Believe by faith, that if you ask for My Spirit He will come. He will begin His work then. Emotional experiences are not as important as yielding one’s life to Me. Relationship will bring the closeness I desire, not temporary experiences, though they can be helpful and meaningful to sustain. Just as in marriage, commitment and relationship are more important than feelings.


People will know when I am coming back. They will see Me with enough time to decide, to make their choice. But for some they have hardened their hearts. Just like a man on his deathbed. He has said no to Me over and over. He refuses to reconsider the facts. He foolishly thinks he cannot change his mind now when it is so important. No, that would be unfaithful to himself, what he has believed for so long. He can’t change now, and lie to himself, just to save himself. Besides he has sinned many times and still likes to sin in his own way. He doesn’t want to change now, though physically he can’t do anything. The enemy holds him strongly.

They think it will be just nothing when they die, like sleep. Yes, like sleep it will be dark, but the horrendous nightmares will start without relief, without waking to turn them off. He will be confronted by his unbelief, his choice to reject My gracious offer. His soul will be tormented.

Pray for them. I will respond to the prayers of My people. I am a loving and good God, willing to forgive and restore and heal, even to the one who is hard. I rejoice when he responds and turns from his ways.


Prepare the way. Pray and seek My guidance and wisdom. Now is the time to be serious and diligent. People’s lives are at stake. I paid the price for them, but they don’t know this. Their minds are on themselves and the things of this world. My people are preoccupied and busy with many church things. Someone needs to do them, but where is the witness outside the church. They want and expect people to come to the church and find Me. I am where the people are, the ones who need Me. They are on the outside, ignoring the church. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself.


I will be exalted on the earth, in My world, in My people. Creation brings Me praise as the Creator.

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I created them male and female so that they would be complete as a couple in marriage for procreation to multiply and fill the earth. They mock Me when they chemically change who they were made to be. They mock others when they unfairly compete with those of the other sex. Man is sinful in this. They will pay the penalty in their flesh for doing this thing that is unnatural. Why not accept who they were made to be to bring honor and glory to their Creator?

Man, to be fully alive, is to glorify Me with their lives by doing My will. Does that make sense? Of course, the creator makes something of value, purpose, and beauty for his reasons. Otherwise, why make anything? Man was to rule over what I had made. He was the highest part of My creation. He was made in My image and likeness, so that He could appreciate what I had done.

You are doing what I made you to do for this time. You are not perfect in doing what you do. But a father is happy when his child is trying, and when he finally accomplishes something. A father is pleased when his child becomes like himself and even more so when the child excels beyond the father.

I am pleased when My people are seeking Me, turning to Me, loving Me, offering themselves to Me. My Spirit is at His work. He will see the fruit of His efforts.


You are weak, but I am strong. We will be fruitful together.


Cherish the day you came to know Me. Your heart was open and so was Mine. We came together in a supernatural way. I planted My imperishable seed in you, and it has grown and born fruit for eternal life. It is My work with your cooperation and obedience to My Word.

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I will use many to bring about what I am doing on this earth. You are a part of this, as are those who profess My Name. I can use the heathen too. Life is complex and so is what I am doing.


Be patient. I am stretching her, growing her. I am stretching you too.

There will be joy on that day that will overtake people and be infectious. It’s like victory, relief over stress and hardship, peace over turmoil. I will take away burdens. I will bring hope to a lost world. A new beginning with freedom from the scars of sin and death.  


What is important is have people of good character, who love Me and are submitted to Me. My Spirit will guide them, My Spirit is guiding you to make the mentoring what it should be. Have faith in Me.

People have flaws, but I can use them as I transform them into My character to likeness. I want people to see Me in them, to be drawn to Me, to see My light shining out to them, to feel My love coming from them. I am revelation and life. I am peace and joy. I am hope and freedom from sin. I am what they lack.

The self-righteous will suffer until they bow their knee before Me. I came for them too, but it is harder for them to recognize their need. Their focus is themselves and their power comes from their will and discipline, rather than Me. The rich likewise will suffer until they turn from their riches. Their focus and power come from their money, and it blinds them from their real need. They sense their emptiness, but don’t know where to turn. They avoid Me because they don’t want to give up what they have. They are proud of their accomplishments and want everyone to envy them and what they have. So sad.

Many suffer in this world for many reasons, but they can be close to Me in their need. My people can shine helping people in need. It goes against self. It looks outward rather than inward.


This is My kingdom. My world. I will see My will being done in the lives of people, nations, over time. My Spirit is at work. I am stirring up My people to pray and to act.

My Spirit knows before you may know anything. Rely on His judgment and wisdom.

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I will be found by those seeking Me. I enjoy them. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself. This joy is Mine now as people believe in Me. I will acknowledge any faith in Me, in who I am, but it take faith from within the heart of man to be saved. Some only know Me as a man who lived long ago. Who am I to you?


How can this be, this revival? People are praying. Fear of death is good for the unbeliever. It would be better if they wanted to be in a relationship with their loving, good Creator. Tell them. Show them.


What a price I paid for you! I created you in My image and then I redeemed you. I am making you into My image again, My character. As you yield to Me, I am at work. My Spirit is crafting your experiences and people in your life to bring out the desired result. You have much to learn and grow into, but it is worth it. Continue to say yes to Me and no to the world. Don’t be lured by its deceitful ways. They are shallow and empty without fruit. I am Life for you and My people to truly live. You will be with Me forever, but your time on earth is limited.

I will direct your steps as I have in the past. It is a good path, so walk in it. Live for Me and not for yourself. This will be pleasant for your spirit.


What is the answer to the question why am I here? An open heart will acknowledge that I exist as Creator.  Will he call upon Me? Some will, and I will reveal Myself to them. Seek after those with open hearts. Pray for them. I am not hidden, just not what most are looking for. They are their own god, calling the shots of life, leading to death. But they don’t understand about Me. Love is the key. Use love to break down walls.

Love costs for it to be real. Words are cheap compared to sacrificial action. An encouraging word and showing interest helps open the door. Living with integrity helps. Doing what you say you will do is important.


I am with you. Look for positive things, then share them. Not gushy ones, but deep stories of good outcomes for people of faith. My intervention always brings good to situations. People of faith call upon Me for themselves and others. Not everyone is a reader, but many will read something short that inspires hope. With so much evil in the world, people need encouragement and hope. Isolation leads to depression.


The farmer sows the seed. He hopes for a large crop. He has been busy all year since the harvest preparing the soil. He has not been idle. He knows the results are now up to God, who provides the needed rain in season, and for the miracle of the seed coming to life in the soil. The farmer is patient, yet expectant. He watches for signs of growth. He plans for the harvest even now. He sees the new sprouts coming up through the soil into the light of day. He rejoices. He gives thanks to God.

Are you a good farmer planting seed? Where is your field? What kind of crop are you expecting? Are you praying? Are you looking for hungry men, seeking Me? Is your testimony fresh and ready on your lips? Are you caring for the young plants, making sure the fruit will come? Be about the Father’s business in the harvest field. Don’t be slack. Every word you speak can bring life. Are you alert? How are you preparing the soil? If you are casual about this, your harvest will reflect your efforts.


Do not despair over the challenges and hardships that will come. Just do what you can do as My Spirit leads you. The world is on My shoulders, not yours.

You will see fruitfulness in the mentoring, both in the mentees and mentors. People need each other. There is life in this. Rejoice and give thanks that you get to see this occur. I take joy in the transformation of My people. She will experience this too.

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