Received 1-7-19

I will live before you as an example. Examine My life and learn from Me. Speak the truth but also show love and compassion. Let grace and kindness cover what you do. I loved more than I taught. My message was not information but transformation, life, wholeness, reconciliation.


Received 1-8-19

I never sleep. There are people who love Me going about their business across the earth that I made. They are praying to Me. They are praising Me. Others are calling upon My Name for salvation, healing, deliverance, comfort, provision and I am moved to respond in My grace and love.


Received 1-9-19

What does it mean to be a friend of God? There must be communication, exchange of information about each other. There is helping each other, spending time together, sharing common experiences. Building trust in each other.

You are My friend if you do what I command. I died for you to purchase you to be with Me for all eternity. I did this without you doing anything. I rescued you from the world of darkness and death. Now you believe in Me and that is very good. Keep looking for Me, seeking after Me and you will find the friendship you need and desire. I know you and I love you. Will you love Me in return?


Received 1-10-19

In My sight I can see what you are doing. I know your thoughts and feelings. I know your needs and desires. As you let me, I am transforming you so that what you are focusing on in every aspect of your life becomes pleasing to Me. Instead of pleasing yourself, you are trying to please Me by doing My will. That is kingdom living. My Son laid aside His deity with Me in heaven to became a man like you so that He could die for you. He lived on earth to fully please Me and do My will. Do what He did. Be My representative reconciling men and women and children to Me. You may be weak in the flesh to do this, but with My Spirit leading you, all of this is possible.


Received 1-11-19

My people need Me, but they don’t know how to call upon Me. They look to the things of this fallen world before they ask Me. What would a parent feel if a son turns to others for help, rather than asking them? My people Israel turned to other gods instead of doing what I had revealed to them.



Received 1-12-19

In everything bring Me praise and thanks. Have a grateful heart, recognizing that everything is a gift from My hand to you. I have made you in My image and likeness. I have forgiven your sins and rescued you from an empty life of darkness. I have given you My Holy Spirit to be with you to guide you and give you wisdom.


Received 1-13-19

What is important to you? What gives you pleasure and satisfaction? What do you think is My calling for your life now? Who are the important people in your life? What occupies your time? What do you think about the most? What do I think about when I think of you?

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Received 1-1-19

Watch and wait today. Be a man of prayer, praise and thanksgiving. Pray as My Spirit leads you. Let Me heal your wounds. Write out your thoughts about him, your impressions, feelings, what My Spirit reveals. Lift up his family and friends.

You sensed My pleasure at the jail. Yes, I have called you in this ministry and you have responded well. My favor will be upon you. Pray for your wife daily. She will respond to your prayers.


Received 1-2-19

My life for yours. In all things bring Me praise. I am giving you time to grieve, to think about his life and your life. I will carry you when you need to be carried.


Received 1-3-19

You can have My peace any time that you need it, just for the asking. Give and it shall be given you, running over, full of good and lasting fruit and blessing.


Received 1-4-19

What is in a man, but what I gave him when he was conceived. For those who have believed in My Son, they have received much – My forgiveness and eternal life and a relationship with Us to be with them. My gifts are priceless, but at a great cost of love and grace, which I freely give. What I give I do not take back, except that you can receive less because of your sin and disobedience to My Word. O that My people would repent and return to Me!


Received 1-5-19

What is in a name or a title? Who created language? Who gave words their meaning? I did, so that I could speak to My people, the ones I created. I even made a spiritual language so that people could talk with Me through their spirits. Come before Me often. Let Me give you the desires of My heart for you. Just as a parent knows his child, through interaction and observation, so too do I know you.


Received 1-6-19

Come to Me all who labor and who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you. When I rest, you will rest too. When I work, your burden with Me will be light and easy and very satisfying. Come away with Me to find rest for your souls. I have lush fields to walk in. I have quiet streams to cool your throat. I have beautiful mountains to gaze upon. I will be with you to hold you.

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Received 12-24-18

O the depths of love we have in our Savior, willing to put on our flesh, bearing our sins on the cross, freeing us from the bondage of sin, to live with Him in newness of life, even eternally. He who has been forgiven much, loves much in return. Yet we all have a debt we cannot pay for. We all have been given much in Christ, immeasurably more than what we could ever ask or think. Praise His holy Name!

If you could ever see what we have planned for you from the beginning of time, your heart would burst trying to receive it all. That is why you will have an eternity to receive it all. That is why My grace for you is more than sufficient, meeting every need in abundance, for the one submitted to Us.


Received 12-25-18

Unto us a child is born, a King is disguise, the Savior of the world, the Prince of Peace and many other titles. Now the world would be different. Now the people would have no excuse for their life of sin and unbelief. Now a way to the Father would be given. Now a hope of eternal life would be given with the resurrection of the firstborn Son.


Received 12-26-18

In all things give Me praise and thanks. Instead of looking at your faults and weaknesses, look to Me the Author and Finisher of your faith. Find hope in Me. My joy is in My people, especially those who seek after Me. If your earthly children and family can delight you, so can My children bring joy to My heart. What joy and peace can be found in Me for the asking.


Received 12-27-18

Come before Me with singing, joyous praise, thanksgiving and celebration. Do you realize what I have done for you? Do not take for granted My gift, My love, My mercy and grace.


Received 12-28-18

Today is the day of salvation. Everyday is the day of salvation. Believe in Me and receive My gift of salvation and forgiveness of your sins. Give life and you will be blessed. Be patient and humble with people. Do not demand or coerce, mislead. Treat others as you would want to be treated.


Received 12-29-18

I will be glorified in My people, those who are alive and those who have passed from death unto life. Be at peace and rejoice. Your time will come someday too.


Received 12-30-18

Give him honor as a man of prayer and a man who cared about people in need like himself.

Come before Me with praise and thanks for in this I glory in My people. What do you have except what I have graciously provided? My love will carry you.


Received 12-31-18

The end, but also the beginning. What will be the end of your life? You have been born again into a new life. Death has no hold on you because of My resurrection. What will the beginning look like? Behold I make all things new.

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Received 12-9-13

Where can I find men who believe what I say and what My Word says? Are you a believer? It is not just enough to claim My promises, but you must also claim My commands and teaching. Let My Word penetrate your heart and mind and spirit. Accept what I say as truth and life. None of My Words are idle or empty. Every one has meaning and truth and application. You may not understand, but ask My Spirit to show you. Don’t remain in ignorance, but seek after the truth. Don’t let the thinking of this world to affect what you believe. Have faith! Be a man of faith!


Received 12-10-13

All things are Mine and you are Mine. Do not worry or be afraid. Nothing will harm you that I won’t be with you. Follow in My paths. Let your heart soar after Me. I will be found by you in simple things and in big things. Be aware of what I am doing. Look for Me in everything.


Received 12-11-13

By the grace of God go I. Yes, it is by My grace that you live and receive forgiveness and mercy. I am close to the brokenhearted. I am near to the hurting. I listen to the cry of their heart. My love reaches out to them. Life is a cycle of ups and downs. I am there always, but man only seems to seek Me when they are down, when they cannot help themselves. Sin maybe rampant, but My grace is more. Rescue the lost. Feed the poor. Proclaim hope to the downtrodden. People will respond to your acts of kindness, your caring words. It opens their soul to My love.


Received 12-12-13

What is in your hand? What gifts do you have from Me? Give freely as the opportunity comes. Bless others with the blessings you have received. I am with you to guide you. Be at peace, but listen often. Be aware of what I am doing in people around you.

Received 12-13-13

My ways are higher than your ways. Lift your voice in praise and watch Me work for you. Trust Me for your life. Believe in Me with all of your heart. Surrender all of your days to Me. Let your thoughts remain on Me and My Word throughout the day. When you face a difficulty or decision pray and seek My will.

Many men and women have sought to know Me and understand My ways. It pleases Me for men to do so. But I can’t be reduced to a simple phrase or concept. Even if you were here with Me now, your words would be inadequate to describe who I am. Faith is the key to everything in My world – trusting in what you cannot see or hear. Too much thinking can cause you to make Me a god of your mind and not of your heart.


Received 12-14-13

My ways will please you. If you follow them I will be glorified. Let My Word speak life to you. Look for Me in My Word. Understand who I am in My Word. Seek after Me as a detective looking for clues.


Received 12-15-13

Let Me tell you a story of two people. One was a man who thought much of what he could do and he did accomplish much. It was his focus and nothing else mattered to him. Another man was more humble and he thought of how he could help others. He didn’t have much and what he had he shared. Both men responded to My call, but only one of them bore much fruit. What you possess means little to Me. I know what is in a man’s heart. I can fill a generous heart. True life is about giving away your life as I did for you. I gave you an example. My Father gave Me to you and to the people of the world. I gave My life to ransom you. I brought true life wherever I went.


Received 12-16-13

Can I not move in My ways? What if I did a miraculous sign before you? How would you react then? Be at peace but keep believing? Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. If you say to this mountain, be removed and cast into the sea, and believe in your heart that it shall come to pass, then it shall be done unto you. What is faith?

The stars and the moon shall disappear for a time. The waves will roar with intensity as never before seen. Many ships will be lost and the coastlines ravished. Men will despair. Women will weep. Fear will overcome many. Few will turn to Me as their hearts will be hardened. My Spirit will be at work.


Received 12-17-13

Watch and be alert for the time is near. All men will be tested to see what is in them. You will be tested. Examine your heart and see what I see. Let My Spirit open your eyes. I see what is good and new. I see what has carried over from your past. Trust Me. Have I not been gentle, yet firm. I do not change. Men are hurting all around you. Pray and intercede. Lift up the weak hands.

The enemy is using many weapons now to destroy lives. You must pray and break his power over people. Your culture is far from Me. I have let you stray to show you what is really in you. No one is noticing except My people and even then they are asleep and helpless. The deceit of the enemy is blinding men’s eyes. The lies of your leaders and media have done much damage. My Word is going forth in power. Men are crying out to Me as never before. You have asked for revival and I am bringing it. Open your eyes to see. The world is small and the people you meet have been sent by Me.


Received 12-18-13

Let my eyes see what You see that is in me. Shine Your light upon my soul. Expose and remove all darkness. I am a gentle and loving God. I will let you know what I see, but you will see it too and you will want Me to change you. I have softened your heart. I have made it new. I have enlarged it so that you will have more love and compassion. I have opened your hand that clings to the past and holds on to what is not yours to keep. All that you have is a gift from Me.


Received 12-19-13

Be at peace but be aware of your pride. Can you love the unlovely, the imperfect? Can you be patient with the one who struggles in weakness? Do you have compassion or is it pity, grateful that you don’t have their issues and problems? Can you care for someone who will never get better? Can you give without seeing any results? Do you judge more than you encourage? How do you react to criticism? Be at peace but be aware of your pride.


Received 12-20-13

Seek after Me with all of your heart. Give up what is distracting you. Come back to prayer and listening.
Come and receive more to give away and bless. Even wherever you are, seek Me, call upon Me and I will be found.


Received 12-21-13

All that I am belongs to you if you just ask of Me. Let My words speak life to you. I am Life and all those who find Me, find Life. Hear the cry of My heart. My people are lost and without hope. Show them the way back to Me. Speak and testify to what I have done for you.

Received 12-22-13

Today is life. Can you receive fresh and wonderful things from Me? Gather strength from the winds. Find wisdom from the flowers. Learn truth from Me. Man is wandering without real purpose. He does not see his end. He does not see the pit before him. He follows what others are doing. He decides what seems best for himself. Emptiness and folly meet him wherever he goes, but he cannot recognize them. The battle belongs to the Lord. He alone has the victory. He alone is King over all. What are you willing to do? Will you be uncomfortable? Will you take risks? Is there a reward or is there value for doing what is right?

Received 12-23-13

All that I am is for you. Call upon Me. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in My Son who is Lord over all. In Me are the keys to life. Do not let the cares of this world block out what I have for you. People need what you have.

Received 12-24-13

My ways are not your ways. I give and I withhold. I raise up and I tear down. There is a time for everything. I know what you need, what you really need. Trust Me to do what is right.

Received 12-25-13

Be at peace. I came to bring peace and joy and to restore what was lost. Now is the time to reflect on what I have done for you. Search your heart and see the changes I have made. Not all who come to Me are filled. Not all are lifted up. Some must endure pain and hardship to enter into My Kingdom. But their reward is great. What you see on earth is just a shadow of the truth. Seek to know Me and to understand My ways.

Received 12-26-13

What is in a man? Where does he find any good?  Only in Me is there any goodness. Turn to Me and be healed. Look at life through My eyes.

Received 12-27-13

Let your eyes gaze at the sky. Look at what I have made. See the beauty and variety. Who could have made this? Who could have designed this? Tell Me if you know? My creation speaks to all that I am their Creator. No one can deny this, except a fool.

Look at My Son. Did He not do many miracles and signs from heaven? Did He not heal and deliver the oppressed? Did He not teach and show you what you must do to please Me and to gain eternal life? Yes and much more did He do on the cross! I raised Him up for all to see.

Did I not send my spirit to you? Is He not within My people? Has He given you power to believe and do what I command? Is He not teaching you and revealing My glory?
Come and worship.


Received 12-28-13

All that I am is yours. Open your heart to receive. Give to others and it will be returned to you. Bless and be blessed. Let the words of my mouth be pleasing to you O Lord. Follow in My footsteps. Study My life on earth with open eyes. Let My faith be in you to believe and not doubt.

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Received 12-17-18

I have made you mind capable of much more than is needed for life. When my Spirit activates and communicated with a willing spirit, all of the universe comes alive to him. How much is wasted by the un-regenerated soul! How much is gained by dying to self and saying yes fully to My will and Spirit! If you knew the outcome and impact of your decisions and actions in the short and long-terms, would you be wise and choose wisely? Better still is just to say yes to My will, giving over and yielding to My will in every significant choice, even covering and committing even the smallest group of choices to Me. You are not a robot or a slave, but a son. I am loving Father.


Received 12-18-18

All that I am is yours. Is that statement from you or Me? How were you crucified so as to live in Me? Were you with Me when I died on the cross? Did you rise from the dead when I rose? Who paid for you to redeem you? Positionally you are in Me and I in you. Do you believe this? Live for Me and die to yourself, to the desires of your flesh and the temptations of this fallen world. Can you do this? Yes, by My grace and your faith in Me.


Received 12-19-18

What is in a name? Is it just a means of identification or is there a glimpse into the soul, into who the person is? In My Word names mean something. My Name means who I AM.

 Do not be self-centered, but be otherly, outward looking, aware of the needs of others. Be aware of My Spirit.


Received 12-20-18

You will see the end. Give him encouragement and love. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Be at peace but pray.


Received 12-21-18

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Rejoice and be glad for your sins are forgiven. Be not afraid, but trust Me in the timing of events. My will is being worked out and you are a part of it for him.


Received 12-22-18

Give of yourself to others – to family first, then to those I put in your path of life. Do not claim to be used apart from My power and Presence. You have nothing in yourself, but a yielded heart. Set your mind on the things above.


Received 12-23-18

Come and see the newborn King. He took on flesh. He became one of us so that He could die as one of us, but for us. O what a Savior. What an offering of love!

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Received 12-11-18

I am a sinner who needs a Savior. My pride and lust of the flesh remind me of my weaknesses and imperfections. May Your hand of discipline correct me and bring me back to Your path of righteousness. Cleanse me from my sinfulness. Wash me in Your blood.

When a man sins, he breaks fellowship with people and God. He must be healed and restored. I have provided a way for both in confession. I have already paid the price for the sin, but confession and forgiveness is needed.


Received 12-12-18

The promises of God versus the promises of man. Can there be any doubt which one is more sure to be counted on? Why do we put our hopes in what man says? My promises seem too good to be true. Do you really understand who I AM? If you did, you would never doubt what I say. Keep seeking after Me and you will find Me. You will become like Me as you agree with My Word. To agree means that you will do what it says in faith and obedience.


Received 12-13-18

In all things give Me praise, even in death. For life springs forth from death, new life. He is weak, but I am strong. I see the end from the beginning. Be at peace.


Received 12-14-18

My plan is unfolding. Each life is precious to Me. Each heart/spirit draws Me to reveal Myself. Woe to the one who rejects Me in unbelief and rebellion. Nations rise and fall, but My will endures. People reap what they sow, except when My mercy and grace intervenes to rescue them from the snares of the enemy. From the beginning My Son would come to save the lost.


Received 12-15-18

This is a day of beginning. I will make all things new. Burdens will be laid done. Rest will come for the weary and troubled.


Received 12-16-18

I am with you. My Spirit will always speak to you and guide you. Even when your mind becomes weak, you will still be able to hear My voice, and even more so. What is the most important thing you can do? Spend time with Me, getting direction and encouragement for the new day. My words are life and true food for your soul. The spiritual dimension of this world is so much more real than what you are experiencing in the natural in your world. But your experiences are shaping your spirit as you trust in Me to help you with your struggles and trials. Together we have overcome this world – you partnering with Me. You are My hands and feet and tongue. Proclaim the truth. Serve My body.


Received 12-17-18

I have made you mind capable of much more than is needed for life. When my Spirit activates and communicated with a willing spirit, all of the universe comes alive to him. How much is wasted by the un-regenerated soul! How much is gained by dying to self and saying yes fully to My will and Spirit! If you knew the outcome and impact of your decisions and actions in the short and long-terms, would you be wise and choose wisely? Better still is just to say yes to My will, giving over and yielding to My will in every significant choice, even covering and committing even the smallest group of choices to Me. You are not a robot or a slave, but a son. I am loving Father.

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Received 12-1-18

In My eyes I see all that is going on. Do you want to know what I see in you? I see My finished work. I see My Son covering you. I see faithfulness and decisions to press on in My work when other choices might please the demands of your flesh. Others might do more in My kingdom, but that is not the point. Are you faithful and submitted to doing what I ask of you? Fasting, tithing, interceding for others, loving the unlovable and undeserving, giving up your rights before Me, putting others ahead of you in your mind and deed, serving in ways that others are not aware. Yes, can you do things, so no one notices, and you are not aware of their eternal value before Me? Is your decision to be obedient to My Word and Spirit made quickly without hesitation? Is it done without even thinking about it, like Rachel drawing more water out of the well for Abraham’s camels as the slave had made in to a sign for guidance? Was it in her nature to serve and bless others? She was not perfect, as she later joined in the deception of her husband in favoring her chosen son. Yes, My Spirit graced her so that she would do the right thing, but she said yes to My Spirit’s leading.


Received 12-2-18

Can you love as I love you? Yes, with My help. I responded to people’s needs, knowing the Father’s love for the people He created. I didn’t just heal them physically or meet their physical needs without addressing their need for a Savior. Many believed in Me especially after My resurrection. How long could you live without contact with others? How long could you live without My contact? I created man to be with Me and others.


Received 12-3-18

My Word goes forth in power to accomplish what I purpose. I reward those who seek after Me with My Presence. You will see Me at work today in the lives of people. Speak My Word of comfort, love, correction. You are imperfect, but I am perfect. Your heart is willing, but your flesh is weak.


Received 12-4-18

Now is the time of My favor. I do have a plan for you and you are walking in it. Build up and not tear down. Rescue the weak. Speak truth with love. If God is for us who can be against us? Does it matter what you believe? Or Who you believe in? Put your trust in the God Who doesn’t change. Claim His promises as your own. Believe and receive from My hand.


Received 12-5-18

My Name will be glorified in My people as they do My will. Who is he who loves Me? It is he who does My commands and obeys Me. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. He honors Me and seeks after Me in all that he does. My Word is precious to him. He digs after the truth. He wants to know Me. He recognizes when I work with him, along side him, through him. O how much more can we accomplish! The people rise up to praise Me! They recall My miracles, My deeds of old. They think of My goodness.


Received 12-6-18

In You I find my strength. Whom have I in heaven but You? You caused me to hunger for You, to seek after You, to read Your Word, to find You. You poured out Your Holy Spirit upon me and gave me joy, peace, love and purpose. You directed my steps in wonderful ways and gave me friends from your body the church. All of these things were gifts from You. All praise be to God and His Son Jesus.

Keep a guard over your heart and mind to keep your thoughts pure before Me. I am a jealous God.


Received 12-7-18

What motivates you to give of yourself to Me and to others? Is it love and gratitude for what I have done and am doing for you? Is it because My Word commands you? Is it My Spirit directing you? Is it responding to the needs of others? All of these answers are right, but the greatest and most important is love. Without love all serving is shallow and empty, self-serving to be noticed, full of hypocrisy. Be at peace and allow Me to give you My love for others. Love never expects or demands others to respond.


Received 12-8-18

Look for Me today in the people you see. Listen for My Spirit and follow His leading. You will be a blessing. Give of yourself. I will cover you and shield you. Guard over your mind with all diligence, for it is the wellspring of life.


Received 12-9-18

Declare My Word in the spiritual realm. Speak it boldly. My Word is truth and life. I am not a liar, I will defend My Word. In all things give Me praise and I will be lifted up. Declare aloud the truth you know. My Spirit will shine in you as a beacon of light in the dark places. There is no other beside Me. I alone am God, the Creator of all that exists.

Many will say on that day, I knew You, but in reality they only knew of Me and refused to put their faith in My Son. They refused to believe for salvation. They rejected My Lordship over their lives. They will find out too late Who I Am. Wake them up if you can.


Received 12-10-18

Come follow Me and I will fill you with joy. My words to you will bring life and healing. This is My commandment that you love one another as I have loved you. Can you do this for Me? Yes, you can try and I will give you grace to do more than you could do alone. Love is a decision to show love, compassion, sympathy, kindness, slowing down to notice, touching. How do you receive love? Then do so to others.

No man is an island, wanting to be alone always. I did not make him that way. Perhaps he has been hurt deeply and so he is protecting himself from further hurt, but he craves real love to overcome his hurt. He will go insane alone, left to his own thoughts and ways. In him is a hunger for Me, to know Me, to receive My love. My love goes out through My people to the downcast and hurting. People on the street corners begging are working, pleading, acting, receiving, taking their shift. They know how much they will need for the day. They don’t save up, they consume.

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