There is warring going on all the time in the spirit world. Prayer of My people release power against them. My angels defend and protect My people all over the world. The warring will come to a climax at My return. Then the battle is won forever. He was defeated on the cross, but he fights on weakly against My people. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. I give you authority over them in My Name. Rise up as needed to push back his attacks. Fear Me for I have all power. Love and worship Me, for I am above all things.


Do not judge lest you be judged. How easy is it to condemn a man without really knowing him. I felt compassion for the lost. I took pity on them. I died for them.

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. When I am with you, great things can happen! People’s lives can be changed. Encouragement and praise can lift a spirit. Testimony can bring hope. With the anointing of My Spirit, your words can bring life. Pay attention to the opportunities I bring.

I am accomplishing My plan for your country. I will bring low the proud and haughty ones. I will teach others to rely on Me. I am the only hope for the world. A man will fail you when he is lifted up. If you have to tear down your opponent with charges, what does that say? What do you really stand for, beyond your empty promises, you know you can’t do? Who has honesty and integrity? Who has moral character? Who knows Me?


I will come when no one is looking for Me. Can there be some time after the rapture before I come? Then those who were Mine will be gone from the earth. Will those left behind be looking for Me? Perhaps a few who thought they were Mine would look, but for how long? Will some come to Me for salvation after the rapture? These will be perilous times with the deceiver working frantically. There will be chaos and evil. Who will restrain them?

I want all to believe and be saved from their sins. I give many invitations and opportunities to respond. My Spirit is at work. I will rescue My people from the destruction that will come upon sinful mankind. It’s not My choice, but theirs. I will wait patiently until I must act.


The body of Christ, how varied it is. Young and old, immature and seasoned, speaking every tongue with cultural flavors. I love them all and nurture them to be like My Son. I raise up leaders to guide them, some barely knowing anything except they love Me. The praise and worship I receive – how glorious. You sang on last night with determination, and you were freed of bondage.

Let Me reign in you. Yield to My Spirit and live. Speak life and encouragement, truth with understanding, especially to those you love. You can be one of My vessels of encouragement, and you know what I mean. Speak life and life will return to you. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Let your imagination run wild. Heaven is real and so much greater and better than you can imagine. I have prepared a feast for the senses which your new bodies will be able to take in. The corrupt flesh is gone. The new spiritual body receive your new “born again” spirit, which is to say that you will be changed once more to better live in My heaven. You will still be you, but different and better.


Rejoice for your name is written in heaven. Rejoice for the freedom you have to worship Me and declare who I am to others. Have a song in your heart of testimony and praise.


Aren’t you glad that I am in charge of things, everything? Even so, there are groups doing many things for Me and My kingdom. If they were not connected to Me and doing My biding, there would be chaos and confusion. I set the standard. I am the standard. I gave you My Word to guide you. My Spirit is at work in you. What is of men will fall short. What is of Me will last forever.

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There will be many days of sorrow, but the new day will come bringing joy. People will leap for joy, and speak of the coming King of kings. Don’t wait for that day to speak about Me to others. Have Me on your lips. I will help you.


Be fruitful and multiply. My direction for man hasn’t changed. I am a God of life and growth. There is no turning back in following Me. My kingdom is expanding. Why mature if someone isn’t benefiting from your maturity? But they are. People are watching. You are a faithful witness of a changed life, a person who is seeking Me, who is not enslaved by the world.


No government can last if it is made by man. All have sinned and are incapable of doing good. I like variety. I gave intelligence and giftedness to people. I am Lord of all. I rule over My people and all peoples in righteousness and equity, with love and grace and mercy. I have all knowledge and wisdom. I have not found a man to replace Moses, nor do I want to replace him. Many leaders will rule in that day over peoples and nations and areas. They will rule under My Head in peace and harmony. Yet they will be different, according to traditions and cultures. All will be accountable to Me. Do not try to figure it out. It will be My government and rule.


Man’s inspired creativity can accomplish much. With the wisdom and knowledge of My Spirit, dreams and ideas for inventions and designs can become a reality. Seek Me for wisdom and guidance in your life. Seek to know My will in situations and in decision-making. Let Me be your Counselor. By faith the universe was created.


My grace is sufficient. You are empowering people, stretching them to rely on Me. People are unique, with different personalities and needs.

Encourage and build up. Bring life to people you know. All things are possible with Me.


The wages of sin is death. I paid the penalty to free those who believe from death. I came to destroy the works of the devil. I came to bring life. I am the way, the truth, and the life. He who believes in Me will live and know the Father. You have believed, and like Abram you have received My righteousness.

In all things give Me praise. I am your helper. I go before you to make the way for you. Even when you go out on your own, I am there to protect you.


Who are you performing for? I can tell the difference between a performance and the real you.

Who is a man? He was made in My image. He has my imprint on him to make him want to seek Me. Why does he resist My love? Is it too hard to sacrifice for a better good? He must die to really live. He must believe in an unseen God, and in His Son, who lived on the earth long ago. But He is alive and present today, you say. Yes, but only a few will find Him. Pray that the eyes of their hearts are opened to the truth. Pray for a divine encounter with Me.

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Awake the dawn with your praises. Be merry and full of joy. Remember what I have done for you. Cause your heart to seek after Me above all else. I am the source of life. I will be glorified in My people. Watch for Me as I work in you and others.

What is the answer for sin? How can a man resist the temptation to sin? What will give him the power to stay pure? There is a sin in his weakness that he repeats again and again. What will set him free of this slavery to sin?

I am the answer to a man’s problems. I can set him free. I can hear his wounds. More than anything, I can forgive him, because My Son died on the cross for him. I did this for you, and you accepted it. You believed.


Come to the Light and you will avoid dealing with darkness. In My Presence there is protection and safety. Evil can’t be here. My righteousness and holiness are pure and unblemished. Though I save sinners, I see faith and repentance, so I declare them righteous by the blood of My Son. My grace allows people to approach Me in prayer. I am moved by My love to respond to them. Pray for the lost that they might be freed from the bondage of sin and unbelief.

Bring Me wherever you go. Let My Presence wash over you to make you like Me. Let My Spirit guide you, as you ask Him and pray in His Spirit. His wisdom and knowledge will be all you need. Make humility your approach, like a garment you wear. Be dependent upon Me, and this will help you, realizing that you must check with Me for help. My Son did this often. Say a quick prayer when encountering a new person. I will give you the words to speak.


Prayer works and is work. Keep claiming My promises as you pray. Open doors of opportunity for the gospel. Set captives free from bondage and lies. This is the day I have made. Rejoice with Me for I am moving among those I created.


Who am I to you? Who was I to the prophets of old? To Abraham or David? Were My Apostles able to know who My Son was? I created you in My image and likeness so that you could seek to know Me. I gave you a spirit to understand what My Spirit is whispering to you. Even now you are hearing Me. Yes, who I am as the Creator of the universe is hard to grasp. You are small to Me, yet I love you and want you to be with Me. Your life is but a vapor of time, compared to Me. You know some of My attributes, but I am so much larger and greater than you. I am not a man like you with flaws and sin and limitations of the flesh. Keep seeking Me and you will find Me.

More importantly, who am I to you? How do we relate to each other? Discover this and you will live in harmony with the plan I had for you when I created you. That plan is good. You will bring glory to My Name. You don’t have to be perfect. No one is perfect or truly good. You are a human with a heart that seeks to know and obey Me. That is enough.


I am with you to prosper My kingdom. I use all My people in this way. I bless them and cause them to be light to those around them. No one can block that light. There is a real kingdom trying to block us. They  have some power, but only over those who have yielded to sin. Greater is He who is in you. Call upon Me in the time of trouble and I will rescue you.


I call people to serve Me and My body. I anoint them and give them gifts. I work in them as they serve. They bring Me glory and praise. I give them to bless those who need Me. You have been called and you are responding to that call. You have been faithful. We are working together so that you will bear fruit. This is good.

I choose, but you must receive in faith what I have done in My Son for you. You have a choice to make too. I want all to be saved, but many reject My plan of salvation.

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Rejoice with Me. Lift up your head. I see the end and it is good. My will is being accomplished in My people. Be at peace. Trust that I am at work. Yes, I want you to submit to My will and deny yourself, but I am the One who bring it to pass, not you. My anointing overcomes your weaknesses. My grace too covers your shortcomings. Just call upon Me in prayer. I will help you.


The Lord is God. Who can stand before Him? Those who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb. Every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. My Truth will be known by all.

You will proclaim My truth and good news. Be ready. Look for opportunities. You are a blessing at the jail. I will bring to you help, so that you can be more fruitful. This is My work in reaching the lost. The material you send bring life to these men. Those who are seeking Me will find Me.


Rejoice. My kingdom is expanding. Every hour people are believing in My Son. They are calling upon Me and I am responding. Pray for them. My Spirit is busy. When My Bride is ready, I will come to complete what I started on the cross. In a moment the world will be transformed. The chains of the enemy will be removed. Justice will reign. Truth will be established. Lies will be exposed and dealt with according to My will. I will reward those who are seeking Me with a pure heart.


My grace is covering you. Already I see My Son in you. You are welcome in My presence. I am making Myself known to you. You are seeing Me help you. Ask Me for what you need. Don’t be shy, large or small. I will build your faith in what you pray. Especially pray for the lost around you. When you pray, I am gaining a foothold in their lives for My Spirit to work. Bind the strongman and the one who is blinding them. I am not done with you.

Be patient with the people you are working with. Allow My grace to cover them. Pray for them.


I will build My church. I will complete the task, with many people of all nations and tribes. I will be glorified in them. They will take their stand in My name. They will praise My Son. They will love as I commanded them and gave them the grace to do.

It is not My kingdom that will be noticed, but My people living by faith and love. Someday the King will come and set things right.


I am with you. You have all you need in Me. My resources are unlimited. You were moved by all the suffering in this world. Pray with your heart for them.

People are watching you. People are learning from you. Care for those you have following you.


Rejoice. Think about your destiny and hope. I will come and restore all things. I will lift up and bring low. All peoples will see Me and bow before Me.

There is evil in the land brought on by unbelief and rejection of all that is true in My Word. I give them over to their sinful behavior to show them the end of their folly. They refuse to learn and repent. They medicate their conscience with like minded people and stimulants. It doesn’t work to hide the truth. Deep down they know this, but still they persist because of the slavery of sin. Evil seemingly reigns, but no I reign. All will give account for their lives before Me on that day.


Focus on Me and what I am doing. I will guide you. I can do much more than you can do. When we partner together, great things are accomplished for My kingdom. Invite Me into the jail.

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You will learn enough to explain it. Allow Me to help you. Describe the process and history. Have details, but simplify. Look for other sources of information. Take your time.

Be kind to little ones. They are the future. Provide and give hope. Pray and release them from the bonds of poverty.


Listen to the words of the prophets. Come with humility and hunger to My Word. Ask afresh to insight and understanding.

Memories can be good, or they can be bad. Think about the good. Add a story filled with joy and love. People care and long to be together. It is how I made them. People who love, overlook a fault. People who love are loved in return. Be a lover, a friend. Show kindness and help. Build up and not tear down, especially with the words you speak.

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. He will establish His kingdom rule overall. No one can resist Him. The earth will breathe a sigh of relief as the curse is lifted.


I welcome all who come to Me, seeking Me in their heart, in desperation or in curiosity. I will satisfy their longing and need. I will reveal Myself to them, as much as they can bear in faith. In a moment I can change them.

How sincere were you seeking Me? You didn’t understand, except to want Me into your life. You kept seeking Me after that night of prayer. I saw who you were, and what I was going to do. I see that now. You are consecrating yourself to Me in what you are giving up. This pleases Me.


I give Myself so that you can be like Me. Can you give yourself so that others can see Me in you?


You are learning, even slowly. Your trust in My Word will grow as you apply your faith to My promises. I will honor My Word and those who put their trust in it. Men of old challenged Me to perform what I said to them, who I was in character. I will not deny who I AM.

I am your strength. I will carry you over your enemies. Who can stand against Us? No one. I will be your favor and help. 


The wages of sin is death. Is that enough of a deterrent? No, because people don’t believe My Word, and the penalty is delayed until the end of their life. They don’t realize that death is meted out in increments for the present. Their actions bring a reaction. They lose any sense of real joy and contentment. They are not satisfied by what they expected to be pleasure. That new toy once exciting is hard work to maintain. That sinful relationship becomes destructive, bringing pain. The consequences of sin may be subtle, but they are sure. What is the answer? Don’t sin against My standards of righteousness. Live in obedience. Live by the leading of My Spirit and you won’t give into temptation to sin. Can you do this? Yes, with My grace.


I will refine you so that you are pure, single-minded, and devoted to Me. Is that alright? Don’t worry, one touch by My Spirit can do this. It won’t be anything you can do, except to submit to Me. I am taking away the desires of your flesh by My Spirit. Can you worship Me with thanksgiving? What you say is important. What you think is important. Believe in Me, trust in Me.

Keep listening to My Word, for it is feeding your inner man, your spirit and mind. Follow along with your eyes if you can, for understanding.

There will come a time when you will have to rely on Me for everything. Trust Me, for I will do it. I will take care of you. Be intentional with your prayers, ask clearly. Bless those you are praying for.

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What is before you, do you know? Does it matter when I am with you? We are travelling on this journey of life together. I am making the path before you.


Yes, I believe. Can it be that simple? Faith is simple, singular, looking to the One who can save. I don’t require a sacrifice or offering. I don’t have good works you must do. Are you trusting Me and recognize what I have done for you on the cross? Are you trusting Me each day to help you with your life? I am here. My Spirit is at work in your heart, helping you believe, and helping to be obedient to My commands of love and self-denial. You often trust in yourself, not look to Me for help. I have gifted you for many things, and especially to do My will. But turn to Me, and what you do will be blessed much more than you can think or imagine. Be grateful for what I do.


I can speak even if you are distracted. I am taking care of you. Do not be anxious. Focus on gratitude. This will give you peace of mind.


Is there any animal more powerful than a lion? I will bring terror on the earth for those who don’t know Me. They will fear the judgment they know is coming. Their lives will be laid bare for all to see. Every good and evil thing will be exposed to the light of God. There will be no excuses. Only the blood of the Lamb can cover a man’s sins. He will be present too, gentle and loving for those who are His. He will reign will all honor and glory and power.

I can redeem almost anyone, who seeks Me for help. Why not everyone? Because I know the heart of a man. He may ask, but I know that he is not honest, and his heart is far from Me. Do not give up in prayer for the lost. They will respond as My Spirit works.


Hello – goodbye. People will come into your lives, but may leave soon after. Can you bless them in a short time?

Go slowly with this and with humility. Ask many questions before you present anything. This is the role of the pastors. You may assist along with others. I am holding them accountable.


Will you love Me today? Will you obey My commands to love others and deny yourself to follow Me? My Name will be lifted up high over every name and title. I will rule and reign over the world I created. Who can stand against Me? Why do you resist My will? What have I done for you? Isn’t it much greater than your troubles? Trust Me with everything.

There are no solutions from man. I am the solution, but people want to decide for themselves. Why deny yourself to help others? Why deny yourself to please God whom you can’t see? Selfishness will not be rewarded. Tonight you were called to prayer. Will you answer that call and pray? You have been praying, but you can pray more, with power from My Spirit. You can be moved to pray if you will listen to My Spirit.


Do not fear for I am with you. You will live many years and be a blessing to your family and My church. Keep your eyes on Me. Don’t stray from My path. Others are watching you. Take care of yourself with healthy living, but more than this, take care of your spirit and mind. Feed it with My Word often. Read for understanding, but read to fill your mind with My Truth. Take joy in knowing Me with gratitude and praise. I will transform you to be My prize. We have something special for you have learned to hear My voice. Keep seeking Me.

Be determined to give testimony of how good I am. Consider how people have the wrong picture of who I am. Help them to know Me. I am Life eternal. Just that idea will change their thinking.

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I will lead you. The body is meant to take care of itself – leaders, workers, needy ones. I give gifts and grace to people to take care of My body. My Spirit is at work. I am at work. I don’t leave My people to be alone. I bring them together to support one another. You are a part of My body.

Keep seeking Me for answers and wisdom. My Spirit is speaking to you. You are learning to recognize His quiet voice. You have much to give from what you have learned from My Word. Be generous and available.


I am with you to guide you. Keep your eyes open to be aware of opportunities that I will bring. Be alert and diligent. What I am doing will come to light. Can you pray for others? Can you really pray as if they were your own family?


Open your eyes to the world around you. Many are struggling. Most are living the lie about Me. They know I exist, but they deny Me and pretend that is fine. There are some who lived in a normal family with both parents and some love displayed. But that is rare today. Divorce has taken its toll. Children are neglected and some abused. Children live confused lives with no guidance and discipline. Decide for yourselves is not the answer. How can they believe in a loving Father God?

Children are told in school to ignore the faith and values of their parents. Decide for yourselves what you believe. The enemy is scooping them up with his lies. The rebellion of a teenager is encouraged. Peers have the answer, not older people. Experimentation is rampant, and many are caught up in drugs and sex they can’t handle. This scars them for life, until they wake up.

I am reaching out to these people always with many attempts of witness, love and truth. Will they turn to Me in their times of hurt? Pray for them. Take authority over the lies they are fed. Not just for your children, but those all around you.

Wake up, God is the answer for your problems of sin and emptiness. Prodigals are everywhere. More have never heard the truth about Me.

Make yourself available to bring the answers people need. Point them to Me and the promises I give. I can handle their situation. Their focus is on the wrong things.


I will break forth before the dawn, light shines in the darkness, overcoming, rooting out evil. I will reign on My throne forevermore. Peoples will bow before Me. I will judge them in My righteousness and truth. I will show mercy on those deserving mercy. I will silence the evil tongue. My littles ones will go forth in peace and safety. They will sing joyfully.

When will that happen? Soon you will see. Will I find faith on the earth? There will be more calamities and suffering, shortages. Because of this, people will be callous and greedy over resources. Will My people be like them, or will they be generous with their neighbor, trusting Me as their supply? Sacrifice and offerings will mean little, if hearts are cold. Prepare your hearts. Allow freedom for My Spirit to work in you. Though the outward is wasting away, the inside is shining My light. Is that what you want? It is My desire.

Create in me a clean heart. Keep me devoted in purity to You, O Lord. Wash away my sins. Cover me with Your righteousness. I need You Lord.


This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice in it. Expect Me to do great things today and always. I am at work in you for good. I watch over you to bring prosperity and life. I will be glorified in My people.

I can restore and heal people and relationships. Humility is the key, and faith. Call upon Me in your need.


Let a man be tested by his words, which come from the inner man, his being. I will examine him.

No one is Holy, but Me. No one is righteous in himself. All fall short. Purity of heart is rare. Devotion, likewise, though a mother lovingly cares for her children. I give My grace so that you can love as I have loved you. I want you to take on the character of My Son, to live like Him. He was My Representative and more. He lived to please Me in everything. He was obedient. He had My Spirit and now you have Him too.


Lean on Me. Bring your issues before Me. Large or small, why should you carry them? Pray and release them to Me. Lift up your eyes to the hills, where your help comes from.

See how important language is for the gospel to be translated? It brings life and hope. Spoken, word picture, written – these open hearts. Glasses help too. Love is shown with provision to meet needs.

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I will call My people as much as I want. Will they call upon Me? I interrupt people’s lives because of the prayers of  My people. My Spirit is at work and His work always bears fruit. Keep praying and believing. Your prayers are heard. Ask in faith. Don’t be shy.


The wages of sin is death. Judgment will come for the ungodly, but I will keep offering My mercy to them. I offered My kindness to you, and you accepted it. Now you are a different person, renewed by My Spirit. Pray for your loved one to desire to know Me.

My ways are higher than yours. I can open doors and shut them. I can do miracles. I can change hearts. I can direct nations and peoples. My will is greater. Soon I will restore all things.

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Time changes many things. I am creative and so is the people I created. I gave them a brain that is capable of thinking, reasoning, imagining, dreaming, problem solving. When a person is dedicated to serving Me, he can be very creative and useful to himself and others. His products are good. He can also make what is bad and evil if his thoughts are corrupted by this world of sin. This applies to art, music, design of material objects. I am the ultimate Designer. My signature is on what I created.

This is My work (mentoring). I am blessing your efforts and blessing those involved with you. My Spirit is actively working to bring people closer to Me.


I am the Savior of the world. I forgive sin. I heal. I love. My grace is sufficient. Come unto Me.

Develop an attitude of charity and love toward others. Be gracious to them, not judgmental. No one is perfect, especially you at times. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.


Be open to change. Be flexible. Be patient. Can you love and wait? Lift up your eyes to the hills, where your help comes from. I am your Source.

I will open doors for you as you seek Me.

Your faith will increase so that you can give prophetic words to others. These will come unexpectedly, as tonight they came in a thought, in answer to your prayer. Expect Me to speak through you. Leave the outcome to Me, not to any response they give. My Spirit is at work. He will magnify My words.


Keep believing in Me, no matter what your circumstances are. Trust in Me to be working for you. Situations will come because you are Mine, and the enemy is stirred against you. Have joy in your heart and peace in your soul. I will be glorified in you. A time will come when you will stand out, not due to yourself, but because of what I am doing within you. I will give you the grace to do this. Keep leading others by your example. I love you. I will not fail you.


I am here. I can heal your memories and past hurts.

I can do what you can’t do. Give your cares to Me.

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The pathway to sin leads to death. At first it might be just a little compromise of values. Then when nothing happens, more ways to sin open up. At some point full rebellion comes as you leave those who care about you. Freedom becomes slavery to sin. Other sinners are there to help you spend your money to share in your rebellion, for they did that too before. When the money runs out, you become a criminal stealing from others to get by. There are opportunities to wake up, as morning hangovers and losses occur, when people take advantage of you, when you spend the night on the street in fear and cold. But then you can’t go back home, so you turn to friends for help. But they too get tired of helping you.

By My grace I keep you on the path to Life. You don’t stray too far or too long. Soon you embrace the path, knowing that it is the best way. I reward the pure at heart, always seeking Me. I protect you in ways you do not know. I lead you home to be with Me forever.


It’s not that you have to fight, for the battle has already been won. You just claim in My Name what is yours. The more you speak into the spiritual world the truth, the greater the blessings you will see. Again it is what I have done is for you to claim and to stand on.


Much is said about forgiveness in My Word, forgiveness of sin. Why does sin have to be forgiven? Without forgiveness there must be punishment appropriate to the sin. Sin always hurts others, and offends a holy God. Jesus paid the price for your sin, to cover it with His righteousness. No one is righteous because of Adam’s sin, his disobedience. No one is good in himself.

Live by the leading of My Spirit and you will not give in to the lusts of your flesh in sin. My character and holiness will come out of you if you are in My Spirit, anointed by Him for good deeds and in building up My kingdom. Your fruit will be pleasing and good. Others will notice and give Me praise and thanks.

I will surprise you with what I reveal, not to tickle your ears, but to show how big I am. This is My world. I will establish My kingdom and rule once again. Turn away from this world for it is fading away. It is not forever. You are forever in Me. My promises are sure. They will come to pass. Believe in Me. Live in obedience to what I reveal and what My Spirit shows you.

Nicodemus was a man who was seeking the truth. I stood as Truth before him, and he had a hard time accepting My words. Yet I touched his heart and he believed. Many have come after him, starting out religious, but seeking. I can transform them with My revelation.


Come and see what I can do. What is your need? Is there anyone among you who is sick? Are you tired? Do you want more of My Spirit? Do you sense My presence? What is your need? You pray for others; do you pray for yourself?

There is unity within the Trinity – Father, Son, Spirit. There is unity within those who believe in Me who live in love and grace and truth. I know who are Mine. I died for all who would believe, but sadly some reject Me and refuse to accept My salvation.


Life is easier now. No daily threat of violence and death. No poor living conditions, lacking food and water. Yes, there are some people suffering lack and facing harm. But you have nothing to fear.

How grateful are you? Do you think about what My Son did for you on the cross? How grateful are you? Do you grumble and complain about inconveniences, delays, corruption and sin in government? Other people face these things in much greater measure, without freedom and opportunity. They despair and lose hope often about their condition.

Does a little pain bother you? Are you facing death because of health issues, without hope of medical help? You look at the youth, and they seem unaware of others in need. They seem so selfish and focused on themselves. They despair over their future. They believe the lies of this world, rejecting the faith and values of parents and elders.

What really moves you? Are you callous or indifferent about others in need? Do you pretend not to see and know about others in need? You have written off the homeless in your heart, blaming them for their choices. Is that fair or compassionate? You hide behind your gates and walls. You have everything you need. You are starting to realize the struggle of those coming into your country. Yet you complain about what is given them by those trying to help. Is that fair or compassionate? You give some money and that eases your conscience. Don’t look at others like yourself to compare and justify yourself. What would My Son do? What did He do?

Allow My Spirit to guide you. Allow Me to change your heart.

You will be blessed as you give yourself to others. Pay attention to their needs, not who they are.


I am in charge of your life. I have been so from your beginning. The more you submit to Me, the easier it is to lead you on My path of righteousness and life. Follow Me.

Be gracious and winsome. Reflect My Light. Display My fruit, mostly love.


Don’t worry about tomorrow, for I will take care of you. I know the future as well as the present. I don’t need to tell you a lot about the future, if you trust Me. I’d rather you keep coming to Me. Is your faith strong enough to trust Me for your life? Abram trusted Me and obeyed My command and direction.  

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