My Words will fill you with truth and life. Take them into your very being. Let them go deep within so that they cannot be shaken from you. This will bless your life like nothing else can. My words are true and righteous, springing up with life forevermore.


Open your eyes to see the people I bring to you, people who need Me. You have the life they are seeking. Speak openly with love and joy. Why hurry? Savor life. Explore with your senses and heart.


There is a time and a place for everything. In My world there is order and beauty. In My world there is life. Use what I have given you to bless others, to help them find Me.


The world says live for today. I say live for eternity. Live for Me and I will reward you. Die to yourself and the desires of the flesh that consume you. Be in fellowship with My Spirit, calling upon Him, sitting and listening to what He says. He knows you.


Have patience in your seeking, for the persistent one will be rewarded. Glean what will work for you. I can transform the heart with what is taken in. Keep away from the harmful things.


I have given you life so you can share it with others. Be a man of God with integrity. Be a worshipper, a lover of the One who set you free from sin. Be an example of a life-giver, a disciple, a searcher of truth. You still have influence among men. Use it wisely. Speak favorably of your leaders. Make your words pleasant and encouraging, hopeful and full of faith.


Be careful to review what you have learned with all diligence, for new truth can be found and applied. My Word has more depth than you can understand at first reading. Always add faith to what you read.

I will give you wisdom, just ask Me. I am your Healer, just call upon Me in faith believing. I am your Deliverer, just use My Name. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. I have defeated the Enemy on the cross. I live and you will live also in Me forever. Do you believe this? The wages I give are life and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. I am before all things. I give life to all things. I am your Creator and God. Bow before Me in submission to My will. I am God and there is no other.  

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Rest in My love for you. This should give you peace and joy. I have blessed you to meet your needs and more. When Solomon pleased Me with his initial unselfishness, I blessed him beyond his expectations. He didn’t know how to handle these blessings and they became a snare to him. He forsook My Law and gave his heart to evil idols of man. Mammon is difficult to handle. It corrupts the mind. You have maintained a level of self-control and discipline. This is good. Contentment comes from godliness. Pursue Me and My righteousness and your soul will be blessed even more.

I will speak of mighty things and of simple truths. Let your mind ponder My words. Let your spirit seek My Spirit for understanding. The wise will grow wiser still. The prudent will learn.


Doors will open for you. Seek My direction. Know that I am with you.


Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. I will come when no one is expecting Me. The world will be in chaos. I will come to establish My kingdom rule.


I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. It is all about Me and what I have done for you. Believe and receive. Trust and obey.


Awake, listen, believe, respond. Fill your thoughts with My Word.


What do you want? Are you living to please yourself? Let Me reveal what I want for you. My plans are better. I know your limitations, your weaknesses, your faults. You will need Me to fulfill what I desire for you. That way is better.


This world is being corrupted by sinful man, just as it has in other times. You are more aware of it, because you are living now, and information is available. Are you praying more? Live for Me. Write out the verses you know. Add to them the verses you should know as My Spirit directs you.

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I will come when no one is looking for Me. Yes, My people will be alert, at least some of them. They will want Me to come, because of the hardships. I will make a distinction between those who are Mine and those who are not. This will cause strife for some who think they are Mine.


Can we just sit together? Can you love the unlovely? I can, and I did. I died for all. I paid the penalty for all. Now My Spirit is wooing people to turn to Me from their sin. All sin is unlovely. It kills and destroys. I came to bring life. I came to destroy, to take back. Separate yourself from this world to focus on Me in prayer and the study of My Word. Seek to know Me as I lived for people, as My Father lived through Me. There is a dying world of people out there. I want you to love them and cover them in prayer. Others may, you may not as you simplify and focus on Me. People gave up their lives to follow Me. I will satisfy. I will reveal. I will bring life to the full.

10-3-21 Don’t believe the lies of the enemy. Know the truth, so you can refute these lies. My Spirit will help you. Be careful what you say. Don’t speak the lies. Pray for others who are struggling. Help them find the truth

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What is beauty? Can a picture show it? Can an artist put it in his painting? Can you see it in My creation? Do you see what I can see? When I made it, I saw that it was good. It was what I saw in My mind, full of beauty, simplicity, purpose, function. Now you only see a glimpse of what it was at the beginning. Yet it still reflects on My glory. Wait until you see what heaven looks like. You will be amazed. I gave you the ability to appreciate My glory in what I have made, even in you. You see My sunsets and marvel. Let your imagination run wild in what I can do.


Prepare and build. Do the new work I will direct you to do. This is a time for growth and maturing in Me. Those who seek Me will find this. You are to pray more and learn and apply disciplines. You have put some of these into practice. Now let them be more productive. I will show you the way. You will be pleased with the results. Just as you have built up your physical strength through exercise, now build up your spiritual strength. Do not seek to draw attention to yourself in this, but others will notice the effects.  


Discipleship and learning is a lifelong process. You are still learning, but now you learn directly from Me. Grow in My grace.


I am with you. Do not complain. Be gracious. You are Mine. Let your words be full of grace to all you encounter, even those who will hate you because of Me. The news will continue to get worse, as no one will take action to stop what is hurting people. Good people in government will be hard to find. Do not let these things to be your focus. Pray for them in My Spirit. He knows what is best. I am preparing for My return.

Yes, you will be a shining light to those in darkness. Prepare – pray – believe. I will make a way for you. My fruit will display My power.

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Come let us reason together. Can you heal the sick? Can you raise the dead? Can you give new life? What can you do? Only in Me, in My power are these possible for those who believe. Abide with Me. Stay in My presence, in My Spirit. Dwell on My Word. Shut out the concerns of your world. They are mocking your leaders. What good does that do for you?

Are you a prophet just because you can hear My voice? Are you a sheep? What will become of your words? Who will read them and take notice? Will just you? These have drawn you close to Me. You know more of My heart and My ways, for I have revealed these things to you. You are Mine and I share with those who will listen.

Do you believe in prayer? You should. It should be a large part of your day. I will listen to you for you will listen to Me. We can talk about these things. You pray in My Spirit, and this is good. He knows more. He is truth and wisdom.


Can you pray more? Do not be dismayed or alarmed by what you see happening. These things must take place. They are but a shadow of the hardships that will follow for those who won’t believe in Me. Rescue them from the darkness with your prayers. I have won the victory over sin and death.


I will come when no one is expecting. But all will know when I return, for they shall see Me in the sky. Can people repent and turn to Me?


I am working in you too. Yes, for this season of your life you are to pray more. Learn from Me. Learn from My Spirit. Call upon Me. Discover who I am and what My love is all about. My love compels Me to watch over what I have created. Each person is precious to Me. It grieves Me when a life is taken by force by the hand of man. I rescue some from further suffering. Pray for protection of the innocent.


The end is near. Make the most of the time. Pray and work for My kingdom. I will direct you.

Do not fear. I will take care of you. Be about My kingdom business.


The world is full of sin. This is what I see, and it grieves Me. Guard your heart and mind.

You must choose to live for Me or for yourself. My way leads to life; your way is stagnant. My way is sacrificial and serving. My way uses love and grace and humility. There is little room for self in My way. I am the focus.


For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. He loves us so we can love others. He loves us so we can love ourselves. We have value because of Jesus.

Prayer will open doors into the spirit world. With access, you can tear strongholds down, and release fresh anointing to do My will. You do not need to understand all that I lead you to do in prayer and ministry. Later you might understand, but that is not the point. You have influenced men and you will continue to do so. Be open to My leading. It is not about you. It is about what I want to do. Keep sowing seeds of life. They will grow.

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I am with you to keep you with Me. Each day can be new to you as you seek Me. I will bring those who need Me to you and your groups. Pray for them, even now. Lay a foundation of prayer for them to respond.


Now is the time to look ahead, instead of behind. The future bring new opportunities and challenges. Stay near to Me. Follow My example. Use prayer as your weapon. Take back from the enemy. Defend and strengthen those you care about.


Small beginnings can bear fruit. Be praying to bring others. Not everyone will believe, but those I have prepared will respond to love and concern for them. She came because of your interest in her.

It takes courage to step out and fail. It is better than to not try. My Word is going forth. My Spirit is at work. Listen and obey. I am with you.


There is a way of righteousness found in Me. It takes persistence and rest. It is sought after, but when found it is kept in rest, accepting My work as final. I paid the price on the cross. I spilt My righteous blood for My people, those who would believe in Me. There is life in My blood.


I will come when no one is looking. I will warn through My prophets, but people will scoff in unbelief. You are seeing how people are being deceived now. How truth is being suppressed. This will spread all over the world in various ways. I will protect My people in every land, though some will have to be martyred for their faith in Me. Do not despair, for I am near. I will display My power in undeniable ways. Yet people will not be moved. I will bring judgment on lands and peoples. You have read about this and soon you will see it today. My Word will be suppressed too, so get all you can now. There will be a period of grace for My Word and gospel to go forth. Take advantage of the time. Some people will respond. You will see this. People will seek My people out for what they know and how they live. Prophecies of old will come to pass before your eyes. Revelation and knowledge of My Word will grow clearer as the day approaches.

Lift up your eyes to the hills, to the skies for your Redeemer lives. I am near, be ready. Be doing what I have called you to do. Be My witness and ambassador. Be My representative. Pray fervently with understanding and with My Spirit.


Man will disappoint you. Governments will fail you. Leaders will be selfish and foolish. I am here. Focus on Me. I am your hope.


The days ahead will be challenging, but I am with you. Trust Me. Call upon Me. See if I do not come to your aid.

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Does your head spin thinking about controlling a large construction project, a state, your country, the world, the universe? I am Lord of all. I am King of kings. Yet I know you intimately.

Do you know when I am coming back? Do you know the last day of your life? Nations will rise and fall. My people Israel are being prepared. People are being drawn to Me. When you realize these things, can you add depth to your prayers? Yes, pray in My Spirit, but pray in your language. Pray for the details. Pray for the big picture, however big that is to you.

Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. No one is accountable, except to Me. Whether you realize this or not, everyone is governed by a higher law. No one can completely control the events of their life. Yes, the rich can make their own little world around them. But they have to rely on others, who work for them, who do their bidding. That life can be so empty. Solomon found that out, and he went crazy in his own way.

Finding contentment in Me. Doing My will. Serving others. Loving. These are the things that bring fulfillment. Man can only embrace so much. Each day can be new for you, walking with Me.


It is for wisdom and strength that I have given you this rest. Learn to seek Me and hear from My Spirit. Let Him guide you into all truth about Me. He knows everything. Ask Him, and He will reveal and explain. There are some thing still to be revealed in their time.  Prophets of old sought after truth and knowledge. Take notes and share them.


I am at work to accomplish My purpose in the world, in your country, in people who are seeking Me. I will not rest until I bring all I have chosen into My sheepfold. No one can resist My love.


Rest, peace, contentment, fellowship with Me, learning from My Word – these and much more are found in Me for My Beloved. If you do nothing more than to come before Me, humbly and seeking, then you will find true joy and love for your soul. I will satisfy your inner man.


The wages of sin is death, but I have come to set men free of their sin and to show them the way to eternal life in Me. Sin is ugly, enslaving, but I have the keys for freedom. I have come to set people free of sin and death. I have done all that is needed on the cross. Look to Me and be healed. Look to Me and find new life. Look to Me.


Only in Me is there real peace in the midst of the storm, the trial, the difficulty. Why? Because you will turn to Me for help. It won’t come naturally; you must ask for it.


Take a break. Rest in Me. You have done well and now it is time for others. You can help them, if they ask for your help. Your message preparation was for you. I will show you ways and give you opportunities to share what you have learned from Me and My Word. It not about you. It is about Me and what I want to do for My people.

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I have My hand on what is going on. I will be glorified in My people. Sinners will sin. My Spirit is convicting many and they are repenting. My holiness and righteousness is pure, undefiled. You are covered by My blood. You are forgiven and redeemed.


Look to Me for all that you need. Be anxious for nothing, only pray and find My help for you.


It will surprise you to know what I know about you. I see the inner man, the real you. I see the core of faith, the belief in Me that is constant, grounded in the revelation of My Word. You hear My voice, and you trust that what you hear is from My Spirit. This pleases Me. You read the prophecies of old, and this stirs your heart. You read the stories of men and kings who responded in faith to these words. You read about those who rebelled against those words.

There is much to be revealed, about what was said before, and what will be spoken in the future. My future plans for you are glorious. I have prepared a place for those who believe. It is near to where I am. It will test your senses with its magnitude of color and light and shape and textures and sounds. These will forever be pleasing to your spirit and soul and even your new body. I am the Designer, the Creator, the Builder, the Host, the Provider.

You cannot imagine these now because of your worldly limitations. Even if you had the vision of an eagle, the hearing of the owl, the sensitivity of an insect, the smell of a lion – these still are not enough. Your brain cannot understand or fathom the magnitude of what is in store for you. You will sing new songs of praise to Me. You will learn melodies advancing the spectrum of sound. All this is for My Beloved.


Yes, My Word comes in many versions to satisfy the reader, but it still is My Living Word for those who dig deeper in prayer over what they are reading. I can speak to a person through My Word. I can bring conviction of sin. Think of how kings of old discovered My Word, and repented from their evil ways. People don’t respect My Word today. I will honor those who honor Me today. I will bring judgment on those who don’t. I say again in truth, choose life!


I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. I am the door to life. My Spirit is at work to draw people to the point of decision. He is very good at what He does. He knows a person’s heart and future. He doesn’t make guesses or mistakes. He is right on. He has worked in your life. He is working now. Do not resist His leading. Overcome your fears and doubts by trusting in My Word, and in Who I AM. I have a plan, and My plans are very good. No one can stop My plans.

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I am with you. I will not leave you or forsake you. You are Mine. I watch over you to keep you.


I can take care of the details. I can take care of the big picture. My plans and ways are good for you.

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Live for and let Me take of your problems. Pray, but trust in Me. There is nothing I cannot do. Rest in My love for you. My grace is sufficient. My power is unlimited. My victory has been won.


The world is full of lonely people looking for relationships. That need will only truly be satisfied in Me. I am looking for relationships too. I care about My people. I care about you. Seek after Me and you will find Me. I know you more than any person can know you. I can heal hearts. I can transform a broken person. I can bring life.


Come to the waters and drink. I have living water for you. Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Will My people be ready? Will their hearts turn toward Me? Will they have expectant hearts, always seeking after me?

Many will try to enter on that day, but will be turned away. There will be wailing and mourning with desperate cries of anguish. The see their fate before them and they are horrified. “Why did we not believe?” they cry. But it is too late. They know what to do, but refuse to do it. They have accepted the lie about Me, and their flesh rebels into every form of rebellion and sin. Do not be like them, Return and repent. Humble yourself before Me.


I will help you.


Peace be with you. Lift up your eyes to the hills. Look to Me for your help. I am tender and loving.


There are very needy people – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It’s hard to think of how cruel people can be to their own. Can you help them?


Who can declare what is true, what is right? Only I know the end from the beginning. I see the hearts. I see what is going on. I see the sin and rebellion, the defiance and lawlessness, the unbelief and lies. It greaves My heart to see the weak and innocent being harmed. What should I do?

How many times did My people Israel rebel? How many times did I bring judgment and calamity upon them? How many times did I restore and heal out of My love and promise to their forefathers?

What did they do to My beloved Son? Why couldn’t they have recognized the time of their visitation? Yet, it was all part of My plan? I saw My church grow to fruitfulness. I saw the lies enter in and corrupt My people. I restored and brought them back to the truth.

Will My people survive what is happening today? Haven’t there been hardships before this time? I will pour out My Spirit and they will be revived? Unbelief will vanish. Rebellion and lawlessness will be subdued by My righteousness and love. Who will warn them?

You are weak in many ways. But I will sustain you and keep you for My glory. Did Amos seek his place in My world?

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