There is only one real solution to your need, Me. I am the answer for all needs. I made you for Me. Nothing in this world can fill the need.

I will carry you through every storm if you call upon Me. I will fill your empty time.

Be prepared to speak of My goodness today. Talk about answered prayers. Talk about the peace I can give. Listen and give encouragement and hope.


I am the only real game in town – follow Me or not, believe in Me or not. The enemy tries to deceive to turn people down other paths. He is going after the children to turn from the faith of their parents. The parents have the advantage if they stay available and involved with their children. Yes, the school can mold them, but I have given the parents the inborn advantage of those early years before school starts. There is a natural choosing point during the teen years, when a child must develop his own faith as he separates himself for his own life as an adult. The world has brought forth confusion and lies into the process. Technology has introduced a source for lies and corruption too early for the child to be able to handle it. They are not ready to make those choices forced upon them. Television used to be the outside influence. Now it is phones and devices. Children are not given the chance to be kids with imaginations.

Pray for them. Pray for parents to be parents. You still have influence as grandparents. Your consistent faith is a beacon to them and your children. Keep the light on. Be their intercessor and advocate before Me.


Where much is required, My grace is sufficient. I am more than enough. I won’t leave you alone.

I will instruct you so that you can teach them. Be gracious and allow them to respond to the scriptures. There is life in My Word.

You are on the right path. Keep searching for ways to explain the passages. Ask My Spirit to lead you.


Seek after Me with all your heart, mind, and soul. Think about Me during the day. Recall what I have done for you and give Me thanks and praise. This is for you to have a right focus and perspective. We are living together, you and Me. Ask Me what to do, how to respond to people and needs, how to bring Me glory.


Don’t be distracted by the things of this world. I am what you need. I will satisfy. Live for Me and to Me. What is healthy? My Spirit will show you.


My Word will go into their hearts to bear fruit. It will bear fruit in your life too.

My Word has gone out to the ends of the earth. It will bring forth fruit.  Great is the harvest of souls into the kingdom.


Taste and see that the Lord is good. I don’t mind people trying Me out. I can use the little interest they have and make it into real belief in Me. You were earnestly seeking and that is better. You wanted to believe in a greater way. You still want to know Me, and I am showing you more about Me to you. There is so much to learn!

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Make a way for Me to direct your steps, to accept new challenges and ideas, as you follow Me. It might be to do less, so that you can spend more time with Me and your family.


I will direct you, but you need to spend time with Me, enough time to sense My Presence. You can hear My words, but can you know that I am with you. When you are able to sense Me in our quiet time together, then you will be able to sense Me with you during the day with others around. This will be a combination of hearing My voice, but also reading and meditating on My Word. It will be rereading what I have already spoken to you in the past. I have revealed much to you. So much that you should know a little of My heart and ways. My disciples saw Me in My Son. Moses had My grace to be with Me in extended times. So I will grant you My grace to do so.


Welcome. Come into the throne room where I reside. Do not be afraid, My Son has covered you with His righteousness. Everything you need is here. Do you need My grace? It is here. Do you need healing? It is here. When you pray, your prayers come here. Imagine them coming here, not by any other person, but your prayer is heard here. Even when you pray for others, it is heard by Me here. Sometimes I look to see if you believe for what you are asking. Mostly I look to see if you believe in Me. I respond to My people. They are dear to Me. You are dear to Me. You are seated with My Son. He has purchased you by His blood. He loves you too. I hear Him praying for you. I am pleased when I think of you. Are you getting comfortable here in My Presence? I have what you need. I am what you need, what you were created for.


Come before Me with humility and reverence, with praise and thanks. Come and find rest for your soul. Do you need an assignment? Can you just sit with Me? I have life for you, not just for your time on earth as a human, but as a spiritual man before Me.


Wait for the dawn. Is there significance in the sunrise? Each day is a new beginning in the cycle of life. Don’t ignore each day’s rhythm. Celebrate and rejoice. Live with purpose, yet rest in Me. Spend each day in harmony with My Word following My example.


Don’t worry about tomorrow or anything in the future. I am with you to take of those things. Pray and release your concerns to Me. I am taking care of your health. I am working to bring your prodigals home to be with Me. I am taking care of your world and any situation that you may face. Nothing escapes My attention. Listen for My Spirit to guide you. He knows My heart and plans for you. Just praise Me and all fear will leave. Remember that you can come to Me anytime.

You read about the promises I gave My friend Abraham. I had big plans for him. So big that he could never do them in his own strength. He learned to trust Me. Can I reveal the plans that I have for you? Be My witness. Share your testimony of all that I have done for you. People will listen and take to heart what you say, for you are showing your good character as one who follows Me. I will magnify your words to bring the results I desire. Love others with the love that I will give you for them. I will open doors for you.

You will be amazed at what I will reveal to you as you seek Me earnestly and often. Just a little quiet and focus is all that I need to get your attention. You may not understand what I will reveal, so ask Me questions. I have life, and I want many to share in it with Me. Pray for them to receive and believe in Me. They need an intercessor, one who will pray for them, even on your block and in your world.


Widen the pathway so that many can come to Me. Yes, the path is narrow that leads to life and few find it. But I will do a new thing with My grace drawing many. The path will start wide, but then narrow as they follow Me. Your prayers will be needed to make this happen. Pray for witnesses and harvesters. Pray and be. Be willing to be the answer to your prayers. I will give you the grace to do this.

I am not a God far away, I am near. I am with you. This is no small thing.

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Yes, I do know how to make beautiful things. Wait until you see My glory!


I will wait until My enemies have been destroyed. I will cause My people to rise up and take back what has been stolen. They will do this in My power, in the power of the Name of the Lord. This will be done with prayer.


Everyone wants to be noticed as a person, unique with feelings and needs. They may not be worth much as their lives have been destroyed by poor choices and the consequences of those choices. I love them. Do not despise them or look down on them. Pray for them. Ask Me on their behalf to help them. I know what to do, but I need someone praying for them, noticing them.


Pay attention to what I have to say. Listen with your spirit for the truth and wisdom I have for you. My words are priceless. I have called you out of many to learn what is important to Me. This is more than just for you. You will know what to share as I reveal things to you for My body. Keep coming to Me and I will feed you. Your spirit and your soul will be nourished. You already sense this.

Why aren’t you reading and meditating on what I have spoken to you? Let Me highlight them for you. This will take time, so don’t rush through them. You made a start. I will help you.


I will guide you. Look beyond the current issues. Prepare for what will happen as My Spirit moves upon the earth. He will move in power and love. I will make My people into lovers of the lost and needy. Their hearts will turn to them and not themselves. As they turn, they will be given special power to meet the needs of those they serve. Their prayers will be magnified. The enemy’s work will be overturned and pushed back. My grace will enable the hardest hearts to respond to the gospel. This will be worldwide, so don’t be concerned about just your country. Some people are more open to the love they will receive because of their needs.


Make a way in the desert, the vast wasteland. Plant seeds to bring forth life. Expect a bountiful harvest. Nurture the plants with care and love. There is life forevermore.


You are enjoying what I spoke to you. My words bring life.

I will help you.

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Slow down and take notice of what is around. I can be in what you see, in people and situations. People are crying out. I am listening, are you?

Live for Me and I will be within you to help you. My Spirit will prompt you to do good works to bless people.


Watch over your heart and mind. Banish thoughts that come from the world that are contrary to what I have revealed to you. Faith and trust must be nurtured. People will respond to the gospel. It is good news for them. They don’t have to remain trapped by their sins. Forgiveness and freedom from sin is great. Peace and joy are priceless for a troubled heart.

The world may become very dark with the deception and lies generated by the enemy, but I have overcome the world. I will take care of My people. My truth will be mocked as it was when I was on the earth. But My truth will set people free. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Rely on My power in you through My Spirit. Trust in His guidance and wisdom. It will take faith, but you will experience My faithfulness and provision. He that endures to the end will be saved. Help others trust Me.


Come to Me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you. I will give you rest if you seek after Me with all your heart.


You learned to be patient. She learned to accept you, to think about what she wanted. My Spirit helped you both.

There is a battle being waged challenging My creation. It’s not new, except to this age and time. I will win this battle, but many will be caught up as victims of the unbelieving generation, deceived by the enemy. It is happening quickly to show who is behind it all. It will neuter your nation and cause great division. It’s not the real issue of unbelief that has covered the world. My people will be mocked and hated. Truth will be ridiculed. But in the end, I will display My power, and all be silent.

I will give you boldness to proclaim My truth and gospel. Revival will come from ashes. You are right to look at what happened to Israel of old. Unbelief, compromise, rebellion brought My judgment. My Son came to restore and bring life again. He will do the same in the future.


Listen and you will hear words that bring life. Open your heart to receive them. Come into My presence with thanksgiving and praise. Bring Me an offering from your lips.

You saw My favor upon you today. Continue to be faithful in what I have called you to do, and you will see my favor.


Be prepared to proclaim the gospel. Your world needs to hear this. Your world needs to hear the truth. Let your light shine before men. People will respond. They see the hopelessness of the future. They can find hope in Me.


Listen and you will hear the very words of God. Repent of your unbelief. Guard over your words. Do not be critical or contrary. Be winsome and encouraging. Support those who are serving Me in the ministry I have called them to do. Pray for them and give your support.

Be kind and not judging. Be supportive and not critical. Be hopeful and not discouraging.  

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Do not be afraid for I am with you. Your name is in My book. I am keeping track of you. I am going before you for your good. Bring glory to Me in your life. Honor Me with your lips. Give testimony to what I have done for you.


Rejoice and be glad for the Lord of heaven and earth is coming. He will reign with His holy ones. He will restore what has been taken away, and even more glorious shall it be. No longer will the thief threaten the innocent. His peace will cover the land.


Do not stray from My Word. Find its truth and apply it to what you do. Know for certain its important passages and doctrines of faith, love, and obedience. Pray for those who are struggling in their walk. People have many decisions to make. Set an example for others to copy.


What you are doing is unique and helpful. People need connection and counsel. They don’t know where to turn. If they are open to My voice, My Spirit can direct them. Everyone faces trials. Do they grow as they turn to Me? I don’t leave My people alone. I know what they need. It saddens Me when they are idle, bored, or distracted, not serving or actively living the walk I have prepared for them. Yes, there can be times of rest and recovery. But that can take place as you serve.


Upon this rock I will build My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. My kingdom has always been expanding as people come to faith in Me. People gather together to worship and share their common faith.


Let the world rejoice. Let everything that has breath rejoice. I am coming with My reward, and it is good, very good. You cannot imagine what I have planned for you. I know you. I created you. I chose you. Can I not be generous to those I love? Keep studying My Word for its truth and words of promise. They are for those who believe them.


My Word will dispel the attacks of the enemy. My Word is powerful and holy. Take it in to your innermost being, for from it comes the wellspring of life.

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Peace and joy, these come from Me, and love too. Can you live in these? You experienced the joy of your salvation. You know that My peace covers you. My love hides your sins on the cross. Love one another as I have loved you. There is no fear here, for My perfect love casts out all fear. Trust, believe these words.


I have covered your sins by the righteous blood of My Son. You are clean, forgiven. I am removing the inherent sin, which resides in you from birth. Live to be holy as I am holy. Seek to please Me in your obedience. Do not justify yourself. Rather humble yourself and let Me decide what is true and right.


A tender heart is easily hurt. Yet, a tender heart can experience great love and emotions of joy. A delicate flower bud, if crushed, will not come back to its full glory. Beauty is fleeting. I put beauty in My creation for all to experience and enjoy. Take time to notice. Even in faces of people of all ages there can be beauty and interest. A face displays the life that has been lived – wrinkles of joy, scars of pain or loneliness. I could have made faces without distinguishing features, but I didn’t. I could have made people with less personalities and differences, but I didn’t. Each one is unique, shaped by parents and experiences. Even twins can be seen as different. I certainly made male and females different for the roles they have.


Look to Me for guidance and truth. I am your source.

I can be your joy as you rejoice in what I have done for you.


Love her and support her. She is fragile, needing affirmation. Behold, she will receive her due when she stands before Me on that day.

My reward is with Me as I come. I will bless My people with the riches of heaven. They will bestow praise and hallelujahs upon their King. Let the party begin.


People will stand before Me on that day. They will not testify. Their story will be read from the Book of Life. What is important will be written there. I will receive or condemn them based on what is written. There will be no defense for My judgment is true. I will show mercy upon those who deserve mercy and those who do not.


There will come a time when the harvesters will be very busy. Are you prepared for this? Many will be hungry for answers and truth. In the world there will be confusion, deception and lies. Those I have called will seek out those who have the truth. They will be calling upon Me for help. There will be a risk for those with the truth, but it will be worth it to help those seeking Me. Pray now for the harvest to come. Be available.

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Come let us sing to the Lord. Sing the praises He deserves. Let us recognize the gracious way He treats us. Let us remember His wonderful qualities. Then He will answer our prayers and give us relief from those who want to harm us.

I hear the cries of My people. I am moved with compassion and love.

Don’t be afraid to come to Me. I am here waiting for you. I know what you are thinking and what you are going through. Bring them to Me.


I will rescue those who call upon Me in faith. I will be gracious and loving, for that is My nature.

Gently guide her into the truth. Wash her with My Word. Yes, love her as I have loved you.


Get your house in order. Be prepared. Be ready. I will come when no one expects. Yes, My people are looking forward and studying the times. Are things bad enough? Sin is elevated and celebrated, but this has happened before. Most of My people are faithful.

Fear covers the land. Not fear of Me, but fear of things that don’t matter. People are escaping to drugs to mask the truth. It’s all about self.

Don’t be like them. Have faith in Me. I will protect you and see you home with Me.


Man is sinful, corrupted by the evil one. Sin will lead a man to death. Avoid sin and live righteously before Me. My Spirit will help you. Bring an offering of praise.


I will give you a new heart of flesh to replace your sinful one. No longer will you face the temptation rising from your flesh, because I have freed you from its sinfulness. My grace is doing this for you. This is marvelous, but even better will be what I do in you and through you. With this new heart you will have My love and compassion for the lost around you. You will weep for them to repent and turn to Me. You will witness and they will respond.


Do not be wise in your own mind. Always ask Me for My wisdom. It is better and more reliable. Nothing in this world will last. My plan is to make all things new. There is some beauty in what I have made. There is uniqueness and variety. What else do you expect from a God who is infinite? I came to bring Life and to restore what was lost to sin. You have believed and you believe. This pleases Me.


I know your thoughts. How often do you think of Me? Think about who I am. Ponder My greatness, without limits to work in your life. Choose life, the life that I offer you, with its limitations to bring glory to My Name. I know what is best for you and for Me. Narrow is the way that leads to salvation. Stay on My path and you will be blessed. I will help you. Ask Me, and I will help you more effectively. Have humility before Me. Recognize who I am to you. Fear Me, but do not stay away. Come to Me, all who are needy.

O, the riches of God’s grace toward us! His goodness, love and compassion never ceases.

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Stand and believe. Take a stand so that people will see that you are for Me. Believe My Word and have faith in My Name. You will opportunities to stand for Me. Be consistent and faithful. People will take notice. Proclaim the gospel with grace, but with boldness and confidence.


I am always here. Praise will always release My power. Praise will turn bad things into good, as you give them over to Me. Ask Me for wisdom.

Nothing will satisfy you, except to be doing what I have called you to do.


I will guide you. You have My heart. Help them learn from Me.


A new day is coming. Can you respond to what the Spirit is saying? He is leading a revival in the hearts of My people that will draw many to Me. Depravity and lawlessness will continue, but those who are hungry and thirsty will be seeking Me. Are you seeking Me? Are you looking to Me for answers and direction? You should.


Grace and peace to you in the name of My Son, Jesus. What a blessing. What a gift of love. Be filled with My Spirit. Only I can satisfy your soul, but do I ever bring you life!

Nothing will matter, except to follow Me. This will be your way through the darkness. My light in you will shine the way for you and for others. As I lead you, be the leader for others. Speak the truth.


You are in Christ, so live like Him in humility and with authority, seeking to do My will in everything you do, fully pleasing to Me, so that in everything and in every way, I will be glorified. That’s a tall order, but I will give you the grace you need to do this, if you submit to Me. Yes, study what He did for you, and what He is doing for you now.


You will see Me at work today. Pray for those at the jail – inmates, correction officers, other staff. These are the people you are serving. I am the One you are serving, Bring Me glory in what you do. Be My representative.


Be afraid of no one when My Spirit is upon you. Don’t take risks, but be aware of His presence around you. He brings His anointing. You come in My authority as you do My will.


I care about you. I died for you. I suffered for you. I delivered you. I healed you. I saved you. I am the Way to the Father for you. Whatever you need, I am there for you. I gave you My Spirit.

I have much more for you. Just ask.

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Prepare your heart. Read the Psalms. Find the ones that speak to you and read them many times. Allow them to minister to your heart. Learn from Me. Today be prepared for unusual events and people. React in love and faith.


These Psalms will change your perspective. A man after My heart is one who loves Me deeply to trust Me for everything, regardless of how big it is. He trusts Me because he knows Me as he spends time with Me. You may not face the terrors of war that David faced. But there is war going on around you. Be an intercessor who carries those with deep needs before My throne.


I am at work. This is only the beginning. Keep praying for them. What is said and done will be made known to you, if you ask Me. I will give you keys that can unlock a stubborn heart. Wages are earned. My grace is free for those who believe and ask.


Rise above the filth of this world. Set your eyes and thoughts on Me. I am your Deliverer. I am the Savior. I am the voice in the wilderness – Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Guard your heart with all diligence.


I am doing a new work in My people. My Spirit is bringing life to them. A hunger will come upon them that will take away all other desires except for pursuing Me. It will be freeing. How will My people respond? You will see and experience it yourself. Things in the world will get far worse, but this won’t bother My people who are washed in My Spirit. Tears will flow of rejoicing and praise. Churches will overflow. New groups will form. This move will be like a strong magnet attracting others. This will be a sovereign work not done with human hands. Cannot He who created the heavens and the earth do this?

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I am acquiring the rights to people’s hearts. I already paid for it on the cross. Now they must surrender their rights to Me, and give their lives over. I am being persuasive. I won’t take no for an answer. Time is running out. I want more people on My side. I don’t want them enslaved to the world any longer. Some think they are worth a lot, but in reality, they all are the same. It was a high price, but I willingly paid it. My love compelled Me.


Why wait any longer? I will soon return to show My glory on My creation and to bring judgment to lawless ones ensnared in sin and rebellion. My kingdom shall never end.

Many people are discovering their emptiness and failure. They tried to be what others wanted them to be. They lived like those in the world, who seemed to be happy.

But you were not. You were deceived and told lies that you accepted. You made mistakes. You disobeyed what you knew was right to do because it seemed too hard to do. Now everything seems hopeless and futile. You are afraid. You are now beginning to see a glimmer of truth and you want it. But can you receive? It seems out of your reach. Then someone stands before you and gives you His hand. His touch is firm yet warm and inviting. You take hold of it as if your life depends on it. And so it is. He leads you to a place that feels right. Your guilt is being washed away. Your shame erased. Love enters your heart and stays. All your past fades away. You are home.

Not everyone comes home. Some stay away, not wanting to be exposed to guilt of bridges burnt by past actions and words. Some don’t want them to come home to avoid being hurt again. I welcome all who come to Me. I can help them. My love can overcome their transgressions.


I will take of My people when times get hard. I will guide them to safe places. I will hide them and provide for them.


I will give you more than you need, so that you can bless others. Be generous with your attention to others. Give her attention. Keep her in your prayers.


I will come and restore righteousness in the land. The wicked will look on in fear. They will receive what they are due. I will have mercy on those deserving of mercy.


Do not fear. It only leads to unbelief. Trust Me for everything. Don’t dwell on the future, except to pray and intercede.


Nothing is forever except in Me. History will repeat itself. Repent and believe the good news.

Man’s ideas will fail unless they are given by Me. I never fail. Keep your eyes on Me. Let Me guide you into My Truth and Life.

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