Are you ready for what will happen today and in the future? What does preparation look like? How do you practice? You are trying to rely on My Spirit to remind you of passages from the Bible to help you teach from My Word. Do you look up the verses in commentaries days before? What about knowing what the Hebrew or Greek words mean?


Come to the table of My delights. Refresh yourself in My Presence. Rest and learn from Me.


Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Walk in the Light. Do not give any place to the works of the devil. You will be challenged to go deeper.


The sunshine will come. Trouble can only last for a season. Keep your faith strong and your lips speaking praise and thanks. What are you thankful for? The pleasures of this world or what I have done for you on the cross and through My Spirit?


Be at peace for I have made a way for you today. Be gracious and kind. Help him realize the need for what he will do. These are broken men, broken by sin. Do not look down on them, for all have sinned. Give them hope.


Time will pass and you will wonder how it went so quickly. Train yourself to live in the moment with your spirit listening for My Spirit. Listen each day for direction and revelation.


Live for Me. I have redeemed you from death. Live for Me. In My world there is joy and peace. In My world there is love.

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The world is falling further into sin and darkness, but take heart for I have overcome the world. What is seen will be replaced. Be ready and in doing what I have for you. Enjoy My Spirit. Rejoice and be filled with thanksgiving and praise. This will lift your spirit and calm your heart.


Rest in Me from your labors. Pray and rely on Me to do what you can do and what you cannot do. Live in My righteousness and holiness.


Be glorified in the heavens and on the earth, in Your people and in what You have made. Creations speaks of You. Your Son glorifies You in His loving obedience and suffering on the cross. O what a Savior! Now Your Spirit glorifies both of You in nurturing the body, Your church, preparing a wonderful bride.

I AM. My glory I will not share with another. I am everything you need. You are My jewel, displayed for all to see. Each one is unique. I care. I love. I grow. Keep walking on the path I have showed you. Grow in Me and teach others. Learn from Me for I am gentle and humble in heart.


Come and drink from the living waters I provide. Even as I gave My people water from the rock in the wilderness, I give to you living water from My Spirit to nourish your spirit. Receive and apply My blood sacrifice every day over your life. Acknowledge your need for a Savior and what I did for you on the horrible cross. Don’t take lightly the cost to give you freedom from sin.


Bring light and truth into the world around you. Expose the lies of the enemy by revealing what is in My Word. I will teach you and show you what to do. The truth shall set you free – free from believing the lie and living the lie. The men you see are not believing, but searching. Show them the way, the truth and the life in My Son.


Prepare your heart to receive more and then to give away more of what you receive. This is not a game; it is life changing. First it is for you to change and then it is for others who look to you to change. If you will develop a life of praise and thanksgiving, you will experience more of Me.


The gifts of My Spirit are for all of My people. When used properly, they bring glory to My Name. Do not be jealous when others are using their gifts. Rejoice and give Me praise. Seek after what I have for you. Do what I have called you to do and you will be gifted in that role.

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Received 6-24-19

My Name will be glorified on the earth among My people. Trust Me for everything. Let your words be from Me. Let My thoughts and ways be your ways. My Word is true and reliable. It brings forth life.

Received 6-25-19

In every way I am loving you. Nothing can separate you from My love, not even yourself. Pray and listen to My Spirit.

Received 6-26-19

In the night there is darkness, but morning came with the light. Revelation is opening the spirit to My Truth. Revelation is discerned, sought after, prayed for, graciously given. I will reveal to My church what it needs to know. I will open your eyes to understanding what has been written.

Received 6-27-19

Do you have the patience to spend time with Me? Do you experience joy and peace in My Presence?

Received 6-28-19

Come to the table and receive nourishment for your soul. Your body gets all that it needs, but your soul needs food too. It needs My Word, with truth and grace and love and peace and joy. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

Received 6-29-19

Love Me above all else. Love Me more than you love yourself. Give up the desires of your flesh and soul. Find satisfaction in Me.

Received 6-30-19

Do not be afraid for I am with you. You have many friends who know you and appreciate you. I am your Friend.

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Received 6-17-19

Don’t be discouraged about your limitations, for when you are weak, I am strong. You will hear what is needed, even from My Spirit. Live each day to bring glory to My Name. Small or great, fruit will come from your labors. Think of My disciples – were they experienced or gifted to do My ministry? They had faith and enough boldness and courage to step forward. Obedience leads to miracles and fruit.

Received 6-18-19

I am with you. My people enjoy My company. Be at peace and find help.

Received 6-19-19

Don’t carry the weight of salvation, for I have done all that is needed. Pray as you know how to pray. You have lived a life as an example that they cannot reject or deny. Release them to Me. My Spirit is working. Break off the chains of darkness and unbelief.

Received 6-20-19

Do not rest until all will come to Me. Be prepared in season and out of season to share your story of redemption and life.

Received 6-21-19

Rejoice with Me for the works of My body, the church. I work through My church to help the needy and this brings glory to My Name. Trust Me to do what you cannot do.

Received 6-22-19

Be patient and wise. Be attentive to My Spirit today to have ready answers to the questions of life which will come.

Received 6-23-19

I am at work on your behalf. Nothing is too difficult for Me. Just ask and believe. Find strength in Me. Be bold and have courage.

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Received 6-10-19

I and the Father are One. Did that surprise you how much I spoke of My Father? I was sent by My Father on a mission to represent Him, and in obedience to die on the cross bearing the sins of mankind, to make atonement and a way to restore the relationship with man to the Father. He loves you. We love you.

Received 6-11-19

Be open and truthful. Let no words of deceit cross your lips. Rejoice and believe My Word. Let Me carry your burdens. I have prepared the way for you to the Father. Declare the truth in the heavenlies and on earth.

Received 6-12-19

Rejoice and fill your heart with gladness, for the King is coming to make everything right, to rescue the lost and to bring justice to the oppressed. Every eye shall see Him coming in the sky. Repent and believe for the kingdom of heaven is near. This is a message from of old and still relevant today. Nothing has changed about sin and the need for a Savior. My love will overcome evil. My grace overcomes sin. My truth overcomes the lies of the world and the enemy.

Received 6-13-19

When all is said and done, when all of your life is spent, what will matter most?

Received 6-14-19

Don’t worry about your life. How long you will live. Live for Me each day, listening to My Spirit.

Received 6-15-19

Begin to set aside time for worship and praise. Let joy arise in your heart. Reflect on all that I have done for you – salvation , deliverance, provision, protection, eternal life, forgiveness, healing, joy, love, and peace.

Received 6-16-19

Pay attention to your leaders. Show them honor. I will anoint them with insight and truth. Even you will know what is important to know.

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Received 6-3-19

Come unto Me all who are burdened and heavy laden. Take My yoke upon you, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Keep doing what I have called you to do. You will be blessed and the people you help will be lifted up. Prayer first, then service. Let Me help you and direct your steps.

Received 6-4-19

You are stretching men to believe My Word. Take care to watch over your soul. You must be single-minded.

Received 6-5-19

My Name is to be honored. Bless the Lord O my soul. What is important? Is it knowledge of who I am? Is it doing My will? Is it in relationships? Is it in serving My body? Is it in reaching the lost and hurting? Is it in spending time with Me? It is all these things – giving of yourself to Me first and then in doing what I have for you each day.

Received 6-6-19

I will be with you when the storms come. Do not be afraid. Visit with Me throughout the day. Be enamored with My love to find grace for others. In humility serve freely and joyfully.

Received 6-7-19

In Your Name there is life and healing and power over all darkness. I have rescued you from darkness. Do not return to it. Do not entertain thoughts of it. Whatever is lovely and good, think about these things. Who am I to you?

Received 6-8-19

Uncover, seek after, search for, ask Me. How strong is your faith in Me? I will never leave you or forsake you. Is that a promise you can believe? Nothing can separate you from the love My Son gave to you on the cross.

Received 6-9-19

Come to Me. Does it have to make sense before you say yes? Listen and respond – wait upon My Spirit, ask questions and listen to His direction. Do you believe in My Word? Is every verse true, solid, worthy of trust?

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Received 6-1-19

Watch and pray. Lift up people before Me who need salvation, deliverance, healing. Rescue them from the lies of the enemy and the deceitfulness of this fallen world. You too must guard against the lure of materialism. Don’t be proud that you know the truth, be grateful and humble.

Received 6-2-19

Rejoice with Me. Carry the cross of others, bearing their burden in prayer before Me. Intercede and lift up.

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