Where there is love, there I am. Can you love as I love? Love one another as I have loved you. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you peace. My thoughts are for you and not against you.


Give of yourself to Me and I will transform you into a vessel worthy of the King of kings. You are an earthen vessel with a Treasure that is infinitely of value.

What is glory to you? Is it like the beauty of a flower blossom? Is it like a sunset glowing in the clouds? Is it like rugged mountain peaks dusted with snow and surrounded with forests? Who made all that?


The heart is wicked and deceitful, but I can transform it and make it a heart of flesh, pliable in My hand. Behold I make all things new. The old has passed away. The seed contains new life to spring up after it dies in the ground. If anyone wants to follow Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross. I am the example of full obedience to My Father. Can you submit your will to My Spirit and live for Me fully? Yes, I will help you. Keep your eyes on Me.

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Listen and you will hear words of righteousness. If you obey, is that being righteous? Can you be righteous in yourself? Can you retain My righteousness if I give it to you? How can you overcome your sin nature from Adam?


I will tell you many things – about yourself and about others. Are you ready? Watch out for your neighbor, your brother in the Lord, your friend, your enemy. Stand in the gap for them. Defend them. Call upon Me for mercy and forgiveness. Did I not say? – Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. Can you bear their shame before Me? This is who a real intercessor is. If you never do another thing, is that OK, except to pray? Make that your priority.

Learn from the prophets of old. They had to be selfless. None of them wanted to be a prophet. It did not bring honor, but shame. People don’t want to really hear what I have to say, for I can speak mysteries about the future, expose sin, demand holiness, speak words of life – that will bring forth the life I desire. Does it take faith to hear? Yes, but more to speak what you hear. Do not expect your leaders to follow Me. Yet I will guide them to accomplish My purposes. I can turn everything and any thing into good. Hardship brings correction in righteousness. People listen when they are desperate. Will they repent? Will you repent?

You learned the desires of your boss. My Word reveals Truth and I do not change. Dig for the Truth, as My Spirit reveals.

Mention them before Me. Carry their burdens. Everyone needs what I have to give – what I gave on the cross at a price. Saturate your mind with My Word. Replace the evil thoughts with Truth and Life.


Be careful and wise. Let Me guide you. Can you see the growth in the Spirit I have taken you? You have influenced many for good, but there is more that you can do. You cannot rest on what you have done in the past, except for giving your life over to Me in faith, believing Me for your salvation and eternal life. Every day is a new opportunity. Finish strong maintaining your faith to the end. Allow My Spirit to stretch you forward, closer to Me and My ways. You have the mind of Christ.


I will come when no one is expecting Me to come. I will come to My own in all My glory with My angels and those who have put their faith in Me from ages past to the present. It will seem like a comet with those following Me full of My radiance. The skies will be darkened. My people will see and turn to Me. Everything will seem to stand still on that day. Every eye will see Me. My enemies will face judgment and justice. I will restore what the enemy has made corrupt with sin. My new world will come to glorify Me forever. A new gospel of the kingdom will be established on the hearts of man. Time will stop and restart anew. Men will hide in fear, but there will be no hiding. All will give account. The righteous will shine with My glory in their hearts.

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The Lord is worthy of all praise in the universe. He showed us love in the fullness, sacrificial, unconditional, complete. We receive Him by faith and grace He supplies. We are transformed into new life. Praise His Holy Name.

Live for Me and you will discover My love. Abide in Me and in My Word. Be filled to overflowing by My Spirit. Then you will bear witness to the Light within you.


Rejoice o sleeper, rejoice in the Lord your Maker. What have you done for yourself that is worth anything? The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Apart from Me you can do nothing of real value.


What will you learn about Me? Share your effort with friends for prayer. Read My Word daily to expand your love for Me.


Love – do you love My Word? My commands restrain you from evil and sin. I love you to keep you from hurting yourself, as a loving father disciplines his children and trains them in the right way to live. My commands bring forth life in the inner man. I made you and I know what is best for you. Obedience to My Word triumphs over sin and death. The enemy is pushed back. The shield of faith brings peace and joy and contentment.


I have protected you. Do what is important, valuable, life-giving – yes what is written in My Word to you. My Truth frees and gives life. Guard your heart. Guard what comes out of your mouth. Guard what goes into your mind.


Who am I to you? Are you willing to be corrected? A trial brings out what is in a man. His real character is tested. Who does he run to for help? Does he trust in himself? You can be tested by need or abundance. A need is more acute and immediate – health issue, financial issue, sin issue, relationship issue. Abundance and prosperity develops over time as one increases. Riches and possessions can enslave the mind into a false sense of security, diverting you away from dependence on Me. Who am I to you?


The world will change, but I do not change. I am still love and I love those who call upon Me. The cross is foolishness because no one is willing to lay down their life for strangers, let alone give up their only son. Justice and mercy are both a part of love. Justice because My holiness demand punishment for sin. Mercy because I forgive sinners who ask Me to forgive their sin. I paid the price for them. Sin destroys, but love saves and heals the soul and heart. I will see that justice is done.

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Push back the darkness with your prayers. Enter into My throne room. Come before Me boldly, covered by the righteousness of My Son. Be an intercessor for the weak and needy among you. Wake up the dead.


Where there is life, there is My Spirit. My Spirit sets people free from the law of works. For by grace you are saved through faith and not of yourself. Try to understand what happened to you when you yielded your life to Me for salvation. You were transformed by My Spirit into a new person, joined now with Me, taking on My righteousness and nature, for your sinful nature. The curse was broken off you. With the high price I paid for you, will not I give you much more than you could imagine?


I am with you. Receive My grace during this time. What is important? You have learned to pray more for others. You have been able to study My Word more. You have shared truth and encouragement with others. Will people learn from this virus response? No one is neutral in their opinions. The truth is hard to find and be known by all. These times are precursors to the times at the end when confusion and oppression will reign. Fear of death is a motivator, beyond what is healthy for a sound mind. Many in power will manipulate using fear.


History – My story was faithfully recorded by eyewitnesses I picked to follow Me. My Spirit inspired their work and made sure it contained all that I desired. As much as the enemy tried to remove My story and silence those who witnessed about Me, he could never succeed. Certain foolish men wrote to deceive the truths of My Word, but My Spirit rose up and silenced them with My Truth. To keep My gospel pure, I revealed it to Paul, so that the Gentiles could walk in the freedom of My Spirit instead of the burden of the Law. This was a new testament sealed in My blood. Each person who comes to Me has their own story of new life to share. It is written on their hearts, sealed by My Spirit.


Yahweh, Lord, Elohim, God, Adonai, Jehovah, I AM, Messiah, Christ, Jesus, Spirit

What is in a name, a title – is it not a description of character and quality, of who the person is? Can you live up to your name? Are you consistent and faithful to who you are in private and in public, before man and before God? Are you the man I called you to be when I made you and made you anew in My Spirit? What if I change your name like I did Jacob-Israel, Simon-Peter and Saul-Paul, John-Mark? In a sense I changed your name when you were born again. You became a new person, filled with My Spirit.


Watch for Me. Intercede for your neighborhood, as My Spirit leads you. Behold, the King is coming in the clouds. Every eye shall see Him.


Set your mind on the things above and not on the things of this world. You can’t serve two masters. Use your position to encourage others, to build them up in the knowledge of the Lord.

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I am with you. Hold on to the truth of My Word. Meditate, examine, look for application in your own life. Decide to obey and submit to My will as I reveal it to you.


This is the age of My return. Signs will show this. Will those in the world repent of their unbelief? No, not until the final day and hour when it will be too late. Some who are on the fence will cry out. How has this plague affected people? For a few it has been a matter of life or death. Fear and misinformation abounds. Medical knowledge has increased. Some take note, while others mock and ignore reality. Governmental power raises its head, sometimes with good intentions; sometimes with abuse of power; sometimes with unexpected results. Truth is delayed and made political. Woe to your leaders, for they will be judged.


Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. I came for you with the full knowledge of the cost. I redeemed you with My blood.

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Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. He will rescue the lost. Is there a difference between being lost and being in unbelief? Yes, for the lost can be seeking Me, but don’t know the way to find Me. I see the heart. I am merciful and loving. Are the Jews seeking Me? Yes, some in the way of the past. How did you come to Me? Were you lost? Yes, but I rescued you from your sin and ignorance. I will remove the veil over their eyes, and they will finally see their coming Messiah. Just in time. They will look on whom they pierced.


Sin brings blindness as a person descends into darkness. Sin lies to the foolish, promising pleasure and power, but delivering death and enslavement. The gospel brings light and truth, exposing sin and lies. The enemy distorts what God has said, to deceive the unwary and naïve. A man knows right from wrong, but believes the lie that no one sees what he does. After a while, his conscience is seared, removing the sense of guilt. He gathers others into darkness, to remove conviction of sin. He justifies and lies to himself. He mocks his Creator. Rejoice, for there is a Savior in Christ Jesus our Lord.


In Your arms I find rest, protection and comfort. No one can snatch me from your hands. I dwell securely with You as I trust fully in my salvation, purchased by the blood of Jesus shed on that cross.

I will never leave you or forsake you. My hands will guide you and lead you where I desire. You are My people and I am your God.


Be careful. Follow My Spirit and you will succeed in doing kingdom business. Success in this world has little value, except to be a witness of My favor upon you. Who gets the credit for your success? How much of your time is spent pursuing money and position and power? Woe to the politician who abuses his power. Woe to the religious leader that damages the sheep under him. Power corrupts the soul. Pride takes the credit due the One who granted that power and ability. Have this attitude in you as was found in My Son who humbled Himself and became a man like you.

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Man will do strange things under pressure. He is capable of doing much evil with the wrong influence, but he is capable of doing much good, being willing to sacrifice his life for others. Deny yourself and take up your cross and follow Me. It is much easier to deny yourself fully to My Lordship over you than it is to partially yield. I can use a man fully submitted to Me and My Word. For the man who is lukewarm, he sees only partial success as I bless his works by My grace as he learns the futility of his own strength.


I am with you to help you. Keep your focus on Me and what I am doing.


There is a time for searching outside the box for new ideas. But there is also a time to stay with solid truth that is found in only Me and My Word.

(Two choruses were also running through my mind: BUILD MY LIFE, WORTHY OF IT ALL)


Yield to My will and pleasure. Are you willing to stop even good things that you are doing to do new things or to do nothing at all, if I ask you? What is important?


What does it mean for you to have relationship with Jesus? How often do you think of Him, talk with Him, listen for His answers and direction?

Many people are seeking Me today. I will be glorified in this hardship.


He who comes to Me must believe that I exist and that I reward those who diligently seek after Me. I will be found by those who seek after Me with all their heart. I see individuals coming and I see nations coming in repentance. For those who have put their money and possessions above Me, they will see My jealousy until they repent. You cannot serve God and mammon at the same time. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.


Let Me examine your life and I will tell you what I see. I see a good heart, willing to do what I ask of you. Yes there is a desire to be noticed, but I can help you put that to death. You are learning to live with your limitations of mind and body as you age. You are trusting Me to help you do what I ask of you. In a way, this is what Abraham had to deal with. Will you obey like he did? Now let us talk about your activities of service.

Did I surprise you? I have been molding you into My imagine. Let Me examine you further. Can you grow in hospitality and friendship? You are attracted to the lonely, isolated man and this is good, for you have grown out of this yourself. Love and encourage. Be less serious and be more friendly to be around. I will help you. Continue your fasting for this will bring health to your body. Your wife needs you for she is fragile. Cover her with your prayers.

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