Blessed be the Name of the Lord. What does that mean? Jesus has a Name greater than any other. When His Name is spoken, every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Bowing down is a sign of homage, submission – the very meaning of worship in physical terms. Some of the heavenly creatures have enough glory in themselves compared to man, that one is prompted to bow down to them, but they are created beings too. Yet man was made to be a little lower than God with responsibility and charge to rule over the earth and all that is there. We rule over angels in the sense that they were created to minister to us, who were destined to become sons of God, with our salvation purchased by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. Yet angels have a divine glory and abilities, superior to physical man. O the marvelous ways and plan of God.

I have given you authority over the angels and spirits in My Name. All shall be done for My glory and praise. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therein.


What is it that you want? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things shall be added unto you. Continue to be faithful and supportive. Look to Me the Author of your faith, the Object of your faith, the One who is making you in My image and likeness. Come to the waters and drink to the fulness of God. Be faithful. Everyday proclaim My goodness.


You have sown the seeds and I will bring the harvest. Keep doing what you are doing, but look with fresh eyes. Allow Me to speak about those you meet.


You are with me Lord. I need You as never before. I depend on Your grace and lovingkindness. For in You are the riches of life. You know what I will never know unless You reveal it to me. Your Word is full of truth for me. Wash over me with Your Word. Flood my soul to remove any darkness.

Be at peace. The enemy is defeated. I am on the throne. Many people are hurting emotionally and physically. Show them the way to Me.


Look for Me today and testify of My love and grace. The truth is in My Word. Study it to find all truth and wisdom.

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You will be blessed today as you give of yourself to others. Be positive and encouraging, Speak My Word and is truth. Lift up the hands that are weak.


When I consider Your great promises of salvation, forgiveness of sins, empowerment by Your Spirit, Healing and deliverance, relationship with You – how wonderful is Your love and grace and mercy. Your thoughts toward me are overwhelming to contemplate. O the depth of Your love!

I will carry you. Seek after Me as a prize of great value, for that is the truth. Each time you come to Me, I am blessed to reveal Myself to you.


Make yourself available to men. Listen to their hearts. Allow My heart to change you so that you have My love for others. Draw out what is inside. Out of the heart the mouth speaks. Everyone has a treasure of who they are. I put My treasure in them – a treasure to be discovered and used for My glory.


Who is for Me? Those in the world do not know. Their eyes are blinded. Wake them up. Be a witness. Give a testimony.


Give thanks to the Lord for His mercies endure forever. In all things bring an offering of praise and thanks. Let your heart overflow with a good song of joy and peace. I give to My beloved. How good and upright is the Lord.


Do not judge lest you be judged. Ask My Spirit for the truth. There is a way that seems right to a man, but it leads to personal failure and death. Sin promises, but is empty. I promise and I bring life. Look at My promises. Just reading and meditating on them will change your heart. Faith comes from hearing My Word, My voice, My truth. I am the life-giver.


Life can be cruel and unfair. Evil people take advantage of the weak. Pray for them to have the grace to turn to Me for help.


Repent and believe. Walk in the commands of your fathers.


In every life there is a dream of better things, no matter what the status. Hope is planted in the soul of a child. Love and nurturing water that hope. Discipline does not change that hope as long as the discipline is motivated by love and grace. I discipline those I love. Hope is magnified for the person who turns to Me and believes in Me. Hope can be crushed by evil, bringing the fruit of pessimism and doubt and depression. Love and faith in Me can keep the seed of hope alive, despite what is happening.

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The day of the Lord is near. Live for Me. Be mindful of what is happening and pray in the Spirit for wisdom.


What is the fruit of the Spirit? Does it come without effort or do you have to make the effort of being loving, full of joy and peace? You must be seeking Me, learning about My Son, so that you know how He lived and ministered. He is My representative for true life. Be filled with My Spirit so that your flesh is subdued and its evil ways under control. Self-control is more like Spirit controlled.


Don’t be a Saul. Be like David. Have faith like Abraham. Be like My Son. Put on His qualities. It is not enough to be baptized in My Spirit if you neglect Him in your life. Be continually filled and led by My Spirit. Call upon Me.


Rejoice and be glad. Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord. What does it mean to worship Me? I hate division within your heart toward Me, and within a congregation. Live in peace with everyone doing your part to reconcile. Worship Me only for I am a jealous God.


Pray for those you meet. Pray without ceasing. Pray in the Spirit and in English. Let My Spirit guide your prayers.

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What is lost, can be found. Do not give up hope. As long as I am working, My grace is sufficient and powerful.


My Redeemer lives and I will see Him on that day. He will wipe away all my tears. Just as He carried me here on this earth, He will surround me with His love in His Presence forever. My lips will bring forth praise and thanks. He gives me people to love and who love me.

I am with you to bless you and keep you. Rejoice and be glad. Let My ears hear your praises. Keep your eyes on Me and your heart faithful to My commands. There is only one way and I have made the way for you.


I will speak through you to help men. You can do more than you think you can. You influence men for good. You challenge men to live for Me.


Speak about Me. I love to hear testimonies of what I have done for My people. I love to hear expressions of faith. My Spirit can use what you say to an unbeliever to reach a man. Declaring My Word has power.


The ways of man bring a snare to take you off My path. Rely on My Spirit in prayer.


Don’t be discouraged about the youth. There have been youth in every generation. Nothing is impossible with Me. All young people challenge the beliefs of the people over them, until they find the reality of life when they get older themselves. Don’t water down your message of truth. Be an example of a godly man. Put My Word into their hearts and My Spirit will reveal it to them.


A simple message led by My Spirit will touch hearts. I am working as never before in My ways to reach the people of this time and generation. There is a hunger which I give to all peoples to know Me and to find peace from their sinful ways. Evil has captured many through lies and deception, but My Spirit is greater.

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What are the basics? Love God, love your neighbor. Proclaim the gospel, make disciples. Live out your faith, do good works. Raise your family in the knowledge of God, model living in relationship with Me. Pray, read and study My Word with the guidance of My Spirit.


Behold the glory of the Lord! For soon you shall see Him in all of His splendor and majesty.


How would you approach a king, a prominent leader? Can you bow before Me?


Prepare, investigate, trust. I don’t always ask My people to believe in Me with blind faith. No, I provide evidence and testimony to show Myself faithful to be believed. One speck of My infinite Presence is enough to transform even the darkest situation.


O the depths of His wisdom and knowledge and truth. Who can discern His voice? Who can enter into His presence? We can by the blood of the Lamb. We can by His Spirit dwelling within us. We can by the faith He has given us.

Yes, and more than this. You are My child of faith and promise. Continue to seek after Me. I will not leave you alone. My promises are true. Study My Word and live for Me. You will not be disappointed for there is great reward in living for Me. What are you seeking after that I have not provided? Be like a child contented and confident in his parents who love him. He has no cares. He is constantly learning about himself and life. He has hope for the future, but he thinks only about the present. You have a treasure that no one can take away. I am in your heart working to do My pleasure and will.


Peace I give to you, not as the world gives or expects, but peace in the storms of life knowing that I am with you. Fear is empty lies from the enemy. Overcome fear with faith in Me. However, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This is godly fear and it is good to keep you from doing evil.


I am with you to keep you. Watch for Me today in the men. See how I am at work. Every person has struggles and hurts without exception. How they deal with these things is important. Sin brings destruction and pain and death. You will always be able to listen to a man’s story. The sooner he is able to speak out and confess his struggles to another, this starts the healing. No man is an island, though he may be alone, he is connected to others and he needs others to live life. He needs Me.

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In the beginning. Rely on Me and pray. Ask Me to do what you cannot do. Is that too hard? My grace is sufficient for you to do what I desire in you.


Be at peace. I will work things out for My glory. You have not done anything wrong. He is being careful.


Rejoice and be glad for the King has come. He reigns over all that He has made. He is Lord and Judge. Respond with grace. Lead by being under authority.


I will be glorified through My people on the earth as My Spirit does His work. Greater things shall you do because I will be with My Father interceding for you. I will direct your steps as you pray.


Pay attention to those around you. Lift them up in prayer. Ask Me for wisdom for them. My heart cries out to them. They are following the lies of this world. They are hurting but don’t know what to do.


Be not afraid for I am with you. Love your wife. Bring peace to her soul. Wake the dawn with your prayers. End the night also by praying. Let Me move you with My compassion for the hurting. Just as you can struggle and be anxious over mental and physical problems, so too do My sheep hurt. Only a few will respond to My call. Many will help others who lead. Can you lead? Can you encourage, inspire, testify to My Truth? Yes, let Me help you.


Take time to think about Me. Notice how I work. My love motivates Me. I am with My people.


Be made whole. Receive full salvation. The ways of man brings death, but the path to Life is through My Son. Let Me teach you how to pray. Seek guidance from My Spirit to find out what I want to do and what I am doing already.


Are you ready for the revival that is soon to come? Are you believing for this to happen? Are you revived in your spirit?


Good and upright is the Lord. Who is the man who loves the Lord? I will find him doing what I ask of him, what I have gifted him to do. He will be attractive to the lost and needy. They will seek him out as one who can help. My Son was very attractive in His love and kindness, humility. Let Me use you to do what you cannot do. Is that alright?


Who are you? What is so attractive about My gospel? I will show you the way. Where there is life, there will My people be. Those who are hungry will come. Put a hunger before them to make them see what the are missing.


Let the words of your mouth bring forth praise and thanksgiving to One who has gifted you with many things – salvation, financial blessings, spiritual gifts and abilities, family and friends, health and healing, wisdom and knowledge. Do not be conformed to the ways of this world using your mind, but in everything seek My will and direction. Allow Me to surprise you with the new and pleasing way. I am the way, the truth and the life.

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Words are powerful. They inspire and bring life. They can also bring forth death and harm. Words can be true, but they can also be lies and deceit. My words are true and My promises are real.


I will give you all that you need, just trust in Me. I will speak and you will listen. I will direct your steps. I will go before you. Trust Me to do what you cannot do.

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