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Received 6-29-96 My words of life will prevail.  My joy will sustain the weak and downcast.  Is My word not full of examples of My grace in people’s lives?  Do I not reach out to them again and again?  Your … Continue reading

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Received 1-3-97 The grace of the Lord is for everyone who receives it – for all who come to Him with a need.  His love extends beyond measure.  His treasures never cease.  A fool does not seek God and he … Continue reading

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Received 1-1-98 The day is near, nearer than you think.  Have an expectant heart and believe Me to do much in your life and in those around you as you live and pray and speak and do. I know your … Continue reading

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Received 1-5-99 Give of yourself and you will gain a freedom in life, which cannot be achieved in any other way.  The need to feed one’s own desires is diminished.  Give your life to Me and you will gain eternal … Continue reading

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Received 1-3-2000 Now is not the time to be complacent.  Rather you should be all the more in prayer and service, as the days become fewer before My return.  Do not withhold from doing good if it is within your … Continue reading

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Received 1-1-2001 Blessed is the man who trusts in God.  God has granted him favor to enable him to have an awareness of the unseen supernatural world. Let that man walk in obedience and the desires of his heart will … Continue reading

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Received 1-4-2002 The strength of a bear will come upon those who need strength. The wisdom of the wise will be there for those who need it. I will grant to My people all that they need to live before … Continue reading

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Received 1-12-03 The pain of today can be erased by the forgiveness and grace of tomorrow. When we realize what a great price Jesus paid to bear the guilt and punishment for our sins, which is our forgiveness, then our … Continue reading

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Received 11-30-04 This is a day of great trials for men are pursuing their own lusts and desires. They mock Me with their tongues and their hearts are far from Me. They seek the pleasures of their bellies and nothing … Continue reading

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Received 1-5-05 Watch for Me to do great things. Many lives will be touched in small ways as I lead them to Myself. Others will see the heavens opened up and great displays of My glory and power. There will … Continue reading

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