Received 2-11-19

Your Name is wonderful, glorious.

My son be at peace. You serve and serve and serve. Bless your wife and family. Pray and embrace. Live for Me, then for others. Come to the Source for living waters and be refreshed.


Received 2-12-19

Life goes on with new days, new challenges, new opportunities, sometimes new people. I AM the same, full of love mercy and grace. Do you see the end? Which end? My world is so much larger than yours. Life continues beyond the end of a man’s physical death. A chapter closes and a new one begins. It is all glorious for the one who knows Me.


Received 2-13-19

Seek Me with all of your heart, soul and spirit. I will be found by you wherever you are. I give grace and wisdom to meet your need as you call upon Me. Healing is paid for by My stripes. Emotional well being is paid for by the mocking and cursing I endured. Sins can be forgiven by the blood I shed on the cross.


Received 2-14-19

The life you live on earth is but a shadow, a flicker, a blink of an eye. Yet it all counts and is counted. What is your life compared to the billions of souls I have made? Think about My Son, ministering a brief time, teaching, healing, delivering, discipling and then dying on the cross. Oh what a life! The second Adam, the first-born from the dead, the Lamb of God, the Son of Man, the Son of God. Be like Him and live for Him in the power of My Spirit.


Received 2-15-19

Blessed is the man whose God is the Lord for he has rightly chosen to follow and submit his life to the giver of all life. I Am not far away, I Am near, aware of every thought, words spoken, prayer breathed, deed done for good or evil. My Spirit is always working in your heart, suggesting, reminding, guiding. Can you not realize this? I am taking care of the ones you love.


Received 2-16-19

My grace is sufficient for My power is unlimited. Love overcomes evil. You trusted Me to speak through you to give words to encourage and guide men. I showed you the responses of men who were seeking Me and those who were not. Yet even those who were not were given seeds of life, which will grow into faith.


Received 2-17-19

I am yours, always with you, available to lead you into all truth, wisdom and knowledge – just ask. Don’t carry burdens that I can carry for you.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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