Received 2-18-19

When things are hard to do, just call upon Me. Nothing is impossible for Me.


Received 2-19-19

The wages of sin is death, but I have made a way for life to come out of death. The man who has given his life to Me, will live forever with Me. I will keep him close to My heart., even you. You realize how weak you are, yet My life can come through you to help others. Be at peace for I hold your future.


Received 2-20-19

Be at peace. It’s not about you. It’s about what I am doing in your world. Make opportunities for men to grow, to hear My Word, to allow My Spirit to speak to them. I will draw all men unto Me. There are many opportunities for men to respond to Me. Men have a consumer approach, rather than a seeking heart. It’s a problem as old as time. You can be like that too, with your arbitrary limits on how much you will do. How long did My Son minister to people? Did He respond to the needs of people I brought to Him? He made time to be with Me.


Received 2-21-19

In as much as you have done this to the least of these My brothers, you have done it to Me. Continue to be aware of the leading of My Spirit. Meditate on My Word, for it contains life and truth, which the world does not have. Give in secret, freely and with prayer. Give of yourself to Me and to My people. Open your heart to My love and grace.


Received 2-22-19

When is a man, a man? He is a man from the beginning – just a work in progress with varying levels of maturity, spirituality, emotional and physical development. When does he step up to become a man of God before Me? When he is born again and his spirit becomes alive. A child can be born again and thus his story begins early, with many more opportunities to learn from Me, more grace to avoid sin and its destructiveness.


Received 2-23-19

You are constantly learning from Me and from others. You are dependent upon Me as you realize your weaknesses and limitations. Don’t be too quick to give up some things you are doing, either in frustration or weakness, for I am sustaining you. Don’t grow weary in doing good.


Received 2-24-19

When life is over who will notice? Have faith in Me. Trust Me to work in the lives of men. You make the opportunity and My Spirit will nudge men to come. Trust Me for your family. Trust Me for your wife. Give them to Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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