Received 2-4-19

I am not asleep either. I enjoy the beauty of snow. I get to make unique designs. I add the purity of white over barren land, over the scars of man. I cover your sins with My righteousness. I give beauty from ashes and defeat. O that man would pay attention and learn from snow!

I am a personal God, close to the people I made and love. Who else can make this claim? You are My prized possession, the work of My hands, the glory of My being. Just as you glory in the life of your children, so too do I, even more, for I see in the heart. Yes, I can see flaws, but also life that I have placed there to grow. O the depths of My love and kindness!


Received 2-5-19

For all of my life I have needed You God and You have been there with me. You have rescued me from darkness and sin. You have given me life and purpose. Now I see men ensnared by sin in many forms, trapped in their brokenness. They are alone, disconnected from healthy men. They have believed the lie of the enemy. Lord, rescue them and set them in Your sheepfold, surrounded by Your people.

I have put in you a tender heart for others. I will magnify My Name through you as you seek Me openly. As you pray openly for others I will hear and answer. Model to others your walk with Me.


Received 2-6-19

Let Me guide you as you are trusting Me. I will bring into your life the opportunity to serve in different and varied ways. You will know and sense My leading. Rest in Me.


Received 2-7-19

My will or yours be done? I can use you in many ways to reach many people. Speak My words to people you meet. A greeting, a listening ear, noticing them, encouraging them – people will listen if someone pays attention to them. Be aware of others. Help them with kindness.


Received 2-8-19

My way is to look to the cross, to be reminded always of your need of a Savior, in humility and honesty. The revelation of who I Am is shown in My Son. There is none like Him. Seek to become like Him, just as a child might try to be like his father. My Spirit is at work to do this in you. It is not in deeds but in heart transformation. The deeds will naturally follow to display the change within. Fruit will come to the man connected to the Vine.


Received 2-9-19

Many a man will fall into sin. The flesh is weak. The temptation is strong. The world deceives and lies to a man and he gives in, seeking pleasure over what is good, holy and righteous. This is a world without My Spirit. No one does good, not even one. Religion will not restrain a man if it is based on lies. Even a good and moral law will freely be broken by unbelievers. Man is foolish to rely on laws without My Spirit. Pray and intercede for My Spirit to work in a man. Otherwise there is no hope for him. The appearance of good is not enough. For that good is defined by man.


Received 2-10-19

In a day – how much time does it take to change your heart? First something happens between people. Then My Spirit brings conviction of wrongdoing, hurtful speech, wrong attitudes, wounded hearts, bruised ego, selfishness, pride, envy. Even if no words are spoken, a tender heart can be bruised, a trust broken. Are you willing to own up to your thoughts and words and actions? A darkness shadows over the soul, a heaviness. Forgiveness, repentance, love, grace, release – these words of life rise up to heal and restore, to carry. If a shield of faith is worn, then no wound is received. Focus and faith in Me, guards the heart.

I was bruised for your iniquity, chastised for your hurts. I took your place. I bore the pain you should have felt. Now people may attack you because of Me. I give you grace to bear up under it. You may rejoice for the privilege of unjust suffering. Are you more than a “Sunday Christian”? Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. My Words of grace can still be heard.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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