Received 7-1-13

Who is like you O God of wonders? You still the waters with Your word. You breathe life into a baby and give every day its plan. Nothing can stop You from doing what You want to do. You display Your glory for all to see and marvel. Only a fool ignores You. We wait for You in ready suspense.

Received 7-2-13

My grace is sufficient for you to carry you through the storms of life, to empower you to do what I ask you to do. Rescue the sick and weak among you. Give care and encouragement. You were once weak, but now I have made you strong.

Received 7-3-13

Great is Thy faithfulness. I will make all things new. I will shower My people with love and kindness. No one will suffer pain any more. Every heart will find fulfillment in Me. I will lift your burdens. Come into My pasture and find rest for your soul.

Received 7-4-13

Blessed is the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. My ways are not your ways. Seek Me in all that you do. Do not trust in your own ability or knowledge. The Lord is good and His mercies endure forever.

Received 7-5-13

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. Grace covers over sin and weakness. Grace plus love equals victory. Love overcomes all evil. Mercy heals and wins a lost soul. Mercy joins with forgiveness to restore relationships. Forgiveness and love erases a hurt. Obedience shows love and faith. Submission and humility bring success. Praise brightens the soul. Praise is music to My ears. Praise restores a damaged heart. Encouragement brings life. Encouragement and joy spread love. Love is all in all. I am love.

Received 7-6-13

My grace is sufficient for all of your needs. Call upon Me. Claim My Word and stand against what the enemy is doing. Declare what is truth. Make up your mind to trust Me above whatever you see or experience. My ways bring victory and blessing. My love overcomes all evil.

Received 7-7-13

I am with you to help you. Seek after Me with all of your heart. Let Me love you so you can love others.

Received 7-8-13

Your words are full of grace and You give me grace to understand them. You open my eyes to the truth and what is true. You instruct me and lead me. I am safe in your care.

Received 7-9-13

My God is mighty and able to pull down strongholds. I lift up and I tear down as I see fit. I see the hearts of men. I fashion the days of each man. I give grace. I bestow mercy. I forgive and cancel each debt.

Received 7-10-13

My ways are not your ways. Do not look to past success as the path you are to take today. See I have made everything new. I am a creative God and everything I do is to reveal to My people who I am in a way that show a new facet of My love and splendor. Yes, I do not change, but there is so much to Me to know and learn. Variety is the spice of life. Every person is unique. I enjoy your praise. Seek after Me and you will find Me. I am nearer than you think.

Received 7-11-13

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. You are in Me and I am in you. What I have, you have. Walking in faith is the key to having what I have. Declare My truth.

Received 7-12-13

Grace and truth are seen in Me. They should be in you as well. Speak with honesty and grace, not just with truth for your words can hurt. But add grace and love, then your words can bring life. A loving rebuke brings a change for the good if it is received. Be holy for I am holy.

Received 7-13-13

What is love? Who deserves to be loved? Can anyone live without being loved? I am love.

Received 7-14-13

I am love. I walk with those who love Me. I shower My people with good gifts, gifts to build them up and not to tear them down. I am just. I am holy and good. I do what I do out of My character and nature. Those who trust in Me will not be disappointed. I give and you must receive with thanksgiving and joy.

Received 7-15-13

My ways are not your ways. Do you believe in Me? Do you trust Me for your life? Have I not provided for you? I have given you many things, including the gift of My Son and the Holy Spirit. I have given you My grace to cover your weaknesses.

Received 7-16-13

Trust Me to do what you cannot do. Trust Me to do what I know is best for you and Me. Submit your will to Mine. Embrace what I am doing around you. Say yes to Me and to what I am doing.

Received 7-17-13

The Lord is in His Temple, reigning in power and splendor. He speaks and the world obeys. Will you obey when I speak? Will you say yes to Me. Do you rely on Me or on what you can do?

Received 7-18-13

My people are like sheep without a shepherd. They are wandering; some are lost; many are hurting and weak. They need My love expressed through My people. Help them and care for them.

Received 7-19-13

I love you. Do not worry, but trust Me in all things. Your mistake is a lesson to you. Agreement brings power.

Received 7-20-13

My way is not your way. Seek Me with all of your heart. Your strength only comes from Me. You can do nothing apart from Me. I am not weak, but strong. Rely on Me and you will not be disappointed. My Spirit brings power. My Spirit helps you when you are weak. He speaks and leads you to truth, if you listen. I am a creator God, working in you and My people to bring forth a bride for My Son. He is being readied to receive His church to Himself. He will come when the world is not seeking Him. He will come in power and glory.

Received 7-21-13

My Words will bring life for they are life. I speak and it is so. My desire is for you to be with Me. I will show you many things and you will marvel and rejoice with Me. Who is like Me? There is no one. Yet you are like Me for I made you in My image. You have My traits. Let Me give you My heart of compassion and love. I breathed life into you and I have breathed My Spirit upon you to empower you with My strength. Now go and make disciples and followers of the truth. I am the Truth.

Received 7-22-13

My ways are best. Love and be loved. Give and be blessed in return. Sacrifice and humble yourself and you will be honored by My Father. Believe Me to do wonderful things as you pray in My Name. I told you that you would do greater things than I did, now go and do the work of My Kingdom.

Received 7-23-13

The heavens declare the glory of God. He is faithful to His Word and to His people who He loves. He will not forsake them though they may turn their backs on Him. He is victorious for there is no one who can stand against Him. He commands and it is so. Yet He gives us a choice to believe in Him and to live for Him. O what a good choice to make for His promises abound. He is worthy of all praise honor and glory. Praise His holy Name forever and ever.

Yes, I am with you to build you up and not to tear you down. I make all things new. You are new when you choose to trust Me and when you give yourself to Me. My Spirit is alive and is working in you to make for Me a person of righteousness and wisdom, a person who loves Me with all of his heart, a person who is not ashamed to be called My son. I am declaring over you My promises.

Received 7-24-13

Grace and truth will follow those who put their trust in Me. Seek My face and learn from My Word. I am near to you to help you. Let Me love you and show you what I am doing in your life.

Received 7-25-13

My ways are not your ways. Listen to My Spirit and live for Me. Lift up the hands that are weak. Give grace and comfort. Show your love in your actions and speech.

Received 7-26-13

Praise Me for My ways are glorious. I set the planets in their places. I gave the stars their light. Rejoice with Me and be glad for I am watching over you for your good. I work in all of My people. For those who resist My Spirit, they will find hardship and pain until they realize their weaknesses without Me. I am not cruel, but I want all to know Me and find rest in Me. Life is hard because of sin and rebellion. Seek My face and you will live in My grace and love.

Received 7-27-13

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me praise His holy Name. He has done great things. He is mighty. He is love and grace and mercy. He is my shield and defender. He is my rock on whom I trust. Your promises are new every morning. New in the sense that every day we can begin afresh to follow Him and He will not turn us away.

Received 7-28-13

My love never ends. It covers those I love, which is all that I have made. Take as much as you need for yourself and to give to others. I will restore what the enemy has destroyed by sin and deception. I will lift up the downcast.

Received 7-29-13

This is the day of the Lord. Prepare yourself to meet the King. Wash away your filthiness and sin. Put on your best clothes of righteousness and holiness. Declare out loud your allegiance to the King. Proclaim a fast. Let go those you have placed in bondage. Release the captives so they can also be made ready. March forth to make your world ready to receive her King.

Received 7-30-13

My will is for you to come to Me with an open heart, willing to do what pleases Me, willing to conform to My plan for your life. Humility and obedience, sacrifice and love, faith and understanding – these are what I desire for you. Allow Me to bless you through My Word. I will show you many truths. Let them go deep within you. I will reveal Myself to you through My Word.

Received 7-31-13

All that I am is yours. Come to Me and be healed and delivered. Come to Me and find strength for your soul. Come to Me.

Received 8-1-13

Bless the Lord with your mouth. Give Him the praise that is due His Name. Forget not what He has done for you. Give Him your devotion and obedience. Wait upon the Lord and He will come.

Received 8-2-13

I have called you and your family. I will make a way when there seems to be no way. Nothing is impossible with Me. My Words are life and truth. Meditate on them and learn from them. Teach others what you learn. Let them go deep into your heart and soul.

Received 8-3-13

The wind of change can bring death or life. Let your mind focus on Me. Lay aside your earthly desires. I am not moved by what a man can do, but only what he does in Me. I will be your guide.

Received 8-4-13

I will bless you and keep you. You are Mine. Watch over your heart. Don’t let the enemy deceive you. Keep your focus on what I am doing. Listen to My Spirit as you go through the day. Be sensitive to the people and opportunities around you.

Received 8-5-13

My way is not your way. Give of yourself freely, full of love and compassion. Speak life and not death. Give hope where there is no hope. The task is not to work on a building, but to be a blessing in every way you can.

Received 8-6-13

All things are possible for those who believe. Without faith it is impossible to know Me and to please Me. The blind will see and the deaf will hear to proclaim My glory. Those I have called will come to Me and be healed and forgiven. I will raise them up on the last day. That day is soon coming. Be ready, watchful and doing what I ask of you. Life is not about yourself. It is bringing glory to the One who gives life.

Received 8-7-13

What is love? My love is different than yours. I love where no love exists or is possible. My love has power to overcome hurt and evil. My love is full of grace and mercy. When you are having trouble loving, ask Me to give you My love. Love one another as I have loved you. They will know you are Mine by the love you show. Judgment without mercy is not love. I am a just God, but I offer grace and mercy. People choose to refuse My offer of love and forgiveness. Do not be like them.

Received 8-8-13

My love never ends. My love is more than sufficient for all that you need. Come to Me and be filled and refreshed.

Received 8-9-13

My Word goes forth throughout the world I have made. It speaks with a constant message of truth and love. Only a fool refuses to listen and to take heed.

Received 8-10-13

My grace never ends. You are made strong in your weakness for you must rely on Me.

Received 8-11-13

All that I am is yours, if you believe. Trust Me and believe in Me. Let your heart not be troubled for I am taking care of you. My Word has gone forth to all who will receive it and those who refuse it, for them it will become their judge. Listen to what I speak into your heart.

Received 8-12-13

Who is able to love like I do? Only the person who has died to his fleshly desires and who is willing to obey My commands in spite of how he thinks or feels. Most people of the world are unlovable in their sin and weaknesses. Christ demonstrates His love in this, while we were still sinners, He died for us.

Received 8-13-13

My ways are not your ways. Trust Me in all things. Give of yourself and I will give back to you life and health. My people shall not perish, but they will be with Me forever. You will not perish. My grace is sufficient for you.

Received 8-14-13

My grace is sufficient. My truth is real and satisfying. Truth is the basis for My creation. I have set My world in order, but man has corrupted it through his sin and unbelief. Restore My kingdom through your obedience and faith.

Received 8-15-13

There is much to do, but what I ask is important. Be at peace and let My Spirit guide you.

Received 8-16-13

You are My witness and testimony. I will speak through You. I will declare My truth. I will expose the condition of men’s hearts. I will cause a man to repent because of what you say. Listen carefully, but speak with the faith of My Son. All things are Mine. I do not need to ask anyone for anything. I do what pleases Me. I do what brings My glory to be seen in what I have made.

Received 8-17-13

Nothing is impossible with Me. I touch one life and they are changed. My eyes see all that is happening and I know what is happening even before it occurs. I am your source. Be at peace for you are Mine and I will lead you into green pasture.

Received 8-18-13

My grace is sufficient isn’t it? My power is made perfect in your weaknesses as long as you submit to Me your difficulty and even your strength. You can only understand a small fraction of Who I am and what is laid up for you before the ages past. Have an expectant heart believing the best of what you experience. Call upon Me trusting that I want to bless you and show you My love as you bless others. Give Me praise and thanks in everything! This will open doors more than you think. You will be a witness to My glory and power as you trust Me.

Received 8-19-13

Be at peace. Use this time to draw close to Me to learn a new facet of My glory. Open your heart to Me. Love your wife with attention and praise and thanks. Court her with kind words. Build her up and encourage her.

Received 8-20-13

My grace is sufficient. I will sustain you into righteousness and holiness. I will keep your feet from sin. Confess what you believe. Declare to the heavenlies My Truth.

Received 8-21-13

My Words are true and full of righteousness. Obey them and you will live in grace and abundance and wisdom.

Received 8-22-13

My joy is complete when My people pray and offer their thanksgiving. I know their hearts, but I love to hear their voices.

Received 8-23-13

Repent and believe – the most import words you can say to anyone who is seeking Me. Stop trying to do things on your own. Trust Me to carry you, to go before you.

Received 8-24-13

My joy will be great when My people seek after Me with their whole heart, not just when they face a trial or hardship, but when they realize the love I have for them. You are looking at My relationship with My Son and you see how close We are, how related, how connected, how One we are. I want that for you and Me. I want that for My body. Let people know what My desire is. My Spirit will lead you and instruct you. It’s not just about resisting sin or the enemy, but it’s about doing My will and reaping the harvest, helping My little ones to grow and mature. I have shown you many things, now teach others. Give freely and love as I love.

Received 8-25-13

My grace is sufficient. My truth never fails. My Words go forth to bring life and health and peace. Rejoice with Me and be free from sin.

Received 8-26-13

Not by a man’s will or strength will victory come. Hardship only delays the final outcome. Trials bring good fruit for the one who clings to Me. My Spirit hovers jealously over those We know. I have not abandoned you. I am with you more than you realize. My hand is upon you to guide you. Trust in Me and remove your cares with prayer.

Received 8-27-13

I am with you to raise you up on the last day. My power is working in you so that My glory is defended. You are My witness to others in your family and to those men and women who look to you. Walk in faith and trust Me. My victory has already been won. Don’t let the devil get any opportunity. Be strong and defend the faith you have. My reward is sweet as more and more people come to believe in Me. Show them the Way. Proclaim the Truth. Lead them to the Source of all Life.

Received 8-28-13

Rest in Me. Find strength in Me. My burden is light and My yoke is easy for those who rest in My Spirit.

Received 8-29-13

The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want. He will guide me to truth. He will lead the way. He will bind up my wounds. He will carry me through the storm. I have no care for He cares for me.

Received 8-30-13

Let the righteous rejoice in their God. May His praise be continually on their lips. Let us glorify the Lord together. He has done great things and marvelous is His Name. The Spirit of the living God is among us. Proclaim the glory of the Lord. Rejoice and be glad for He has done great things. He is the testimony of righteousness. He is the image of the Father. Praise the Lord.

Received 8-31-13

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. You cannot now imagine or think about what We have planned for you. We have made everything just for you and for all who will come. Even though My creation has a limit, there will be no limit in heaven. You will never come to the end. Every moment will be unique. Every experience is designed to amaze and to bring glory to the One who saved you. Are you ready?

Now is the time to be doing what I desire for you. Listen and respond with a grateful heart. Allow Me to do what you cannot do. You will experience My glory here on earth.

Received 9-1-13

You will know what I am doing. Look around you. Pray and discern. March out to battle in the heavenlies for those you love. Give Me praise.

Received 9-2-13

My ways are not your ways. Yes, you can learn from My Word, but I am so full of knowledge and wisdom you will not be able to grasp all that I am doing in any person’s life or in any situation. My Spirit will reveal the truth you need to know and apply to your life. I am doing so much more than you can imagine or think. Your life and actions can make a difference for good or for bad. Even when you choose to disobey and go your own way, I can redeem that if you repent and return to Me with a humble and contrite spirit. Saul was just a man like you with needs and desires. At first his heart was open to Me, but he was not strong in faith. I wanted him to repent, but he would not. He was an example to the people. They got what they wanted, but they did not know what they were asking or what would really happen to them with a human king. I spoke to Samuel and he tried to warn them. Even David was flawed, but he loved Me and trusted Me.

I do not mind when people ask Me why. I see the heart and I respond to those who love Me. I am moved by their pain, but pain is all around. I look to their heart for a humble heart, a teachable spirit.

I am revealing much to you so that you can teach others. I am pleased that you rely on My Spirit for words to speak as He gives you thoughts and insight. You are not a prophet, but a spokesman for My Word.

Received 9-3-13

Rejoice in the Lord. He is your victory and Savior. He has removed your sins nailing them to the cross. All charges of disobedience have been fully paid for. He has rescued you from darkness, to bring you into His Light of Truth and Holiness. You now have the grace to live pleasing to Him who has called you.

Received 9-4-13

Peace and joy are yours. My gifts are wonderful and satisfying. I give you insight into My Word. My Spirit guides you as you seek after Me. I see your heart. I know your thoughts. I created you and knew everything about you. You were made for Me.

Received 9-5-13

Let Me love you. Let Me lift you above what is happening around you to speak to your heart. I know you.

Received 9-6-13

The world is being made ready. The time is at hand for My Son to be glorified among men and angels. My people will look upon Him and will bow in reverence. Life continues with most people unaware of their fate. Tell them and warn them. Speak life and hope. Speak of a future. My Word has gone forth, but many choose their own way in unbelief. My Spirit is working.

Received 9-7-13

My Name is all you need. I am all you need. I am with you to lift you up above your troubles. My hand is upon you to guide your way and to keep your foot from slipping.

Received 9-8-13

Rejoice and give Me praise. Do not concern yourself with details that you have no control over. Just give them to Me. I am doing wonderful things for you and in you and through you. Isn’t it marvelous? You cannot see always what I am doing, but know that I am always at work in you. My love and grace never end.

Received 9-9-13

My grace is sufficient for those who trust in Me. It is not by your strength or ability that brings Me glory. It is in trusting Me and agreeing with Me in faith that accomplishes much.

Received 9-10-13

Where is your strength? Do you trust in yourself or in Me?

Received 9-11-13

Rest upon Me and I will carry you. Pray and see Me at work. Pray and release your loved ones to Me. They are Mine just as you are Mine.

I sought out a man who would love Me. I could not find any. I sent My Son to redeem and restore and to make a way for men. Now there are many who have been touched by the love and mercy of My Son. They love Me and they have healed you so that you can bring healing and love to others.

Received 9-12-13

Rest in Me. Give yourself to Me and call upon Me in truth and holiness. Love will grow cold in the world so that only My people will show real love. The world won’t understand how you can love. They will mock and insult you, but inside they will desire your kind of love. Don’t look at the outside, but see with My Spirit what is in their hearts. Proclaim the truth. Do battle against the enemy forces to set the captives free.

Received 9-13-13

Today is the day of salvation. Rise up and take the land. Claim your territory for My kingdom. Resist the enemy and draw near to Me. Let My Word be on your lips and in your heart. The victory is Mine. You are Mine if you do My will. I will rescue you from darkness and bring you into the truth.

Received 9-14-13

My heart is moved by what I see. I see men who are seeking Me. Some are weak, some are proud, some are broken, some have known Me for a while. I am a Repairer of the walls. I will re-establish your foundations so you can stand against the enemy’s attacks. Lead and your family will follow. Submit yourself to Me and I will come to you with freshness and revival. I feel your pain and your struggles. I was there. Let Me carry you and give you My arm to steady you.

Received 9-15-13

Today is the day of salvation. Trust Me to speak and to direct your ways. My life is your life. Your life is My life. We are one since you gave yourself to Me. Do not resist My Spirit. Listen and obey.

Received 9-16-13

I will bless the Lord with all my heart. What does that mean to you? Is it praise and worship? Is it thanksgiving? Is it surrender? Is it dedication? I will teach you My ways as My thoughts come to you. Ponder them and make them yours. Share them with others. Let My Word go forth to the nations and every person who breathes. I will not be satisfied until My house is full.

Received 9-17-13

Your ways will please Me for a submitted heart can be directed by My Spirit. I am giving you love that is not natural to you. My Word is going forth. My promises are yes and amen for those who believe. I will be found by those who seek after Me. Pray and intercede for the lost around you. Mention their names to Me. Remind Me of your concern for them.

Received 9-18-13

I am reaching out to the lost and hurting. I am speaking to them through My people and with My Spirit. I know those who are Mine. I won’t let them go.

Received 9-19-13

My love never runs dry or fails. I can soften the hardest heart through love and so can you if you show love led by My Spirit. Real love is not selfish. There is no motive behind love except to love with grace.

Received 9-20-13

I am a lover and giver. My nature is love. I respond in love. I express Myself with love. I want My people to love Me and to love each other. That is why My Word says for you to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your strength, with all of your mind, with all of your soul; and to love your neighbor as yourself. Love forgives and blesses.

Received 9-21-13

My days of patience are coming to an end. I see how the people of the world are selfish and unloving. I see rebellion and unbelief. I see folly and immorality. Who will speak to them? Who will warn them? My Son will come and bring judgment.


Received 9-22-13

Where is your heart? Where do you see My favor in what you do? Can you sense My leading? I will bless you regardless of what you do, but you will have greater increase in what I lead you to do. My gifts and callings are irrevocable, but you will see My hand upon you in certain things. Open your spiritual eyes to see what I mean.

Received 9-23-13

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you to provide and supply all that you need for godliness and truth.

Received 9-24-13

All things are yours for the asking. Ask for wisdom, understanding, hidden knowledge, truth, what is in a man’s heart. I will let you know so you can love and minister for Me.

Received 9-25-13

Watch what I can do. Respond in faith to the voice of My Spirit.

Received 9-26-13

The world is passing away. All that was stable before will fall down – governments, relationships, systems. Anything that a man has touched is corrupted by sin and these will fail. I will shake the earth as never before. There will be panic and fear. Only My people will stand in righteousness and love. They will suffer for their faith, but I will protect them and cover them. Does this surprise you? No, it was foretold long ago. But people have been lulled to sleep in their unbelief. It will be like the herd of pigs racing to fall off the cliff. They will be blind and ignorant speedily pursuing pleasure at more and more extremes like a rabid dog. Folly will be celebrated. Mockery will reach new heights against anything that is good and wise. Youth will tower over their elders. My people will have discernment as never before to know the path to take, for I will guide them to green pastures. Only a few will be saved as darkness rises. In the end I will come in victory and great light.

Use this time wisely to rescue the lost from destruction. I will lead you and speak through you. Be a beacon. Be a tower.

Received 9-27-13

All that I am is yours through faith. Will you yield to Me your desires and hopes and plans?

Received 9-28-13

The just shall live by faith. Who are you to claim to know everything? Turn over to Me your concerns. Why are you anxious? Allow My Spirit to control your thoughts.

Received 9-29-13

Wait upon the Lord. Focus on Him until you sense His presence and love. Let Him speak. Listen and obey. His Word will comfort and instruct and challenge.

Received 9-30-13

The Lord is my Helper. He is my Shield and Fortress. He is the Holy One who reigns on high. He is my Healer and Deliverer.

Come to Me all who labor and toil for righteousness. Receive My gift of righteousness through My grace and kindness. I will wipe away your sin. I will forgive you and cleanse you. Your garments shall be clean once more.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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