Received 6-9-13

My ways are best for you to follow. Look to Me in all things. Let Me carry you if need be. Let Me give life to your mortal bodies. I am the Creator of all life and I am the healer. Rest in Me and I will provide what you need.

Received 6-10-13

This is a day of rejoicing. My Word is going out to all who will hear. Celebrate for the King is coming in power and glory. He will not be stopped by any man. His purpose is sure and His victory has been won long ago on the cross. “It is finished” was the cry.

Received 6-11-13

The ways of man bring a snare. They become trapped in sin without a way out that they can see. Only through faith in Me is there life and forgiveness. Trust Me to help you. I am the source for your life. Bless others with the blessings I give you.

Received 6-12-13

Today is the day of salvation. Don’t put off what I ask you to do for another day for you do not know what I am doing. Let your mind dwell in Me. I will give you wisdom and insight. Just ask Me.

Received 6-13-13

Receive from My hand. Let Me teach you so that you can teach others. My Spirit is speaking. Listen and obey.

Received 6-14-13

Live for today and give yourself to Me each day. Commit your will to Mine for what will happen that day. Say yes to Me and I will say yes to you. I will tell you truths that will amaze you. The wisdom of God is infinitely much greater than what a man can do. Come to the source for all life.

Received 6-15-13

My ways are not your ways. Seek Me for everything. Don’t let your heart be hardened, but respond with My love and grace and mercy and kindness. You have heard My Word, live it out. Rely on the Holy Spirit to teach you so that you can teach others.

Received 6-16-13

My ways are not your ways. Listen to Me and be filled with knowledge and wisdom you cannot know. I will teach you and guide you on the right path. I will open the doors of heaven before you to see what I am doing.

Received 6-17-13

May the grace of the Lord be with you. May His loving-kindness wrap you and cover you. Blessings follow those who believe in Me. I love to give My children gifts and they are all good.

Received 6-18-13

There is joy in My house for the one who knows Me is at peace and finds rest in Me. No problem can bring him down for he trusts in Me to rescue him and bring him to a broad and safe place. He sees My face and he is comforted. Be at peace for I am with you to comfort you and give you joy. I will fill your mouth with wisdom from on high. Trust in Me and you will not be shaken.

Received 6-19-13

I am with you to lift you up and to fill you with My Spirit. Trust Me to put My words into your mouth to bless those who hear you. I have won the battle. It is for you to accept My victory for yourself as you live in Me.

Received 6-20-13

My joy is complete when My people love Me with their whole heart. Just as you remember when your child shows you love, so too do I cherish those times of affection. They can override the times when they sin against you and hurt you. You focus on their love and it allows you to love and forgive. I nurture and care for My little ones. I feed them the food they can tolerate and the food they need to grow and mature. I challenge them to grow up to maturity – to become like Me. I am calling you to grow in love for My people.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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