Received 10-1-13

Never before has My Spirit been so alive in the hearts of My people. He is working to bring them to Me. He is working to transform them into My image. Rise up and take the land before you. You have the tools and weapons you need.

Received 10-2-13

My Name will be lifted high. My Voice is going out to speak to the hearts of men, calling them to repent and turn to Me and I will heal them. Only a few will respond, but I will reach out to them in hope. I am a patient God wanting all to come to Me. I don’t give up. I still pursue while there is still day. The seeds of life I plant will bear fruit. Even the hardest heart can soften when I show them My love. Everyone needs love and seeks after love. I will make them hunger all the more until they cry out to Me in their desperation and pain.

Received 10-3-13

My time has not come. I am waiting for the Father. I know it is soon. Be ready and be about My Father’s business of winning people, discipling people, loving people in My kingdom. There is always hope for every person no matter what they appear. I have put into every person a need to know Me, like a seed. I am constantly at work. Your prayers can open opportunities and can push back the enemy’s workers.

Received 10-4-13

Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice. When joy fills the heart, there is no room for worry or confusion. Remember the times when I rescued you, when I answered your prayers, when you felt close to Me, when I spoke to you, when you experienced My love and grace. These will sustain you when you are struggling. Give of yourself. Pray and release the captives from the enemy’s hands. My ways are not your ways, but seek Me and I will show you the way to go.

Received 10-6-13

I give skills and personality, I give temperament, I give spiritual gifts. I place people together to accomplish My purposes in all of their lives – to give and receive, to challenge and to try with trial exposing their level of faith in Me and their need for others.

Received 10-7-13

My joy is to see you before Me waiting for My words. You are hungry for My words. They are life to you. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I breathe life into weary bones. I restore and heal. Life is not over until the last breath is taken, then comes the judgment and reward. I will come and bring rewards, but also judgment. The fool says in his heart that I will never come, that no one is watching, that I can do whatever I desire. Life is full of choices. Be wise and discerning, especially in this evil world.

Received 10-8-13

I am with you to lift you up over your enemies, to give you life and abundance. I will strike down those who oppose you. I will carry you through the storms. Look to Me and be full of hope. There is no one like Me and you know it. Do not be afraid for I will guide you. Open your heart to Me and I will fill it with treasures from My storehouse.

Received 10-9-13

I am with you. Do not be afraid or discouraged. What can man do to you when I am with you? My strength is more than enough. My power breaks the trees of Lebanon. My power raises mountains out of the deep. My power creates new life. My power and My grace takes your burdens from you if you give them to Me. All that I am is yours. Submit yourself to Me and allow Me the freedom to work out My good pleasure in you.

Received 10-10-13

What is in your hand? What is in your mind and heart? Have I not given you all of these things? I am your provider, your shield and protector and you realize this. Can you trust Me in all things? Yes, and more.

Received 10-11-13

My ways are not your ways. Accept what I give to you. Keep and open hand on what you possess for I may ask you to share it with another. I am not like you, yet you were made to be like Me. I bring down one and raise up another. I am always at work to do My will and pleasure. Nothing escapes My notice, both evil and good.

Received 10-12-13

My ways are best for you and your family. As you love you will see good changes. People need love and they will be attracted to love.

Received 10-13-13

I am birthing a new thing for you. There are people in your life who need Me. They do not have a way to come to Me, to draw near. Will you care for them? I will give you My love to give to them. Just a monthly fellowship gathering.

Received 10-14-13

Blessed be the Lord Most High, who reigns. Do I reign in you? You will be amazed at what I can do through you. Just be open and available. Look at every person you meet as being sent by Me, every person.

Received 10-15-13

Great is the Lord. He is my Rock. He is stronger than any foe. He is holy loving and good. Taste and see that the Lord is good. He will come and restore justice to this rebellious world.

My ways are not your ways but I will teach you. I will show you My glory in a way that you will seek after Me forever. I will reveal and not be silent. Your testimony will bring life to many.

Received 10-16-13

Be at peace but be ready to show your love for Me. Have an expectant heart looking for those you can bless with love and kindness. Examine your heart. What are your motives? What are your desires?

Received 10-17-13

Rejoice and be glad for this is the day that the Lord has made. Look to Me in all things. Rest in My presence. Ponder My promises and deeds. Carry your burdens to the throne and leave them.

Received 10-18-13

Who may ascend into the hill of the Lord? Who is good enough? What is good? What is bad? If I am God, then I get to choose. Just as you can say who comes into your house, so can I decide who I will let into My heaven.

Received 10-19-13

My ways are best, for I know the end from the beginning. I see into the hearts of men. I know those who love Me and who seek after Me. My Spirit is always at work helping men come to Me. He points out their need and emptiness. He leads them out of despair in to the rest of My presence. He gives them hope. Rejoice and be glad. Banish fear and worry for I am with you.

Received 10-20-13

Let Me open up your heart so that you can see what is there. You experienced a sense of loneliness and emptiness. You are weak by yourself. But I am with you. When you minister in My Name you have My grace and anointing. It is nothing in yourself that can help another except what I have given you through revelation. I will reveal as you trust in Me. Give My love away. Show compassion and mercy, not judgment. Everyone is weak and needy. You have been blessed with many things. Share and do not hold back. You will know what to do. Seek My face always. You cannot rest in anything done in the past, for today is the day of salvation.

Received 10-21-13

Great is the Lord. He speaks and all that He has made trembles. Yes, when My Son returns, He will say His word and all who oppose Him will be silenced. The dead will hear too and the righteous will rise in celebration and victory. In one second all of creation will change. Righteousness and justice will be restored to their proper place. His light will banish darkness. Keep this hope within you as you see the wicked rise in temporary power. They will be brought low.

Received 10-22-13

I have revealed Myself to man in My Word, but I am continually revealing who I am for those who seek after Me. I do not change, but I reveal more and more, so that you can see My glory. The person is more than his autobiography. Everyone is uniquely made according to My purpose. Add into their life all the people and experiences, and you will see My hand at work to build into their character and soul. The more you say yes to Me, the closer you will be to Me. I am a personal God and I made you in My image and likeness to seek after Me for all eternity. For without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.

Received 10-23-13

My God is bigger than any problem. He knows Me completely. Nothing surprises Him, but He rejoices when we believe Him and His Word. Yes, I rejoice and I put My seal over you. I write My words in your heart. I give you life with joy to sustain you. Hard times may come, but joy is there along with My peace.

Received 10-24-13

What do you know? Only what I reveal. The ways of man are empty and without purpose, except to himself. Do not be like the blind, but be seeing in the light of My Spirit. Look for Me in all that you do. My victory is yours. My strength is yours. My love is yours. Live by faith and you will see the heavens open up and the Son of Man descend in power and glory.

Received 10-25-13

My eyes are upon you for good and not for evil. I bring forth life out pain and destruction. It is later than you think, but be at peace. There is more. I am waiting for all who will come to faith to respond to My call, My invitation. Everyone must make a choice, even the one who never hears about My Son from the lips of men. The cruelty of men can be overcome by My love and kindness. I can change the hardest of hearts with My love. Things are not always what they seem, so never give up in your prayers and witness.

Received 10-26-13

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness therein. He reigns over all that He has made. He is before all things and everything relies on Him. His favor and grace cover what He has made, even the people He has called His own. I will bless My people for they are Mine. All is done according to My plan and purpose. Men may resist My will but I prevail in the end. I bring comfort and peace to those who follow after Me, to those who seek My face. I will be found. I will share My glory with those who love Me. Seek Me with all of your heart, for a divided heart, who can please. I am a jealous God.

Received 10-27-13

I will make a way in the desert. I will guide your steps. I will protect you from dangers. Keep your eyes on Me.

Received 10-28-13

I am not a god that you have made up. I am real and I exist for all time. I am the Source of all things. Nothing has been made apart from Me. Even what a man can fashion came from My inspiration and wisdom. Life copies My reality. I am the way the truth and the life. I hold all things in My hand. All that you see with your eyes has come from Me.

Speak and rescue the lost. Show them the way to life in Me. May your words be like honey, gracious and full of wisdom. My Spirit will help you.

Received 10-29-13

Your ways Lord are amazing. You can do infinitely more than I can imagine. When you answer prayer it comes in unique circumstances that reveal your handiwork. How awesome are You.

Received 10-30-13

Lift up your eyes to the hills. See the glory that is coming down. The world will see and be amazed. I will do many new things that will amaze even the wise. They will look for answers but will find none. My people will become alert as My time is drawing near. My Spirit will be active as never before. What the enemy sees as victory will become defeat for him and his followers.

Received 10-31-13

Where are My people? Where are the ones who tremble at My Word? Can My Spirit move in power in their lives? Are they seeking after Me or do they pursue pleasure and comfort?

Great is the Lord for His Mighty arm stretches out to protect and rescue His people. He sees the wounded heart. He comforts the lonely and hurting.

Received 11-1-13

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me praise His holy Name. He has done great things. Let Me show the way to life. Yes, praise is important, but also obedience to My Word. When you are faced with a choice, always choose to obey Me. My ways always lead to life and growth. Sometimes it means hardship and pain, but if you seek after Me, there will be life and healing available. I do not bring tests to harm, but to show your need for Me and to draw you to Myself. In your dark hour I am very near.

Received 11-3-13

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Faith looks beyond the present to see in hope a future where God reigns in splendor and power. Faith believes when there is no other way. Faith accepts the truth of My Word.

Received 11-4-13

I am with you to give you hope and a future. Walk out what I have given you. Bless the people I have put into your life. Speak words of life to them. Encourage them and direct them to Me. Let them see Me in you.

Received 11-5-13

Blessed be the Name of the Lord. May His Name be glorified forever. Rejoice and be glad all you who call upon the Lord. The King is coming.

I am Lord of all. Nothing escapes My notice. All must bow before Me, now or later.

Received 11-6-13

The days of roses is near. Roses because the world will smell the fragrance of life from My people. They are living in darkness and death. They are blinded from the truth. Speak life and not death. Speak hope and not despair. Speak My Word and I will be glorified. Do not look with natural eyes only, but ask My Spirit to show you what is really happening and what you should do and pray.

Received 11-7-13

Men have sinned, but I have made a way for restoration through My Son. All who believe are restored to complete fellowship with Me and My Presence. How much do you need to believe? Just enough to recognize that only He is the way and that you have nothing in you that will please Me. Some search a long time, trying to find another way and another thing for them to do, but it is not about doing, it is believing. I have already done what is needed. I have already done whatever area of need you have, the solution and remedy is in Me. My love is constant for that is who I am. Come before Me and live in My love. Let My love saturate your thinking, your emotions, your actions. This is the work of God, to believe in Me and in the One who sent Me.

Received 11-8-13

My ways are good and right altogether, taken as a whole. I see all and I know all. My will is good and right. Rejoice with Me and submit to Me all that you are. Commit your way unto the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Are you seeking to please Me? Give of yourself to Me and to those I put into your life. Serve and be served. Love and be loved. Teach and be taught. Know and be known.

Received 11-9-13

Now is the day of salvation. Now is the time to praise and rejoice in your Savior and Lord. All things are in My hand. Nothing escapes My notice. I am with you always. I see your heart. I know your thoughts. Yes I rescued you from darkness and brought you into My Light. Open the way for others to come through your prayers and words of life.

Received 11-10-13

Where are My people? Do they really care about their friends and family? Are they blind to what is ahead? Who will warn them?

Received 11-11-13

My ways are higher than your ways. Reach out and try to understand My ways. Look for Me in everything you do. Let Me help you. Ask of Me what you need to know. I will lift you up over your enemies. I will show you new things that you have not known before.

Received 11-12-13

My ways will be known to the world as I display My power. People will be afraid and amazed. Words that were spoken long ago will become true. Just as lies are told today, men will have their tongues shut up until they acknowledge Me. My people shall be My witnesses. They will testify of My love and goodness. Love and be loved. Give and it shall be given unto you. Share what is in your heart. Proclaim the truth with wisdom and understanding of My Spirit. Let not your hearts be troubled for I have overcome the world. Show compassion and kindness.

Received 11-13-13

Look to your heart. What do you see? Do I need to expose what I see so that you can see? What motivates you? What do you think about? Do you have core values and principles that you will not violate?

Received 11-14-13

If your name were chosen to be My witness, what would you do? How would you prepare? What would you be praying? Who would you be praying for? You are My witness and every day, every encounter, every conversation is your opportunity from Me to share the love I have for those I created. Show kindness, concern, compassion, love. Speak truth with gentleness and love and discernment. Testify to My goodness and mercy.

Received 11-16-13

This is the day I have made, a day for rejoicing and giving thanks. Let your heart rise to the heavens, to My very throne. I will receive you and speak words to you. For you are My people and I am your God. Trust in the Lord and He will bring it to pass. Just as the heavens are above the earth, so am I watching over you with My eye on what is coming and how I can bless you as you live before Me. Do righteousness and love. Let your words bless others and encourage them. Many are struggling and need some words to show that you care.

Received 11-17-13

The Lord is my great reward. He is my shield and fortress. I shall not be afraid. The weary come and find rest in My shelter. I will make a way when all looks hopeless. I am the God of possibilities. I give My promises for those who will believe them. I speak and it is so. All of creation looks to Me. There is no one else before Me. Let My voice speak out through you to bless My people and those who will listen. Do not hold back but proclaim boldly what I give to you. The end of all things is near and the new will begin. It will not be as you imagine, but rather I will be glorified in power and in love. The wicked will flee, but My people will rejoice as never before.

Received 11-18-13

Will you be humble about the gifts I give? Are they Mine or yours? What is yours except that I gave it to you? Even what you may have “earned” was because I made you with certain strengths and talents and temperaments and gave you the jobs you have had. You have responded well. Bless others and keep a loose hand on what you have. Let Me direct your steps. My ways are best. I will send people your way.

Received 11-19-13

Which way will you go? Trust Me to handle all of your affairs. Give your choices to Me and watch Me at work.

Received 11-20-13

Watch Me at work on your behalf. You will be pleased and amazed. I care for all of My children. Just ask Me and expect Me to do great things, things that you could not possibly do.

Received 11-21-13

Trust Me and give everything to Me. Give all that you possess, all that came from your body, all that you worked on and made, all that you consider to be your own. You are Mine. May your righteousness and My righteousness come together as one. Joseph loved Me from the beginning. I had a plan for him. No man is perfect or without sin. But all can be instruments in My hand if they will yield to Me. Some I have to direct as if leading a dumb animal with only instincts.

Received 11-22-13

Your ways are Mine when you listen to My Spirit and obey. You are not perfect, but you try to do My will. Be at peace and enjoy what I give to you. Rest in My presence. Rejoice and give Me praise. Let your spirit rise to the heavens. Focus on Me and be glad.

Received 11-23-13

Bless others and give freely of yourself and what I have given you. Let this mind be in you that you love one another to do what your Father asks of you. Willingness is what I seek, willingness to obey My Word and to do My will. Humility comes before honor. Obedience comes before blessing. Lay down your life as I did as a living sacrifice wholly pleasing to the Father.

Received 11-25-13

Blessings and honor and glory and power be unto the King of kings and Lord of lords. There is no one like You. You loved us so much that You were willing to bear our sins upon Your holy body. My ways are for your good and for My purposes. I love you and want you to be with Me forever, to see My glory and splendor. You will see it and be filled with joy as never before. This world is fading away in its corruption. But do not be afraid for I am with you to watch over you and your family.

Received 11-26-13

All things are Mine. I am in control. I am over all. Sin has brought destruction and pain, but I have come to bring life, life that will last forever. You know this life and are walking in it. Rejoice and be glad. Let your lips speak forth praise and wonderment.

Received 11-27-13

My Words will go out to reach all people. I am revealing Myself in dreams and visions and testimonies and miracles. I have not stopped or slowed down. No, I have increased all efforts to reach people to bring them into a relationship with Me. I have many rooms in My kingdom. Keep this perspective before you as you see people and talk with people. You blessed that man and he blessed you. I will bring others to you, just be open to My leading.

Received 11-28-13

My Word has changed your life. You have been a vessel that is willing to change, to grow. Keep responding to My Spirit. My promises are yes and amen. Let your response to Me be yes and amen.

A person focused on himself will not hear the call to repent or to deny himself. He may do some action, but his heart is not right. He pretends he doesn’t hear or the message he hears is for someone else, not him. He has a show face that people see, carefully made so that no one can see what is in his heart. Love such a man and win him over to trust you, to know that you are safe. Help him reveal the hurt inside, the pain inside and the questions he has.

Received 11-29-13

Be a blessing and you will be blessed. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. All that I have for you is a gift. You did not earn it. You cannot earn it. My favor rests upon you because I love you. Yes, you have responded well to My call, but this is because I have wooed you with My love in ways that you find hard to resist. You have heard the truth and you believe. Continue to say yes to Me. See Me multiply the fruit from your life by the power of My Spirit. Remove judgment from your thinking. Instead pray and seek wisdom from My Spirit.

Received 11-30-13

I have come to give life, to awaken the sleeper, to rescue the downtrodden and the lonely. You are My hands and feet. You are My voice proclaiming the truth and giving hope. Focus on who I am. Let your faith grow. Pray without ceasing.

Received 12-1-13

My Name is Jesus and I have come to set you free from the bondage of sin and death. I have cleansed you through My Word. I go before you to make a way for you. I lead you as a Shepherd. All things are Mine and you are Mine. Come feast at the table of My delights. Enjoy the fruit of My labor in you. Taste and see that I am good. Try Me and see if I am not Faithful and True. I am coming soon, so be ready and warn others. Share what I have done in you.

Received 12-2-13

What does it matter to live righteously? It is everything in this life and for the life to come. You gain happiness, peace and joy. Your cares flee away, though you may still have troubles and pain. You can come before Me in freedom. Think of others and you will behold My face. I am there where there is need. Watch Me at work. Help Me.

Received 12-3-13

My Word is going out to the nations. It will not return empty, but will bring a harvest of life. Sow and you will reap. Give and it will be given to you. Do unto others and you will be blessed in return.

Received 12-4-13

There is sin in this world and many are enslaved with sin. They follow after the lies of the enemy. Watch and be careful how you live, not as unwise but as wise, for the time is short and there is much to do. Be a beacon of light and not just a small candle. Point the direction that men should take. It is not enough to wait for them to come to you, although that might happen, but go and be My words of life and healing. Let every person you meet know that I am God.

Received 12-5-13

Give and it shall be given you. Give life and not death. Give praise and not judgment. Give honor and not unbelief. My ways will sustain you. Look to Me in all things and I will guide you. There are many choices to make and much to do, but only one thing is best. Follow Me.

Received 12-6-13

All things work for the good as you follow Me. You may be stretched and molded through a trial. You may be carried through a storm. Your heart may break with a loss. But I will be there for you in ways you do not expect. People are My hands and feet, My instruments of mercy and kindness, even the unbelieving can be used. You can be used in marvelous ways and in simple ways. Let Me guide you.

Received 12-7-13

I am with you. Do not fear of what may happen in the future for I will help you. My Spirit will help you remember.

All things are Mine. Even those in power are under my hand. Nothing surprises Me. Nothing escapes My notice. Rejoice and give Me praise and thanks.

Received 12-8-13

This is the gate of the Lord and all may enter in. See this broken stone; see my broken body. I did this for you. My blood flowed for you. I died for you. Repent and believe. My love is stronger than your fears and weaknesses. What you cannot do, I will do. I have made the way for you. Just follow Me and you will find rest for your souls.

Received 12-9-13

Where can I find men who believe what I say and what My Word says? Are you a believer? It is not just enough to claim My promises, but you must also claim My commands and teaching. Let My Word penetrate your heart and mind and spirit. Accept what I say as truth and life. None of My Words are idle or empty. Every one has meaning and truth and application. You may not understand, but ask My Spirit to show you. Don’t remain in ignorance, but seek after the truth. Don’t let the thinking of this world to affect what you believe. Have faith! Be a man of faith!

Received 12-10-13

All things are Mine and you are Mine. Do not worry or be afraid. Nothing will harm you that I won’t be with you. Follow in My paths. Let your heart soar after Me. I will be found by you in simple things and in big things. Be aware of what I am doing. Look for Me in everything.

Received 12-11-13

By the grace of God go I. Yes, it is by My grace that you live and receive forgiveness and mercy. I am close to the brokenhearted. I am near to the hurting. I listen to the cry of their heart. My love reaches out to them. Life is a cycle of ups and downs. I am there always, but man only seems to seek Me when they are down, when they cannot help themselves. Sin maybe rampant, but My grace is more. Rescue the lost. Feed the poor. Proclaim hope to the downtrodden. People will respond to your acts of kindness, your caring words. It opens their soul to My love.

Received 12-12-13

What is in your hand? What gifts do you have from Me? Give freely as the opportunity comes. Bless others with the blessings you have received. I am with you to guide you. Be at peace, but listen often. Be aware of what I am doing in people around you.

Received 12-13-13

My ways are higher than your ways. Lift your voice in praise and watch Me work for you. Trust Me for your life. Believe in Me with all of your heart. Surrender all of your days to Me. Let your thoughts remain on Me and My Word throughout the day. When you face a difficulty or decision pray and seek My will.

Many men and women have sought to know Me and understand My ways. It pleases Me for men to do so. But I can’t be reduced to a simple phrase or concept. Even if you were here with Me now, your words would be inadequate to describe who I am. Faith is the key to everything in My world – trusting in what you cannot see or hear. Too much thinking can cause you to make Me a god of your mind and not of your heart.

Received 12-14-13

My ways will please you. If you follow them, I will be glorified. Let My Word speak life to you. Look for Me in My Word. Understand who I am in My Word. Seek after Me as a detective looking for clues.

Received 12-15-13

Let Me tell you a story of two people. One was a man who thought much of what he could do and he did accomplish much. It was his focus and nothing else mattered to him. Another man was more humble and he thought of how he could help others. He didn’t have much and what he had he shared. Both men responded to My call, but only one of them bore much fruit. What you possess means little to Me. I know what is in a man’s heart. I can fill a generous heart. True life is about giving away your life as I did for you. I gave you an example. My Father gave Me to you and to the people of the world. I gave My life to ransom you. I brought true life wherever I went.

Received 12-16-13

Can I not move in My ways? What if I did a miraculous sign before you? How would you react then? Be at peace but keep believing? Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. If you say to this mountain, be removed and cast into the sea, and believe in your heart that it shall come to pass, then it shall be done unto you. What is faith?

The stars and the moon shall disappear for a time. The waves will roar with intensity as never before seen. Many ships will be lost and the coastlines ravished. Men will despair. Women will weep. Fear will overcome many. Few will turn to Me as their hearts will be hardened. My Spirit will be at work.

Received 12-17-13

Watch and be alert for the time is near. All men will be tested to see what is in them. You will be tested. Examine your heart and see what I see. Let My Spirit open your eyes. I see what is good and new. I see what has carried over from your past. Trust Me. Have I not been gentle, yet firm. I do not change. Men are hurting all around you. Pray and intercede. Lift up the weak hands.

The enemy is using many weapons now to destroy lives. You must pray and break his power over people. Your culture is far from Me. I have let you stray to show you what is really in you. No one is noticing except My people and even then they are asleep and helpless. The deceit of the enemy is blinding men’s eyes. The lies of your leaders and media have done much damage. My Word is going forth in power. Men are crying out to Me as never before. You have asked for revival and I am bringing it. Open your eyes to see. The world is small and the people you meet have been sent by Me.

Received 12-18-13

Let my eyes see what You see that is in me. Shine Your light upon my soul. Expose and remove all darkness. I am a gentle and loving God. I will let you know what I see, but you will see it too and you will want Me to change you. I have softened your heart. I have made it new. I have enlarged it so that you will have more love and compassion. I have opened your hand that clings to the past and holds on to what is not yours to keep. All that you have is a gift from Me.

Received 12-19-13

Be at peace but be aware of your pride. Can you love the unlovely, the imperfect? Can you be patient with the one who struggles in weakness? Do you have compassion or is it pity, grateful that you don’t have their issues and problems? Can you care for someone who will never get better? Can you give without seeing any results? Do you judge more than you encourage? How do you react to criticism? Be at peace but be aware of your pride.

Received 12-20-13

Seek after Me with all of your heart. Give up what is distracting you. Come back to prayer and listening. Come and receive more to give away and bless. Even wherever you are, seek Me, call upon Me and I will be found.

Received 12-21-13

All that I am belongs to you if you just ask of Me. Let My words speak life to you. I am Life and all those who find Me, find Life. Hear the cry of My heart. My people are lost and without hope. Show them the way back to Me. Speak and testify to what I have done for you.

Received 12-22-13

Today is life. Can you receive fresh and wonderful things from Me? Gather strength from the winds. Find wisdom from the flowers. Learn truth from Me. Man is wandering without real purpose. He does not see his end. He does not see the pit before him. He follows what others are doing. He decides what seems best for himself. Emptiness and folly meet him wherever he goes, but he cannot recognize them. The battle belongs to the Lord. He alone has the victory. He alone is King over all. What are you willing to do? Will you be uncomfortable? Will you take risks? Is there a reward or is there value for doing what is right?

Received 12-23-13

All that I am is for you. Call upon Me. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in My Son who is Lord over all. In Me are the keys to life. Do not let the cares of this world block out what I have for you. People need what you have.

Received 12-24-13

My ways are not your ways. I give and I withhold. I raise up and I tear down. There is a time for everything. I know what you need, what you really need. Trust Me to do what is right.

Received 12-25-13

Be at peace. I came to bring peace and joy and to restore what was lost. Now is the time to reflect on what I have done for you. Search your heart and see the changes I have made. Not all who come to Me are filled. Not all are lifted up. Some must endure pain and hardship to enter into My Kingdom. But their reward is great. What you see on earth is just a shadow of the truth. Seek to know Me and to understand My ways.

Received 12-26-13
What is in a man? Where does he find any good? Only in Me is there any goodness. Turn to Me and be healed. Look at life through My eyes.

Received 12-27-13
Let your eyes gaze at the sky. Look at what I have made. See the beauty and variety. Who could have made this? Who could have designed this? Tell Me if you know? My creation speaks to all that I am their Creator. No one can deny this, except a fool.

Look at My Son. Did He not do many miracles and signs from heaven? Did He not heal and deliver the oppressed? Did He not teach and show you what you must do to please Me and to gain eternal life? Yes and much more did He do on the cross! I raised Him up for all to see.

Did I not send My Spirit to you? Is He not within My people? Has He given you power to believe and do what I command? Is He not teaching you and revealing My glory?
Come and worship.

Received 12-28-13

All that I am is yours. Open your heart to receive. Give to others and it will be returned to you. Bless and be blessed. Let the words of my mouth be pleasing to you O Lord. Follow in My footsteps. Study My life on earth with open eyes. Let My faith be in you to believe and not doubt.

Received 12-29-13

The wages of sin is death in every form. Sin eats at the heart corrupting the soul. A man knows when he sins for My Spirit tells him so. Even if he tries to block out the truth, he will be found out and his sin exposed for all to see. He will suffer the consequences. Some may avoid the punishment, but later find themselves in emptiness and pain as people avoid them, as loved ones leave, as disease comes.

But I have come to bring life and the gift of God – eternal life with Me, joy unspeakable and peace without end. No amount of money can purchase what I give. I give it to whom I want, to those who call upon My Name. Pain and suffering will never depart this earth until that day when I come to rescue My people. Be about My business.

Received 12-30-13

My way is best. All that I do is right and good. I will not ask you to do what you cannot do with My help, but I will ask you to do what I desire for you. Lift up the hands that are weak by praying and encouraging and helping where I lead you. People around you are lost and dying. They need hope and direction. They need what I have and what you have found. Live before Me in holiness in your mind and body.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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