Received 11-30-04

This is a day of great trials for men are pursuing their own lusts and desires. They mock Me with their tongues and their hearts are far from Me. They seek the pleasures of their bellies and nothing good comes from them. For this, My wrath will be poured out and My judgment will come in righteousness. There are those who seek after Me and those who have not tarnished their hearts in deceit and immorality. Yet even those are not fully with Me. They too seek the things of this world.

Where are the people of praise? Where are those whose hearts cry out to their Savior and God as they see the rebellion among them? Wake up My people and cast off your slumber. Come before Me and humble yourselves before your Creator. Sit in My presence and see what I see. Then you will know why I am grieved. Then you will sense the anguish of My heart over the apathy and dullness of My people. They no longer grieve over the ungodliness around them. They no longer are moved with compassion at those who are needy. No, they are too absorbed in their own lives.

The rebellious are lost in their own folly. I am dismayed at their hardened hearts. But I grieve more over My people as a mother over her wayward children. I see that they are helpless, so I will pour out upon them My Spirit of grace and power to change their hearts and minds. I will draw them back to My side. I will remove the dross from their lives and give them a desire for only Me.

Received 12-1-04

Much is given and much will be required. Have faith in the One who saves and delivers you from the evil one. Respond as a child full of faith in his parents. Respond to Me with trust and obedience.

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in His Son. I will bring judgment to those who rebel against Me. I will restore My people to a place of peace and safety. My people will know Me from the least to the greatest. They will call upon Me and I will respond quickly. Great will be the blessing for those who love Me and are not ashamed of My name. My truth will endure.

The evil in a man’s heart is apparent to all. Though he may deny it, it will be exposed. He thinks he can do anything he desires. If he has power, he will use it over others to pursue his plans of wickedness. He pretends he didn’t know it was wrong. He thinks that everyone is doing what he does. The judgment upon him is sure. Yet I will extend My mercy and forgiveness to him who repents and calls on My name. This is love.

I will never stop speaking to the one who seeks to hear My voice. I desire to communicate with My people. I want to show them My heart. My words will bring life and peace, grace and truth. Wisdom and knowledge are available to those who desire only Me.

Received 12-2-04

There is a time for all things and today is the time to see My power displayed. It will be glorious. No one will escape its effect. Some will not know what it is. Some will hide in fear. Some will rejoice knowing the Source of the power. What My people have failed to do, I will do. I will show Myself strong in the midst of My people.

Come to Me before it is too late. The door of opportunity is closing. Hearts will be hardened beyond reach. There is a wave of My Spirit coming. Can you stop what you are doing to notice? Can you participate with Me in this move?

Received 12-4-04

The One who seeks my good knows me through and through. He created my inmost being. He fashioned my brain and the secret places where my spirit dwells. He rescued me from darkness and gave life to my spirit. My eyes are now open to His truth. He covers me with His righteousness and I can come into His presence. He has given me His Holy Spirit to teach me His ways. The path before me is good. Oh blessed is the man whose God is the Lord.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. His love endures forever. His blessings never cease. Rejoice and be glad. Oh the greatness of our God and the power of His might.

I have so much for you. Expand your heart to receive all that I desire to pour into your life. Yet I know you are finite and I Am infinite. I will show you a glimpse of My glory and it will sustain you. Remove the clutter of the cares of this world. They are empty and fleeting. They won’t satisfy the longings of your soul. Give your life to Me and I will fill it to the full.

Received 12-6-04

Where are My people? I call out to them, but they don’t listen. They are too busy. Their ears are stopped up or if they can hear, they refuse to listen for fear that I might ask them to respond in some way. This is rebellion. Don’t they know I love them? My arms are stretched out to them. What will I have to do to get them to listen to Me? Will you tell them to listen?

You heard the man speak of a wave of My Spirit reaching thousands. Your heart said “yes” and “amen”. As well you should, for this is what I am doing. As I said before, what man can or won’t do, I will do. I will bring to pass all of My words and promises to My people. Is there anything too difficult for Me to do? No, and you will witness to greater things that have never yet been done. These signs will usher in My Kingdom.

Your mind can only understand a small fraction of the vastness of what I have done. I have revealed Myself to many people over the centuries. Even if you knew all that was revealed in the past about Me, there would lifetimes more to know. That is why I have planned for My people to be with Me for all eternity. I want them to see and know Me. I want them to grasp the depth of My love for them. I AM LOVE! Love originates in Me and has life of its own to bring out love in you. This seed has been planted in your heart.

My Spirit is completing His work. His greatest work is about to be revealed. He is waiting for My signal.

Received 12-8-04

Are you ready for the greatest outpouring of My Spirit? Yes Lord. Draw near to Me. Cast off the darkness in your life. Cleanse your mind with My Word. Allow My Spirit to be your teacher. Humble yourself before Me. Keep your focus on the things above. Refine your thinking and be selective at what comes into you. Too much clutter will hinder the flow of My Spirit within you.

Love your wife as she is a chosen vessel of Mine to support you. She will experience My greatness. Minister as a priest on her behalf. Soak her in your prayers.

Received 12-9-04

The Majesty on High says: “Believe in My Son”. Know that His sacrifice was for all who put their trust in Him. The enemy is constantly trying to block the path of the righteous, but I will make a way for them. I will subdue their enemies before them. My arm is strong and My words bring the victory. March out with confidence oh you men of faith.

Life does not seem fair for the righteous and the unjust. My mercy and loving kindness delays the sure punishment they deserve. The stain of sin has corrupted life in all areas. No one does what is righteous. Some live good lives as men would describe good to be. But that does not compare with true righteousness that is in Me. The man who humbles himself before Me and puts his trust in Me will be covered by My blood sacrifice. He will stand before My Throne. He will speak and My Father and I will listen.

Received 12-11-04

Grace and peace from the Lord Jesus Christ: grace to cover our sins and failings; peace to give us rest for our souls during these troubled times. The Lord is close to all who call upon Him. He comforts the downcast and lowly of spirit. His compassion and love have no boundaries. He freely gives to His beloved from His vast storehouse. Oh the greatness of our God.

Received 12-14-04

Wait and see the glory of the Lord. See His splendor displayed in the heavens. Much will be lost, but much more will be gained. I will transform what I have created. I will make it new and alive, without the stain of sin and transgression. All will know Me from the least to the greatest.

Do not look at what is happening around you as if this is all there is. Rather focus your eyes on Me and what I am doing. Then you will be blessed and encouraged. Listen to the testimonies of My people. Reflect on what I have done in your life and how far I have brought you. My Spirit brings life and health and joy and blessing to those who are open to His leading. Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord.

Received 12-15-04

Jesus is the source of all truth, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, order, light, creativity, meaning, purpose and timing. Jesus is the way, means, source, direction, leader, nurturer, shepherd, healer, motivator, encourager, strength, guide. Jesus is the life, happiness, joy, fulfillment, purpose, meaning, satisfaction, health, zest, contentment, rest, provider, sustainer, companion, friend, challenge, inspiration, blessing, grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, deliverer, protection, peace, comfort. For all of this, and much more, He is to be praised and worshipped.

Received 12-16-04

The Lord is mighty, a strong deliverer. My will is being accomplished in this world I have created. I am bringing the nations and peoples of this world into position for the last days. I am giving those who were oppressed a chance to hear the message of life and hope I bring. Will you be a part in this effort? Will you lay aside your plans to see My will done? What will be your sacrifice so that others can be free?

Received 12-18-04

My God shall meet all of your needs in Christ Jesus our Lord. Do not take My blessings in your life for granted. Do not think it is because of your efforts or goodness. I bless those who are faithful to Me, who seek Me. Be wise and do not waste what I have entrusted unto you. Let My Spirit direct your giving. Let Me show you the needs I want you to meet.

Received 12-19-04

Prepare your heart for what I will do in your life. Cleanse your mind of foolish things. Set your focus on Me and determine to do My will. Let everything within your being fully understand the depth of the love I have for you. This will sustain you when things do not seem to make sense.

Love those in your care as I have loved you and as I am loving you. Do not hold back your love, but give it freely. Express your love in every way you can. Be creative and plain. Be outspoken and subtle. Love can never be wrong (this is true agape love).

Received 12-27-04

Give and it shall be given unto you. Open your hand freely to others in need and you will be blessed as they are blessed. Do not think in your own mind what to give, but allow My Spirit to guide you.

There is a pathway to life and only a few find it. The eyes of the broken can see it, but the proud lose their way. Be of good cheer for the life that I give is one that wells up to eternal life, full of blessings and joy. Your eyes will see Me in My glory.

Wait on the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Yes wait on the Lord. Trust in Me with all of your heart. Do not waiver in unbelief. Hold on to the faith that saves you. Rest securely in My arms of love.

Received 12-28-04

Many a heart will be broken. Many a life will be destroyed. This is the effect of sin. I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. I have come to break the chains on the oppressed, to set free the captives and to give hope to the poor. My words are life and they are true bread. They sustain the weary.

Watch and see My power displayed throughout the world. Better yet, be a part of what I am doing in the world and you will be blessed.

Received 12-29-04

My words will not fail. Let your heart say “yes and amen” to them. Put your faith in Me. Trust Me to do what seems impossible. Trust Me to fulfill My promises. Learn from the many examples in My word. Renew your thinking to respond in faith. Express what My word says to you. Confess My promises. What is displayed in the heavenlies will come about on the earth. That which is unseen will become known to man. I am God and My words shall stand.

Received 12-31-04

Give life and peace to those around you. Be concerned for their wellbeing. Offer help and give if they have needs. Isn’t this what I would do? You are too preoccupied with your own life and activities to notice the people around you. This must change for you will miss out on many blessings if you retreat into yourself. Life is to be lived to the full. And people are what life is all about. Do not be afraid. Step out in faith and I will change you.

Much of life is missed because people are too busy to take notice. Their priorities are all wrong. Be in tune with My Spirit and allow Him to guide you. Respond to His leading and you truly will be blessed. You will be witnesses to My glory displayed in acts of love and kindness. Clothe yourself with compassion and humility. People are hungry for someone to care about them and to take notice of their hurts. Many are hurting. It is a way to lead them to Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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