Received 1-12-03

The pain of today can be erased by the forgiveness and grace of tomorrow. When we realize what a great price Jesus paid to bear the guilt and punishment for our sins, which is our forgiveness, then our forgiveness and release of others, who have hurt us, must follow. If we hold on to our hurt in unforgiveness, then why should we expect forgiveness from God for our sins? When we refuse to fully forgive others, we hinder the healing that God can bring to the hurt. We also hinder God’s working in the one who hurt us. We want the other person to recognize how they have hurt us. In the process of conveying that message we pass on hurt that further strains the relationship. We think that if they know how much they hurt us, then they will admit their fault and ask for forgiveness. Then we will be able to forgive or so we think. When we carry our hurt in unforgiveness, we relive the hurt over and over. It can take time to fully forgive with the heart. The enemy wants to keep us down. When we have thoughts about the incident, we must quickly remember that we have chosen to forgive and to express that again if needed. We pray for God to bless the one who hurt us.

 Received 2-6-03

If you walk in the ways of man you will fail. If you follow My ways you will live. Where is your heart? What is your focus? Repent and turn to Me. The days for a man are short. Make the most of your time here on earth, then your reward in heaven will be great. Do not let your guard down and do not compromise your faith. For people are watching you to see if your faith is real. You should be a blessing to others so that they will be attracted to you.

 Received 2-15-03

Welcome the hurting. Show kindness to the downcast. Treat others as I treat you. Let love be in your heart. May the God of all grace bless you and keep you. May His eyes always be upon you to guide you. May your ears hear His voice.

 Received 2-28-03

This is a day that will define history. There will be a shaking all over the earth. My people will rise up out of their slumber. I will call them by name. Be ready and respond to my call.

My glory has not diminished. In fact it is increasing every minute of every day. I will see My kingdom established. You are a part of My kingdom.

 Received 3-7-03

When will this world end? When will sin be defeated? I will come again and these things will take place. Give of yourselves to Me and also to others.

 Received 3-27-03

Was there ever a time when I left you alone? No, for I promised to be with you to the end of the ages. Will you trust your life to Me? I have come that they may have life. I have come to tell them of the Father. I have come for you. Rejoice and be glad for your name is written in the book of life.

What is man that You should look upon Him? He is the one I created in My image and likeness. He is the one who brought Me to the cross. He is the one who will be with Me for all of eternity. Strengthen your mind in My Word. Let it penetrate your inner most being. Let it flow from your lips as a message of life to others. Be renewed and refreshed every day as you come before Me. Don’t let the time pass without Me. Don’t follow your foolish pursuits and pleasures. What is life if it is not to be in My presence and to know Me? I have called you as My very own, My precious possession. Rejoice and be glad. Rejoice and be glad.

 Received 4-29-03

There is joy in knowing the one true God. I am calling My people to a relationship with Me that is dear. Just as I know your heart, you will know what is in My heart. My Spirit with direct your thoughts to know My thoughts. As you yield and obey My leading, you will walk in My will and purpose for your life. I will reward those, whose hearts are yielded to Me with greater revelation of My glory. Allow Me to remove the things within you that are holding you back. Why hang on to the flesh and its desires?

 Received 5-1-03

I give My people life and health. I wipe away their tears. I lift their burdens and make their paths straight. I prepare My table of blessings for all to partake. I welcome all who come to Me. There is a good heritage for all who love Me and are called by My Name. It cancels all the curses that came before. It reverses the emptiness and destruction that characterized their lives. Now there is only hope and joy and peace. Great is the salvation for all who believe in the Son.

Received 5-13-03

This is a day of rejoicing for the King is coming. The people are unaware. Their hearts are full of despair, weighted down by sin. The righteous Judge is coming to give Life to all who hold to the truth. He will redeem the lost and rescue the hurting. Woe to those who don’t know Him.

There is a place for personal righteousness. Though My people have My righteousness, they must also walk before Me in cleanness and truth. They must yield to the sanctifying work of My Spirit within them. They must recognize the blackness of sin and flee from it. They must not take on the ways of this world.

Oh the depths of My love for My people! I long to be with them. I think of them constantly. I shower them with good things and many blessings. I fashion them into My image and glory as a master workman, well pleased with what he has created. My ears are attentive to their every prayer. I hear the cries of their hearts. I rejoice in the praise they offer up. My heart bursts within Me as they worship their Creator and God. Nothing can separate them from Me. Though they sometimes stray from the path I have for them, I am there to draw them back. I won’t let them go far. 

 Received 5-16-03

Where are My people? Where are those who seek after Me? I will search out after them. I will woo them back to Me with love and kindness. I will reveal the secrets of the universe to them. They will recognize their error and see their sin as I see it. No more will they stray from Me for I will hold on to them as a mother holds on to the hand of her child.

Received 5-21-03

In the night watches my heart was full of praise for my God. My spirit was lifted up and I imagined things glorious and wonderful. When I awoke I was secure in the knowledge of the One who holds me in His hand. Precious in His sight is the one who trusts in His Savior.

 Received 6-14-03

There is joy and comfort in the One who brings life. Will you yield your life to Me? Will you allow My Spirit to transform your heart and mind? Great is the blessing for the one devoted to Me. His path will be level. His thoughts will be clear. He will lie down in peace and his heart will be at rest. He will experience the glory of the One who leads him. He will share in My banquet.

Received 6-17-03

Let My righteousness be your guide. Let My Spirit fill your heart with good thoughts. Give your praise to Me.

 Received 7-17-03

Great is the reward for those who seek Me. Let their joy be boundless. I will give them peace that they have never experienced before. Their confidence will rest in Me and nothing will shake them. Victory will be theirs as they join in the victory I have made.

 Received 8-27-03

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise. For the one who will praise Me, I will open the windows of heaven. I will send forth My Spirit into his life and his joy will have no limit. He will be confident in Me and his soul will be at rest. The Lord, He is God and there is no other. His Name is lifted up above all.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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