Received 1-5-05

Watch for Me to do great things. Many lives will be touched in small ways as I lead them to Myself. Others will see the heavens opened up and great displays of My glory and power. There will be wonderful times of praise and worship on earth and in heaven. People will be dancing with joy. All will not look as good, but those with discernment and eyes of the kingdom will see the truth.

You have known My patience and forbearance. You know that My love covers your sins. Do this for others. Do not withhold your love and kindness. Forgive freely and show mercy. Stop thinking as the world thinks.

Received 1-6-05

The glory of God is truth. Our hearts are open before you. We have no excuse for our actions. Truth is more than just reality. It is knowledge of God’s plan for all eternity. It gives meaning and purpose to what happens. We are commanded to speak the truth in love. This means that our motive should be to show and give love as we speak the truth. If the truth will hurt and destroy, it must be given very carefully or not given at all. In the flesh we want the truth to justify our opinions and ideas so we receive praise from men. We want to seem wise and knowledgeable. What is true here on earth is merely a shadow of the Truth that is found in heaven with God.

Received 1-7-05

Joy is the fountain of life.  Be a witness for that joy. Let Me fill you to overflowing so that others will take notice. Be a participant in the lives of others. People are the staple of life and relationships bring meaning. Strengthen the hands of those who are weak. Lift up the downtrodden and weary. Expose the works of darkness and lead people to the light.

Received 1-14-05

Believe in Me and believe in My words, for in them you will find life. I speak life to all who are willing to listen and obey. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Faith is what pleases Me. I love you and it is My desire that you be with Me forever. I have created a people, a bride to have close fellowship and communion with Me. Do you want that too? This is the work I have for My people – that they believe in Me. Nothing else matters. When you are close to Me I can do wonderful things in your life, things that you cannot imagine or even comprehend. For I work in the realm of the spirit and in the inner man. Your desires become My desires for you.

Received 1-15-05

Yes I am stirring up the world. I am shaking the things that men are holding on to. I am removing the certainty of life. I am displaying My power and love. In one way or another every person will be confronted with the reality of life and death. My love and comfort will be offered to all. The choice of life will be theirs to make. I am stirring up My people to take action and to speak on My behalf. No one will be able to silence My words that are going forth to all those living on this earth.

Received 1-19-05

It grieves My heart to see those who are oppressed by the enemy. They seem to be unable to throw off the chains. They turn again to the sin that snares them in bondage. They think they are free to make their own choices, but they are slaves to the sin that holds them. Who will rescue them? I will. I have not abandoned them. I am working to get them to see their plight, to see the end of the path they are on. I want them to call upon Me from the depths of their heart.

Received 1-20-05

Great is the Lord God Almighty. His power is displayed in the universe He created. His love is shown in the hearts of men. All will bow before the King of Kings. There is no power greater than the power of God. He speaks and it comes to pass.

Received 1-22-05

The Teacher is speaking. He is restating the Truths that never are old and never become old, for they are true forever. The Wisdom of God reigns. Those He foreknew He called. He prepared their hearts. He set before them life. He walked with them along the way directing their steps.

How foolish can man be? He tries to ignore God. He makes up philosophies and ideas to justify his folly. He doesn’t learn from the past. He won’t face the destruction of sin around him. He has no answers. He blames God. Do not be like them. Do not try to argue against their foolishness. Rather show them the love of the Father. Let them see My love for them. Do not allow their words to distract you. Look to the emptiness of their heart and experience My compassion for those who are perishing.

Received 1-23-05

Do not be concerned for the future for I will guide you. There is much to do. Be about My business.

Received 1-26-05

My reward is with Me. The people I have chosen are with Me and I am with them. The price of the cross was high, but the joy of those who believe is greater. It is My desire that those who are Mine will be with Me forever. The Father has made this so. Your life will pass in a moment. Then will come the new day.

Received 1-28-05

Great is Your Name. The heavens declare Your majesty. Be at peace in the midst of storms. Let your mind rest in Me. Meditate on My words. Absorb them into your inner being. Don’t be wise in the foolishness of the world’s thinking. Rather submit yourself in humility to the truth of My words and you will find life.

Received 1-31-05

The way to life is through faith in God. What is seen with the eyes is only a small fraction of reality. God is at work to accomplish His plans. Everything He does comes to pass. Can you believe Me for the things you can’t see? Can you believe Me to honor the words I speak to My people by fulfilling My promises of life and health and even blessings? Yes for I will grant you the faith you need for the situation. Look to Me and wait upon Me with an expectant heart. Don’t continue in unbelief. Confess Me before men. Act on the faith I give you. Allow My voice to direct your steps. Nothing done in the past really counts for today. I am seeking those who are alive in My Spirit. The past is preparation for today. Today is the foundation for tomorrow.

Received 2-2-05

Rest. What does it mean? It is peace and contentment. It is satisfaction and wholeness. It is refreshing and renewing of mind, body and spirit. Those who come to Me find rest. Those who sit in My presence find rest. Those who put aside the cares of this world find rest. The things this world has to offer only increases dissatisfaction and emptiness. How quickly a child can be bored with a new toy. How quickly the pleasure of sin fades. Even what appears to be good can be meaningless and empty without knowing Me, the creator of life.

What does the future hold? What will be the revelation of truth for My people? My Spirit is working. He is speaking to those who will listen. I am not a genie, nor am I a deceiver. I will reveal to My people what they need to know. I will lead My people.

Received 2-4-05

My son, there is much to do.  Do not be idle, but follow Me. You will know My leading. You will see Me at work. Blessed is the man whose god is the Lord. I am with you.

Received 2-7-05

The way of man is hard. There is no joy in it. Joy is a supernatural gift. It comes out of a life walking with Me. It has confidence and security. It rejoices in the good things it sees.

Received 2-9-05

The righteousness of God comes by faith. There is no righteousness in man. Apart from Me you can do nothing. My Spirit is at work to sanctify and cleanse you. He is transforming your mind through My word. All the good that you do find its roots in Me. You are My creation. You were created to do good works as I have laid them out before you. You were created to have fellowship with Me. You were created to love. But you have strayed and now it is hard to see what I had planned from the beginning. All are lost without Me. Life is empty without knowing the One who created life.

Received 2-13-05

The Lord is great and wonderful, full of love and mercy. I will shower down My blessing on My people. It will seem to them that their hearts will burst because of the amount of love that they will feel. This will flow out of them to those around and many will come to Me to find this love. Even the hardest of hearts will be softened by this love.

I am calling you to intercede for those around you and to pray for the things I am revealing to you to come to pass. Just as Daniel knew about the prophecy of Jeremiah, he still prayed earnestly for it to be fulfilled. You will not be alone in this task, but many will be bringing into reality the things revealed by the Spirit through their prayers. There is much sin in your land. People are enslaved by the pleasures of this world. They are full of themselves.

Received 2-14-05

Look before you with eyes of faith. I will guide your steps. Have an expectant heart knowing that I love you and that I have good things planned for you to do.

Received 2-17-05

Mighty are those who trust in Me. They pull down strongholds. They free those who are enslaved by the enemy. They bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted with the words of life I give them. Let My Spirit guide you. I am working and I am calling you to follow Me and do as I am doing.

Received 2-20-05

For the Lord is good and His mercies endure forever. Release your faith to Me. Surrender your doubts and unbelief. Let My Spirit minister words of truth and life.

Most of the world will not recognize what I am doing. Those whose hearts are hardened are unwilling to believe that I exist. They think that this life is all there is. They don’t want to surrender their will. They want the pleasures of this world. They want to decide what they will do and think. You must tell them of My love for them and that I desire to speak to them and have fellowship with them.

Help My people wake up from their slumber. Let them shake off the chains that hold them back. Anything that comes between their relationship with Me will hinder their response of faith and obedience. They don’t obey because they don’t want to hear what I have for them. They still want to control their lives. They have allowed their focus to be dulled and diluted by the desires of this world. They have faith in only what they can see with their eyes and in what they can experience. I will pour out My Spirit on them. What they cannot do I will do. I am calling out those who are seeking Me. I am encouraging My faithful ones who have served Me and My body.

Received 2-22-05

Much of life is waiting. Do not be idle, but pray. Sing songs of joy and praise. Encourage your spirit. Yes even to pray in the Spirit. Meditate on My words. Think about the cross. Let Me love you. You will be refreshed and much will be accomplished in the heavenlies. I am working and you are a part of that work. I will bring into being that which is not. I will restore that which was destroyed and heal that which was injured. The wounds that I carry are for My people. You are in Me and I am in you. Can you see this?

Received 2-25-05

Find rest in Me alone. Give of yourself to others. Pour out your life like water. Do not expect anything in return. I will be your portion and reward.

Received 2-28-05

In all of life there are many choices to make. Some are very important and others are less so. But in every choice there is the element to choose to follow My commands. Will you walk in integrity and honesty? Will you seek your own pleasure over the needs of others? Will you keep yourself pure? Will what you do bring glory to My Name? Examine your hearts and seek My guidance. Have a willing and submissive heart before Me.

Received 3-3-05

Great is the reward for a faithful person. For He trusts in Me. He believes My word. He knows that the desires of this world are empty. He rejoices in the presence of his God. Be at peace for I am with you.  I will lift your burdens.

Received 3-5-05

The Lord is gracious and full of loving kindness. He is faithful to His word and His promises are new every morning. He erases our sins by His blood. He comforts us in our distress. In all things He is our sufficiency. Praise His holy name!

Received 3-11-05

Watch and see the glory of the Lord. What is the glory of the Lord? It is the radiance of His Majesty and beauty. It is the display of His power and might. It is the tenderness of His love in waves of comfort, compassion and peace. My glory will be shown to all. It will bring rejoicing to My people and it will bring fear to those who have rejected My grace. You reflect My glory as you walk in My will.

Received 3-16-05

You have tasted how rich My Word can be. Let My Word dwell with you, changing your thinking and ministering to your spirit. I have a plan for your life and I am seeing that it is fulfilled. Rest in My power to do what you cannot do for yourself. Release any bitterness and resentment and unforgiveness to Me. Let Me help you.

Received 3-22-05

Some things don’t make sense. Some things are mysteries that only God knows. Miracles occur defying the natural laws and the understanding of man. God has created a world of order and yet it is full of endless variety. Some things are simple in composition and still others are very complex. Faith is seeing into the unseen spiritual realm trusting in a God who is only partially known. Faith is responding to a still small voice in the inner man. Faith is asking God to do what we cannot do. Faith is submission to an Authority revealed in the pages of the Bible.

Received 3-23-05

Joyful is the man who is set free from the bondage of sin. He feels fresh and new with purpose and hope for his life. He praises his God. He gives testimony to what God has done for him. He, who is forgiven much, loves much.

Received 3-28-05

The weapons you have against the enemy are mighty in the spiritual realm. Let your faith rise recalling the promises in My Word. Come before Me in praise and you will see the enemy defeated in your life. Do not take this for granted, but be diligent in your prayers. Put a guard over your heart to keep it pure and righteous. Give no place for the enemy to enter. Remember what was accomplished on the cross and rest in that victory. The Lord is your reward.

Received 3-31-05

There is much confusion in the land. People are making decisions without any standards. They are living in the foolishness of man’s delusion of wisdom. A wisdom that comes from their own ideas rather than from Me. Many are choosing to do what feels good to them. They are selfish and blind. They have stopped listening to their conscious.

By contrast look at the example of My Son. He did only what I commanded Him to do. He sought wisdom from Me daily. He relied on the leading of the Spirit. He sought not His own glory, but the One who sent Him. He came not to establish a government of man, but the kingdom of God. He was not moved by the outward appearances, but He saw into the hearts of man. He grieved over their lost condition. He saw that they were like sheep without a Shepard. He overcame the darkness that was over the land and brought the light. He spoke truth over them. He showed them the way to the Father. Take heed to follow My Son lest you fall along the path of life. Allow My Word to penetrate into your heart. Let it bring life to you.

Received 4-12-05

The grace of God is powerful to achieve in His people what they cannot do for themselves. In fact He would rather accomplish His perfect will in us in the working of the Holy Spirit, then for us to strive in our own strength. We must cooperate, but we must also rest in faith in what He will do in us. He wants both to will and do His wonderful purposes in us for His glory and praise. And this is the will of God, that we know His Son and the One who sent Him into the world. If we abide in Him and His words abide in us, we will bear much fruit.

Received 4-13-05

Follow the leading of My Spirit and you will see miracles. Know that I love you and My love for you will not diminish over time. I have rescued you from your sins. I have pulled you out of the mire of destruction and confusion. You can see the truth before you. Your spirit is reborn. I know your heart. I know your weaknesses and strengths. I have a plan for your life that will bring Me glory.

Received 4-14-05

There is much life in the Son. In simple obedience and trust we can experience great joy is seeing God work through us. In small ways and then in challenging situations, He will be faithful to help us accomplish the things He asks us to do. May His name be forever praised.

Received 4-19-05

You will never plumb the depths of My love for you. You will never exhaust My patience nor My forgiveness. My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are My ways your ways. If you walk in My Spirit you will see more of Me. You will see a life well up in you that is not from yourself, but from Me. Submit your will and desires to Me and you will reap a harvest of blessings and peace. Let My joy flow out of you. Yes even to the point of laughter.

Received 4-22-05

There is joy and great reward for those whom I have filled with My Spirit. They can sense the working of the Spirit within them.

Received 4-24-05

May the joy of the Lord be with you. There is a joy that wells up from the man who is secure with God. It contains peace and contentment in his relationship with the Lord Jesus and not from the things of this world. He senses God’s blessing and favor.

Received 4-27-05

Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Unlike man God is totally pure without any trace of sin. Only with the robe of Christ’s righteousness can we enter into God’s presence. He must judge sin, but He has made a way through the sacrifice and obedience of His Son, for our penalty to be paid in full, canceling the charges against us. He is Lord over all. He has dominion, power, authority and rule over all of His creation. He is all knowing, all present, all powerful. Nothing escapes His awareness, nor surprises Him. He has all things planned out to accomplish His good and perfect will. In His grace He has given man free will to choose to obey or disobey His righteous commands. He desires our freely given love. He reaches out to us with His love. He hears the faint cry of the heart broken in sin and despair. He rescues the down trodden and oppressed.

There is no excuse for man. In his foolishness he thinks he can deny God and pretend He doesn’t exist. He follows his destructive path thinking that no one sees. He falls along the pathway to hell. But the gracious and merciful God continues to call to him. The Holy Spirit speaks to his conscious. When he finally comes to his end he cries out and God rescues him. Sadly many refuse in their stubbornness and rebellion to turn to God to receive the gift of salvation He offers. They bring judgment on themselves.

I am calling out. Will you respond? Will you be My voice? Will you be My hands and feet? Will you carry Me to the hurting?

Received 4-29-05

Your heart pleases Me. What will become of the lost? Meditate on their fate and then respond to My call to serve. Know that all who live for Me will really live and be blessed.

Received 5-4-05

Those who seek the things of this world will be disappointed. They will not satisfy. Seek the true treasures that are stored up in heaven, waiting for the saints of God to enjoy them forever. Imagine all that is good and pleasing to God, all that has filled you with joy and peace, all that satisfies the inner man by doing the will of God. These are the lasting treasures.

Received 5-9-05

Gracious is the Lord who overlooks our weaknesses and faults and who loves us unconditionally. Just as He loves us, so must we also love each other.

Received 5-11-05

The Lord is close to all who seek Him. He is as near as their very breath. For all who call upon the Lord shall be saved. No one comes to the Father except the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit draws him. Who can resist His sovereign will? Yet He gives us all the freedom to choose life or death.

I am calling My own into the sheepfold. I am pouring out My love and grace to those who are hurting. They will respond to Me. My love is greater than their hatred and rebellion. Even the most resistant heart can be won over by a simple act of love. Share the love I give you with one another. Let the world see My love.

Received 5-12-05

Much is said about life and dying. Much is said about hope and faith. Much is said about schemes and ideas. But I say: “Come to Me.”

Received 5-14-05

Grace and peace and joy and life – these are words that come from the Father. My desire for you is to know Me and to discover the depth of the love I have for you.

Received 5-20-05

The name of the Lord is great. He is the Mighty One. All must give an account to Him. No one will escape His judgment. Yet the Lord is also merciful and slow to anger, full of compassion and forgiveness. He will come to restore and build up. He will come to heal and deliver the downtrodden and weak. Call upon Him and seek His face. He will lift you up. He is righteous demanding purity of His people.

Received 5-23-05

The Lord is gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. He will not hold your sins against you forever. Reach out to Him and He will forgive and heal. Precious in His sight are the death of these little ones. Nothing escapes His view. All of our deeds are exposed before His eyes. Our thoughts are not hidden from Him. We must give an account to Him.

Comfort O comfort My people says the Lord of Isaac and Jacob. I will lead them out into a broad place, full of peace and provision. No longer will their enemies triumph over them. Even now it is coming to pass. Even now I am laying its foundation. My people shall become a company of joyful ones, rejoicing and singing their praise to Me. And I will rejoice with them on that mountain. They will forget the days of their trouble and hardship.

Received 5-26-05

My little ones will receive from My hand. They will see My face and live. Their hearts will be full of joy. Come to Me and find rest for your soul. Lay down your burdens. Trust Me to fulfill My desires in you.

Received 6-7-05

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! When you call upon Me I will answer. I will be your reward. I will honor those who honor Me. Life is not a mystery for the answer to life’s question is found in knowing Me. I am the source for all truth. Nothing escapes My eyes. You were not made by chance. I am looking forward to the time we will be together. Do not be deceived by this world. Do not be lulled into complacency by the pleasures of life, but be diligent to pursue My purposes for your life. I have blessed you so you can bless others. You will only find true happiness in doing good to others.

Received 6-13-05

You will be blessed if you do these things – repentance, forgiveness, praise and worship, obedience, humility, giving, praying and loving. These are not difficult unless you hold on to your pride. If you die to yourself, you can yield to Me and then you will find true life. The ways of the Lord are right. They are pleasing to the soul.

There is a place of rest for My people, a place of protection and peace. It is found in My presence. It is found in a heart that trusts Me and knows that I love without reservation or limit.

Received 6-18-05

I am calling out to My people. No one is listening. I will move upon their lives until they seek Me. My Spirit will give insight and knowledge. There will come a time when all who are alive will see Me. They will not be able to hide behind their false opinions and philosophies. Their riches will not protect them. Their armies and weapons will be to no effect. All of man’s sins will be laid bare and judged. No one can stand before the Righteous Judge of all the earth. Even those who say they know Me will be surprised as they are confronted with the rebellion in their hearts as they pursue their own comfort and plans. Their works will be burned away. They will be humbled before Me. Yet I will have mercy on My people. I will spare them and lead them into the path of righteousness.

He who seeks position and power beware! You will be brought low and no one will rescue you. Seek to do My will. Yield your heart and make it submissive unto Me. Decide to choose the life I give. Decide to follow in My footsteps. Humility comes before honor and the honor comes from My hand. You will be rewarded from within your spirit. My presence will go with you. No one needs to know what you are doing for Me. Yet you will leave a trail of good deeds and blessings that others will be attracted to. The world is searching for truth and life. But the enemy has deceived them to believe his lies. Those I have called will find Me. Many will fall into destruction and death. Rescue as many as you can. Look around you and see what I see.

Received 6-21-05

Come to Me and I will fill your heart. All things have their life in Me. Nothing that will last is apart from Me. No amount of human effort will change that reality. Will you be content to follow and do little things for Me? Will you allow Me to stretch your faith as I ask big things that only can be done in Me? Love the unlovely. Pray for the weak. Allow your heart to be touched by suffering and pain. Do not hide from those who really need Me. I am not finished with your life. You can bear much fruit.

Men of God, rise up. Repent and turn from your ways of evil. You who are called of God, rise up and live righteously before the Holy God, the Creator of the universe, the Lord of Life.

Received 7-2-05

Walk before Me in righteousness and holiness. Keep your mind pure and undefiled by the world. Take captive the evil thoughts that come to you. Destroy the works of the evil one. Set yourself apart from the world. Run to Me and be with Me. Allow My Spirit to soak you with wisdom and knowledge. Yield to His work in your heart as He fills you with My love and grace.

Received 7-7-05

Grace to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns forever on the throne of God. Nothing escapes Him. He sees all that happens. He knows our thoughts and desires. He guides our steps. His ways are so far above our ways. We can only stand in awe of His majesty and glory. Great is our God and greatly to be praised. Amen and amen.

Received 7-9-05

Who is the King of Glory? He is the Lord strong in battle, the One who is able to save and deliver His people. He is mighty God, Prince of Peace and Lord of all. There is no other like Him. His beauty radiates through the heavens. His love covers all. He manifests His glory in His presence on the earth through His people. He is worthy of praise and adoration. He is great and full of compassion and forgiveness. He brings healing in His wings.

Let your praises rise to Me and I will bless you. I love to be where My people praise Me. I will lift you up over your enemies and situations as you come before Me with humbleness of heart to bask in My glory. Never fear the things around you, for they are temporary and unimportant. What I am doing in you will honor Me. Give as your heart leads. You will never lack. I will reward your faith. Bless those around you and give what I have given you to others.

Received 7-14-05

Bless the Lord O my soul and let the whole earth know of my Savior’s glory. He is wonderful and mighty. His love endures forever and His mercies never end. He loves as a tender father: correcting, instructing, challenging, preparing, comforting, protecting, rescuing and providing. Give Him the glory due His Name.

Received 7-18-05

Blessed is the man who calls on God. I am doing a mighty thing on the earth. Every eye will see My glory displayed. Fear and faith will be contrasted. Darkness and light will struggle, but Light will overcome the darkness. My grace will break down the walls that divide. My people will receive healing and their spirits will be quickened to life. Their will be displays of My majesty. The created will see the Creator.

Received 7-20-05

Those with discernment will see and know the signs of the times. Those who love My Name will be quickened in their spirits to sense the move of My Spirit on the earth. Just as I have made your fingers sensitive to the touch of a hair, so are your spirits sensitive to My Spirit. Even those who don’t realize the working of My Spirit will come alive and be overwhelmed on that day. There will be much rejoicing in the midst of trials. Those who can die to themselves and fall into My arms will be at peace in the storm. The world will be collapsing around them, but they will look to the One who died for them. They will give glory to the Lamb. The time is short, be about My work. Seek My face. Look around you – the fields are ripe for harvest. And there will be a great harvest.

Received 7-29-05

Great is the One who gives Life. My Name will be honored above all names. Those who hate Me will be brought low. All will bow before Me from the least to the greatest.

Received 8-1-05

The stars will not fail to give their light until I return. Many say I am slow in coming, but I am waiting for the time when many will rejoice at My coming. Your hearts will be filled with joy on that day, even as My disciples were glad to see Me after the resurrection. Greater joy will be yours as I will be with you forever. Set your minds on this and live accordingly.

Received 8-3-05

A cry is going out. Repent and believe. Turn from your unbelief and be saved. The kingdom of God is at hand. Many hearts will be cold and they will not respond. They will love themselves and the things of this world more than Me. Yet there are others, whom I have chosen, who will receive Me gladly. Even now it is happening. Even now My word is going out. Rejoice with Me.

Received 8-17-05

As loving as I am to My people, I can bring great fear to those who resist Me. They are aware of their sin and they know they face judgment in My presence. They will look upon the one whom they have pierced. They will mourn over their sin and unbelief. I will have mercy on them and spare them. I will give them new hearts. I love you and I want you to love others. You will be blessed as you seek Me always. Rejoice and be glad for I am coming.

Received 8-23-05

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who reigns over all the earth. He controls the air we breathe and gives us life. May He forever be exalted and praised. Even now I am working to accomplish My desire in the lives of My people. I am making a Bride for My Son. He has made a way for you to be with Me. Now He will be glorified in you as you are changed into His image and nature. Submit your hearts to the One who made you. Seek Me daily and I will come to you. Come to the One who knows you and cares for you as a loving parent. Yes I am your parent as I have caused you to be born anew with My Spirit. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 8-30-05

How great is our God! Mercy and grace, righteousness and holiness, love and forgiveness, strength and power, healing and deliverance, knowledge and truth, gentleness and meekness, justice and compassion, joy and peace, awe and respect, honor and glory, praise and worship, these are but a shadow of the aspects of God’s character. He knows our inner most thoughts and desires and He caresses us with His love and kindness. He gives us grace when we deserve judgment. He provides a way for us when we are lost in the mire of sin and destruction. He holds us up when our strength is weak. He listens to our cries and ignores our grumbling. Everything that is good comes from His hand.   How great is our God!

Received 9-6-05

Suffering is not from Me. Suffering comes from sin and the effects of sin in the world. I will use suffering to draw people to Me as their hearts are more open to Me. They are faced with issues they cannot deal with on their own. I will comfort and heal the downtrodden and hurting. I will bless the ones who call upon Me. Left to himself man is totally depraved without anything good within him. Without restraint, man will do anything his heart desires, even if it hurts others and ultimately hurts himself. Man’s folly leads to further folly and deception. Only the Spirit of God can reach the depraved heart to bring it to repentance. Man cannot resist a just God.

Received 9-9-05

Praise the Lord for His mighty power and authority. He rules over the universe He created. He reigns in glory and majesty. Nothing can compare to Him. I am transforming My people. They will not be satisfied with themselves unless I am manifested within them. They will call out to Me and I will listen. They will seek My face and Presence. They will mourn over their sin and I will comfort them and give them a new heart. My Spirit will brood over the darkness and bring light. I will expose and bring low those whose hearts are full of rebellion. My words will bring power and promise. My people will rise up and give Me praise. There will be shaking in the heavens and My glory will be displayed for all to see. The humble will see and rejoice. The meek will see their Deliverer and King. The righteous will see their Righteous One. The peacemakers will see the Prince of Peace. My people will rise above their enemies. The critic will be silenced. The mocker will be shamed. My glory will overcome the cloud of unbelief. Shine in the darkness. Let the light in you come forth. Be joyful and unafraid. Boast in Me. Exalt Me in all things. I will be glorified in My people. Give grace to others. Extend love and hope. Encourage and praise others. Lift up others and not yourselves. Bless and do not curse. Guard over your mouth. Let your words be seasoned with grace. If you will lift Me up, I will draw all men to Myself.

My grace is sufficient for you. My power is all that you need. My love will sustain you. See I have given you all that you need to walk before Me.

Received 9-12-05

Joyful is the man who puts his trust in Me. His cares are My cares and he rests in My peace and protection. He believes My Word over the circumstances around him. Great is His Holy Name.

Received 9-19-05

Grace and truth. Grace to cover over our sins and truth to show us the way to please the Father. Without God man is helpless, but with God nothing is impossible. O the wisdom of God. How rich and endless is its extent. Eternity will not be enough time to explore the knowledge of God. Praise and honor to His Name.

Received 9-22-05

My Name will be glorified in the earth. My people will carry Me to the ends of the earth. I will reveal Myself to those who are seeking after the truth. I will not hold back. I have to veil My righteousness when I visit My people. Guard over your heart to keep it pure. What you cannot do, I will do in you. Give up and rest in My will.

Received 9-26-05

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Great is the One who brings Life to his people. As I said I am shaking the things that men put their hope in. They will call out to Me in their despair. Yet some will not and they will be deceived in the bitterness and anger of the enemy.

Received 10-4-05

May the God of all comfort, comfort you in your suffering. I will take care of you. I will not leave you nor forsake you. When you call out to Me, I will be there. I will give rest for the weary soul. If you are anxious, it is because you have taken your eyes away from Me. My supply of oil will never run dry.

Received 10-8-05

Praise the Lord O my soul and not forget His kindness to me. Rejoice and be glad in the King who reigns with justice and mercy. Bless His holy Name. Surrender your hearts to Me. Give Me the desires of your heart and I will give My desires to you.

Received 10-10-05

Rejoice in the Lord and sing with me. Rejoice in the Lord and sing with me.

And we will bless His Name. And we will bless His Name.

Many put their trust in men, but we will trust in the Name of the Lord. He is our shield and fortress. He will rescue us from our enemies. He will give us long days. The ways of man are before the Lord. He sees their folly. He also sees those who love Him and who rejoice in His love.

Received 10-19-05

Rejoice and be glad in the Lord your God. He is our rock and fortress. I will rescue you and lift you up when you fall down. Put your trust in Me and you will not be disappointed.

Received 10-25-05

Your cup of joy will not run dry. All that is pleasing and good comes from My hand. Those who call on My Name are blessed. The simplest experience can be a portal to a season of rejoicing and praise. Keep your spiritual eyes opened and focused on Me. Your heart will be ready to burst and your spirit will soar to the heavenlies. This is the promise for those who believe, who trust not in themselves, but in the One who has redeemed them from the hand of death.

Received 11-2-05

Joyful is the man who has made God his focus. His heart will rejoice in the work of God. Yes and I will bless him from My treasures of blessings. I will reveal Myself to him. I will show him My ways. My desire is that all would know Me. I will make a way for You. What I have you to do, I will do in you.

Received 11-04-05

I will be exalted on the earth. Every eye will see Me come in glory and power. Many will tremble in fear. I am the Creator of all things. I will not share My glory with another. I am the Lord of all. Those who yield to Me will be blessed.

Received 11-8-05

The Lord is kind and merciful. He loves without limit. This is the heritage of the saints who follow after God. What I have given, you must pass on to others. My gifts are not just for you, but that they may be shared with others in need. Rejoice and be glad for it My pleasure to see those whom I love follow after Me. I will guide them and nurture them in My ways. Their feet will not stumble. Their hearts will not fear. For I go to make the way before them.

Received 11-16-05

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He is more precious than jewels. He is more powerful than all the power of the universe, for He spoke the universe into existence. He is loving and good. He is righteous and holy and He does not change. I will be with those who love Me. I will bless them and show them favor. They will become like Us for My Spirit will rest on them. I will give them a new heart to respond to Me.

Received 11-28-05

The Day of the Lord is near. Are you ready? Are you prepared? How can you prepare for something that is so powerful and vast? No one will stand in that day. I will deliver My people. They will suffer no more. They will be with Me forever. I will stand before them in power and glory. They will bow and worship Me.

Received 11-30-05

I will be gracious to those whom I love. My love will not diminish, nor will My compassion cease for the hurting. But there is a limit to My patience as the stench of sin rises. Justice will be meted out. The unrighteous will fall by their own devices.

Received 12-4-05

Do not trust in your own ability alone. You will fail to accomplish My purposes for your life. Allow Me to arrange and direct your life. My plans are only for your good and they are pleasing to the spirit. Let your mind be renewed by My word. Let your heart be changed as you come into My presence.

Received 12-7-05

Gracious is our God. He looks not at our failings. He sees what is good. He gives us a new start after we fall down. He shows us the way to life. Many are the ways He loves us. He can’t stop loving us for that is His nature. Yes and My love will transform your heart. I will take away your stony hard heart. I will help you love Me and those I send to you.

Receive 12-9-05

Love is My being and power. When I love you, you are changed. When you love, others are changed. Love is denying yourself so that others are blessed. Love is easily seen. Love breaks down barriers between people. Give My love away. Let Me love those around you through your acts of love. A simple word or a small gesture can speak comfort to a hurting heart. I have created man to need love.

Received 12-12-05

Praise the Name of the Lord forever and ever. He alone is deserving of adoration. No man can stand before Him with his own righteousness. He is all loving and gentle to the humble and weak. He lifts up the downtrodden and oppressed. He rescues those who are enslaved by sin.

Even the little ones are loved by My Father. He sees all of their hurts. He knows their pain. He will not stand by and let them be destroyed by the enemy. Even now I am working. Even now I am accomplishing My plans for good. The world cannot now see, but there is coming a day when they will see. I am gentle. I won’t force Myself on anyone, but I will love them until they respond.

Received 12-16-05

Great is My Father. You have seen only Me, but I have been with My Father and He is greater than I. He has honored Me above man. We are One. We love those who do what is right. We see what is good. We lead those who love Us in righteousness. Put to death the old sinful man, and live before Me in My righteousness and purity. Guard your heart and mind. Be zealous for My commands. Be directed by My Spirit. Be still in My presence and humble yourself before Me.


I had a dream. I was in a small room or cave in which a few people were strongly worshipping God. The anointing was strong and everyone was focused in worship. There was no song leader or band. It was free flowing individual worship. Later it seemed that the meaning of this was that there would be small centers (pockets) of worship in cities all over the world, perhaps even just in homes. This would usher in the return of Christ.

Received 12-27-05

There is great joy in heaven as the King is rising to preeminence and power. He has not changed, but His image to man is being made clear. No more will there be sorrow among His people. He will bring judgment on those who refuse Him. He will turn their works into dust. They will have nothing to boast in. Their sins will be laid bare for all to see. Repent and believe. Repent and believe. The world is mocking Me, but they will soon see their downfall. They will cry out to Me, but it will be too late.

Received 12-31-05

I am calling out to My people. I want them to know the love I have for them. They may not see Me at work in their lives nor sense My presence, but I am always with them and I am accomplishing My purposes for their lives to bless them. I want them to be with Me and I want them to be like Me – free of sin and pain. Will you tell them?

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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