Received 1-4-07

The wages of sin is death. Everything you do affects your spiritual health and the health of your body. You can sow life or death. For the one who follows after Me, My blood cleanses him from unrighteousness. My grace and love covers his sin. How much better it would be for him to sow righteousness into his life? My Spirit can flourish in the one who lives to please Me. My words have power and My promises will come to pass for those who seek after Me. Even as a parent gives gifts to his children to bless them, so too will I shower My many gifts upon My children. Do not let My blessings in your life to be a reason for you to boast in yourself, but boast in My grace.

Received 1-8-07

Today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow brings judgment and sorrow for those who refuse Me. Now is the time to repent and believe. Seek Me while I may be found and I will be found if you seek Me earnestly. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. The way of the Lord is mighty. He controls all of His creation. Nothing escapes His notice. Praise His holy Name.

Received 1-10-07

Those who seek Me will find Me. According to the measure of your heart I will be found by you.

Received 1-19-07

Everything about our God is wonderful! His glory has no competitor, they are but distant flickers. His power and might is never challenged, yet He restrains Himself from destroying His creation because of mercy and love. He remembers His covenants and promises. He is faithful to His Word. No darkness can stand before Him. He makes a way for His people to come into His throne room, with the precious blood of His Son making a robe of righteousness. He seeks after and desires a relationship with the ones He has made. He pursues them with His love and kindness until they cry out to Him. Who can fathom the depth of His knowledge and wisdom? He is never surprised, for He sees all things and knows the end from the beginning. He cares about the ones He loves, He bears their burdens. He thinks of them often and guides through the maze of life. His Spirit makes His home among His people, making the presence of the Father known.  The Lamb of God is the eternal reminder of the Father’s great love for His creation. Our lives are but a mere grain of sand in the ocean of eternity, yet He knew us before the beginning and had a plan for each day we would take a breath. Though we are many, He treats us as if we were alone with Him.

Received 1-23-07

Blessed be the Lord forevermore. I will come to My people and speak to them. I will direct their steps. I will keep them from the evil one. I will give them a heart to praise Me. I will answer their prayers. You are My inheritance from the Father. You are a precious jewel to Me. Give yourself freely to Me. Know that I love you.

Received 1-31-07

O the riches of His grace. We are weak, but He is strong. He overlooks are failings. He loves us when we are unlovable. I know your life from beginning to end. I see the choices you will make. You do not get extra credit when you do good things. Rather I will give more things to do, to do good to others, to bless them and to reveal Myself to them. Your life is not about yourself. It is about your relationship to Me and to others.

Received 2-4-07

Do not be afraid any longer. What can man do? I will go before you and be your rear guard. Most are unaware of what I am doing in the earth. All they see is what the enemy is telling them. They are willing to believe the lies and deception. But you are to have discernment and wisdom, based on My Word and the revelation and guidance of My Spirit. You are to live by faith, trusting Me to do what is needed in your life and in the lives of others. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Let others know the truth, the reality that is in My Kingdom, for it will soon be the reality in the earth when I return.

Received 2-11-07

On the day I formed you I planned out your days. I intimately know your thoughts and feelings. I am not a stranger to you, but sometimes you are not aware of Me. Do not be concerned about your heart, for I will sustain you and keep you to do My will and pleasure. Let yourself die to the things of this world. Rather seek Me more and more. Love those near to you and do not withhold your love.

Received 2-16-07

The Lord is God. I have come to give you life, life in Me. You were made to live with Me. Apart from Me you can do nothing. In Me you can accomplish much, to the glory of the Father.

Received 2-25-07

Great is the Lord. He is high and lifted up above all. There is no one to compare Him to as He is preeminent in every way. May He reign forever and ever. I will not share My glory with another. Be careful to not take what is Mine as your own. I have given you much so that you can give Me what belongs to Me, namely your life and lips full of praise. Remember to love as I have loved you. Freely you have received, freely you must give. Make your life count as one of My disciples.

Received 3-1-07

Empty yourself to Me. Put aside your plans and dreams. Let My Spirit renew your mind. Jesus Christ is my Lord. Make this your profession. Submit your will unto Me. You will experience more of Me as you do this.

Received 3-3-07

Great is the Lord Almighty. The Name of the Lord Jesus is to be praised forevermore. When I come in glory there will be rejoicing in the heaven and on the earth. My Kingdom will be made known. I will rule with a strong hand. I will rule with justice and mercy. The lowly will be lifted up and the haughty brought low. My people will shine as they reflect My glory.

Received 3-5-07

The day is near. Rejoice with Me. Shout it from the house tops. Give Me praise and let your lips speak of Me. I will transform you into My image and likeness. I will give you My heart. You will bless others as I work in your life. Set your mind on Me. No one needs to tarry any longer for My response will be quick. Seek Me often. Listen for My voice. Think of My greatness.  I have much more to say to you. Give Me your ears and mind and I will fill you with wisdom and understanding. Do not trust in your own wisdom, but seek Me. I know the end from the beginning. Many will not recognize the King when He comes in glory with His angels for they did not seek Him. Rather they pursued every worthless deed among men fulfilling the lusts of their bodies. The thinkers are full of futility and darkness. They have minds dulled by unbelief. How much greater is the wisdom I bring to the humble of heart who seek to do My will and pleasure.

Received 3-9-07

What brings Me pleasure you ask? It is to see those who believe in Me walking in the knowledge I have given them, living out the faith they have and even at times believing more than I have revealed to them. I will reward such as these. Yes I can play back in My mind what you have done in faith and it pleases Me. I can see how you praised Me when I touched your life.

Received 3-13-07

Great is the Name of the Lord. He rules over the universe He created. I AM that I AM. Forever, eternal, all knowing, almighty, all present, full of wisdom, loving, merciful, patient, all caring – these are some of His attributes. Who are we, but the ones He created and who He died for to save us from destruction and pain. May He forever be glorified and lifted up in majesty and splendor!

Received 3-19-07

Do not be afraid. Trust Me to lead you into My path of righteousness. Let Me strip away the layers of this world from your life. Nothing but Me will satisfy you, even the work of your hands. You will glorify Me even more as My life is manifested in you. Are you willing for Me to do this in you?

Received 3-27-07

Will you walk with Me? Will you come into the areas of life that I lead you? Will you let Me teach you and guide you? I have so much for you, but first your heart needs to learn from Me. I will use the situations and experiences of your life to expose the darkness and unbelief still within you. I will cover you with My righteousness and draw you to Myself. I will grant you favor. You will seek Me and find Me.

Received 4-9-07

God loves you and He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for you.

You too will say: “The days of my life have been few and I have been a sojourner here on earth, and God has been with me.” This is the heritage of the man of God. His life will be blessed and others will be blessed through him.

Received 4-13-07

Great is the Lord in every way for all time. Even though our world has been corrupted by sin, His creation still speaks and gives testimony to the God who made it. The vastness of space and balance and order in the universe can only happen by the hand of God. Likewise the variety of life with its intricacies and complexity show His handiwork. He brings forth life. He seeks people who will believe in Him who will give Him praise. Bless the Lord O my soul!

Will you come to Me? Will you enter into a relationship with Me so that we can know each other? Yes I know everything about you, but you can bless Me in your life as you seek to do My will.

Received 4-18-07

May you realize what I am doing in your life. Every day I am working to prepare you, to mold you into My image. Thank you Lord for what You are doing and have done. I know it all is very good. I need You and love You. I submit my will to You to give You free reign over me. May my thoughts and actions please You.

Received 5-6-07

All is not lost. Do not despair over the events happening in the world or in your life, for I am at work doing what will bring glory and praise to My Son. Remember that the enemy is defeated and was defeated long ago. Evil men will do terrible things, but good will triumph as My love and grace is multiplied many times. Pray and pray some more. Intercede for the lost around you. Speak My words of life to them. Then My Spirit will use them to bring new life in Me. The righteous will see long life and much fruit as they allow My Spirit to work in their life. Submit your will and choices to Me.

Received 5-9-07

Blessed be the Lord and those He finds favor with. He has shown you how to live. He gives life. I will draw you to Myself. You are Mine. Call upon Me and I will be with you.

Received 5-14-07

What is a gift? It is something given freely to another out of love and kindness. The person receives it with gratitude. The worth of the gift will greatly determine the thankfulness of the person who receives the gift. There is a sense of obligation and the person may feel the need to reciprocate and also give a gift. What have I given to you? All that you have and all that is in your future with Me. What can you give Me in return? Give Me your very life, your will and desires. Surrender to Me and let Me give even more into what you can achieve and do.

Received 5-17-07

Today if you harden your heart you will not receive a blessing from Me. Always try to believe the words you hear. Let your faith rise up. I love you and I will always love you. Do not be discouraged when difficulties arise. Rather look to Me and find rest in your spirit in Me.

Received 5-20-07

Where will I find faith in this world? Who is seeking after Me? Who desires to do My will at any cost? Who is moved by the lost, by their suffering and sin? Can you believe Me to use you to affect those around you? Will you set aside your plans and desires?

Received 5-26-07

My grace is sufficient for you. It will never run dry. I have come to bring life and to restore life. This life is in Me, empowered by My Spirit and washed in My Word. Call upon Me and I am there. See before you the pathway to life. Walk in it daily doing My will and pleasure.

Received 5-29-07

When I come you will be with Me in My glory and likeness. Many will know on that day that I am God. My power will be displayed.

Received 6-5-07

In the quiet of the day I will speak. In the rush and busyness of the day I will speak. When you call upon Me I will speak. I will be found by those who seek after Me. I will comfort those who are hurting. I will protect the weak. I care about the ones I have created, the ones I have called to be with Me.

Received 6-8-07

There is truth in My words for those with ears to hear. I have revealed Myself to many and many believe. You believe because of My intervention in your life. I made you seek after Me. I will draw many to the truth. Still many more will die in their unbelief, because they were not willing to come to the truth. They pretended not to hear and not to see. Great is the Lord and worthy of praise and honor forever more.

Received 6-14-07

All things are possible for him who believes. When I return to the earth, will I find people of faith? Yes, and I will draw them to Me. I am bringing My kingdom to reign on the earth. All will know Me from the least to the greatest. You will reign with Me. Nurture those in your care. Give away your life to others and you will receive from Me more than you can imagine. The way of life is found in Me for I am life. You were made new when I came into you and even now you are more like Me each day as My Spirit does His work.

Received 6-17-07

The days of my life are passing by. Each day brings me closer to the One I love. He speaks to my heart through His Word, through His voice and through the people and events around me. As long as I continue to seek after Him, His Spirit instructs me and leads me in the path to life and truth. There are days when He seems very close and there are days when I am ignoring Him. But He never stops working in my life to do His will and pleasure. I look forward to the day when I will be with Him forever. My body is slowly wasting away, but my spirit is growing closer to my Creator. Nothing can separate me from His love. His grace and mercy cover me. What I cannot do, He does in me. May He be forever praised.

Received 6-22-07

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous seek His protection and He goes before them in victory. Who can compare with the power of Almighty God? Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.

Received 6-25-07

My blood covers you. I wanted to have a relationship with you because I loved you, but I needed to cover your sins with My righteous blood. Now you may come into My presence and have fellowship with Me. Do not take this gift lightly. Do not presume to be anything apart from Me. Humble yourself and submit your will to Me. Let Me do My will and pleasure in you.

Received 6-29-07

I am in control of human events and nations. I will accomplish My purpose and will. There is none who can deter Me. Do not think I am slow, but I am waiting for all to come into My fold. My love compels Me to wait. Keep your heart pure before Me. Seek Me as if your very breath depended on it. You are My joy, My delight.

Received 7-6-07

There is nothing common about God. He is unique. He has established holiness and righteousness and justice. He doesn’t change. He is very detail oriented as witnessed in the complexity of creation. He is very specific in His commands. The vastness of the universe and the variety of plant and animal life speak of the greatness of His wisdom and knowledge. He is order. He is life. He made man in His image and likeness. He gave man a free will to choose to love and obey Him. Though He desires a relationship with every man, He allows us to sin and turn away from Him in rebellion. He pursues us with a passion, yet with restraint so as to not violate our free will. His love is irresistible.

Received 7-14-07

The body of Christ is hurting. It’s lost its way. It has allowed the world to influence its thinking and attitudes. You have gone astray from your first love. You have followed after gods of money and things, which have no life. They are empty and deceitful. Come back to the Source of Life, come back to Me. You must not let money be a snare or I will have to take it away. What is your joy? Where do you find My presence and anointing? When have you humbled yourself in repentance and sorrow over your waywardness? It is not too late. I am calling you back. I am here, but your senses are dulled. Do not be deceived by the enemy. Do not follow his trap. It is death. I have asked you to give life to others, but you are missing the opportunities all around you. I can free you. I can give you words to speak. I am holy, but you have thought of Me as common, as one like man. You have a choice to make. Choose Life.

Received 7-18-07

Let us come together and have sweet fellowship as before. Let Me hold you. Let Me take your cares. See what I am doing? Do also to others. Discover the path of Life I have for you each day. Believe that every day will bring new opportunities for you to walk in the path of Life and to give this Life away to others. Let My joy fill your heart to overflowing.

Received 7-26-07

May the Name of the Lord be praised forever. He is mighty. He is holy. No one can compare to His majesty and power. Will you stray from your first love? Why do the things of this world attract you? You are of the flesh and I Am Spirit. You need to renew your thinking. Your focus must be on the heavenly things, on what is spiritual. These are what will last. These are what bring life and health.

Received 7-30-07

What great love has the Father for His children that He would forgive their sin and rebellion, for while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Life is much more than things our hands have made, but the eternal love and grace of the Father, and the family He has entrusted unto us. He continually calls us back to Himself. His love draws us.

Received 8-7-07

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Give thanks in all things. The joy of the Lord will be your strength. My grace is sufficient for you, for My grace is made perfect in your weakness. Submit yourself unto God, resist the devil and he shall flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Humble yourself before God and He will lift you up. The prayers of a righteous man shall avail much. Great is the Lord. Holy is the Lord. Mighty is the Lord. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me praise His Holy Name.

Received 8-11-07

How wonderful it is to know You are thinking of me. The pathway to life is in You. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the Holy Spirit Who fills us with the knowledge of Him Who loves us.

Received 8-16-07

The day of the Lord is at hand. Rejoice and be glad. Let your sorrow be turned into dancing. Give of yourself to others.

Received 8-22-07

Blessed is the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. His patience is beyond understanding; His love overcomes our many faults and acts of rebellion. Prepare your heart to submit to Him. Meditate upon His word and set your mind to follow His commands. Believe what He has said about Himself and what He has said about you. Blessed is the One who loves us and gave Himself for us.

Received 8-31-07

May the Name of the Lord be praised. If you listen to My voice, you will be blessed. Fools proceed hastily, but those who seek Me do what is right. I have blessed your life, so that you can bless others. Do not hold on to what you have as if it were your own, but be as the steward in charge of his master’s goods. He guards them and does with them as his master desires. He doesn’t use them for his own pleasure or need. He seeks to please his master in all that he does. If he is faithful, he will be given more to care for.

Received 9-10-07

I had a dream of a time of oppression. I was prompted to be very bold and open in public. There were cries for repentance and turning back to the Lord. As a result many followed my example and turned to the Lord. I also was opposed by the enemy and had to declare that Jesus Christ was Lord and that His blood covered me.

They that sow to the Spirit will reap a harvest of blessings from the Lord, some seen, but also unseen. We know when things are going right and we sense His pleasure, but there are many times He is working on our behalf that we are unaware, even when things don’t seem to going well for us. He is the keeper of our soul. He is our shield and defender. He is the author of our faith. Great is His Name.

Received 9-20-07

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise is He. Out of My heart comes life to My people. Will you give the life I have given you to others? Will you speak of the hope that is in you? Many are watching you, but you have not told them about what I have done for you.

I will send them to you and you must speak My words of life to them. My Spirit will overshadow you and the words of life will be given you. Rest in My grace.

Received 9-24-07

The Lord is mighty. Obey the King and submit to His will. I am giving you life. I am revealing myself to you every day. Just as you learn more about your close friends over time, you learn more about Me and about yourself as I work in your life. You are receiving special grace to relate to inmates and to show them My love. You can see their faults and struggles. You can show compassion and yet be firm in love. They are like undisciplined children, not wanting to do what their parents want them to do. They have been hurt by others, and the hurt has affected them deeply. Pain and disappointment is all that they know. But you must show them My love and help them begin a new life in Me. I will be their healer.

Received 10-7-07

The heavens declare the glory of God. I am calling out to those I love: Come to Me. What more could I do? I have made a way for all to come to Me. The enemy is skillful, but I am greater. My love will overcome the hearts of man. I speak and it comes to pass.

Guard your heart as if your life depended on it. Keep yourself unstained by the world. You can be very serious about life, but still be overwhelmed with My joy and love. Pray and pray some more. Rescue those who are perishing. If only you could see what happens when My people pray in faith. Chains are broken, blinds are removed, spirits are stirred, hope is kindled, people are touched by My love and mercy.

Received 10-14-07

Repent of worldliness. Why pursue the things that will fail, that have no fruit. Balance – seek My face in all that you do. Pray and ask for guidance. Don’t rely on your own strength and abilities. Independence equals lawlessness and rebellion. Dependence on Me equals freedom, wisdom and joy. When you are harried and stressed, pause and seek Me. Praise Me for what I have done for you. There is always time for Me. Open your mouth and I will fill it with words of life and love. Tithe your time, your waking hours to be in My presence, to be refreshed, to learn from your Maker.

Received 10-18-07

Can you see the lost souls around you? Do you see the many who refuse to come into the light, who have been blinded by the enemy? Rescue them with your prayers. Pull back the chains of the enemy with the authority I have given you. My eyes cannot look upon their sin, but through your prayers My heart is stirred. Through humility and compassion My people will intercede for the lost. You once were lost like them. Then your eyes were opened. My Spirit touched your life and made you alive in Me.

Received 10-20-07

I will open doors before you. Make it important to be sensitive to My Spirit when you are with people. Listen and do what He directs. Through big things and small you will see Me using you to help others. Is this what you want? Then be attentive. Make a point to talk to other men, even strangers. Offer to pray with them. Either they will tell you their needs or you will have to in faith depend on what My Spirit will show you to pray for. Do not be afraid. I will go before you to direct your steps.

Received 10-25-07

Do not be hard on yourself, for man will always have flaws and weaknesses. You know to come to Me to seek Me. Your strength comes from Me and is in Me. Do not seek the praise of man for it is deceitful, stirring up envy and jealousy. For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, that God has prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Received 10-28-07

I am pouring out My Spirit on all flesh and you will see and experience an awakening in your own life as you seek Me and call upon Me. Determine to live by My Spirit and not by the flesh. Have faith in Me to grant you wisdom and insight for every situation you encounter. Pray and pray again for the lost around you. Lift up the hands which are weak and fallen down. Express My love through your concern for others.

Received 11-2-07

There is not another time like this and I have placed you here to witness My glory. Men of old only could see fragments through the eyes of their faith of what will take place in these last days. Be faithful and diligent in what I have called you to do. My Spirit will direct your steps. My victory has been won long ago. Now the final act will be played out and My people will celebrate and rejoice as never before. There is nothing like a victory celebration, but this one is bittersweet as many will not share in the joy. Sadly, many will refuse to submit to My Lordship and they will get their reward. Do not be puffed up with pride as if you have done anything. Rejoice only in Me. The more you are in Me, the more complete will be our joy. Yes it is our joy!

Received 11-8-07

May your heart follow after Me and not be led astray by the world. I have stripped you of many desires. Nothing will satisfy you, except what you do in Me. Every day you will see Me at work. Rejoice and be full of My Spirit.

Received 11-14-07

Blessed is the man who walks with his God. From day to day there is life flowing from My Spirit. Let My life be in you.

Received 11-20-07

I have come that they may have life. All that I am is for you who believe. I have made a way for you, a way that leads to the truth, a way that leads to the Father. Open wide your heart and I will fill it. My grace is sufficient for you. My promises are true and reliable. All who put their trust in Me will never be shaken. I will sustain them in every trial.

Received 11-21-07

How can I show My love for you? What do I have to do to get your attention? How precious it is when a man seeks Me, when He cries out to Me. Yes, how quickly will I meet with that man.

Received 11-27-07

My grace is sufficient for your needs. I am your supply. I am your well of living water. Drink and be satisfied.

Received 12-3-07

Do not hesitate to think of Me all of the time. Give your heart and affection to Me. Make Me the center of all that you do. Acknowledge Me as being present with you and in you to work My good pleasure out in your actions and life. You live for My glory.

Received 12-5-07

The Lord is my stronghold. In Him do I put my trust. Precious are your thoughts, My God and strength.

Received 12-13-07

Do you see what I see? I am preparing for My return. I am moving among the nations and the peoples to bring them into alignment for My purposes. Pray and intercede for the lost. There are many who will come to Me. Even now millions are stirring. My ways are not seen, but My will and purposes will stand. The enemy is helpless. He is a pawn in My hand. Things are not what they seem. Was it good for you to be threatened by the loss of your job? Can I accomplish My will for your land through hardship and chaos? Many of My people are asleep and their minds have been dulled. They have been deceived to believe the philosophy of the world. The god of the environment is deceiving many. I am in control.

Received 12-16-07

The wages of sin is death, and I have come to destroy death and give life to all who come to Me. Do not add conditions or rules of living to what I give. I see the heart. I hear the heart cry. Am I grieved over sin? Yes, but the sinner will still call out to Me. The power of drugs is strong, but I am stronger. Encourage the brothers. Tell them to cry out to Me. It is My grace that brings salvation and healing. It is nothing that a man can do, except to call upon Me and believe in Me. For by grace you have been saved through faith, and not of yourselves. It is the gift of God and not of works, lest any man should boast. Bad choices can lead to pain and sin and destruction. You reap what you sow. But My Truth can set you free.

Received 12-17-07

I will cleanse away the dross of unbelief. I will make new what was stained with sin. I will be their God to those who knew Me not. They will call and I will answer. They will rejoice when before there was only mourning and pain. My kindness led them to repentance and life. They believed in One they couldn’t see, the One who touched them with love.

Received 12-21-07

In a dream I found a group of believers who wanted to hold on to the old ways of meeting. They didn’t want new things, but wanted to maintain their power. Another group was just starting with people who were from different backgrounds and experiences. They were seeking God. Each had a spiritual gift and the new leader was tentatively trying to give order so that not one of the people using their gift would dominate. There was a strong presence of the Lord in the gathering. I was interceding for the Holy Spirit to work to accomplish His will. The city was on the verge of revival as people were gathering in small groups to pray and seek the Lord. Older ones were retelling the times of old when the revival had come. They too wanted revival, but expected it to be as they had experienced it. God was gracious to all.

Received 12-22-07

There is a place of rest for the people of God. It is in Me with faith and confidence in Me. I am not moved by trouble for I am greater than all. You may have trouble and distress, but in Me there is shelter. See Me at work in all that is around you. Look carefully and with spiritual eyes. There is nothing by chance; everything is according to My plan and purpose. I bring down one and raise up another. I hear the cries of My people.

Received 12-27-07

I can use the one who is broken as a vessel restored for My glory and praise. I can restore anyone who comes to Me, who cries out to Me. I am not limited by anything. My grace is without end. My love knows no boundaries.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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