Received 1-3-08

The grace of the Lord Jesus be upon you. If you could only know how much I love you.

Received 2-1-08

I am revealing who I AM to My people. You experience more of Me when you worship and come into My presence. You had a song in your heart and it lifted you over the mundane things of this world. Seek Me always as if your life depended on staying close by My side.

Received 2-7-08

Who seeks My face? Who is the one who comes to Me? It is the one I have called. I will draw all men unto Myself and for My glory. My power is not diminished. If I can set the stars into the sky, can I not accomplish My will for you? Yes, but you must yield to Me and allow Me to change your heart and mind. My love and My patience have no end. My mercy will limit your folly.

Received 2-11-08

In all things He is worthy of praise. He is before all things and in Him all things are held together.

Received 2-14-08
Walk not in your old ways. Seek My face as if your very breath depended on it. Can you live without Me? Yes, but that would not be life. Can you be foolish before men, because you are so in love with Me? Why should I live for myself when I will spend eternity with the Lord? Lord, change my heart. Expose the darkness and replace it with Your light.

Do not weigh in your mind what you will have to give up. Rather think of what you will gain. Keep your mind on a relationship with Me and let me remove the desires of this world from your life. Only in Me will you find
true life.

Who is like the Lord? There is no one that can come close to Him. In every way He is far superior to those He created. We can only pray that His grace will cover us to impart a measure of Himself in us.

Expect Me to work in your life as you seek after Me. It will not be pleasant, but you will see, and others too will see, My image in your heart.

Received 2-17-08

Let Me touch you. I will make you new.

Received 2-24-08

You are precious in My sight. When you seek Me and listen for My Spirit I am stirred. My message doesn’t change, does it? It is still love and peace and rest in Me. I will carry your burdens if you let Me. I will give you opportunities to do good deeds, which will glorify Me if you let Me.

Received 3-2-08

The grace of the Lord be with you. Open your heart more to Me and to what I am calling you to do. Say yes even before you know what it is. Humble yourself and submit to My lordship. Am I not a loving God? Isn’t My will pleasing to you?

Received 3-5-08

Wait upon the Lord. Let His mind be in you. Recall His wondrous deeds. Is there anything He cannot do? He is looking for a people whom He can call His own. I have been making for Myself a Bride. I will return to take her to be with Me forever. I will delight in her as she will delight in Me. Let yourself fall into My arms of love and I will carry you.

Received 3-14-08

Yes America is like wayward Israel. She has lusted after all that is impure. She will wallow in her sins with no one to help her. My people are asleep, lulled by pleasure and comfort. They are not willing to make a sacrifice of their lives to truly follow Me. I will rescue them because they are Mine. But their land will become desolate and unfruitful. I have given them over to their foolishness. They think they are doing good, but it is a delusion.

Received 3-16-08

A house divided cannot stand. So too is your country. Things will become more black and white, those who follow Me and those who reject Me. The lies of the enemy have penetrated your land and the world. Repent and believe again before it is too late. For many it is too late as they have hardened their heart in their stubbornness and pride. But nothing is impossible with Me. Pray and intercede and you will see lives transformed. Pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ as well that they remain in Me and My words remain in them. It is a narrow path and some are near the edge. The lure of the world is influencing them and they are not focused on Me. Peace and safety and comfort is their cry. They are unaware of the darkness around them. They want to stay informed with the latest news story, but they won’t seek My face. Pray and repent and let My Spirit work in you.

Received 3-19-08

There will come a time when My people will call out to Me. They will realize their need for Me. All of their human efforts have produced nothing. I have allowed them to fail, even some church programs will fail, for I was not in them. I am a jealous God. I won’t share My glory with another.

Received 3-24-08

Victory and defeat. The joy of winning will be erased with the pain of losing. Oh that My people would recognize the emptiness of a life apart from Me. Nothing will satisfy them as I will rob and turn to dust all of their so called treasures. Humble yourselves before Me and share what I have given you with others. Put your eyes back on Me and learn what I want you to be doing. You are straying from the path of life and you do not know it. Your feet are near the edge of destruction, yet you walk on. The snares of this world whisper in your ear to come nearer. Your mind dwells on things it should not consider nor mention. Who will rescue you from certain failure? I will let you fall so that you will cry out to Me. I will remove the false support and lies you were relying on. They will vanish before you. You will be left alone  as all will abandon you. Yet I will show mercy to you. You will again praise Me and testify to the greatness of your God.

Received 4-6-08

Be at peace. I will be your strength and comfort. When you are weak and call upon Me, I will be there. Be at peace. I will go before you. Have I ever failed you? No, and I will be faithful to My word.

The world is full of a spirit of fear. It distracts people from seeking Me. It paralyzes the weak. It dulls the mind and it creates a negative outlook.  You are influenced by what you allow your mind to see and hear. The global information adds a level of facts and issues that you have no control over. Yet you consider and worry. Even the local news is full of items that bring fear and worry. Polling influences the thinking of many. They don’t look to Me for the source of truth. You have a choice to make. People believe the lies of the enemy. He has snared the media for his deception of many. Even if you believe the truth, what you see and hear causes you to spend too much time focusing on the lies, rather than listening to Me and doing what I want for your life. Some may not watch or hear the news, but they will allow the fantasy of a TV show to alter their thinking. They will allow their friends to tell them how to think and believe. Wake up out of your slumber and stupor. Come back to the Source of Truth and Life. Allow Me to fill you with all knowledge and wisdom. I will be your sufficiency. I will be the Source of all you really need.

Received 4-23-08

Do not trust in yourself, for your mind can be misled. Look to Me in all things and submit to My perfect will. It is much better to do what I know is needed for you to become like Me, then for you to pursue a worldly accomplishment apart from My plan. And you cannot see what lies ahead. You can recognize when your pride and ego are rising up. It’s not enough to think of what you can accomplish to benefit the things of this world. Rather ask, what can you accomplish for My kingdom? No, better still, ask what Lord do you want me to be doing with You to bring about Your kingdom in my life?

Received 4-28-08

Great is the Lord! When I meditate on His Word and think about God’s perfect plan for man and His creation to bring glory to His Son, I am filled with awe. This world is all about Jesus and my part is very small. Yet we are made in His image and likeness. He can inspire us to do wonderful things, things of beauty and acts of kindness and love.

Let Me teach you to know what I am doing. Open your heart and allow Me to fill you with My love and compassion for the lost and hurting. You will not find rest except in doing what pleases Me. Do not be anxious, but seek Me and call upon Me to do what you cannot do. My grace is always being poured out in your life. Take time to listen to the voice of My Spirit. He is your constant companion, tutor, guide and revealer. You cannot see into the spiritual realm, but He can.

Received 5-1-08

Wait on the Lord. Let your mind be in Christ Jesus. Let Me love you.

Give back to Me all that you have and hold dear. Be as one who has nothing. You can be free in Me.

Received 5-4-08

What is precious in My sight is the person who relies on Me for his life. He fully accepts the power and authority I have to accomplish My will and purpose for him. He trusts in Me even when he doesn’t understand what is happening. He does what he can do to live a righteous life. He knows he will fall short. I will carry him, I will sustain him and I will bless him. My words will come to pass. There is no one who can annul them.

Received 5-10-08

Be patient. Let your heart stretch with love. Give more of your self to others. Let them see who you are. Let them see Me working within to accomplish My will. I will be with you. My grace is more than sufficient for your needs. Haven’t I always provided for you?

Received 5-20-08

Open your mouth and I will fill it. I will speak through you to reach others. You won’t need to prepare before hand what to say. Just be willing to talk to those around you. I will break away the chain that has held you. You will be astounded at what you will say. Let your mind be in Me. The time is short and there is much to do.

Received 6-3-08

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He is all that we need. He is our life. Nothing else matters, but to know Christ and to live for Him. At the end of the ages, men will have to give an account of their lives and the question will be: what have you done with Jesus? Do you know Him? Have you followed Him? Is He Lord of your life?

Received 6-4-08

All of creation gives You praise.

Let My words bring life to your soul. It’s not a matter of thinking positive thoughts, but of renewing your reality of thinking. You see from a spiritual perspective. You discern what is truth and what is life giving. Your words speak truth and life and hope into others. Let your mind be in Christ Jesus. Let the word of Christ dwell richly within you. You have been given a treasure to be shared with others.

Received 6-15-08

Give your attention to the One who loves you. Let yourself be loved. Receive My love. A lover gives and receives love. Love others with the same love I give to you.

Received 6-18-08

Listen and learn from the Source of Life. My ways are not your ways, nor are My thoughts like yours. But keep seeking to know Me. Keep striving to live to please Me. Offer your self to Me every day as a vessel prepared for the Master’s service. Be aware of every opportunity that I bring to you when you are with others. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Pray that My Spirit will teach you and lead you to the truth.

Received 6-25-08

Be ready. Let My Spirit guide you. You have been given much. Give freely. Do not hold back. You won’t be able to out give Me.

Received 6-30-08

By faith the heavens were made. God spoke and they were created.

(I am not sure if God needs faith since He knows everything and is all powerful. Jesus used faith when He was a man like us. We need faith to receive anything from God: salvation, answers to prayer, use of the spiritual gifts, revelation from God and even a basic belief that He exists.)

Received 7-7-08

My eyes are looking for men of faith. It is like a form of power, which I can sense. My Son could see it in the people who came to Him for healing and deliverance. He could sense unbelief too. There are levels of faith to go with the situation. Basic faith recognizes that I exist. Saving faith trusts in My Son and what His sacrifice did for them on the cross. Faith for prayer comes from understanding who I am from the revelation in My Word. Submission to My authority and rule is by faith. By the measure of faith you receive from Me. Yet I can offer My grace and mercy out My deep love to overcome your lack of faith.

Speak words of faith to increase the faith that you have. Declare what you know to be true about Me and My Word. Declare your praise and worship to Me. Worship and praise are expressions of faith in Me. Faith is not a feeling, yet you can sense My Presence and My anointing though faith. Never belittle the faith of others for you cannot judge or discern the heart. Any level of faith pleases Me. I repeat any measure or expression of faith gets My attention. You can join your faith to the faith of others to magnify the power that you have. That is why I respond to the believing prayer of My church, My people gathered in My Name. Unity increases the power of faith. Thanksgiving seals faith. When you stand in faith, express your faith through giving thanks for the promise and answer. It reminds the spirit and mind and heart the truth.

Received 7-25-08

May the blessings of the Lord be with you. Give freely and with joy. Give of yourself.

Received 8-3-08

All that I am is Yours, most loving God and Savior Jesus Christ. You have paid for me with Your blood to save me from eternal death. I live now by Your grace and love. You shower me with blessings and gifts.

All that I AM is yours through faith.

Received 8-12-08

Suffering is allowed to show people they need a Savior. Without suffering, how would you know My grace and love? Man has chosen to rebel against Me. Suffering comes from rebellion and sin as this world is corrupted. There is a place without suffering and pain. It is found in Me. It is the hope of your salvation. I will wipe away every tear from your eyes. I will comfort you in your distress. I AM with you. Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.

Received 8-26-08

All things are Mine. Do not seek the things of this world. Seek what brings life and joy and peace. Seek Me and you will be blessed. There is a place in Me for you and all of My children. Even when you are not aware, I am helping you, loving you and rejoicing in you.

Received 9-3-08

I had a dream about bringing a prophetic message to a large church about its worship and the lack of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the services. I attended some services and then carefully approached the pastor and leaders pointing out some New Testament verses – Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand, the parable of the ten virgins, You have turned from your first love. The church had large worship bands and choirs which were performing and not leading the people in true worship. I had to get them to pick out just a few to help me lead the people into repentance and simple worship. As the people responded the Holy Spirit fell on the people. Fortunately the pastor too was convicted and returned to simply teaching from the Bible and not human stories and ideas with a few token references from scripture.

Received 9-17-08

Nothing is impossible with God. I have made all that your eyes can see. I have made your eyes and mind so that you can see and recognize what I have made. I have given you a heart that desires to know Me. You were made in My likeness as a shadow of who I am. If you only could realize the wonderful plans I have for you. Even now if you would allow your spirit to receive the revelation of the future and the glory that I have planned, you would forever be changed. Your thinking about Me is too shallow. Will you believe in Me and trust Me to accomplish this as you live in Me?

Received 9-26-08

There is a limit to truth. Much can be revealed about this world and My creation. But ultimately truth resides in Me. I am the source of truth and meaning and purpose and life. Those who find Me have truth and their searching comes to an end. Instead of seeking, they are learning. They know where to turn and to who to find answers to their questions. I enjoy revealing Myself to those who seek Me. Come to Me and let Me be your teacher. I will reveal why I created you.

Received 10-9-08

The Lord is gracious and merciful. He blesses His people with good things. He overlooks our sins for His blood has covered them. He knows we are weak, but His plan for us is glorious. He will see that it comes about through His power and might. We can find rest in Him.

Received 10-17-08

To the extent that you are trusting in money instead of Me you will be disappointed. Your money will fail you. You have so much while others are suffering. You are willing to give as long as it doesn’t interfere with your plans. Your life has been bought with My blood. Does that include everything you have? Who has blessed the fruit of your labor? Stretch your faith in Me and see if I will not multiply even more what you give.

Will you trust Me for the days of your retirement? Who was the One who provided your current job? If you seek Me I will direct your steps. Great is the Lord our God.

Received 10-19-08

You said that you made me to praise You. When I praise I sense Your presence and You are near. You lift me above my problems and fears when I praise You, when my mind thinks about who You are.

Received 10-24-08

All good things come from Me. Even those things that at first don’t seem to be good, will be made good over time as I redeem My creation. Wisdom is Mine and so is truth. My gifts are what you need.

Received 10-31-08

You are pondering the meaning of My body and My blood. This is a reminder of My humanity, My Presence on earth. I came to bring life and those who believe in Me will find this life. I willingly give Myself to you. You must do the same for Me. I hold the keys to life. You must learn to receive it. As I died to sin, you must also die to sin and the sinful way of man. You must live in Me, seeking My will in all that you do. My words are Spirit and they are Life. Walk in them.

Received 11-13-08

Rest and peace. These are the blessings I give to those who trust in Me. The world may be full of turmoil, but I offer shelter. The problem may persist, but I am the solution. I see beyond the horizon, behind the dark clouds. I see the day of new beginnings and hope. Even if all that you have is stripped away, I will be your source. Do not be foolish, but also do not be anxious. I have given you a place of refuge. I have given you blessings to be able to bless others. Point the way for others to see Me.

Received 11-19-08

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name.

Received 12-2-08

The wages of sin is death. Sin is not something to be toyed with. It will snare you and rob from your life. If the Spirit gives you discomfort in what you are doing, stop and seek My face. Repent of your disobedience and willfulness. Do not be deceived. Allow others to challenge you. The day is near that many will fall. Pray and intercede.

Received 12-15-08

What is a life? It is a brief time in the flesh on earth, followed by eternity in the spirit. Your life was planned long ago and each day was measured and considered, just as the hairs on your head were numbered. You were uniquely created to praise Me in a way that no one else can. Your life story is like no one else. What I have revealed to you is special. Each day you must choose to follow Me, to obey Me and to offer Me praise. No one can live your life for you, though I will send people to help you and to live along side you. You alone must give an account for your life on earth. Do not be afraid, I am with you.

Received 12-30-08

Grace, mercy, truth – these are what I give to you. Grace to help you do what you cannot do in your own strength and ability, to give you what you don’t deserve and to love you. Mercy to overlook your failings and sinful nature, to not give you the punishment your sins demand. Truth to show you what I am like and how to live to please me, to reveal the things of the Spirit, to recognize the lies of this world.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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