Received 1-6-06

This is My desire that you draw near to Me. I have given you a new heart to seek after Me. The Lord is mighty. Yes I am the One who is Creator, who made you in My image. There is nothing impossible with Me. Great is Thy faithfulness. I will be with you always. I will rescue you from your folly. I will make a way for you. Come before Me often. Let My Spirit refresh you and teach you.

Received 1-9-06

I had a vision of believers gathering before the Lord, before His throne, once each day. As the people came there would be great anticipation and excitement. The praises would start to rise as the time would come for the King of Kings and Lamb of Glory to come. As soon as the crowd saw Him, they would fall down and worship their Lord and Savior. Tears of joy and love would flow. He would speak to their hearts. Then He would be gone and the crowd would begin to disperse. They again would have praises on their lips for the One who gave them life. This would be the highlight of each day.

Received 1-13-06

Great is the One who saves you. Can you imagine the vastness of the universe He created? Can you see the limit of His power and knowledge? Can you understand the depth of His love and mercy? Oh mere man, bow before Him and submit to Him!

Yet I have decided to reveal Myself to you. I will let you see a part of Me. I am not a man like you, but I will show you things that you can see and know. Your very breath is in My hands. I am giving you life each new day.

Received 1-17-06

Choose this day who you will serve. Life is full of choices, for that is how I created it. You must choose to follow Me and to obey My word. You must choose to die to yourself and live unto Me. Without sin, it would be easier to obey Me. But now the choice can be difficult as the attraction of the world can influence you. Be at peace for I will give you grace. My Spirit will be with you to help you know what to do.

Received 1-24-06

The Lord is mighty. He will give strength to the weak and courage to the downhearted. For His ways are above the ways of man. He sees much more than what a man can see. Happy is the man who follows the Lord. When you face an enemy who do you turn to? Do you fight on your own strength or with the strength of others? Or do you call upon Me? You will always have struggles. If you call upon Me, I will rescue you and bring you to a place of My presence. My grace is sufficient for you. My grace will sustain you. I will be like bread to you giving you strength.

Received 1-29-06

My grace will be sufficient enough for you. Rest in Me. Let Me live your life for you. Follow Me.

Received 1-30-06

When you come to water, you will not drown. When you come to the fire, it will not touch you. I am with you. Look to Me.

Received 2-3-06

Give Me glory and praise. Humble yourself before Me. Know that I am God. You are a rebellious people, full of greed and lust. You have rejected Me, though some cry out to Me. Do not count on My patience to endure long. I cannot overlook your sin. Even now I bring judgment. I will honor those who honor Me. I will judge those who have rejected Me. Call upon Me and seek My mercy.

Received 2-5-06

Mourn over your sin. Grieve when you hear of immorality and violence. For judgment is coming. I have heard the cry of My people and I have withheld My hand. But My patience is not forever. Justice demands judgment. My people will receive mercy and forgiveness, but those who rebel against Me will experience My wrath. You are hated on My account. You will be persecuted because you bear My Name. I will be with you. My grace and My presence will be with you. Rejoice and know that I am God.

Received 2-10-06

Tender is the heart that dwells in My Presence. Let My compassion fall upon you. Sense My love for My people. I see the needs of My people. I long to help them. But I wait for their cry. Pray for others that they might call upon Me. Those that have rebelled against Me have hardened their hearts. They can’t call upon Me. They have made a choice to reject Me and My commands. They seek others who share their depravity. They live among the dead.

Received 2-13-06

Wait upon Me. Do not be anxious. Trust in My love and grace, mercy and kindness, healing and provision.

Received 2-17-06

Where is the outrage? Why are My people asleep? Are their eyes blind? The ways of man is full of deceit. You have put up with sin among you too long. You have not followed My commands. You have not lifted your hand to help your brother. The cries of the poor and needy come before Me.  You enjoy your pleasure and comfort. You cover your eyes so that you do not see. You pretend not to notice. You say what can I do? Let others respond. Yet you will give an account for your life. The righteous Judge knows all things.

Received 2-24-06

Let the mighty beware for One who is greater is near at hand. Yes I am a God of love and mercy, but I am a God of power and might too. I will come when you do not expect it. Will I find faith on the earth? Will you be doing My Father’s business? Will you have compassion for the poor among you? Where is your heart? What is important to you? What are you doing with your money and time and talent?

Received 2-28-06

What is your life? Is it memories of past events and people? Is it accomplishments? Is it here and now as you continue to live and respond to My Spirit? Today is the day of salvation. Today is the opportunity to help someone. My promises are new every morning. My words of life are new every day for the one who is listening. My grace is being poured out to help you live through the temptations, the trials, the difficult relationships and the failures. Yes even in failure there can be life. He who seeks life must die to self and live unto Me.

Received 3-3-06

Be at peace. Let your heart rest in Me. Let your mind dwell on the things above. The Lord of the universe is near. Is there anything I cannot do?

Received 3-12-06

This is a day of rejoicing. The heavens are declaring the glory of the Lord. There are shouts of victory in the air. Hallelujah, the Lord Almighty reigns! The downtrodden are being lifted up. The oppressed are being released. Those in bondage are being released. Great is the Lord! He is Mighty!

Received 3-17-06

Blessing and honor and glory be unto Him. Great is the Lord. My strength is made perfect in weakness. Your failure is My opportunity to work in your life. Count it all joy when you encounter various trials. Rejoice in the Lord always. Set your mind on things above where Christ rules.

Received 3-27-06

The Lord is my strength and joy. He is the One on whom I call. He is my Comforter and Deliverer. He is the Lover of my soul. Praise Him forever and ever.

Received 4-5-06

Great is the Lord Jesus Christ. Where are those who believe? Rise up and be counted. Take your positions in the battle lines. Defend the territory I have given you. Do not make peace with the enemy. Do not compromise your faith.

Received 4-12-06

Great is the Lord and worthy of all praise. He formed the universe with His commands. He created beauty and order out of darkness and chaos. He gave life. I have made you in My image and likeness. I have given you a heart that needs Me to be whole and fulfilled. Only in Me is there true life. The wisdom of man is folly, but the pure understanding comes only in Me. Only I can reveal the truth to you. And you will never know all things. Only by and in faith in Me will peace and rest come when the understanding of your mind fails. Everything I do is perfect and right. Sin has made what is perfect and right into the imperfect world you experience.

Received 4-14-06

I will use the man who is listening to My Spirit. I can direct his steps. He can speak My words even though he may not understand or know what he is saying. He will speak because he trusts in Me. He will obey and I will bless him with joy. I sent My Son to reveal the truth. Now I can send many sons and daughters who know Me and the voice of My Holy Spirit. Every person and situation is an opportunity. My grace is sufficient for you.

Received 4-19-06

The mind of Christ gives wisdom and knowledge. He directs our steps. He changes our hearts from stone to flesh, from selfishness to caring and giving. We become like Him. He has every resource to meet every need we have. His grace is more than sufficient. We overcome our enemies because He has triumphed over His enemies.

Rejoice in Me and not just what you have in Me. You are in Me and with Me and I am in you and with you. Be holy as I am holy. Be merciful as I am merciful. Be loving as I am loving. Do you see what is happening? You are becoming like Me. The more you assert your own will, the longer the transformation process will take. The more you yield your will to Mine, the faster the transformation. I will test you to see what you are made of. I will show you your need for Me.

Received 4-25-06

Great is the Lord. Blessed be His Name. How wonderful are His deeds and His kindness to His people. Stand in awe of His glory and majesty.

Received 4-27-06

The day will come when My people will be filled with joy. They will skip like lambs in the field, like the calf let out of its stall. They will be free. I will energize them with inner strength. I will make Myself known to them. Nothing will be impossible with them. They will dream big dreams and it will come to pass before their eyes. Testimonies will abound from their lips. I will be exalted among them.

Even now there is a stirring. People who discern are seeing My hands at work. Even that which seems bleak and impossible will change and My glory will be displayed. Do not lose heart. Lift up your head for your Redeemer is near, even at the door.

Received 5-5-06

Those who wait for Me will find Me. Those who hunger for Me and thirst for Me will be satisfied with My presence. Do not be anxious, but come into My presence and you will find peace. Nothing is impossible with Me. Your striving will accomplish little. It is better to have little and be at peace, than to have plenty and be anxious. Those who know Me have peace. Those who follow after Me are fulfilled in their lives, for nothing satisfies more than to do My will. Great is the Lord for His loving kindness endures forever.

Received 5-10-06

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. There are always consequences for your actions. Sin brings destruction and ruin. Righteousness brings life and peace. Even little sins take away from life. They spoil what is perfect. They defile the heart. They lead to further sin and compromise from the path that leads to life. The righteous man builds up his house with every act of kindness and service to others. He sows life into his body and soul. He finds rest in the storm for He trusts in his God. His children will be blessed. Even when he falls, the Lord will raise him up. The Lord can find fertile ground in the heart of a man who has put his faith in God. The Lord can do much through such a man.

My covering and protection will not depart from the righteous man. He will experience the depths of My love. He will sense My favor and presence. He will know the direction he should take. His heart will be at rest. He will see many wonderful things around him as My grace accompanies him and as My life flows out of him to others.

Received 5-15-06

Wonderful is the Lord. Full of wonder and awe and majesty is the Lord. I AM the One you need. You have been created for Me. Submit your self to Me and allow My will to be accomplished. See that what I have for you is good. Stop striving and find rest in Me. I will do the work and My grace will overshadow you.

Received 5-23-06

The days are coming when man will not be content with the sin that ensnares him. He will take on more and more corruption to be satisfied. He will be out of control. There will be no restraint to his folly and to his sin. Many will be caught up in sin and lawlessness. Decent men will be hiding to preserve their lives. You will wonder how can this be. Do not be dismayed. For when you see these things, know that I am near. There will be a deluding spirit. Many will seem to be irrational. They will draw strength from one another and lead many astray. There will be chaos all over.

What are you to do when you see all these things? You are to be faithful to Me and to My people. You must be in prayer for all the saints. You must take care of those in your care. You will be given grace to sustain you. My mercy will overshadow you.

Received 5-31-06

The Lord is mighty! Many will come to Me on that day. They will recognize their sin and unbelief, but it will be too late. They were deceived by the enemy and their fleshly desires. Their minds were twisted with all kinds of foolishness. Now they will face My judgment. Now they will pay the penalty for their life without Me. Oh I gave them many opportunities to come to Me. My Spirit was speaking to them, but they did not want to hear. They did not want to give up their pleasure and selfishness. Do not envy them, but pray that they will come to the truth. They are loved by the world, but they are far from Me.

Received 6-8-06

The thoughts of the Lord are beyond comprehension. Yes and My eyes are always on you. I know you for I formed you in the womb and planned out your days. Your life will bring glory to My Son. My Word is trustworthy and My words bring life.

You are weak, but I am strong. You are imperfect, but I am perfect. Call upon Me and I will answer. Do not despair over what you see in the world. But rejoice for I am near.

Received 6-11-06

All is well. If you could see the world from My perspective you would also see that all is well. My plan is being accomplished. All that I conceived from eternity past will come to pass. It is good. I have made a people who love Me and who desire to be with Me. Yes this is what it looks like from My perspective, but even in your life I am working and My will is coming forth as you yield to Me.

Received 6-14-06

There is life in My Word. Those who read it and take it to heart will be blessed. My words will accomplish My desires. Learn from Me as a little school child, eager to know and to please her teacher. My Spirit is your tutor. My Spirit has a special plan for your life that will lead you to Me and to the understanding of the Holy. In everything give thanks and praise for I use all that is in your life to teach you and cause you to grow.

Received 6-21-06

Life and health are a gift from Me. All that you have comes from My hand. Even your abilities were given you before you were born. Be humble before Me. Do not expect anything, but rest in My love and grace. Will a loving father withhold anything good from his children? No, and neither will I be slow to bless you. If you love Me you will follow My commands. Love one another as I have loved you. Do not withhold good from your neighbor if it is in your power to do so. Freely give as you have been given. Show love and grace and mercy, for you too want to be shown these things. Encourage and build up one another. Do not judge or entertain a critical spirit. Forgive and bless. Show honor to those for whom it is due.

Received 6-25-06

Great is the Lord and Mighty is His Name! All things are before Him. In Him is the Wisdom that made the universe. Bow before Him and give Him honor.

If I were to ask of you where is your heart, what would you reply? Would you be thinking of Me? Would you be at peace? Would you be trusting Me for your life and all that comes your way? This is My desire for you – for you to live daily in My presence, communing with Me.

Received 7-3-06

Much is required of the one who has knowledge of the Holy. He has seen the image of God. He has tasted of the heavenly fruit. His eyes are opened to the Truth. He can no longer hide in ignorance for He knows what is right to do. Much is required and much will be given him. For such a people I came and I will come again to draw them to Myself. Do you believe? Then take to heart these words of life. If you are anxious and worried, turn to Me and find rest for your souls. The wages of sin is death, but I have come to give life and life eternal. I will remember their sin no more. I will display My glory for all to see. Some will rejoice and be glad, while many others will try to hide in their shame. The time is near. Repent and turn again to the One who gives life and peace.

Received 7-10-06

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. Great is the Lord. Come unto Me all you who labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest for your souls. May He be praised forevermore. Do you trust Me for your life?

Received 7-15-06

I will carry you when you are weak. I will lift you up when you fall down. I will be there to steady you. Do not be afraid, but allow My peace to overshadow you. Allow Me to minister to your heart and spirit.

Received 7-18-06

The days are coming and are now here when people will cry out to the Lord in desperation and fear. They will see their world fall apart. What they are accustomed to have changed. I will be gracious to them and I will heal them and draw them to Myself. If My people are alert in the Spirit they will see many opportunities to tell about Me. The fields are ready for the harvest. Some are getting beyond the point of harvest as they have been seeking, but not finding anyone to lead them to the Truth. They are vulnerable to deception and lies from the enemy. Give them words of Life. Let your words be seasoned with grace and kindness and you will begin to see people drawn to you who are hungry for Me.

Received 7-24-06

The days of troubles are near. All mankind will suffer. It is not a time to put off the things of God. Rather you should be diligent and persevere. Do not be dismayed if people refuse to hear what you say about Me. Keep on speaking and those whom I have called will hear and respond. I will be glorified on the earth and My kingdom will be established. Nothing can stop Us. Not the enemy, nor those who claim to be My followers. Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Received 7-28-06

My heart is full of love for My people. O that they would be able to receive My love. My ways are not the ways of this world. Yet I have put My Spirit in their hearts to commune with Me. Great is the work of My Spirit and blessed are those who experience His presence and understanding, for He will lead you to all truth and righteousness. All are welcome and invited, but few respond. My love is so much greater than your love that I am willing to reach out to you over and over again to woo you to Myself. My love overlooks your faults and rebellion and independence. You do not realize now what I am doing for you, but there will come a day when your eyes will be opened and you will fall down and worship Me with quaking and tears of joy. I will receive you to Myself and you will see Me face to face.

Received 8-30-06

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He is the one who lifts us up when we have fallen. He is the one who goes before us to make a way for us in the darkness. He directs our steps. O that My people would call upon Me for those who are perishing. Do you not care that they will perish? Or are you too content in your own life to notice? Let Me give you a piece of My heart for those I have created in My image.

Received 9-13-06

Behold I am coming to rescue the world from its folly and sin. Those who know Me will rejoice. Those who try to ignore Me will face judgment. Pray for those around you. Rescue them from the darkness and unbelief that holds them. Speak words of life and hope to them. Give what you have received to others. I hold the keys of life and death. I have made you in My image. You can see Me and know Me if you seek Me with all of your heart.

There is One who is worthy of all praise from the beginning of time to its end. He is the Creator of all that is good and holy and righteous. He is the One who gave His very blood to win us back to Himself. No one can compare to His majesty and glory and beauty! Nothing on this earth can display what alone belongs to Him. Yet He has promised to dwell within His people so that men might see His glory. Only in God is there life and fulfillment. Only in God can man find the truth. Praise Him forevermore.

If you come to Me, I will fill your soul with light and joy. I will give you a measure of My Spirit that will overflow.

Received 9-22-06

Out of the depths of my soul I cried to the Lord and He answered me. He is present and waiting for our call. What have you learned? What was given to you? Every good thing comes from Me. What is of this world is of little value. Much of what comes from this world will be a snare to you to divert your attention away from Me and what I want you to do. Can you accept this? Rest in Me.

Received 9-26-06

Rejoice My son. Think of all the blessings in your life. Look to Me for the direction in your life. I have a good plan for you. I will bless you even more as you are faithful to My words.

Received 10-1-06

We went to the baptism in the Holy Spirit session at church. I was praying that God would continue to use us and that we would sense the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Later when Pastor Schell came to us and prayed for us, he said he received when he touched my shoulder the passage regarding Elijah going the widow who had only enough flour and oil to make one more serving for her and her son, for there was a famine. Elijah asked her for water and for the cake from the oil and flour, promising to her that the flour and oil would not run out until rain came. It had not rained for 3 years. I believe that God is saying in this that He will continue to use us and that as opportunities to give and perhaps to give in support of those who are serving the Lord, He will provide more to be able to give more. Flour represents bread for sustenance and oil represents the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Received 10-2-06

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I will bless you and make your path straight as you submit to Me. Give of yourself freely and do not doubt. You will sense the anointing of My Spirit to guide you.

Received 10-4-06

I have given you life and this is both physically and spiritually. Everything you need is in Me. As much as you yield to Me, we become one. I will guide your path. I will carry you at times. I will give you purpose and lasting satisfaction and joy. This is the heritage for the one who trusts in Me. I am seeking those who believe in Me, who realize their life is empty without Me. My word has gone forth and it will bring in a harvest of souls.

Received 10-10-06

I have come to give you life and life more abundantly. Oh the riches of His love and mercy to those who believe in Him.

Received 10-15-06

The greatness of His Majesty is displayed throughout His creation. Every atom and every living thing is aware of the power of God. All are held together by His power and authority. They exist at His pleasure and will. He spoke and they came into being. He speaks and they do His bidding. He has made man in His image and likeness. He desires that man seek Him and through His grace and mercy come into His presence and be with Him in the spiritual realm. Though man falls away in rebellion and pride, His love draws them back. He woos them with His kindness. He allows them to wander in the wasteland, until they cry out to Him. At times He can seem distant and unapproachable. At other times His Spirit continually is speaking, directing every step. He makes His presence known. He answers their cry. Oh the greatness of His love and mercy. He knows our every thought. He watches over His people.

Received 10-20-06

What is received is given freely. This is a pattern for you to follow. Give freely to those who are needy, to those who ask of you. Do not withhold what is in your hand to give. Let My Spirit be your guide. He will give you peace and direction. He will direct your steps. Continue in the grace I have given you. It is apparent to others. Speak life and peace to those around you. Remind them of the One who gives freely. Let them know the hope within your heart. Yes there may be trouble all around, but My purposes are coming to pass. Do not put your trust in man, for even a good man will fail. Offer your prayers and petitions as you see My hand at work. Join with Me in the work I am doing. Rejoice with Me as many are coming back to Me and many are seeking Me. The world may fail, but My words will never fail.

Received 11-1-06

Great is the faithfulness of the living God. He is faithful when we are not. His plans will succeed and His words are true. No one is greater that He is. He is compassionate and cares for the downtrodden. He rescues the needy when they call upon Him. Yes and I will rescue you when you fall down. I will be with you and be your God. Call upon Me.

Received 11-5-06

I hear the cries of My people. My hand is poised for judgment. How can I bless a land that is against Me? Should I look away when they sin and rebel against Me? They seek Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They excuse the wicked and revile the righteous. They do nothing but foolishness and vain activity. Their desires are their gods.  But My people are calling out to Me. Should I ignore their pleas for mercy? I will bless My people and bring down those who are against Me. I will make a distinction between good and evil. Let your voice be heard in the open square. Speak to those around you. Give life to others. Many are lost and don’t know the way to life. My Spirit is at work and many more will come into My kingdom. Speak life and truth. Speak mercy and love. Speak judgment and forgiveness. I have revealed these things to My people. They have experienced them in their lives. They must not hold back what they have received from those who are perishing. There is a way that leads to life and that way is in My Son.

Received 11-7-06

Great is the faithfulness of our God. Though we fail Him, He will never fail us. Nor will he deny His word. My grace is sufficient for you and My love will overshadow you. When you walk in My path of righteousness you will not stumble. My hands will direct you.

Received 11-17-06

This is a time for men to hide. Everything will be shaken. Only those whose foundation is built on Me will find peace in the midst of this storm. People will reel to and fro and will not find stability in what they trust in. There will be deception and lies from the enemy and many will believe his lies. Let the world pursue its vain idols of sin and rebellion. You are to follow Me and do My will. It will go well with you if you do. Your heart will be at rest and peace. Joy will be your strength.

Received 11-20-06

The days of the locust are over. The devourer is silenced. The righteous will lie down in peace and safety. The nations will come before the Lord and be judged. My ways are not your ways, says the Lord of Hosts. Look to Me and be blessed in your mind, soul and spirit. I give life to all who seek after Me. My arms are open wide. The path of righteousness I give is narrow, but it leads to life. No one can remove those in My care. My hand guides them. I look after them as a mother hen brooding over her chicks. I guide them as a good shepherd. Watch and see as many come to Me. The seeds of righteousness have been planted and now comes the harvest. The wayward is cast off. The reviler is silenced. There will be much praising and joyful singing. There will be unity in My body. My love will be magnified in their hearts.

Received 11-21-06

My people will come before Me. They will see My glory. I will speak a blessing over them. They will be changed. They will forever offer their praises. They will fall down and worship their King. This is the heritage for the sons of God who have been washed in the blood of the Son.

Received 11-27-06

The blessings of the Lord are not automatic. He rewards the obedient and faithful. He opens doors for the one who seeks Him. He listens to the prayer of the righteous man, who does not live in sin.

Received 11-28-06

My grace is sufficient. Do not presume on My grace, but humble yourself and seek Me in prayer. I will hear and answer. I am not a man. My ways are not like yours. I love those who seek after Me, who daily commit themselves to Me. I will not tire on your behalf. I will not forsake My words to you. They are life and health to your body, mind and spirit.

Received 12-2-06

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Grace will come to those who believe, who trust in My name. I have instructed you. I have shown you the way to life. Set your mind to do My will. Listen to My voice.

Received 12-6-06

The ways of man will fail, but those who follow in My steps will succeed. I give wisdom to My people. I direct their paths away from the snares of the enemy. I speak life to their souls. When My people offer their praises I listen and rejoice. I draw near so they can sense My presence. As they give themselves to Me, I give Myself to them. What I have revealed long ago is still true today and it will be true tomorrow. I have a plan and purpose for man and it will come to pass. It will not look clear from man’s perspective. I will let men pursue their folly and destruction. The depravity of man will be evident, but man’s heart will be cold. Man will only care about themselves. It will be hard to find a good man among the ungodly. That which is good will be mocked. Even the young will be trained in depravity, serving the lusts of their parents. Men will lie and defraud others and no one will be there to rescue the oppressed. The governments of man will be corrupt. Wars will increase and many will suffer. Do not be fearful for I am with you.

Received 12-12-06

The enemy is prowling as never before to tempt men to sin and turn from God. Resist him and he will flee. Submit your will to obey and follow Me. Train your mind in the ways of the Lord. Let My Spirit reign and rule in your heart. I will do great things in your life and I will be glorified.

Received 12-22-06

I had a dream of being with Jerry and Marilyn and others who were holding meetings. I sensed the strong presence of the Lord. He was healing and meeting the needs of the people. I was led to tell the group about this, even interrupting what was happening. We were to individually repent and confess secret sins, which the Holy Spirit would reveal. As the people did this, they too sensed the presence of the Lord and His working in them and in the people around them. Many were healed and overcome by the Spirit rejoicing greatly and praising God. After a while I said we needed to go out and minister to anyone we encountered as the Lord wanted to spread His presence to others including the unsaved. This seemed to me to be an unusual manifestation of God. The Spirit reminded me that this would only happen as people repented and confessed their sins. If they held back in their pride they would not be affected by His presence.

Let this dream come to pass. Respond to the leading of My Spirit. Do not resist Him. Even now repent of your sins and confess to one another. In humility there will be strength. I will bless you and keep you until that day. Do not fear, only believe.

Received 12-26-06

Rejoice and be glad for the Lord has come. Who are you mere man who is lifted up in pride, who says in his heart I can do this and that? But you are weak and poor and it is only by My grace that you can do anything. I have created you and given you many gifts. These are not for yourself, but to serve Me that I might be glorified in your life.

Received 12-29-06

The day is near when the righteous will shine like the sun. Men will come seeking the truth. The wicked will hide, but their tongue will mock and curse. The Righteous Judge is coming and He brings His reward with Him. The glory of the Lord will shine forth into the darkness. The love of God will be experienced by those who seek Him. His love and grace will overshadow their faults and weaknesses. Hearts filled with joy will praise and worship continually before the King of kings.

Come and receive. Let Me bless you with gifts full of love and mercy. Let your labor be fruitful. Let peace rule in your hearts. Give freely what you receive and watch others be blessed. All that I AM is yours. And you are Mine.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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