Received 1-9-09

The way of man is empty. Let Me fill you with Life and peace and joy. Seek Me in everything and you will never be disappointed.

Received 1-10-09

Wait upon the Lord. Wait until you receive direction and peace. Learn about rest.

Received 1-11-09

You will receive much if you seek Me with all of your heart. My ways are not your ways and My thoughts are not your thoughts, but I will reveal to you My ways and thoughts as you seek Me. There will always be much to do if you are willing to be open to the leading of My Spirit. Each day can be full of revelation as well as action and accomplishment. Let Me be your Master. Will you say yes to Me?

Received 1-16-09

Rejoice with Me as you think about what I am doing in you and through you. Not everyone can do what you are doing. I have called you to be My light to a dark place, to give hope and love to the outcast and sinner.


I asked my mom if she was ready to be with the Lord when she died and she said: “Yes”. I said I was concerned for her and asked if she was trusting in Christ and she said: “Yes I am”.

Received 1-18-09

The wages of sin is death. Don’t play with sin in your mind. Resist the enemy. Do not let the events of this world or the sinfulness of man, disturb you. Rather look to Me and see what I am doing. Respond to the needs of those around you. Give of your self as a bondslave. Set aside your ambitions and desires. I will fill you with good things that will satisfy for a lifetime.

Received 2-1-09

At the end of the age I will draw all men before Me. Some will rejoice, but others will cringe in fear. My mercy and grace will cover many sins. My justice will reveal the truth. Men will choose as they have all of their lives. All will see Me as all will be seen. The dead will be judged. Even though you were made in My image and likeness, you cannot understand My thoughts and plans. Men will only see and be judged as alone before Me. You will not be able to know the fate of other’s lives. Just as you were changed when you were born anew as you accepted Me as your Savior and Lord, you will be changed as you enter into the kingdom of heaven for all of eternity. You will be you, but you will be in Me as never before.

In a moment you will see every sin that you have committed and how My grace and blood have covered them. You will see My intervention into your life as I accomplished My perfect will and pleasure. You will know the love I have for you. Your sins will cause you to mourn, but My love will wipe your tears away forevermore. You will see when your faith carried you. You will see when I carried you. My peace will guard your heart and mind.

Live in the freedom I have given you. Live free of sin as pleasing Me. Live full of faith believing My Word. Give and share what you have gained from Me. Let each day be a new opportunity to say yes to Me.

Received 2-8-09

Out of the depths of My love I hear the cries of My people. I am moved. My purposes and plans will be accomplished. What I value is not always what you value. Momentary pain and suffering can make a lasting change in a heart that turns from Me. Compared to eternity, it is nothing. Your heart is of much greater value than your physical health or condition. A heart that is focused on Me is priceless.

Received 2-11-09

Men will choose to disobey My Word, just as you sometimes say no to Me or pretend that you don’t hear My voice. Do not despair, but cry out to Me. Intercede for the lost around you. I will hear and I will work to draw them to Myself. Be aware of the power of prayer. Be aware of the life giving power of My Word. Submit yourself to Me and live in the freedom I have. You will gain much more than what you must give up. The things of this world are fleeting and deceitful. They cannot satisfy you. Do not look at the faults of others. Rather see the needs and the hurts hidden from view. Express love and concern. Be a channel of My love to them.

Received 2-28-09

I have been waiting for people to come to Me with open hearts, hungry to be with Me and to know Me. This is what I desire. Lay aside your plans and ideas. Look what I offer you. I know what is in a man. I gave him a hunger to know his Creator. I gave him free will to choose Me over all of the other things of this world. My hands are open wide. Come to Me and find real life.

Received 3-8-09

Great is the Lord who is victorious over all things. Do not be dismayed for I am doing a wonderful thing in your midst. You cannot see what it is now, but later you will see the fruit of righteousness and life all around you. Remember that those who love this world will be disappointed. Seek first My kingdom and My righteousness. Be aware of the voices around you as people express their fears and hurts. Pray for them and speak of the comfort and help found in Me. My eyes will see and My ears will hear what you are doing and I will respond.

Love your family unconditionally and fully. Love them as if they were fully a part of My family. Shower them over and over with expressions of your love. They will not get tired of it; rather they will bask in it and feast on it. Love energizes the soul and heart.

Received 3-23-09

Gracious is the one who loves the Lord, for God’s love abides in him. As you give of yourself, more will be given to you. Your storehouse will be overflowing to benefit others. You are My steward, My faithful servant. Keep your heart pure. The things of this world will fade away, they can never satisfy. Guard over your mouth. Speak only what will build up and encourage. May your lips be full of life and rejoicing. Make your speech attractive as honey, not with flattery, but with truth.

Received 3-27-09

To those who would be faithful to My call, I will open the doors of heaven. I will pronounce a blessing on My children. I will empower them to do what I desire of them. Believe and receive from My hand. My ways are not your ways. Do not look at the things of this world; rather see with spiritual eyes to recognize what I am doing. In this world you will have trouble, but I have overcome the world. Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. Even the things of the past will fade and grow dim as I do wonderful works in your midst. Trust Me to work on your behalf. Trust Me to draw many to Myself. Cast your seeds of life, your words of truth and reap the harvest.

Received 4-3-09

Is there anything I cannot do? Then why do you limit Me in your heart and mind? Where is the faith of My people? “Peace and safety and increase” will men say, but they will be hard to find. The selfishness of man will be evident. No one will understand. Yet a ray of light will be seen in the darkness and men will be drawn to it. Let your light shine before men to be noticed. My arm is stretched out and I will do what is on My mind to do. You will be amazed and be humbled before Me. I will raise up the lowly and bring down the haughty and proud. Put your trust only in Me. You will not be disappointed.

Received 4-11-09

Great is Your love to me Lord. Your faithfulness and mercy follow me. Your grace sustains me. When I contemplate what You have done for me, I am filled with joy and thanks. You have opened my eyes to spiritual truth and reality. You have granted me wisdom and understanding. Your Spirit teaches me and guides me as a loving tutor. How can I express my love for You, other than to speak my praise and bow in worship, and to give myself fully to You in submission to Your word and Lordship? Precious is Your blood shed to forgive my sins. Thank You Lord Jesus!

You will see with your eyes more of My grace and love expressed through you and in you. I see your heart. Let Me direct your steps. See with spiritual eyes in every situation. Speak love, grace and truth. Pray for your family and others, lifting them up before My throne. Carry their burdens as a high priest offers a sacrifice to intercede for the sins of many.

Received 4-26-09

Wait upon the Lord. Seek Him as if your life depended on Him. Give yourself fully to His commands for the sake of His righteousness and holiness. Let your heart be His. I will bless the one who seeks Me. I will reveal My nature to him. We will share in fellowship. Be filled with My Spirit. Let your eyes shine with My love. Each day will become fresh and new to you as you see My power displayed and My glory revealed. Expect miracles.

Received 5-5-09

Believe and receive. My words do not change. I give freely from the well of life that can never run dry. Drink and be refreshed in your body, soul and spirit.

Received 5-12-09

I am faithful to My Word. I do not change. My love never ceases for that is who I am. Come to the well of living water and find satisfaction beyond all the things the heart desires. I have what you need. Moses had to come to the mountain and to the special place of meeting to be with Me. You, in the Spirit, can be with Me at any time and at any place, for We dwell within you. Open your heart and let Me fill it with My love and grace.

Received 5-20-09

My heart is yours. My days are in Your hand to do what You desire in me and through me. I yield my life to You my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You have given me life and You have bought my life with Your blood. I am Yours. Bring glory to Your Name.

They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. I am making all things new. I am making a bride to be with Me. My arm is stretched out to accomplish this. Many are coming and many more will come. Those I have called are responding to My love. If you look to this world, you will be disappointed. If you look to Me, you will find life – joyous, fulfilling, uplifting, generous, giving, satisfying, peaceful, victorious, honoring, life to the full. No one can keep you from My love and blessing. You are Mine and I am Yours.

Received 5-25-09

I will not leave you. My words will never fail you. My truth I am writing in your heart. If you put your confidence and trust in Me, you will not be disappointed. Share what I have given you. Give it as a treasure of life. People need what you have found to be true.

Received 5-28-09

There is life, but only a few find it. They seek after what does not satisfy. What is in your heart can only be filled by Me. My well never runs dry. I have everything you need and more. I will bless and not curse you. The fruit I will produce in you will sustain you and bless others: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faith, meekness, humility, self-control, generosity, hospitality, wisdom, goodness, faithfulness, courage, boldness, trustworthiness, grace, forgiveness, mercy, truthfulness.

Received 6-1-09

Great is the Lord for He is firm in His dealings with the world He created, yet merciful to those who cry out to Him. Precious are Your thoughts of me for I know that you have blessings I don’t deserve.

Received 6-16-09

When I am weak, God is strong. He seems to want me to be so fed up with my own feeble efforts that I call upon Him in desperation. Then He rescues me and I give Him praise. I’m trying to seek Him first to avoid the pain of my failures, but I guess I still have my own backup plan. As I struggle with weakness and fatigue over my heart condition, I am calling on Him to heal me, but I also am thinking of what the doctors will do. Thank You God for being my healer and thank You for giving doctors wisdom and skill in treating my heart.

I am your healer. I am everything you need. Trust in Me. Lean on Me. I will not fail you.

Received 6-23-09

The more you are willing to die to yourself, the more I can fill you with Myself. Who is in control of your life? You or Me? What is really important? Allow Me to break up the hard soil of your heart.

Received 6-30-09

God is faithful to Himself and His Word. He can be trusted. He is an unyielding anchor in the storm, a foundation that never gives way. He is a standard for life for He created life. His ways are to be pursued for they bring reward and satisfaction. Nothing is as important as knowing God. Life without Him is empty and worthless.

Received 7-9-09

I am with you. Do not be afraid. You will live to glorify Me in all that you do. Your weakness will be your strength for you will depend on Me. I am everything you need or want.

Received 7-16-09

The ways of man will fail you. Trust in Me for I will never fail you. Even when there seems to be no hope, I will be there to make a way for you. The dead shall rise first and be in My presence. My plan will stand. My grace is more than sufficient to cover you. All things are possible for those who believe in Me. I love you.

Received 7-24-09

My grace is more than sufficient for all that you need. Lean on Me, rely on Me, trust in Me and put your hope in Me. I will not disappoint you.

Received 8-3-09

My heart is steadfast, trusting in the Name of My God. He is able to do all that is good for me. You are my Rock, unchanging strength. Your love never fails, Your mercy endures forever. In Your presence there is fullness of joy and peace.

The one who puts their trust in Me will not be disappointed. I will reward those who fear Me and love Me.

Received 8-9-09

I am realizing Lord, that it’s not important what I want, but what You want for me and for me to do with You. My plans for retirement are just my plans. I yield to Your plan for the rest of my life, whether I continue to work at the FAA or at another job, what my volunteer activities are, what my leisure and vacation plans are and what my hobbies are. I look forward to Your direction and fellowship as You live with Me and I try to live with You. I don’t want to be doing unproductive, rebellious things that don’t add to Your kingdom or Your will for my life. By Your grace please change my thoughts, desires and attitudes to align with You. Amen.

Received 8-22-09

Jesus is Lord and He will come in victory to silence His enemies, to expose their folly and rebellion. He will avenge His own who have persevered in their faith. Your eyes will not see this, but you will see Me.

Received 8-30-09

Great is the Lord who works to accomplish His will among the nations and peoples of the world. He raises up one and brings low another.

I will be with you as I am with you now. Do not be afraid, trust in Me. You will see Me at work in your life and in others.

Received 9-9-09

I am carrying you. My grace is with you. Open your ears to hear My voice throughout the day. Praise Me and bring Me into your conversation. It pleases Me that you are seeking to understand My Word. Ask of Me and I will reveal more than you could understand. Some things about the end times are to remain mysterious and only those called to be alive during that time will understand. But I have given each person a sense of My return and judgment so that they will fear Me and seek to know Me. My patience and grace is greater than man’s, though I will bring judgment on all who rebel and refuse to believe. The influence and deception of the enemy will increase and you will be amazed at how blind they can be to the truth. Pray for their eyes to be opened. My Spirit is working even in your family and those around you. The stubbornness of a man can be great, for they mistakenly blame Me for the hurts in their lives. Rather I would have them cry out to Me and be healed. But their pride and willfulness holds them back. Pray and give My angels charge to work.

Do not be concerned about your health for I will carry you through. Trust Me and give Me praise for I am working. Experience the compassion I have for the weak and hurting and be gracious to others rather than being judgmental. All are hurting in different ways, even My servants who are doing My will. It is the curse of mankind. But My grace is stronger and those who call upon Me will be blessed in many ways.

Your country is reaping its due for its rebellion and immorality. It will slide into difficulty just as many countries and peoples struggle in their rebellion and pride. Do not think that America is unique. Yes, many who originally came were striving to please Me. But many have come and your hearts are far from Me. Do not seek a solution from man. Call out for My mercy. Look at your own heart. Many are seeking their own pleasure and comfort, blind to the hurting around them and blind to their need for Me. The deceit of power is corrupting your leaders.

Received 9-11-09

The mysteries of the universe are hidden so that man would always seek Me for answers. I reveal My truth through the order you see. Seedtime and harvest, summer then winter, birth and death, sadness and joy – these are the unchanging aspects of life. I am present in it all for those who seek Me.

I am guiding your life whether you are realizing it or not. Give Me praise for each day. Experience the joy of life in Me.

Received 9-18-09

Keep your eyes and ears open and you will witness My power and glory manifested among you. Allow My Spirit to direct and guide you. Pray often and with confidence that I am doing wonderful things. Yes and Amen. Do you believe this? Put your faith in Me and you won’t be disappointed.

Received 9-21-09

What you have witnessed is only the beginning. As you submit to Me I will use you to bless others. Do not try to make a name for yourself, but work to serve Me and My body. My Spirit is always at work. You will see His power working through you. Trust and believe. Respond in faith. You are not perfect and sometimes you will fail. Learn and look to Me for guidance.

Received 9-22-09

I will use you in powerful ways if you are willing to listen to My Spirit. I want to show My love to people and you could be My voice. You admire your friend who seems to easily speak with others. You could learn to do that as My love in you for others overcomes your fears. Pray and believe Me for the opportunities and you will be blessed. I will open doors for you and you will see My glory manifested.

Received 9-28-09

Who are you to judge? Do you understand all mysteries? Can you see what is in a man’s heart? Each man will stand before Me to give an account for his life, but you won’t be there to advise Me. Pray for the lost. Pray for your family. Love them as I have loved you, without judgment.

Received 10-3-09

My grace is sufficient for you in all things. My power is manifested to those who seek Me with all of their heart. Come to Me with a humble and dependent heart.

Received 10-7-09

Your desire will be fulfilled as you trust in Me. My power is great. You see how I am using you with other men. This I will do and more as you are open and available. Rely on My Spirit for wisdom and knowledge. My ways are not your ways, neither are My thoughts like your thoughts. Learn to believe and act on what I tell you. You will be blessed if you do.

Received 10-11-09

The days of harvest are here. Reap and then sow. Sow seeds of life and the fruit will come back to you.

Received 10-21-09

My eyes will see the glory of the Lord. My heart will rejoice in God my Savior. Dwell on the things of God. Let them be your daily bread, your constant companion.

Received 10-29-09

My ways will bring you life and joy and peace. They will satisfy your soul. I will be with you when everyone else turns away. I will sustain you. Do not be afraid, but trust in Me.

Received 11-3-09

How can I give you the desires of your heart when you don’t know what they are? Where is the unity in your household? Let your mind dwell on Me and I will reveal what is in My heart for you and your family. I made you in My image and likeness and I gave you all that you need to fulfill my purposes and desires. It is not within you, but it is within Me to do what pleases Me through your life. Rest and abide in Me. My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are My ways your ways. What you think of as small is great in My eyes. What you think of as great is small before Me. Discover what pleases Me and you will find true life.

Received 11-11-09

Will this be a new beginning for you? You have faced your frailties and limitations. Now you will see My power and glory manifested through you. Trust in Me.

Received 11-23-09

Today is the day of salvation. You will see Me at work in the people around you and in the world. My hand is not limited. Let Me fulfill the words of hope and life. People are responding to My call. Let your voice be heard. Let Me speak through you. Acts of love will speak loudly.

Received 11-26-09

Thank You for the cross Lord. Thank You for dying in my place, bearing my sin and shame. Thank You for rising from the grave to give me hope of life after this life spent with You. Nothing compares with the knowledge of Your love for me. You are a wonderful and loving God.

Do not put your trust in any man. Only I can satisfy. Only I can bring the changes you desire in this world. Know that I am working. I have not stopped working to accomplish the Father’s will. Rest and peace are in Me. This world is not about you. It is to bring glory to My Father. Spend your energy on what I am doing in My Kingdom. That is what counts.

Received 12-10-09

I love you and I will not take My love from you. I will be your delight as you delight in Me. I will be your rescuer as you call upon Me. All things are Mine and I will bless My people beyond their fleshly desires. What I give cannot be taken away. What I give comes from within and springs up to bring hope and joy. Your weaknesses will be overcome by My strength. All the days of your life are before Me and I will direct your steps. Put your trust in Me and you will never be disappointed.

Received 12-15-09

There is joy for the one who finds Me. He will live in peace and the storms of life will not shake him, for he trusts in Me. He rests in Me and yet accomplishes much for My kingdom. His ways are before Me and his steps will be guided by My hand. Truth is on his lips and he speaks of the way of salvation. My Spirit will not leave him. He has wisdom and insight that can’t be found from man. Death, where is thy sting? The man I love will be with Me forever.

Received 12-24-09

The days of evil are passing. The Light is shining and people are being drawn to it. The gate to life is being opened as never before. The path is being made clear. You will help people find the way. My truth will be revealed and eyes will be blinded no more. The lies of the enemy will be exposed. Proclaim the resurrected Christ, the One who gives life.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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