Received 1-5-10

The ways of man are before Me. I know you and see your heart and thoughts. Yes, you wander, but you come back to Me. You hunger for truth and righteousness. You are touched by My presence. I will lead you. I will direct your steps. Trust Me. Live your life fully before Me. Don’t hold back. Don’t be complacent. Do what you know to do and then you will see fruitfulness.

Received 1-8-10

There will never be a day like today. You will have opportunities designed for today. Let your words bring life to all around you. The harvest is ripe. Do not be dismayed by what is happening in the world. I am in control and My plan will be revealed to all. Sin and darkness are increasing, but My grace is increasing all the more.

Received 1-14-10

Let your heart love. Repent of your bitterness and hardness of heart. Let Me love you and show you love.

The spirit of Antichrist is cold and without love. The love of many will grow cold. Without the influence of My Spirit, the world would be in chaos and war, even more than it is now. Sin is rampant and must be restrained. Laws and governments can try, but they can’t change the heart.

Received 1-18-10

Walk in My light. Follow the truth from My Word. Keep your heart faithful to Me. Don’t let the things of this world capture your heart. I will extend My grace to help you. Be patient and trust in Me. All things are Mine. All peoples are Mine.

Received 1-30-10

Be at peace, but not complacent for many need to know Me. Do not be satisfied with your relationship with Me.

Give of yourself to others. Let Me guide you. You know that people are more important than things.

Received 2-5-10

Today is the day of salvation. I am calling My people to come to Me. My arms are outstretched to draw you in. Give up that which holds you back. Give your life freely to Me. Surrender and receive the freedom I give. I will empower you from on high. My Spirit will guide you. I am near and all mankind will see My glory. Some will have fear. Some will have joy. I am your God and King. Men from all ages have waited for this day and it is now.

The heavens will be opened up. I will reveal Myself to all who are seeking the Truth. Many have rejected Me and desire only to do what they want. But I am calling many. I am drawing many to My throne. They are being made new and clean. I am giving them My Spirit. Let your faith see Me in what is going on. Do not see with your natural eyes only, but discern with the lens of My Spirit. I am here to reveal and not to hide. My Truth will be evident to all. Some may not accept it. I will subdue the forces of the Enemy. I will set free what I have created. All will bring Me glory and praise. You will experience great peace and joy. You will dance about as one freed from chains.

Received 2-15-10

Be at peace. Give your self to Me and you will be blessed. My covering has been over your life. At times you have seen this. This is the heritage of the ones I have called to be with Me forever.

We sang a song (Here in Your Presence) at church that focused on being in the presence of the Lord and what that is like. I pictured all of mankind bowing before Him. No one could speak. All were overwhelmed by His majesty, beauty, glory and holiness. The unbelievers saw the lie they had followed to their shame and destruction. Believers saw the One who took away their sins and the joy that would be theirs forever.

Received 2-23-10

What I have revealed in the past to My disciples I will make known to you and to those who are seeking Me. I am not a god who hides. I am the Revealer of Truth and Life. I am Love and I shower My own with My love. All of creation waits for the restoration. As you continue to say yes to Me, I will bless you more and more. I am looking for a people that I can bless. My storehouse of blessings is full and can never be diminished.

Received 3-3-10

I will speak to your heart. I will let you know what I am thinking. I am thinking about you and My plans for you. I am going before you to make a way. Do you believe this? Trust that I am leading you. Take each day as a gift from Me.

Received 3-7-10

Today is another day of salvation and life. My arms are opened wide to receive those I have drawn to be with Me. My love has won them over. Rejoice with Me and be glad. Let Me be your dreams and future. I will satisfy.

Received 3-9-10

I will speak to My people and they will hear. You will know what I am doing. You will see with your eyes and know in your heart that I am God and there is no other. Even the unbeliever will wonder at what he sees taking place. Even so, he will not respond to My invitation. Do not be fearful, but have expectant hearts. Rejoice that I am near. My peace will sustain you.

Be content in what you have. Be thankful for My provision. Work as unto Me. Pray that My will be done in those around you.

Received 3-18-10

I will bless those who are Mine. I will extend them My favor. They will see when others stumble. They will carry My righteousness, their sins will be remembered no more. Do not be afraid. This world will pass away and what will come will be glorious. Do not be concerned about your life for I will sustain you and keep you near to Me. Do not be concerned for your children for they are Mine. You will see them return to the God of their youth. The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. People are earning their wages every day. My people are receiving from My hand.

Received 4-1-10

My glory will be revealed to those who seek Me with all of their heart. I desire to be with you. Do you desire to be with Me? Blessing are for those who follow Me, for I give from My heart love and grace. As your eyes are fixed on Me, you will avoid the snares of this world. You will choose to do My will and to obey My commands.

Received 4-4-10

This day is for Me. Honor Me and give Me praise. I am coming soon, but the world is unaware. I will shake the things that can be shaken and some will take notice. None of the world events really matter because I am in control. My hand is strong and I will accomplish My purposes established from the beginning of time. I created time for you. There is no time with Me. Examine your life and let My Holy Spirit enlighten you. Your time is short and you must be doing what is important to Me. Others may, but you must be about doing My will.

Use discernment with prayer and not judgment. Cover those you are with at any one time with a prayer of My blessing. You will witness a different atmosphere, an openness to Me and a willingness to share life in truth.

I was aware of your sin on the cross, but it is gone now. You are covered in My robe of righteousness and grace.

Replace the coldness in your heart with My love. Cry out and intercede. Wail and mourn over the sins you see. Recognize Who they are sinning against. Yes, sinners will sin, but they are living in unbelief and self-deception given by the Enemy. Break off the chains in prayer. Open eyes in prayer. Release truth in prayer. Soften hard hearts in prayer. You will know how to pray as you begin to intercede for My Spirit will guide you. Speak Life over them and blessing.

Received 4-12-10

Grace and peace to those who seek after Me. I will be found. I will reveal Myself to them. Your cares will be Mine. I will intercede. Nothing is impossible with Me. My creation will rejoice. Ask of Me big things that will bring Me glory. My Name is written on the palm of your hand, you are Mine.

Received 4-17-10

Cry out. Wake them up. They don’t realize that judgment is near. Some will hear and repent before it is too late. Guard your heart to keep it from being stained by the world. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy.

Received 4-22-10

Grace and peace are found only in Me. Don’t mistake the counterfeit from the enemy that comes from the things of this world. They are temporary at best and have a negative after effect. Mine are from within, despite the circumstances, with power from on high.

Received 5-7-10

Many will seek Me on that day, but it will be too late. They don’t realize what they must do. Tell them before it is too late. You have the words of life. You are spreading seeds, but give them the truth too. Let me fill you with grace to help you speak clearly. People can be deceived by their own worldly thoughts and ideas. They don’t want to give up what they think is freedom, but what is really slavery to rebellion and sin.

You are holy and just. You are gathering a people and body to be with you. Your plan of salvation is wonderful. Even this moment you are working and changing lives. Your Spirit is powerful and persistent. Blessed be God the Father of all life.

Received 5-13-10

Where there is life there is freedom, freedom from the snare of sin. Let not your heart be troubled, believe in Me and I will take care of you and your loved ones. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. My power is strong for those who know Me and who call upon Me in faith.

Received 5-20-10

Look at your heart. Where is your desire? Find rest in Me. I AM here for you.

Received 5-31-10

I had a dream where God’s anointing was strong on me. I witnessed freely. Even at the jail, I sensed His leading and prayed for healing and many were touched by God.

I will use you if you trust in Me. I am the One who is working and doing great things. I have not stopped working. I want My people to be My hands and feet to go a proclaim the truth of the gospel. Tell them that I love them. Let your eyes be open to the needs around you. People are hurting and people need Me. Be bold and strong, for the Lord Thy God is with thee.

Received 6-3-10

I am answering your prayers for revival. It won’t be as you might expect. It will hurt many, but only in the things that don’t really matter. I will rescue those with broken hearts who call upon Me in their distress. I will bring low those who are trusting in themselves or in other men. The righteous will shine. Those near to them will see My love and kindness. Learn what it means to be otherly – to think of others.

Received 6-9-10

I am calling out to My people words of love, words of correction as a father would do for his children. Don’t be deceived by your pride. All have sinned and fallen short of My glory and righteousness. Humble yourself before Me. Acknowledge your sins. Let Me wash you with My Word and make you clean.

Received 6-16-10

Proclaim the truth, don’t hold back. People need to hear and be challenged in their stupor of unbelief. Allow My Spirit to wash over you to transform you into My likeness and image. I will shine out from you. Just as the people saw the face of God in Stephen’s face as they were stoning him, so will they see Me in you as you allow My Spirit to overtake you.

Received 6-30-10

My grace is sufficient for your well-being and life. I will carry you through to be with Me. You are precious to Me for I called you by name and chose you to be one of My own. By My Spirit I am transforming you to be like Me. Your thoughts and attitudes and choices are graced so that it is My Spirit moving you and not yourself. Seek Me as one who is blind or deaf, looking for My will, pleasing and perfect in every way. My way is full of righteousness and fruitfulness and peace.

Received 7-8-10

Your words are true. You are faithful to Your promises. You mean what You say. We wait expectantly for You to come again Lord Jesus to restore Your creation to what You intended from the beginning. Be glorified.

Walk forward toward the light. Pursue righteousness. Make it your clothing. Be zealous for the things of God. Give yourselves fully to the work I put before you to do. I will guide your steps. You will be covered with peace.

Received 7-12-10

I AM Love. I will be your source of love. Let your heart be changed and filled with My love.

Received 7-19-10

Do not be afraid for I am with you. Your future is in My hands. I have a plan for you that is wonderful. Trust Me to bring it to pass.

Lift your eyes to My throne. See what is taking place. The world is much bigger than what you can see. Men are struggling, but men are turning to Me. Sin is rampant, but My grace is greater still. My arm is not too short to rescue those who cry out to Me. My love never runs out.

Received 7-23-10

I will always call you forward and not backward. Your only rest will be found in Me. You will gain strength as you do My pleasure and bidding. Your spirit will soar to be with Me. Know that I love you and have from the beginning of time.

Received 7-30-10

Be not afraid for I am with you. What you see with your eyes will not always be. I am working. Pray and give them to Me. I am their (Laura and Brian and Kelly) Maker.

There is only one Truth. Do not believe any lies from this world. It is corrupted by sin and the Enemy. Focus on Me and my Word. Dwell on My Words. Let them influence your thinking and actions. You will be lifted up above what is happening. Soon you will be with Me forever. Your Spirit will gain strength and knowledge and wisdom. All things are Mine. You are Mine. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 8-7-10

You are Mine. Repent and believe all that My Word says. Obey it fully with an attitude of submission and gratitude. Speak truth and life. Do not be careless with your words as those in the world do.  You are My representative to those around you. My presence is with you.

Received 8-13-10

What is your desire? Is it Me or the things of this world? I will bless you and keep you. Walk in My ways. Guard your heart. Do not look to man or to yourself, but to Me. Be at peace.

You can work and you can play. You can serve Me and give Me praise. Be at peace. I am with you. I will direct your steps.

Received 8-14-10

All things are Mine. I know everything about you. Your heart is Mine and I will guide your steps. This world is fading away, but I will increase and all will see Me. Be faithful to My Word. Eat it as daily bread. You can pray and I will hear. I will open the windows of heaven and pour out My blessings. The Prince of Peace will be made known and the arm of the Lord will be revealed. Peace to those who love peace, and wrath and judgment to those who seek only themselves and who have believed the lie.

Received 8-15-10

Guard your steps. Guard your thoughts. In all your ways look to Me. Do not claim what is not yours. Be humble, submissive and dependent before Me. Be a steward of what I entrust to your care.

Received 8-19-10

Life is precious. When a person comes to Me, he finds true life. You have found life and your heart is full of joy and peace. Give to others this life. Be gracious and kind. Think of others and not yourself.

Received 8-29-10

Life is a gift given by the Creator of all life. Each day will have challenges and rewards. My plans for you are good. They are good for you and for the others I will bless through you. If you will trust Me fully and have an expectant heart always looking to see My direction, there will be no surprises, but only opportunities to bless. My joy is in you. Give and give again. Give of the fruit of your labors and give of your self.

Received 9-4-10

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Avoid every area of sin as if one slip would kill you. Watch your steps. Guard your mind. There is life in Me, but destruction for those who follow their own foolish ways. My grace is sufficient for those who seek Me. But for those who refuse to believe, they will not be shown mercy. People are watching you. People are hungry for the truth and for life, but they don’t know how to find it. Speak life and truth.

Received 9-15-10

There is life in Me. Seek Me for everything. My eyes are upon you to guide you and make a way for you in the desert. Do not fear for I am with you. Put your trust in Me and you will not be disappointed.

Received 9-20-10

I was in bed just barely awake, repeating some of the song: My Hope. I said the phrase: all I am is yours.  God quickly replied: I’ll take it.

Do all in your power to bless others. Give of yourself sacrificially. You are Mine. Walk down the path I will lead you. Do not turn to the left or to the right, but be faithful to do what I ask of you. I will give you grace and power to accomplish what I desire from you. Be at peace. It will be good just as I am good. Show mercy and kindness. Do not take the credit for what is done, but give it to Me. Watch and see the fruit of your labor. It will be glorious. Take each day as a gift from Me. That is all for now.

Received 9-27-10

Love and love again, even when there is no return. Love should be your first reaction. Banish anger from your mind, for its root is pride. Do not mock or be critical of others or you will receive the same in return. Be at peace and live in peace so far as it is in your control. Express love in kindness and respect, forgiveness and understanding. Do as you would want others to do for you. Live free of the snares of sin, and you will be blessed.

Received 10-3-10

In all your ways acknowledge Me. Don’t be like the Israelites who didn’t seek Me in their decisions. Don’t trust in your own understanding. Let My peace guide you. Let My Word guide you.

The shaking will begin, but do not lose heart for I will protect and provide for My people. All will be affected in some way. Turn those around you to Me. Bring hope and life to them. Let them see your kindness and mercy. Darkness will come and men’s hearts will grow colder still. If it were not for My Spirit there would be utter chaos and mayhem. Be faithful to Me. Your leaders will fail you as confusion reigns. They will be stymied by indecision and corruption.

Received 10-7-10

The joy of the Lord is your strength. When you think of Me I will speak to you. Turn your mind to Me often. Let Me renew you. Don’t live in ignorance, but grow in the knowledge of the Lord. Let Me be your teacher. The ways of man are before Me. My heart is saddened. Who will go to tell them to repent? Who will share about My love and grace and mercy?

Received 10-11-10

They that wait upon Me will be renewed. I will lift their burdens. I will sustain them in their times of trial. Those around them will take notice. You are stained by the world whether you realize it or not. The more you are focused on Me and My Word, the less the world will influence you. Be strong and courageous in Me.

Received 10-17-10

Whether you walk or run, move in My direction. See what I am doing. Recognize the opportunities before you to serve and join with Me. Give and support others in their service. Be a friend and encourager to those who are serving. Lift up the hands that are weak and hanging down. Bind up the wounds of the hurting. Speak hope and life. Do this and you will be fruitful.

Received 10-27-10

Bless the Lord O my soul. You are a great and wonderful God, full of mercy and lovingkindness toward Your people. May Your Name be praised forevermore.

Give Me your strength. Do not be proud in your heart. Let Me be your strength and help and wisdom.

Received 11-7-10

In all your ways acknowledge Me. Do not be discouraged, but trust in Me. I will be your thoughts and memory. I will grant you wisdom to know what to do. Trust in Me and rely upon My Word.

Received 11-14-10

My grace is sufficient for you. I am everything you need. I am your supply. I am your fortress and defender. I am your satisfaction and joy. I am the source of true life. No one who comes to Me will be disappointed. Seek Me daily and I will direct your steps. Call upon Me and I will grant you wisdom and knowledge. Trust Me.

Received 11-19-10

My Redeemer lives! Yes, and I will come to you and give you life forevermore. I will rescue My people. No one can snatch them from Me. I have sealed them forever with My Spirit. Even now, He holds them fast with a garment of grace and love. Instead of an iron chain, My love woos them. Though a man stray from the path of righteousness, I will draw him back to Me. Just as I breathed life into his flesh, I will breathe My Spirit upon him to transform him.

Received 11-23-10

You are recognizing the truth in My Words. I am with you to help you. You are not alone. My Spirit is over you to guide and instruct you. Come fill up from the rivers of life. Rejoice and give Me praise and your heart will soar.

Received 11-30-10

Great is the Lord who is the Mighty One, the Great I AM, the Deliverer and Song. He is worthy of all praise. Bow down before Him. Worship Him with your lips. Humble yourself before your Lord and God.

My ways are not your ways, nor are My thoughts like yours. I am working in ways you cannot see. Trust Me and be patient with an expectant heart and mind. Focus on Me and you will not be disappointed.

Received 12-4-10

What is Mine is Mine. You are Mine. Your family is Mine. Be at peace. Trust Me to do what is in your heart for your family. Speak about Me and let them see your love for Me. Give Me praise out loud. I AM the Resurrection and the Life. He who comes to Me will find life forevermore.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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