Knowledge can be helpful. Gaining experience from what others have done is the source of wisdom. This is true in the world, as well as learning from the mistakes and failures of people in relationships and in life. My Word contains many examples of behavior that brings destruction. My Son is the example of how to really live in the power of My Spirit and in obedience to My will. He was Life for all to see. He displayed grace and truth. He showed My compassion and love. Follow His Way. Trust in Me.


I am the One people need. You can’t save or deliver them, but I can and will if they call upon Me.


Be at peace for I am covering you. I want to bless you so that you can bless others. There is life in Me. There is hope in Me. Cast your cares and burdens over to Me.


You have prayed. I have responded. Let the world know that I answer the prayers of My people. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. When you are doing My work, ask Me to do what you cannot do. Don’t be wise in your own strength or wisdom. Pray, and watch Me work to accomplish My will. I will be glorified.


Pay attention to what I say. Listen to My words. Compare what I reveal to you with what I have said in the past. Ask Me questions. These will be hard times for some. Their budgets will be stressed with increases. The political scene will be chaotic with charges and lies. I will intervene to accomplish My will.

You have weathered this storm. Continue to seek Me for guidance. She is vulnerable. She needs your love and attention. Support her thoughts and ideas. Closeness will return if you intentionally work on it with My help. Stay away from arguing. Instead be positive and full of grace. Woo her with acts of kindness.


I will guide you and train you. Life is full of learning. You are either actively seeking truth, knowledge and wisdom, or it comes through your experiences, which can be good or bad. Both can be meaningful and helpful to you to grow and mature. The important thing is to pay attention to learn from what is happening. I am Truth and Knowledge and Wisdom. Come to Me to ask.


Can you do My Word with obedience and joy? Can you obey My commands even to your hurt? Who will judge your life at the end? A sacrifice is temporary, a service is better to help another. Love can motivate both. I have sacrificed for you. I have shown the Way to Life.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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