I will make a way. The darkness will not overcome My Light. It only takes a little light to remove the dark. How are My people praying? Are they looking for a solution involving political leaders? Do they really want a revival of repentance and humbling? Where is your sacrifice in prayer? You pray, but you ask for many things. Your motives are mixed and changing. You trust Me and recognize that only I can bring the real solution.

Men will say a lot of promises, but will do much less than promised. Men will compromise. Men will seek after what helps themselves in the short run. They can’t do things because of others and the cumbersome process of governing.

What am I looking for in My people? Am I really waiting for their hearts to cry out in unity and desperation? Ultimately it will be My grace that causes My action to fulfill My will. But I am moved by the prayers of My people.


Keep seeking and you will find. I have all the answers to your questions. Sometimes the answers are found just in seeking Me. Other things just aren’t very important compared to who I am.


When I work in someone’s life, I keep working. I see the end from the beginning. I know what I am doing. Just rest in Me. You won’t fully understand until the end of your days. Even then you will just have to trust in Me. What I do in one, is different than what I do in another. I like variety, but some of it depends on how you respond to your calling of faith and obedience to what is revealed to you.

Time is slowing for you so that you can focus on Me and My Word revealed and written down for all to see. Ask Me to reveal truth to you in what you read and know. You are helping others to also seek after Me.


Be gracious and kind, loving and truthful. Speak to bring life and wholeness. I am the Source of Life in its fulness.


I will guide you, just ask. I am giving you wisdom and knowledge. Rest in Me to know what to do.


Allow Me to work in you for My good.


I have provided for you in many ways. I have saved and delivered you so that you can be with Me in My holiness. I have given you My Spirit. He has helped you in ways you do not realize.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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