Rejoice. Let your joy be seen. And be thankful for what I have done for you. Let the world know that Jesus saves!


There is a way that few will find. It leads to real life in Me. It goes where you don’t expect at times, through hardships and pain, but on the other side are rewards for faithfulness and obedience, which can’t be found in any other way. O, there are times for rejoicing, when others are blessed through your efforts. Great are the rewards for My faithful ones. The heavens declare My glory and My creation brings forth praise.

You can find wisdom from many sources. Be sure they are from Me. Confirm them from My Word and what you know of Me. I am the Source of true wisdom and knowledge.


I don’t crash or fail to remember. I am faithful. I am reliable and truthful. You should be like this, and I will help you. I can keep you from making mistakes as you rely on Me.


I have gifted you to do many things, but what I really want is you. I want your heart and all that is within you to be focused on Me. I want you to seek after Me with intensity, yes as a thirsty man in a dry country. Nothing else should satisfy your soul. Subdue your flesh with its desires. Guard over your heart and mind to keep them pure. Be a living example of devotion to Me.

I am guiding you to keep you on My path and to learn from what is happening. Keep open to My Spirit. Pay attention. Listen to others, but glean what is from Me. You may not realize the results of a disciplined life, devoted to Me, but your fruit will be seen. Rather My fruit in you, will be seen. That is what abiding will do.


My time had come. It was a long night and a hard morning. Many people were involved to share in the blame for the events. Sinful human nature took over as people were given permission to be evil and cruel. As painful as it was, my body wanted the singular pain of the cross to begin. As My body shut down from the pain, and My strength drained away, there were still things to do and words to say. It was painful and humiliating, sad. Still people were constrained by My Father.

The Roman soldiers were used to death in this way, but the crowds of onlookers was not normal. Many people came to see Me on the cross for them. They witnessed the inhumanity that was within themselves. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself. It was not business as usual on that dark day. Still My Spirit was active. People who were traveling into the city saw Me.

When I died, My body still hung there, as My spirit rose. The pain was over. The debt was paid. The sacrifice for mankind done.


Come unto Me all who labor, and I will give you rest. My body rested on the Sabbath in the tomb. I did not come back to life as a man. I was resurrected to new life with a spiritual body. Someday you will experience this in your own way.

You are My chosen vessel to reach many for My sake, directly and indirectly, as you live out your walk before Me and other people.


My body was raised and so will yours be raised. Death may take your body for a time, but your spirit will join with Me in a new life. Your spiritual body will have more senses to appreciate the beauty and magnitude of heaven for eternity. Just as your new hearing aids brought sound alive for you, you will be aware of all that is good and full of life. You will begin to see what I see in people, in life, a story of redemption and healing, new life rising out of death. You will share joy and thanksgiving with others. You will be excited and amazed. Even as you look upon those on the earth, you will see into their future for the good that will come. Prayer will become new, as you agree with My will. Begin now to prayer for those you love, for My perfect will to be lived out in them. Trust Me to do what I have promised to do.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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