I am with you to prosper you in what I am doing through you. I will provide and guide you. Knowledge and wisdom are My contributions. Just ask Me.


My Word will go forth to all the ends of the earth. The message of life is simple – turn to Me, believe in Me, call upon Me and you will find life in Me. I respond and bring salvation.


Be prepared with My Word solidly as your foundation for truth. The deceiver has misled many with his lies. I know what is in a man. Many were following Me not to find Me, but to gain something for themselves. People want things without paying the price to get them. There is a cost to follow Me. The gift of salvation is free, but living it out is costly, demanding your life in obedience to Me and My commands. I show the way of life, but only a few really find it. You have learned this. The level of commitment and obedience determines the rewards of sacrifice. There are lasting rewards.

All will fail without My help. The flesh is weak and easily swayed to turn aside. Rely on My Spirit to empower your spirit to remain faithful to what I have called you to do – namely to follow Me and live like Me. You are Mine and I am yours. Together we have victory over sin and death. I am your keeper and your great reward. I am the fruit of a faithful life in pursuing righteousness and truth. I am salvation for your soul.


Rejoice with Me for I have found what was lost. This is a human experience that most people have. The prodigal has returned after coming to his senses. This too is a time for joy on a deeper level, because of the longer time generally involved, and the anxiety and prayers involved. Why do I allow people to go astray into sin and rebellion? Is the returning that important? Some never return and are lost. My love is great for those I have created.

You must choose to be obedient. Following Me brings choices and challenges. Faith and trust are learned in hardship, and tested in good times.


I did make the world so that people would seek after the Creator. If you could only see your solar system, would that have been enough? What about seeing into the Milky Way constellation? How much greater the magnitude of seeing into the vastness of billions and billions of stars? Yes, that would make Me indescribable. Or to peer into the minutest particle of the atom, or the intricacy of human life? As much as I have made things to discover and marvel at, I have left many mysteries which will never be understood. I am a God of order and precision, rule and principle. Yet I gave free will to My special creature, man. I gave limited choice to the animals and creatures. I made spiritual beings to serve Me that you cannot see, except rarely. I reveal Myself in dreams and visions and special revelations. I reveal Myself to the spirit of a man as he seeks Me.

A fool ignores all of this.

I gave you My Son, who walked among you.


I will come when no one is looking. I will come to rescue My people. I will come to judge those who have rejected Me and refused My gift of salvation. I will come to bring My justice and truth. I will come to rule over the world I created.

This life on earth is only the beginning of real life with Me. I want much more for you than this. Respond in faithfulness to My Word and My personal revelation to you. Get all you can from this experience.  


The world will see Me again. I am pleased when men seek Me with their minds to try to understand who I am and what I have done. But it is better to have faith, and essentially so. I leave My “signature” in many places, but it can only be seen by faith. I am the God behind everything which is good.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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