What is wisdom? Warnings to avoid evil and sin. Looking to Me for answers and direction. Obeying what is in My Word. I know what is right and just. I bless those who follow Me. Come and seek Me for the answers to your questions.

I am taking care of you. Do not fear, but believe. My grace empowers, but it also compensates for what sin does in this world. This is a spiritual battle so use the appropriate weapons.


I am coming soon, but you are not ready. Unbelievers are unaware, and that is to be expected. My people are asleep. Some prophets are seeking answers. This war is unusual, but it doesn’t make sense. How does it impact Israel? It shows a weak America, and that doesn’t help weak countries like Israel. They will be on their own when attacked. No one wants a nuclear war. But crazy evil leaders will attempt to use their arsenal. Who is to stop them? Nuclear weapons were to be a deterrent. But if leaders won’t show any inclination to use them, they are like guns without bullets.

Who is the charismatic world leader to come in and broker a peace deal? No one has any standing or influence. An outsider, maybe. Will some cities be destroyed while nations look on? Can I erase and contain the effects of a nuclear weapon? Nuclear plants have failed and released their radiation. What has happened? In hardship people turn to Me. Is that good enough to overcome the effects of war? Will that revival last when things turn good again?

These things are not for man to answer or decide. I have the answers. Be about doing what I have called you to do. Be My witnesses to a lost and dark world. Love as I have loved you.


To the one whom much is given, much will be required. Give away what you are learning and receiving. Share truth with grace. Allow the receiver to take what they will. My Spirit is at work in both giver and receiver. People need a combination of truth from My Word and a testimony of personal experience or story to make it come alive and be practical. They story need not be yours, but it should be truthful and real.

How would you describe a hardness of heart? Pharoah was stubborn. For a time My disciples could not receive what I was telling them about My death. If you focus with the eyes of this world in your heart, you won’t be able to understand spiritual truth discerned with faith and the help of My Spirit. If you can’t see from My perspective and with My purpose and will in mind, then nothing will satisfy your worldly mind.

I will be gracious to the one who is seeking. Thomas needed to see and touch to believe. Blessed are those who believe based on the testimony and accounts of others. My Word is true. Take it in and let My Spirit do His work in you. Nothing is impossible to those who believe.


When evil is released, people are harmed. The thief comes to destroy. I have come to bring life and to restore what was lost. I have redeemed My people, those who will call upon My Name.

Death comes for all. Are you prepared? You may be at peace, but still not really want to die. There is life ahead to live out, much to do for My kingdom. I know the day. Trust Me.


The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness therein. Everything I made is Mine, including you.

There is a peace that can only come through Me. Things may look grim and threatening, but I am with you. Does it matter if you die and come to Me? I continually care for people in need, not just victims of war. There is evil all over and people are suffering because of it. Soon this will end. I am faithful to My promises. Call upon Me.


Invite her into your world.


What is in the future, do you know? No, but I know. I see people living in peace, righteously before Me. How did this happen? A move of My Spirit. A sovereign change to the hearts of man. Will there be evil? Yes, but less than you might think. For how can evil exist in My presence? Does this mean I will return to the world I created? Yes, and this time it will be different. There will be a cleansing, a removal of the dross. What about My mercy? It will be given in abundance. Still judgment and justice will be shown.

A choice will be given as never before. I will reveal Myself. Sin will be confronted, and unbelief exposed in the hearts of man. I am a loving God. No man has seen this before or imagined how this could take place. Come follow Me, will be the choice, clear and unmistaken. My grace will be poured out. Gifts of mercy and kindness shown. Who can refuse My offer? Only those with hard hearts of stone. Some will proudly resist Me and be condemned by their choice.

Do you understand this? No, not now. But it will become clearer as I reveal Myself to the hearts of man. There will be no pretending, no deceiving Me. I will know the choices made. I will have fruit in My barn, a harvest to rejoice in. Grapes of the sweetest variety. A returning, an ingathering, especially in My people Israel. Will the world notice? Yes, it will be sovereignly done. My promises are good. I will fulfill My good word to the ancients. Some will be jealous in a good way. It will make My choice clearer. Come follow Me.

My sheep will know My voice. They will not follow a stranger. Walls will fall down in the hearts of man. Who can resist My love and kindness? Some will, but that is their choice to make. My people will be ambassadors to their neighbor. This is the way, walk in it. How many people will come? You will see and rejoice with My saints, My redeemed ones. I have paid the price, once for all who would come.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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