I will be found by those seeking Me. I enjoy them. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to Myself. This joy is Mine now as people believe in Me. I will acknowledge any faith in Me, in who I am, but it take faith from within the heart of man to be saved. Some only know Me as a man who lived long ago. Who am I to you?


How can this be, this revival? People are praying. Fear of death is good for the unbeliever. It would be better if they wanted to be in a relationship with their loving, good Creator. Tell them. Show them.


What a price I paid for you! I created you in My image and then I redeemed you. I am making you into My image again, My character. As you yield to Me, I am at work. My Spirit is crafting your experiences and people in your life to bring out the desired result. You have much to learn and grow into, but it is worth it. Continue to say yes to Me and no to the world. Don’t be lured by its deceitful ways. They are shallow and empty without fruit. I am Life for you and My people to truly live. You will be with Me forever, but your time on earth is limited.

I will direct your steps as I have in the past. It is a good path, so walk in it. Live for Me and not for yourself. This will be pleasant for your spirit.


What is the answer to the question why am I here? An open heart will acknowledge that I exist as Creator.  Will he call upon Me? Some will, and I will reveal Myself to them. Seek after those with open hearts. Pray for them. I am not hidden, just not what most are looking for. They are their own god, calling the shots of life, leading to death. But they don’t understand about Me. Love is the key. Use love to break down walls.

Love costs for it to be real. Words are cheap compared to sacrificial action. An encouraging word and showing interest helps open the door. Living with integrity helps. Doing what you say you will do is important.


I am with you. Look for positive things, then share them. Not gushy ones, but deep stories of good outcomes for people of faith. My intervention always brings good to situations. People of faith call upon Me for themselves and others. Not everyone is a reader, but many will read something short that inspires hope. With so much evil in the world, people need encouragement and hope. Isolation leads to depression.


The farmer sows the seed. He hopes for a large crop. He has been busy all year since the harvest preparing the soil. He has not been idle. He knows the results are now up to God, who provides the needed rain in season, and for the miracle of the seed coming to life in the soil. The farmer is patient, yet expectant. He watches for signs of growth. He plans for the harvest even now. He sees the new sprouts coming up through the soil into the light of day. He rejoices. He gives thanks to God.

Are you a good farmer planting seed? Where is your field? What kind of crop are you expecting? Are you praying? Are you looking for hungry men, seeking Me? Is your testimony fresh and ready on your lips? Are you caring for the young plants, making sure the fruit will come? Be about the Father’s business in the harvest field. Don’t be slack. Every word you speak can bring life. Are you alert? How are you preparing the soil? If you are casual about this, your harvest will reflect your efforts.


Do not despair over the challenges and hardships that will come. Just do what you can do as My Spirit leads you. The world is on My shoulders, not yours.

You will see fruitfulness in the mentoring, both in the mentees and mentors. People need each other. There is life in this. Rejoice and give thanks that you get to see this occur. I take joy in the transformation of My people. She will experience this too.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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