Rejoice and be glad for this is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice, again I say rejoice. Be thankful. I have been gracious and loving to you.

If you seek Me you will find Me. I am always present. Yes, this is a depth of relationship I desire for My people. I said we would come into them and make our abode. How much more can you experience Me?


There is nothing too difficult for Me. When My people pray, I listen. With all wisdom and knowledge, I act, I respond. Don’t just ask, listen too. Let My Spirit guide you. He can let you know what I am already doing. You would have more success in your prayers if you knew what I was doing. My Word reveals My will and plans. My Spirit lets you know timing and other factors. What I have done in the past through My Son, I will do again in the future through My people. There is nothing too difficult for Me.

Sometimes I will direct My people to pray and intercede. Other times, I want My people to take action. I can move kings and kingdoms, when My people are praying. Be aware of what the enemy is doing. He resists My will. He brings death and destruction, fear and unbelief. He distracts and deceives and lies. My people stand as beacons of light against what he is trying to do. You can be one of them. Guard your heart for purity and focus. Dwell on My Word. Focus your attention on My Spirit. Be aware of what is happening around you in your world. Take notice, but don’t be distracted with too much attention. I will show you what to do.


I have the answers. My Spirit is working to rescue her. She has a loving family. I have been sending people her way. I can do much more than you can ask of think. I love her more than you.

The world is full of people with problems. I have what they need. Tell them about Me.

Rescue the lost. Give them the keys to true life in Me. A simple faith in Me is all that it takes to start a new life. Who will tell them? Be winsome, but real.


I am with you to prosper you and give you hope. Never despair over the future, for I am in the future. When things get hard for people, then I am working to bring them to Myself. You were open to Me with just a simple testimony. How much more when I rescue a person from darkness and pain?

Salvation is full of grace and love. It is My gift to the world I made, to the man I made in My image. Just like My love, salvation must be received to be of any value. Not that it has low value, for it was very costly.


The world and everything in it is Mine. I have no needs. I am complete and whole. I am what you need and desire, deep in your spirit. I put that need there when I made you. People come to Me from many different places and situations. I love them all. I love you. Everyone is unique, yet needy. It is good to be weak and needy. This shapes the heart like no other way. You can recognize this in the natural with little to start out in your young married life. Life is simpler and basic. You appreciate more of what little you have, even in lack.

Things have little value compared to life in Me. Things never can satisfy. More begets the need for more, and each new item brings nothing permanent, other than more needs imagined and desired. The sooner you can die to the things of this world, the quicker you will grow in your appreciation of Me. I am what you really need. Comfort is transitory. The rich are easily bored. They have no real peace in the false security of riches. When death approaches, things cannot help much. A life wasted in things comes up short before Me.

Give and life becomes real. Give and you will be free. Give and you will be like Me, for I am a Giver of Life. I dispense joy and peace. My grace and mercy and love are priceless. My forgiveness and healing are available for the asking. I am what you really need.


I will help you remember what is important. Continue to put My Word into your mind and heart and spirit. Focus on who I AM, for that is where your faith will draw from.


Be exalted O God. You are high and lifted up. You are above all things. There is no one like You. You are my God.

I am many things to many people. I desire that people seek Me to try to know Me, to be with Me. I will be found for those who seek Me with all their hearts, in faith. I will not turn anyone away, even the desperate sinner or the self-righteous saint. All need Me.

I have compassion for My people. I know what they are going through. I like it when they come to Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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