The day will come when people will try to control you and what you do, but they can’t control your relationship with Me. My Spirit has more power. I will be your Source for real news. I will keep you up to date in all the important matters of life. My Word will ground you when things are changing. It is always true and reliable.


Can you seek after Me with a passion and fervor that blocks out all other things? Can your love for Me overrule all desires? The fruit of lips praising Me with imagination and truth, from My Word, from experiences. This is not for all, yet how freeing. My love for you is deeper than you can grasp. Seek to know Me and all your cares will disappear. Trouble brings growth and maturity. This is not an escape from responsibility and work, but a place and time to renew your life with Me at the center and core of who you are. In a good way, this relationship will permeate into everything you do and say.

I will come when no one is looking. The deception of the enemy will be strong. They will believe his lies. He has blinded their minds. He thinks he will win, but he is dead wrong. My eyes will look upon the hurting and outcast to rescue them. They will find help in Me.

Guard your mind in My Truth and be led by My Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth. Live for Me and you will not be disappointed. I will not let you fall. I will guard over you.


I am yours and you are Mine. What does this mean? Who you are and what you possess is Mine. These are a gift to you. Strive to have one mind with Me, to have My love, doing My purpose, and being unified by My Spirit.


Come to the waters and drink. Let your thirst be quenched in Me. What I have, you will want more, but I will satisfy and give you what you need. You will not want anything else as you give yourself to Me. As you draw close, My love will overpower you. My love will wipe away all sin and shame from the enemy. My righteousness will cover you as a shield. You will bow before My holiness and purity. There is nothing false in Me. I am what you need. I made you this way. My arms are opened wide to draw you in.


I am here. Just call upon Me. I enjoy our time together. I reveal and you learn. That is how it should be.

The world needs a Savior. It doesn’t seem to want One though, at least not the One who loves them enough to die for them. They seem to be too busy trying to live for themselves without Me. Too bad that won’t work. Keep praying and looking for opportunities to speak about Me. Some will listen. Some will respond because of My grace.

The world has been tested by this virus – peoples and governments and churches. Some have responded to My call in all this. Most have lived for themselves, selfishly. Sadly, this has been a test to prepare for My return. Will I find faith when I return? Leaders have been tested and some have shown what they are made of – for good or for bad. This virus will continue to a lesser extent for a time. Will My people come together around Me? Where is the repentance? Where is the humbling of self? Where is the prayer, earnest and with faith? People have been afraid and are still fearful. No one wants to die. Lies have been spread, but no one is held accountable. That is what the world does under the spell of the god of this world. I have broken his power. Keep praying and believing. I hear and I am at work.


There are many needs out there. Many souls are desperate, struggling. Will they ask for My help? They will say what they think they need to say to get help. When it is easy, they won’t really change what they are doing. Life is full of choices, and they have made bad ones. Others have been hurt by others and by circumstances out of their control.

I Am who I Am. People who are wise will seek after Me. I will be found by them. I can help them.


I am with you to refine and purify you from the desires of the flesh, to make you more like Me. Open up your heart and let Me fill you with My love and grace. Then you can live before Me and others to love and give grace to them. Does that sound good or what? Yes, you will walk as a living testimony of a changed person.

The time is short, so persevere and bear fruit until I come. I will make your life count. I will do this for My glory and glory of the Eternal Father.

You are always there. If I come and listen.

Yes, I have riches the world cannot match. They come with inner peace and joy.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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