Turn back to Me, not away. I will heal you. You have found strength in My Word.


There is an enemy monitoring what people do and say. My Spirit is greater in every way. Pray in My Spirit and you will thwart the schemes of the devil. My Spirit is like a scrambler, jamming the communications of the enemy. When My people praise Me, it sends a signal that drives the enemy crazy. The enemy, who sought the praise of men, will be denied. The enemy sought the praise of My Son, but was told to worship the Lord, your God only.


I will protect My people, those who trust in Me. The enemy is defeated, but he attacks and lies as if he is not. We must choose who to believe. We must call upon our God. Pray for those going through trials and hardships, especially when the battle is prolonged. How good is your faith? Do you expect to be instantly delivered from a trial? How many times will you pray in a trial? Will you praise Me in a trial? Will you thank Me in a trial?


I am with My people for good. I heal hearts and make them new. Sin loses its power as My people cry out to Me. My Word transforms. Do not fear for I will provide. I am your healer. Bow before Me in worship. Put aside your idols of man.


Give of yourself and I will give you more to give. I am with you to help you reach the men, to help them find their help in Me. Be a witness, give a testimony. Pray and fast for them.


There is a pathway that leads to the throne of God. It starts with repentance, salvation and restoration, then filling with My Spirit, then submission and obedience. Now you are prepared to bring forth praise and thanks to your Maker and Lord. You walk confidently on the path before you, doing what is there to do in My anointing and power. Blessings and provision abound. Peace and joy surround you. Each day is new with life. Sometimes it is just abiding in My Presence, communing, listening, learning, feasting to satisfy your soul and spirit. Occasionally life grows hard to expand your roots of trusting and dependency, faith building character. You have a testimony. People are attracted to you for you have found the way to life.

Psalm 1, 23, Micah 6:8, John 14:6


I enjoy our time together. Can we do this more often? Can you hear Me when other thoughts are competing? Come before Me at lunchtime. Present yourself as if coming before a king. Come into My courts with thanksgiving and praise. Bring an offering, the gift of an eager heart.

I will come to you as much as you seek after Me. I will train your ears to hear even more than you do now. Be open and respond in faith. You will be blessed as you bless others.

I am with you as always, speaking into your life and future.  I am glad that you trust Me. Trust is more than faith. It is surrender.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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