What is the nature of man? He has My nature, but he chose long ago to rebel in disobedience. He has desire to seek after Me. But he also has a nature to avoid My scrutiny or examination of what he is thinking and doing. Men will fail you – leaders, police, preachers, friends, family. You will fail yourself, doing what you don’t want to do, saying harmful words, believing lies about another, doubting My Word and who I am. Confess your sins one to another. Seek reconciliation and peace. All fall short of the glory of God and the way of righteousness. Only in Me can you find truth. Don’t relish the failures of man. Pray and intercede for them to repent, to call upon Me, to seek after the ways of My Spirit and My Son.


Watch and believe in Me. I am an anchor for your soul. You are helping people hear from My Spirit. Keep your words personal. Not all will hear and understand. My Words are truth to be sought after.


I control your destiny and your steps to get there. This is the heritage for those who submit themselves to My Lordship and rule. The world is going one way and My people are going My way. Keep your eyes on the King. Live for Him and for His glory.


Appearances can deceive. A poor man can be rich. A rich man can owe so much, he is poor. With My Spirit you can discern inner peace or troubling confusion. Who knew that a tax collector could be one of My apostles, let alone a disciple? I see the heart. I see the eager spirit. Seek the truth found in Me.


Be at peace. I know all that you need to know. Just ask Me. The world is changing quickly. I am exposing the hearts of many. Rejoice and be glad for I am coming and I will make everything right. I am pleased when My people seek after Me. It is not about performance. It is about relationship. I am making you into My image and character. Is that alright? Yes, it is good.


There is a choice to make. Are you going to serve Me or yourself? What is your desire? Where is your hope? What does the future hold for you? Are you abiding with Me? Even during the day? How many times do you think of Me? Do you praise Me? Do you thank Me for My sacrifice for you?

In everything bring Me praise and thanks. Be aware of what I have done for you and what I am doing now for you. Don’t lose sight of your need for Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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