Received 1-1-17

This will be a year of surprises and joy. Cover your family in prayer. Cover those you care about in prayer. Be alert and watchful to what My Spirit says. I will take care of your country and the world. Your focus should be on those in your influence. Love, encourage, lead, inspire, challenge. Maintain humility and a dependence on Me for what you do. Stay with Me and do not do anything on Your own for it will be futile and empty.

Received 1-2-17

Reach out to others. Be a friend. You are My friend. You are one of My sons. Many are weak and needy. Many have hurts. Love and bless them as you would want to be blessed and helped.

Received 1-3-17

Great is the Lord in every category. Yes, I have no limits, no boundaries. Nothing is impossible for Me to do. If I had a need, I would not tell you. Everything is Mine. What more could I need? If you have a need, I know it.

Received 1-4-17

I can rescue anyone who calls upon Me for help. There is no sin I cannot overcome and forgive. The blood price has been paid. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Repentance opens the door to life. Confession declares the victory to the spiritual realm.

Received 1-5-17

Wait upon Me. Discover patience and endurance. Teach the weak and downtrodden. Lift up their heads with good news.

Received 1-6-17

All things are possible. Trust in Me to do what you cannot do. Call upon Me. Keep your eyes and spirit on Me.

Received 1-7-17

Give to Me all of your cares, for I care for you. Yes, it is that simple. If I can hold the universe together, I can take care of you too. Before the foundation of the world I knew you.

Received 1-8-17

When you say yes to Me, it pleases Me. I see your heart. Sometimes your yes might be full of faith and trusting in Me with the unknown of what I am asking you to do with your limited ability and resources. Other times your yes is more confident because I have helped you do a similar task before and you know what to expect. Your faith is in Me and not in what you can do. Sometimes I ask you to deny yourself and comfort and familiarity of the life you know, so that you can take on the life I give you. I see your heart. These opportunities are for you to see your heart from My perspective. The life I have for you is much more than you have without Me.

Received 1-9-17

Of all of the world I am. I fill the earth with My glory, but only a few have eyes to see it. My Word is constantly going forth, but only a few hear. Many don’t want to hear and many don’t know I exist. Tell them. Wake them up to the truth. Tell them I love them and I want them to know Me.

Received 1-10-17

Be at peace and watch Me at work. You have opened the door for communication with your letter, which was your purpose. Now let Me control your speech and words. Words are important and they have meaning, sometimes different meaning to different people. So either define your words or be careful if you use a word, which could be misinterpreted. Use My words of love and acceptance and they will bring forth life and fruit.

Received 1-11-17

What the eye can see, the brain can imagine, the heart can feel and all that is the world, be wary of what is in the world, for the wisdom of this world can be foolish and very much against the things of God. If we only follow what our senses experience, then where am I? I will reveal Myself to those who seek after Me. Yes, My creation testifies about Me. But some worship creation and are blind to the Creator.

I love you. Cast your cares upon Me. I am aware of your needs. You have come to the right place tonight. Worship and faith attract Me. Trust Me with your need.

Received 1-12-17

What is on the earth is noticed in heaven. Bring My kingdom into your life on earth. Let Me establish you in My kingdom by My grace. When you do, My blessings are poured out.

Received 1-13-17

Many a day will pass when all you can do is to decide to follow Me and to obey Me. Those in the world do not know the truth about Me. I am at work in My creation and soon all will know that I AM. My people must witness to who I am. Do not hold back what I put in your heart. If you trust in My Word, you will trust in Me.

Received 1-14-17

My Word will go forth to the nations. Speak the truth with grace and love. Show love and kindness, mercy and forgiveness.

Received 1-15-17

No man can see My glory without believing that I exist. My glory is in all that I created. Some may call it beauty, or order, or complexity, or My Presence. What you see with your eyes is a fading glory. I will change the hearts of men to see Me in My glory. Every eye will see and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Received 1-16-17

In My time I make everything beautiful. What is good? What is lovely? What is pure and excellent? The more you seek after Me and the truth in My Word, you will be blessed.

Received 1-17-17

Wait and see what I can do. Give your cares to Me.

Received 1-18-17

My Word is My bond. It is sure and reliable. Truth has no equal. Integrity and honesty are valued in My kingdom. Integrity is a consistent application of beliefs and moral standards based on unchanging truths.

Received 1-19-17

My will is the best for I know how and why I made you. My kingdom is expanding. I have a place marked out for you.

Received 1-20-17

Pray and intercede for a battle is being waged. Let them know that I love them.

Received 1-21-17

Where is the faith that moves mountains? Can you rest in My provision and care? Would you worry about anything if you had a rich benefactor? How much more can I do? Yes, I see and know all. Yes, I can know the heart of a man. Yes, I can work in ways impossible for man.

Received 1-22-17

I can do many things. I can provide a blessing to those in need. I have met your needs and even more. Trust Me for your family. It is good to dedicate them to Me. Declare to the darkness around them to be lifted out of the way, so that My light can shine.

Received 1-23-17

Will you come to Me?

Received 1-24-17

My grace is sufficient. Your need is My need. His need is My need.

Received 1-25-17

I have a kingdom that will never end. It starts in your heart as you live for Me. We join you to bring the kingdom. My righteousness covers you.

Received 1-26-17

Be patient. Let your love be evident. Rest in My promises. I will not fail you.

Received 1-27-17

My life is Yours. I need You, most wonderful God and Savior.

Be at peace My son. Give your cares to Me and I will give you rest for your soul. Do you believe this? There is much to do and you are doing what I have placed before you. Allow Me to transform you even more. Why do you seek after the things of this world? Haven’t you found them to be empty? There are many, many people choosing to follow their own desires. They haven’t known Me. Their image of Me is distorted. The enemy has lied to them about Me. They do not want anyone to tell them how to live. Will you show them who I am? Will you allow Me to help you be more like Me?

Received 1-28-17

Where can you find the truth? People speak of what they know from their own experiences and learning. If they ignore Me, they will have a distorted picture of reality. Even what appears to be science can be based on assumptions, because they don’t know all the facts. Come to Me and I will show you what you need to know.

Begin to live as they were not there. Pray for them and give Me time to change their hearts. They will come to Me and their chains will come off.

Received 1-29-17

Watch for Me to work in your midst. Pay attention every time you are with people. Listen to My Spirit and speak about Me as you are prompted. Doors will open. People will come to Me.

Received 1-30-17

Keep your eyes on Me. Look for what I am doing. Offer yourself as someone available to do the work of My kingdom.

Received 1-31-17

All things will work out for good for those who have given themselves to do My will. My ways are beautiful and pleasing for those who love Me. I have overcome the world. Nothing is impossible for Me.

Received 2-1-17

My grace is sufficient for every situation. In the midst of trouble, I am there to comfort and to help those in need. I listen for their cries for help. I know those who are Mine, who believe in Me.

Received 2-2-17

I will take care of you no matter what happens, just as I care for all of My people. What I have revealed will come to pass. Not all will see the full extent of My Revelation. I give hope and promises. Believe Me with all of your heart and My peace will be yours.

Received 2-3-17

He is My servant. He cares about his flock and his community. So do you, but in different ways. Your burden is much lighter. Your calling is much less than his. Let me help you with your burden. Don’t grow weary in doing good. Call upon Me. Pray more effectively and specifically.

Received 2-4-17

Expect Me today. Call upon Me and I will answer. What is your need?

Received 2-5-17

Much is lost as the time moves on. Be diligent to follow Me and I will help you redeem the time. Can you come to Me more than in the morning? You enjoyed My Spirit as you felt His anointing and pleasure as you worshipped Me.

Received 2-6-17

When I come to you, will I find faith? I know that you believe that I exist, but do you believe that I will do what I say I will do?

Received 2-7-17

When I was a child I thought like a child, but now I have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and my spiritual eyes have been opened to think like God as He has revealed Himself to me.

I have revealed Myself to many people. There are many more who need Me. I am calling out to them.

Received 2-8-17

Today. As long as it is today, there is much you can do. Offer your day to Me. Lay down your will and plans. Seek My face.

Received 2-9-17

If I came to you today, would you recognize Me? Would you see Me in My glory? Would you see Me if I came as a man in need? What is in your heart? Do you have compassion for the lost?

Received 2-10-17

My power is not diminished. My grace is not lessened. Many are receiving salvation, healing, deliverance and comfort. Greater things shall you do in My name.

Received 2-11-17

What happens today will impact your life. Be open to Me and the work of My Spirit. Expect Me to do wonderful things in your life.

Received 2-12-17

Those who sow in tears shall reap with joy more than they expected. A heavy heart finds peace in Me through prayer. Do not be discouraged for I am at work. Both are trying to hide the reality of what is happening in their families. I will continue to shine My Light upon them so that they must face the Truth. So rest in what I am doing.

Received 2-13-17

I will bring the men. I will carry the load. This is My work not yours. Give Me the praise.

Received 2-14-17

My ways bring glory to My Name. Obedience, availability, faithfulness, submission, confession, truthfulness, holiness, faith – pursue these things. You will know what is not of Me. My Spirit is at work in you and through you for others. The world is waiting for the end to come. It is groaning because this world is not what I intended it to be. You too are waiting, but be about My kingdom business.

Received 2-15-17

Let your “yes” be “yes” as you speak to others. Believe My Words for they are “yes” and “amen”. My Words contain life and truth and comfort for your soul.

Received 2-16-17

My Name is great. There is no one like Me. I bow before no one. Offer the sacrifice of praise from your lips and heart. Offer your life to Me.

Received 2-17-17

All your efforts mean less than the prayer you bring before My throne. You are limited, but I am not. I love you and I have a good plan for your life. Seek after Me always and I will reveal Myself to you.

Received 2-18-17

When the roar dies down, then the people will see and hear. Continue to be My witness in words and deeds. Allow My Spirit to speak to you to direct your steps.

Received 2-19-17

What are you looking for? What are you seeking after? Where is your heart’s treasure? I have met all of your needs. I can be all that you want.

Received 2-20-17

Be at peace, My peace and joy. May your eyes be on Me and My promises.

Received 2-21-17

When you were a child, I nurtured you. When you were a young man, I tutored you. When you were a new believer, I discipled you. Now I show you who I am. My voice is going out to all who will listen. I am leading My sheep and My church. Do not fear the future, for I am there with you.

Received 2-22-17

My grace is covering you and all that you do. Do not hesitate to proclaim My Word and My truth. I have opened and will open doors for you. My Truth will set you free of the bondage of sin and unbelief. Trust Me with everything and give to Me everything. You have the source of all revelation in My Word and in My Spirit. Ask Me anything and I will reveal what you need.

Received 2-23-17

I will bless you and keep you and make My face to shine upon you, and grant you peace. As you give yourself to Me, I will give Myself to you.

Received 2-24-17

There is life in My Name. Use My Name to speak life and truth and grace. My authority is in My Name. It is who I AM.

Received 2-25-17

I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the God of your fathers. I am the God who cares for you now and who loves you with an everlasting love. What do you need? Come to Me and ask. My hope is your hope. My life is your life. My joy is your joy. My eye is upon you for good. These words will not fail.

Received 2-26-17

Your name is great and every created thing bows before you. Where there is life, there I am. Sin and death versus forgiveness and life. I restore, I redeem, I heal, I deliver.

Received 2-27-17

What is hidden will be revealed. The lies of the enemy will be disclosed. Truth will reign. Love will win over hate. Every eye shall see Me in My glory. All doubts will be erased. The desire of man’s heart will be made known, either rejoicing at My coming or fear. They will look upon the One whom they pierced and mocked. Their mouths will be stopped up. The demons will flee into capture. The whole world will tremble. The creation will meet its Creator.

Received 2-28-17

Much is given and much is required, but do not grow weary. Come to Me and find rest for your soul. Strengthen your spirit in My Word and in My Spirit. My Word contains life.

Received 3-1-17

Be at peace. In the world you will have trouble, but I have overcome the world.

Received 3-2-17

I am with you to do My will in you and in others. Live by My Word and My Spirit and you will be blessed beyond what you could imagine. No greater love is there but for a man to lay down his life for his friends.

Received 3-3-17

My Name is Mighty! I can do all things. Nothing is impossible with Me. What is your need?

Received 3-4-17

What you do today will count for eternity. Use your hands to bless others. Break through the barriers of a man’s soul and heart. What attracted people to Me was the love that I showed them.

Received 3-5-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. In all things, give Me praise. I control the stars in the sky; can I not help you? Will the earth yield it fruit without Me? No, but I have made it to be fruitful.

Received 3-6-17

Trust Me to be at work on your behalf and to bring glory to My Name. The lies of this world will be broken. The sins of men’s hearts will be exposed. There is none who does good. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. I have overcome the world. Man’s choices have brought corruption to what I have made. Your leaders are flawed people and only a few are willing to believe in Me. Be confident in this one thing: I love you and I want you to be with Me forever.

Received 3-7-17

Live by My Spirit. The flesh is weak and the soul can mislead.

Received 3-8-17

The enemy has sown seeds of destruction, but I am sowing seeds of life in and through My people. Speak life. Lift up and do not tear down. Encourage. Fan the flames of My Spirit in them. Your tongue is powerful. It is through your words the gospel is spread. My written Word contains life too. Your testimony and the witness of what I have done in your life speaks life, grace, mercy, forgiveness, restoration. Included in all of this is My love, which is who I am. People need and are seeking after My love.

Received 3-9-17

What is in your hand? I am taking care of you always. Do not fear.

Received 3-10-17

All things can work out for good through prayer. Nothing is impossible for Me. I can redeem any situation. Your sins can be covered by My Son’s blood. Death and destruction are temporary in light of eternity. His struggle is your struggle for you must love as you would want to be loved.

Received 3-11-17

My love is greater than any hate or cruelty. Death cannot stop My love and grace, for there is life after death.

Received 3-12-17

When My Spirit blows into a gathering, those with sensitive spirits can recognize the change in the spiritual atmosphere. I can soften hardened hearts like butter. I can reach dulled hearts, scarred by pain and unbelief. My power is unlimited, but I do not violate your will. An open heart can receive. Your spirit is the window into who you are and what you can see in the spiritual realm.

Received 3-13-17

All who come to Me will find Me and be satisfied. I am the source of life. What was begun long ago will come to its conclusion. Then a new world will begin. What is new will not die, but will live on in glory.

Received 3-14-17

Be patient and love, as you would want to be loved. Honor him as a person.

Received 3-15-17

When life gets hard, who can you turn to? Come to Me.

Received 3-16-17

Just as the wind blows, so My Spirit will blow across the land fanning the flames of life and power and faith to believe. Listen often for what He will say to you. He wants to help you know what to do and what I am doing among My people. I have planted many seeds of life. They will germinate in their time.

Received 3-17-17

Just as the rain and snow fall to the ground, so My Word comes to everyone. Creation speaks. People need what I provide. Daily take in My Word, into the inner man, into the spirit. Erase the false thoughts of your mind and replace them with My Truth. Believe everything I reveal to you. I have what you need.

Received 3-18-17

This day choose who you will serve. This day live for Me and My people. This day look for truth and life in what I reveal in My Word. Boldly declare your love for Me.

Received 3-19-17

Love and be loved. Give and be given unto. What is Mine, I have given to My people.

Received 3-20-17

All things work together for good when I am involved. I am involved in the lives of My people, to those who call upon My Name.

Received 3-21-17

Many a man will graduate, but will be left behind for not continuing the quest of righteousness. Pursue those and rescue them from deception and darkness.

Received 3-22-17

With God all things are possible.

Received 3-23-17

Watch and see Me at work in your life. Allow My Spirit access into your heart. Allow Him to break your heart and then to put it back together.

Received 3-24-17

The days of wine and roses, milk and honey – will these temporary pleasures satisfy the soul? What satisfies? Is it peace with God? Is it the anointing of the Spirit? Is it the Presence of God? Is it in doing the will of God? Jesus said, I have come to bring life, abundant life. Is that for all or only for those who seek first His righteousness, His kingdom reign in us?

If you abide with Me and My Word abides with you, you can ask Me for anything and it shall be given unto you. I delight to give good gifts to My people. If we ask according to His will, we know that He hears us and that He will do what we ask.

What about the products of the fall of man? – sickness, pain, hardships, trials, slavery to sin, oppression? I have come to overcome them for you. I have paid the price and won the victory.

Received 3-25-17

My way is best for you. You cannot know what I know. Submit yourself to My will in everything.

Received 3-26-17

Trust Me for your family just as you trust Me for your own life. Haven’t I provided all that you need? I love them too just as I love you. Love and be gracious to all who you meet today. Be My ambassador.

Received 3-27-17

Spend more time in prayer. Let My Spirit direct your prayer. Train your spirit and mind relying on My Word. Go far beyond the “wisdom” of this world, for My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and My ways are higher than your ways.

Received 3-28-17

I will guide you and provide you support. I have blessed you so that you can bless others. Seek Me for wisdom and receive My peace and grace.

Received 3-29-17

In the world you will have tribulation, but take heart for I have overcome the world.

Received 3-30-17

I care for My people. I care through My people and those who are not My people.

Received 3-31-17

Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I will reward those who seek after Me diligently and often, who desire to be in My Presence.


About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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