Received 4-1-17

What is gained, can be lost. What is lost for My sake will be found in greater measure. You have learned how My kingdom works, how My body is connected, how My ways come with grace and truth. Love gathers and builds up, comforts, supports. Yet My love is wise and foolish. Love is no respecter of persons. Love crosses over all lines and classes that man erects. Love knows, but still loves. I love My broken people. I transform, heal, deliver. My blessings are without limits for those who seek after Me. Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. You believe in Me and I cover you with robes of My righteousness and kindness. Love wins every time.

Received 4-2-17

When you come to Me, bring an offering of praise. Thank Me for what I have done for you.

Received 4-3-17

Be at peace. My grace is sufficient for you. I am your rear guard and I am your shield and defender. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. All who rise up against you will be defeated.

I am doing a new thing on the earth. I have shaken kingdoms. I am bringing down forces. The shaking will continue until I come. Do not hope in any man. Pray and seek after Me. Intercede and rescue the lost from perishing. Confusion and deception will grow like gangrene. Truth will be hard to find.

Received 4-4-17

Vision for today: Men will be lovers of self. They will travel to and fro, seeking after things, but will be never satisfied. They will be selfish and critical. Anger and pride will be strong in their hearts without restraint. Violence will increase as people argue and have no grace or patience. But My people will shine as never before and will stand apart and together in unity with one another. The whole world will be aware of what is happening in Jerusalem where I will display supernatural and wonderful signs. Those with a heart for Me, will find Me in spite of the hatred and unbelief of many. I have revealed all that is needed in My Word for men to be saved. Children will rise up prematurely and take over cities. Schools will empty out as the young cast off all restraint. Teachers will flee for their lives. Parents will have no control either as they have left the way of fathering. The rich will try to control people with their money, but their foundations will be shaken. Nations will war over past issues without restraint of their barbarism and cruelty. “The end is near” will be the cry. Woe to the innocent and helpless. Systems will fail.

Received 4-5-17

I am with you just as I am with all of My people. My grace is sufficient.

Received 4-6-17

I give My people gifts – salvation, healing, My Spirit, fellowship, My Word, sure promises, eternal life. What are you giving? Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Yes, My gifts are perfect.

Received 4-7-17

In all things, acknowledge Me. In everything, cover what you do with praise and thanksgiving.

Received 4-8-17

Will you pray more or will you pray better? First come into My throne room, give Me the praise and honor I deserve, then make your requests with thanksgiving.

Received 4-9-17

Your name is written in My book for all to see and remember. Even what you do is recorded as a testimony of My workmanship and grace. Your name is uniquely encoded with your eternal name. Your human mind is limited, but your spirit is unlimited in what it can receive from My Spirit. Your spirit can know and understand much more than your mind. What a pity for those who leave their spirit’s turned off by their unbelief. Constantly feed your spirit by My Word and My Spirit. Seek after Me as if I were a treasure of great price. Look for Me in every passage, every verse. Let Me write My letter to you.

Received 4-10-17

Grow in the knowledge of who I am. Make it your focus to seek Me, to learn from Me, to depend on Me, to love Me with all of your heart, mind, soul, spirit. I will give the grace to do this. I will reveal Myself to you, just as I revealed Myself to the saints of old and to those who sought after Me.

Received 4-11-17

For this is God’s will in Christ Jesus – to give thanks in everything.

Received 4-12-17

All the ends of the earth will praise Me. Every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. Every knee will bow down. The greatness of My power will be seen. Fear will come upon the sons of disobedience. Joy will be in the hearts of the redeemed.

Received 4-13-17

Where there is a way, see that it is My way. Not everything is good. Only in Me will you find what is good and life-giving. Only in Me will your heart find satisfaction and rest.

Received 4-14-17

My heart will sing like a bird calling for her mate as the spring sunshine breaks out. There is a hunger for You, O Lord. You have placed this hunger in me.

All who come to Me will be satisfied. I am the source for all life and I am the provision for true happiness and joy. If you feel dry and empty, come to Me and be filled afresh.

Received 4-15-17

Learn and realize everything I accomplished on the cross for you and for My kingdom. I did it all. It is complete. Now go and do all that I have done, in My name.

Received 4-16-17

See what great power and authority I have. No one is greater. I can do what I will do. Once you realize your place in Me, then you will realize what authority and power I have given you in My name.

Received 4-17-17

There is no one greater. Not everyone believes. Most do not take the time to read and study what My Word says. Even when they do read, they don’t have faith. They might believe to be saved. They know they sin and need a Savior. They don’t want to give up control of how they live. They don’t expect My power to come when they pray. Do you? Yes, you do to some measure. Let me help you to believe for more.

Received 4-18-17

The world rages, rulers rule, people suffer and call out to Me. Pray for countries and peoples and rulers. Break off the chains of darkness and unbelief. Open hearts for My Spirit to move. Let My Spirit guide you.

Received 4-19-17

Come to Me and be healed and delivered. Cast your cares upon Me for I care for you. Set your mind on the things above, not on earthly things. This world will end, but My kingdom will reign forever. Let Me establish My kingdom in your heart.

Received 4-20-17

There is no one like our God. He is greater than all. He is above all. He knows everything and everyone He has made. There is nothing hidden from Him. He knows the end from the beginning. His great unchangeable love covers all that He has made. Through that love His mercy and kindness flows to us – even in the forgiveness He purchased for our sins through the death of His Son on the cross. Through that love His grace comes to us to overcome our failings and weaknesses. Through that Love He has given us His Holy Spirit, full of wisdom and power. There is no one like our God!

I have revealed Myself to a distant people to draw them near to Me, even you. You have discovered Me in your wandering and searching. I was pleased that you found Me. I am pleased that you are still finding Me.

Received 4-21-17

My grace is sufficient. My Son did not heal everyone. He said that in the world you would always have the poor. People are mistreated every day. How big is your heart?

Received 4-22-17

Let Me help you. I have the wisdom that you need. I know his heart and soul. Pray and break off the chains of pride and manipulation.

Received 4-23-17

You are raised from the dead. What was dead in the old man is now new in the new man of the Spirit. My Spirit is at work in you to bring Me glory. My Spirit is at work in you to bring forth life in its fullness.

Received 4-24-17

What do you have and what do you need? All those who call upon Me will be saved. I am everything you need.

Received 4-25-17

Rejoice and be glad for the day is soon approaching when freedom will come with My Son and all the chains of the enemy and sin will be broken away. The mockers will mock, but their words will come back to them as bitter pills. My Word will be magnified. There will be new chapters written as the story continues. Be about doing My business with My Spirit strongly working in you and through you. Play no games with sin for the time is short and My people will rise up and shine like the sun of righteousness.

Received 4-26-17

The Spirit of the Lord brings freedom from the law of sin and death. The price has been paid in full. The demands have been met. The sacrifice was given. Receive what I have done in faith. Walk it out with My grace. Change your thinking to align with My Word. Experience who I am as you seek Me in all that you do.

You will walk and not run. The enemy will flee before you. Reclaim the land where your feet walk. Declare the light and love of Christ. Push back darkness in the spiritual realm. Detach their grip off your family. Cancel any foothold and opening they claim. Seal up those holes.

Received 4-27-17

You will make an impact in the heavenlies as you pray. Pray in the Spirit and with understanding. Pray often and boldly. Cover your family with prayer. Intercede as My Spirit directs. It’s not too late, but the battle has been waging. The end is near and resistance is high. We have the victory. It is assured. I said, “It is finished!” What I have done lasts forever. My hands are stretched out for My people. I look upon My scarred hands and I remember. The price was high, but it was needed and joyfully done in spite of the pain. My will was submitted to My Father’s. The enemy had no hold over Me. I laid down My life and I took it up again.

Received 4-28-17

A wise man is he who always calls upon Me, whose lips praise Me in everything, whose heart is clean before Me. A wise man is he who lives to please Me.

Received 4-29-17

Be careful today to look for Me in what you do. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 4-30-17

What is new, happened before. Each generation experiences something new. My Word has new meaning and application. I am new and I am old – I do not change: I AM.

Received 5-1-17

I can see all that you do. Can you see Me in what you are doing? Watch for Me. This is the world I have made. These are My people, even those who haven’t responded to My love. I am reaching out to them all in My love and grace.

Received 5-2-17

What is Mine I give to My people, freely and with love and grace. Can you say the same?

Received 5-3-17

Relax and receive the joy of this day. Give Me praise in all that you do. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Come before Me with thanksgiving. Acknowledge and testify of My goodness and faithfulness. Celebrate and remember. Be at peace about everything in your life for I am taking care of you.

Received 5-4-17

Much to do, but not too much that really matters. Take My yoke upon you and follow Me. Everything you do will be blessed then. Let Me tell you what to do for others. Give of yourself, but give wisely and to meet real needs. Pray and intercede for others should be number one. Be cheerful and loving and not grumbling. You are serving My body – worthy of My shed blood.

Received 5-5-17

All of your cares are Mine. I take care of My people, not to keep them from all hardship and pain, but to keep them with Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Guard your heart against false idols.

Received 5-6-17

There are many people who need help, and it is difficult to help them. How much patience do you have? Do you have enough grace and compassion? What is your attitude if it was their fault for their problems? Are the problems with sinful behavior different than emotional, mental or physical problems? What about people who disagree with you on issues? Can you love all of these as I love you? Do people have to be like you before you will help them? What about people in other lands? I died for everyone I made, even those who say they hate Me.

Received 5-7-17

Gather your thoughts and let me examine them. What is your focus? Set your eyes on My Son and what He has done for you. Study His teachings. Learn from Him about real life.

Received 5-8-17

The sun rises and the sun goes down. Life continues because of My plan and My grace. Each day is a gift of life to you. Celebrate and welcome each day. Celebrate those in your life.

Received 5-9-17

All things are possible. My love is great and so is My grace. There is no formula for love, except you must love to be My disciple. Decide to love and I will empower you to love as I love.

Received 5-10-17

What matters today is that you keep looking to Me. This is not real life for you, only a break, a celebration.

Received 5-11-17

Walk in the light with truth as your guide, truth from My Word. The world is full of lies and deception and unbelief. Faith will grow if you exercise it.

Received 5-12-17

People have two sides or faces – the public side and the private side, who they are when no one can see what they are doing. I see both, but I look at the private side and what is in the heart of a person. I look for faith in Me and in My Word. I see your faith, but you allow your mind to wander on the things of this world. Repent and have a pure heart.

Received 5-13-17

After the storm in the night there is calm in the morning. Life happens to everyone, for some it brings hardships and trials and for others it brings comfort and joy. Bring out of your storehouse what I have put into it. As you seek Me and as you focus on who I am, you will be satisfied.

Received 5-14-17

What I am doing you will do too. I am rescuing the lost ones, those who have been led astray by the lies of the enemy and the lure of their flesh. Invite them to come home. Tell them I want them back. I will forgive them if they will call upon Me.

Received 5-15-17

I protect you and help you. I hear the prayers of your heart. Open your heart to those around you.

Received 5-16-17

What is man, the person I created to be with Me? How much I love him, yet he has turned away. I sent My Son to rescue him.

Received 5-17-17

I am the Revelator; I reveal truth and knowledge, which only I know. For all who seek after Me, they will find Me. I have revealed Myself in My Son to the world. Now My Spirit is leading people to My Truth. I have given My Word. What do you want to know, just ask Me. Wisdom is My Companion. Adam believed the lie that I was withholding knowledge from him and so he ate of what I forbade him to eat. Now man thinks he knows, but he does not.

Received 5-18-17

Where is love? Where is faith? Can you love? Can you believe? Yes, of course, but you must decide to love and believe. I will help you. My blessings will follow you as you obey.

Received 5-19-17

All that is needed is to be with Me. Walk in My garden and listen to My words. Reflect on what I have done for you and in you.

Received 5-20-17

What is your life about, now at this point? You have your routine activities, both at home and away. Are you accomplishing anything for My kingdom? Push back the darkness and claim your part of the kingdom for Me. Be purposeful and deliberate, yet always be listening to My Spirit.

Received 5-21-17

Today counts just as every day counts in My kingdom. Rejoice and be glad. Reflect on what I have done for you. Meditate on My Word. Claim in faith My promises. Look for the opportunities My Spirit brings you and follow.

Received 5-22-17

When life is hard, people turn to Me. When life is easy, they don’t think about Me. Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

Received 5-23-17

What is in a man, which I see as beautiful? Is it not his spirit, which can communicate with My Spirit? The flesh counts for nothing. The flesh is the source for all sin. It convinces the mind to act. The mind can be corrupted by the desires of the flesh. The mind can be deceived by the lies of the enemy. Instruct and transform your mind with My Word. Put to death the demands of the flesh. Allow My Spirit to do His work in you.

Received 5-24-17

Who would take care of you? What is his real need?

Received 5-25-17

I will give you wisdom. I will show you what to do. Honor him and reward him. Show him by example. Live out your faith before him. Give him hope, hope that is centered on Me.

Received 5-26-17

My grace is sufficient for every situation.

Received 5-27-17

Wait and see the glory of the Lord. Follow My Spirit and you will live.

Received 5-28-17

My Word will go forth unto all the nations and then the end will come. No one is exempt. No one has an excuse. Some will believe while others believe the lie. I will judge the living and the dead on that day.

Received 5-29-17

What you choose affects what you do. I have given you a free will. It pleases Me when you choose to do My will, to obey My commands.

Received 5-30-17

My life is in Your hands. You made me and have Your plan for me. I see only weakness in my flesh. I need You. You have done so much for Me. You are My God.

If you have given your life to Me, that is all that is needed. I will take care of you. If you seek after Me, you will find Me. I will give you My strength for your weakness.

Received 5-31-17

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Waiting, abiding, seeking, calling upon Me, watching – all of these actions to be in My presence please Me greatly. The more you seek after Me, the more you will find Me, and I will reveal to you the secrets of your heart.

Received 6-1-17

Love is patient, love is kind; it is merciful and forgiving. Love wants only the best. Love is giving, sacrificial. I am Love. Love others as I have loved you. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Received 6-2-17

I will bring out of My storehouse a blessing and a revelation. They are equal in value. Everything I have is a blessing. I choose to make known My Son and He has revealed Me and glorified Me.

Received 6-3-17

The Lord is my strength and fortress. Whom shall I fear? If God did not spare His Son from the suffering of the cross on our behalf, will He not give us all that we need?

My grace is sufficient. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything make your requests known unto Me.

Received 6-4-17

I will provide the help you need, for your sake and for those who will help. My body is made up of many members.

Received 6-5-17

What is old becomes new with My Spirit bringing life. Call upon Me to bring life into ancient words. Let them penetrate your soul. Believe them, not just as facts, but as truth about Me and how I think and act.

Received 6-6-17

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Sin is in the world and it is increasing. People who seem normal are believing the lie of the enemy. Help them recognize the truth. Pray that My Spirit will bring them to repentance.

Received 6-7-17

Rise and shine and give Me glory and praise. See what I have done for My people all over the world that I have made. Put your confidence in Me and in what I can do. Look not to the world for it is failing.

Received 6-8-17

What is time to Me for I AM? But what I do is always the right time for you

Received 6-9-17

The one who draws near will be rewarded in many ways. He who trains his heart to hear My voice will find life. My sheep know My voice and they follow Me.

Received 6-10-17

I know everything about you for I made you. Can you know what is in the future for you? Do you know how you will react to certain challenges and trials? Who will care for you in your need?

Received 6-11-17

Nothing can change my love for you – nothing that you do or don’t do. Rest in My love.

Received 6-12-17

I will give you wisdom for the asking; strength for the asking; faith for the asking and whatever you need for the asking. Are you asking Me or presuming from Me? I will hear your prayer for others. I will teach you how to pray.

Received 6-13-17

All things are possible for those who believe in Me. My grace covers you in your weakness and unbelief. Keep your eyes on Me and you will not stumble.

Received 6-14-17

Every word that I give is true. My Word is true for it is Truth. I am the standard of righteousness for I am righteous. Why do seek after anything but Me? Everything else is empty and less in every way than what I have for you.

Received 6-15-17

When you seek Me, I am pleased. When you ask for wisdom, it pleases Me. You are not alone and you don’t have to solve things on your own. I am here for you. Just call upon Me.

Received 6-16-17

I am great and you are My chosen ones to bring Me glory. Let your lips sing out My praise and testify of My goodness and what I have done for you and in you. People need to hear and you need to speak. This is My timing for you and for him. Allow My Spirit to teach you.

Received 6-17-17

What is in a man? Does he have: hope or despair? Does he desire to do good or evil? What is in your heart? I see a changed heart, more like Me every day as My Spirit works. Your experiences are for learning as you seek Me. Be at peace and enjoy the wife of your youth. I have given you this pause at this time knowing everything.

Received 6-18-17

I will always love you. I love My people and I have from the beginning. Sometimes love means punishment for wrongdoing and disobedience. Sometimes it is withdrawing so that the forces of evil prevail for a season. My promises are yes and amen for those who believe. Belief in Me has benefits and responsibilities. You must allow My Spirit to do His work. I know that you are weak, so I give you My grace. Help comes through prayer.

Received 6-19-17

Come and be quiet. What I have, I give to you. Train yourself to always think of the spiritual aspect of what is happening. What is coming upon the world is a spiritual attack – the forces of evil against My people and against Me. They have all rebelled and are believing the lie. They will believe what some say because they agree with what they say regardless of what the truth is. Soon the lie will be exposed for what it is. Foundations are crumbling. The house is shaking. Do not be caught up in this world for it is failing. Let My Word be your source of truth and life.

Received 6-20-17

Do not think or imagine what might be negative in a person. It is not for you to judge for I am their Judge. I can redeem anyone with My love and forgiveness. I can heal and restore. What have I done in your life? Paul thought that he was the chiefest of sinners because of his persecution and ill treatment of My people. I have saved many who were not deserving and that is what mercy is about. Learn mercy and how to show or give mercy to others. Forgiveness is a big part of mercy. Blessing and prayer for others is mercy. Love is mercy and grace. Yes, My grace is unlimited in power and scope, but your grace given to others can be powerful as My Spirit leads you.

Received 6-21-17

Pray and rejoice for I am with you. My Word sustains you for all situations. I am a Life-giver. You too should give away your life.

Received 6-22-17

I will open the doors wider for you. Opportunities will come from Me. Say yes to Me now and yes when the opportunities come. Allow your spirit to trust in My Spirit. I have words of life for you and for those you help.

Received 6-23-17

What is in a name? In My name there is power and all authority. Use My name for you are in Me and I am in you. Break off the chains of darkness. Set free the captives. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. All things are possible in My name. If I did it, so can you.

Received 6-24-17

Life is empty without My presence. No labor of man can provide what I am. Call upon Me and rejoice.

Received 6-25-17

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Everything I have is a gift to you. In Me are the resources that you need. Don’t waste your time seeking after them in the world for they are deceitful and empty. I care about you. If you realize how much I think about you and know what you are thinking and doing, then you will have peace. Peace is a gift from My hand.

Received 6-26-17

What is in the heart of man? I know, even more than a man knows himself. It is My joy to see a man who lets Me make changes as He cooperates with My Spirit and as he submits and obeys My Word.

Received 6-27-17

My way or what? Let Me help you do what is needed and what is helpful. Ask Me for wisdom. Ask Me.

Received 6-28-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. He will rescue His people and bring judgment on His enemies. Who is downcast but he who does not look to Me, the author of life?

Received 6-29-17

My grace is sufficient for you. Pray and seek My wisdom and knowledge. Don’t rely on your own strength or knowledge or wisdom. You are weak, but I am strong in ways you cannot understand.

Received 6-30-17

Set apart for You Lord – willing and prepared, consecrated, available; ready and already saying yes to whatever You ask of me, looking for Your opportunities, taking advantage of idle time, not pursuing the things of this world, full of praise and thanksgiving; reading, studying and applying Your Word to my life, believing in You with unwavering faith, looking forward and not back; confessing and repenting of any sin in thought, word or deed; praying and interceding as Your Spirit leads – this is my desire Lord.

I see your heart. I will carry you and do what you cannot do. Just ask Me. You know your assignment and it pleases Me to see you at work. Yes, this might be your calling to help others. Be patient.


About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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