No matter what comes, I will be with you. It’s easy to pray for revival with a motive to keep living comfortably. But can you pray earnestly for the lost with a heart to save them from hell? Can you pray for your enemies and those who oppose you? Can you witness to others when it is uncomfortable to do so? Can  you pray for revival without tying it to a political side?

Can you intercede for those in the body being persecuted? Persecution is already happening and will get worse for those who profess to believe in Me. Running away and hiding won’t work in the long run. Who will be My witnesses? They loved not their lives unto death. They overcame by My blood and the word of their testimony. It won’t be easy, but by My grace and power, they will overcome.


Stir up your faith. Add to your faith knowledge of My Word. Put on the garments of righteousness and truth, humility and patience, forgiveness and mercy, love and encouragement. Strive to respond like My Son to whatever comes your way in life. More than just responding, be intentional to draw others to Me in your example. You may fall short, but you will be different than what the world has to offer.


There is more to life than fleshly pleasure. Rejoice in the salvation I give. Let your mind dwell on My promises.

My salvation is greater than you can imagine. I have restored your right standing to be with Me and I with you. You could not do that by yourself. I am an infinitely holy, righteous, and good God. Nor can you appreciate what faith is. I give you the ability and grace to believe in Me. Yes, I gave you My Word and I gave you My Spirit to bring life to My Word for you to understand spiritual things. Faith is the key to obedience, not only to My Word, but also to My Spirit. He is doing His good work in you.  


Who is my neighbor? Can you take care of family? Can you care for a friend? Who is safe enough to help? Does giving your money to help them count? What about strangers? What about storm victims? What about widows and orphans? These are hard questions, but they must be answered.


I am with you as My Word declares. Trust in Me to take care of you and your family. I am the Savior and I draw people to Me for the decision of their lifetime. I will not fail you. My will is done for eternity. If I can create the universe with all its stars and planets, if I can create all the creatures and man who dwells on the earth and heavens, I can take care of you.


My grace is sufficient for you. I see the heart and its desire to obey and do what My commands require. Failure does not mean disobedience if the willingness is there. I cover you with the righteousness of the One who died in your place. His sacrifice was more than sufficient. You are Mine and I won’t let you go away from Me. I love you that much to see you leave our relationship. I want you to be with Me forever.

You can’t really appreciate the love I have for you. It is not human love.


Just like I protected her I will protect you and your family members because you love Me. I watch over those who are Mine. For some it is a game to do what is wrong. For others it is their lifestyle to do evil. They live in a stupor, getting high, taking risks, running away. They join in with others doing life this way, feeding on each other, sharing dangerous exploits in craziness. They do not realize that I am watching. They will pay a price in this life and at the end of their lives. You can rescue some at the jail with My truth and salvation. Others are impatient to be released by a broken system, so they can keep doing wrong. Deceived and corrupt people try to help these people as they weaken laws meant to protect innocent people. The result is further lawlessness.

When I come, I will restore what is lost. I will set the captive free. I will bring My justice and rule over mankind. Pray for that day. Pray for the lost and dying.

I am touching many people with the truth and grace of My salvation. They are rejoicing. Pray for them and rejoice with Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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