It will not go away for a time. Wise people will be careful. It is not up to governments, but people. I will make a way for My people. Revival has not come, because who is praying and what are they praying for? People are fearful of many things. I am working, but it will be different than what people expect. My ways are higher. I have a better way. Evil may abound for a short time, but I will reign forever.


Respond in love in every situation to every person, whether you know them or not. You are My example and representative. I am love. You should have a reputation of loving.

You have a reputation among the men who know you. They are still watching you. They don’t understand what is happening. My work is taking place in your church and in all of My churches. There has been a shaking and what is anchored in Me will remain. Paint is symbolic of change. It is on the surface. It is noticeable and symbolic. I am looking much deeper at hearts. I want those whose heart is pure to rise up and take their place. Some will never come back. Others will stay away for a time until My Spirit gets through to them. This has been a time of testing. It is not over.

Is the day over for you? I am still at work. Have you prayed for all those I have given you?


The world will see Me on that day. Many will welcome My return due to the many hardships that will take place before Me. Others will curse Me in foolish anger, demonically inspired. Most will be in fear, not knowing what to do, but sensing the condemnation that their sin brings. I will be holy and righteous before them. They will try to hide from Me. Before My feet touch the soil, the enemy and his forces will be silenced and bound. I will command it. There can be no resistance. The dark cloud over men will be removed. My people Israel will bow down before Me O how I wish for that day to come! But many are believing as My Spirit is at work. People are choosing to believe.

Keep praying for the lost around you. Ask Me for great things. Your prayers open doors in the spiritual realm. You realize this, but you need to believe Me for more. I will help you. My Spirit will pray through you. There are many like you all over My world. I am at work in the harvest. Your children will come and bow down before Me. What a glorious time! You have been too casual. Call upon Me. Mention your loved ones often.

You have had years of proclaiming the gospel. Your wife is learning and preparing. Her heart is full of love for the lost and seeking. Praise her efforts and support her. I am stirring up faith in her to overcome her difficulties and limitations. Lay hands on her and pray. Believe and rejoice, believe and rejoice, believe and rejoice. Have confidence in Me and My Word.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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