Am I your Audience? Am I your Editor? Do you have permission to use the words I gave you through My Spirit?  Let Me teach you all that you should know. My Word is your Teacher. My Spirit is your Instructor.

My Word is alive for today as it has always been for My people. Even the skeptic can gain wisdom from My Word, though he may not understand it fully. People recognize when My Word is spoken or used. My Spirit bears witness to it. Some have twisted My Word and they do so to their peril. I watch over My Word to perform it, to see that it accomplishes the purpose for which I gave it to the inspired writer. Prophetic words have life and power to encourage, build up and inspire.

I will come when no one is expecting it. Even some of My people will be surprised. I will come to restore and bring justice, to mend up the broken hearts of stone, to bring light where there was darkness. All eyes will see Me coming. Nothing will matter then. Pain and sorrow will flee. Death will be no more for My people. Joy will abound and dancing. Songs of praise will ring out.


Will there be anarchy and chaos? The world will turn very dark with evil abounding. It is Satan’s one last stand. But where sin abounds, My grace abounds more. My People will keep standing for righteousness and truth. People will flee the cities where the turmoil exists. Keep praying against the enemy’s plans.

I will be glorified in My people. I will empower them to shine brightly as they love and do acts of kindness, just like the early days of persecution in the church. They will know My disciples by their love – love for one another as the band together, and love for their neighbor who is persecuting them. Yes there will be revival as My church grows in the midst of trouble and hardship.

Don’t be shocked at evil. Much worse had been done to harm people. If a man’s words will be held to account on that day, how much more will his deeds? Be grateful that your sins have been covered by the blood of the Lamb of God.


My Word is alive and true. It pierces the heart, convicting the soul of any wrongdoing. It points out what I expect of My people who are called by My Name. I have revealed Myself and My ways, what pleases Me and what does not. What is faith, love, sacrifice, wisdom? I give promises that are eternal and true, ready to be believed and claimed, because I honor My Word to perform it. Books that teach about My Word are fine, but My Word is better just as it is, with the whole, teaching, challenging, revealing. Sometimes My Word is clothed in mystery, in parables, in prophecy, to be explored and pondered with My Spirit being the guide. O the joy in store for the man to loves My Word.

Do not be surprised. Darkness will try to hide the truth. You will be dismayed at how many are willing to believe lies. Only My Word is reliable.

I can use anyone for My glory. The more humble a person and available to be used is the one I desire. Will you be this person? Sometimes what I ask goes against the desires of the flesh. If you are uncomfortable, it is only temporary. My glory will shine in you as you yield to Me.


Listen and you will hear truths and revelations of My Spirit. I will confirm My Word. I will teach you things of old. Daniel sought after the mysteries of dreams and I revealed the future to him. Live seriously before Me as if each day mattered for eternity. Are you really praying?

Moses experienced My power. He could not deny who I was before him. He learned to trust Me and to rely on My words to him. He acted in faith. He spoke in faith. He wanted to be with Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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