Received 3-23-19

A time in history will show the future. There is nothing new under the sun. Look back and learn, but seek Me for the future.

Received 3-24-19

In all things give Me praise. Nothing can separate you from My love. See what My love has done for you and your family.

Received 3-25-19

What is old becomes new as My Spirit works to bring new life from dead bones. Pray and intercede for life to come out of My body. Even in you will spring forth new life as you seek after Me and follow My Spirit. I am creating what was planned from the beginning. It will be glorious, for My people will soon be filled with My glory.

Received 3-26-19

My word will go forth from My people in praise and thanksgiving. Speak life and grace. Fill the spiritual world with My Word by your declaration. Know that I am with you.

Received 3-27-19

Wait upon the Lord and in due time He will meet you. Gifts are given to be received and used for My glory. I will bless My people, even you. My kingdom will reign. Even My enemies will experience peace in the land and it will grieve their spirits.

Received 3-28-19

I AM sent you. The all-powerful Creator who knows you intimately, sends you to do His will. He told the seas they could only go so far. He sends the rain to keep the vegetation alive and growing. He provides food for the creatures. He turns His head away and they are dismayed. He watches over those He calls to repentance and life. Let everything that has breath praise Him.

Received 3-29-19

Walk in a way worthy of your calling, powered by My grace, led by My Spirit, obeying the Word of life spoken in your heart. Obey and receive grace, repent and receive forgiveness, die to self and receive true life, eternal and life-giving to you and to others through you. Allow My Spirit to reign in your heart. Seek His wisdom and guidance. Don’t presume based on what you think you know, but expect My Spirit to lead you according to My will, in your thoughts, words spoken and actions taken. Then My glory will be revealed resulting in praise, honor and thanksgiving returning to Me in abundance.

Received 3-30-19

In My Name, in My authority with My wisdom and knowledge – this is how you should pray. Bear witness to the truth you have learned and applied to your life. Be bold, compassionate for the lost and hurting.

Received 3-31-19

In all things bring praise. My gifts are limitless and good. Especially when you consider how undeserving you are. What makes Me do it? My love and kindness for My children.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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