Received 10-1-17

I am with you. I will touch your words this weekend.

Received 10-2-17

Great is the faithfulness of My willing body, My hands and feet, My lips to a dying world, a testimony to the lost. The world does notice when My people show love and do acts of kindness.

Received 10-3-17

For all the world to see what I have done in you and in My people – this is My desire and My joy. This is like what a parent wants for his child – a child ready for life on its own, with beautiful and good character, a reflection of the parent, a family resemblance, bringing joy and yes pride. Will you be My child and allow Me to work in you for My good pleasure?

Received 10-4-17

Blessed be the Name of the Lord, both now and forevermore. I will be exalted on the earth and everywhere My Name is spoken. Let your voice ring out with praises. The King has come and the King is coming. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Speak of My Name, Jesus. Tell the world. Declare the power of My Name over everything you do. Take back the territory of the enemy – people, lands, situations.

Received 10-5-17

I will be with you. You will know My direction. I will speak My words through you for them to receive. Even now I have instructed you. Be at peace and let My peace cover you.

Received 10-6-17

Watch for Me today as opportunities come. Be faithful in little things and I will bless your coming and going. The doors are open before you. My Spirit is waiting with anticipation.

Received 10-7-17

Not many are hurting, but all are seeking Me. They have tasted My love and they want more. What do you want?

Be faithful, patient, open and honest.

I am speaking in power. I recognize devoted, serious hearts, faith and submission. Be patient. Keep doing what you know to do. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and My righteousness – all these things shall be added unto you. He will take care of my family.

In You I will trust. My life is in Your hands – all the days – all the struggles and successes as You move in me.

No one should live without knowing You – how empty.

Speak life and truth, lead them to Me.

All the saints rejoice, together. They sing the praises of the mighty King, their King – victorious, triumphant – leading His troops in procession before the throne of the Holy God.

Be ready for something new. Empty yourself of self. Don’t think of your limitations – think of My grace and power working in you.

Intercede in deeper ways – tongues, yes, but as My Spirit leads – focus on one person at a time – pray and touch with My blessings.

Abiding in love and obedience   seeds of love

Received 10-8-17

Use My Word to defend My people. Declare My Truth over them. Rescue the weak from darkness. Lift up the hands which have fallen down. Declare truth and life wherever you go. The King is coming soon. The way of the world is darkness.

Received 10-9-17

Bring Me the best you have.

All I have Lord is what You have given to me.

Yes, but give it to Me so that I can give it back to you in a new way.

Received 10-10-17

All is not lost. Much can be gained. Give and receive. Give again and again. Love will not run out. My love is greater than your need. My grace is greater than your need. Trust and believe in Me to do greater things in your life than you could imagine. I honor those who honor Me.

Received 10-11-17

Watch for Me today moving in the people around you. Pray and intercede. Speak words of life and truth, My Truth. Victory is in My hands.

Received 10-12-17

Come back to the center. Come back to the Source of everything you need. I am here for you. Keep your focus on Me always. I am a jealous God.

Received 10-13-17

I give life, I created life, I made you so that I would be glorified in you. I gave My life away, so then should you. I am the resurrection and the life, he that believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?

Received 10-14-17

My ways will always succeed in what I intend. I see the end from the beginning. Desire to do My will using My ways.

Received 10-15-17

Pray with greater intensity, calling upon My Spirit for guidance. The watchman on the wall looks out to see what is out there. You must use your spiritual eyes to see what is out there and what is happening to the people you are praying for. Cover them as if you were putting on an outer garment, a special garment that identifies them to the spiritual world.

Received 10-16-17

Yes, I delivered you from all of that so that you could live for Me. My blood sacrifice is sufficient to cover all your sin, both physical and mental sin. Let’s move on to new things – righteousness, forgiveness, Lordship, Truth, Hope, Love. Salvation is found in no one else. All others are imposters and frauds from the enemy, deceiving the weak. Come to the Rock.

Received 10-17-17

Watch and see what I will do. Pay attention to My Spirit. He will guide you. In all things give thanks, for this is My will for you.

Received 10-18-17

My way is better for you. Trust in Me to do what you cannot do, what is impossible without Me.

Received 10-19-17

I love you and I want the best for you in everything you do. Let your love be without hypocrisy, not saying one thing but doing another.

Received 10-20-17

My will and My way, seek after these with all of your heart, mind and strength. Allow My Word to permeate into you for it contains truth and life. My Spirit will teach you for He knows all things. Copy the life of My Son. He lived and died for Me. Bring your gifts to the altar.

Received 10-21-17

Walk with Me and listen for My voice. Say yes and obey My words. I am not far away. I am nearer than your breath. I care about you and I care for you in ways you will never know in this world. You are reading about the complexity of My creation. All of this is so that people would wonder about Me and seek after Me. Sin entered the world and tarnished what I had made. I will restore it someday and people will wonder and give Me praise as never before. Length of a man’s days are in My hand. Seek Me each day.

Received 10-22-17

I have prepared you. Now listen to My Spirit and proclaim the truth. Be winsome, yet be strong. You will see My glory today being poured out for all to see.

Received 10-23-17

In all things give Me thanks. I am at work in your life for good and for My pleasure.

Received 10-24-17

There is a time for everything. It has happened before and it will happen again. I direct time and what is happening. I manage My creation for My purpose and pleasure. I put you in charge to rule over what is around you. Rule with your prayers and speak to situations in My Name.

Received 10-25-17

Give Me glory and praise for what I am doing for you. Trust Me and expect Me to do what you cannot do.

Received 10-26-17

I am with you always. Do not live for yourself, but for others and for My glory in you. There is hope in Me. The world is decaying fast as sin is abounding. What will it be like without My people to restrain the evil?

Received 10-27-17

Time marches on without pauses. Soon the days will recede into night. But the Light is coming to push back the darkness. Open your eyes to see what I see. This day will bring changes, for you and for others. Be aware and see and listen.

Received 10-28-17

There is life beyond the grave. There is life now for those who seek after it. It is not in this world. But in My world, My dimension, where I dwell. You know the way. Call upon Me and I will answer. I will show you what is in your heart.

Received 10-29-17

Grace and peace comes where My Spirit rests. Seek Me and you will find peace. Though the storms may rage outside, there can be peace inside the heart. Peace is a place of confident rest, trusting the One who is caring for you.

Received 10-30-17

A day of roses and wine for the victors. Who are the victors? The ones who trust in Me, who take from My victory. Every eye shall see Me when I come. Some will try to hide, but there is no hiding from themselves and what they have done. Either a man is for Me or he is against Me. He will run to Me in expectation or he will run away in fear of judgment. Even now choose to run to Me, to call upon Me, to live for Me. My plan is good. My life for you is good.

Received 10-31-17

I will bless you as you follow Me. Open your eyes to see the needy people around you. Don’t turn away or pretend they don’t exist. Pray for them. Help them if you can, as My Spirit leads.

Received 11-1-17

What is past is past. What is now is for life. What is in the future will be glorious. I AM for those who believe. In Me there is hope.

Received 11-2-17

Allow My peace to cover you. Watch and pray for those you meet as My Spirit leads. Your testimony will attract people to what they are seeking, but not knowing what it is they need.

Received 11-3-17

When did we serve You Lord? When you did it to the least of My brothers. Any time you respond to a need in My body, My people with a word or deed, you are fulfilling My purpose. My light shines in the darkness. People will notice. Serving others is a form of dying to self, unless your motive is to be noticed out of pride.

Received 11-4-17

My voice has gone out to all the world I have made. It calls all to My Son and His sacrifice. Point people you meet to their Savior. People need a Savior. People need to know My plan for their lives. Emptiness and frustration await the rebellious soul, but Life and joy and peace are for the man who seeks to do My will.

Received 11-5-17

In all things, give thanks and praise to your Maker. What you have, is from Me. Give Me what you have and I will give it back in greater measure.

Received 11-6-17

Mine is the kingdom and the glory. I AM secure, safe, trustworthy. What is your need? What I have made speaks about Me. Man will never fully understand all that I have done. By seeking after Me, you will find a desire for more of Me, and that is good and pleases Me.

Received 11-7-17

Purity, holiness, faithfulness, righteousness, love, goodness, peace, joy, truth, integrity, steadfastness, patience, forgiving, merciful, kindness, gentleness, grace, victorious, awesome, worthy, promise keeper, giver, generous, protector, shield, healer, helper, all knowing, all present, all powerful, almighty, wise – in all these traits and descriptions God is God and we are to be like Him.

Received 11-8-17

In Your Name there is victory over all disease and sickness and oppression from the enemy. I have all power and authority. Receive from Me and call upon Me. I will never leave you or forsake you. The storms of life can be overcome in My Name. Whatever you saw Me do, you can do.

Received 11-9-17

I see, I know and I care. There is misery and hardship all around as sin takes its toll. Life begins with Me. I can rescue and deliver those who call upon Me. Bring glory to My Name. Honor Me with your lips.

Received 11-10-17

Trust Me to do what you cannot do.

Received 11-11-17

All power and authority are Mine. Nothing in this earth escapes My notice. Sin brings destruction and pain. Notice and look for what I am doing, for it is good and gracious.

Received 11-12-17

None of this matters for eternity, except what is done in My Name and for My glory. Be at peace as you are seeking to do My will. I will guide you. My Spirit is active in you to do My will.

Received 11-13-17

There is a time and a place for every activity under the sun. There is a time and a place for every person under the sun. Let Me guide your steps.

Received 11-14-17

Wake up and see the times. Recognize the things that are happening around you. This world is not all there is. When evil reigns, men hide. They mock good and right. They know what they are doing is wrong, but they don’t fear punishment for they think they will escape.

Received 11-15-17

There is a place for you, a place that brings joy and contentment. You have peace and contentment now, but you lack joy. Seek after Me and do My will. Share My gospel and watch Me use you to help people. Pray more in the Spirit as you go about your day. He will lead you.

Received 11-16-17

Life is more than eating and drinking. It is about people and relationships. It is about working in My kingdom to do My will, to influence those around you to seek Me.

Received 11-17-17

Come experience the joy I have for you. I have joy that you can’t believe; it is so wonderful.

Received 11-18-17

The times and dates will soon be over. In My world there is no time, only now forever. Reliving the past is available, because it is now. Seeing the future is possible, because it is now. I am the God of the living. Travel lightly in this world for soon your home will change. Dream big!

Received 11-19-17

Let us rejoice and be glad and give God the glory due His Name for we are His people, His sheep, His needy ones under His gracious care.

I do care for My sheep. I rescue the lost and lift up the weak. Call upon Me for those in your care.

Received 11-20-17

All things are possible. Just ask Me.

Received 11-21-17

I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I do not need to be updated. I will update your world in the future to a place much better and without sin. I am a personal God. I desire a relationship with My people. I want you to seek after Me, to discover who I am and what I have for you. Is that alright? I know you intimately, more than you know yourself. I am your healer. I am your provider. I am your joy and very life. How much more of Me do you want? All things are possible in Me. It pleases Me that you want to shut out the noise of the world, the distractions, the spirit of fear and unbelief, the sinful behaviors in the world. These things have always been there, but they are increasing and will shock those in the world as they get much worse. They will shock until they become accepted as normal. Be a beacon of light, full of peace and joy. You will be noticed in this dark world.

Received 11-22-17

Be patient and loving as you would want to be treated. Represent Me wherever you go.

Received 11-23-17

Your ways are full of life and truth.

I care about My people. Do you? I will help you to care. My grace is sufficient. Grace is My enabling power, undeserved, full of blessing and life. Call upon Me to be gracious as you pray.

Received 11-24-17

Be patient and kind, withholding criticism and judgment, forgiving and gracious, showing mercy and offering healing. Be loving in all that you do, then you will be doing My will and My way.

Received 11-25-17

What I AM, IAM. Seek after Me and I will reveal who I AM to you. It pleases Me for you to do so as you listen and as you study My Word. You are an example. Be a witness and a testimony. Be a light to the darkness. Keep our witness strong as you resist temptation. Guard over your tongue and anger. Be a sweet spirit full of My Spirit, aware of the spiritual atmosphere. Ask Me for words to speak to strangers and even to those you may know.

Received 11-26-17

Give life and not death. Reconcile the lost to the Father. Do not think of your ways as best or even as better than another.

Received 11-27-17

March and follow orders, salute and give honor to the King. Lift up your voice. Make melody in your heart to the One you love.

Received 11-28-17

The world will end someday in violence and destruction, but I will make a new world for My people. I will be their God and they will be My people, for those who are My people now. Do not be afraid for when your body dies, you will be with Me.

Received 11-29-17

Be patient and kind, not letting your anger rise. Live each day for today in total surrender to My will. It is right that you should feel inadequate apart from doing what I called you to do. For only in Me is there life and fulfillment. Your inadequacies become My strength as you trust Me to do what you cannot do. Remain dependent on Me and you will be blessed. You will shine only as I shine in you. Do not be puffed up.

Received 11-30-17

Give of yourself just as I gave Myself for you. Respond with grace and truth. Cover all that you do with Love, My kind of love. I will care for you and your family. Be at peace and serve Me freely as My Spirit leads you. Seek My kingdom.

Received 12-1-17

What is gained is lost, what is lost is gained. My ways are different than man’s ways. Not just to be different, but to be the best. Humility comes before honor. Submission comes before authority and power. I don’t demand sacrifice, but rather a heart change, an acknowledgement of My Lordship and rule over all that I have made. True worship is bowing down one’s heart in submission with the lips proclaiming My worth and what I have done to My glory. Man is puffed up over what he thinks he knows. I know all. True revelation comes from Me. How will you handle what I give to you?

Received 12-2-17

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He paid the price and covers our sins with His righteous blood. Freedom from the guilt of sin and freedom to come before a holy God – is that what you desire? Come to My Son, believe in Him and Trust Him with your life.

Received 12-3-17

I will be for you and not against you. My love covers you in ways you do not know.

Received 12-4-17

Live for Me and not for yourself. What does that look like? My disciples followed Me and watched Me and heard Me. I sent them out to do what I was doing. I gave them My authority and power. I sent them out to a lost world, a hurting world. Can I send you out?

Received 12-5-17

I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see. You didn’t choose Me, I chose you. Until you were born again, you didn’t understand spiritual truths. What is in a man? He has all that is needed to be a child of God, a son of the loving Father. Once My Spirit goes to work in him, he becomes a living soul with great potential. My grace will help him in his weaknesses. As he submits to Me and learns of My ways, he can and will do mighty things for My kingdom. Oh, if all of My people were like this man. This is the reason I came – to set free men from bondage of sin and unbelief. Be My hands and feet. Be My voice in a dark world. Be a testimony of what I can do.

Received 12-6-17

My life is in Your hands. Yes and your future is known and every day will bring new opportunities to bring glory to the One who saved you for His purposes.

Received 12-7-17

Do not be surprised at sin in people. All have sinned and turned away from the Truth. You are reaping what you have sown. No amount of talk can change the reality of sin. Only My blood can remove the stain of sin, the grip of sin. If My people repent on behalf of your nation and cry out to Me day and night, then I will move upon leaders. My Spirit is always at work. Look to Me as your Source. Do not rejoice when sinners are found out. Rejoice when they turn to Me.

Received 12-8-17

My ways can be hidden from your eyes. What I do to change a heart is mysteriously wonderful. A willing heart is so much easier to shape, just like a compliant child who obeys his parents. Sometimes there must be difficulty and hard times to overcome the resistant, willful heart. Pride and unbelief can be hard to overcome, but nothing is impossible for Me. I hear the cries of My people and I respond.

Received 12-9-17

My load is light; My path is sure; My promise is sure, a source of hope for those who trust in Me. Continue to be faithful and I will bless you, as I have always blessed you.

Received 12-10-17

Do not worry or fret. Receive from Me and give away. Listen to My Spirit. Open the doors of your heart. Can you find My love there? Do you know how to love? I will teach you.

Received 12-11-17

Be cautious and wise. Lay a foundation. Seek after Me with all of your heart, and I will be found.

Received 12-12-17

Rest in My arms of love. Picture Me holding you. This world is changing and you must change how you live too. But keep on living by My Spirit and my grace will cover you. My people, My body – I love through and to those who are Mine.

Received 12-13-17

Grow in Me, follow Me, live for Me. Can this be you? I will help you.

Received 12-14-17

Wisdom from above is peaceable, loving, reasonable and available for the asking. In all your ways acknowledge Me, humble yourself, and seek My will and guidance. I will make a way where there seems to be no way. Nothing is impossible with Me. Revelation is available. How did the Israelites conquer Jericho?

Received 12-15-17

Wait and see the dawn of a new time in your world.

Received 12-16-17

Do you see what I see? What the world sees is vain and empty, full of fear and strife. My Word is truth and life. Take it in.

Received 12-17-17

In all things give Me thanks and praise. You are not alone for I am with you. Guard over your tongue as what you say is important. Speak life and not death. Bring those you care about and the ones I care about before My throne. Present them as those who need My care.

Received 12-18-17

I am coming soon. Prepare yourself. Live for Me in all the fulness that I have for you. Be doing what I have called you to do. Care for those in your family and those looking to you for truth and light.

Received 12-19-17

Walk with Me and learn from My Spirit, not necessarily something new, but eternal truths in My Word. You will need My Word to be an anchor for your soul in times of trouble and when the deceiver comes. Already you notice the ability of deceit and lies to be believed.

Received 12-20-17

I will speak and show you many things. What do you want to know? The end will be complicated but sure. Nothing will be able to stop My will from being accomplished. I have full power, even though man sees chaos. You will see and understand in My Spirit. Do not fear for your loved ones, only believe and thank Me for what I will do. The families of the righteous will stand before Me always.

Received 12-21-17

The strength of My Word is power for those who trust in it. Faith, obedience, enduring trust – these get My attention. Is your faith hope or belief? You are hearing truth and My Spirit is teaching you.

Received 12-22-17

Grace and truth. I came to bring My grace to mankind to restore them to the Father, reflecting the Father’s love and kindness. And I came to reveal the Truth about a sinful world and a holy Father. Fools reject My grace because of My Truth, but the wise turn from their sins and submit to My Lordship. Freedom comes from a life submitted to My will.

Received 12-23-17

Do not be afraid. Trust Me and live for Me.

Received 12-24-17

Joy to the world, the Lord has come. A few were waiting expectantly for Me. A few believed My Word. Many more now are waiting for Me, even you. Waiting stimulates faith. Abraham waited in faith. The promise came. The hope secured.

Received 12-25-17

I chose you and appointed you to go into the world to make disciples. Will you teach My people all that you know and all that My Spirit reveals?

Received 12-26-17

The way of this world brings death and destruction. Men will choose this over Me. They don’t realize what the are doing. Pray more to open their eyes.

Received 12-27-17

What you believe is important. How you live is important. What you speak is important. Turn from your evil, selfish ways, repent and confess your sins. Come before Me with praise, thanksgiving and joy. Declare My Truth and live by it. Know that I love you and that I am good.

Received 12-28-17

All things become new. Now is the time to reach out to those you love. Speak life and truth. Listen for the cries of their hearts. Allow My heart to break theirs.

Received 12-29-17

The finest of wheat, the purest of drink, the sweetest of honey – these are for My beloved and much more. The peace that covers fears and anxiety, the love that binds up wounded hearts, the grace to deal with unchanging hardship, the forgiveness that restores and heals – these are not small things, but I have them for My people. I know your heart. I know your situation. I love you.

Received 12-30-17

Watch and look for Me today. Pay attention to those around you, seeking My Spirit. Lift up the hands that hang down. Carry the weak, the needy, the broken, the ones I show you.

Received 12-31-17

Every day is a new opportunity for you. Decide each day to say yes to Me and to serve My people. Even today while it is still called today, do not harden your heart or think of excuses. Don’t I know you?

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Received 7-1-17

What is needed is to believe in Me and to love Me. What is not needed is to worry. How much time do you spend praising Me, thanking Me, even just thinking about Me?

Received 7-2-17

I care about him and I care about you. I care about My people. I am aware of what they are doing and thinking. I hear their prayers and the cries of their hearts. I know those who believe in Me.

Received 7-3-17

Open your eyes to see what I am doing around you. I am working on your behalf. The more you give yourself to Me, the more I can help you. Right now I have a strong covering over you to bless what you do. But if you were to invite Me to help you in what you are doing, how much more could I do on your behalf. How much more wisdom and understanding My Spirit has for you. You see Him at work as you lead the study discussion. He reminds you of My Word, what you have read and studied before. You realize that He is helping you. So why not ask Him directly for His help? Why not acknowledge what He is doing for you by praising and thanking Him? You are doing this in a limited way now, but there is so much more for you. You are relying on yourself. My helpers are all around you to help you do so much more. Ask and you will receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened for you.

Received 7-4-17

In every situation, I am there for you. Nothing happens in your life by chance. Your experiences are shaped to make you more like Me. Train your spirit to see Me, to hear Me, to know Me, to praise Me and to love Me.

Received 7-5-17

Peace I give you, not as the world gives. Assurance of salvation I give you, not based on what you do, but what My Son has done. Joy I give you, not as the world gives, but welling up for those who put their trust in Me and are filled with My Spirit. Love I give you, not as the world gives, but unconditional, covering, deep, encouraging, forgiving, transforming. Receive what I have for you. Walk in it.

Received 7-6-17

Love, faith, hope – do you understand these? Father, Son, Spirit – do you know Us? We are related, we are in harmony, we are in unity, we are love, we are holy. Spend your time seeking us and you will do well.

Received 7-7-17

I love you. I have not left you as an orphan, but I have sent My Spirit to be with you. My Spirit instructs you about Me and about you.


Received 7-8-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Look forward to the days ahead. The only thing good about the past is my victory on the cross and My Spirit being poured out to My people. I am redeeming you in your humanness to become like Me.

Received 7-9-17

In Your Name there is power.

Be still and know that I am God. Let your heart sense My Presence. Let My words fill your heart with life and truth. Replace the lies of the enemy with My Word.

Received 7-10-17

Once upon a time, far, far away – this is how the lie of the enemy came and has been repeated over and over to those without sense or wisdom. I am near and not far away. I have existed since before eternity. I have made man in My image. I work to make those who seek Me to be more like Me, with My attributes, so that our fellowship can be meaningful and with much life. I love those I have made and I give them many gifts.

Received 7-11-17

I am near, but where are you? Draw near, press in. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will not leave you as orphans, but I will send you my Spirit to be with you. He will teach you all that you need to know about Me. He is My gift to You.

Received 7-12-17

I know and I care. Every trial has a purpose, but mostly to make you call upon Me. You are weak, but I am strong. You are limited, but I am unlimited.

Received 7-13-17

What has happened in the past is a warning for those in the future, for those with discernment and wisdom. My Word teaches from the past, but is full of life for today and tomorrow. Your life experience can help someone else. Your testimony of how I helped you can be the key for someone else to pray in faith, to wait expectantly, to have hope for the answer. When you draw near, I can reveal the truth you need. Knowledge with wisdom brings life. I am your Source.

The Bible – the Holy Spirit teaches us to apply its truth

Godly counsel – from relationships with others of the faith, from Pastors, in sermons, in teachings, in LTGs, mentors, life group men

Prayer – seeking the Lord for answers and guidance

Circumstances – Holy Spirit wisdom to discern the signs from what is happening around us

Holy Spirit guidance – peace or no peace

Example of Paul’s desire to return to Jerusalem in spite of prophetic warnings – helped him get to Rome, gave him time to write his letters, gave him opportunity to be a witness before people, guards and kings, perhaps prolonged his life, trained others to minister in his place (Timothy, Titus), his life story passed on to us by Luke in Acts.

Example of Jesus – His relationship with the Father, times of prayer, revelation (word of knowledge and wisdom)

from the Spirit as He ministered

Example of Noah – hearing God initially and in details of how to build the ark, gather the animals and make provisions, when to enter and when to leave the ark, his obedience and faith, his testimony and witness to an unbelieving and wicked generation.

Received 7-14-17

Stepping out in faith is more than doing, it is believing in Me and reliance on Me, so that you can do immeasurably more than what you can do by yourself. Even the mundane act of service can be transformed into the supernatural with My power. Peter was presumptuous, but desperate to be in the protection and presence of the Lord, in spite of the circumstances. Witnessing the supernatural working of God is not enough. It’s when you try to do what you cannot do and will utterly fail without God, that’s when it goes deep into your soul that God is real and alive and wants to use you. My disciples witnessed My healing power, but when I sent them out, they came back with joy that they had power to cast out demons and heal the sick as I commanded them.

Received 7-15-17

Everything I do is motivated by My love for you and those I have made. Just as a parent cares for his children, so do I and much more. What motivates you? You have separated yourself from some of the world and that is good for you to do. Now train yourself to focus on Me throughout the day. Allow My love to overwhelm you.

Received 7-16-17

All is not lost. My Spirit is at work in you and in them. I love them too. I care for them because 0f you.

Received 7-17-17

This is a special day. Pay attention to what My Spirit tells you. Listen throughout the day and be ready. What is ministry, but to do what I did.

Received 7-18-17

Be wise with your time and what you take into your mind and heart. Guard your heart. Pray and intercede as you have time. Change how your pray as My Spirit will guide. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, then all these things shall be added unto you.

Received 7-19-17

Let love be your guide. My love for you is strong enough to carry you through the storms in your family.

Received 7-20-17

Don’t look for a natural explanation for it is a spiritual attack. You do not have to be perfect. Everyone has flaws. Satan wants to divide families and nations and churches.

Received 7-21-17

Every good and pleasing thing comes from Me. The enemy wants to counterfeit this in drugs and sinful behavior, which always has a downside and consequences. The wages of sin is death. For those who seek after Me, there is life and life to the full.

Received 7-22-17

To part the water, the priests had to be obedient to step into the water. Moses had to stretch forth his staff over the water. Peter had to step out of the boat. You have to obey what I command you in spite of what you see. My love will compel you.

Received 7-23-17

What is love? Greater love is this that a man lay down his life for another. One who loves, denies himself and obeys My Word.

Received 7-24-17

The world is being made ready for My Son to return. Keep your eyes open. Pray for the peace of My city Jerusalem. Pray for My people.

Received 7-25-17

You are learning. You are growing in My love. What is old becomes new in My kingdom. What is new becomes old in this world.

Received 7-26-17

You should not be surprised. He cares about people. They are showing him attention, even if it is for the wrong reasons. I care about My people, both you and him. Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

Received 7-27-17

I am yours and you are Mine. Do not be anxious, but ask Me to help you.

Received 7-28-17

Walk with Me. Let Me be your guide.

Received 7-29-17

Open doors of communication and love. Be proactive and involved. Passively waiting will bring few results. Waiting with prayer will bring much. Waiting and listening will help.

Received 7-30-17

My victory counts for eternity. Though not all are willing to bow before Me, they will! All authority has been given Me and I give My authority to you over the enemy. He is defeated.

Received 7-31-17

What was new becomes old, fresh becomes stale. I do not change. My promises are new every morning. I give life and life to the full, joy unspeakable, love never ending – for those who love Me and pursue after Me.

Received 8-1-17

Training yourself to listen to My Spirit is very good. Trusting Me to help you is very good. Honoring Me with your lips of praise is very good. Reversing anxious thoughts into declarations of faith is very good. Having a willingness to obey in love what My word says and what My Spirit asks is very good.

Received 8-2-17

There is nothing I cannot do with your faith and My power and grace. How big does your faith have to be? Find out by asking Me with the knowledge of who I AM you have. It is not what you are asking Me to do, it’s about who I AM in your heart, in your universe. What I have done before I can do again. What I have promised is still true. Who I AM is still here for you and for My people. Moses kept coming back to be with Me, so too you must keep coming to Me.

Received 8-3-17

His failings are your failings. What breaks your heart? Who are you serving?

Received 8-4-17

My heart is full of love and joy. The end is near. My time is at hand. You will witness My glory on the earth as never before.

Received 8-5-17

All things work out together for My good and My glory.

Received 8-6-17

You are learning to trust Me. You don’t have to get it right, just lean on Me and I will make it right. Right might be different for Me. Even trusting in Me and failing is better than trying on your own with some success in the natural. Ishmael was a success in man’s eye’s, but not My will. Sacrifices and offerings don’t please Me if done with a deceitful heart. I see the heart.

Received 8-7-17

These men will please Me as the try to be like Me for others. Cover them with prayer.

Received 8-8-17

Open your eyes to see the wonders I have made. Explore and marvel and give Me praise.

Received 8-9-17

It pleases Me that you want to hear from Me. Ask Me questions. Talk with Me. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You are not alone. Others are at work. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 8-10-17

It is not up to you. You were faithful to do what you could. Keep interceding.

Received 8-11-17

When you come to Me, bring an offering of praise and thanksgiving, not an animal sacrifice, but the fruit of your lips. This turns My heart towards you. My heart is toward you a lot, more than you can know. I love My people as a father a child, as a mother to a nursing babe, much more, deeper and forever.

Received 8-12-17

Much is given to give away. Freely give not expecting anything in return. I will notice and be your reward. I am the Reward.

Received 8-13-17

Wise is the man who seeks after Me. It is not in you, but in Me that Truth and Life reside.

Received 8-14-17

I know rejection from family.

Received 8-15-17

I am at work on your behalf to restore what the enemy has done. His lies will be exposed. The end is near. People are believing his lies as it was foretold. I am the way, the life and the truth, altogether and separately. People must accept and believe in Me as the whole, not for what they want. I am Lord of all and over all. My Word is Truth.

Received 8-16-17

My way will lead to glory. My path is narrow but sure for those who choose to walk in it. My Spirit will guide. My Word will guide. Keep your eyes on Me and not on the things of this world. This world is failing and full of lies. The restraint is lifting as men pursue their own way. Be at peace for I am Lord over all.

Received 8-17-17

There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. All men will die, but I have life for those who believe.

Received 8-18-17

He who knows My Word will be blessed if he does what it says. The good man brings forth what is good for others. Love comes before pleasure. Love is patient, love is kind.

Received 8-19-17

What you have done is good with My help. I help My people. My ways are best as you have seen. Rejoice and be glad for this is the day of the Lord. All things become new in My kingdom. In My Name there is victory, healing, deliverance and whatever you need.

Received 8-20-17

Take each opportunity to live for Me. It is not enough to stop from doing wrong, for I have paid that price in full for you. No, you must live for Me to expand My kingdom around this fallen world. Take back what the enemy has stolen.

Received 8-21-17

What is new has been before. From ages past I knew you and I know you now. Lift up your heart to Me. Come into My presence with singing. Rejoice and be glad for your name is written in My book of life. You will experience life forevermore.

Received 8-22-17

Wise is the man who puts his trust in Me and not in himself. Put My Word in your heart and you will be at peace.

Received 8-23-17

Be aware of the spiritual activity around you. Do not assume, but discern with My Spirit. Mike was bound, but your presence stirred him. My grace covers you. There is much activity in your government and leaders. The enemy is stirring up hostility and strife, anger. Most of what is obvious in the natural has a demon prodding behind. Pray and take authority, My authority, over what is happening. My will is being accomplished to expose the emptiness of human effort. Foolishness abounds and judgment will come.

Received 8-24-17

Let My thoughts be in you. I love you and want what is best for you. Do you believe this? You seem to be willing to give up your plans and to do My will. Is that right? What is holding you back?

Received 8-25-17

What is gained can be lost through inattention and undisciplined living. Sin is always crouching at your door. My grace is sufficient in your weakness. My Spirit is at work always on your behalf. Call upon Me.

Received 8-26-17

I will declare the wonders of my God. He is all powerful – placing the stars, planets, moons, asteroids in the heavens for man to see and ponder; healing those who call upon Him in faith; raising the dead in newness of life forevermore; He has perfectly positioned the sun, earth and moon so that we can have the conditions for life. He has displayed His glory in creation with the multitudes and variety of life forms, colors, sizes, relating to one another in His design and plan. He has made man in His image and likeness, able to think, reason, remember and seek out their God. He has loved us and loves us in spite of our sinful ways. He has made a way to know Him. He forgives our sins and gives us His grace and His Holy Spirit to help us in our weaknesses. Marvelous and awesome in every way is our God.

Received 8-27-17

Blessed are those who choose to walk in My ways in faith. They will not be shaken in hard times. Troubles only cause them to seek Me more. Even death has no alarm to them for they have confidence in the resurrection from the dead. Trust Me for your family. I am at work to bring glory to My Name.

Received 8-28-17

I am with you to bless you and keep you. When you go through the storm, I am there.

Received 8-29-17

All things are possible for those who believe in Me and hope for My coming again. All authority on heaven and earth has been given to Me. I give this to you in My Name. Rescue those who are perishing. Heal the sick, raise the dead. Bring life to a lost generation.

Received 8-30-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. Look beyond yourself to what is happening around you. People need to hear the gospel. People need to be encouraged with words of life and hope.

Received 8-31-17

People need help but don’t know how to ask. People like you are proud and have their excuses.

Received 9-1-17

Rejoice and be glad for My work in you and in My people never ends until that Day. You are born again into a new life of victory and promise and hope and faith. The old has passed away, the new has come. Blessed be the name of the Lord forevermore. Control your tongue and give Me glory.

Received 9-2-17

What is in a man? Can you see his body parts? Can you understand how they were formed? Where is the source of his life, his person hood? How does he feel, smell, taste, see, hear and think? I know all this and much more. You were made in My image and likeness. You have been given the capacity to seek after Me and to find Me by faith in the unseen.

Received 9-3-17

My way is the only way to Life. No man has the answer. Everything good comes from Me.

Received 9-4-17

What do I see in you? A man trying to do what is right, but falling short. Let My Spirit help you. Pray constantly. Give Me everything.

Received 9-5-17

I am building My temple in you and in My people. I am the light in My temple for all to see and to see by. Open up your eyes to see what I see.

Received 9-6-17

In all things give thanks. Recognize that I am at work on the behalf of My people for good and for My glory.

Received 9-7-17

I have covered you. Not everything you do will be easy. Learn to put Me first and rely on My Spirit and grace. Needy people can have great needs that only I can meet – through My grace, through My people helping, through prayer. Sin brings death in many forms. A sinful world produces needy people. You are My workmanship, created for doing good in a lost world, to those I give you.

Received 9-8-17

The wind of change is coming. Nothing like what you will see has happened like this. Be ready in your spirit and watch with prayer. I am on My throne, but the world will be in chaos. I will show mercy and whom I will show mercy. Be a light shining in a dark world.

Received 9-9-17

All is not lost. I have gained a place in your heart. Don’t be discouraged.

Received 9-10-17

The victory has been won. Now walk it out. You are on the winning team. You have made the right choice to follow Me.

Received 9-11-17

My heart breaks for the needy, the lost, the hurting. My heart breaks for the sinner. I have made a way.

Received 9-12-17

Be like My Son: be obedient to Me in everything, think of others as better than yourself, take up your cross and die daily, follow Me, live according to My Spirit and not your flesh.

Received 9-13-17

I am with you to help you do what I ask of you. Realize that I give you opportunities to be My witness, My love, My grace to others. Every person is precious in My eyes and heart. I created them and gave them life.

Received 9-14-17

My grace is sufficient. My power is unlimited. My victory was complete. My Spirit is with you.

Received 9-15-17

Come enjoy the fruit of your labor. Lift up your head and be glad. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. Bring joy to others.

Received 9-16-17

Change can be good to open your eyes to new ways of living, My ways. Callings don’t change, but assignments do.

Received 9-17-17

Be careful today. I will protect you. I will bless you and keep you. My face is upon you.

Received 9-18-17

All of the days of your life have been counted. To say they are planned out in advance is an understatement. I know you and know how you will respond. Still My Spirit woos and teaches you. The more you say yes to Me in obedience to My will for you, the more I can use you to bring glory to My Name.

Received 9-19-17

What comes before success can be failure. Learning never ceases for the one with a teachable heart. Be humble enough to receive criticism without lashing back or being defensive. Nothing you have really is because of your efforts apart from Me.

Received 9-20-17

All the work of My hands will prosper. You are part of My work as you submit to Me and do as I command.

Received 9-21-17

What is past cannot be done over except in My power. Words spoken, thoughts, and acts done are either full of life or they are full of death. Forgiveness, atonement with what I have done on the cross, is what makes the negative things possible to reverse. A careful disciplined man, full of My Spirit brings forth life in what he does. There can be fruit that will last with the aroma of life. The enemy has been defeated. Don’t let him rob you and hurt you. I have won the victory and given you the authority in My name to restore and heal and proclaim life in all of its forms.

Received 9-22-17

Relax and enjoy this day. It is a gift from Me to you. Each day is full of life for those who know Me and can sense what My Spirit is doing around them. Be full of grace always. Be thankful and expectant. Every encounter with others has potential to experience life and to give life away. Let your words be full of life.

Received 9-23-17

There is a time and a season for everything. If you are sensitive to the leading of My Spirit, you will be able to find where and what is best for your time in the sun.

Received 9-24-17

Does it bother you that persecution will come, that it has come? Are you willing to stand for Me, knowing that it will cost you, even your life? He who loves his life in this world will lose it, but he who loves Me will gain true everlasting life. To die to self is to gain true life. Humility comes before honor, not that you are brought low, for that is for the proud and haughty. But he who humbles himself before men and before his God, submitting to His

Received 9-25-17

Watch and wait, pray with focus.

Received 9-26-17

Can you trust Me? I will bless those who come. I have been speaking to them already, just as I speak to all My people. You will witness My grace and kindness. My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me.

Received 9-27-17

What is lost, can be found again. What is gained, can be lost. Diligence is needed, watchfulness and prayer. The enemy does not rest, neither should you. I give My people rest from their striving and self-effort, as they trust in Me.

Received 9-28-17

Where there is life in any form, there I have been. I am still creating, designing, making, shaping, arranging so that all will notice and seek after Me. I am still working in your life to lead you to Me.

Received 9-29-17

Do not be anxious, but pray. She is relying upon Me and so should you.

Received 9-30-17

My will is being done all over the world as people are coming to Me in repentance and in need. The more needs the better as My grace covers it all. Those who don’t think they have any needs are deceiving themselves in their pride and independence. I am the Source for all supply. Why seek after that which doesn’t satisfy?

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Received 4-1-17

What is gained, can be lost. What is lost for My sake will be found in greater measure. You have learned how My kingdom works, how My body is connected, how My ways come with grace and truth. Love gathers and builds up, comforts, supports. Yet My love is wise and foolish. Love is no respecter of persons. Love crosses over all lines and classes that man erects. Love knows, but still loves. I love My broken people. I transform, heal, deliver. My blessings are without limits for those who seek after Me. Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness. You believe in Me and I cover you with robes of My righteousness and kindness. Love wins every time.

Received 4-2-17

When you come to Me, bring an offering of praise. Thank Me for what I have done for you.

Received 4-3-17

Be at peace. My grace is sufficient for you. I am your rear guard and I am your shield and defender. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. All who rise up against you will be defeated.

I am doing a new thing on the earth. I have shaken kingdoms. I am bringing down forces. The shaking will continue until I come. Do not hope in any man. Pray and seek after Me. Intercede and rescue the lost from perishing. Confusion and deception will grow like gangrene. Truth will be hard to find.

Received 4-4-17

Vision for today: Men will be lovers of self. They will travel to and fro, seeking after things, but will be never satisfied. They will be selfish and critical. Anger and pride will be strong in their hearts without restraint. Violence will increase as people argue and have no grace or patience. But My people will shine as never before and will stand apart and together in unity with one another. The whole world will be aware of what is happening in Jerusalem where I will display supernatural and wonderful signs. Those with a heart for Me, will find Me in spite of the hatred and unbelief of many. I have revealed all that is needed in My Word for men to be saved. Children will rise up prematurely and take over cities. Schools will empty out as the young cast off all restraint. Teachers will flee for their lives. Parents will have no control either as they have left the way of fathering. The rich will try to control people with their money, but their foundations will be shaken. Nations will war over past issues without restraint of their barbarism and cruelty. “The end is near” will be the cry. Woe to the innocent and helpless. Systems will fail.

Received 4-5-17

I am with you just as I am with all of My people. My grace is sufficient.

Received 4-6-17

I give My people gifts – salvation, healing, My Spirit, fellowship, My Word, sure promises, eternal life. What are you giving? Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Yes, My gifts are perfect.

Received 4-7-17

In all things, acknowledge Me. In everything, cover what you do with praise and thanksgiving.

Received 4-8-17

Will you pray more or will you pray better? First come into My throne room, give Me the praise and honor I deserve, then make your requests with thanksgiving.

Received 4-9-17

Your name is written in My book for all to see and remember. Even what you do is recorded as a testimony of My workmanship and grace. Your name is uniquely encoded with your eternal name. Your human mind is limited, but your spirit is unlimited in what it can receive from My Spirit. Your spirit can know and understand much more than your mind. What a pity for those who leave their spirit’s turned off by their unbelief. Constantly feed your spirit by My Word and My Spirit. Seek after Me as if I were a treasure of great price. Look for Me in every passage, every verse. Let Me write My letter to you.

Received 4-10-17

Grow in the knowledge of who I am. Make it your focus to seek Me, to learn from Me, to depend on Me, to love Me with all of your heart, mind, soul, spirit. I will give the grace to do this. I will reveal Myself to you, just as I revealed Myself to the saints of old and to those who sought after Me.

Received 4-11-17

For this is God’s will in Christ Jesus – to give thanks in everything.

Received 4-12-17

All the ends of the earth will praise Me. Every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. Every knee will bow down. The greatness of My power will be seen. Fear will come upon the sons of disobedience. Joy will be in the hearts of the redeemed.

Received 4-13-17

Where there is a way, see that it is My way. Not everything is good. Only in Me will you find what is good and life-giving. Only in Me will your heart find satisfaction and rest.

Received 4-14-17

My heart will sing like a bird calling for her mate as the spring sunshine breaks out. There is a hunger for You, O Lord. You have placed this hunger in me.

All who come to Me will be satisfied. I am the source for all life and I am the provision for true happiness and joy. If you feel dry and empty, come to Me and be filled afresh.

Received 4-15-17

Learn and realize everything I accomplished on the cross for you and for My kingdom. I did it all. It is complete. Now go and do all that I have done, in My name.

Received 4-16-17

See what great power and authority I have. No one is greater. I can do what I will do. Once you realize your place in Me, then you will realize what authority and power I have given you in My name.

Received 4-17-17

There is no one greater. Not everyone believes. Most do not take the time to read and study what My Word says. Even when they do read, they don’t have faith. They might believe to be saved. They know they sin and need a Savior. They don’t want to give up control of how they live. They don’t expect My power to come when they pray. Do you? Yes, you do to some measure. Let me help you to believe for more.

Received 4-18-17

The world rages, rulers rule, people suffer and call out to Me. Pray for countries and peoples and rulers. Break off the chains of darkness and unbelief. Open hearts for My Spirit to move. Let My Spirit guide you.

Received 4-19-17

Come to Me and be healed and delivered. Cast your cares upon Me for I care for you. Set your mind on the things above, not on earthly things. This world will end, but My kingdom will reign forever. Let Me establish My kingdom in your heart.

Received 4-20-17

There is no one like our God. He is greater than all. He is above all. He knows everything and everyone He has made. There is nothing hidden from Him. He knows the end from the beginning. His great unchangeable love covers all that He has made. Through that love His mercy and kindness flows to us – even in the forgiveness He purchased for our sins through the death of His Son on the cross. Through that love His grace comes to us to overcome our failings and weaknesses. Through that Love He has given us His Holy Spirit, full of wisdom and power. There is no one like our God!

I have revealed Myself to a distant people to draw them near to Me, even you. You have discovered Me in your wandering and searching. I was pleased that you found Me. I am pleased that you are still finding Me.

Received 4-21-17

My grace is sufficient. My Son did not heal everyone. He said that in the world you would always have the poor. People are mistreated every day. How big is your heart?

Received 4-22-17

Let Me help you. I have the wisdom that you need. I know his heart and soul. Pray and break off the chains of pride and manipulation.

Received 4-23-17

You are raised from the dead. What was dead in the old man is now new in the new man of the Spirit. My Spirit is at work in you to bring Me glory. My Spirit is at work in you to bring forth life in its fullness.

Received 4-24-17

What do you have and what do you need? All those who call upon Me will be saved. I am everything you need.

Received 4-25-17

Rejoice and be glad for the day is soon approaching when freedom will come with My Son and all the chains of the enemy and sin will be broken away. The mockers will mock, but their words will come back to them as bitter pills. My Word will be magnified. There will be new chapters written as the story continues. Be about doing My business with My Spirit strongly working in you and through you. Play no games with sin for the time is short and My people will rise up and shine like the sun of righteousness.

Received 4-26-17

The Spirit of the Lord brings freedom from the law of sin and death. The price has been paid in full. The demands have been met. The sacrifice was given. Receive what I have done in faith. Walk it out with My grace. Change your thinking to align with My Word. Experience who I am as you seek Me in all that you do.

You will walk and not run. The enemy will flee before you. Reclaim the land where your feet walk. Declare the light and love of Christ. Push back darkness in the spiritual realm. Detach their grip off your family. Cancel any foothold and opening they claim. Seal up those holes.

Received 4-27-17

You will make an impact in the heavenlies as you pray. Pray in the Spirit and with understanding. Pray often and boldly. Cover your family with prayer. Intercede as My Spirit directs. It’s not too late, but the battle has been waging. The end is near and resistance is high. We have the victory. It is assured. I said, “It is finished!” What I have done lasts forever. My hands are stretched out for My people. I look upon My scarred hands and I remember. The price was high, but it was needed and joyfully done in spite of the pain. My will was submitted to My Father’s. The enemy had no hold over Me. I laid down My life and I took it up again.

Received 4-28-17

A wise man is he who always calls upon Me, whose lips praise Me in everything, whose heart is clean before Me. A wise man is he who lives to please Me.

Received 4-29-17

Be careful today to look for Me in what you do. Rejoice and be glad.

Received 4-30-17

What is new, happened before. Each generation experiences something new. My Word has new meaning and application. I am new and I am old – I do not change: I AM.

Received 5-1-17

I can see all that you do. Can you see Me in what you are doing? Watch for Me. This is the world I have made. These are My people, even those who haven’t responded to My love. I am reaching out to them all in My love and grace.

Received 5-2-17

What is Mine I give to My people, freely and with love and grace. Can you say the same?

Received 5-3-17

Relax and receive the joy of this day. Give Me praise in all that you do. Enjoy the wife of your youth. Come before Me with thanksgiving. Acknowledge and testify of My goodness and faithfulness. Celebrate and remember. Be at peace about everything in your life for I am taking care of you.

Received 5-4-17

Much to do, but not too much that really matters. Take My yoke upon you and follow Me. Everything you do will be blessed then. Let Me tell you what to do for others. Give of yourself, but give wisely and to meet real needs. Pray and intercede for others should be number one. Be cheerful and loving and not grumbling. You are serving My body – worthy of My shed blood.

Received 5-5-17

All of your cares are Mine. I take care of My people, not to keep them from all hardship and pain, but to keep them with Me. Keep your eyes on Me. Guard your heart against false idols.

Received 5-6-17

There are many people who need help, and it is difficult to help them. How much patience do you have? Do you have enough grace and compassion? What is your attitude if it was their fault for their problems? Are the problems with sinful behavior different than emotional, mental or physical problems? What about people who disagree with you on issues? Can you love all of these as I love you? Do people have to be like you before you will help them? What about people in other lands? I died for everyone I made, even those who say they hate Me.

Received 5-7-17

Gather your thoughts and let me examine them. What is your focus? Set your eyes on My Son and what He has done for you. Study His teachings. Learn from Him about real life.

Received 5-8-17

The sun rises and the sun goes down. Life continues because of My plan and My grace. Each day is a gift of life to you. Celebrate and welcome each day. Celebrate those in your life.

Received 5-9-17

All things are possible. My love is great and so is My grace. There is no formula for love, except you must love to be My disciple. Decide to love and I will empower you to love as I love.

Received 5-10-17

What matters today is that you keep looking to Me. This is not real life for you, only a break, a celebration.

Received 5-11-17

Walk in the light with truth as your guide, truth from My Word. The world is full of lies and deception and unbelief. Faith will grow if you exercise it.

Received 5-12-17

People have two sides or faces – the public side and the private side, who they are when no one can see what they are doing. I see both, but I look at the private side and what is in the heart of a person. I look for faith in Me and in My Word. I see your faith, but you allow your mind to wander on the things of this world. Repent and have a pure heart.

Received 5-13-17

After the storm in the night there is calm in the morning. Life happens to everyone, for some it brings hardships and trials and for others it brings comfort and joy. Bring out of your storehouse what I have put into it. As you seek Me and as you focus on who I am, you will be satisfied.

Received 5-14-17

What I am doing you will do too. I am rescuing the lost ones, those who have been led astray by the lies of the enemy and the lure of their flesh. Invite them to come home. Tell them I want them back. I will forgive them if they will call upon Me.

Received 5-15-17

I protect you and help you. I hear the prayers of your heart. Open your heart to those around you.

Received 5-16-17

What is man, the person I created to be with Me? How much I love him, yet he has turned away. I sent My Son to rescue him.

Received 5-17-17

I am the Revelator; I reveal truth and knowledge, which only I know. For all who seek after Me, they will find Me. I have revealed Myself in My Son to the world. Now My Spirit is leading people to My Truth. I have given My Word. What do you want to know, just ask Me. Wisdom is My Companion. Adam believed the lie that I was withholding knowledge from him and so he ate of what I forbade him to eat. Now man thinks he knows, but he does not.

Received 5-18-17

Where is love? Where is faith? Can you love? Can you believe? Yes, of course, but you must decide to love and believe. I will help you. My blessings will follow you as you obey.

Received 5-19-17

All that is needed is to be with Me. Walk in My garden and listen to My words. Reflect on what I have done for you and in you.

Received 5-20-17

What is your life about, now at this point? You have your routine activities, both at home and away. Are you accomplishing anything for My kingdom? Push back the darkness and claim your part of the kingdom for Me. Be purposeful and deliberate, yet always be listening to My Spirit.

Received 5-21-17

Today counts just as every day counts in My kingdom. Rejoice and be glad. Reflect on what I have done for you. Meditate on My Word. Claim in faith My promises. Look for the opportunities My Spirit brings you and follow.

Received 5-22-17

When life is hard, people turn to Me. When life is easy, they don’t think about Me. Come to Me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

Received 5-23-17

What is in a man, which I see as beautiful? Is it not his spirit, which can communicate with My Spirit? The flesh counts for nothing. The flesh is the source for all sin. It convinces the mind to act. The mind can be corrupted by the desires of the flesh. The mind can be deceived by the lies of the enemy. Instruct and transform your mind with My Word. Put to death the demands of the flesh. Allow My Spirit to do His work in you.

Received 5-24-17

Who would take care of you? What is his real need?

Received 5-25-17

I will give you wisdom. I will show you what to do. Honor him and reward him. Show him by example. Live out your faith before him. Give him hope, hope that is centered on Me.

Received 5-26-17

My grace is sufficient for every situation.

Received 5-27-17

Wait and see the glory of the Lord. Follow My Spirit and you will live.

Received 5-28-17

My Word will go forth unto all the nations and then the end will come. No one is exempt. No one has an excuse. Some will believe while others believe the lie. I will judge the living and the dead on that day.

Received 5-29-17

What you choose affects what you do. I have given you a free will. It pleases Me when you choose to do My will, to obey My commands.

Received 5-30-17

My life is in Your hands. You made me and have Your plan for me. I see only weakness in my flesh. I need You. You have done so much for Me. You are My God.

If you have given your life to Me, that is all that is needed. I will take care of you. If you seek after Me, you will find Me. I will give you My strength for your weakness.

Received 5-31-17

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Waiting, abiding, seeking, calling upon Me, watching – all of these actions to be in My presence please Me greatly. The more you seek after Me, the more you will find Me, and I will reveal to you the secrets of your heart.

Received 6-1-17

Love is patient, love is kind; it is merciful and forgiving. Love wants only the best. Love is giving, sacrificial. I am Love. Love others as I have loved you. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Received 6-2-17

I will bring out of My storehouse a blessing and a revelation. They are equal in value. Everything I have is a blessing. I choose to make known My Son and He has revealed Me and glorified Me.

Received 6-3-17

The Lord is my strength and fortress. Whom shall I fear? If God did not spare His Son from the suffering of the cross on our behalf, will He not give us all that we need?

My grace is sufficient. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything make your requests known unto Me.

Received 6-4-17

I will provide the help you need, for your sake and for those who will help. My body is made up of many members.

Received 6-5-17

What is old becomes new with My Spirit bringing life. Call upon Me to bring life into ancient words. Let them penetrate your soul. Believe them, not just as facts, but as truth about Me and how I think and act.

Received 6-6-17

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Sin is in the world and it is increasing. People who seem normal are believing the lie of the enemy. Help them recognize the truth. Pray that My Spirit will bring them to repentance.

Received 6-7-17

Rise and shine and give Me glory and praise. See what I have done for My people all over the world that I have made. Put your confidence in Me and in what I can do. Look not to the world for it is failing.

Received 6-8-17

What is time to Me for I AM? But what I do is always the right time for you

Received 6-9-17

The one who draws near will be rewarded in many ways. He who trains his heart to hear My voice will find life. My sheep know My voice and they follow Me.

Received 6-10-17

I know everything about you for I made you. Can you know what is in the future for you? Do you know how you will react to certain challenges and trials? Who will care for you in your need?

Received 6-11-17

Nothing can change my love for you – nothing that you do or don’t do. Rest in My love.

Received 6-12-17

I will give you wisdom for the asking; strength for the asking; faith for the asking and whatever you need for the asking. Are you asking Me or presuming from Me? I will hear your prayer for others. I will teach you how to pray.

Received 6-13-17

All things are possible for those who believe in Me. My grace covers you in your weakness and unbelief. Keep your eyes on Me and you will not stumble.

Received 6-14-17

Every word that I give is true. My Word is true for it is Truth. I am the standard of righteousness for I am righteous. Why do seek after anything but Me? Everything else is empty and less in every way than what I have for you.

Received 6-15-17

When you seek Me, I am pleased. When you ask for wisdom, it pleases Me. You are not alone and you don’t have to solve things on your own. I am here for you. Just call upon Me.

Received 6-16-17

I am great and you are My chosen ones to bring Me glory. Let your lips sing out My praise and testify of My goodness and what I have done for you and in you. People need to hear and you need to speak. This is My timing for you and for him. Allow My Spirit to teach you.

Received 6-17-17

What is in a man? Does he have: hope or despair? Does he desire to do good or evil? What is in your heart? I see a changed heart, more like Me every day as My Spirit works. Your experiences are for learning as you seek Me. Be at peace and enjoy the wife of your youth. I have given you this pause at this time knowing everything.

Received 6-18-17

I will always love you. I love My people and I have from the beginning. Sometimes love means punishment for wrongdoing and disobedience. Sometimes it is withdrawing so that the forces of evil prevail for a season. My promises are yes and amen for those who believe. Belief in Me has benefits and responsibilities. You must allow My Spirit to do His work. I know that you are weak, so I give you My grace. Help comes through prayer.

Received 6-19-17

Come and be quiet. What I have, I give to you. Train yourself to always think of the spiritual aspect of what is happening. What is coming upon the world is a spiritual attack – the forces of evil against My people and against Me. They have all rebelled and are believing the lie. They will believe what some say because they agree with what they say regardless of what the truth is. Soon the lie will be exposed for what it is. Foundations are crumbling. The house is shaking. Do not be caught up in this world for it is failing. Let My Word be your source of truth and life.

Received 6-20-17

Do not think or imagine what might be negative in a person. It is not for you to judge for I am their Judge. I can redeem anyone with My love and forgiveness. I can heal and restore. What have I done in your life? Paul thought that he was the chiefest of sinners because of his persecution and ill treatment of My people. I have saved many who were not deserving and that is what mercy is about. Learn mercy and how to show or give mercy to others. Forgiveness is a big part of mercy. Blessing and prayer for others is mercy. Love is mercy and grace. Yes, My grace is unlimited in power and scope, but your grace given to others can be powerful as My Spirit leads you.

Received 6-21-17

Pray and rejoice for I am with you. My Word sustains you for all situations. I am a Life-giver. You too should give away your life.

Received 6-22-17

I will open the doors wider for you. Opportunities will come from Me. Say yes to Me now and yes when the opportunities come. Allow your spirit to trust in My Spirit. I have words of life for you and for those you help.

Received 6-23-17

What is in a name? In My name there is power and all authority. Use My name for you are in Me and I am in you. Break off the chains of darkness. Set free the captives. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. All things are possible in My name. If I did it, so can you.

Received 6-24-17

Life is empty without My presence. No labor of man can provide what I am. Call upon Me and rejoice.

Received 6-25-17

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Everything I have is a gift to you. In Me are the resources that you need. Don’t waste your time seeking after them in the world for they are deceitful and empty. I care about you. If you realize how much I think about you and know what you are thinking and doing, then you will have peace. Peace is a gift from My hand.

Received 6-26-17

What is in the heart of man? I know, even more than a man knows himself. It is My joy to see a man who lets Me make changes as He cooperates with My Spirit and as he submits and obeys My Word.

Received 6-27-17

My way or what? Let Me help you do what is needed and what is helpful. Ask Me for wisdom. Ask Me.

Received 6-28-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. He will rescue His people and bring judgment on His enemies. Who is downcast but he who does not look to Me, the author of life?

Received 6-29-17

My grace is sufficient for you. Pray and seek My wisdom and knowledge. Don’t rely on your own strength or knowledge or wisdom. You are weak, but I am strong in ways you cannot understand.

Received 6-30-17

Set apart for You Lord – willing and prepared, consecrated, available; ready and already saying yes to whatever You ask of me, looking for Your opportunities, taking advantage of idle time, not pursuing the things of this world, full of praise and thanksgiving; reading, studying and applying Your Word to my life, believing in You with unwavering faith, looking forward and not back; confessing and repenting of any sin in thought, word or deed; praying and interceding as Your Spirit leads – this is my desire Lord.

I see your heart. I will carry you and do what you cannot do. Just ask Me. You know your assignment and it pleases Me to see you at work. Yes, this might be your calling to help others. Be patient.


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Received 1-1-17

This will be a year of surprises and joy. Cover your family in prayer. Cover those you care about in prayer. Be alert and watchful to what My Spirit says. I will take care of your country and the world. Your focus should be on those in your influence. Love, encourage, lead, inspire, challenge. Maintain humility and a dependence on Me for what you do. Stay with Me and do not do anything on Your own for it will be futile and empty.

Received 1-2-17

Reach out to others. Be a friend. You are My friend. You are one of My sons. Many are weak and needy. Many have hurts. Love and bless them as you would want to be blessed and helped.

Received 1-3-17

Great is the Lord in every category. Yes, I have no limits, no boundaries. Nothing is impossible for Me to do. If I had a need, I would not tell you. Everything is Mine. What more could I need? If you have a need, I know it.

Received 1-4-17

I can rescue anyone who calls upon Me for help. There is no sin I cannot overcome and forgive. The blood price has been paid. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Repentance opens the door to life. Confession declares the victory to the spiritual realm.

Received 1-5-17

Wait upon Me. Discover patience and endurance. Teach the weak and downtrodden. Lift up their heads with good news.

Received 1-6-17

All things are possible. Trust in Me to do what you cannot do. Call upon Me. Keep your eyes and spirit on Me.

Received 1-7-17

Give to Me all of your cares, for I care for you. Yes, it is that simple. If I can hold the universe together, I can take care of you too. Before the foundation of the world I knew you.

Received 1-8-17

When you say yes to Me, it pleases Me. I see your heart. Sometimes your yes might be full of faith and trusting in Me with the unknown of what I am asking you to do with your limited ability and resources. Other times your yes is more confident because I have helped you do a similar task before and you know what to expect. Your faith is in Me and not in what you can do. Sometimes I ask you to deny yourself and comfort and familiarity of the life you know, so that you can take on the life I give you. I see your heart. These opportunities are for you to see your heart from My perspective. The life I have for you is much more than you have without Me.

Received 1-9-17

Of all of the world I am. I fill the earth with My glory, but only a few have eyes to see it. My Word is constantly going forth, but only a few hear. Many don’t want to hear and many don’t know I exist. Tell them. Wake them up to the truth. Tell them I love them and I want them to know Me.

Received 1-10-17

Be at peace and watch Me at work. You have opened the door for communication with your letter, which was your purpose. Now let Me control your speech and words. Words are important and they have meaning, sometimes different meaning to different people. So either define your words or be careful if you use a word, which could be misinterpreted. Use My words of love and acceptance and they will bring forth life and fruit.

Received 1-11-17

What the eye can see, the brain can imagine, the heart can feel and all that is the world, be wary of what is in the world, for the wisdom of this world can be foolish and very much against the things of God. If we only follow what our senses experience, then where am I? I will reveal Myself to those who seek after Me. Yes, My creation testifies about Me. But some worship creation and are blind to the Creator.

I love you. Cast your cares upon Me. I am aware of your needs. You have come to the right place tonight. Worship and faith attract Me. Trust Me with your need.

Received 1-12-17

What is on the earth is noticed in heaven. Bring My kingdom into your life on earth. Let Me establish you in My kingdom by My grace. When you do, My blessings are poured out.

Received 1-13-17

Many a day will pass when all you can do is to decide to follow Me and to obey Me. Those in the world do not know the truth about Me. I am at work in My creation and soon all will know that I AM. My people must witness to who I am. Do not hold back what I put in your heart. If you trust in My Word, you will trust in Me.

Received 1-14-17

My Word will go forth to the nations. Speak the truth with grace and love. Show love and kindness, mercy and forgiveness.

Received 1-15-17

No man can see My glory without believing that I exist. My glory is in all that I created. Some may call it beauty, or order, or complexity, or My Presence. What you see with your eyes is a fading glory. I will change the hearts of men to see Me in My glory. Every eye will see and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Received 1-16-17

In My time I make everything beautiful. What is good? What is lovely? What is pure and excellent? The more you seek after Me and the truth in My Word, you will be blessed.

Received 1-17-17

Wait and see what I can do. Give your cares to Me.

Received 1-18-17

My Word is My bond. It is sure and reliable. Truth has no equal. Integrity and honesty are valued in My kingdom. Integrity is a consistent application of beliefs and moral standards based on unchanging truths.

Received 1-19-17

My will is the best for I know how and why I made you. My kingdom is expanding. I have a place marked out for you.

Received 1-20-17

Pray and intercede for a battle is being waged. Let them know that I love them.

Received 1-21-17

Where is the faith that moves mountains? Can you rest in My provision and care? Would you worry about anything if you had a rich benefactor? How much more can I do? Yes, I see and know all. Yes, I can know the heart of a man. Yes, I can work in ways impossible for man.

Received 1-22-17

I can do many things. I can provide a blessing to those in need. I have met your needs and even more. Trust Me for your family. It is good to dedicate them to Me. Declare to the darkness around them to be lifted out of the way, so that My light can shine.

Received 1-23-17

Will you come to Me?

Received 1-24-17

My grace is sufficient. Your need is My need. His need is My need.

Received 1-25-17

I have a kingdom that will never end. It starts in your heart as you live for Me. We join you to bring the kingdom. My righteousness covers you.

Received 1-26-17

Be patient. Let your love be evident. Rest in My promises. I will not fail you.

Received 1-27-17

My life is Yours. I need You, most wonderful God and Savior.

Be at peace My son. Give your cares to Me and I will give you rest for your soul. Do you believe this? There is much to do and you are doing what I have placed before you. Allow Me to transform you even more. Why do you seek after the things of this world? Haven’t you found them to be empty? There are many, many people choosing to follow their own desires. They haven’t known Me. Their image of Me is distorted. The enemy has lied to them about Me. They do not want anyone to tell them how to live. Will you show them who I am? Will you allow Me to help you be more like Me?

Received 1-28-17

Where can you find the truth? People speak of what they know from their own experiences and learning. If they ignore Me, they will have a distorted picture of reality. Even what appears to be science can be based on assumptions, because they don’t know all the facts. Come to Me and I will show you what you need to know.

Begin to live as they were not there. Pray for them and give Me time to change their hearts. They will come to Me and their chains will come off.

Received 1-29-17

Watch for Me to work in your midst. Pay attention every time you are with people. Listen to My Spirit and speak about Me as you are prompted. Doors will open. People will come to Me.

Received 1-30-17

Keep your eyes on Me. Look for what I am doing. Offer yourself as someone available to do the work of My kingdom.

Received 1-31-17

All things will work out for good for those who have given themselves to do My will. My ways are beautiful and pleasing for those who love Me. I have overcome the world. Nothing is impossible for Me.

Received 2-1-17

My grace is sufficient for every situation. In the midst of trouble, I am there to comfort and to help those in need. I listen for their cries for help. I know those who are Mine, who believe in Me.

Received 2-2-17

I will take care of you no matter what happens, just as I care for all of My people. What I have revealed will come to pass. Not all will see the full extent of My Revelation. I give hope and promises. Believe Me with all of your heart and My peace will be yours.

Received 2-3-17

He is My servant. He cares about his flock and his community. So do you, but in different ways. Your burden is much lighter. Your calling is much less than his. Let me help you with your burden. Don’t grow weary in doing good. Call upon Me. Pray more effectively and specifically.

Received 2-4-17

Expect Me today. Call upon Me and I will answer. What is your need?

Received 2-5-17

Much is lost as the time moves on. Be diligent to follow Me and I will help you redeem the time. Can you come to Me more than in the morning? You enjoyed My Spirit as you felt His anointing and pleasure as you worshipped Me.

Received 2-6-17

When I come to you, will I find faith? I know that you believe that I exist, but do you believe that I will do what I say I will do?

Received 2-7-17

When I was a child I thought like a child, but now I have been transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and my spiritual eyes have been opened to think like God as He has revealed Himself to me.

I have revealed Myself to many people. There are many more who need Me. I am calling out to them.

Received 2-8-17

Today. As long as it is today, there is much you can do. Offer your day to Me. Lay down your will and plans. Seek My face.

Received 2-9-17

If I came to you today, would you recognize Me? Would you see Me in My glory? Would you see Me if I came as a man in need? What is in your heart? Do you have compassion for the lost?

Received 2-10-17

My power is not diminished. My grace is not lessened. Many are receiving salvation, healing, deliverance and comfort. Greater things shall you do in My name.

Received 2-11-17

What happens today will impact your life. Be open to Me and the work of My Spirit. Expect Me to do wonderful things in your life.

Received 2-12-17

Those who sow in tears shall reap with joy more than they expected. A heavy heart finds peace in Me through prayer. Do not be discouraged for I am at work. Both are trying to hide the reality of what is happening in their families. I will continue to shine My Light upon them so that they must face the Truth. So rest in what I am doing.

Received 2-13-17

I will bring the men. I will carry the load. This is My work not yours. Give Me the praise.

Received 2-14-17

My ways bring glory to My Name. Obedience, availability, faithfulness, submission, confession, truthfulness, holiness, faith – pursue these things. You will know what is not of Me. My Spirit is at work in you and through you for others. The world is waiting for the end to come. It is groaning because this world is not what I intended it to be. You too are waiting, but be about My kingdom business.

Received 2-15-17

Let your “yes” be “yes” as you speak to others. Believe My Words for they are “yes” and “amen”. My Words contain life and truth and comfort for your soul.

Received 2-16-17

My Name is great. There is no one like Me. I bow before no one. Offer the sacrifice of praise from your lips and heart. Offer your life to Me.

Received 2-17-17

All your efforts mean less than the prayer you bring before My throne. You are limited, but I am not. I love you and I have a good plan for your life. Seek after Me always and I will reveal Myself to you.

Received 2-18-17

When the roar dies down, then the people will see and hear. Continue to be My witness in words and deeds. Allow My Spirit to speak to you to direct your steps.

Received 2-19-17

What are you looking for? What are you seeking after? Where is your heart’s treasure? I have met all of your needs. I can be all that you want.

Received 2-20-17

Be at peace, My peace and joy. May your eyes be on Me and My promises.

Received 2-21-17

When you were a child, I nurtured you. When you were a young man, I tutored you. When you were a new believer, I discipled you. Now I show you who I am. My voice is going out to all who will listen. I am leading My sheep and My church. Do not fear the future, for I am there with you.

Received 2-22-17

My grace is covering you and all that you do. Do not hesitate to proclaim My Word and My truth. I have opened and will open doors for you. My Truth will set you free of the bondage of sin and unbelief. Trust Me with everything and give to Me everything. You have the source of all revelation in My Word and in My Spirit. Ask Me anything and I will reveal what you need.

Received 2-23-17

I will bless you and keep you and make My face to shine upon you, and grant you peace. As you give yourself to Me, I will give Myself to you.

Received 2-24-17

There is life in My Name. Use My Name to speak life and truth and grace. My authority is in My Name. It is who I AM.

Received 2-25-17

I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am the God of your fathers. I am the God who cares for you now and who loves you with an everlasting love. What do you need? Come to Me and ask. My hope is your hope. My life is your life. My joy is your joy. My eye is upon you for good. These words will not fail.

Received 2-26-17

Your name is great and every created thing bows before you. Where there is life, there I am. Sin and death versus forgiveness and life. I restore, I redeem, I heal, I deliver.

Received 2-27-17

What is hidden will be revealed. The lies of the enemy will be disclosed. Truth will reign. Love will win over hate. Every eye shall see Me in My glory. All doubts will be erased. The desire of man’s heart will be made known, either rejoicing at My coming or fear. They will look upon the One whom they pierced and mocked. Their mouths will be stopped up. The demons will flee into capture. The whole world will tremble. The creation will meet its Creator.

Received 2-28-17

Much is given and much is required, but do not grow weary. Come to Me and find rest for your soul. Strengthen your spirit in My Word and in My Spirit. My Word contains life.

Received 3-1-17

Be at peace. In the world you will have trouble, but I have overcome the world.

Received 3-2-17

I am with you to do My will in you and in others. Live by My Word and My Spirit and you will be blessed beyond what you could imagine. No greater love is there but for a man to lay down his life for his friends.

Received 3-3-17

My Name is Mighty! I can do all things. Nothing is impossible with Me. What is your need?

Received 3-4-17

What you do today will count for eternity. Use your hands to bless others. Break through the barriers of a man’s soul and heart. What attracted people to Me was the love that I showed them.

Received 3-5-17

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. In all things, give Me praise. I control the stars in the sky; can I not help you? Will the earth yield it fruit without Me? No, but I have made it to be fruitful.

Received 3-6-17

Trust Me to be at work on your behalf and to bring glory to My Name. The lies of this world will be broken. The sins of men’s hearts will be exposed. There is none who does good. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. I have overcome the world. Man’s choices have brought corruption to what I have made. Your leaders are flawed people and only a few are willing to believe in Me. Be confident in this one thing: I love you and I want you to be with Me forever.

Received 3-7-17

Live by My Spirit. The flesh is weak and the soul can mislead.

Received 3-8-17

The enemy has sown seeds of destruction, but I am sowing seeds of life in and through My people. Speak life. Lift up and do not tear down. Encourage. Fan the flames of My Spirit in them. Your tongue is powerful. It is through your words the gospel is spread. My written Word contains life too. Your testimony and the witness of what I have done in your life speaks life, grace, mercy, forgiveness, restoration. Included in all of this is My love, which is who I am. People need and are seeking after My love.

Received 3-9-17

What is in your hand? I am taking care of you always. Do not fear.

Received 3-10-17

All things can work out for good through prayer. Nothing is impossible for Me. I can redeem any situation. Your sins can be covered by My Son’s blood. Death and destruction are temporary in light of eternity. His struggle is your struggle for you must love as you would want to be loved.

Received 3-11-17

My love is greater than any hate or cruelty. Death cannot stop My love and grace, for there is life after death.

Received 3-12-17

When My Spirit blows into a gathering, those with sensitive spirits can recognize the change in the spiritual atmosphere. I can soften hardened hearts like butter. I can reach dulled hearts, scarred by pain and unbelief. My power is unlimited, but I do not violate your will. An open heart can receive. Your spirit is the window into who you are and what you can see in the spiritual realm.

Received 3-13-17

All who come to Me will find Me and be satisfied. I am the source of life. What was begun long ago will come to its conclusion. Then a new world will begin. What is new will not die, but will live on in glory.

Received 3-14-17

Be patient and love, as you would want to be loved. Honor him as a person.

Received 3-15-17

When life gets hard, who can you turn to? Come to Me.

Received 3-16-17

Just as the wind blows, so My Spirit will blow across the land fanning the flames of life and power and faith to believe. Listen often for what He will say to you. He wants to help you know what to do and what I am doing among My people. I have planted many seeds of life. They will germinate in their time.

Received 3-17-17

Just as the rain and snow fall to the ground, so My Word comes to everyone. Creation speaks. People need what I provide. Daily take in My Word, into the inner man, into the spirit. Erase the false thoughts of your mind and replace them with My Truth. Believe everything I reveal to you. I have what you need.

Received 3-18-17

This day choose who you will serve. This day live for Me and My people. This day look for truth and life in what I reveal in My Word. Boldly declare your love for Me.

Received 3-19-17

Love and be loved. Give and be given unto. What is Mine, I have given to My people.

Received 3-20-17

All things work together for good when I am involved. I am involved in the lives of My people, to those who call upon My Name.

Received 3-21-17

Many a man will graduate, but will be left behind for not continuing the quest of righteousness. Pursue those and rescue them from deception and darkness.

Received 3-22-17

With God all things are possible.

Received 3-23-17

Watch and see Me at work in your life. Allow My Spirit access into your heart. Allow Him to break your heart and then to put it back together.

Received 3-24-17

The days of wine and roses, milk and honey – will these temporary pleasures satisfy the soul? What satisfies? Is it peace with God? Is it the anointing of the Spirit? Is it the Presence of God? Is it in doing the will of God? Jesus said, I have come to bring life, abundant life. Is that for all or only for those who seek first His righteousness, His kingdom reign in us?

If you abide with Me and My Word abides with you, you can ask Me for anything and it shall be given unto you. I delight to give good gifts to My people. If we ask according to His will, we know that He hears us and that He will do what we ask.

What about the products of the fall of man? – sickness, pain, hardships, trials, slavery to sin, oppression? I have come to overcome them for you. I have paid the price and won the victory.

Received 3-25-17

My way is best for you. You cannot know what I know. Submit yourself to My will in everything.

Received 3-26-17

Trust Me for your family just as you trust Me for your own life. Haven’t I provided all that you need? I love them too just as I love you. Love and be gracious to all who you meet today. Be My ambassador.

Received 3-27-17

Spend more time in prayer. Let My Spirit direct your prayer. Train your spirit and mind relying on My Word. Go far beyond the “wisdom” of this world, for My thoughts are higher than your thoughts and My ways are higher than your ways.

Received 3-28-17

I will guide you and provide you support. I have blessed you so that you can bless others. Seek Me for wisdom and receive My peace and grace.

Received 3-29-17

In the world you will have tribulation, but take heart for I have overcome the world.

Received 3-30-17

I care for My people. I care through My people and those who are not My people.

Received 3-31-17

Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I will reward those who seek after Me diligently and often, who desire to be in My Presence.


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Received 10-1-16

Bring you cares and burdens to Me. Ask Me to turn a man’s heart. Ask Me to intervene in your country, your world and your family. My power has no limit. I have restrained Myself so that man can see the folly of his ways. Pride and deceit are evident, sin and corruption of mind and body fill the airwaves. When will My people repent and call upon Me?

Received 10-2-16

Death of a loved one or friend is never easy. Strength and grace come from Me. What do you need?

Received 10-3-16

Grace and truth come from Me. I establish what truth is. Truth is real, unchanging, solid. Be careful with your words. Be honest with Me and with others.

Received 10-4-16

My fame will be known all over the world. Just as I ministered to those who came to Me before, I will touch many, not as a man, but as God. My people will reign with Me and they too will touch many in My Name. Peace will spread from My throne. The devil and his workers will be bound. The earth will receive its rest. My Spirit will work in the hearts of My people with much freedom and power.

Received 10-5-16

Transfer, put your thoughts on Me rather than on the things of this sinful world. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.

Received 10-6-16

The heart is fragile, tender and easily hurt, but it is also capable of great love and sacrifice for another person. My heart was broken for you. My love was great enough to put Me on the cross for you. Allow Me to fill you with My love so you can love others.

Received 10-7-16

Comfort and joy: The angels proclaimed to the people of Israel that their Savior had come. Jesus warned his disciples with love that they would see him no more, but when he would appear to them, they would have great joy. He would send them the Comforter, the Helper, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ and of God, to be with them forever. Because He lives, we too will live with Him.

Received 10-8-16

In as much as I love you, how should you live? What is the hope within you? Is it not to live with Me forever? The life I live is by faith in the Son of God. What do you believe about Me?

Received 10-9-16

All things are possible. Who I am is more important than who you are. Only what you do in Me will count and will last. Prayer counts because you are praying to Me.

Received 10-10-16

Watch and pray when I bring people and issues before you. Ask Me what to pray for. Ask Me how to pray. Ask Me what concerns Me.

Received 10-11-16

Open your heart to receive from My hand. My gifts will sustain you through any situation. These gifts are temporary revelations of truth for others, not unlike prophecy, words of knowledge and wisdom. Learn from Me and you will bless others. Banish pride and self, rather seek to bring Me glory. I am the Author of Life and I give the keys to life to unlock the snares of sin and bondage from the enemy. Rescue many with My love and grace and truth.

Received 10-12-16

Much is given. I am pouring out My grace as people pray. The world is turning dark, but the day is coming. Do not despair, but have hope in Me. The world is groaning under chaos, sin, injustice, oppression. The rule of law is mocked and people do what seems right for them. The enemy has sown well his lies and now people are reaping destruction. Every person is flawed. Good men are cast aside as ineffective. Be aware and pray. Lift up the hands that hang down. Be a beacon of light and truth and love. Speak words of encouragement and life.

Received 10-13-16

Do not place your hope in man, for any man will disappoint and fail you. I am the One for you. Love Me with all of your heart.

Received 10-14-16

Where am I? Deep within My people. Keep yourself unstained by the world – bodily and in your mind and spirit. Do not grieve My Spirit, but do what pleases Me – love, forgive, give grace and mercy and kindness, believe Me and My Word, obey My Spirit.

Received 10-15-16

My grace is sufficient in your weakness. Call upon Me in prayer.

Received 10-16-16

I am a Master Craftsman. I Create out of nothing. I give life. I guide the life I make into the path of life. I love My own, what I have made. I reveal Myself to those I have made. None have to be told about Me. All can be saved from sin and darkness and death. I am a personal God, a relational God, a Wonderful Father.

Received 10-17-16

Much is given and much will be required. My grace is sufficient for you. Show grace to others. Love is given unconditionally. Show love to others. Every attribute of who I am is available to you. Stand and count the goodness of the Lord, if you can. Is there any limit to who I am? If I fill the universe that I have made and still be apart from it to control all that happens, can I not fill you with My Spirit so that you can know Me?

Received 10-18-16

My goal is to love you so much that you learn how to love yourself and others with My love. Love is patient, love is kind, love does not envy, love does not boast, love is not proud, love is not rude, love is not self-seeking , love is not easily angered, love keeps no record of wrongs, loves does not delight in evil, love rejoices with the truth, love always trusts, love always hopes, love always perseveres, love never fails. Do you love Me?

Received 10-19-16

I speak in many ways to My people: in words they know, in thoughts to their mind, in directions from My Spirit to their spirit, in feelings, in pictures, in dreams and in My Word. I bring comfort, grace, love, forgiveness, peace, courage. What do you need? What have I already given you? What is the future I have for you?

Received 10-20-16

Is there any doubt that I am stirring up things in this world that is fading away? I hear the prayers of My people. Their cry has come to Me. For those of you who are looking to a human leader to solve your problems, I give you a weak and ineffective person. You will groan even more. The world is groaning, but I will soon come to bring justice upon the earth; and this justice will last. Proclaim My Word and My Truth in the love you show others. Don’t let your guard down. Pray over your family and friends and those in need.

Received 10-21-16

If I told you something about who you are and asked you to respond what would you do? I am speaking, but are you hearing? You are like a blade of grass, blowing in the wind. You need light, moisture and soil to thrive. You wave as the wind blows. You turn to the light. You produce seed to bear fruit of new grass. Some will see you as a nuisance, while others see your beauty. You persevere in storms and times of drought. I plant you in one location and sometimes I move you to another. You stand as a testimony of My creation.

Received 10-22-16

Come to the river of delights, the river that flows out from My throne. Drink from it and be filled with My joy.

Received 10-23-16

What is the nature of life? Preparation, production, rest. Will you accomplish anything that will last on into eternity? Only if I do it through you. Be at peace, but be attentive to My Spirit. Relationships count much more than anything else. Your relationship with Me is the most important.

Received 10-24-16

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised. He made the world with only His spoken Word; it came into being out of nothing. He made us in His image so that we could pursue His character. He is everything we need.

I am what you need and more. Seek after Me with all of your heart and mind and soul. I will reveal Myself to you. I will call you to be with Me.

Received 10-25-16

Now is the time to listen to Me as if I had the secret that you needed. The clues are in My Word. You must search after them with all diligence and effort. My wisdom is for the asking and seeking after. As you become weaker in mind and body, you will have to rely more on Me. I will carry you. Where does my help come from? It comes from the Lord my God, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Received 10-26-16

Come away with Me. Separate yourself from the influence and thoughts of this world. Am I as interesting as the news? You will be disappointed by what you hear. My words bring forth life. They are what you need to hear. They said of My Son’s teaching and words: No one ever spoke like this man. They were amazed for He spoke as one who had authority.

Received 10-27-16

Give your lips over to Me in praise and worship. Think about who I Am and what I have done. Lift Me up over whatever you are doing. My thoughts are always on My people. I am present with them.

Received 10-28-16

I will never leave you or forsake you.

Received 10-29-16

Pray and ask Me to heal your family. I can do what you cannot do. Show love as best you can. I will give you grace and love.

Received 10-30-16

Wise is the man who calls upon Me. Empty your hands of anything that snares and confuses. I am a God of peace, order, harmony, unity. Watch over your heart with all diligence to guard what enters into it.

Received 10-31-16

Rejoice and be glad, for the Lord has come, bringing salvation and life. All who call upon Him shall receive. Die to life, mourn to rejoice, repent to walk in freedom. Just as I am your substitute, so too should you exchange your worldliness for righteous thoughts, cleansed by My blood and made pure by My Word.

Received 11-1-16

I will be glorified on the earth. Many will seek after Me on that day, but their eyes will have been blinded by their sin and unbelief. Pray that their eyes will be opened.

Received 11-2-16

My Spirit is freely given to My people so that I will be with them always. He has many gifts and much power. He will do what I desire. Having more of Him is having more of Me. Remove the things of this world so that He can fill you more. Replace darkness with Light, sin with righteousness from My holiness. He takes what is Mine and gives it to you. Cast your cares upon Me.

Received 11-3-16

The way of the cross, dying to self, living to make the most of today in obedience to My Word and commands, following the leading of My Spirit, with a heart full of love and grace – this is how you are to live. All the earth will proclaim My glory on that day. It will be a new day of Light and peace; the old has passed away, the new has come. Just as I established the new covenant, I will establish a new relationship with My people. I will be with them and they will be with Me.

Received 11-4-16

The wages of sin is death and separation and torment. I have come to bring you life and peace and joy to its fullness. Seek after Me with all of your heart. Push the lures of this world away so that your mind is pure and single-minded.

Received 11-5-16

The cares of this world can distract you. Put your eyes on Me, on what I have done and what I will do. For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross. I have a bigger picture than what you see and know. Trust Me for all things. Have I ever failed you?

Received 11-6-16

As you are willing and open to My calling for you, I will open doors for you. Notice men. Call them by name. Take more time to speak names. I will give you words to speak, questions to ask. Encourage, challenge, call out.

Received 11-7-16

Great is the Lord for He has done great things. He rolled back the waters of the Red Sea to make a path for the Israelites to walk across. He removes the barriers we face so that His will can be done in us.

Only later will you discover what I have done for you. There will be great rejoicing in that day, and crying too, tears of repentance and joy. I will make all things new. The snare of sin will be broken. My Spirit will be poured out ten-fold – everyone will experience His work.

Received 11-8-16

Cast your cares on Me. Give Me your burdens. The end will not be like the beginning. I will restore but also change. Be about My business and calling for your life. I will take care of the other things. I will not abandon you, nor your family. Be strong in Me. Speak life and hope. Declare what you know to be true – to yourself and to others who are looking to you.

Received 11-9-16

When I asked what does this all mean?

Come and I will show you. Your nation has turned a corner. It was moving away from Me and now it will pursue Me. I will speak to your leaders and will lead them. As long as My people are praying, I will respond. I will be glorified. My name is Jehovah Jireh – the Lord will provide. I have provided a Savior, a sacrifice worthy of praise and honor for all to see. Lift Him up and proclaim My truth. What is flawed, can be filled. Pray and rejoice. Look not to a man, but to Me.

Received 11-10-16

Much is required where much is given. I have revealed Myself to you in many different ways. I will continue to show Myself to you as you seek after Me. I love you and those you love. One must give up their opinions and beliefs that are conflicting with who I am, for I do not change. I am who I have revealed Myself to be. The deceiver has planted seeds of doubt and unbelief. He lies about who I am and some take those lies as their own beliefs. Allow My Word to wash those thoughts out, to expose them. False love, conditional love is not who I am. Forgive and release your loved ones to Me. Be careful what you speak about them. Declare salvation and life over them.

Received 11-11-16

An undivided heart, focused solely on Me, full of love and devotion – this is the one who pleases Me, who I can use greatly. Are you that person? I see the heart and I fill that heart with My love.

Received 11-12-16

My hand is on you. I am guiding you. Be open, alert, flexible, determined to follow. I will take of your issues of life. Seek after Me and what I am doing in you and through you.

Received 11-13-16

Give your cares to Me. Pray and don’t be anxious. Don’t withdraw, but be engaged in life – with people and family.

Received 11-14-16

What have you learned? I am at work. Be patient, yet always praying. Present yourself before Me.

Received 11-15-16

I am on the Throne, seeing and knowing everything. Does this bring you peace? I guide the hands and feet of a man. I direct his steps. I inspire and guide. I will be found by all who seek after Me, who seek Me with all of their heart. I know when a man is just saying words with his tongue, but his heart is elsewhere. Who is for Me is not against Me. I can work with a person who believes that I exist.

Received 11-16-16

My Word will go forth to all the ends of the earth. All will hear the good news – A Savior has come to take away sins.

Received 11-17-16

My ways are higher and best. Give Me praise because I am working on your behalf and My glory. All that I have made is good. Even now what has been corrupted by sin and unbelief, these can be redeemed and restored. Nothing is impossible for Me.

Received 11-18-16

All of my life You have been working for me. Great is the Lord. Wonderful is He. With the Lord on my side, what can happen to me? My lips will testify of Your goodness Lord.

I am at work. Trust Me to do what is best for you. Give Me thanks and praise always.

Received 11-19-16

My eyes shall behold Him. He will be arrayed in Glory, full of Light. He will see through me and into me.

Rejoice and be glad for that day will soon come, but not without hardship and testing. Those on the earth shall see the glory of the Lord when He comes, but it will be too late for many. Every eye shall see Him.

Received 11-20-16

Come to the table and feast on what I have for you. See My goodness and experience My love. Is there anything more that you could need?

Received 11-21-16

Come, run away with Me, where I dwell. Spend your time with Me. Give your heart over to Me. Watch for the dawn to rise up in your heart as My fullness overtakes you.

Received 11-22-16

Only a few can prepare their hearts for what is coming. Those whom I have called for this time will be ready. Others will learn, but after the fact, as My glory is revealed in them. Look at My disciples, how they struggled to believe, even as I was with them, teaching them. But when they received the fullness of My Spirit, then finally their spiritual eyes were opened. Be determined to follow My Spirit.

Received 11-23-16

Open your eyes and you will see My glory. It can be found in what I have made. It can be found in actions I have taken to turn a person or a nation. You can experience it as you look at your changed heart. Love will eventually win out over hatred, lies, anger, lust and any sin you could name.

Received 11-24-16

This is a new day, yet an old day. What you are experiencing is normal. Be willing to sacrifice for your family and for Me. Who is the greatest, but the one who serves?

Received 11-25-16

I have heard the cries of My people. I am not slow, but persistent and sure. My kindness leads to repentance. Do not suppose that I am idle. Do not put your trust in man, but in Me. All that I am is yours. You are Mine and I will not leave you. Live for Me not for yourself. I will heal what you cannot heal by yourself. I am working even now for My glory to be revealed in you and in My people. Seek My face, My presence. Don’t be satisfied with less. Pray and intercede. Release them to Me and to My care.

Received 11-26-16

Much is given for all to share in. My grace is more than sufficient for everyone and every situation. Just call upon Me. My Spirit has been poured out enabling you to do what I ask. My love has covered your sins. My joy has filled your hearts. My peace has stilled your souls. My promises are sure and full of life for all who love My commands.

Received 11-27-16

Sin is terrible, but there is sin everywhere, even within the hearts of My people. All have sinned and fallen short of My glory. Let My love overpower you, so that you can love others with My love. Let My grace arise within you.

Received 11-28-16

All things work together for good to those who love Me and who are called by Me. I am in control whether or not you are aware of what I am doing. Nothing is a surprise to Me. It might grieve Me and sadden Me, and make Me angry, but still other things bring Me joy and pleasure, deeper than you can imagine. All the ends of the earth will know Me on that day. Everyone has seen the sun, moon and stars. What will people do when these are changed? What will you do when things change in your life?

Received 11-29-16

Yes, My people have different beliefs, but I love them all. What matters is their relationship with Me, not what they believe. My Spirit is working whether or not people realize His work. He brooded over the darkness and chaos to bring for life. He loves to change hearts, to turn on the spirits of man to the Truth. He shines the light of My Word into their hearts.

Received 11-30-16

Wise counselors can be hard to find. Who is speaking to you? My Spirit is speaking. Are you listening? I am the Good Shepherd. My people know My voice and follow where I lead.

Received 12-1-16

For unto us a Child is born; unto us a King is sent; unto us a Savior comes freeing those enslaved in sin and death; unto us a Son of Man lives in the power of the Spirit teaching, healing and revealing His Father. Praise God forever!

Yes, to all this and more. Believe and receive My gifts, My promises, My truths – they are eternal. I cancelled death. I erased its sting; fear it no more. Believe Me for big things. Nothing is impossible for Me.

Received 12-2-16

My heart will seek after Him. For in His presence there is fullness of joy and love. Just as a son seeks the praise of his father, so we desire the praise of our heavenly Father. He is willing to give this freely as we seek Him. Our faith in Him, pleases Him.

I am very active in My world. People are calling out to Me and I hear their cries. Do not put your trust in a man, nor should you rest and rely on the heritage of those who were blessed before you. Each generation must seek after Me in repentance and faith.

Received 12-3-16

In You is the fullness of life. Without You we are lost and dying.

Lay your burdens down at the feet of the cross. Kneel before My throne. In humility of spirit, a man can receive.

Put to death the flesh and its desires of this world. Stretch out your hands to receive from My hand, gifts of love.

Received 12-4-16

Rest in My grace. My grace is sufficient for you. Each person has some of My grace working for them and in them, as much as they need for every situation. My grace helps them come to Me for salvation.

Received 12-5-16

What you do is not in vain if it is done in Me. My fruit will last.

Received 12-6-16

Many walk with Me. I am not lonely. I created man to be with Me.

Received 12-7-16

What is empty will be filled. My love for you will never change. I am love and those who believe in Me will be loved. My love was poured out in My Son. My love is poured out in My Spirit.

Received 12-8-16

This day is blessed for My glory to shine. Look at everything you see to see Me in it.

Received 12-9-16

Patience and kindness, forgiveness and mercy, grace and love – if you practice these qualities, you will be My sons. As I am so shall you be.

Received 12-10-16

Yours is the kingdom. Do you understand what that means? As a son, with privileges in My kingdom, you have access to all that I have created, all of My gifts, protection, provision. As I told the son who remained with Me, “All that I have is yours.” Just believe in Me and My Word.

Received 12-11-16

Do not fear, but believe in Me and in My goodness. Do not give an opening to the enemy. Resist sin in all of its forms.

Received 12-12-16

I will never leave you or forsake you. I will always be here for you as you seek after Me and listen to My voice. Do you believe this?

Received 12-13-16

The world hates you because of Me. Be careful to separate your beliefs about Me from worldly ideas. My ways are not the ways of this world. I am the source for all truth and wisdom and knowledge. This discussion will lead to a healing, if covered in prayer and as My Spirit guides your tongue.

Received 12-14-16

Rest in My Word. You believe in Me. I will take care of you. I will take care of your body and mind. Follow Me and all that is bothering you will seem small and insignificant.

Received 12-15-16

You will be surprised today. There will be a breakthrough. Cover yourself in prayer. Cover your family in prayer. Give to Me your cares. Continue to lift up My people – to encourage and intercede for them.

Received 12-16-16

Change will bring growth. Pruning brings more fruit. My fruit will last. My joy is in you to carry you in hard times. My seed of love always is fruitful, abundant, sustaining and overpowering.

Received 12-17-16

When you come to Me to listen I notice. Many will seek after Me on that day. Many will cry out to Me. I will have mercy on those whom mercy is found. No one has done good, but a few have tender hearts. All have the capacity to know Me. Children can believe more easily.

Received 12-18-16

Trust Me in everything. Your family will be united again. Pray and intercede. Break off the chains of darkness. All who call upon Me will be blessed.

Received 12-19-16

If you call on Me in prayer, I listen and hear. I am not far away. I know what you are experiencing. Resist the cares of this world. Don’t get caught up in everything that happens. Headlines are enough to hear about so you can pray.

Received 12-20-16

My glory will be displayed as the oceans roar and the trees of the field clap their hands. But to hear My voice you must listen in quietness. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You must believe that I exist, that I created all that you see. My power is unlimited.

Received 12-21-16

Where is the love for others? Where is the respect of ideas? Truth is something to be sought after. Understanding and wisdom should be prized. There is much knowledge, but knowledge alone can be empty without real understanding and wisdom. The fear of the Lord is wisdom. If I am ignored, then knowledge is mere speculation and folly. Do not judge them, but pray and intercede that their eyes be opened. You once lived in ignorance.

Received 12-22-16

Life has its problems, but I have the solutions. Call upon Me. Cast your cares upon Me. Give your children to Me. Division is not from Me. Yet, division shows weakness and a deep need for the Truth found in Me.

Received 12-23-16

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to You, my Lord and Savior.

I hear the cries and prayers of My people. They are dear to Me. I am not far away. My heart yearns for My people. Soon they will see My glory.

Received 12-24-16

For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given. Thank You Lord for being willing to suffer as a man for us to rescue us and restore us.

I would come again gladly. How wonderful it is to have brothers and sisters who love Me and want to be with Me. They will be with Me forever, gazing on the glory the Father has given Me. Pain and sorrow will be no more. Sin is banished; the devil will be bound.

Received 12-25-16

My government will never end. My kingdom will rule over all. I will rule justly and My righteousness will spread over all the land as My people are empowered by My Spirit.

Received 12-26-16

My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Let all that has breath praise the Lord. Now is the time to worship and praise your God. The heavens and the earth cry out: Praise to our Creator.

Received 12-27-16

Never believe the lies of the enemy. Believe in My Word for it is true and reliable and sure. Forgive and love and obey My commands, for in doing so you establish your sonship in My kingdom. My Son purchased your sonship with His blood. Your obedience seals it. Sons behave like their father.

Received 12-28-16

Come to Me all who labor and are weary and I will give you rest for your souls. Do not strive, but allow Me to help you. Pray and release them to Me. Be a man, a father and a grandfather who loves Me. You will be a great-grandfather too.

Received 12-29-16

All that I am is yours. Bring Me the sacrifice of praise. Fill the halls of heaven with praise. Speak aloud and not just under your breath. I am a jealous God. I want the spiritual world to hear My praise. It sends the enemy fleeing.

Received 12-30-16

What is now will not be later. Be always ready and alert. I am in the now, but I know your future. It is good. Guard over your thoughts and speech. Proclaim My truth. Rejoice and be glad for I am coming.

Received 12-31-16

Believe in Me, trust in Me, hope in Me, for if you do, you will be blessed. My Word is true and what I say in it will come to pass. Love your family and pray for them. Cover them with your position in Me.


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Received 7-1-16

I am with you. Your heart is in My hands. Your life is in My hands.

Received 7-2-16

Life is good and beautiful for the one who knows Me for I am with him as a loving parent. He rests secure in My love. He has no care but to be with Me, to please Me by doing what I ask of him. My burden is light and My yoke is easy.

Received 7-3-16

My Word brings life and correction. Love equals obedience – if you love Me, you will obey My commands. Believe in Me and the door to life will open for you, and My glory will be revealed in you.


Received 7-4-16

My Love will overcome what is lacking in you. I give to those I love all that they need to love Me and to love others.

Received 7-5-16

Today keep watch over those you love. Guard them from the attacks of the enemy. Stand guard, but also go to battle to bring down the forces coming against them. They are not aware.

Received 7-6-16

I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by Me. The thief climbs in over the fence to steal. My way is narrow. My sheep hear and know My voice. My sheep have My peace because I am with them. I am all that you need.

Received 7-7-16

Much is given and much is required. I give My people gifts of service to be used to further My kingdom in ways that bring Me glory. If you are faithful, I will double what you can do with My power working as you call upon Me.

Received 7-8-16

All things work together for good for those who love Me and who are called for My purpose. I know all things and I bring all things into what is good. My ways are best and good. My will is perfect. Say yes to Me and give yourself over to doing what I desire in you. Read My Word and fill your heart and mind with what is says.

Received 7-9-16

Gain knowledge and apply wisdom. Call upon Me for guidance. Learn from the truth of My Word; there are principles of living before Me which will bring blessing and life. Rejoice and be glad for the kingdom of God has come upon you.

Received 7-10-16

Looking ahead to what will come, trusting Me for all things, relying on My power and wisdom – these things are important for you to do. My grace is sufficient, My power is unlimited. Call upon Me, ask of Me and don’t be shy about it. My Son has made a way for you to come into My throne room.

Received 7-11-16

What is in a name? Does a name tell the character of the person? Or does the character of a person support the name. How much does trustworthiness and faithfulness and good servanthood and love and anointed and close to God speak to who the person is? Your behavior can tarnish or strengthen your name? People will listen to you if you have a good reputation for being wise and caring. Wisdom comes from My Word and My Spirit. Grace and anointing come from My Spirit.

Received 7-12-16

I direct the steps of My people, those who desire to do My will and those who will do so in the future. I have plans for each person I create. Yes, I have not stopped creating. Each person is unique and special. It may seem to be a natural process of conception and giving birth, but it is supernatural as I create a living spirit with a body that is forming.

Received 7-13-16

Is there anything that I cannot do? My power and grace are more than sufficient for you and for all of My people. Those who call upon Me will not be disappointed. I am strong. I am love and caring. Even the little ones, the weak, the needy are in My care.

Received 7-14-16

Give Me praise and thanks for who I am. I am much more than you could ever imagine, What I have revealed to man is only the beginning. What could you learn about Me in 80 years? I am love and I am good and I am holy and I am just. Can you be like Me? Yes, by My Spirit living within you. He is at work. Die to yourself and live in My Spirit. Do not be afraid, for you will be with Me forever.

Received 7-16-16

Do you trust Me? Now get to work, keep living and loving. Keep pursuing Me. You realize now that I protected you. I know all about you.

Yes, the world is falling apart as sin begins to take over. It doesn’t take an army to bring carnage, only a man enslaved to sin. Repent and pray for My grace to cover you.

Received 7-17-16

What is ahead for you? Be a man of prayer – inspire others to pray, teach others to pray. Allow My Spirit to guide your prayers. Yes, pray in the Spirit, but also be understanding and respond to know who needs prayer and when to pray.

Received 7-18-16

Fill your mind with My Word. Let My Word guide your steps and attitudes. Truth will win over lies. My Truth lasts forever. My covenant is sure.

Received 7-19-16

Rest in My love. Receive the grace I have for you. I have purchased you and brought you out of darkness and sin so that you can be with Me forever.

Received 7-20-16

My joy is in you to lift you out of depression and worry. My grace is covering you to carry you through any situation. My love for you never ceases.

Received 7-21-16

Rejoice and be glad for what was promised long ago has come. All things are possible for him who believes in Me and My Words. I love you and you will be with Me forever.

Received 7-22-16

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You O Lord. You see my heart and You know my thoughts.

Received 7-23-16

Give yourself to Me and do not turn away from difficult situations. You have been given wisdom and knowledge for every situation. My Spirit will give you words to speak.

Received 7-24-16

Ten-thousand years is just the beginning. Any number you can think of is still too small. How many grains of sand and how many stars – there is a finite number that can be counted, though more are being made every second, but only I know them. I have made you in My image. You have the capacity to understand and think about who I am.

Received 7-25-16

My ways will bring you life and joy. Sin is all around in this world, but My people will shine as lights on a hill in the darkness. My blessings to you stir up the anger of the enemy. He attacks but can’t get far, for he is defeated and holds no power over Me. Banish him from those you love. Speak My Words of life and truth.

Received 7-26-16

The world will know that I sent you for you have My Spirit in you, the Spirit of Truth. My Truth brings freedom from the lies and deception of the enemy and the world. My Truth is an anchor for your soul.

Received 7-27-16

Your name is before Me. I know your name; I know who you are. You are Mine.

Received 7-28-16

Peace be to you. The world may hate you because of Me, but My peace I give to you. Grace and truth join together to bring revelation, understanding and wisdom. My power is made perfect in your weakness. What I do, only I can do.

Received 7-29-16

I will lead you. Pay attention to the voice of My Spirit. Be obedient to pray. Offer your time to Me and I will redeem it and use it for My glory.

Received 7-30-16

As a voice in the wilderness cries out – repent and turn to Me, speak a warning, but also give hope and a promise. My Word contains the truth about life as I designed it to be. I live, I am, I am the Source of all life.

Received 7-31-16

You are godly because I am God and I am in you and you are in Me. My life flows into you and you are changed. You must agree with Me as I change you and remove your old attitudes, opinions, thinking and way of living. Do you eagerly embrace My changes with a willing heart as I point out things during trials and troubles and good times? Is your will submitted to Mine as your Lord and God?

Received 8-1-16

Behold the glory of the Lord, the very Presence of God. Come before My throne. Enter by My Spirit covered with the blood of My Son. We welcome you!

Received 8-2-16

Continue to be open to My Spirit at all times. Even talk to My Spirit – check in. Open your ears to hear and your heart to respond in obedience and faith. All things are possible for him who believes!

Received 8-3-16

Behold your King coming in the clouds, clothed in light. Will a man repent when he is sees the Judge? Will he call out for mercy? Will he shake his fist in rebellion? Free will is given, but My Spirit persuades hearts, making the choice clear. Some have been so blinded by their sin and the enemy’s lies, their ears have been stopped up. The Truth has just become a truth they ignore to their harm. But I don’t give up and nor should you. A hard heart can be softened in a time of need. Instinctively they will call upon Me in their desperation and pain. I love them in spite of their duplicity – wanting My help but not wanting Me. Pray and break off the chains of unbelief. Rescue the weak from the snare of the enemy.

Received 8-4-16

Will your life count? How many conversations about your life and faith can you have? Are you a good witness for Me, testifying what I have done for you? I have a part to play as I bring people into your life for you to interact with. Be ready and be sensitive to My Spirit.

Received 8-5-16

Be patient. Listen more. Discover what it takes to hear on the spot when you need My direction. Every time he went back over the topic as it was written, he was listening. You men were sounding boards and he was weighing what you said. He was praying too.

Received 8-6-16

My name is written upon you. I have marked you with My Spirit. You are Mine. You are flesh of My flesh as it were, coming out of Me. I have brought you forth to do My will. I have empowered you with My Spirit.

Received 8-7-16

My way is best. You have been reminded about how I have planned your life. I have chosen you and appointed you to bear much fruit – fruit in your family and in others. Your faithfulness speaks loudly to others who know you. It’s not just one deed that you have done, but the many deeds done that people notice. But every deed or word can touch someone and be used by My Spirit to bring life.

Received 8-8-16

Keep your eyes open and your spirit in tune with My Spirit. I will bring people to you and I will lead you to people who need to hear your words of life and testimony. A cord of three strands is not easily broken. The prayers of two or more in agreement contain much power. A humble man, fully submitted to Me will accomplish much in My kingdom. Prayer is needed for anything to succeed.

Received 8-9-16

Open your eyes to see into the spiritual world. See the lost souls. See the power of the cross to save.

Received 8-10-16

If today was your last day to live, what would you do? Who would you talk to and what would you say? My Son had a lot to say. Would you write a letter for people to read?

Received 8-11-16

Give your life to Me each day; it is My gift to you. Let Me guide you. Be alert to the things of the Spirit. Give and it shall be given to you. Sow what you want to reap, not to get, but as if you would want to receive from others.

Received 8-12-16

Give Me your peace and I will give you Mine. Yours is incomplete and it can be easily shattered. What I give goes deep within. My peace comes from knowing Me and who I am. I am your shield and defender. I am solid and unchanging. Call upon Me and I will answer.

Received 8-13-16

Today will be a day for rejoicing, a celebration of My resurrection. My disciples were afraid at first to see Me, but as I opened their minds to see what was written about Me, they began to believe. You believe because of their testimony. You believe because of the power of My Spirit within you. You are My witnesses to all the world. Proclaim the Truth as My Spirit gives you words to speak.

Received 8-14-16

Bless the Lord O my soul. He desires a relationship with those he has made. He has the infinite capacity to know everything about us – our thoughts and deeds. He wants us to seek after Him, to believe in Him and His Son, and to enjoy His Spirit working in us.

Do you enjoy spending time with Me? Can you quiet yourself to hear My voice? I am your Teacher. I will use My Word to show you what to do.

Received 8-15-16

With these hands I will bless people. Touch them and pray. Pray for healing and for blessing. Pray in the Spirit and with love. Think of how My Son blessed people. Freely give of yourself.

Received 8-16-16

My ways, My truth will stand. The world is fading away and life will end for every person. Do not put your hope on the uncertain things of this world.

Received 8-17-16

I love you and I sent My Son for you. I speak and you listen. Speak to others for Me. Shine and be joyful and winsome. I am yours and you are Mine. Put your hope in Me. Put your trust in Me. Believe My Word and accept the truth it contains. Rejoice and celebrate My victory over death and sin.

Received 8-18-16

My ways will lead to My glory being revealed in you. All things are possible for the one who believes in Me. I am near to the one who calls upon Me. I am near to the downcast and needy. I am near to My people.

Received 8-19-16

I know My people and what they need. I wait for them to respond to My call, My invitation to receive the priceless gift My Son has given. I can use anyone to accomplish My purposes. I can transform you by My Spirit, but you need to be willing to allow My Spirit to work in you to root out the old sinful nature. This can be a hard process, for your flesh and mind do not easily die. It can take for some a very hard situation to break down the resistance of who you are. You need to be desperate enough not to fall back into the old nature.

Received 8-20-16

Today you will be blessed as My Spirit will empower you to speak words of life. People will seek you out. Be winsome; be ready; be prayerful and listen. Hear the cries of their hearts. Some will try to mask their pain. Do not judge, but love and be gracious.

Received 8-21-16

I am with you. I will never leave you. Pray for them. It’s not what you know about them, but what I am doing in their lives.

Received 8-22-16

My will must be your will. You must choose to seek out My will and obey, not just to avoid sin and disobedience, but to accomplish My plan and purposes for you and others around you. Rejoice and be glad for I do have a plan for you. As you walk in it, you will find it to be good, and pleasing to your spirit.

Received 8-23-16

The time has come for the end of times. Do not look to any man for all have been corrupted. Wars and fighting will increase, so that the people cry out. He who remains till the end will be blessed, but at a great price. The King of Glory comes!

Received 8-24-16

Great is the name of the Lord. For His Name contains power and authority. His Name contains truth and righteousness.

Received 8-25-16

My ways are right and just. I do only good. I lift up those who fall. I carry the weak. I provide for the needy. I give blessing to those who are blessing others. I raise up the lowly for they will follow My commands. Partner with Me and see My glory displayed.

Received 8-26-16

Truth will always come out. Lies will be exposed and confronted. Confess your sins one to another and to Me. Come to Me and be forgiven, healed and restored.

Received 8-27-16

Let your heart and spirit soar to the heavens, to My throne room. Come before Me with praise and thanksgiving. Rejoice in what I have done for you. Worship Me in spirit and in truth. Forgive others, bless others, serve others, pray and intercede for others. When you do these things in My presence you will be changed and they will be helped.

Received 8-28-16

Much is required. No one will notice, except I see. I see into your heart. Ask Me to do great things and then expect and believe. Respond with the faith I give you.

Received 8-29-16

My God is – how would you describe Me? Would you talk about My attributes? Would you talk about how I have helped you? Would you describe what I am not or compare Me to the many false gods of this world? Do you really believe in Me and trust Me for any and every need and situation? Do you love Me? Will you obey My commands?

I have been revealing Myself to you as you go through your life and as you listen to My Spirit. Share what you know about Me with others as I bring them to you.

Received 8-30-16

There is excitement and praise continually around My throne, for I am making all things new. I have not stopped creating. I am the Master Artist, Craftsman, Sculptor, Writer, Musician and Designer. I have given you senses to experience what I create.

Received 8-31-16

The old has past. The new begins. Every day the new comes. I make all things new. Do not cling to the past. Learn from the past, but welcome the future. Let My Spirit be your Teacher. Submit to His examination. We expose so you can see. Within you is My Seed of righteousness. It is shining bright to expose the dross on the surface. Be open and real. What you at times so easily see in others as faults, I can see in you.

Received 9-1-16

What endures to the end is faith. Faith grows stronger as I help you through trials and difficult situations, which are bigger than you could handle. Faith grows in little blessings, answered prayer for little things, as you realize that I am working on your behalf. Faith and hope are related. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Received 9-2-16

Great is the Lord. He is mighty in power and His glory fills the universe He made out of nothing.

When I made the world you know and when I made you, I saw good. I see good now because of what My Son has done in you. You were made in My image and likeness. You can perceive My presence. You can hear My voice. When My Son ascended on high, He gave gifts to men, gifts of My Spirit – power to do all that I desire in you and through you.

Received 9-3-16

Wait upon the Lord, for He will reveal the Truth that you need. Call upon Him. Present yourself before Him. Know that He is God and there is no other. Come into His Presence with thanksgiving and praise.

Received 9-4-16

Let this be a lesson to you. Be sensitive to My Spirit. Humility is better than boldness. You can wrongly presume and judge.

Received 9-5-16

I will bless the work of your hands today. Ask Me for wisdom and understanding. I am all you need.

Received 9-6-16

No one can know the end of a path, the ramifications of the choices we make. For those who know Me and have experienced My Spirit, they have all the wisdom they need – for the asking. I give free will, but I also give wisdom and discernment. The enemy wants to deceive, to lie, to get you off My path. Even if you are on My path, he will try to stall you with confusion and side issues, lies about your past and who you are in the flesh. You have been made new in My Spirit. Walk on My path and live in the power of My grace and love.

Received 9-7-16

Life moves on with sometimes no time for the important things, unless you make time for them. He who follows Me must deny himself and take up his cross daily. Can you leave your schedule open for Me? Can you seek after Me? Will you draw near to Me, expecting Me to come to you?

Received 9-8-16

As the deer pants for water, so my soul longs for you. What is a relationship, if not to be together with one another? I came to reveal Myself to those I created, to those whom I have chosen. They were expecting Me to come. They wanted Me to come. But they wanted a different person. I came to reveal the Father, to show My relationship with My Father. I was not of this world. I came for a short time, to fulfill a mission of life-giving. Then I went back to My Father in heaven. I want to bring you to where I am, to be with Me. But even now I am with you, within you in My Spirit.

Received 9-9-16

Come to Me all who labor, who are burdened. Take up My yoke. Allow Me to lead, to carry you. My grace is sufficient for you, but you must rely on Me and not on yourself. Banish worry and fear. Stand against them in prayer. I am going ahead of you to make a way for you. You will know the place I am going, if you seek after Me. I will lead you.

Received 9-10-16

What are you waiting for? Come before Me with praise. I am doing something new in you. I am touching you in ways you will recognize as from Me.

Received 9-11-16

What is on your heart that I don’t know about? What thoughts that I don’t hear? When will you stop worrying? When will you finally think of Me, to call upon Me? Even if you don’t, I am here with you. I will do what you cannot do, because I love and care for you.

Received 9-12-16

Life can be hard, but My grace can help you overcome despite difficulties. You sensed your pride rising up, seeking recognition. You will overcome because of Me, because of My victory.

Received 9-13-16

I will care for you. I will lift you up over your enemies. My victory is your victory.

Received 9-14-16

Give Me your burdens and I will carry you. My blessing is upon you. Watch for Me today in what you do and who you talk to.

Received 9-15-16

On My right and left are angels and the people I have made. They are praising Me. They are full of joy. My Son is beaming, full of light and glory. He has rescued men from darkness; He has purchased Men from death. We are still at work.

Received 9-16-16

Rescue the lost. Set them free from the bondage of sin and death. Lead them to the cross, to the Savior, to the Lord of all. My chains are gone. I’ve been set free. Break off the chains of unbelief and sin. Pray and intercede. Rebuke the devourer. Wake up the dead, those who are asleep to their need for a Savior.

Received 9-17-16

Come to the well of refreshing water. Drink deeply until you are satisfied. The journey is long, so be filled to sustain you. Come away to a quiet place to rest. Let My Presence envelop you. Do not be weary, but be strengthened. I will make the way before you.

Received 9-18-16

Where My Spirit is there is liberty. Sin brings bondage to more sin. My Spirit frees you from sin as you obey My Word. Call upon Me.

Wash me with Your Word. Cleanse me with Your blood.

Received 9-19-16

Grace and mercy cover you. Rejoice and let your spirit rise to Me. What brings life is found in Me. I am alive and I give My Spirit freely to all who call upon Me.

Received 9-21-16

What is in your hand? What tools do you have? What knowledge of the Holy One can you possess to pass on to others? Do not hold back from proclaiming the truth and warning people from the path of destruction they are following. It is not about sin, but unbelief and rebellion, thinking they don’t want to believe in a God who will demand things from them. They don’t realize the great love I have for them. They don’t understand the goodness of My heart toward them. They believe the false teachers of this world and not the truth from My Word.

Received 9-22-16

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. There is life in My Son. Do you believe in Him?

Received 9-23-16

There is nothing that you can do to earn your salvation. My salvation is free for the asking, free for the receiving by faith. I paid the penalty already for your sins and unbelief.

Received 9-24-16

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. All sin will be exposed. Every good deed will be rewarded. I am a good God and I am a just God. I made a way through My Son to pay for your sins. Your debt has been cancelled and marked paid in full. Make what you do and how you live count. Bring glory to My Name as an example of My love, working in you.

Received 9-25-16

Today you will see My glory. I will bring My glory with you into the place of the enemy. He is defeated and you will see chains come off those he has snared. Speak in My Name and in My power. My Light will shine in a dark place. Expose sin and darkness.

Received 9-26-16

The wages of sin is death, but I have paid the price so that you can live and be free from sin. Rejoice and be glad for the day of the Lord is near. Do not be afraid, but rejoice. I am coming for My bride. I am coming to make things right again – even more than right.

Received 9-27-16

Give away yourself. Show love and intercede before My throne. The way of the world is hard and damaging to the soul. Be a watchman to warn what is coming. I will reveal all that you need to know.

Received 9-28-16

I will teach you the ways of this world so that you can avoid falling into its traps. The thief is a liar and he wants only to destroy and bring down. But I have come and the victory was won on the cross. Remind him and his workers of the cross. What he thought would be victory was defeat for him. He is judged. It’s not what you see that matters. For the real battle is unseen. What is seen is merely the fallout of sin and the depravity of man. It will get worse. Pray and intercede for your brothers and sisters. Push the darkness away. Reveal the Truth as My Spirit shines on it. He will speak of what He sees and tell of what He hears, My Father and I are at work bringing many into the Kingdom. You must be at work too. The soldier does not get involved in civilian matters. He listens to orders and obeys.

Received 9-29-16

There will come a time when deception will be the norm. People will not be able to recognize truth from a lie. Many will lie and cheat to get ahead, to cover up. After a while they will believe their own story. The media will spread lies, for their sources will be corrupted by lies. Bias and prejudices will abound. People will listen only to those who believe what they believe. Even spiritually, people will think they are doing good by attacking My people. They will think that their religion will get them to heaven, no matter how loose its requirements are. My Word will be challenged. Pray and intercede and warn. None of this is new, but it will be new to this generation.

Received 9-30-16

What will you do? How can you inspire men to respond? My Spirit is at work, can we help?

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Received 4-1-16

Blessed be the God who made the heavens and the earth. Bow your knee and heart before Him. He is awesome and glorious. Who can fathom the depth of His love and mercy? He sent His only Son to die a painful death for us, bearing our sins and diseases.

Received 4-2-16

The ways of man, the joys of his heart, the longing of his soul – I made all of that, yet now it is corrupted by sin, incomplete and defective. My Son came to restore and to heal and to love again those who are precious in My sight.

Received 4-3-16

Wait upon the Lord and He will renew your strength. The strength of the Lord comes when you are weak and needy, but full of faith. He will not disappoint the seeker.

All who come to Me, all who call upon Me and all who believe in Me will be satisfied. For I am the key to life, the Source of all meaning.

Received 4-4-16

The blessing of the Lord and His favor are for those who love Him.

Received 4-5-16

The time has come for all men to look to their Maker. I have made you so much like Myself so that you could appreciate all that I have done for you. Man has corrupted what I have made. Still I can be found in what I have made. The many stars declare My majesty. Even the sun and the moon in their precision and faithfulness speaks about Me. Who lit the fire on the surface of the sun? Who supplied the fuel for it to burn?

Received 4-6-16

Let Me examine you. Allow Me to see in your inner most being. What is the foundation for your life? What is your motivation, your desire, your longing? What are your hidden thoughts?

Received 4-7-16

My light will shine through you to show the way of salvation and life. Speak words of life and encouragement. People are hungry for truth, though their flesh cries out for pleasure.

Come Lord Jesus, come. We need a Savior.

Received 4-8-16

Whatever is good, meditate on it and give testimony of My goodness. If you are good, it is because I am good in you. Being good is not the same as being righteous. A good person can be going to hell because of his righteousness. For all have fallen short of the glory of God. You are righteous now because of the righteousness of My Son in you. His righteousness overpowers all sin and darkness.

Received 4-9-16

I am taking care of you as you can see. Bless others and you will be blessed all the more.

Received 4-10-16

Great is Thy faithfulness. The Lord’s hand works great things. Mighty is His Name. Mighty, good, faithful, true, holy, righteous, loving, merciful, trustworthy, gentle, forgiving, patient, all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful – these are some of His character traits.

Received 4-11-16

Much of life is waiting: waiting for something to happen, waiting for the fruit to come, the reward to be seen, the prayer answered. As you wait, wait upon Me and I will bless you in ways you could never imagine.

Received 4-12-16

The joy of the Lord is your strength. Peace and grace are for those who seek after the One who made them, who cares for them, who gives them life. The enemy wants to kill and destroy, but I came to restore life to My people.

Received 4-13-16

Who the Son sets free is free indeed. Free from the slavery of sin and death. Free from the shame and guilt of unforgiven sin. Free from the lies of the enemy and this world corrupted by sin. I am the way, the truth and the life. He who finds Me, finds the way to the Father. He who finds Me, finds their eyes open to the spiritual world, the reality that is much more than what is seen with the natural eyes only. He who finds Me, gets to spend eternity with Me.

Received 4-14-16

Great is Thy faithfulness. A faithful man who can find? A man of integrity will be honored. Many are the fools who follow after their own folly, chasing one pleasure after another. Chase after Me and let Me fill the desires of your heart with lasting joy and peace.

Received 4-15-16

One person filled with My Spirit can change the world. I can work through that person to touch the lives of people wherever I send him. I can display My power and reveal My glory as he uses My Name.

Received 4-16-16

My time will grow. I will have more than enough time to do what He calls me to do. He will be my Teacher.

Don’t hesitate to ask Me for wisdom and guidance and help. What I want you to do is spiritual and it is physical. My Son lived and ministered in both.

Received 4-17-16

There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. You have experienced much, but not everything that can happen. I have spared you many hardships and trials out of My love for you and because you have turned to Me.

Received 4-18-16

Your Word gives life and instruction. All that you need is found in Me. I am the missing piece to make you whole.

Received 4-19-16

Now is the time to reflect on what I have done for you. Think of how I have carried you through trials and hardships. Think about the healing I did. Think about the faithfulness I have shown you. There is no pain that My grace cannot cover. Watch and see if I don’t perform My Word in you.

Received 4-20-16

I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. I will give you life and health and blessing because you love Me and I love you. Every person is aware of his Maker. No amount of false teaching and deceit can erase that knowledge. Why don’t they call upon Me? I have much for them.

Received 4-21-16

I will wait on you. I will see and care for you. You are weak in the flesh, but you trust in Me. You believe My Word.

Received 4-22-16

What brings life? Purpose, relationships, family, knowing Me.

Received 4-23-16

I have made a covenant with My people. I did this for their sakes to show them how much I am committed to them. They have left Me many times in their hearts and in their actions of disobedience. Still I love them for this is My nature to love. I long for them to return and I would heal them. I forgive them even when they are not deserving. I sent My Son when they all were rebellious in sin. They were helpless and wandering. I taught them and loved them back. Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden. I will bear your burdens. I will direct you to pastures and still waters. My way is best. Come back and truly live. See what I have prepared for you.

Received 4-24-16

Look for Me today in people and in what happens. I will be glorified. My words are going out to hungry people, those who are seeking Me. Just as you expect Me to speak to you, expect Me to heal, to do what I said I would do. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Received 4-25-16

Truth can be found in many places, but only in My Word is truth abounding. You must use My discernment to find truth in the world, for the enemy has sown many seeds. People don’t realize when they have been deceived by his lies. What is repeated does not make a lie truth. Lies can shade the truth. True reality is found in Me and where I am. Truth and faith are related. Truth is seen with natural eyes; faith is seen with spiritual eyes.

Received 4-26-16

Wake up your spirit. Exercise your spirit. Feed your spirit. What can do all of this? Pray in the Holy Spirit using your tongues. Meditate upon My Word and promises and truth. Confess and declare with your lips what is true and good.

Received 4-27-16

All things are possible for him who believes. Watch for Me today and be open for the move of My Spirit upon you and others. I am not silent.

Received 4-28-16

Listen for Me more often. Re-read what I spoke to you. Read My Word. I am not silent. What is hidden to man, I can reveal. I AM Wisdom. I AM Knowledge. I AM Truth.

4-28-16 direction for this time in my life




Place before Me everything you have and give it all to Me

Target areas of weakness and build them by My Spirit

Pray without ceasing

Invest in people you love and those you don’t

Be disciplined yet free to be interrupted

Forgive as you want to be forgiven

Your spirit is more important than your body

Repent of unbelief and sin, give no place to either

Discover worship again, more than words and music

Love unconditionally, sacrificially

Ps 100

Received 4-29-16

I will bless you as I have always blessed you and those who love Me. I have great love, which I lavish on those who call upon Me.

Received 4-30-16

My plans will succeed. If you are connected with Me, your plans will succeed. Honor Me with your lips but also with your heart. Pretend that you are standing before Me. What would you say?

Received 5-1-16

Will you obey Me? Much is required, but much will be given. Sacrifice is the path to much fruit. Be involved in what you support, with hands on, connecting with people in need. Use discernment and prayer. Be ready in season and also, when it is not convenient or planned.

Received 5-2-16

This day choose whom you will serve. Choose life and not death, sin and disobedience. Choose to forgive and not be angry or bitter. Choose blessing over cursing. Choose to love and serve Me above all others, first and only, faithful to guard over your heart not to lust after other so-called gods.

Received 5-3-16

Be at peace and rest in My love. I have blessed you; now bless others. Give freely and joyfully, not with compulsion. Seek My direction and wisdom. Do not rely on yourself, for you cannot see what I see. Live and walk in the Spirit. Call upon Me even now. For I am good and My mercy endures forever.

Received 5-4-16

A new day and new challenges and opportunities. Always look ahead, except to remember how I helped you in the past. Faith is built upon My faithfulness to My Word and promises to you. What I have done for you is nothing new, but is a continuing of My acts of love and grace. You are My workmanship, created in My Son, My joy and good will.

Received 5-5-16

Wait and see. Look for Me to act and open doors. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate My goodness and provision. Let your hands bless others. Give yourself to Me and I will direct your steps.

Received 5-6-16

You will understand what I have for you now. Revisit your prayer list. Allow Me to add more people and things to intercede about. Make prayer a priority. Allow My heart to break yours over the issues and difficulties people face.

Received 5-7-16

Will you be surprised? Can you find joy in your heart again? Seek again the love you had at first. Then joy will follow. Learn to praise Me all over again.

Received 5-8-16

It is not what I want, but I can use anyone for My purposes. I am looking for the one who loves Me enough to follow Me and who is willing to do what I ask of him.

Received 5-9-16

The Lord is good and His mercies endure forever.

Received 5-10-16

Great is the Lord and worthy of praise is He. Forever He is and will be. He has made us in His image and likeness so that we can know Him and seek after Him. All that He has made speaks of His glory and majesty.

I will come when you do not know. I will ask of you, “Who am I?” Your answer will determine your future. Those who know Me will be blessed, those who do not, will be cast out. I will have mercy on who I will have mercy.

Received 5-11-16

My will is perfect. My ways are perfect. My commands are perfect and good.

Received 5-12-16

Do you see a man prepared for battle? What is he wearing? What training has he had? What battle plan is he following? Who is fighting with him, alongside of him? What does he know about the enemy and the battle he is going to fight? You are already in a battle, but I have secured the victory. The enemy refuses to stop fighting. He is wounding My men. He is wounding families. Are you ready to fight – to push him back, to rescue those he has snared, those you love.

Received 5-13-16

Much is required when much is given. To be effective, you must be responsible as a good steward. What I give is not for yourself only, but it is to be given away to help others, to benefit them. Let your yes be yes.

Received 5-14-16

My ways will satisfy the soul. Discover contentment, gratitude, peace and joy. Contentment dispels jealousy, envy and greed. Gratitude dispels pride. Peace and joy are My gifts and they flow out of contentment and gratitude, based on a relationship of faith and trust in who I am.

Received 5-15-16

The Lord He is God and there is no other. He has made all that there is. He rules over all; nothing escapes His notice. Let all who live on the earth give Him praise. Rejoice and be glad, all you who call upon the Lord. He is our Shelter and Fortress. He is our Healer and Deliverer. Taste and see that the Lord is good. His mercies and loving kindness endure forever.

Watch and be ready for the Day of the Lord is approaching.

Received 5-16-16

Come before Me with thanksgiving and rejoice with the blessings I have given you. Where much is given, much is required. You have been faithful to serve Me. Continue to do so, but remember that I am Your Lord. Pray and discern the times. Intercede for the lost and deceived ones. Open their eyes to the horror that awaits them.

Received 5-17-16

Trust Me to do what you cannot do. Trust Me to do much more than you could ever ask or think. Don’t be anxious, but trust Me and give Me thanks and praise.

Received 5-18-16

The wages of sin is death. Death has many forms, but they all involve a separation from life, real life. Sin takes away from what is good and pure and beautiful. I have come to bring life, to restore what was lost, to mend the broken heart.

Received 5-19-16

Much is given; much more will be gained. Be fruitful and multiply. My Seed brings increase and Life.

Received 5-20-16

Joy comes in the morning, after waiting the night, after waiting and believing in Me. Joy and Peace are My gifts

Received 5-21-16

Grace and peace are the building stones; joy and love are the mortar; and I am the Builder, the Master Craftsman. What I build, no man can tear apart. What is true and right, never changes. Come to Me with your burdens and needs. I am a good Father, a compassionate Friend, and a Lover of your soul. No one can come to Me unless I draw them, but I put in everyman’s heart a desire to know Me. They may not recognize that desire at first. The enemy confuses and lies. You are reaping what you have sown as a people, as a nation. Pray for mercy and repentance. I have come to bring Life.

Received 5-22-16

A few will respond for My way is narrow and not all will walk its path. The rewards are great, but the cost is your very life. I want men who are all in, devoted to Me as Master and Lord. I will be with you as always. Do not despair over what you are losing, but rather see ahead to what is before you as you go deeper with Me. Allow My Word to wash over you – to transform you. Believe and receive all that I have for you.

Received 5-23-16

All that is good and right comes from Me. I have planted the seeds and they bear fruit. I respond to the prayers of My people, as they call upon Me with faith. It is My joy to be present with them and for My Spirit to enlighten the Words of Life spoken and read. Much is given, grace upon grace and blessing upon blessing.

Received 5-24-16

Wages, rewards, gifts, love, thanks – what motivates you? Does My Presence and anointing mean anything? Is My favor and blessing of immeasurable value to you? You are My son. I gave you life and opened up your eyes to see Me, to desire Me.

Received 5-25-16

Love is My nature, My core, My motivation, My response. Love is who I am. If you want to be like Me, then you must love as I love. You don’t have the knowledge, power, grace, mercy that I have to fully love as I do, but you have My Spirit to help you love. You can respond to My love for you, by giving love in return and to others. Love gives and forgives. Love comforts. You can never fully understand the depth of My love, but you can always try to do so by loving others and being loved by others.

Received 5-26-16

What is needful? What is My Spirit saying to you? I warn you to prepare you, to help you stay on My path. My Spirit builds up and strengthens. My Spirit restores what the enemy takes away. You are My son in every way.

Received 5-27-16

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise. Jesus paid a very high price to ransom me from sin and darkness. He humbled Himself to become a man, then suffered great physical pain and death at the hands of man. He took the weight of shame and guilt of my sins upon Him.

Received 5-28-16

He that gives will see My hands at work. Where there are needs, there I am, to reach out as people cry out to Me. Revival comes out of need, both personally and corporately. Joy is born through answered prayer, and is renewed as thanksgiving is offered up.

Received 5-29-16

All is right if you are led by My Spirit, for He leads you into My truth. I will lead you through this phase in your life. Look to Me in hope. It is not about filling up your time, but seeing how I can use you as a tool in My hand. I have given you a giving spirit. Now let Me show you the needs.

Received 5-30-16

All of life is a choice. I give you the choice to believe in Me. There is no other choice as important than this. But after you say yes to Me, there will be other times to say yes in obedience to My Word and to My Spirit. Rejoice and be glad for I am with you to help you make the choices I give to you. You are My workmanship, not just when you were made in your mother’s womb, but as My child and My son in life. Just as you long to be with Me and to escape the corruption of this world, so I long to be with you forever. I am with you now, but we are not always together as you are distracted by the world.

Received 5-31-16

Bless and do not curse. Pray for others and do not judge them. Believe the best for them. What is the best? That they would know Me and the One whom I have sent into the world to die for them. This is the greatest gift.

Received 6-1-16

Is it too hard to spend time with Me? Give your cares to Me. Walk in My peace and joy.

Received 6-2-16

Pay attention to Me, not to the world. What brings life? What is good? I am your Source of life, springing up from within your spirit. I have much to give through you.

Received 6-3-16

Your love is deep and constant, for that is Your nature. We can come to You without fear, for You will receive us in Your mercy and kindness. Great are You Lord and most worthy of all praise.

I hear the cries of My people – those spoken and those in the heart. I rescue the downtrodden and oppressed. I bring them to a broad place of safety and peace. I am near to them.

Received 6-4-16

Repent of your selfishness. Start afresh to fall in love with Me – not as the world loves, but as I love. I will show you the way.

Received 6-5-16

Come to Me as a little child, eager to be with Me. Listen to My words of comfort and affirmation. Lift up the weak hands that hang down. Speak life into the brokenhearted.

Received 6-6-16

Wait, but actively be listening and looking, expecting opportunities to testify and witness and minister My grace and power to others.

Received 6-7-16

Let My voice guide you. Seek Me often, even in small things. Let My Word comfort and instruct you. Read, meditate, study, memorize, apply it. Pray with it to remind your spirit what is truth and what is My will about your need or situation. I will speak to you through My Word, just as I am speaking now. Train your spirit to listen in every way possible.

Received 6-8-16

Be careful with any attitude toward the new money that you will receive. Use it as a tool to bless others and not as a possession. Let Me be the owner of everything that you have. I am your Source. This has come about through My blessing for your life. Guard your heart with all diligence.

Received 6-9-16

Yes, meditate on the passages on stewardship. Excel and be diligent. If the money is Mine, it will be blessed. My Spirit is with you. Receive the wisdom of My Spirit. All things are Mine. I see and know everything. Be fruitful and multiply. Care for what I have given you. Work as a good steward.

Received 6-10-16

All that is good, all that is worthy of praise and all that comes from Me will last. Mistakes, sin of any kind, failure, hurt, disappointment, bitterness, unbelief, rebellion, disobedience – all of this will remain on the earth and be forgotten by men who come to Me as they see Me. For an instant, they will see Me on the cross for them, so that they will appreciate what sacrifice I made for them. I will wipe those tears away and they will experience My joy as never before. They will share in My joy, the joy that brought Me to the cross and to the other side of the cross. They will see and experience the love I have for them. My love will heal and erase any and all wounds of the heart. They will live in My love forever.

Received 6-11-16

I know what you need. You know a little, but you could benefit from My knowledge. Just ask and then believe.

Received 6-12-16

If you love Me, you will obey Me and My commands. My yoke is easy, and My burden is light for those who will follow after Me. Repent of your unbelief and be ready to respond as My Spirit leads. Train yourself to hear and to respond. Seek after My wisdom and direction.

Received 6-13-16

I will open up doors that have been shut for you. Knock in the Spirit in prayer and these doors will be opened to you. Let My Spirit teach you. Doors of selfishness and pride, anger and lustful thoughts. These doors are hindering My Spirit from moving in you.

Received 6-14-16

I will give you the wisdom and insight you need. Just ask Me. Open up your eyes to the hurting world around you. People are like walking dead, unaware of their fate, lost and wandering aimlessly. They need a Savior. Point them to Me. Be winsome, yet firm and direct. You have what they need. You have My Spirit and are full of My grace and love and peace. Let them see all of this in you.

Received 6-15-16

Life goes on. Do not miss the opportunities that I bring for you. Pray for those you see. Pray in My Spirit and change the atmosphere around you. Pray in My Spirit and remove the dullness in your spirit and mind. Give Me praise to turn your attention to Me and away from the things of this world, corrupted by sin.

Received 6-16-16

Give life in words and actions. Build up and strengthen people. Encourage, admonish in love, challenge, inspire. Remind them about My Word. Give them a hunger for My Word as you show your appreciation for and use of My Word.

Received 6-17-16

Wait upon Me for direction. Let My Spirit guide you. Can you not hear? What are My Names? Who am I to you? Have I not provided for you in every way? Then I am your Provider. Have I not healed your body and mind? Then I am your Healer. I am your Wisdom. I am your Strength. I am your Redeemer. I am your Salvation. I am your Hope. Who I am to you matters, for the more I am these things to you, then the more you will call upon Me in faith believing, than you will trust in yourself and the world.

Received 6-18-16

It will not take a disaster to wake people up, for their hearts are so dull to respond. But if you pray for them, then My Spirit can do many things to open their hearts. You are a beacon of light in the spiritual realm. Shine forth and magnify your light in prayer.

Received 6-19-16

There is a way that seems right to a man, but it is folly and futile without Me. I sanctify My people. My blood covers you.

Received 6-20-16

Will you let Me make your decisions? What is important and what will count for eternity? People and changed lives matter to Me. They should matter to you as well. My Spirit is at work as never before.

Received 6-21-16

Blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ, who has purchased for us a new life in Him and with His Spirit.

If you seek Me, you will find Me, if you seek Me with all of your heart. I have given you a desire to know Me, just as I have given to all who were made in My image. Woe to those who shut their heart from receiving the gift of life I give.

Received 6-22-16

All that has happened in your life has been for your good and My glory. Every experience will lead you to Me, if you have a discerning and searching heart. What I do is not for you to challenge. I love you as I have always loved you. My plan for you is good. The opportunities I bring to you will develop your character and further My kingdom.

Received 6-23-16

You will find Me if you seek Me with all of your heart. I will show you how. I love you and have much for you. I have given you a willing heart. You are eager to learn. What is needed is patience and endurance. Allow My Spirit to teach you not to give up in believing what is in My Word about who I am. Don’t allow what you have been told in the past to keep the truth from being made secure and sure within you. Declare and proclaim to your spirit and mind what is true.

Received 6-24-16

What do you need? I am your Source. I am a good Father. I want to bless you. I want only the best for you. I love you and know you. Is that enough to give rest to your mind and heart? Will you entrust your life to Me and all that you have?

Received 6-25-16

The ways of this world are empty and deceiving in what they promise. They will not satisfy the heart for only I can satisfy your heart. I am a jealous God. I love My people and I want them for Myself alone. My grace and truth will guide you. Live for Me and not for yourself.

Received 6-26-16

Proclaim My truth with boldness and love. Connect with people to show you care for them. What I did for the world was not only words, but actions. My Son came and died for them. He showed people how to live. He showed people who I am. He demonstrated love and forgiveness. He healed and delivered many. He took back what the enemy had stolen. He restored and redeemed. Real love is My love given away to others.

Received 6-27-16

You will find Me if you seek Me with all of your heart. I will be found by you. Life has its troubles, I have blessings. I am good and what I do is good. I am love and what I do is loving, motivated by My love. I am motivated by compassion, mercy, grace to those who believe in Me, who are seeking after Me.

Received 6-28-16

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. When I consider what You have made, God, who am I but a special person, created to know You and to experience You working in my life. You are good and always loving.

I see and know. Seek after Me always. You are flawed but I can make you whole in Me.

Receive 6-29-16

The values the world holds as true – money, fame, correctness, ecology, pleasure – these will fail and mislead the heart. My Truth will endure. I will endure. Put your hope in Me and you will not be disappointed. Put your hope in Me and you will realize what you hope. I am coming soon and will I find faith on the earth?

Received 6-30-16

Prepare your heart for battle and the victory that I will bring. Decide today who you will serve. Are you on My team? Are you willing to suffer for Me? How inconvenient and interruptible are you willing to be as My Spirit guides you?

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