Love your wife. Speak kindly. Don’t hide away completely. Give her your attention.


Though your past upbringing can affect who you are today, remember that you are born again. You are a new creation in Me. Your spirit is now alive and fellowshipping with Me. I am healing your heart as you expose past hurts to Me and with Me. You will bring healing to your brother.


I will take care of you. This is My promise and pledge to all My people. Could it be any different? Yes, the storms may rage, but I am there with you. Hold My hand.

Come spend time with Me. My songs are new every morning. My messages of love speak to hearts full of fear and hurt. They comfort. They carry every weight.


You have done well as a parent. Be a follower of men. Pay attention to them. Be like a parent. Be like a brother. Be a friend. Let Me shine through you to make you winsome and wise. I will overcome your faults and shortcomings. There are new men to meet.

Don’t be afraid. I will take of this. It will turn out different than feared. Keep your focus on Me. I am coming soon, and this is a small part of the preparation events.


Can you trust Me, the One who created the universe? My disciples didn’t understand what the Father’s plan would bring. Even now, people are unaware of the Father’s plan for the end of this age. My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. Seek Me and you will know what to do. Test Me to see if I am faithful to care for you.

There is a fear that is covering the earth. People are afraid of what will happen. They are afraid of death and pain and suffering. All that is from sin. I came to bring life. Many will cry out to Me.


I am coming with all My angels and those I have redeemed. It will be glorious. A new dawn of life to the world. What will this mean for you? I will pour out My Spirit without measure or limit. People will be transformed and made new. The enemy will be defeated again. Those who reject Me will be silenced. My people will see the One they pierced coming in the clouds. So much will be accomplished on that day.

Do not fear. Let your light shine.


You have laid a foundation of good will. He can trust you.

Things will get worse before they get better, but do not dismay. I will show My hand in this. Much like with COVID, I will use these events to show what leaders are like.

Life and death, seemingly opposites. One begins and the other ends, but for a new life that begins at death. What a mystery and few people understand it. We don’t long for death so that we can live again forever. No, we cling to life, not wanting it to end. But there is hope for the believer, that crosses over to the other side. Live for today but, live with eternity in mind too. I came to bring life to the full, both now and forever.

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Be open to My leading. Seek Me in all that you do. I am wisdom and truth. There is a spiritual component in everyone’s life. There can be something that is keeping a person from moving forward.

Today is a day of rejoicing. Give Me praise and thanks. I am alive and you are alive in Me. I made this day for you and My people to sing and dance for joy. Life begins is Me. Eternal life goes on in Me. Rejoice forevermore.


Trust in Me to guide you. He has needs as all people do. I will help him as he is eager to learn.


Rejoice and be glad. I am taking care of you in ways you do not know of now.


Rejoice, pray, seek and you will find. I am the answer. Trust Me to take care of you and to prosper you when things look hard. Turmoil and strife will occur between peoples and nations, but it won’t come near you. There is a place for My people to find peace and rest. It is in the quiet hour with Me.

If you seek Me, I will come to you. Cast your cares upon Me. I think you are trusting Me for the outcome of the meeting. This is My work. I will do the matching. As people are ready, there will be those with needs.


Open your eyes. See the world around you. There is beauty. There is ugliness. There is joy. There is pain. You have what people need.

I will reveal to you what you need to know about yourself and who you are. You are special to Me. You are unique, My work, My creation. What happened in the past doesn’t have to determine your future. Face these issues, but know that I can transform. Take the time to understand these things. Then bring them to Me.


Be at peace. This is My work, in you and in others and for others.


Life goes on. It will end for some today, but for all someday. Are you ready? Will you give of yourself until the end for Me?

There is a peace found deep in Me. It can be yours too as you put your trust in Me. I can take care of things for you.

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The beginning and the ending. These are important. A good start on the right path with some guidance along the way. Know when to end, to push them out of the nest.


There is an emptiness that is not from Me. It is the result of failed promises of the enemy. Riches, things, experiences – all promise happiness, but how shallow and short-lived. No matter how much money one has, there is always a desire for more. Same for things and experience. The addict always needs more the next time to get the same high. I am the only true satisfaction and source of fulfillment. I give joy, which is much deeper than happiness. I give peace. I give love.

Why do people resist Me? They search and try out all manner of strange man-made religions, all designed to please the soul and flesh. Why not believe in something that doesn’t require any changes, that elevates the self as god. Why not believe in something that covers over the guilt of sin, but never removes it.

There is an end to all life. Then comes the judgment, the reckoning. My arms are outstretched, beckoning, welcoming. My Spirit is whispering words of life and hope. My people testify with changed lives. My creation speaks silently – Creator God.

You didn’t resist Me, but the lure of sin held on to you. Can you believe and still keep sinning? What is repentance? What is submission and surrender? I brought you to the place of emptiness and you saw the futility of life without Me. Even now with all that you have and have experienced, you see emptiness in some of the things that you went after. Now you have found Me and the life that I give.


Rest in My love. For I will take care of you and your family. As you give yourself to Me, I will give Myself to you. I have made provision for everything that you will need.


Experience counts and is of value. Education is the same. Knowing who to go to when you have questions, is the best. My Spirit is there for you, any time. He knows and will share all that you need. He has the answers for what you really need, not just what you are asking about. Can you listen? Will you listen? Will you obey and do what He says? Will you follow Me?


Be gracious and kind to all, for that is who I am. You have life within you. I have given you life. This is life – to know Me, to experience My working in you, transforming, loving, helping, watching over. I have this for all My people, but not all find it. Help them. Every day can be new. Listen to My Spirit.


I will teach the way. Be open to My leading. Your wife is opening your eyes to other aspects. She is your helpmeet. Don’t discourage her input, rather give her freedom. She is nurturing the women who need help be more confident. You all need to grow. This is not just about the mentees.


You are on the right direction. Not everyone considers his life and death. Make the most of this life where people will benefit what you are doing. Your stuff won’t help others. My kingdom is much more than this. Eternity dwarfs over this life on earth.

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What is greatness? Your book talks about good character qualities. I came to serve and be a Servant to all. I sacrificed My life for you. I was fully obedient to My Father, and He exalted Me for it. I died so that you could live. Can you serve? Can you love? Can you give? Greatness is not something to be sought after. It is recognized later.

There is a course, a way, a path to take. Can you follow My leading? My sheep know My voice.


You are thinking ahead, and this is good. I know what is ahead. Be responsible and be compassionate. Doors will open with opportunities to pass on what you know of Me. People will listen.

I am blessing what you are doing because it is what I am doing. This may start slow, but it will grow rapidly as My Spirit works in people. Prepare for new people, new hearts won over by My love and grace. Once they realize that I love them, the battle is over, the victory secured.


Reach out to those near you. Proclaim the truth. Speak life and goodness. Be positive and friendly. Pray for them.


Proclaim a fast. Call for a humbling of souls. Pride goes before a fall. Pride says I don’t need you, I’m better than you. That is not My way. Be a servant to others. Think of them as better than you. Love them into My kingdom.

Self-sufficiency is never the way for My people. I am Lord. Abide with Me and I will abide with you. Follow Me and I will guide you. Live to please Me. To love Me is to obey Me and My commands. My ways are not the ways of your world. It matters what you do and think. I will bless you with good things. I will take care of you. Trust Me. Yes, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. My blessings will satisfy you.


Rejoice and be glad. Look for Me in your life. I care about you and what you are doing. I watch over you to accomplish My purpose for your life. Keep seeking Me for I am your Source for Life. I am your Provider and Healer.


Pray and don’t lose heart. I am listening to the prayers of My people, especially those who intercede for others. Their motives are pure.

Sometimes the truth is hard, especially without grace. I came with both. I gave promise and reality. Everyone must choose to believe in Me and to follow Me. There are no shortcuts. My arms are open for those who are seeking. You decided once and kept on deciding to follow. Tell others the truth with grace and love. Life will be hard without My intervention and help. Life will end quickly, without warning. Don’t put your hope on this life. There is a better way, but few will find it. Come, drink from the water that will bring life. Come, give your burdens to Me. Turn from your life of sin and unbelief. Allow My righteousness to cover you. Allow My death on the cross to pay your price. My sheep hear My voice, and they follow Me. I am a better way. I am the only way. Come.

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The earth is Mine and the fulness therein. All the resources you see, I have created them for man. I have no lack. I need nothing. How big is the universe? How large is the largest star?


Knowledge puffs up, but wisdom and obedience teaches the heart. My Spirit is always at work in you. The more you yield to Him and seek Him, the more you will be conformed to My image. It’s not about doing, but being. The speaking and doing will follow the being.


Prepare the way. Could you be someone like John the Baptist? I will come again, and will people be ready? The Jews were looking for their promised Messiah, but most were looking for someone else. There won’t be time for people to change their minds and believe when I come. There will be darkness and deception and dullness of heart. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand – this message still applies. You have more accurate information about who I am and what I will do when I come. Will that move people? You must love, to be heard. Words will be mocked without love. My Spirit knows what to do and who is ready. Follow Him.


Wait a little longer and keep looking to My Spirit for guidance. Doors have opened for you. Your main focus is prayer, then the jail ministry, then discipleship. Keep searching for My Truth and Wisdom. Pass on what you learn to those who need to learn. Can you go dark on what is happening in the world? Can you trust Me to take care of things? I will keep you informed enough to pray.

Intentionally show more love to your wife. Pay attention to her. Touch her kindly. Speak kindly and with encouragement and affirmation. Watch her blossom. She is past the physical issues and will be more active.


Be patient. Learn to take advantage of the time – for prayer, for studying My Word, for preparing materials. Can you do this and be content? Can you overcome boredom. Can you spend more time before Me? Time is a gift for those who have more than enough. Be content and look forward to our time together. I will speak and reveal My heart.

Don’t be disappointed. You have gained information. Draw near to Me. I am here for you.

Life comes in many packages and shapes. I am behind it all. I give life. I create. You are made in My image. Seek after Me and you will be well. Don’t seek the world for it has nothing really for you. You are passing through on your way to be with Me. Be with Me now.


My answer is in the seeking. My wisdom is not hidden. My Truth can be known.

In Me there is life, life abundantly and eternally. I came to defeat death and sin. You now live in Me and I in you. Can anyone harm you? I keep those who are Mine safe with Me. I have all that you need. Why look elsewhere? Nothing else will satisfy you.


This is why you are leading this effort. You will be a mentor to them. Try to talk with each one informally. This will be a time for great growth in maturity.

I will show you many things as you seek Me. We are on a journey together. I am your Master, Savior and Lord. Don’t hesitate to come to Me any time.


Your work will be noticed, not to give you credit, but to assist My work in My body. Keep seeking Me. I am doing wonderful things for you and your wife. Rejoice and be glad. Have a thankful heart.

Continue to seek Me for what you are doing. Let My Spirit influence you.

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I will come when no one suspects. Yes, there is a general interest in My coming by My people. They realize that this world needs Me. Yet when I come it will be for judgment and justice. It will be a hard time for most. Keep praying for others as the harvest is still in progress. I hear the prayers of My people. I hear the cries of those in hardship. My Spirit is always working to draw them to Me. You will see more than you will want to see. It will become darker before I come. You will be amazed at what people will think and do. You will understand why I brought the great flood.


There is no magic answer, no truth behind false religions. All have deception at their core – the father of lies. His aim is to steal people away from the truth, from Me. He fears what I will do, but runs ahead anyway as his time runs out. If it is not religion, it is the cares of this world. He has deceived the masses into sleep and blindness. Their consciences are salved with everyone is doing it. Lies and deceit, so beware and don’t follow with them. Keep your heart pure before Me.

There is a better way and I have made it. My goal is life, but few will find it. Learn from Me and follow as I lead. Real fruit will come out of you. Pursue love. Restrain your tongue. Be a blessing.


My arms are stretched out,  pleading, inviting, welcoming – come to Me. Only a few come. Break off the chains of darkness and blindness. You know what it is like not to hear. You can imagine what it would like not to see. That is the blindness that covers the eyes of the lost. They can’t see the real Me with My arms beckoning. If they see, it is a distorted image, a false god of their own imagination, misleading them with false hope. Pray.

Yes, give grace and love. I am the Judge, not you. Encourage, lift up, help, pray. Reward others with kindness, disarm them with love.


I am always current. I am now. I am today, yesterday and forever. I am the God of the living as all live before Me until that day of judgment. I know the ones who are yet to be born and even still to be conceived. Physical death is not final. Spiritual death is. I am planning the events of My return. It will be a terrible, but glorious time. The Father and I are in agreement, as we always are. “Planning” is not an accurate term since these events were planned long ago. Are you ready?

What in your life will count? You have surrendered to Me, and this is good. You will continue to do so as you continue to live. Submission and obedience are choices to make.


Be patient. People can only absorb so much at one time. It’s good to have a list of topics and overviews. It’s good to ask questions and get feedback. Be a humble teacher, still learning and growing. Acknowledge the work of My Spirit.


Living out your faith is more important than the words. Show your love and kindness. Do good to others. Control your tongue. Be humble and offer your praise to Me.

Prepare the way. Make smooth the path before you. Gather what you need for the journey. Look forward and not back. See into the future for it is good, something to look forward to.


Be aware of who you are, your position in the spiritual realm. You are a light in the darkness. Sometimes your light is dim and other times it shines brightly. It depends on how close you are to Me. Are you following My Spirit? Are you loving? You can call upon Me at any time for any reason. Yes, the demons can see you, so also those in the world who are seeking Me. You look safe and attractive to them. They want to be with you. Their hearts are stirred. Is that what you want? It is what I want for you. Your light is nothing without Me. Resist the devil and the things of this world. Then come and draw near to Me.

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Everyone is on their own path. Some are following Me, and others follow their own desires. I don’t give up on them. I just love them. It is easy to be swayed by the things of this world. It is hard, at times, to follow Me. I don’t ask for much, but that seems too much for some. You have made your choice, and it is good. Lead others to Me and I will help them. Show the way by your life. Dispense grace and love. These are more helpful than words of correction.


Use the authority I have given you.

I have much for you. Come to Me always. Resist him and he will flee. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. My victory is for all My people. Rest in it. No one is greater. I AM that I AM. In all things bring Me praise. No one is greater. Sing a hallelujah. The Lord reigns.


Spending time with Me. My disciples were afraid to hear Me talk of My death. Would it have mattered if I ministered another year? Perhaps a few more would be healed and delivered. More would have heard My teaching. But I came at just the right time. I lived and discipled My followers just as the Father had planned. I died fulfilling all that mattered. I rose to set people free from death. My Word and truth and grace have gone out into the world. Many more have believed in Me.

You are thinking about your own life. Have you done enough? Are you doing My will now? Will your life count? You are helping those behind bars come to faith. You are setting an example for other men in your church. You are not perfect. No one is.

Be open to truth that is revealed and confirmed by My Spirit. My Word is truth. Be diligent to study and learn from Me, through My Word.


Love. If you love you will do no harm. You will show kindness and mercy. You will extend grace to cover sins. You will have compassion, instead of judgment. You will want their lives to be good, full of peace and contentment, with joy to overcome hardship.


I am taking care over My church, My body, My people, My world. I am not passive or indifferent. I care because I love, and I am good. You will see great things happening.


Open my eyes that I might see the wonders of who You are. Your love is overwhelming. You love when others give up on a soul. Your Spirit constantly woos and beckons. Teach Me Your ways. Show Me how to love. I will praise You with my heart and lips.

Do good to others, friends, family, strangers. Bear fruit before others in your speech and deeds. Guard over your heart and mind, keeping your focus on Me and My kingdom. These things should be normal for My people, who are called by My Name.


My grace is sufficient. When you are generous and give more than is required, there will be no further need. I give My grace to cover you in this way. Look for it. Expect it as you pray and seek Me. I am not an auto reply person. I see the heart and know the situation. I respond with love and power. Call upon Me and see. Keep coming. Don’t be shy. Be humble and contrite. Be grateful and worshipful.

Your role is to be patient and supportive. At the right time, you will lead and be successful and helpful.


Love is how you should be living. Love should always be on your mind, not the gushy kind, but serious, intentional loving of others. Can you do this? I will help you. Look for opportunities to show love in words and deeds. You can be neutral and cause no harm, but a better way is to make a difference with love to another person. Be a blessing with love. People want to be around loving people.

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You will begin to see answers to your prayers for I hear, and I care. Be encouraged and remain faithful to pray.

The wages of sin is death, but I sent My Son to bear that penalty for mankind for those who will believe. Let people know about this. Speak life and not death, grace and not law. Everyone sins and they don’t need to be reminded about their sin. They just need to hear about My great offer of forgiveness and peace.


Keep your focus on Me. Don’t let the cares of this world detract from your purpose in My kingdom.


I don’t need your money. I want your heart. I want you to give cheerfully and freely. Find agreement in the amount, then rely on My Spirit for where to give.

Sow love and you will reap love.


I will take care of you no matter what your age or physical and mental condition.

Be ready with your heart in tune with Mine. Love as I loved you.

There is a lot to understand. Just seek Me and you will know the truth. Truth is found in Me. I am truth and life. I came to set people free from death. Don’t be a slave to sin anymore. Live to please Me.


I wanted My gospel to go to My people Israel first and then to all peoples of My creation. You are to be one of My witnesses. What I have done to you and for you, tell it to others. Give them an invitation to a new life with Me.


Repent. Turn to Me you sinner and I will wipe away the stain. I will open doors for you, ones that you could not have imagined. Trust Me to do this. Be alert. Be in prayer.

There is much to do, but let Me do it through you. Let My Spirit guide you and keep you. My eyes will be upon you. My ears will hear your cries for help on behalf those you are helping.


Everyone is on their own path. Some are following Me, and others follow their own desires. I don’t give up on them. I just love them. It is easy to be swayed by the things of this world. It is hard, at times, to follow Me. I don’t ask for much, but that seems too much for some. You have your choice, and it is good. Lead others to Me and I will help them. Show the way by your life. Dispense grace and love. These are more helpful than words of correction.

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Are you ready for this new year? Will you seek Me fervently with faith believing? Yes, you will try. I will give you grace as always.

What will please Me? That you love Me and follow Me. You already believe in Me and My words. Put My life into yours. Live as I would live in you, for I am within you.


Judgment is coming, but first there will be a sweeping of the harvest material, making sure that all who will come are reached with the gospel and brought into My kingdom. Though many may reject My offer, some will, and I don’t want those left behind. You will see what appears to be people so lost they couldn’t come to Me, do so with joyful tears of repentance and grace. My part is easy. I just love them and ignore their craziness. Can you do that and pray for them? Think big and “important”, movers and shakers, well known people with hard exteriors and painful hearts, crying out to Me because of your prayers. Can you do this? I will guide you. Find lists of the rich, famous, leaders of nations and companies. Nothing is impossible with Me. Believe in Me and see your prayers answered. Those in the world will notice.

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I will come soon, but before I do there is much to do. Many will come into My kingdom of grace. You will play a role as will all of those who follow Me. I will magnify the witness and testimony of My people. My Spirit will convict stubborn hearts. They will be forced to make a choice, not just hiding behind their comfort and provision. This will bring opposition as some will try to justify themselves.


Today is another day. Bring life and joy into your speech. Rejoice and thank Me for who I am to you. I will do great things in your midst. Just call upon Me in faith believing.


There are many who are suffering. I see and I hear their cries for help. There is pain in this world. It has run its course. Will there be repentance?


The splendor of My glory. The radiance of My Light. The warmth of My love. The peace of My nature. The strength of My power. The limitless of My wisdom and knowledge. The riches of My mercy and kindness and grace. Who can understand all these things? No one. But you will experience this when you are with Me.


The Lord of the universe is constantly there, alive, aware of everything. What is a day, but a means for time for humans and animals? A routine and cycle, like the tides and seasons, like birth through death. Heaven is different. You can see these changes as an observer. How many sunrises and sunsets in all their variety and glory bring Me praise when your eyes see the earth spinning to receive the light from the sun and moon? What is the weather to those observers in constant temperatures? Do not be afraid. I see and experience everything with the people I made. I am with you. My Son knows intimately what you are going through. But that was for you. I already knew from the creation of time.

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