Received 5-1-19

Put your hands to work. Pray and lift up the hands which are hanging down. Challenge and inspire with My Words. Love and encourage the weak.

Received 5-2-19

Rejoice and be glad for the Lord your God is with you. Let My Words of life wash over you, removing the stain of this sinful world. My promises are true overcoming the lies of the enemy.

Received 5-3-19

I am here. Do not be anxious for I am helping you. Be open and a witness to My glory. Each person you see needs Me.

Received 5-4-19

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. You can’t really experience eternal life without bowing your knees before Me as your Lord. Humility and submission open the doors. Pride leads to sin and self-centeredness.

Received 5-5-19

I am with you to bless what you are doing. I will be glorified in My people. My disciples walked with Me, watching and learning. They realized I came from God, but did not understand why I came until the resurrection. My Spirit empowered them with revelation and understanding, just as He speaks to you. Walk out in faith expecting revelation.

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Received 4-29-19

Do not despair or lose heart, for greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world. I have defeated the enemy of your soul. You will see victory today.

Received 4-30-19

When will you learn and believe My truth and grace?

Teach me Lord. Help my unbelief. You and Your Word are Truth. Your grace is constant, fed by Your constant unconditional love. For by grace and faith we are saved.

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Received 4-22-19

I am with you to help you. Call upon Me on behalf of those you see. I am at work in your family.

Received 4-23-19

What happens today will impact tomorrow. Lay a foundation – build a building. Plant seeds – reap a harvest. Sow love – reap love. I have planted seeds in you and you will see the fruit in eternity.

Received 4-24-19

Come to the waters and drink to satisfy your soul. There is nothing mystical about a close relationship with Me. It is all about how much time you are willing to give to Me in concerted seeking and waiting upon My Spirit to speak. I notice and respond.

Received 4-25-19

Prepare the way. Open the door to life. Plant seeds. Send out invitations. Encourage and show interest.

Received 4-26-19

When I was a child, I spoke and acted like a child. Now that I am a man, it’s time for me to be a man. I need to know My God, to know what He expects of me. I need to be in a close dependent relationship with Him, just as My Lord Jesus was with Father God. Is this possible? Yes, and it should be normal. He has given us His Spirit to help us. His promises are true. His Word is our guide and teacher. As we yield to Him, He will use us to accomplish His will on this earth, in our lives and in those we live with.

Received 4-27-19

Live for Me today. Live each day for Me. Commit your life in doing My will on earth for you. Have My attitude of love, compassion, humility, gentleness, kindness within you. Allow My Spirit to lead you, giving Him full access to your heart and soul and body.

Received 4-28-19

Give away your heart, share deeply as My Spirit leads you. There are men who have experienced great loss. Pain of the heart tests what is in a man like no other hurt. They cry out to Me in anger and frustration. My love and grace are poured out to help them. I can bring them to peace if they let Me comfort them. The enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that they might have life abundant and eternal.

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Received 4-15-19

I am with you for your good. Proclaim My truth – Who I Am and what I stand for and expect of My people. I Am keeping you with My Spirit hovering, teaching, directing, revealing. Listen to Him actively obeying what He says. Pray in your spirit with My Spirit empowering, praying through you, interceding. We are One and you are in Us and We are in you to will and do Our pleasure.

 Received 4-16-19

Pray and believe in Me. Who am I to you? Who are you following and trusting in for your life? I will be that Person for you. I want to be that Person for you.

 Received 4-17-19

Discover the truth and the way and the life that I have for My people by reading, studying and memorizing My Word. My Word contains all that you need to know. My Spirit will teach you and open doors into My world. I am all around you and I will let you find Me as you seek Me.

 Received 4-18-19

What is ahead? More trouble, but with victory for My people who call upon My Name. Victory that the world cannot understand.

 Received 4-19-19

I will make a way in the darkness. Come to the Light in everything that you do. Do what you do openly, not to be noticed, but to remove any chance of corruption or compromise. Be transparent for Me, unashamed of who I am. Be humble as a servant, as a bond servant choosing to serve. The world is spinning apart, with men choosing their own way in selfish pursuits. They willingly believe the lies of the enemy, the deceiver from the beginning. Sin is celebrated, but My Spirit will continue to expose behavior to the Light, and men will see and take notice. Be a Light-bearer, so that men will notice and seek you out as they search for Me. You may be mocked, but your humility will deflect their barbs. Put on love and kindness. Be holy for I am holy.

 Received 4-20-19

This world will perish, but I Am. Keep your hope fixed on Me. Men of old looked ahead. They believed in what they couldn’t see with their eyes. They put their simple faith in Me, without really understanding who I was. You know much more with the revelation of My Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

 Received 4-21-19

I am alive. This is My day and your day to live. Nothing can stop you from declaring the Truth. All things are Mine for I am the Creator of all that you see. I am the Lord over all. I am the beginning and the end and everything in between. Speak boldly about Me and My Spirit will magnify your words.


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Received 4-8-19

Wait, watch, look, find, meditate, seek after Me. Know the object and person of your faith.

 Received 4-9-19

In all things bring praise and thanks. Lift up My Name before you. Be aware of Who I AM and what I have done. I AM in the world that I have made and I am in My people and I AM in you to do My will and pleasure.

 Received 4-10-19

Rejoice and be glad for your King is coming. Rejoice that your name is written in the book of life. Rejoice that you have My Spirit living within you. Rejoice for the body of Christ near you and present all over the world doing My will, bearing witness to life in Me.

 Received 4-11-19

I am with you to open your eyes to the truth of My Word. Allow My Spirit to teach you so that you can teach others. Integrity, honor, honesty, anointing – these qualities are of great value to be prized and sought after. My fruit comes from a transformed heart doing My will.

 Received 4-12-19

Pay attention, interceding and offering thanks and praise. Be compassionate and empathetic. Do not put your hope in any man, even though I might be doing something through that man. Always have your focus on Me and what I am doing. Lift up the hands that hang down. Reach out to those who are hurting and who are weak.

 Received 4-13-19

In as much as you have done this to the least of My brethren you have done it to Me. A thankful heart and a heart full of praise belongs to the one who is welcome in My courts.

 Received 4-14-19

I am with you. My peace I give, not as the world knows, but peace from within the inner man, giving assurance and hope for the future. Nothing can harm you. My angels are watching over you.


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Received 4-1-19

Now is the time to worship your God to lift Him up before the nations. He is God and there is no other like Him. Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming.

 I am coming and will My people be ready and expecting? Yes, for My Spirit will alert the to the times. Every generation of people expects Me to return, but few respond as if I was coming today. Repent and believe the good news, the gospel of the Savior Jesus the Christ. Your soul will find rest in Him.

 Received 4-2-19

What was old has become new. Sin is boring in its lies and failures. It always over-promises on the pleasure and outcome. Woe to the naïve who give in to temptation. Soon slavery to sin and addiction and lies become normal. Oh, the grace of God that brings forgiveness and healing and deliverance.

 My life for yours. Will you give Me your life in return? My offer still stands. My promises are reliable and true. In Me there is victory over sin and death.

 Received 4-3-19

Taste and see that the Lord is good. When He created the world and man, he said it was good. God is good and everything He does is good and according to His will. We should strive to do good and to please Him.

 Received 4-4-19

What is in your heart? Is there love and compassion for the lost? Who are you praying for? My Word is going forth in power to stir up hearts to repentance and surrender. Spend your time seeking after Me in My Word. Learn and teach.

 Received 4-5-19

I am with you. Love the men and staff. Pay attention and listen for My Spirit.

 Received 4-6-19

My Word is going out from My people. The smallest to the greatest has heard My call, My invitation. My grace flows out to overcome against the darkness of this fallen world.

 Received 4-7-19

What is seen and known from the beginning is revealed today afresh by My Spirit. All things become new.


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Received 3-23-19

A time in history will show the future. There is nothing new under the sun. Look back and learn, but seek Me for the future.

Received 3-24-19

In all things give Me praise. Nothing can separate you from My love. See what My love has done for you and your family.

Received 3-25-19

What is old becomes new as My Spirit works to bring new life from dead bones. Pray and intercede for life to come out of My body. Even in you will spring forth new life as you seek after Me and follow My Spirit. I am creating what was planned from the beginning. It will be glorious, for My people will soon be filled with My glory.

Received 3-26-19

My word will go forth from My people in praise and thanksgiving. Speak life and grace. Fill the spiritual world with My Word by your declaration. Know that I am with you.

Received 3-27-19

Wait upon the Lord and in due time He will meet you. Gifts are given to be received and used for My glory. I will bless My people, even you. My kingdom will reign. Even My enemies will experience peace in the land and it will grieve their spirits.

Received 3-28-19

I AM sent you. The all-powerful Creator who knows you intimately, sends you to do His will. He told the seas they could only go so far. He sends the rain to keep the vegetation alive and growing. He provides food for the creatures. He turns His head away and they are dismayed. He watches over those He calls to repentance and life. Let everything that has breath praise Him.

Received 3-29-19

Walk in a way worthy of your calling, powered by My grace, led by My Spirit, obeying the Word of life spoken in your heart. Obey and receive grace, repent and receive forgiveness, die to self and receive true life, eternal and life-giving to you and to others through you. Allow My Spirit to reign in your heart. Seek His wisdom and guidance. Don’t presume based on what you think you know, but expect My Spirit to lead you according to My will, in your thoughts, words spoken and actions taken. Then My glory will be revealed resulting in praise, honor and thanksgiving returning to Me in abundance.

Received 3-30-19

In My Name, in My authority with My wisdom and knowledge – this is how you should pray. Bear witness to the truth you have learned and applied to your life. Be bold, compassionate for the lost and hurting.

Received 3-31-19

In all things bring praise. My gifts are limitless and good. Especially when you consider how undeserving you are. What makes Me do it? My love and kindness for My children.

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