Give and it shall be given you, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall it be given you. In the same measure you give, it shall be given you. Do you believe this? Do you believe everything My Word says, both good and bad? Do you trust in Me in who I am?

I will make a way for you, just as I have always cared for you and directed your steps. Look for My opportunities. Can you trust Me to do this?


Be at peace. Have a right attitude of a servant, not as a judge or ruler. Build up and not tear down. Encourage and promote.

Open your heart for more of Me. Let Me put My love there and all of My qualities.


Truth cannot be hidden and lies will be exposed. I am in control of what I created. If I can move continents and flood the whole world, can I not move men for My purposes? Who raises up a man? Who causes a man to repent of his sinful ways? The gospel is being told. Every eye will see My return. All will give an account for their lives.

What do you think when the prophets say a third of mankind will be killed? How much confusion and chaos and fear will there be when man loses control of his surroundings? If men will fear a virus, how much more will they fear those times of distress? Yet My people will stand out. They will recognize the times and be looking forward to My return.


My grace is sufficient for you.

I will carry you both through any storms. I am your Source for help. Rely on Me and not on your strength. Pray and have people pray. That is what My body is for.


Let your mind go free of the things of this world – worry, fear, anxiety, pain, hurt, anger, lust, hatred, envy, coveting,


Let the world go. Pray but release it to Me to handle. Man will not save the world. Don’t be surprised by evil men, for they are doing what is in their heart to do and there will be no restraint. You will see more of this soon. You read that they did not repent when I brought on the calamities at the end. They do not believe in Me. They have removed Me from their religion.

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I take care of My people. Evil exists, but I am greater.

I am greater than any problem that you have, even sickness. I came to destroy the works of the enemy. I came to bring life eternal in Me and with Me.


I will come soon. I will come to reclaim My world. I will make it new.

Be patient and give grace to others. You are not perfect, nor are others. You are redeemed, so are they. They are following Me, so are you.


There is waste everywhere, wasted effort and money spent with no results that matter. There is corruption, bribery, theft. There is coverup and lying and deceit and propaganda. There are policies and laws that hurt those who were to be helped. Leaders are full of themselves, removed socially from the average person. People are to be used and manipulated. Money and power corrupts. Governments and businesses fail. What is wrong?

Is it sinful behavior or wrong focus? Who can really help another person in need? Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these things will be added to you. A changed heart and focus, cares for others in need. Needs are met on a personal level in love. That love turns hearts toward Me and My righteousness, changing lives, so others can be helped.

Revival is My intervention in My world, changing hearts and focus. I can do what people cannot do. Why did you seek Me? It was My Spirit responding to people praying. I would rather bring revival than destruction. But there will come a day of reckoning. Each person will have that day.

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I will come soon when no one is looking. Yes, My people are anticipating My return, but the world continues on. Open your heart for more of Me and who I am. Submit yourself willingly, even if you don’t understand. Do you believe that I am good, that I am love, that I have all knowledge? Who is My Son to you?


Every heart must learn obedience and submission. It is better to learn this early as a child, than to struggle with human authorities later. Liberal minds have removed the stain of sin and encouraged wrong behavior to justify their own sinfulness. No one is good. No one is free from sin. All need a Savior.


The day of roses is near. Before the storm there is revival. When evil abounds, My grace is present to save and deliver people.


Give, believe, trust, submit, follow, live – these are words for a man of faith.

I will do exciting things on the earth. Some will fear, others will anticipate My return. My grace will cover My people so they will be safe in Me. How helpless will men be to know how fragile their environment is, beyond their control.

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All things are possible for those who believe.


Come to the water of life. Come and be refreshed. Come and be filled.

Pain. Why did I create pain? Emotional hurt and distress? Were they part of creation or after the curse? They were part of creation, but were magnified after the curse. Only man could suffer emotionally for he understood more than an animal. Animals have lesser gifts than man in a variety of ways. Only man can seek Me and know Me.

What is your offering? What is a living sacrifice? What are your first fruits?


Avoid sin, live to please Me, devote your life in serving Me through My people, speak praise to Me from your heart, bow only to Me and not to the things of this world, submit to My Lordship in My Word and My Spirit, enjoy fellowship with Me and My body – do this and you will live, truly live.

Be careful and listen to My guidance. I will let you know the right time to release what you have written. At first only a few should see it. Let their response guide you.


Come to the waters. Be refreshed and cleansed. Turn from your wicked ways. Find rest for our souls. All of this is possible for those who believe in Me and My words. I have life in Me.

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I will come when no one is expecting. Yes, there are Bible prophecies to fulfill, but you may not realize how they will be fulfilled. Pray for the lost, as each one is important to Me.


Be patient. Give Me time to work. Would you rather have My product, than yours? Many more people will be blessed as we wait together. Join your faith with Me, but pray as My Spirit leads you. He knows what is best. Are you able to bear the cross? Yes, with My grace covering you. Your cross is uniquely designed for you to bear.

I have made you a new person with a highly sensitive spirit to hear Me. Keep your focus on Me and you will be surprised how I lead you.


I will help you. Do your work as unto the Lord. Are you giving 100%? Do you pray for others as if these people were family? Are you building yourself up in My Word and by My Spirit? Are you focused on My Kingdom or is your attention diverted to other things?


I will not be deterred from doing what I desire in you and in My people. My Spirit will not rest until all is accomplished. He brooded over the waters of the deep at creation. He is brooding over the lost today. He knows about your loved ones and He is working. They are blessed because of you, just like I blessed the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You are My son because of your faith in My Son. I am healing your wife.  Let her rejoice and be glad in Me.

Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming. What a day that will be! Can you imagine that? All of creation is groaning for the sons of man to appear as they were at the beginning. They will be free again.

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What is the goal of life, of your life? Can you be idle, if that is what I want for a time? Can you say no to your flesh? Can you focus on Me, even to spend time just worshipping Me?

Don’t let your feelings control your ministry to others. Love them in spite of who they are. Look how I love you.


The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus to the glory of God. My glory I will not share with another. I reveal Myself to those who believe in Me, and they will see My glory and power displayed. I AM God, the Eternal One, the Holy One.


I will see you through this time of trial. Be ready in season and out of season to share about Me with others. People will listen if you are kind and humble.

Be at peace and have the right attitude of service. It is not about you, but those you serve, even your leaders.

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Drink freely. Fill your spirit and mind with My Word.

Yes, My ways are higher than the ways of man. Don’t be concerned over the affairs of man, for I see and know what will happen. My people have lived in various lands throughout time. Have I not taken care of them?


I am here with you watching over you. My ways bring life, and My Word is true. Live before Me in righteousness and holiness. I know it is impossible, but strive to do what you can, and I will do the rest.

I can use even you to bless others. Just be open and aware of My Spirit. Pray and rebuke the enemy over those you love. Take control in the spiritual realm.


I am with you. Look to Me and not to the forces of this world. People will disappoint you, I will not.


Do you trust Me with your life? If so, will you allow Me to influence those you love to display My glory?

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Another year closer to Me. I will welcome you home one day. Life is full of decisions and choices. You have made and are making good choices to follow Me. I love you for it. Even tonight I heard your prayer, and I will answer it with new blessings for you and your family. Do not dwell in the past even yesterday, but look ahead and dream. The future will always be brighter for My people. I am there with them to bless them.

Do not fear the future. I will take care of you. What happens in your country will not significantly affect you. I will be glorified in My people and in the work of My Spirit.


The ways of man will bring a snare. Not only do you lose your focus; it depends on things without merit, un-trustworthy, foolish before Me. Don’t look at things as they are, but as they will be with faith in Me. Have the eyes of faith, expectant, trusting, unwavering, secure, hopeful, positive. I will not disappoint My people.

At some point you must live with your choices, whether good or bad. I can forgive and heal and restore. Where is your treasure? What is your focus? Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Do you believe this? The snare of this world is that more money will bring more happiness. But it does not, for the worry over your money can consume your attention, robbing you of peace, making you focus on the things of this world. I have given you a good counselor for stability and blessings. Rest in Me.


Come to the waters and drink freely. Feed your spirit with life in Me.

I am the Source for your life. I sustain and protect you. I make a way for you. I direct your steps onto the path I desire.

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My people went astray, following a leader, instead of seeking Me. Oh they sought Me in prayer, but for that leader and for the things of this world. Did they want Me? Did they want to repent and turn to Me? What were you praying for? What moves you? Is it suffering? Does it bother you that many are dying without knowing Me? Even people you know? What is revival?


 Wake up the dead. Wake up those who are dead spiritually, without any knowledge of the truth of the gospel. Share what you believe, what you know. Create a stir to make them think. Be compelling and urgent. What did My parables do? They couldn’t understand them unless they were seeking Me and the Spirit opened up their hearts.

I am not finished with your nation or your leaders. Many are too comfortable with their power and position. They will be brought low.


The surety of death continues for everyone, but those who trust in Me will live before Me. You have peace about death. Most are afraid of dying. You have hope. When reality faces them, they have no options. Pray for them. Speak to them. Bring fruit.

Are you willing to continue to lead and play a big role in the lives of men?


Open your eyes to what is happening in the spiritual realm. It is a reflection of what is happening in the physical world you live in. There is a battle waging. The enemy is blinding and deceiving and lying as never before for his time is short. The pandemic has sidetracked My people from the gospel. Fear is not from Me. Death is not from Me. Trials and testing expose what is in a man. Men of faith and character will stand out and above.

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I will come and restore, heal and deliver My people, My imperfect people. It is about what I have done, not what they have done. All they do is say yes, and I have done the rest in them and through them. My Spirit is poured out upon them to give them life.


Come to the waters, drink until you are not thirsty. Seek Me until you are filled, then seek Me some more. I have so much revelation for you.

The world will know soon enough. All will realize the emptiness of this life without a Savior. Some are desperate while others are carefree in their abundance. Still they know in their hearts a need that can’t be satisfied.


I will keep you where I want you. Just keep listening and obey what you read and here from My Spirit. It is a narrow way, but it leads to life here on your earth and life beyond. It is a path that brings goodness and peace. The trials you experience are to bring you closer to Me. Keep praying and do not lose heart. Trust in Me. Experience My love and kindness.

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