Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming to rescue My people from their labor and toil. What a day of refreshing it will be. Those in the world will suffer judgment, but My people will be set free. There will be celebrations filled with joy. Singing and praises will rise. No more pain or sorrow.


I will come again when My people are ready, when the world is ready. My timing is not your timing. I will reap My harvest and fill My barns. Even now there is hunger and thirst for what I am. My Spirit is busy. We hear the prayers of My people. How did men of old seek Me? Where is the humbling of body and heart?


Love is more than feelings. It’s commitment, faithfulness, kindness, attention, sacrifice, sharing, and much more. I love those I created. I gave up My Son for a time out of love and to show the world My love. He obeyed out of love knowing what He must do.


I am with you to bless you. I open and close doors in front of you. I guide you with My peace as given by Spirit. He will speak Truth to you with understanding and wisdom if you ask Him.

The wages of sin is death. No one realizes this until it is too late. They will become enslaved to their sin, unless they call upon Me to help deliver them. I will do this for them, if they will submit their lives to Me and be led of My Spirit. Stopping the sin once is not enough. It must be told never to return with the authority of My Name. You don’t get this authority unless you are born again of My Spirit.

The free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord. You can’t earn this gift by any work that you can do. It is free, as you believe in Jesus as you Savior and Lord. He promises to raise you up when you die, so that you will spend eternity with Him. But this eternal life begins the moment you are born again. Christ lives within you then, and you live within Him.

Every part of My Word can be expanded and amplified for understanding and truth based on the rest of My Word. If you seek Me and ask Me I will show you. No, you don’t have to do this for every phrase of verse, only what is important to you for wisdom and understanding. In a sense you are restating My Word with words that you understand in explanation.


Be sober minded and focused on the task of winning people to faith in Me. But also be joyful and rejoice in your own salvation. What is important for you? Can you love as My Son did?


Be kind to one another. Be truthful yet your words should be coated with love. My love for you is forever.


You will be pleased and surprised who I bring to your condo. Keep praying for all or them, young and old. This will bring you many conversations. Take time and listen to My Spirit. He will help you speak to them in love and with grace. Keep the door open for more encounters. They are hungry. Even when they come to watch, don’t be too pushy. Let them open up. Have a Bible for them.

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Plant seeds of love and kindness. Respond well with a soft voice. People are looking for love and kindness and acceptance. My Son was gracious, and sinners knew they would be welcomed, even still in their sin. Most wanted to change and turn away from sin because of the guilt they felt. For some, you represent a Pharisee, who is righteous, far above what they could achieve. It is good to live righteously, but do so with lots of love showing on the outside and inside. Remove all judgment from your words and body language.


Do not fear for I am with you. I will sustain you in hardship. I will rescue you from evil. I will lift you up out of the miry pit. No weapon can destroy you. I am your shield and strong tower. No one can touch you for harm. Even words of harm will be rebuked before your eyes. Isn’t this what you would expect from a loving powerful Father? I could go on to cover every conceivable harm and evil. I even will rescue you from yourself in foolish mistakes and blunders. This is the heritage of My godly ones, who claim My Name.


This is My faithfulness to you; My Word remains forever. What I have said, I mean. My words will not fail. Learn from My Son – His words, His actions, His character. Those who were with Him were amazed. They were attracted to Him. He changed them as He lived out a perfect life of faith, obedience, reliance, and partnership with My Spirit. He loved and was moved by His compassion for the needs of people He encountered. Yet, He didn’t meet everyone’s needs or expectations. He waited for people to grow in faith. As King of the universe and Messiah, He was approachable. Not everything He did or said was recorded. He was not in a hurry, yet He acted with purpose. He knew His destiny on the cross, but He looked beyond the cross to the fruitful harvest of souls. He is alive and well, interceding for those who believe and those who will believe. Meditate on these things.


Arise and take your place in My army, not to fight but to pray and sing praises of victory, salvation. Declare what you see and hear in the spiritual realm. I will reveal what I am doing. Before your eyes you will see it take place. Encourage My people.

I have made this world so that My people would bring glory to My Name. You are now realizing the full extent of the miracle of life. But even before your science, men looked with wonder at the stars in the sky, pondering what it meant. They took their lives for granted. Yet the could see how fragile it all was, as sickness and war claimed many lives. Life was hard. At just the right time I revealed My Son. My Word has been testifying for thousands of years. My Spirit has been poured out to those who seek Me. O the wonders of My love for My creation.


Proclaim a fast. Humble yourselves. Turn your heart toward Me and away from your false gods of technology. Repent from your selfish behavior. The prophets of old tried to warn My people and get them to stop violating our covenant, but to no avail. Their hearts were far from Me. They disdained My Word. Don’t be like them. Don’t put yourself above My Word. Allow it to reach you, to explore your inner thoughts. It has power and life.


I will sustain you and keep you. My eyes are upon you.

Don’t let the cares of this world wear you down. Your focus should be on My kingdom. My kingdom brings life and not death.


Bring the full tithe into My storehouse. Give of yourself first, then a portion of what I have given you as fruit of your labor. I don’t need it, but others do.

The world will end in fire. Fire from within and fire from the sky. There will be no escape for the wicked. Only a select few will live through the horrors, but not from their efforts. My people will be delivered from the bondage of sin and death. I will be glorified. There will be no excuses. The King has come to His kingdom to rule.

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Rejoice and be thankful. See what blessings I have given you. How many prayers have I answered? Beyond those, have I not given you many things and done wonderful things for you? Yes, I care for My people. I love them more than you can know, even with their faults. My Son died for them, a very painful death. You have an inheritance of eternal life in My Presence with others who love Me and believe in Me. That is a priceless gift.


Where are My people? Are they seeking Me? Are they crying out over the evil they see? Only I can solve what is going on, but people would rather trust in other people or in themselves. It is good to trust in Me. Why are you storing food? I will take care of you and My people. Lost souls are more important than food.

What is a life, except an opportunity to bring Me glory as his Maker. For some it is quite short and perhaps full of trouble. For others it is long. Who can know? I do.


I am with you to prosper you in the things of the Kingdom. Pray more for others. Allow My Spirit to guide you and instruct you how to pray. Yes, you can pray in tongues, but you can pray in English. Learn from Me as you read My Word. Ask Me questions.


Come let us examine what is going on in your life. Open up your heart and let Me see who is your lord. Am I Lord? Examine this yourself. In what are you trusting? I see and I know. I have been weaning you of constantly focusing on your investments. I have taken away your desire to know the news to see if your party and ideas are being truthfully told. But you still look. You still listen. You are recognizing the empty promises that are made. I am determining who is your leaders. I give you what you want as a people, just like I allowed Israel to wander from Me. It is not the truth of this world that sets you free, but My Truth. I am your Rock. Pray for My will to be done.


This is just the beginning. I am at work reaping the harvest. People are hungry for a life that is real. I can make that happen for them, if they yield to Me in faith.

You helped him turn his focus to Me. He is learning if slowly. Keep mentioning him before Me, just as you lifting up other people. Everyone needs the prayer of others. This is the way it should be.

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It is by faith that saints of old lived. They received little revelation and instruction, yet they believed in Me. They were willing to suffer hardship and persecution to proclaim My words as a prophet. They were grieved over the disobedience of their leaders to My commands. My Spirit gave them words to speak. You are hearing that same Spirit speaking to you. Will My words given to you challenge your leaders? Time will tell. You will pray along with others. The effective prayer of a righteous person can accomplish much. Keep humility, but press in prayer before My throne. I am listening to the cries of My people.


Blessing will come to those who seek after Me with their whole hearts. I respond to hunger of the soul. I gave everyone a desire to know Me their Creator. I gave you an emptiness that only I could fill. Spread the good news so that people can find Me.

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My kingdom will keep on expanding throughout the world. The gospel message is lived out in My people. Their testimony stirs the hearts of men. My Spirit is bringing conviction and hunger. Be a part of this. Show attention and love to those around you.


The days of roses and laughter will end. Some people live in a fantasy land, deceiving themselves that good times will continue forever. They hide their eyes from those who suffer hardship and oppression. Don’t be like them. Allow the pain and suffering to move you to compassion. People are enslaved by evil. They need the gospel to free them.


Come to Me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. I have a better way for you than striving as a man. I have spiritual tools to help you. I have My grace to cover you. My goodness shall follow you. Abide with Me and listen to My Spirit.


The day of harvest is near, but even now people are reaping what they have sown. Rescue the lost before it is too late for them. Speak life and hope.

Enter into My throne room with praise. Make a joyful sound.


Whisper My Name and I will come to you. Proclaim My Truth. Tell others about the good news. Be bold and courageous. Be friendly and show kindness, just as you would want to be treated. There is a spiritual hunger.

My grace is sufficient. Don’t be concerned about tomorrow. I will take care of you. I have a good plan for you to walk in. You will continue to bear fruit, lasting fruit. Men will be inspired to reach for more and not stop reaching. This is My work in you. As you grow, others will grow.


All things are possible for him who believes. What a contrast. An outpouring of My Spirit and war with death as its outcome. What will be the outcome of My Spirit’s work? You will see as many will be changed forever. In all this, give Me praise and thanks.


Can you worship Me in spirit and in truth? Can you live for Me with all of your being? Can you deny yourself and be willing to die for Me? I will help you in all of this. When you say no to a temptation to sin, you are denying yourself. When you obey My commands and are following the leading of My Spirit, you are living for Me.

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Come and see what I have in store for you. You will be pleased and surprised. You will not be bored. You will not be wearied by what is asked of you. I know why I have created you and exactly what satisfies you. No, there will not be computers in heaven. Something better. You won’t need them to do what I have assigned for you.

Is this revival? For those who experience My Presence it is. Can you experience this where you are? If you seek Me and worship Me. There will be many who come to see what is happening. Just like outbursts of My glory in times past, people will come. Many saw My miracles and healings when I was on the earth. Did they believe or were they just fascinated and awed by what I could do? Even those I healed would have days of doubt later. Only when My Spirit came, did people have a lasting reminder of who I am. He is the One who changes hearts and gives faith to believe. He uses what I am to transform the soul of a man.


The wages of sin is death, but I have something better for those who call  upon Me, something that lasts for eternity. I am gracious and loving and good. I rescue those trapped in sin. I give life. These earthquakes are a warning sign. Life can be short, unexpectedly so in tragedy. Are you ready to meet your Maker? Many will be destitute and homeless, suffering great hardship. Will they repent and turn to Me? Will those living in comfort and ease repent?


It’s not for you to try to figure this out. Just pray that it will continue to reach the lost and spread. It is not for the observer, but for those who participate in the repenting and seeking and humbling before Me. My ways are higher than your ways.

Rejoice that your name is written in the book of life. Many will be left behind in the sin and unbelief. That is their choice. They may acknowledge Me, but not to want to change and submit to Me. They think they have more time to do what they want. They don’t see themselves as slaves to sin. They don’t see the hardness of their hearts as they continue to reject My Son. My grace allows this.

I will be exalted on the earth I created. There will come a time for judgment and accounting. I have made the way for man, just by believing. There is no other way, and it is foolish to keep seeking after other things. I am who I say I am. I have revealed Myself in My Son. He was real just as I am real.


What is to be gained? What is the value of a life redeemed? Can one testimony spark a wildfire? Those who know the person will be affected. And even strangers will be more than curious as My Spirit goes to work on them. My Word is full of testimonies, great and small. I transform and redeem and heal. What you heard was a small healing testimony, but it made you think and hunger for more. I am not done in the lives of people everywhere. Give Me glory and honor and praise, for I am at work.


Rescue the weak and dying before it is too late. Tell them about Me. Warn them about what death will bring without Me. What would you do if you were to meet God? Are you ready?

There is nothing more to life than being with Me, This will be true in heaven, so why not here on earth? May your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Can you experience My Presence. Sit before Me. Wait on Me.


The time for revival is near. Rend your heart and seek Me. Put away your idols. Be devoted to only Me. I will shine into you. I will be found by those who seek Me. I will be exalted in My people.


Awaken the dead in Christ. Set them free. Restore life to their bodies to bring them out of the earth. Join them with their spirits. Hallelujah, He is risen. Many have been waiting anxiously for this time, and now it is here. Rejoice and be glad for the King is coming just as He promised!

This is supernatural, not natural. No man could do this. I reveal Myself in different ways to get the attention which brings salvation. I responded to their praise and humility, but it was also the work of My Spirit to bring this about. There is no perfect way to worship Me, except to allow your spirit to be energized by My Spirit. They will worship Me in Spirit and Truth.

This is just the beginning of My outpourings. You will see it happening in many places to show the world that I am God. It will have many flavors. I will come where I am welcome, where people are seeking Me.

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It is important to pass on what you learn from Me, so that others may benefit. Testify, teach, pray. I am passing on to you what you need to know. It’s all there in My Word, and if you don’t dig deep for it, you may miss important details. It’s not just about learning material, but living it out, applying it to yourself.


Live for Me and not for yourself. Don’t be afraid about this. I am here for your good and My best. It doesn’t matter if you have to go through tribulation and trials, for I am with you. Sickness can be temporary or long-term. I will take care of you. Some are in pain, while others find relief. Is My grace sufficient?


Watch Me at work. I put faith in My followers to believe in Me. They still must respond. As they step out to obey My commands, they get what they need. It isn’t more than they need, but just enough to act on. Over time their trust will grow, based on My track record with them. Reading My Word builds faith, because it gives a boost. I am the same now as I was then. I can be trusted.


Don’t allow your dreams to disturb you for they are not real. Dismiss them and turn to Me. In times of old I used dreams to speak to people, but now My Spirit has been poured out, and people can hear from Him.

Each one of My Apostles was unique in their personality and thinking. I chose them, knowing how they would believe in Me, and could be taught to trust in Me. I do this for all My people, but these men have important roles to play. They helped each other grow in faith. Marriage is designed to help the couple grow together in love and respect, in spite of the differences between them. Each has to learn from the other.


I will make a way for you. I am your shield. Put your trust in Me. Man is evil in his heart and he will do evil things when the restraint is lifted.  


Do you love Me? I love you. I know you. I knew you from the beginning. My eye is upon you to watch over you and keep you.


Give and it shall be given unto you. Hold on to what you have lightly as a good steward following his master’s instructions. Respond in faith, trusting Him who provides. Your oil will not run dry.

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Do not fear. You will survive and gain insight. Your help is from Me. Watch carefully at the reaction of people. Look at the people who have faith in Me. Will they pray in faith or will they express fear.


The angels are rejoicing. Heaven is stirring with the news. The King is coming. Are you ready?


I stirred your interest in understanding the times. You will be pleased with My grace and love. Yes, I will bring judgment, but also salvation and joy and freedom for those who will seek Me. Abraham asked, “Will the Judge of all the earth do right?” And My answer is “Yes.” It doesn’t please Me to bring judgment, but rebelliousness and lawlessness deserves justice to warn others that all will give an account of their lives. Sinners encourage others to sin to help them justify their rebellious actions. But they fool themselves for some things are always wrong, even though many are doing it. My standards for righteousness don’t change. I am a holy God.

Be open to change, change in yourself. You will be more aware of others and their needs, for prayer and help. Your heart might burst with the needs, but that is alright for I will give you grace to handle it. Allow My Spirit to guide you.


See, you have survived. Are you a watchman? No, but still you can pray and reveal what I reveal to you. Show humility and allow others to discern and interpret what I give to you. Pray to encourage and build up My people. These will be trying times. Those of faith should look forward confidently knowing that I am at work. As the day arrives, I will reveal more to My people. Those who listen will be ready. There will not be a hiding away, but a looking up expectantly.

Is it too late to learn, to participate in learning? Will your brain learn? Will your soul learn? Can I be your Teacher? There is always more to learn, and I know what you need. If you still want to grow, follow Me. Let Me examine you to show you what is there inside.


Come and see what God has for you. Come to the waters of life and drink. Be filled with My Holy Spirit. Receive My grace and love. All of this is for you and for your family. Just believe in My Son. He is the key to Life and Truth.

What have you learned during this sickness? Did you trust in Me for healing or in your medicine?

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Keep your eyes open. Be aware of people near you. Be winsome and friendly. Be also aware of what is going on in the spirit world. I will inform you as it affects you. Your light is shining, and you are attracting bugs. Pray in the Spirit to disperse them. Pray against their influence.


No one is good. All are trapped in sin until they cry out to Me to free them and forgive them and give them a new life in Me. That was you once, but now you know the truth.

I am not done with you. Look forward. Look in the present. Look for Me to be at work around you and in you. Learn from My Spirit and give away truth and grace and love. I will remind you of what you need to know. Can you be dependent on Me?


It is My work in you that counts. I make you fruitful in My kingdom. You believe, but then I do My work. You accept Christ’s death on your behalf. You accept in faith that He is raised from the dead. You are not your old self. You are a new man, living to please Me and My Spirit working in you.


You will influence more people by being friendly and kind. Minister to strangers and those you don’t really know. This will bless them and open up their eyes to who I am. I will direct you and My Spirit will help you speak as you pray for them.


To him who lacks, open up your resources to meet his need. Be generous to bless him. Then he will give praise to God. He who gives to the poor will be repaid by the Lord. There will be joy and satisfaction. God will be glorified. Do not think of money as being yours, for I gave you the ability to earn it. All things are Mine, even your life. I have purchased you with the blood of My Son. When your life is over on earth, nothing will be yours, except what I have done in and through you. Your good deeds done in My Name will be your reward. Open your eyes and heart to the needs around you. There are many. Ask My spirit to show you what you can do. Don’t just give money, but give yourself and your time.


Seek Me with all your heart. Stop pursing empty things that don’t have real life. I want you attention. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. You will not miss anything of importance. There will be much greater joy in heaven.


Rejoice and be glad. I am with you to prosper you in what I desire for you. No one else can do what I have for you to do. When you come to listen to My voice, you are doing My will.


Listen and you will hear words of life from My lips. There is Life in My Son, even more than just eternal life. He has healing and health, peace of mind and heart, forgiveness, truth that settles anxiety, hope and optimism in My promises. Seek to do what He did, sacrificially with love, deeper than you can imagine, a love that keeps giving, generous and good, meeting more than the need.


This will pass. People are suffering in pain and physical distress. Who has faith to heal them?

My arm is not too short to do what I need to do. I will accomplish My will. In the process I will be glorified and praised. My people will see and recognize what is taking place. The time is short, so be ready. Be doing what I called you to do. The earth is Mine and I will reclaim it for My people. Do not fear for what will happen in the future, for it will be My doing.

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Watch what I do. Did My disciples go ahead of Me, or did they follow Me? They followed and were amazed at what I did and said. Once they accepted that I came from God and that His power was with Me, they wanted as much of Me as they could get. Do you seek Me like that? I am available 24/7.


Expect Me to do something unusual today and everyday in you and through you. This is who I am. I am actively involved in the world I created. As people are praying, I am responding. I am drawing people to Myself for salvation. Your loved ones are being watched over. Your prayers bring a shield for them.

It was good to hear your heart praise. Do it often and you will lift you spirit to Mine.


Who will give account for all the people over time? I know each one. I know their circumstances, what influenced them. Some might have legitimate excuses, but still they are accountable. My grace covers them all. My purposes will stand. Physical death marks the end, but does it? How does a short life on earth compare to eternity? This is My world and everything in it. Did it make a difference when I started over after the flood? What was the impact of My Son in the earth? What will the future look like when He returns to the earth?


Who will give Me counsel? Who will inform Me? Many when they pray try to tell Me what to do. Am I limited by what they pray? No, I will do what is needed and good. I hear the cries of My people. Sometimes I will wait to respond. Sometimes I will not respond the way people ask. If I did everything people ask of Me and quickly, would that increase their faith? Not really, for they would believe in a different God than who I am. I want people who are dependent on Me, who submit to Me, who live to please Me and who will do My will. Is that you?

I will help you today be the man you should be. Seek after Me. Encourage others.


Be encouraged. I will sustain you to be able to live and work in My kingdom. Your minor ailments will remain minor. Pace yourself. Take time to think about Me, to meditate on My Word and the blessings you have. This will settle your soul.


Today will not be like every other day. I will intervene. Trust Me and call upon Me to intervene. Why don’t you ask Me to help you more?


The Lord will reign forevermore. His glory He will not share. His fame and His deeds no one can match. He is above all. All will bow before Him in submission. His justice will be sure. Some will rejoice, but others will be speechless in the reality of that moment. He who knows all will decide. His grace and mercy will factor the Truth. The goodness of the Lord will prevail. No eye has seen, nor ear has heard what God has planned for His beloved.

I will judge in truth and grace. The righteous will be saved and lifted up. The evil will receive their due. Do not rejoice except in gratitude and praise to the One worthy of it all. None deserve what I have prepared for them. They will be filled with joy on that day, lasting for eternity.

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