Much could be spoken about. Only one thing is needed. Love. Who do you love? Do you love Me? Do you sense My love for you?


Walk with Me. Let Me mentor you. Let Me teach you about yourself. Let Me show you My picture of you.

Will life end? No, it will begin anew. New in My kingdom, can you imagine what that will be like? Freedom from sin for My people. Grace and love abounding. No sickness and no mental anguish or sorrow.

Most of the cares of this world were conceived by the enemy. In My world there was peace. In My world people had work to do that was satisfying and meaningful, appropriate with skills. There was no competition, only cooperation. Until sin entered.

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What will count? Just you and Me together. Once you see Me on that day, nothing else matters.

Yes, I will speak to you as often as you will listen. I will reveal great things. I will speak simple things. My Truth never runs dry. My answers and wisdom is there for My people if they would only seek after Me with all of their heart. You are not perfect, you are flawed, but so is everyone.

My Son came that they may have life. This is life – that you know Me and hear My voice and follow where I lead. I will open doors for you, doors that you might not have chosen. But the fruit will be great as you follow Me.


Come before My throne with your gifts. I receive your heart. I see and I notice. David was pot perfect, but I saw his heart.

His Psalms are popular because they contain My words of life. My Word is full of life and truth for those who are seeking Me. Don’t ever stop seeking Me. I am your Source for life.


Can you see what I see – in your world, in your heart, in the lives of other people? You can only see what is happening on the outside, the surface. If I give you wisdom and discernment, you can see below the surface. You don’t know the future. If you saw what is in your heart, you could see some good, but mostly evil. Only with My righteousness do you have any good in you. If you say yes to me and obey My Word, can good come. You experienced a glimpse of that Monday when you talked to that homeless man. You saw more than what was on the outside. My Spirit made a way for you.

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The life that I give is wonderful and great, more so for those who believe. My life for yours, your life for Mine.

I will bring people to you so you can talk about Me. Just be alert and take advantage of these opportunities and you will be blessed, and they will find Me. People are hungry for truth and answers. You have them.


Be at peace My son and friend. Live for Me today with your eyes open for opportunities to speak of Me. I am with you to make a way in the darkness, spiritual darkness.


What consists in a man’s life? Is it what he does for work? Is it the wife and family he has? Is it the things he owns? Is it the places he has traveled to? Is it the people he has influenced and helped? Is it his relationship with Me and what he has done for My kingdom? You have written about your life and it contains these elements. What will count for eternity? What will people remember about you? How will they describe you to others?

People wrote about the life of My Son. What did they record? He led others and taught them about life in My kingdom. He healed and delivered people. He showed them love and grace. He lived without the sin of man. He was empowered by My Spirit. He gave His life for all mankind, a perfect sacrifice of love and obedience. His Name is now well known. He is loved and revered. People are still following Him, trying to live like He lived.

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Be at peace. I am growing her. Can you be patient and kind? Can you love her and support her?

I will show you the way. These will be My people with needs only I can meet. You will be My instruments and helpers.


Be at peace My son for I will carry you through the rest of your life and beyond. My grace is sufficient. I have much for you to do and be. It is not about performance or sacrifice, but yielding to My Spirit and following Him.


Be patient and loving.

I have spoken to you in many ways. What do you like to hear from Me? Is it the personal relational word, that let’s you know I know? Is it the reminder of truth from My Word? Is it the hope of a better world? Is it guidance and direction?


I will reward you. Such a statement! My blessing are much more than anyone could hope for. They are priceless. My favor opens doors and blocks evil. My promises are sure and trustworthy.

Proceed with caution and prudence for his sake and yours. This is a cultural problem. Money is not the answer. Wisdom will be granted for those who ask Me.

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Eyes will be opened to the truth of the gospel. Hunger and thirst for My Word will abound. People will be desperate for My peace. They will seek after the real joy I can give them. Guilt and shame will be taken away with My forgiveness. I have much for them, but there is a cost? Will they have faith in Me to receive these things they are seeking? Will they be willing to surrender their lives to Me?

People sought My healing power then and even now. I am gracious to help them. My compassion compels Me to action. I respond to the faith I see. But I also see into their heart for faith to believe in Me for more than just healing. Will their testimony stir up the faith of someone else who will turn to Me?

Some people just got a little bread and fish, and they were satisfied for a short time. I didn’t meet those kind of needs, because it brought shallow faith. It was symbolic for those who were seeking. Basic needs can be met, but it only leads to fleshly desires for more. The rich and satisfied man does not seek after a savior, except to ease his conscience. He wants to say I believe in this, but he only trusts in himself and his money. Pride deceives and keeps a man from receiving.


I will bless you and keep you. My eye is upon you.

If I spoke to you one way, could you understand Me? I think you understand how much of a gift it is to hear My voice as much as you do. Not as much perhaps as a prophet, but as one who has trained his ear to hear and accept the words in faith. You has to learn how to spend time with Me in listening. Even now you must make the effort to listen. My words contain life and health to you.

There is truth in what he wrote about, but not everyone is bound by these issues. Live before Me in repentance and in My righteousness and you will overcome the works of the enemy. Pray and intercede for the lost and those who are struggling. Fight the spiritual battles to set them free.


What is the answer to all of this? Eventually truth and history will catch up, but few will understand or take notice. Real Truth is found in Me, and for those who find Me, they find freedom. Sinners will sin, and continue to sin until the price is paid, without remedy. I gave people choices to make, and some will learn that I am the way. You have found that truth. Nothing else really matters. Nothing else changes eternity.

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Pray and intercede for your pastors and leaders. Speak life into them and anointing and truth from Me. Defend them against the lies of the enemy.


O the depths of My love for you! It came to the cross for you. It endured humiliation and shame for you. It carried your sin. Can you love like this? Can you love your family like this? Your friends and those in My body like this? Can you subdue your emotions of anger and hurt, and begin to love to bring healing and forgiveness? To love Me is to obey Me, to love one another as I have loved you.


There will come a day when people will seek after Me. They will be hungry for My Word. You will spend hours in My presence, just as Joshua stayed in the tent to be with Me. When memories will fade, My Spirit will teach.

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What is happening is all normal as My churches grow and mature. It takes adjustment and support, in prayer and in physical activity. Some may leave, but many more will come to bring growth and to reach new people and families. Don’t be discouraged, but patient. Pruning back makes scars, but new growth in abundance produces fruit.


Open your heart for more of Me, more of My Spirit. Why were you disturbed to see an outpouring of My Spirit in prophecy? Are you skeptical about what might happen in your country? When you hear of revival, you don’t believe it? The events in Revelation when they are played out will bring much confusion. The devil will stir up his people to lie and deceive. He will blame My people and cause division in the church as never before. My ways will be challenged and mocked. I needed to put your leader on the sidelines, for he was getting too much attention and focus. Now what is happening is fully exposed. People will be shocked to learn what happened. People are being deceived about how far the enemy is taking your leaders. He doesn’t know restraint. He knows his time is short. It is not about your country. Soon the focus will return to My country. Find out who your leaders are and begin to pray for them. They need spiritual covering.


There will come a time when men will choose those they will listen to, those who speak what they want to hear. Even now people have chosen sides politically, because their side favors them. Will people pick sides between Me and other so called gods? Yes, they will as they have done throughout history. Even those who were called My people, turned aside to follow other gods. They forsook their first love. They chose gods who demanded less of them and promised more to their flesh.  The end is nearer now, but much still must happen. Be patient and expect more to abandon truth and sanity.

I will reward those who remain faithful to Me. I will help them bear much fruit. Some people will take notice, and turn from their evil ways. It will not be the material blessing they will see, but the inner peace and joy, which cannot be purchased with money. This is what people seek after. It will be the love for one another that will attract people.


Everything within will be disclosed to Me and to the world. You are what is in the inner person, what has taken time to form. It is not constant, for I can change it with My Spirit and so can you with My Word as you determine to obey Me. Guard over your heart. Give it to Me.

Have I spoken to you about all things? Yes and no. What I have is more than you can understand. So I will give you what you need, when you need it. My Truth is forever. My knowledge is unlimited. My wisdom is for the asking. Freely receive, freely give away.

I will come when no one is expecting. Are you ready? Will you be doing what I asked of you? Can you be refreshed in My presence?

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I am with you. Is that enough? That is why I revealed Myself to you. Even if nothing more happens in your life, this should be sufficient. But I do have more for you, so keep close.


Things will be worse than now, so much so that leaders will despair. Money will not be the solution. Markets will be strained as trading partners are at odds over issues. More unsolvable issues will arise. New disease. Chaos in the streets of cities. Immorality and lawlessness will abound. People will fear leaving their homes. Yet My people will shine. I will give special grace to My people. People will cry out to Me.

My love will be poured out through My people. I will draw hurting people to Me and they will respond. Lives will be changed. Still destruction and hardship will abound as evil spreads.


What a joy to know the living God. Does this apply to You? It takes faith to believe in Me. I honor those who believe in My Son and who follow Him. Come and experience My Presence.

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There will come a time when many will need help to do basic things. But I will be with them. I will be with you as long as there is time. My loving kindness and mercy never end for those who call upon Me. Just ask for help. Just remind Me of My Word. Just think about who I AM.


You know that I am watching over you. You trust Me for your future, for your family. Sometimes hardship comes, but we get through those times together. Sometimes a time of preparation can be more valuable than the application of what you prepared for. Especially when it involves Me helping you. Fruit sometimes comes from within rather than in others. Besides what you gained from Me will eventually be given away to others.


Go and make disciples, people who will follow Me and believe in Me and obey Me. Help them to be fruitful, living changed lives, growing, trusting, maturing, to avoid the snares of the enemy – persecution, worry of the world, deceitfulness of wealth, desires for other things. He will try to make them unfruitful, within themselves and for others. Some followed Me for what they could get, not to become like Me.

I will instruct you in the way you should go.

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There is a spiritual battle for the souls of men, and it must be fought with spiritual weapons and power. I have overcome the enemy and his forces, so use My Name to take back what he has stolen. Rescue the lost and dying in their sins. Set them free to see with their eyes: life and hope. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I came to destroy the works of the enemy and to set the captive free. I have freedom in My ways and truth. Keep your focus on Me and do not be deceived by the world. It is corrupt and full of death. There is no life there. Only sin and destruction.  It is full of lies and deception. It promises but it lies. Many are snared in its traps. Break off the chains and blinders. Pray and intercede. Rescue the lost with your prayers. Show them the way. I am the way. I have healing in My wings and protection. Those who turn to Me are safe.


There is a reward for those who follow Me, and who do what I command. There is peace. People asked, what is the greatest commandment, and the answer is to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength. Is that easy to do?

I am revealing what I am calling you to do. I will give you wisdom and revelation. Each man is being prepared and so must you. Pray now for them, even though you don’t know who they are. Give them a hunger for more of Me and less of themselves. I want that for all of My people.


I think you are enjoying now what I have spoken to you in the past. My words are life and Spirit to the seeker, the hungry, the beloved. I will always welcome you into My Presence. I long for My people. I wait patiently.


Pay attention and follow Me. I will deliver you. I will set you free. You will gain wisdom as you read what I have revealed to you. Much is given and much is required. A growing heart is a heart transformed by My Spirit. Enlarge your heart to love those around you. It will be good for you and for them.

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