I will give wisdom to you, just ask. Look for Me in what you do today. Bring Me into your conversations. Pray in the Spirit over the darkness.


My ways are higher. You have access now and men need to hear what you say. Listen to My Spirit and lead them to Me. You will be blessed and so will they. I will be glorified in that place.

Those who lay down their lives, I will take up and bring glory to My Name. It is not about you, but My Son. He has done it all for all who believe.


You have an inheritance in Me. You are one of My sons through your faith in My Son Jesus. Live for Me in My family. Be an heir to the kingdom of God. Surrender all that you have to Me, and you will receive much more in My world. This is the promise for all My people, not just you. You must believe this in faith and live like it is reality.

This world is fading away rapidly. It will be replaced by My Kingdom and rule. I will make all things new. Take each day as a new opportunity to discover who I AM. My Word will teach you. My people will teach you. My Spirit will guide you. I love you. I will never leave you nor forsake you. You are Mine.


My Word is true and reliable. Mark wrote first quickly to get the message out. Others had less pressure.

Knowledge is helpful. Wisdom is better. Revelation is special. I am the Lord of all.

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You will help open things up in the jail. Bring Me inside so that men can see and hear from Me. Bring Me wherever you go so that people can see and hear from Me. My Spirit is within you to help you.


Are you happy? Is that a question to ask a person? What is happiness? How temporary can it be? Then there is My joy. And peace! These are priceless for they settle into the soul of man. How about contentment? Is that learned as a choice to make? What is the sense of doing My will and seeing the results in others? Is that satisfying to the soul? Is that like food consumed to satisfy hunger? What about wisdom and understanding gained through the reading of My Word? My truth is timeless and sensible.

What is grace and mercy and love? These are from Me to a world of sin, softening the hard heart of unbelief and lies from the enemy. I have overcome on the cross. These were gained at a price. These are offered freely. Can you live like Me? Can you put to death your sin nature and take on My nature? O what a reward for that man! Receive My gift and make it yours.


Do not be dismayed. You are weak, but I am strong. You can still hear the voice of My Spirit. Is that enough?

I am working on your behalf. Rest in My provision.


From this encounter, will come new perspective and truth. Not new truth, for truth is limeless, but new revelation of My truth. You will be amazed at how simple it all is. I will make all things new. New without the stain of sin and corruption.

Listen today for My Spirit. Engage Him and He will bring His gifts for you.

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Can you just sit with Me? Can I ask you hard questions?


Be patient, be loving, take the time to encourage and notice. Anything of value takes time to make. Relationships take time and attention, both initially and ongoing. The more you invest, the better the return. Spending time with Me is very rewarding. I will reveal truths for what you need. And wisdom. I gave the ten commandments to a man who waited in My presence 40 days. He fasted and I sustained him. Could you seek Me in that way?

7-18-21 You will help open things up in the jail. Bring Me inside so that men can see and hear from Me. Bring Me wherever you go so that people can see and hear from Me. My Spirit is within you to help you.

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The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness therein. If He owns the earth, does He own you as well? He owns you as much as you submit to Him. Did He purchase you with His blood? Do you believe in Him?


What is in your heart? Do you want to know what I see? Do you have love for others? For the lost? You have sent out more of what you have written. Are you looking for recognition? You are praying for others. What motivates you to pray? Do you have faith when you pray? You pray in tongues, and you seem to have faith in this, and rightly so. I know what is best. I can turn your feeble prayers into live changing results. Can you pray for the inmates? Will you linger over their names and their requests, interceding for them?


Yes, pray more for the lost people you know. Your prayers will rescue them as My Spirit moves upon them in holiness.


What is lost, will be gained. You cannot out give Me in anything. When you give in faith because of Me, I will bless you beyond your expectations. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You can’t see Me, yet you believe in Me. You believe in the promises of My Word. You believe in the Truth found in My Word. All this is good.

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I am busy helping medical researchers find cures. I inspire and encourage, especially those who believe in Me. I hate sickness and disease. It grieved My Son to see so many needy people coming to Him for healing. Even today people are seeking healing, and I am responding. The curse of Adam brought death and the enemy is using this to destroy people. I came to bring life. Pray for the sick on your list with My compassion. I am healer. I am Lord over life. When I come again, I will do away with sickness and the curse of sin. Death will be delayed.


Do not be surprised with what sin brings in a person. Focus on what I have done and what I am doing. Seek My kingdom first and in living righteously before men and before Me. I see the heart both now and in the future. When you look at a person, be praying for them.


Prepare for the harvest. Put aside everything else, but to lead people to Me for salvation. Gather them up and teach them My ways and truths. They will be hungry. They will be needy. Rejoice and be glad for that day. I will pour out My Spirit in fresh ways bringing conviction and release from bondage. Share what you have.

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It matters to Me. Character, attitude, obedience, what is within a man – these things matter to Me. I can see into your heart. I look for faith in Me and what is within My Word. I look for submission to My lordship and ways. I can use this person for My glory to further My kingdom on earth. I know who prays, really prays in faith and expectation. Sometimes your praying is more important than what you do in deeds. For when you pray, I can work to do what you cannot do.


Where is your trust? Do you have faith in Me for the answer that will come? Speak truth from My Word. I will show you. I will take care of you.


Can you pray for him to break off his chains? You are acting like a natural man and not as one who is spiritual with access to My power.


I can make all things new. I transform, I conform, I create, I make new. It’s more than just painting the surface. You can pretend, but what is on the inside is what will come out. I change the inside. I can do this for you. I can do this for others. Just ask Me. Ask Me to do My will in you, then watch what I will do.

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I am training you for more than what you are doing now. You must say no to the things of this world for they will distract you. Be content with what you have. Do not compare yourself to others, especially those within My body with spiritual gifts that you don’t have. Who is the Giver? Who is the Lord of all? My disciples were jealous of one another before I was risen. They didn’t understand. But I knew what was in their hearts and what My spirit would do to transform them. I know what is in your heart as well. I see something of value for My Kingdom and people searching for Me.  


A day of new beginnings. Will it be better if we start over? After the flood, we started over with only a few people. I made people disperse at the tower of Babel. In many ways I started over at Pentecost with My new band of believers, with their sins forgiven and their hearts renewed by My Spirit, empowered to do what was very difficult before He came. I started over in various places with revivals and fresh outpourings as My people prayed and sought after Me. Daily, I start over in lives, desperate and hopeful of a better life, turning to Me for the forgiveness of their sins as they put their faith in My Son. I like new beginnings. I like it when people believe in Me and seek My face, and repent, and turn from their wicked ways, empowered by My Spirit. You can’t do this life apart from Me.

Did I leave out the Jewish people, the nation of priests following their father, Abraham? I revealed Myself to them and set them apart. But they quickly grumbled and rebelled from My commands. Still I loved them, and brought them back several times. They stand as a witness and testimony to who I AM. Not a very good witness, but enough to provoke the enemy. Now My people are My witnesses, all over the world, bringing life and peace and joy. Are you, My witness?

I will come again, and we will have another new beginning. This one will be glorious and life giving. He won’t be constrained in a man’s body. He will rule with righteousness and justice. You will reign with Him as will My people, redeemed from the curse of sin, and free of the influence of the tempter. I like new beginnings. Who knows what eternity will bring?


Will you accept My outcome? What is important? My will or yours? This day choose who you will serve. My ways are best. I can redeem situations and people, but it better to avoid sin and any for of rebellion.

What will it take for revival to happen? Much more than you have or that you can do. Can you pray? Yes, and that will help. What will you pray for? Can you pray without being noticed? Can you pray just to Me? Can I revive you?

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People are suffering. Are you praying? People are lost and dying? Are you praying? My heart grieves over those who don’t know My love and grace and mercy. Yes, a few are openly rejecting My offer of salvation, but most don’t know enough to make a choice. The enemy has deceived them and blinded them in their ignorance.

Does it disturb you that people are dying without Me? You have the knowledge that will lead them to Me. You know who I am and how I love them. Make them aware of the choice they must make. I have new life for them. I have blessings for them.


My ways are not your ways. Do not be alarmed at what is happening in your government. Sinful men inspired by demons are at work. I will be glorified. Keep praying. My power is greater. My influence is greater. I can change hearts. Call upon Me and see what I will do.


My ways are best. My thoughts are on you. Tap into the power and knowledge of My Spirit. Listen for Him. Keep your focus on Me and not on what is happening in your world.

The more you focus on Me, the less important the things of this world will be to you. I am all you need.


You will know. As you give yourself to Me, more of who I am and My will for you will become clearer. It is not to bring you glory or position. My gifts are all that you need. Live for Me and I will live in you

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You are learning to love, to show love for others in normal ways. Build up and encourage the weak. You are witnessing the products of sinful man, as personal information is stolen and sold to computer thieves for their misuse. You are seeing the importance of prayer within the body of Christ. Fellowship is deeper than light conversation over a snack. It is relationships built over time with common experiences, sharing lives, praying, supporting, just living life. My disciples learned more from Me by being with Me and seeing what I did to help others and teach and live before them a righteous life empowered by the Spirit. You get a glimpse of that in the gospel stories.


My ways are best. Those in the world will experiment with different ideas. They think that something will work, and it may. But they do not know what will happen in the future. I do.

People are looking to you for answers. Do you have them? You have your experiences. You have some knowledge. You have Me to turn to for help. You will pray. I will respond.

True wisdom is from Me. How did I know to make all the important parameters of how your world fits in the universe I created? How did I know how to make your body? How did I know the remedy for your sins? I give life and not death. I am life forevermore. My ways are best. 


What makes sense to you? Is that your criteria? Where does faith come into your thinking and decisions? Can you obey when it doesn’t make sense? Did it make sense for Abram to travel to an unknown place? Or to offer his son of promise? Your faith may never be enough, but My grace is.

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Be at peace. Keep seeking Me for answers and direction.

It is a very large task to review and sort through what I spoken to you. But this must be done for the sake of others, so they can hear from Me through you. It will not be perfect. Only a few who are really seeking Me will take the effort to read these words. For some the answer is for them to hear from Me directly. This will give them a hunger and hope to do this for themselves.

These words have shaped your view of who I am, and what I expect of My people. They have allowed Me to shape you to be more like Me.


I am holding everything together with such precision that you could never understand. O there are variables and allowances and room for differences. I have given you free will to choose Me, and to make life choices, which will impact your life and others who interact with you. It is not a game, but very serious with outcomes that can’t be changed, except by My grace and mercy and love. I am moved by prayer. I am moved by faith. I am moved by a humble, contrite, submitted heart. Come into My Presence and be changed.

Your fruit is unique, yet much like others who are submitted to Me. I will bring forth the fruit in you that brings glory to the Father. Just like a Master Gardener prunes and tends after his plants, I am at work in you. Your fruit is the people you influence and help by My Spirit.


Can I speak? Will you listen and take heed to My words? There is a price to pay for the relationship I desire for you. The price is time, time spent with Me, even If I am not speaking. It can be also time spent reading and mediating in My Word. I can speak to you through those ancient words, brought to life by My Spirit.

I will direct your steps. Be patient and look to Me.


Keep praying. Don’t lose sight of its importance. Lives are being rescued by your prayers.

I have given you these words to help you. They have inspired you. You know what it is like to be with Me.


Be at peace. I am here waiting. I long for My people to seek after Me, just to be with Me, and not for an experience.


I will teach you about many things. The most important is to love Me and to love like I love you. I will give you the grace to do this. You make the effort, and I will magnify what you can do with My power.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but it leads to destruction for it is not of Me. That man has chosen his life and he is blind to how retched it is just to be independent, His stubbornness is his downfall. His heart is hard, though he appears to be happy. How I cry out to people like him. That is the way of many on the streets, rebelling against what is normal, lazy, perhaps hurt and abused in the past. Pray for them. Show them kindness as I lead you to do so. Recognize them as a person.

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