Received 8-21-18

Be at peace. Live for Me and not for yourself. My victory will sustain you.


Received 8-22-18

Life will go on whether you are with Me or not. How empty is life without Me! People need to hear the Truth about Me. A man’s ways are before Me. You cannot hide even one thought from Me. Each person is created for a purpose, a destiny, an opportunity to know Me and live for Me. My Spirit is at work, His work to draw all men to Me. There is a hunger and thirst that can only be met in Me.


Received 8-23-18

When the sun comes up a new day begins. A cycle of life happens for all that live on the earth. Can you answer the questions I posed to My servant Job? As much as man tries to know and understand aspects of My creation, they will only know what I reveal to them. This is My world and soon I will make it all new. My Spirit is guiding you. Trust Me to do what I desire in you and those you influence. Offer and bring to Me your praise and thanksgiving.


Received 8-24-18

My ways are best, though you may not see it at the beginning or during the process. Do you want to please Me, your Creator and Savior? Do I know more than you? Be fruitful and multiply. Do greater works than these. Give and receive of Me. You have in you what people need – a restored relationship with the living Savior. Share freely. Live purposely and intentionally. Follow My Spirit and seek His Wisdom.


Received 8-25-18

People are flawed. They need a Savior. Be at peace, My peace. I am the good Shepherd. I lay down My life for My sheep.


Received 8-26-18

What is your attitude? When you go through a storm I will be there with you. There is a season for everything.


Received 8-27-18

Time will tell if what you are doing is fruitful. You are speaking life into men for Me. They are hearing and watching. What is left to do, but to pray and intercede for them. Prayer can cover many errors as My grace is empowered.

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Received 8-12-18

Make a way in the darkness. Do men need help and encouragement? Yes, so lift them up in prayer.


Received 8-13-18

All things work together for good when I am involved, for I am good, and My mercies endure forever. I define what is good. For those who love Me, they recognize a greater good can come out of hardship and pain, even death, death on a cross. The men you see are experiencing My grace and patience and love to have them withheld and restrained from evil, with plenty of time to repent and reflect. I give everyone a choice to freely make, but I make it clear to them that My ways are better. Still some have been deceived and their hearts are hardened to the truth. Their pride and rebellious heart keep them bound to evil. You see some men who are trying to cover all of the bases, dabbling with anything they perceive might help them get out of their mess, but I am who I AM and I do not change. I see the heart. Ask Me for wisdom and insight about those you see. This is My business.


Received 8-14-18

Watch and pray. How long and consistently will you pray for someone or something?


Received 8-15-18

When you walk through a storm, I AM there. Protection, provision, instruction, knowledge, wisdom, guidance, favor, anointing, healing, deliverance – these things I give to My people for the asking and for those who are doing My will. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.


Received 8-16-18

Be a man, a godly man, a righteous honorable man. Yield your mind, body, soul and spirit to Me. Submit your thoughts to Me.


Received 8-17-18

Be at peace. Work to expand My kingdom, one person at a time. We are soldiers. Keep wearing your armor and be ready for the attacks of the enemy.


Received 8-18-18

When will you listen? Don’t entertain the voices of this fallen world or of the enemy. Seek wisdom and guidance from Me and My Spirit.


Received 8-19-18

I am worthy to be praised. Bow your knee to Me in submission and honor. The way forward is known only by Me. The future is bright as I will reign in glory and power.


Received 8-20-18

Broad is the way that leads to destruction. Many are on this path. They are choosing the easy way, the selfish way. In spite of the pits and traps along this way, the still plod on, not realizing that it will cost them their lives. The road pitches downward until they fall into the very pits of hell. Rescue as many as you can. Help them think about their fate. Encourage those who are choosing the narrow way that leads to life. Affirm their decision. Remind them of My great love for them.

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Received 8-3-18

My love is stronger than evil. It overcomes evil. Love as I loved you. Give freely just as I have freely given you.


Received 8-4-18

When you walk through a storm I will be there with you. I am with you in all that you do. Be a listener of My Spirit. Be a friend.


Received 8-5-18

Love your wife in an understanding way. Praise her for her goodness. She is your most important person.


Received 8-6-18

Joy comes in the morning. Troubles fade away when your faith says, “God is helping me.” My love for you grows as you trust in Me. Actually, My love is constant, but your knowledge and confidence in My love grows as you seek Me. It is no small thing to sacrifice to the discipline of prayer and reading My Word. That is where transformation of thoughts and attitudes occur.


Received 8-7-18

What will history record about you? What trace of news will be carried on? What words will describe your life? Who will remember? Who will miss you and mourn over your loss? What will last is what I have done in you and accomplished through you. Come into My presence often and be refreshed. There is no one who knows you more.


Received 8-8-18

Watch and pray for those you love. Give of yourself. Be unselfish and otherly.


Received 8-9-18

Rescue those who live in darkness. Separate yourself from sin in thoughts words and deeds. Live by My Spirit – in His direction and in His power.


Received 8-10-18

When you are with Me I will reveal Myself to you in new ways. The days are few, so use them wisely. Count the cost if you must, but continue to follow Me. There is no cost greater than what My Son paid.


Received 8-11-18

Come to the fountain of living water. Drink deeply and be satisfied. Refresh your soul. Satisfy the longing of your heart. Rest in green pastures. Take My yoke upon you, for My burden is light. It is light for the man who trusts and relies in Me to perform what he cannot do.

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Received 7-28-18

In all things give thanks and praise. Remain in My love. Seek after Me in a similar way as you did at the beginning.


Received 7-29-18

Trust Me and be blessed. Spread words of love and kindness. I have made a way for you, an opportunity to heal.


Received 7-30-18

Walk with Me into a new area for you. I will open new doors for you. Trust Me. Make yourself available. Prepare your heart.


Received 7-31-18

I am coming soon. Be ready. Watch and pray often. Intercede for the lost, the sinners, the self-righteous. Be ready in season and out of season. The world will grow dark. Confusion and deception and lies will multiply, not just in the political area, but in every aspect of life. A man of integrity will stand out. He will be mocked.


Received 8-1-18

Wait and see the glory of the Lord. Lift up your voices in praise. My work on earth is not done. As long as there is life, I am at work to bring salvation, healing and deliverance.



Watch and pray. Grow in grace and understanding. Love and be loved by Me and by others.

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Received 7-19-18

Be at peace. You are realizing the impact of living loosely with your mind and eyes. You are in part what you allow into your thoughts. If you put in My Word, if you praise Me with your lips, if you think about good and pure things, then you will naturally draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. I will be your Companion, your Friend, your Instructor, your God. Do you want this? I want it for you.


Received 7-20-18

My heart is in Your hands. My life is in Christ. I am loved by My Father. I am overwhelmed by Your Spirit. How wonderful is it to be loved by the One who made me and guides my life!

I am pleased with your statements. Now go and do what I command you to do. Give freely of yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others, nor expect them to be like you.


Received 7-21-18

Sin is sin, but My grace can bring forgiveness and healing. My love compels Me into going after even the hardest of hearts.


Received 7-22-18

I will make a way for your family. Trust Me and give Me praise. Believe My Word and all that I have revealed to you about My love for you.


Received 7-23-18

My time is near for you. Pay attention and listen to My Spirit. Pray in the Spirit often. Allow Me to fill your mind with My thoughts. Love Me, live for Me, seek after Me.


Received 7-24-18

Welcome to the real world, the visible world. But know that there is a spiritual world as well and it is very active, more so as the days near the end. Evil tempts and the flesh responds. Be a beacon of light. You are with my Spirit within you, but you can intensify the light by pressing in toward Me. Praise is like cranking the charger.


Received 7-25-18

Finding peace with God is found when the guilt of sin is removed through forgiveness, repentance, faith in what My Son did on the cross as a sacrifice of immense value and the substitution of His righteousness for your sinfulness. There is no point in praying to Me if you don’t believe that I exist. I will reward those who seek after Me in any fashion. The more they seek, the more I will reveal Myself to them. Who am I to you?


Received 7-26-18

I believe in You. You are my God and Savior. My life is in Your hands. My future is in Your hands.


Received 7-27-18

There is much to do. People are dying spiritually, feeding their flesh, managing their pain, pretending that I don’t see or care. They are deceived by the enemy about religion. You must be different as a follower. Feed your spirit with My Word. Guard your mind to control what goes in and what you think about. Guard your heart to remain faithful to Me, not toying with other gods. Blessed are the pure in heart for the shall see Me. I am a jealous God.

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Received 7-9-18

Come to Me all who labor and you will find rest for your soul. Don’t carry your burdens alone. Let Me help you. Join with Me in doing what I desire.


Received 7-10-18

Live for Me and not for yourself. Be available and ready when I call upon you. Just keep presenting My truth and My Word. Some hearts are hard, some are tender.


Received 7-11-18

All things are possible for them who believe. In My Name there is victory over all kinds of diseases and oppression. Every knee shall bow before Me.


Received 7-12-18

The heart that yields to Me will prosper in all that he does. My hand will guide him.


Received 7-13-18

I will guide you into all truth. Just keep asking Me. You are not special. Anyone who seeks after Me can receive this truth for the asking. If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask of Me. There is nothing I don’t know about. Daniel asked Me for what seemed impossible. He recognized and believed that I knew. He gave Me credit for the answer, even saying that it was Me who was directing these unbelieving kings. I direct rulers to accomplish My purposes. Both good and bad. Most people rush into decisions in their flesh, pleasing their flesh, ignoring My counsel. The wise seek Me. Have patience, for nothing is impossible with Me. Deadlines may come and go. Abraham trusted Me for what I could do after Isaac’s death.


Received 7-14-18

I will call you. I will ask you to do what I want. Pruning brings more fruit. Learn how to live in righteousness and holiness. How did I live? Guard your mind and only allow My thoughts to enter.


Received 7-15-18

The heavens declare the glory of God. It is for kings to search it out. Man is made in My likeness. In My world man is doing My will perfectly: seeking after Me, desiring to know Me, obeying My Word and commands with joy and love. As long as you have breath, keep seeking Me.


Received 7-16-18

I am teaching you. Teach others as well. Engage men, confront men, expose the lies of the enemy.


Received 7-17-18

What will get your attention? If I speak, will you listen and obey? Are you too set in your routine to change? How clear must My call to you be? How many confirmations will it take to convince you? Will you step out in faith doing what I ask, exploring, seeking, looking for fruit? If you take My yoke upon you, you will merely go where I am leading you, pulling the weight I have assigned you.


Received 7-18-18

Life can be hard. Because of sin life can be unfair. I will bless those who seek after Me in faith. Do not give up, but call upon Me. Together we can do great and wonderful things.

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Received 7-1-18

Decisions are important. Let Me choose for you. Choose to be different than those in the world. You are not in the world for you are in My kingdom. Every time you can say no to the world you are saying yes too My rule. Satan will lose his power and control over you. I have defeated him and all his minions. Do not be conformed to any part of sin and rebellion.


Received 7-2-18

Time will go forward, but there will be a time when time ends, where no one keeps time. Creation anxiously awaits its completion. I see the end from the beginning. I am satisfied. My purposes will stand. You will stand on that day – before Me among your brothers and sisters. You are bringing the truth into confused lives.


Received 7-3-18

In all things give thanks and praise. In all things may God be glorified. May He receive the glory that He is due and is deserving. If I glory in myself, I am puffed up in pride and I take away what is rightly due Him. He is a jealous God. He made us, He gave us gifts and talents, He supplies all that we need – what is there for us to claim as our own? Receive His grace and give Him the glory due His Name.


Received 7-4-18

Sinners will sin, but I died for each and every one. I am not shocked by sin. Sin and more sin leads to slavery to sin and oppression. Sinners can believe in Me and accept Me. Such as were all who believed. My grace will cover them. If they will confess and repent in brokenness, My Spirit can transform the hardened heart. Awake O sleeper! Come out into the light of day. Prepare your heart to meet our Maker. Time is running out.


Received 7-5-18

Peace and safety will be the cry, though it will be a lie from the enemy deceiving those who are in his grip. You can imagine how easy it will be for that message to be spread. People listen for what they want to hear. They don’t want to be confronted with their sin. They don’t want to repent and give up their sinful ways. They don’t want to hear about a time of judgment. The time is short. Pray for the lost and dying around you. Be bold and courageous.


Received 7-6-18

The time to be comfortable is past. Bring out your treasury articles of gold, silver and precious stones. Place them on My altar. What do these things represent to you? Do they have value? Yes. Why? Because man says so, or because I say so? Let Me consecrate them for greater value as I use them for My kingdom.


Received 7-7-18

I am with you. Hold on to Me. Call upon Me. Just as was with My people in times past, I will be with you. I will be with you as much as you need Me. Are these things yours? If so, why are you doing them? If they are Mine, then why are you concerned?


Received 7-8-18

My way will lead you into greater revelation of truth and purpose. Cover yourself with praise and thanksgiving. Study My Word.

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