Make a way for Me to direct your steps, to accept new challenges and ideas, as you follow Me. It might be to do less, so that you can spend more time with Me and your family.


I will direct you, but you need to spend time with Me, enough time to sense My Presence. You can hear My words, but can you know that I am with you. When you are able to sense Me in our quiet time together, then you will be able to sense Me with you during the day with others around. This will be a combination of hearing My voice, but also reading and meditating on My Word. It will be rereading what I have already spoken to you in the past. I have revealed much to you. So much that you should know a little of My heart and ways. My disciples saw Me in My Son. Moses had My grace to be with Me in extended times. So I will grant you My grace to do so.


Welcome. Come into the throne room where I reside. Do not be afraid, My Son has covered you with His righteousness. Everything you need is here. Do you need My grace? It is here. Do you need healing? It is here. When you pray, your prayers come here. Imagine them coming here, not by any other person, but your prayer is heard here. Even when you pray for others, it is heard by Me here. Sometimes I look to see if you believe for what you are asking. Mostly I look to see if you believe in Me. I respond to My people. They are dear to Me. You are dear to Me. You are seated with My Son. He has purchased you by His blood. He loves you too. I hear Him praying for you. I am pleased when I think of you. Are you getting comfortable here in My Presence? I have what you need. I am what you need, what you were created for.


Come before Me with humility and reverence, with praise and thanks. Come and find rest for your soul. Do you need an assignment? Can you just sit with Me? I have life for you, not just for your time on earth as a human, but as a spiritual man before Me.


Wait for the dawn. Is there significance in the sunrise? Each day is a new beginning in the cycle of life. Don’t ignore each day’s rhythm. Celebrate and rejoice. Live with purpose, yet rest in Me. Spend each day in harmony with My Word following My example.


Don’t worry about tomorrow or anything in the future. I am with you to take of those things. Pray and release your concerns to Me. I am taking care of your health. I am working to bring your prodigals home to be with Me. I am taking care of your world and any situation that you may face. Nothing escapes My attention. Listen for My Spirit to guide you. He knows My heart and plans for you. Just praise Me and all fear will leave. Remember that you can come to Me anytime.

You read about the promises I gave My friend Abraham. I had big plans for him. So big that he could never do them in his own strength. He learned to trust Me. Can I reveal the plans that I have for you? Be My witness. Share your testimony of all that I have done for you. People will listen and take to heart what you say, for you are showing your good character as one who follows Me. I will magnify your words to bring the results I desire. Love others with the love that I will give you for them. I will open doors for you.

You will be amazed at what I will reveal to you as you seek Me earnestly and often. Just a little quiet and focus is all that I need to get your attention. You may not understand what I will reveal, so ask Me questions. I have life, and I want many to share in it with Me. Pray for them to receive and believe in Me. They need an intercessor, one who will pray for them, even on your block and in your world.


Widen the pathway so that many can come to Me. Yes, the path is narrow that leads to life and few find it. But I will do a new thing with My grace drawing many. The path will start wide, but then narrow as they follow Me. Your prayers will be needed to make this happen. Pray for witnesses and harvesters. Pray and be. Be willing to be the answer to your prayers. I will give you the grace to do this.

I am not a God far away, I am near. I am with you. This is no small thing.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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