Stand and believe. Take a stand so that people will see that you are for Me. Believe My Word and have faith in My Name. You will opportunities to stand for Me. Be consistent and faithful. People will take notice. Proclaim the gospel with grace, but with boldness and confidence.


I am always here. Praise will always release My power. Praise will turn bad things into good, as you give them over to Me. Ask Me for wisdom.

Nothing will satisfy you, except to be doing what I have called you to do.


I will guide you. You have My heart. Help them learn from Me.


A new day is coming. Can you respond to what the Spirit is saying? He is leading a revival in the hearts of My people that will draw many to Me. Depravity and lawlessness will continue, but those who are hungry and thirsty will be seeking Me. Are you seeking Me? Are you looking to Me for answers and direction? You should.


Grace and peace to you in the name of My Son, Jesus. What a blessing. What a gift of love. Be filled with My Spirit. Only I can satisfy your soul, but do I ever bring you life!

Nothing will matter, except to follow Me. This will be your way through the darkness. My light in you will shine the way for you and for others. As I lead you, be the leader for others. Speak the truth.


You are in Christ, so live like Him in humility and with authority, seeking to do My will in everything you do, fully pleasing to Me, so that in everything and in every way, I will be glorified. That’s a tall order, but I will give you the grace you need to do this, if you submit to Me. Yes, study what He did for you, and what He is doing for you now.


You will see Me at work today. Pray for those at the jail – inmates, correction officers, other staff. These are the people you are serving. I am the One you are serving, Bring Me glory in what you do. Be My representative.


Be afraid of no one when My Spirit is upon you. Don’t take risks, but be aware of His presence around you. He brings His anointing. You come in My authority as you do My will.


I care about you. I died for you. I suffered for you. I delivered you. I healed you. I saved you. I am the Way to the Father for you. Whatever you need, I am there for you. I gave you My Spirit.

I have much more for you. Just ask.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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