Rejoice and be thankful. See what blessings I have given you. How many prayers have I answered? Beyond those, have I not given you many things and done wonderful things for you? Yes, I care for My people. I love them more than you can know, even with their faults. My Son died for them, a very painful death. You have an inheritance of eternal life in My Presence with others who love Me and believe in Me. That is a priceless gift.


Where are My people? Are they seeking Me? Are they crying out over the evil they see? Only I can solve what is going on, but people would rather trust in other people or in themselves. It is good to trust in Me. Why are you storing food? I will take care of you and My people. Lost souls are more important than food.

What is a life, except an opportunity to bring Me glory as his Maker. For some it is quite short and perhaps full of trouble. For others it is long. Who can know? I do.


I am with you to prosper you in the things of the Kingdom. Pray more for others. Allow My Spirit to guide you and instruct you how to pray. Yes, you can pray in tongues, but you can pray in English. Learn from Me as you read My Word. Ask Me questions.


Come let us examine what is going on in your life. Open up your heart and let Me see who is your lord. Am I Lord? Examine this yourself. In what are you trusting? I see and I know. I have been weaning you of constantly focusing on your investments. I have taken away your desire to know the news to see if your party and ideas are being truthfully told. But you still look. You still listen. You are recognizing the empty promises that are made. I am determining who is your leaders. I give you what you want as a people, just like I allowed Israel to wander from Me. It is not the truth of this world that sets you free, but My Truth. I am your Rock. Pray for My will to be done.


This is just the beginning. I am at work reaping the harvest. People are hungry for a life that is real. I can make that happen for them, if they yield to Me in faith.

You helped him turn his focus to Me. He is learning if slowly. Keep mentioning him before Me, just as you lifting up other people. Everyone needs the prayer of others. This is the way it should be.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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