Keep your eyes open. Be aware of people near you. Be winsome and friendly. Be also aware of what is going on in the spirit world. I will inform you as it affects you. Your light is shining, and you are attracting bugs. Pray in the Spirit to disperse them. Pray against their influence.


No one is good. All are trapped in sin until they cry out to Me to free them and forgive them and give them a new life in Me. That was you once, but now you know the truth.

I am not done with you. Look forward. Look in the present. Look for Me to be at work around you and in you. Learn from My Spirit and give away truth and grace and love. I will remind you of what you need to know. Can you be dependent on Me?


It is My work in you that counts. I make you fruitful in My kingdom. You believe, but then I do My work. You accept Christ’s death on your behalf. You accept in faith that He is raised from the dead. You are not your old self. You are a new man, living to please Me and My Spirit working in you.


You will influence more people by being friendly and kind. Minister to strangers and those you don’t really know. This will bless them and open up their eyes to who I am. I will direct you and My Spirit will help you speak as you pray for them.


To him who lacks, open up your resources to meet his need. Be generous to bless him. Then he will give praise to God. He who gives to the poor will be repaid by the Lord. There will be joy and satisfaction. God will be glorified. Do not think of money as being yours, for I gave you the ability to earn it. All things are Mine, even your life. I have purchased you with the blood of My Son. When your life is over on earth, nothing will be yours, except what I have done in and through you. Your good deeds done in My Name will be your reward. Open your eyes and heart to the needs around you. There are many. Ask My spirit to show you what you can do. Don’t just give money, but give yourself and your time.


Seek Me with all your heart. Stop pursing empty things that don’t have real life. I want you attention. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. You will not miss anything of importance. There will be much greater joy in heaven.


Rejoice and be glad. I am with you to prosper you in what I desire for you. No one else can do what I have for you to do. When you come to listen to My voice, you are doing My will.


Listen and you will hear words of life from My lips. There is Life in My Son, even more than just eternal life. He has healing and health, peace of mind and heart, forgiveness, truth that settles anxiety, hope and optimism in My promises. Seek to do what He did, sacrificially with love, deeper than you can imagine, a love that keeps giving, generous and good, meeting more than the need.


This will pass. People are suffering in pain and physical distress. Who has faith to heal them?

My arm is not too short to do what I need to do. I will accomplish My will. In the process I will be glorified and praised. My people will see and recognize what is taking place. The time is short, so be ready. Be doing what I called you to do. The earth is Mine and I will reclaim it for My people. Do not fear for what will happen in the future, for it will be My doing.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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