Watch what I do. Did My disciples go ahead of Me, or did they follow Me? They followed and were amazed at what I did and said. Once they accepted that I came from God and that His power was with Me, they wanted as much of Me as they could get. Do you seek Me like that? I am available 24/7.


Expect Me to do something unusual today and everyday in you and through you. This is who I am. I am actively involved in the world I created. As people are praying, I am responding. I am drawing people to Myself for salvation. Your loved ones are being watched over. Your prayers bring a shield for them.

It was good to hear your heart praise. Do it often and you will lift you spirit to Mine.


Who will give account for all the people over time? I know each one. I know their circumstances, what influenced them. Some might have legitimate excuses, but still they are accountable. My grace covers them all. My purposes will stand. Physical death marks the end, but does it? How does a short life on earth compare to eternity? This is My world and everything in it. Did it make a difference when I started over after the flood? What was the impact of My Son in the earth? What will the future look like when He returns to the earth?


Who will give Me counsel? Who will inform Me? Many when they pray try to tell Me what to do. Am I limited by what they pray? No, I will do what is needed and good. I hear the cries of My people. Sometimes I will wait to respond. Sometimes I will not respond the way people ask. If I did everything people ask of Me and quickly, would that increase their faith? Not really, for they would believe in a different God than who I am. I want people who are dependent on Me, who submit to Me, who live to please Me and who will do My will. Is that you?

I will help you today be the man you should be. Seek after Me. Encourage others.


Be encouraged. I will sustain you to be able to live and work in My kingdom. Your minor ailments will remain minor. Pace yourself. Take time to think about Me, to meditate on My Word and the blessings you have. This will settle your soul.


Today will not be like every other day. I will intervene. Trust Me and call upon Me to intervene. Why don’t you ask Me to help you more?


The Lord will reign forevermore. His glory He will not share. His fame and His deeds no one can match. He is above all. All will bow before Him in submission. His justice will be sure. Some will rejoice, but others will be speechless in the reality of that moment. He who knows all will decide. His grace and mercy will factor the Truth. The goodness of the Lord will prevail. No eye has seen, nor ear has heard what God has planned for His beloved.

I will judge in truth and grace. The righteous will be saved and lifted up. The evil will receive their due. Do not rejoice except in gratitude and praise to the One worthy of it all. None deserve what I have prepared for them. They will be filled with joy on that day, lasting for eternity.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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