Be at peace. Life will seem to be moving too quickly, with many things happening at one time. Keep your focus on Me. I will not fail you. I have you in My hand. It’s better not to know or hear about all that is wrong in the world, for things will get worse. Values will shift away from what is traditional. Don’t be alarmed for it has to be this way. As evil increases so will My grace. Many will turn to Me. Even now the harvest fields are ready for gathering. Do your part. Cast the net with your invitation. Be winsome and wise. Evil will masquerade as good as people are caught up in deception and lies. Be wise and discerning. Let others fight that battle. You must fight in the spiritual realm with your prayers. Pray that chains will be broken off. Eyes will be opened. My Truth will prevail.


My eyes are upon you to watch over you. I do this for all those who believe in Me.

Justification comes from Me. I can make a sinner righteous in My Son. I can change his heart to make him want to live righteously before Me. He still needs My help and grace. A willing heart is much better than a resistant one or a rebellious one. The heart reflects what is in a man. The mind may indicate something. The flesh do another. But the heart is what I look at. I have given you a spirit so that I can look into your heart. You can’t hide from Me. Don’t resist Me. Believe in Me. Have faith in what I have said and done.


The greatest commandment is this, Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and all of your soul, all of your mind and all of your strength. There is no greater command. No one can do this without My grace. Open the doors of your heart wide to Me. Invite Me in. Let Me reign over you in My holiness and grace.


Don’t have unbelief, rather believe who I am and how trustworthy I am. This is your faith. Understand that I can do what is impossible for man to do. At just the right time I created man. At just the right time I sent My Son to die. At just the right time He will return to earth to establish His kingdom. At just the right time I will create a new heaven and earth.


Bring life with you wherever you go. Engage others in conversation. Speak My name. Testify to My goodness. Where you go, I will go.


What is truth? Even when I give the truth people will doubt and ignore what I say. They will believe the father of lies because then they can do what they want to do. Who are you believing? Do you trust in what I say? Already you can notice more lying by those who should be trustworthy. Experts are those people who are popular and entertaining. The deceiver has made his plans so that most will believe the lie. He will have his false prophets speak repeatedly to conceal any truth that is given.


Gather the troops. Muster the army. The battle is near. Do not fear for the victory is won. Speak the truth, My truth. All things are possible in My Name. Push back the lies that wage against your mind.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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