There will be many days of sorrow, but the new day will come bringing joy. People will leap for joy, and speak of the coming King of kings. Don’t wait for that day to speak about Me to others. Have Me on your lips. I will help you.


Be fruitful and multiply. My direction for man hasn’t changed. I am a God of life and growth. There is no turning back in following Me. My kingdom is expanding. Why mature if someone isn’t benefiting from your maturity? But they are. People are watching. You are a faithful witness of a changed life, a person who is seeking Me, who is not enslaved by the world.


No government can last if it is made by man. All have sinned and are incapable of doing good. I like variety. I gave intelligence and giftedness to people. I am Lord of all. I rule over My people and all peoples in righteousness and equity, with love and grace and mercy. I have all knowledge and wisdom. I have not found a man to replace Moses, nor do I want to replace him. Many leaders will rule in that day over peoples and nations and areas. They will rule under My Head in peace and harmony. Yet they will be different, according to traditions and cultures. All will be accountable to Me. Do not try to figure it out. It will be My government and rule.


Man’s inspired creativity can accomplish much. With the wisdom and knowledge of My Spirit, dreams and ideas for inventions and designs can become a reality. Seek Me for wisdom and guidance in your life. Seek to know My will in situations and in decision-making. Let Me be your Counselor. By faith the universe was created.


My grace is sufficient. You are empowering people, stretching them to rely on Me. People are unique, with different personalities and needs.

Encourage and build up. Bring life to people you know. All things are possible with Me.


The wages of sin is death. I paid the penalty to free those who believe from death. I came to destroy the works of the devil. I came to bring life. I am the way, the truth, and the life. He who believes in Me will live and know the Father. You have believed, and like Abram you have received My righteousness.

In all things give Me praise. I am your helper. I go before you to make the way for you. Even when you go out on your own, I am there to protect you.


Who are you performing for? I can tell the difference between a performance and the real you.

Who is a man? He was made in My image. He has my imprint on him to make him want to seek Me. Why does he resist My love? Is it too hard to sacrifice for a better good? He must die to really live. He must believe in an unseen God, and in His Son, who lived on the earth long ago. But He is alive and present today, you say. Yes, but only a few will find Him. Pray that the eyes of their hearts are opened to the truth. Pray for a divine encounter with Me.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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