Awake the dawn with your praises. Be merry and full of joy. Remember what I have done for you. Cause your heart to seek after Me above all else. I am the source of life. I will be glorified in My people. Watch for Me as I work in you and others.

What is the answer for sin? How can a man resist the temptation to sin? What will give him the power to stay pure? There is a sin in his weakness that he repeats again and again. What will set him free of this slavery to sin?

I am the answer to a man’s problems. I can set him free. I can hear his wounds. More than anything, I can forgive him, because My Son died on the cross for him. I did this for you, and you accepted it. You believed.


Come to the Light and you will avoid dealing with darkness. In My Presence there is protection and safety. Evil can’t be here. My righteousness and holiness are pure and unblemished. Though I save sinners, I see faith and repentance, so I declare them righteous by the blood of My Son. My grace allows people to approach Me in prayer. I am moved by My love to respond to them. Pray for the lost that they might be freed from the bondage of sin and unbelief.

Bring Me wherever you go. Let My Presence wash over you to make you like Me. Let My Spirit guide you, as you ask Him and pray in His Spirit. His wisdom and knowledge will be all you need. Make humility your approach, like a garment you wear. Be dependent upon Me, and this will help you, realizing that you must check with Me for help. My Son did this often. Say a quick prayer when encountering a new person. I will give you the words to speak.


Prayer works and is work. Keep claiming My promises as you pray. Open doors of opportunity for the gospel. Set captives free from bondage and lies. This is the day I have made. Rejoice with Me for I am moving among those I created.


Who am I to you? Who was I to the prophets of old? To Abraham or David? Were My Apostles able to know who My Son was? I created you in My image and likeness so that you could seek to know Me. I gave you a spirit to understand what My Spirit is whispering to you. Even now you are hearing Me. Yes, who I am as the Creator of the universe is hard to grasp. You are small to Me, yet I love you and want you to be with Me. Your life is but a vapor of time, compared to Me. You know some of My attributes, but I am so much larger and greater than you. I am not a man like you with flaws and sin and limitations of the flesh. Keep seeking Me and you will find Me.

More importantly, who am I to you? How do we relate to each other? Discover this and you will live in harmony with the plan I had for you when I created you. That plan is good. You will bring glory to My Name. You don’t have to be perfect. No one is perfect or truly good. You are a human with a heart that seeks to know and obey Me. That is enough.


I am with you to prosper My kingdom. I use all My people in this way. I bless them and cause them to be light to those around them. No one can block that light. There is a real kingdom trying to block us. They  have some power, but only over those who have yielded to sin. Greater is He who is in you. Call upon Me in the time of trouble and I will rescue you.


I call people to serve Me and My body. I anoint them and give them gifts. I work in them as they serve. They bring Me glory and praise. I give them to bless those who need Me. You have been called and you are responding to that call. You have been faithful. We are working together so that you will bear fruit. This is good.

I choose, but you must receive in faith what I have done in My Son for you. You have a choice to make too. I want all to be saved, but many reject My plan of salvation.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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