Rejoice with Me. Lift up your head. I see the end and it is good. My will is being accomplished in My people. Be at peace. Trust that I am at work. Yes, I want you to submit to My will and deny yourself, but I am the One who bring it to pass, not you. My anointing overcomes your weaknesses. My grace too covers your shortcomings. Just call upon Me in prayer. I will help you.


The Lord is God. Who can stand before Him? Those who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb. Every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. My Truth will be known by all.

You will proclaim My truth and good news. Be ready. Look for opportunities. You are a blessing at the jail. I will bring to you help, so that you can be more fruitful. This is My work in reaching the lost. The material you send bring life to these men. Those who are seeking Me will find Me.


Rejoice. My kingdom is expanding. Every hour people are believing in My Son. They are calling upon Me and I am responding. Pray for them. My Spirit is busy. When My Bride is ready, I will come to complete what I started on the cross. In a moment the world will be transformed. The chains of the enemy will be removed. Justice will reign. Truth will be established. Lies will be exposed and dealt with according to My will. I will reward those who are seeking Me with a pure heart.


My grace is covering you. Already I see My Son in you. You are welcome in My presence. I am making Myself known to you. You are seeing Me help you. Ask Me for what you need. Don’t be shy, large or small. I will build your faith in what you pray. Especially pray for the lost around you. When you pray, I am gaining a foothold in their lives for My Spirit to work. Bind the strongman and the one who is blinding them. I am not done with you.

Be patient with the people you are working with. Allow My grace to cover them. Pray for them.


I will build My church. I will complete the task, with many people of all nations and tribes. I will be glorified in them. They will take their stand in My name. They will praise My Son. They will love as I commanded them and gave them the grace to do.

It is not My kingdom that will be noticed, but My people living by faith and love. Someday the King will come and set things right.


I am with you. You have all you need in Me. My resources are unlimited. You were moved by all the suffering in this world. Pray with your heart for them.

People are watching you. People are learning from you. Care for those you have following you.


Rejoice. Think about your destiny and hope. I will come and restore all things. I will lift up and bring low. All peoples will see Me and bow before Me.

There is evil in the land brought on by unbelief and rejection of all that is true in My Word. I give them over to their sinful behavior to show them the end of their folly. They refuse to learn and repent. They medicate their conscience with like minded people and stimulants. It doesn’t work to hide the truth. Deep down they know this, but still they persist because of the slavery of sin. Evil seemingly reigns, but no I reign. All will give account for their lives before Me on that day.


Focus on Me and what I am doing. I will guide you. I can do much more than you can do. When we partner together, great things are accomplished for My kingdom. Invite Me into the jail.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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