What is before you, do you know? Does it matter when I am with you? We are travelling on this journey of life together. I am making the path before you.


Yes, I believe. Can it be that simple? Faith is simple, singular, looking to the One who can save. I don’t require a sacrifice or offering. I don’t have good works you must do. Are you trusting Me and recognize what I have done for you on the cross? Are you trusting Me each day to help you with your life? I am here. My Spirit is at work in your heart, helping you believe, and helping to be obedient to My commands of love and self-denial. You often trust in yourself, not look to Me for help. I have gifted you for many things, and especially to do My will. But turn to Me, and what you do will be blessed much more than you can think or imagine. Be grateful for what I do.


I can speak even if you are distracted. I am taking care of you. Do not be anxious. Focus on gratitude. This will give you peace of mind.


Is there any animal more powerful than a lion? I will bring terror on the earth for those who don’t know Me. They will fear the judgment they know is coming. Their lives will be laid bare for all to see. Every good and evil thing will be exposed to the light of God. There will be no excuses. Only the blood of the Lamb can cover a man’s sins. He will be present too, gentle and loving for those who are His. He will reign will all honor and glory and power.

I can redeem almost anyone, who seeks Me for help. Why not everyone? Because I know the heart of a man. He may ask, but I know that he is not honest, and his heart is far from Me. Do not give up in prayer for the lost. They will respond as My Spirit works.


Hello – goodbye. People will come into your lives, but may leave soon after. Can you bless them in a short time?

Go slowly with this and with humility. Ask many questions before you present anything. This is the role of the pastors. You may assist along with others. I am holding them accountable.


Will you love Me today? Will you obey My commands to love others and deny yourself to follow Me? My Name will be lifted up high over every name and title. I will rule and reign over the world I created. Who can stand against Me? Why do you resist My will? What have I done for you? Isn’t it much greater than your troubles? Trust Me with everything.

There are no solutions from man. I am the solution, but people want to decide for themselves. Why deny yourself to help others? Why deny yourself to please God whom you can’t see? Selfishness will not be rewarded. Tonight you were called to prayer. Will you answer that call and pray? You have been praying, but you can pray more, with power from My Spirit. You can be moved to pray if you will listen to My Spirit.


Do not fear for I am with you. You will live many years and be a blessing to your family and My church. Keep your eyes on Me. Don’t stray from My path. Others are watching you. Take care of yourself with healthy living, but more than this, take care of your spirit and mind. Feed it with My Word often. Read for understanding, but read to fill your mind with My Truth. Take joy in knowing Me with gratitude and praise. I will transform you to be My prize. We have something special for you have learned to hear My voice. Keep seeking Me.

Be determined to give testimony of how good I am. Consider how people have the wrong picture of who I am. Help them to know Me. I am Life eternal. Just that idea will change their thinking.

About Jeff Winter

I started my personal relationship with Jesus Christ in 1976. I accepted His gift of salvation and eternal life and He filled me with His Holy Spirit. I live to please Him.
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